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Latitude 38


By Scandia Marine Products

• December, 2012

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LETTERS Obviously, the ACOC chose the first option. In a compromise, we did allow the ACOC to have one non-operations yacht on the race course. This yacht was used by the ACOC members and they would be allowed to have some sponsors aboard. This was the only vessel not used to run the race or for safety that was allowed on the race course. Although I was the Operations Office, I was not the one making the final decisions. The Commander of the Patrol was a very senior and well-respected captain — actually, he was the real life captain who had been in The Perfect Storm. He made all the final calls, and this was one he would not compromise on. I recently moved back to the East Coast, so this really doesn't affect me anymore. But if I still lived in Pt. Richmond, I wouldn't put up with this. Normal spectators have all the same rights to the water as paying sponsors. There are no grey areas here. Cam Lewis Timmy, Elliott 6.5 ex-Pt. Richmond Wickford, RI Cam — The thing we remember about the America's Cups in San Diego was that the official press boats weren't allowed within about 50 miles of the racing boats, which is why we and many other reporters 'watched' the event from press headquarters. And back then, video coverage of the racing was positively prehistoric compared to what Stan Honey gives us these days. Philosophically, we're with you in that nobody has more rights to the ocean than others — except for commercial fishermen, who can get rich by virtue of having a permit. In practical terms, however, we think it would actually add to the America's Cup to have some megayachts sprinkled around. San Francisco progressives always need somebody to hate, and folks with megayachts would fit that need perfectly. Of course, we're also the folks who thought a San Francisco megayacht marina, long ago nixed for political reasons, would quickly become one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Francisco. So while we're philosophically against it, the pragmatist in us wouldn't mind if perhaps 25% of the offshore course viewing area were set aside for megayachts. ⇑⇓I WANNA SEE, TOO! This is an email I sent to any and all I could think of who are involved in the AC: First off, to every one of you involved, thank you so much for all your work to make this America's Cup a completely new and exciting event, and most of all for holding it in San Francisco, my backyard. I couldn't be more amped to have you all in town. Other than the fantastic television graphics, I believe the most important thing you've done is to bring the race to the fans, close enough to shore for everyone to have a great view. I've been sailing off and on for 15 years, and of course I'm interested in the America's Cup, but the viewing spectacle you have created with the ACWS by bringing the races to the shoreline has opened up this sport to so many new people. I had to twist the arms of every non-sailing friend of mine to get them to attend the August ACWS, but afterward they were all ecstatic at how close the boats were and how we could hear them yelling commands at each other, and all were eager to attend the October races. I'm sad to report that I received equally negative feedback from all the new fans I created after the October event. They

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Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.