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— Brittany, Scotland, the French Riviera, Italy's western coastline, Croatia... But for serious history buffs, accessing the antiquities of the Greek Isles and Turkey's Turquoise Coast is tough to beat. Closer to home, the backwaters of Downeast Maine and the Chesapeake could also be considered, as towns there date back to colonial times. And when it comes to getting in touch with genuine Polynesian culture, both Tonga and Tahiti are sure to please.

Got any serious history buffs in your group? If so, consider a trip to Turkey's ancient Turquoise Coast. Pictured here is Bodrum Castle.

offer watersports toys, you can often rent them from nearby waterside resorts. Best Cultural Attractions — Which venues offer the most interesting cultural attractions ashore? Here we enter

a whole new realm of consideration. If some of your potential shipmates aren't diehard sailors, but love history, or simply like being surrounded by lively cultural traditions, there is a variety of destinations where such interests will be nourished while ashore, in addition to fine cruising under sail. Of course, anywhere in Europe is worth considering

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Latitude 38

• December, 2012

Most Exotic Venues — Which venues are the most exotic? By our definition of the word, Thailand and Malaysia would definitely have to be high on the list, as would the dreamy isles of Tahiti and the Seychelles. Yeah, we know: There are so many choices, yet so little time. If, after reading all this, you're more perplexed than ever about which venue to choose, why not gather a group of willing charter partners, introduce them to the options, and let them decide? — latitude/andy

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Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.