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IN LATITUDES the southeastern United States. One of the El Niùos about 25 years ago savaged the Southern California coast. On the other hand, the Pacific Northwest is often warmer and drier in El Niùo years. For weather forecasters, the puzzling thing about El Niùos is that they often seem to have the most severe effects when the El Niùo condition itself isn't particularly severe. In other words, our understanding of El Niùo is, if you'll excuse the pun, in its infancy. Capt. Marc Wilson reports he's finally taken delivery, for the owners, of the new Catana 50 Bright Wing. True, the boat was supposed to be delivered eight months ago in France, but July in the Pacific Northwest was better than nothing — especially since everyone seems to be happy with the workmanship. Wilson complains that the same can't be said about their new Aqua Pro inflatable. "The transom mounting plate sheered off our less-than-20-minutes-old Aqua Pro inflatable, taking our less-than-20minutes-old outboard to the bottom with it!" says Wilson. "The best part is

that there is a padeye on the plate to attach the motor to in case the motor comes off! Aqua Pro somehow claims they are not responsible for the failure." Can you guess what the following numbers — 154, 222, 190, 157, 157, 151, 154, 205, 193, 184, 204, 227 and 186 — represent? The first 12 are the daily runs, with the last one being the average day's run, of Steve and Dorothy Darden's crossing from San Francisco to Hawaii in July aboard their Morrelli & Melvin 52 Adagio. Shaun Peck was along as crew. In 18 to 22 knots of wind, the Dardens reported that Adagio slid along at between 9 and 13 knots under a main or reefed main and a large reacher. They sailed the whole way with the 'back door'

Having just made Honolulu, Steve and Dorothy Darden can't wait to get back to the rugged landscape of their adopted home of Tasmania.

to the large cockpit open day and night, which allowed them to read or socialize while sailing. Adagio was launched in Opua, New Zealand, in '00, and the Dardens have since cruised her 30,000 miles in the Pacific. After several wonderful seasons in Tasmania, they sailed to Alaska via New Zealand, Tahiti and

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Latitude 38

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Latitude 38 August 2009  

The August 2009 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 August 2009  

The August 2009 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.