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MASTER MARINERS 2007 boat when she was based in Lake Michigan. Now 68, he 'refound' the 'Rose only recently and flew out to sail aboard her again at the Regatta. The largest boat in this year's race was another visitor from the southland, the spectacular 122-ft LOA topsail schooner Lynx. This replica of an 1812 privateer of the same name was built back east in 2001, but now sails out of Newport Beach. Lynx has been up in the Bay since the boat show last April and was happy to accept an invitation to sail in the race. The sight of her surging along under squares and studding sails harkened back to the original Master Mariners Regattas of the 1860s, when commercial ships set aside a day to race around the Bay, with all proceeds going to care for retired sailors and the families of those lost at sea. The prizes in those days included useful things like a cord of wood or a ton of potatos. The potato tradition carries on in highly modified form: Each of the 'work boats' and big schooners of the modern day regatta gets a bucket of potatos. Some of these boats have a hard time rounding marks if there's a strong current running, but if they can throw a potato and hit the mark, that counts as a rounding.


eing a 'working design,' the 18-ft San Francisco Felucca Nuovo Mundo had a bucket of potatos aboard. Crew Oliver Hickman, Christian Buhl, Marisa Viray and Rob Duncan didn't need them though, as the nimble little craft had no trouble rounding marks. In fact, this smallest boat in the regatta was doing really well against the rest of the Gaff 3 fleet — until the homestretch across the Slot to the finish line under Treasure Island. The low-freeboard boat was rail down in 20 knots of breeze when a big wave got underneath and pushed her over. There were no injuries in the capsize and the crew was taken ashore by a good Samaritan fisherman. The boat suffered only minor damage and was later recovered. John Hamilton and the crew of his L-36 Olé had particular empathy for Nuovo Mundo's misfortune. In last year's regatta, they somehow managed to center-punch the Harding Rock buoy at 8 knots, mangling the bow of the classic Lapworth design and opening cracks on both sides of the hull, as well as up the mast and in front of the keel. Repairs took six months in the yard. We were happy to see John and the Olé crew back this year. The boat, looking positively radiant, gave Harding Rock a wide pass Page 134 •

Latitude 38

• July, 2007

RESULTS Boat Year LOD BIG SCHOONER (3 boats, 14.9 nm) 1. Seaward 1988 65' 2. Lynx 2001 76' 3. Alma 1891 60'



Woodin/Marean sch. Smith topsail schooner Scow schooner

Alan Olson Craig Chipman Al Lutz

2:06:32 2:02:45 3:07:06

GAFF 1 (4 boats, 14.9 nm) 1. La Sirena 1963 42' 2. Brigadoon 1924 50' 2. Yankee 1906 52'

Chapelle schooner L.F. Herreshoff sch. W.F. Stone schooner

Glenn Burch Terry Klaus John McNeil

2:42:48 2:14:04 2:19:15

GAFF 2 (6 boats, 14.9 nm) 1. Polaris 1906 34' 2. Black Witch 1949 32' 3. Makani Kai 1970 34' GAFF 3 (6 boats, 13 nm) 1. Sequestor 1940 32' 1939 32' 2. Briar Rose 3. Pearl 1932 28'6" MARCONI 1 (12 boats, 15.25 nm) 1. Elizabeth Muir 1991 48' 1955 41' 2. Radiant 3. Pegasus 1972 45' MARCONI 2 (12 boats, 15.25 nm) 1. Wanderer II 1931 38' 2. Unda 1949 40' 3. Sunda 1941 35' MARCONI 3 (7 boats, 15.25 nm) 1. Makai 1936 34' 1904 31' 2. Vixen 3. Adagio 1951 31'

Elapsed Time

Pumpkinseed sloop Tom List/Spaulding Ctr Winslow sloop Rick Hastie Angelman/Davies ketch Ken Inouye

2:37:56 2:23:26 2:34:10

Hanna ketch Hanna ketch DeVries sloop

Hans List John T. Ough Nick Haines

2:23:15 2:30:58 2:10:32

Eldridge McInnis sch. Hinckley/Owens cutter Alden ketch

Paul Hayward Jonathan Kitchen Peter Hayes

3:02:27 2:34:24 2:25:33

Alden schooner Aag Utzon ketch Seaborn sloop

Roy Sobert Dean Gurke Ian Rogers

2:43:55 2:44:12 2:25:20

DeWitt Sunset sloop Peter Swanson yawl Van der Stadt sloop

William Thomson Steve Kibler David Howell

2:36:16 2:37:54 2:39:29

MARCONI 4 (7 boats, 13 nm) 1. Kaze 1951 23' 2. Eos 1945 n/a 3. Kaeresta 1960 26'

Okomoto & Son sloop Feather class sloop Folkboat

Elizabeth Diaz Keith Dunlap Roger Rapp

2:22:07 2:17:00 2:10:24

BEARS (8 boats, 13 nm) 1. Bongo 1958 23' 2. Chance 1949 23' 3. Magic 1958 23'

Nunes sloop Nunes sloop Nunes sloop

Jill Lutz Ansel Wettersten Tim Maloney

2:15:54 2:17:15 2:17:59

BIRD (4 boats, 15.25 nm) 1929 30' 1. Robin 1929 30' 2. Oriole 3. Curlew 1922 30'

Alden sloop Alden sloop Alden sloop

Pat/Cissy Kirane Dan McLean Jim Josephs

2:24:13 2:24:31 2:26:05

L-36 (4 boats, 15.25 nm) 1. Leda II 1965 36' 1956 36' 2. Papoose 3. Olé 1960 36'

Lapworth sloop Lapworth sloop Lapworth sloop

David James Allan Edwards John Hamilton

2:19:42 2:21:15 2:29:22

Gene Buck Dan Spradling Bill Belmont

2:43:50 2:37:19 2:49:03

OCEAN (4 boats, 17.1 nm on corrected time) 1. Ouessant 1957 38' Farallone Clipper 2. Bounty 1947 52' S&S yawl 3. Credit 1952 38' Farallone Clipper

Special trophies: BARUNA CUP (perpetual awarded to the top Ocean Division boat): Ouessant, 38-ft Farallone Clipper, Gene Buck; DEAD EYE (best elapsed time, yacht over 30 feet): Pegasus, 45-ft Alden ketch, Peter Hayes; BILLIKEN (best elapsed time, gaff-rigged yacht over 30 feet): Brigadoon, 50-ft Herreshoff schooner, Terry Klaus; LYLE GALLOWAY MEMORIAL (best elapsed time, yacht under 30 feet): Kaeresta, 26-ft Folkboat, Roger Rapp; ALOHA (best elapsed time, Marconi 2): Sunda, 35ft Seaborn sloop, Ian Rogers; HOMEWARD BOUND (best elapsed time, Marconi 3): Flotsam, 30-ft sloop, Brad & Geoff Clerk; KERMIT PARKER (best elapsed time, Gaff 2): Black Witch, 32-ft Winslow sloop, Rick Hastie; J. EVERETT HANSON (Bird Boat perpetual): Robin, Pat & Cissy Kirane; GERRY O'GRADY (Bear Boat perpetual): Bongo, Jill Lutz; LAPWORTH 36 PERPETUAL: Leda II, David James; FARALLONE PERPETUAL: Ouessant, Farallone Clipper, Gene Buck; LONG DISTANCE (boat coming the longest distance to compete): Lynx, 122-ft (LOA) topsail schooner, Privateer Lynx Educational Foundation (Newport Beach).

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.