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Ed — what a cool way to introduce your grandson to the world of sailing! Readers — The schooner Zodiac offers hands-on voyages to individuals and groups of all ages from her Bellingham base. Check out her website,, for this summer's list of scheduled sailings, and note also that she may be chartered for exclusive use. Built in 1924 to a William Hand design, Zodiac is the largest working schooner on the West Coast. Postcards From Out There: 'Three Graphs and a Photo' As evidenced by the previous item, Latitude has a long tradition of running reader reports on chartering venues around the world. But with the ultrafast-paced style of living that most Left

Coasters endure these days, we understand that it's tough for would-be cor respondents to find time to write us a full report. So we've come up with what we feel is a great alternative. We call it our 'Three Graphs and a Photo' program. The idea is this: If you'd like to share your insights about a particular charter venue, but don't have time to get longwinded, why not just narrow down your comments to a few short paragraphs, focusing on a few highlights of your trip, or perhaps a short vignette describing a particularly memorable scene — kinda like sending home a postcard to your best friend. To complete the package, send along one or more of your best photos. We'll run the most interesting submissions in the mag, and will send

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In North America

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and the cruise ended the next morning at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. All in all, we had a fine time, and learned a lot — such as how hard it is to raise sails with block and tackle instead of winches. — ed bodington



On a sailing vacation, the view in any direction is often 'pretty as a picture'. Left to right: a charter cat approaches St. Martin in the French West Indies; the pristine waters of Airisto, Finland; approaching a Chesapeake lighthouse outside Annapolis; an aerial view of a Tongan reef.

you a Latitude T-shirt or cap — your choice — as a thank you. Easy, right? Here are a few examples: After returning from a charter in the Greek Isles, instead of giving us a day-by-day, blowby-blow account, why not tell us what you learned about the fascinating his-

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Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.