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SIGHTINGS — cont’d in the Crew List, or the conditions of their boats and equipment. You must judge those things for yourself. Now for some final tips and suggestions to get you going in the right direction: • Be honest — This is probably the most important ‘rule’ of all. • Little or no experience is not a disadvantage. In some cases, inexperienced people may actually have a better chance of getting aboard a boat than someone with lots of experience because novice crew are happy to do things the way the skipper likes them done. • Be realistic about the commitment — Sailing takes time. Even a simple daysail can end well after dark by the time the boat gets put away. And crews of cruising and racing boats are often expected to put in time off the water for maintenance. Be realistic about these commitments, and if something comes up, call well ahead to let your mates know about any changes in plans.

I / WE WANT TO CREW ON A RACING BOAT NAME(S):___________________________________________ _____ AGE(S):_________ SEX:_____ PHONE: (_____)____________ CONTACT IF DIFFERENT THAN PHONE:________________ ___________________________________________________

I / WE WANT TO RACE: (check as many as apply) 1)_____ San Francisco Bay 4)_____ 2006 Pacific Cup 2)_____ Monterey/Santa Cruz 5)_____ Coastal Race(s) 3)_____ Ocean Races 6)_____ to Mexico




AGE(S):______________ _ SEX:___________ PHONE OR OTHER CO




I AM / WE ARE: (check as many as app ly) 1)_____ Single 4)_____ Would like to bring kids 2)_____ Couple 5)_____ Going sailing to escape kids 3) A group of ______ (state number) friends interested in sailing Mail completed form and $7 to: Latitude 38, Attn: Daysai ling Crew List, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Val ley, CA 94941 by MARCH 15, 2006

On a related subject, if you realize halfway through the season that racing is not your cup of tea, our suggestion is to put on your biggest smile and tough it

1)_____ Boats under 30 feet 4)_____ Dinghies 2)_____ Boats over 30 feet 5)_____ Multihulls 3)_____ Specific class or design ________________________

MY/OUR EXPERIENCE IS: (Check/underline where appropriate) 1)_____ None 2)_____ A Little: a) Little or no racing, little other sailing experience; b) Little or no racing, one or more years of general sailing; c) Little or no racing, lots of cruising and/or daysailing. 3)_____ Moderate: a) Less than one full season; b) Out of area racing experience, but I’m unfamiliar with local conditions. 4) _____ Mucho: a) One or two full local seasons; b) One or two long-distance ocean races; c) Years of Bay and ocean sailing. Other pertinent experience ______________________________

I/WE WILL: (check as many as apply) 1)_____ Help with the bottom, do maintenance — anything! 2)_____ Play boat administrator, go-fer 3)_____ Go to the masthead to retrieve the halyard at sea 4)_____ Navigate, I’ve got lots of experience 5)_____ Do foredeck, I’ve got lots of experience 6)_____ Do grinding, I’ve got muscle 7)_____ Do lunches/provisioning Mail completed form and $7 to: Latitude 38, Attn: Racing Crew List, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941 by FEBRUARY 15, 2006

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Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.