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making sure to flex every tanned muscle while beaming dazzling studly smiles as they righted the beach cat. Being a comsummate professional, LD was of course immune to these sophomoric stunts. But just to be nice, she snapped a few photos. About 60 of them.

Welcome to the 2006 Mexico Only Crew List. Whether you’re planning to sail down on the Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers’ Rally (starts October 30, see article elsewhere in Sightings), on your own, or hope to catch a ride on someone else’s boat, the Crew List can help you out. Here’s how it works: fill out the appropriate form and send it to us with the proper fee. In the October issue, we’ll run a list of all the names in two categories — Boat Owners Looking for Crew and Crew Looking for Boats. All names will be followed by information about the individual, including skill level, desires, special talents, experience, a contact number and, in the case of boat owners, the size and type of boat. All you do then is go down the appropriate list and call up the most appealing prospects. Through the Crew List, lots of people have had lots of neat adventures. But there are risks, which is why we insist that, ultimately, you must take responsibility for your own actions. Let’s face it, sailing is an inherently dangerous sport. And sailing long distances with people you haven’t known that long on boats you don’t know that well is a whole other can of worms. So, for the record, the Latitude 38 Crew List is an advertising supplement intended for informational purposes only. Latitude 38 does not make or imply any guarantee, warranty or recommendation as to the character of individuals participating in the Crew List or the conditions of the boats or equipment. You must judge those things for yourself. Still with us? Bueno! Here are the ground rules. 1) We must receive all Crew List forms by September 15. That doesn’t mean ‘postmarked by.’ It means ‘here in the office by.’ 2) All forms must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. That’s $7 apiece for everyone. And don’t fax the forms to us. We have to receive the fee with the form. 3) One form per person, please — unless you and a friend want to go only if you can go together. Whether you’re a couple or just friends, applying for a ‘group rate’ does diminish your chances of finding a boat somewhat. But holding out for a skipper who will take you both will certainly enhance the adventure. In these situations, both parties should fill out one Crew List form and send in one fee. If you think you’ll need additional forms, or want to send some to friends, simply make copies of the ones on these pages. 4) Be honest. The simplest rule of all. In this case, being honest means not inflating your experience or skill level because you think it’s what someone wants to hear. In sailing, perhaps more than any other sport, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, people who do can recognize it instantly. BS’ers don’t get rides. Contrary to what you might think, honest folks with little or no experience often get rides. It has to do with some experienced skippers preferring to train people in their way of doing things. 5) Women can use first names only. If you are female, you will get calls. Possibly lots of them. We’ve talked to women who say they have gotten hundreds of calls, sometimes months or even years after the Crew List was published. For this reason, we recommend that women use first names only, and that they not use a home phone number as a contact. Instead, use a P.O. Box, answering service, fax number, email or other contact that insulates you a bit. It also makes screening easier. Finally — guys and women — please keep the hormone thing out of the Crew List process. Once your crewing situation is worked out, if you mutually like what you see, then let nature take its course. But please, not before. Thanks. 6) If you take part in the Crew List, you get into the Crew List party free! Back in the old days, the Crew List party used to be a relatively low-key affair. It has now grown into an event of epic proportions, complete with T-shirt giveaways and all kinds of other neat stuff. And it’s not just for Crew Listers anymore, but serves as continued on outside column of next sightings page

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Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.