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tions on the part of the cruisers and photographer who were thinking there was a ‘situation’ with Bu’Kwiis when the photo was taken, we were actually just enjoying the sights from the fort at San Blas while waiting for the tide to drop. By the way, the cleaned prop gave me an extra half knot. You suggested that the boat on her side might have been the British Columbia-based Bellavia because of the unusual on-deck hydraulic windlass. But my Bu’Kwiis is actually a steel Gazelle hull with a modification of the junk rig on Bellavia. Bu’Kwiis has a 510-sq- ft foresail of the Hasler/McLeod design, and a 450-sq- ft Colvin designed fanned sail — both fully battened junk sails. Bu’Kwiis’ keel has been deepened by six inches to about five feet to compensate for the higher center of effort on the sail plan. She has a full-length keel but no skeg. I have careened her three or four times before, but this was the first time since I deepened her keel. When careened, the water reaches the ports, but they don’t leak so it doesn’t present a problem. I sailed Bu’Kwiis from British Columbia to Mexico in ‘04 after an extensive refit, which included adding hydraulics, widening the foredeck, reinforcing the hull to accommodate the unstayed masts, adding the fully enclosed bimini and so forth. By the way, the deck-mounted, reel-type hydraulic winch is used on our British Columbia fishboats and, of course, Bellavia. My boat has spent the last couple of summers on the hard in Guaymas, and will do so again this year. Steve Rankin Bu'Kwiis, Gazelle British Columbia

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Steve — Our apologies. We received nothing but the photograph and went ahead and made some foolish assumptions. We'll try to do better in the future.

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It's A Mariner's Fact: A clean bilge will eliminate odors, but most importantly, can prevent blockage in the critical bilge pump intakes. Page 64 •

Latitude 38

• April, 2007


⇑⇓CAREENING DO'S AND DON'TS In the 'Lectronic photo and write up about Bu'Kwiis being careened in the estuary at San Blas, I’m a bit surprised that the skipper deliberately tipped his boat away from shore, thus putting more of the topsides underwater, as well as seeming to be broadside to the shore and potential waves. You asked if any of your readers have careened their boats. The accompanying photo shows my Catalina 30 LaBoo careened in Desolation Sound, British Columbia. No matter if your boat is careened deliberately or accidentally, the first order of business is to remove your yacht club burgee and home The owner of 'LaBoo' claims he careened country ensign. For his boat intentionally to replace a zinc. instance, we replaced our Canadian flag with our visitor's U.S. flag. Heh, heh! After replacing the shaft zinc, we scrubbed the hull as far as possible. Once we were back afloat, our boat speed was half a knot faster. Bob Beda LaBoo, Catalina 30 Vancouver, B.C. Bob — There is no doubt in our mind that the skipper of Bu'Kwiis knew exactly what he was doing. His careened boat

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Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.