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— LORD JIM'S SADDEST CHAPTER nity, an everincreasing ground swell of support has emerged among a disparate group of classic yacht aficionados, all offering words of encouragement and suggestions, at the very least. In yacht clubs, boatyards and sailors' bars from Rockport to English Harbor, 'friends of Lord Jim' are swapping tales, comparing restoration strategies and, hopefully, helping to find a resolution to this tragic chapter in the life of a true sailing legend. More determined than ever, Holger vows, "We will not let the boat perish. She is a beautiful boat, especially at sea. She has been our home and part of our lives for a long time. We will make LORD JIM ARCHIVES

trashed and all her electrical systems are ruined, her rig and sails are still in excellent condition. The couple is currently weighing their options, but one idea is to get her sailing, throw on a few kerosene lamps, some manual pumps, a rudimentary electrical system and some handheld electronics, then sail her to a first-class yard in the Caribbean or New England. Tracy confides, "It's been two weeks, but we are still in shock." Although determined to get Lord Jim sailing again as soon as possible, the prospect of undergoing a complete interior refit — again — is extremely daunting. "Tracy and I look at each other and cannot believe the huge job we are facing," says Holger. "Sometimes we think we are too old for this." They reluctantly admit that it may be time to find "another caretaker" for their beloved schooner. "It is not just a question of money," explains the grayhaired skipper. "It would have to be someone who will continue the legacy." As the sad news had spread throughout the international sailing commu-

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As seen on her way out the Golden Gate decades ago, 'Lord Jim' is a classic beauty that has survived many grand adventures

sure that she can continue to grace the open waters of the world’s oceans. She deserves nothing less." — latitude/at Serious suggestions, proposals and offers to help may be directed to:

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Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.