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The Los Angeles Theatre Center Presents the West Coast Premiere of

PALOMA By Anne García-Romero With Ethan Rains, Caro Zeller and Jesse Einstein Set Design Ann Sheffield

Lighting Design Trevor Norton

Costume Design Laura Wong

Assistant Set Design Megan Hill

Casting Director Raul Staggs

Special Effects Design Bill Taylor & Matt Sweeney

Original Music & Guitarist Surrena Saffari

Stage Manager Willie Mae Michiels

Directed by Alan Freeman


A Message from the Artistic Director of The LATC Welcome to our 2015 East of Broadway Spring Season! We are proud to present a series of diverse plays that explore the human condition this spring. Through an array of theatrical approaches, this season addresses important issues with impassioned creativity. We kicked off the season with Rickerby Hinds’ critically acclaimed Hip-Hop theater piece, Dreamscape and the playfully provocative World Premiere of Generation Sex by Teatro Luna. We are thrilled to be producing the West Coast Premiere of Anne García-Romero’s Paloma as part of the season. This interfaith romance asks if a Muslim man and a Catholic woman can find love together in a post 9/11 world. Under the direction of Alan Freeman, this richly layered play explores culture, history and the very nature of love itself while asking us to consider its limits. Join us all season long for a robust offering of exciting work. Spain’s Kulunka Teatro presents a wordless piece of mask theater, Andre & Dorine, which beautifully explores a husband’s fight against his wife’s Alzheimer’s disease, playing through June 7th. The World Premiere of Sal Lopez’ solo show, This is a Man’s World, is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story that explores how we define manhood and runs through June 21st. Thank you for joining us this season, we hope you enjoy the show! Saludos,

José Luis Valenzuela, Artistic Director, LATC


Playwright’s Note by Anne García-Romero The first seed of inspiration for my play appeared twenty years ago when I spent the summer studying in Madrid while living with my Spanish relatives. My American mother and brother came to visit and my Spanish uncle took us all on a trip to the Alhambra in Granada, a center of Muslim Spain during the Middle Ages. I felt completely awestruck as we walked through the vibrant pathways of this ancient civilization and its stunning castles with their exquisitely carved sandstone walls and gorgeously manicured gardens. Another seed of inspiration materialized ten years later during graduate school when I came across The Ring of the Dove (Ṭawq al-Ḥamāmah, El Collar de la Paloma), an eleventh century treatise on love by Spanish Muslim poet and philosopher Ibn Hazm. This remarkable book with its chapter titles such as On Falling in Love with One Sole Look or On Falling in Love in Dreams fascinated me. At the same time, during those early post 9/11 years, I was appalled by the anti-Muslim rhetoric in this country and the horrific backlash against the U.S. Muslim community’s peaceful and faithful citizens. During Spain’s Muslim rule, there once existed la convivencia, an era when Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existed. Why couldn’t peaceful co-existence happen now? I wrote Paloma to explore this question with Ibn Hazm’s exquisite writing as my guide.


Director’s Note by Alan Freeman If you are lucky enough to work with Anne García-Romero you will be immersed in process. Anne’s remarkable script hooked me when I first heard it at a staged reading five years ago. Two years later, I watched the world premiere at the National Hispanic Center in Albuquerque, and I knew I must work on this piece. I told her so, and she invited me into her process. I assigned scenes to my Directing class. Anne kept revising. Then José Luis Valenzuela, Chantal Rodriguez, and the Latino Theater Company asked us to rehearse the revised script at a one-week workshop that culminated in a public reading at LATC. Anne kept refining her play, and last June we workshopped it again here on Spring Street. Each collaboration produced more insight and finer tuning, and now the process continues with the West Coast Premiere. My journey with Paloma is capped by the current collaboration with this playwright, this production team, and this cast, but it also resounds in gratitude for the talented work of Samir Younis, Cristina Frias, Sam Breen, Abe Jallad, Maggie Corona-Goldstein, Adam Leibowitz-Lockard and Anne Kelly. Late in the summer of 2001, I sat next to an architectural historian on a flight from Kennedy to LAX. He was preparing to lead a Smithsonian tour to the Islamic sites of Morocco and Spain. He dazzled me by his passion for carved stone lacework and filtered light, and I decided to join up. Shortly after September 11, the tour was cancelled, and I have yet to go. But through working on Anne’s beautifully wrought play, I’ve found a way to get there, again and again. Like Ibrahim Ahmed, Paloma Flores, and Jared Rabinowitz, I long for the rekindling of la convivencia.


Special Thanks

Bill Taylor Matt Sweeney Megan Hill Susan Gratch Chris Schmidt The Chance Theatre Masako Tobaro Fred Kinney J.R. Luker Mauri Smith Yui Suzuki Kristin Browning Campbell David Rosales Cal State Fullerton Lucas Garcia Dr. Barbara Garcia-Romero Dr. Amir Hussain Linda López McAlister Riner Scivally This production is made possible in part by support from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, University of Notre Dame. Also, through the generous support of Wendy Munger & Leonard Gumport and Molly Munger & Steve English

For the City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Jose Huizar, Councilmember District 14

For the Cultural Affairs Department Interim General Manager, Matthew Rudnick


Paloma Glossary Muslim Spain or Al-Andalus (711-1492): The territory occupied by the Muslim empire in Southern Spain. This civilization spanned the eighth to the fifteenth century. In 711, Arabs crossed the Straight of Gibraltar and established control over much of the Iberian Peninsula. Muslims called the area of the Iberian Peninsula they occupied, "AlAndalus," which means, "to become green at the end of the summer." The region is now called Andalucía. “In the end, it would be al-Andalus’ vast intellectual wealth, inseparable from its prosperity in the material realm, that made it the ‘ornament of the world.” -María Rosa Menocal, The Ornament of the World, How Muslims, Jews and Christians created a culture of tolerance in Medieval Spain La Convivencia ("the Co-existence") occurred during Al-Andalus when it is widely claimed that the Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in relative peace. This period of religious diversity differs from later Spanish and Portuguese history when Catholicism became the sole religion in the Iberian Peninsula as a result of expulsions and forced conversions. Ibn Ḥazm (994 –1064) was an Andalusian polymath born in Córdoba, Spain. He was a leading proponent and codifier of the Zahiri school of Islamic thought, and produced a reported 400 works of which only 40 still survive, covering a range of topics such as Islamic jurisprudence, history, ethics, comparative religion, and theology, as well as The Ring of the Dove, on the art of love. The Encyclopedia of Islam refers to him as having been one of the leading thinkers of the Muslim world, and he is widely acknowledged as the father of comparative religious studies. “Love, may God honor you, begins with riddles and ends in truth and because it is sublime, its subtle definition cannot be deciphered nor its essence understood without generous determination.”-‘On the Essence of Love’ from Ring of the Dove by Ibn Hazm


The Ring of the Dove (Arabic: Ṭawq al-Ḥamāmah, Spanish: El Collar de la Paloma) is a treatise on love written ca. 1022 by Ibn Hazm. Normally a writer of theology and law, The Ring of the Dove is his only work of literature. Ibn Hazm borrowed heavily from Plato's Phaedrus, though the bulk of the work was still his own writing, rather than an anthology of other works. Although the human aspects of affection are the primary concern, the book was still written from the perspective of a devout Muslim, and as such chastity and restraint were common themes. Toledo: A city located in central Spain, south of Madrid. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage and historical co-existence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. Granada: A city in southern Spain, in the region of Andalusia, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. During Spain’s medieval period, Granada was one of the centers of Muslim culture and power. The Alhambra: The Muslim palace and citadel in Granada. It is the most renowned building of the Andalusian Islamic historical legacy. It is a UNESCO world Heritage site composed of a fortress and several palaces that includes: Patio de los Leones: The Courtyard of the Lions is in the heart of the Nasrid dynasty palace Generalife: The summer palace and gardens of the Nasrid Empirs Alcazaba: The residential area of the royal guard in charge of the security of the palatial city Torre de la Vela: (Tower of the Candle) This is the most symbolic tower of the Alhambra. The scenery that one can admire from the tower is absolutely marvelous. At a glance one can see the whole city, Sierra Nevada, the "Vega" lands and the villages around the city.


CAST Ibrahim Ahmed……………………….ETHAN RAINS Paloma Flores…………………………CARO ZELLER Jared Rabinowitz……………………...JESSE EINSTEIN SETTING 2003 - 2005 New York City as well as various cities in Spain Paloma will be performed with one fifteen-minute intermission.

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC) is the theatrical union that unites, empowers and protects professional stage Directors and Choreographers throughout the United States. United Scenic Artists (USA) is a labor union and professional association of Designers, Artists and Craftspeople, many who are world famous, organized to protect craft standards, working conditions and wages for the entertainment and decorative arts industries.


CAST & CREATIVE TEAM Ethan Rains (Ibrahim) A graduate of SMU's Meadows School of the Arts, Ethan carved his way to Los Angeles in 2004 (just after appearing in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City) with NBC's primetime pick up series LAX and just having won a national competition for CBS's Young & the Restless collegiate casting. His recurring and guest appearances include NCIS, NCIS: LA, 24, The Unit, CSI: Miami, General Hospital: Nightshift, E-Ring, The Closer, Judging Amy, and Days of our Lives. FILM: Open Graves; Captain America: Winter Soldier. THEATRE: Jihad Jones & the Kalashnikov Babes @ The Kitchen Dog Theatre, Creation @ The Boston Court Theatre, The Winters Tale with Little Candle Theatre Company, Hellcab @ The Elephant Theatre, & The Penis Chronicles @ Coast Playhouse. He launched his film production company Rains Brothers Pictures and made his writing/directing debut with the short film STILL HERE. Love to Dominic, Mom, Dad, and Dina for their eternal support.


Caro Zeller (Paloma) is a well-known actor in Los Angeles whose recent work includes a leading role in Adelina Anthony’s, “Bruising for Besos”, a feature film written for the Sundance Writer’s Lab with an expected release in 2016. She was also featured opposite the recent best actor Academy Award Winner JK Simmons in the Farmers Insurance “Bear” commercial. After graduating from Florida International University with a BFA in Acting, Caro joined a group of 10 actors in the inaugural University of Southern California MFA Acting class, headed by Andrew Robinson, Natsuko Ohama, David Bridel and Charlotte Cornwell. Studied Film technique from Andre Belgrader and Gary Perez, and she continues to expand her repertoire working in film, commercials and theatre. Film credits include Bruising for Besos, Over the Moon, Kiss Me, Crime School, The Wallet, and Dr. Reasons Web series. Theatre productions include “American Night: the Ballad of Juan Jose” “Placas: The Most Dangerous Tattoo” “Blood Wedding” “Romeo and Juliet” “Midsummer Nights Dream” “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” “Anatomy of Gazellas” “Focus Group Play” and “Scar Tissue,” among many more. Inspired by her native Puerto Rico and motivated by her artistic heroes to give transformational performances, Caro has made her way in LA and beyond as a unique voice in the theatre community. She is honored to join this wonderful production. Mucho love to Alan Freeman, Anne Garcia Romero, Willie Mae Michiels, Ethan Rains, Jesse Einstein and everyone at LATC for your kindness and support. I got you boo!


Jesse Einstein (Jared) TV/FILM: The League (FX), Kroll Show (Comedy Central), Petals On The Wind(Lifetime), Dial A Prayer. STAGE: Komitas (Circle X Theatre), Falsettos (Third Street Theater *Broadwayworld Best of the Year), The Forgotten Carols (Michael Young Media), The Cradle Will Rock (The Blank Theatre), Songs and Dances of Imaginary Lands (Overtone Industries), Mad City (La Mirada Theatre), The Bedroom Window (Odyssey Theatre). CONCERT: Jason Robert Brown & Georgia Stitt, Josh Groban. Studied at New World School of the Arts, Atlantic Acting School (NYU), Upright Citizens Brigade, University of Southern California (David Dukes Award recipient.) He is also a filmmaker and audiobook narrater—find more about his books and films by visiting his website at Thanks to Anne for her words, Alan for the guidance, Raul for the opportunity, Willie for the patience, the Latino Theater Company & LATC for creating this wonderful space and fostering theater in LA, and Steph for everything. #whoisRL Surrena Saffari (Original Music & Guitarist) is a Los Angeles based guitarist/improviser/composer inspired by and dedicated to the art of Flamenco & Jazz music. The Orff Schulwerk method of music for children triggered his passion for music at the age of nine. Since then, he has been on a journey which led him to private studies with guitarist Kai Narezo, and further studies at CalArts as well as CSU Dominguez Hills. Surenna avidly performs Flamenco & Jazz music in venues across LA. He also continues to write, record, and teach the music he loves, while continuing his studies, and aiming towards graduate Jazz Studies in the near future. THELATC.ORG 13

Ann Sheffield (Set Design) is delighted to have been invited to work on this beautiful play. Ms. Sheffield’s most recent designs include sets for The Miraculous Adventures Of Edward Tulane and Ivy + Bean for South Coast Repertory Theatre. She designed Other Desert Cities for The Arizona Theatre Co. and Indiana Repertory Theatre, where she has a long association. On the heels of that production, Ms. Sheffield designed the IRT’s Red directed by James Still. Mr. Still invited her to design the world premiere of his play Interpreting William. Her other set designs for the IRT include Doubt, Ghosts, The Cocktail Hour, Hedda Gabler, Julius Caesar, The Drawer Boy, The Last Night Of Ballyhoo, Cyrano De Bergerac, The Rivals and numerous others over the years. For The Laguna Playhouse Ms. Sheffield designed sets and costumes for the West Coast premiere of Enter The Guardsman; and scenery for the American premiere of Alan Ayckbourne’s Things We Do For Love at Buffalo’s Studio Arena Theatre. Her designs have been seen at the Goodspeed Opera House, the Walnut Street Theatre, Washington D.C.’s Ford’s Theatre, the Oklahoma Festival Ballet, and the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis. Ms. Sheffield assisted award-winning designer Tony Walton on the Broadway productions of Anything Goes, Waiting For Godot, Grand Hotel, and The Will Rogers Follies. Having received her MFA at the Yale School of Drama, Ms. Sheffield is currently professor of set design at California State University, Fullerton. She wishes to give special thanks to her assistant Megan Hill.


Trevor Norton (Lighting Design) Regional credits include Lighting Designs with The Old Globe Theatre, San Jose Rep, San Diego Rep, Shakespeare Festival LA, Pasadena Playhouse, La Jolla Playhouse, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, A Noise Within, Lobero Theatre, Bottom’s Dream, Wheeler Opera House, Mark Taper New Works Festival, LA Theatre Works, and many more. Awards include a Patte Award for All My Sons at the Old Globe and a Garland Award for The Illusion at San Diego Repertory Theatre. Trevor has designed several world premiere productions with San Diego Repertory Theatre and Bottom’s Dream. Trevor currently teaches design and stage management at the University of Redlands. Other work includes industrial designs, architectural lighting designs and building “green” houses for a hobby. Trevor owns his own company, Cleverco Designs, is a private pilot and has a wonderful family including wife Jennifer and kids Lillian and Reid. Laura Wong (Costume Design) is a costume designer living and working in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from Occidental College and her MFA from UCLA, both in Costume Design. Although she began her design career in the theater, she has branched out over the years into film and television as well, and is a proud member of Local 892 – the Costume Designers Guild. Regardless of the medium, she loves the process of telling compelling stories and creating characters through costume. She is particularly passionate about the study of nonWestern dress, and loves to work on projects that give voice to the underrepresented. Laura specializes in Japanese costume and textiles and has studied the subject extensively in Japan and in the United States. Past research topics have included Tokyo street fashion tribes, textile traditions of Japanese minority populations in Okinawa and Hokkaido, and the role of the kimono in contemporary society. She is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Alan again, and to be a part of an all Oxy alum team of designers! Portfolio and credits available at:


Megan Hill (Assistant Set Designer) thrilled to be working with everyone at LATC and has truly enjoyed being a part of this project. Megan’s past design credits include Fancy Nancy at The Chance Theatre, SMASH, Beyond Walls, and Six Locks at CSU Fullerton. Co-designer on Lock Ness at The Chance Theatre, Assistant Set Designer of Amadeus and Looped at The New Vic in Santa Barbara, Annual Dinner at South Coast Repertory, Passion Play at The Chance, Sans Merci at The Garage Theatre, Long Beach and Is He Dead? At CSU Fullerton. Megan recently graduated from Cal Sate Fullerton with an emphasis in design. Raul Staggs (Casting Director) is a freelance casting director thrilled to be working with The Latino Theatre Company/ LATC again. Raul has also helped cast projects for The Theatre @ Boston Court, Playwrights’ Arena, The Getty Villa, The Fountain Theatre, Circle X Theatre, West Coast Jewish Theatre, Bootleg Theatre, Theatre Movement Bazaar, The Gay & Lesbian Center and many others. Raul has also cast several award winning short films and the independent features, LONGHORNS (TLA Releasing) and BETTER HALF (currently in post-production.) Willie Mae Michiels (Stage Manger) is a stage manager in the Los Angeles area. She recently graduated from University of Redlands with a BA in Theatre Arts. She’s worked with Critical Mass Performance Group as an Assistant Stage Manager with their production Ameryka by Nancy Keystone, as a sound intern with Cornerstone Theatre Company’s summer institute show A Man Comes to Fowler by Julie Marie Myatt and as a deck manager with Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show. Willie is thrilled to be working with this amazing team and with LATC.


Anne García-Romero (Playwright) Anne García-Romero’s plays include Provenance, Mary Domingo, Mary Peabody in Cuba, Land of Benjamin Franklin, Girlus Equinus, Desert Longing, Juanita’s Statue and Santa Concepción. Her plays have been developed and produced most notably at the New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater, Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, the Los Angeles Theatre Center, the Mark Taper Forum, Summer Play Festival (OffBroadway), Hartford Stage, South Coast Repertory, INTAR, HERE, New Georges, Borderlands Theater, Nevada Repertory Company, Jungle Theater, East L.A. Repertory and The Orchard Project. She’s received commissions from the NYSF/Public Theater, The Mark Taper Forum, The Goodman Theatre and South Coast Repertory. She’s been a Jerome Fellow at the Playwrights Center of Minneapolis as well as a MacDowell Colony fellow. She has also written for Peninsula Films, Elysian Films and Disney Creative Entertainment. Her plays are published by Broadway Play Publishing, NoPassport Press and Playscripts. She’s an Assistant Professor in the Department of Film, Television and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Occidental College, an MFA in Playwriting from the Yale School of Drama and a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is an alumna of New Dramatists and the Goodman Theatre Playwrights Unit. She’s currently a Resident Playwright at Chicago Dramatists. Alan Freeman (Director) is a director, writer, actor, and producer. He has directed over seventy plays, musicals and operas; acted in more than sixty plays; written two full length plays and directed four short films. For many years, he was Producing Artistic Director of the Occidental Theater Festival which was honored many times with awards from the Los Angeles Drama Critics, DramaLogue, the Robbies and two


citations from the Los Angeles City Council. Directing assignments have included: The Birds, Lysistrata, The Cherry Orchard, Sweeney Todd, A Little Night Music, The Hostage, Bus Stop, Company, Crimes of the Heart, Major Barbara, Love of the Nightingale, The House of Blue Leaves, Cabaret, The Visit, Three Penny Opera, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Ruddigore, Hay Fever, Harvey, She Stoops To Conquer, Little Eyolf, Candide, his original play, Wall Scaling, as well as The Fantasticks and Pygmalion which won nine DramaLogue Awards between them. He has acted at such theaters as San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre and the Mark Taper Forum, and directed for The Pasadena Symphony, San Francisco Opera’s Western Opera Theater, The Los Angeles Bureau of Music, and the California Repertory Theater at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Locally, he produced and acted in the award-winning productions of Candida and Tartuffe at the Bank Playhouse, and he has played major roles in productions at Theater West and the Santa Fe Theatre Festival. Currently, he and his writing partner, Frank Denson, have written two screenplays, and their stage play, TEDDY & TWAIN: Purely Social. Freeman is Professor Emeritus of Theater at Occidental College where he also serves on the Board of Trustees. In the last few years on campus, he directed Shaw’s Saint Joan; HAIR, the Tribal Rock Musical; Ibsen’s A Doll House, Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes; Hairspray the Broadway Musical; and last year, he directed, Two Weird Plays, an all-women, contemporary production of The Bald Soprano by Eugène Ionesco, and the dystopian tragicomedy Far Away by Caryl Churchill. Freeman is a member of Stage Directors And Choreographers Society, Actors Equity, SAG-AFTRA, ASCAP and The Dramatists Guild. He holds an AB & MA from Occidental College and an MFA in Film Directing from The American Film Institute.


Wayne Nakasone (Technical Director, LATC) is in his ninth season as the technical director for the Los Angeles Theatre Center. He would like to thank his amazing crew for putting up with everything he throws at them. Chantal Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Programming Director, LATC) A part of the LATC family since 2009, she has helped produce over ten seasons at the LATC. She is a scholar/practitioner with a specialization in U.S. Latina/o Theater and Performance. Currently an adjunct professor of Theater at Loyola Marymount University, she has also taught at UCLA, CalArts and California State University, Northridge. In 2011, the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press published her monograph, “The Latino Theatre Initiative/Center Theatre Group Papers” which was nominated for three Latino Literacy Now International Book Awards. She has been recognized as a Young Leader of Color by Theatre Communications Group and is also a Steering Committee member of the National Latina/o Theatre Commons and the Latino Theater Alliance of Los Angeles. José Luis Valenzuela (Artistic Director, LATC) is an award winning theater/film director and Head of the MFA Directing program at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television. For over 29 years he has directed critically acclaimed productions at major regional theaters including the Los Angeles Theatre Center where he created the Latino Theatre Lab in 1985 and the Mark Taper Forum where he established the Latino Theater Initiative. He most recently directed Premeditation by Evelina Fernández at The LATC, and Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt at the Ibsen Theater of Norway. Other LATC credits include: Melancholia by The Latino Theater Lab, Faith, Hope and THELATC.ORG 19

Charity by Evelina Fernández, La Victima by El Teatro de La Esperanza, and La Virgen de Guadalupe, Dios Inantzin, an annual holiday pageant at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. Mr. Valenzuela is the recipient of the Ann C. Rosenfield Distinguished Community Partnership Prize and the Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero of the Year Award. Latino Theater Company (Operators of the LATC) LTC celebrates over 29 years of commitment to the creation of exciting, thought-provoking theater in Los Angeles. Artistic Director José Luis Valenzuela co-founded the Latino Theater Lab at the LATC in 1985, and together they have made significant contributions to the advancement of U.S. Latino Theater. In 2006, LTC was awarded a 20-year lease to operate the LATC, from the City of Los Angeles. Their mission at the LATC is to provide a world-class arts center for those pursuing artistic excellence; a laboratory where both tradition and innovation are honored and honed; a place where the convergence of people, cultures, and ideas contribute to the future. In 2014 they hosted the historic Encuentro 2014 festival, the largest Latina/o Theater festival in over 25 years. The company also produces a free pageant play, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Dios Inantzin, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels as a gift to the city each holiday season. The members of the company include José Luis Valenzuela, Evelina Fernandez, Sal Lopez, Geoffrey Rivas, Lucy Rodriguez and the late Lupe Ontiveros. “Having been together for almost 30 years, the Latino Theater Company is among America’s great ensembles.” – American Theatre Magazine, January 2015.


THE LOS ANGELES THEATRE CENTER STAFF Artistic Director José Luis Valenzuela Programming Director Dr. Chantal Rodríguez Technical Director Wayne Nakasone Finance Director Pepper Farias Development Director Ben Wirick Administrative Associate Angela Scott Marketing Associate Xavi Moreno Public Relations Phil Sokoloff LATINO THEATER COMPANY Artistic Director José Luis Valenzuela Members Evelina Fernández • Sal López • Geoffrey Rivas Lucy Rodríguez • Lupe Ontiveros✝ LATINO THEATER COMPANY BOARD OF DIRECTORS President José Luis Valenzuela Chairman Moctesuma Esparza Vice-Chair Castulo de la Rocha Treasurer Geoffrey Rivas Secretary Castulo de la Rocha Members Donald P. Baker • James E. Blancarte • Michael Delijani Maria Elena Durazo • Evelina Fernández • Victor M. Franco • Dennis E. Leoni • Sal López • Diane G. Medina • Lupe Ontiveros✝ • Sandra Ortiz • Lucy Rodriguez • Walter F. Ulloa • David Valdes • Fidel Vargas





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