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Leigh Ann Soistmann

A collection of my work from my second year in the School of Architecture + Design at V i r g i n i a Te c h

Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s examining a threshold exploring planes precedent research container for light S O VA S a t e l l i t e L i b r a r y sketches

process sketches

Exploring a Threshold

examining planes showing thickness to thiness, texture, and a plane with a void

Exploring Planes



P l a n 4

S ect io n 2

E l e vat i o n


h i e r a rc h y

T h r e s h o l d

The Kimball Art Museum

C i r c u l at i o n


L ig h t P a rt i

Kahn, L. I., Bellinelli, L., & Università della Svizzera italiana (1999). Louis I. Kahn: The construction of the Kimbell Art Museum. Milan: Skira Editore. (4,5,6) Kahn Building Kimbell Art Museum. (n.d.). Retrieved from (1,2,3) Kahn, L. I., & Johnson, N. E. (1975). Light is the theme: Louis I. Kahn and the Kimbell Art Museum : comments on architecture. Fort Worth, Tex: Kimbell Art Foundation. Kahn, L. I., Robb, D. M., Meyers, M. D., Kimbell Art Museum, & Laguna Gloria Art Museum (1978). Louis I. Kahn: Sketches for the Kimbell Art Museum : owned by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Fort Worth, Tex: Kimbell Art Foundation. Loud, P. C. (2007). Kahn’s Kimbell: The Architectural legacy of the museum. Apollo, 166(547), 70.

Precedent Research

A Container for Light: Examine three spaces and the way light affects the interiors. Multiple apertures lead the viewer through the first space to a solitary opening in the middle and are then led out by the repetition created from multiple apertures again.


Interior Photographs

shaded plan


view looking through the space

view from the threshold

Container for Light

process diagrams & sketches

Creating a space functional for art students meant creating an environment with the capabilities to spread out and work within a group, access to natural lighting, inspiring spaces and even spaces to pin up work. I created an inspiring naturally lit space along the side of the library with three large tree planters and tall glass windows with skylights above to bring in more light.

view facing the west wall

existing site perspective

use of skylights to add light to trees

Nook Bookcases

brainstorming sketches

One of the prominent features of my space is a bookcase created to line the north wall. Four nooks are placed across this bookcase and the user can inhabit them for a quiet place to study and read. Outlets would be placed along the back of this nook along with overhead lighting. Green upholstery would allow these spaces to stand out among the dark charcoal colored bookcases.

The nooks create a cozy, intimate place for study and work.

As the idea developed, I created a three piece system. Each piece would be placed side by side to create the look of the bookcase spanning the whole wall.

process model

S O VA S a t e l l i t e L i b r a r y

1/16� Reflected Ceiling Plan N

1/16” Floor Plan N

S O VA S a t e l l i t e L i b r a r y

Reception desk, scanners & copiers, as well as stacks of periodicals frame the lobby of the library


these materials create a natural, modern feel to the overall space



nook bookcases that line the north wall

concept statement: a library is a both a space for groups and individuals to come together to work efficeiently and productively and a space that supports successful research through access to printed information.

South Wall Section

North Wall Section

S O VA S a t e l l i t e L i b r a r y

Spatial Strategy: compartmentalizing the space by the user and function

group study space behind the stacks in the back of the library

counter space lines the east wall, allowing for technology

group study space and periodicals

space for individual work and study cork used for sound absorption as well as space for pinning up artwork

Trees accent the space dedicated to individual work and study. Daylight for trees is provided through large windows in the back of the space as well as three atriums above.

The trees create a natural, airy atmosphere meant to inspire and drive art students with their work.

S O VA S a t e l l i t e L i b r a r y


2nd Year Portfolio  

A collection of work from my first semester of second year in the interior design program at Virginia Tech.