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A Coco delivery robot in a park. The robot is controlled remotely. - Photo courtest of Coco Delivery

Robot Replacements As automation becomes more and more common in the service industry, is there a possibility of humans getting replaced? BY NAMAN MISHRA 12 - Spring 2022- AUGURY

utomation is involved in everyone’s lives. Whether it’s a kiosk at a fast food restaurant or a robot that farms lettuce, it is unavoidable. As the automation market expands, people have been wondering if their jobs are at risk of being replaced by robots. Many businesses have conflicted views on this trend. Picnic is a robotics company that has made an automated pizza assembly station. Inside of a restaurant’s kitchen, an employee will place the prepared dough into the machine. Using artificial intelligence, the robot will detect the dough’s location and start rolling it through and topping it.