Paper Trail

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Guitar Shaping Youth Society By Charlotte Barnes istening to music is a common hobby shared among people of all ages and it has the ability to bring people together in incredible way. Playing an instruments can have similar effects, creating bonds between people and building communities. In recent years,

there has been increase in the number of schools offering guitar classes as well as other fine art options. A growing interest in the fine arts connection to academic success has initiated attempts to include more students in the arts. Joseph Willaims is a composer, conductor, and guitarist working as the Artistic Director

and Composer in Residence for ACG. “By expressing ourselves or hearing an expression of someone else, then we can understand them better,” said Williams. “So it is an essential, beautiful way for us to experience culture. Our culture and other culture.” The non-profit organization

Mira Raviand and Maya Martinez practice guitar together during lunch break. Mira takes the guitar class at Lasa high school and Maya, although not in the class, plans to sign up for it next year. Photograph by Charlotte Barnes.