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Genuine holiday experiences in Lapland


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make them easy to use.

Rovaniemi, in the panorama restaurant

Welcome to the

Our aim is to provide our guests with an easily obtainable overall holiday ex-


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I ❤ Lapland

way you want it ‒ Join the Lapland Club

Explore the nature of Lapland

You see more when you are active

A bright, beautiful spring in the north

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Seeking Lapland’s traditions


Enjoy the soft steam of a sauna

Restaurants with genuine flavours. Breakfast tables adorned with Lappish delicacies

Blog: After fish on Lake Inari

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Experience the beautiful northern lights


Northern lights adventures


Multi-faceted Lapland

This encourages us to continue along

ence the slightly different tones of Lap-

of Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara.

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Lapland Club brings more holiday convenience LAPLAND CLUB is the best way to stay up to date with what is being offered by the most popular holiday destinations in Lapland! Membership is free. As a club member, you will enjoy the benefits and offers that are most suitable for you. You will also receive information on current campaigns and upcoming events in Lapland before others.

Join the Lapland inner group today and take advantage of the accommodation benefits immediately when making a booking. You will receive a temporary membership card during check-in at a hotel. We will post the official Lapland Club card about a month after registration. Join and take advantage of the benefits:

Lapland just the way you want it THE LARGEST hotel chain in Lapland

will provide you with a Lapland holiday exactly how you want it to be! The selection of Lapland Hotels consists of eleven personal hotels, with high quality holiday apartments, as well as four downhill ski resorts: On the side of Äkäslompolo, Ylläs, Olos , Pallas and Luosto. Our holiday centres are located in different parts of the most beautiful scenery in Lapland, which can be perceived differently in its northern urban landscape, vibrant fell villages, or in its

spiritual wilderness idyll. With us, your holiday will consist of comfortable accommodation, delicious dining options and your desired program of events. There are outdoor activities on offer, from individual pursuits to guided safaris, a wide range of pampering treatments, indoor sports facilities, as well as, of course, evening programmes. If desired, you can also take advantage of the services of our cooperation companies- Lapland Safaris and Europcar ‒ conveniently under one roof.

All you need for a good Holiday VISIT the Lapland Hotels website

and book a pleasant holiday. Our holiday store is open 24/7. Just select your preferred location, room or apartment, as well as any additional services you would like. SELECT THE LANGUAGE

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Flights to locations in Lapland from Helsinki

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TUI (Enontekiö, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo) Monarch (Enontekiö, Rovaniemi, Kittilä) Thomas Cook Airlines (Enontekiö, Rovaniemi, Kittilä) LOT (Ivalo) Information: Finavia

fli gh to pe ra to r

Finnair - (Enontekiö, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo) SAS - (Kittilä, Ivalo) Norwegian - (Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo) Air100 - (Enontekiö) Flybe - (Enontekiö, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo) Blue1 - (Kittilä, Ivalo)


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av ai la bi lit ie sf ro m

Helsinki to various airports in Lapland – to Enontekiö, Kittilä, Rovaniemi and Ivalo. The flight time from Helsinki to the locations in Lapland is around 1.5 hours. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has two terminals, which are located about 250 metres apart and are connected by a covered hallway. For flights to Lapland, the flight operators SAS and Air 100 use terminal 1, whilst Finnair and Norwegian use terminal 2. The airport has several shopping areas and close to one hundred service points. In several comparisons, the airport has consistently been placed in amongst the best airports in Europe.

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THERE are scheduled daily flights from

I ❤ Lapland


Explore the nature Lapland’s nature is located usually quite close to a hotel ‒ and is a safe environment to explore. Ask at the hotel about trekking routes. By exploring the nature, you will be able to experience the Finnish way to unwind. It is said that the forest is like a church to the Finns. It is a useful place to gather up energy and leave your worries behind. TEXT RIITTA KARHUSILTA

Clean air

How can the nature of Lapland be experienced and seen? Start by breathing. Lapland has been proven to have the cleanest air. Even a short walk in the fresh air will refresh your wellbeing.


I ❤ Lapland

Eight seasons

The seasons are clearly distinguishable in Lapland. Instead of four seasons, in Lapland, eight seasons are talked about, each of which has its specific chores. The seasonal names describe the weather and the time of events. The seasons are frosty winter, crusted snow spring, ice break-up spring, the midnight sun, harvest, golden autumn, the first snow and Christmas darkness. The differences are dramatic: during the summer, it is bright, both day and night, while during the polar night in the winter, it is dark around the clock. The temperature also varies dramatically during the different seasons of the year. During the autumn, the seasonal colours enchant outdoor enthusiasts.

Natural characteristics

Lapland’s special characteristics are fast flowing rivers, clear water lakes, extensive marshes and spectacular fells. By fells, we mean a mountainous area, free of trees. Evergreen conifers, pines and spruces, make up the majority of the forests. Light barked birch trees are at their most beautiful in the summer and during the golden autumn time. During the summer, you may be surprised by the abundance of flowers and the chirping of the birds, as nature exudes during its short growing season. You will surely run across familiar species, but Lapland has many birds, mammals, fish and insects that only nest in Lapland. In addition, there are many species, a majority of which live in the north.

Succulent berries

During the autumn, you will be able to taste Finnish berries directly from nature, actual vitamin bombs. Blueberries and cranberries ripen every year in abundance, but the amount of the pride of Lapland, cloudberries that grow in the marshes, varies. The local residents guard the locations where they grow well and are loathe to tell outsiders. Black crowberries are hardy plants, as a result of the northern conditions. It grows during the autumn, just like a carpet on the ground. The leaves of bearberries are highly noticeable during the golden autumn period, when their flaming red leaves dot the autumn landscape. Lapland’s aromatic berries are picked by both Finnish commercial fruit pickers and those from as far away as Asia.

Reindeer Lace patterned stones

Lapland’s stones are particularly beautiful. Many observers have admired the lace-like patterns of the lichen growing on the stones, the beauty of the Rhizocarpaceae. Each stone is unique - and there are certainly enough stones!

Most visitors to Lapland probably want to see a reindeer! Reindeer move around naturally, half-tamed. You may be able to see a reindeer from a distance, but do not try to stroke a reindeer, as it will be afraid of you. Each reindeer has its own owner, who can be identified by a mark notched on an ear. During the winter, their coats will keep the reindeer warm during hard wintery conditions. The colour of the reindeer varies from greyish brown to, even, snow-white. Reindeer shed their antlers every year, so, with good luck, you may even be able to find some reindeer antlers in nature.

Long-distance migration

Most birds are migratory birds. Some birds, such as the Arctic tern, will make an incredibly long flight to be able to nest in Lapland for the summer.

Means of survival during the winter

The animals of Lapland have come up with ingenious ways in which to survive the occasional harsh conditions they will experience. Species have adapted to the cold winter, among other things, by growing thick fur or by sleeping under the snow, the environment of which is significantly warmer than on the outside. During the winter, it is fun to watch out for animal tracks in the snow and try to identify them. Start with, perhaps, a reindeer and even a hare, you will certainly find traces of these! Some of the animals also change the colour of their coats, according to the season. Grouse and hare are brown during the summer, but in white, during the winter. The change in colours helps the animals avoid the clutches of predators.

No reason to remain indoors

Every kind of weather is good weather to be outside- you just have to dress correctly. Finns explore and enjoy nature throughout the year; they just need more clothes as it gets colder. In return for the time spent outdoors, you will receive red cheeks, a vibrant mind and a good appetite.

Snow wonders

During the winter, nature takes on a new look. When the snow falls, you should observe the snowflakes- if only it was possible to catch them. Each snowflake has six corners, but, otherwise, they are all unique. Snow varies in its structure- it can be as fine as flour or like sugar or it may even be hard-packed. Mother Nature conjures up an actual fairytale world, when the trees are layered with white frost. When it snows more, the snow that collects on top of the tree branches forms imaginative shapes and figures.

I â?¤ Lapland


Spend your holiday in a completely different arctic town landscape, a vibrant fell village or, even, enjoy peace in the wilderness.

Take a trip deep into unique nature


ur holiday resorts are located in the middle of the most beautiful scenery in Lapland, and every location is guaranteed to be unique. You can reach nature directly from the doors of your hotel, and you might even get to meet a reindeer right in the yard. The best way to familiarize yourself with the unique Lappish nature is by participating in one of our many activities, take a ride on a snowmobile, husky or reindeer, far away from settlements, deep into the Arctic landscape. We arrange colourful peripheral programmes, and during the autumn and spring seasons, many of our hotels also have their very own “holiday guru” to serve holidaymakers. Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli in Ylläs and Saariselkä’s Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna offer a variety of pampering and wellness treatments and indoor activity facilities. In addition, one of our cooperation partners, the largest programme service in Lapland, Lapland Safaris, offer outdoor activities, from individual pursuits, to guided safaris.


I ❤ Lapland


Experience the excitement of driving a snowmobile; join a safari trip far away from all inhabitations, over frozen rivers and lakes. Snowmobiles generally move along on snowmobile routes, where their use is both safe and comfortable. Lapland Safaris’ range of services includes a number of snowmobile safaris, ranging in length from two to six hours. Safaris are perfect for anyone holding a driver’s license or motorcycle card. All safaris are supported by professional guides, so that you can safely experience an unforgettable experience in the breathtaking nature of Lapland. You could also select a thrilling snowmobile safari, with a focus on the driving and enjoying the Lapland nature or go ice-fishing on a wilderness lake. Some of the best ice fishing lakes are easiest to get to by snowmobile. While you make a hole in the ice and try your luck, the guide can prepare a meal at a campfire. We

can even go by snowmobile to Santa Claus Village! However, perhaps one of the most exotic and invigorating experiences is to driving under the moonlight, on a snowmobile trip under Lapland’s stars on the Northern Lights excursion. TRAVELLING WITH ANIMALS IN NATURE.

Follow in the footsteps of the Sami people by travelling in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. A reindeer excursion is a peaceful way to travel through the quiet nature of Lapland. A husky Safari is a really exciting experience, especially if you have the opportunity to act as a driver and guide your own husky team. Experience the excitement of the dogs, when they are passionately waiting to pull a sled through the breathtaking Lappish nature. You can also connect a snowmobile safari to a husky or reindeer farm visit and enjoy meeting the arctic animals and riding in the nature.

Finns prefer to take their holiday during the spring Spring is a great time in Lapland. When the snow has already melted in the south and nature is waking up, the snow cover in Lapland is at its greatest in early April and will only melt in May.


arch and April are also the dry seasons, when the clouds are often scarce and the sun shines from early morning until late at night. April is the best time to try to get an early tan in the north. During the spring, the sun warms sweetly and the weather is mild , generally the frost is only a few degrees, and in some places, the temperature rises up to a couple of degrees. The overnight frost, however, ensures that the snow does not melt . The sunniest places may also have snow-free spots. Many people agree that the best way to explore Lapland’s nature is to go on a cross-country skiing trip. Near the hotel, there are superbly cared for tracks for you to choose a suitable length and difficulty level, according to your own expertise. In April, you can also experience a variety of activities. You could even try snow-shoe walking in the beautiful snow-covered nature, and experience silence in the middle of a forest. Or even depart further away on a snowmobile, check out the arctic nature and its characteristics. Whilst on safaris, you can also hear about the unique stories of life in the north. A particularly memorable excursion is to go on a dog or reindeer- sled ride and travel through the nature with the animals.

”During the spring, the sun warms sweetly and the weather is mild.”

I ❤ Lapland


Lapland events calender 2013-2014

Lapland’s best events We have picked the most interesting events that will take place in Lapland. The same events will take place year after year, only the dates will change.

31.5.2013-4.5.2014 Aurora Borealis. Science and stories of the northern lights. Rovaniemi, Arktikum building. 4.10.2013-2.2.2014 The hornhat and other headdresses – exhibition presents a variety of Sami woman’s headdresses, as well as changes to these that have taken place. Nature Centre Siida. INARI. 24.10.2013-29.1.2014 Aves Ouluensis. The beauty of northern nature and birds. Rovaniemi, Arktikum building.

November FIS Ski World Cup Levi. The world cup season in slalom opens at Levi. The world’s elite male and female slalom skiers will attack Levi’s black- slope- led by the Finnish national team! Add the Olos FIS-ski competitions here, a large cross-country skiing event involving the world’s best skiers. Kaamosjazz 2013, A jazz event that will be arranged in the area of Saariselkä-Tankavaara for the 33rd time. Concerts at Riekonlinna 22.11. 21.-24.11. Rovaniemi’s Christmas opening. Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle. 23.11.2013

December Santa Claus is coming to town. Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle. Come and wish Santa Claus a safe journey around the world! 23.12.2013.



Kilpisjärvi exercise midsummer. Legendary fitness event in Finland’s wildest terrain, organised since 1946. 27.-29.6.2014.

Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi. 23.-25.1.2014. Ylläs Jazz Blues, hot rhythms in the mid-winter cold, jazz and blues in the darkness. 30.1.–2.2.2014.

February Arctic Design Week. Rovaniemi. 17.-23.2.2014.

I ❤ Lapland

Jutajaiset – Folklore Festival, Rovaniemi. 25.-29.6.2014. Levi’s Midsummer.

July Kittilä’s traditional summer fair. 3.-7.7.2014.


Lapin Kullan Kimallus –festivaali (Lapland’s Glittering Gold- festival), Rovaniemi. 10.-12.7.2014.

Reindeer Cup (gold bell races), Rovaniemi. 1.-2.3.2014.


Saint Mary’s days. Annual Sami cultural event in Enontekiö. Hetta. 21.-23.3.2014.

Harvest festival, Rovaniemi. 8.-9.8.2014.

Arctic Horse Race Levi. 22.-23.3.2014.


April Reindeer King’s Cup Race in Inari. 5.-6.4.2014. Rovaniemi Reindeer Sprint Race. Street races with the fastest reindeers in Rovaniemi city centre. 11.4.2014.


Hetta’s Music days. High class classical music festival. Enontekiö, Hetta. 14.-21.4.2014.

Rovaniemi’s Old Market. 15.-17.8.2014.

Ruskamaraton (Autumn Marathon), Levi. 6.9.2014. RuskaRock & Culture –music event, Olos. Dates tba. Staalon Theatre festival. Levi. 25.-28.9.2014.

Finnish Sauna What could be more Finnish than a sauna? Enjoying a sauna is about much more than just bathing.


sauna stove, a hot pile of stones, is used to heat up a sauna. The stove holds stones, which store the heat. When water is thrown onto the hot stones, it is converted into hot steam. This steam rises upwards towards the upper sections of the sauna room and, therefore, the sauna rooms also have sauna benches that are installed up towards the ceiling. The sauna stove can be heated by electricity or wood. Prior to sitting in the sauna, it is best to wash yourself, so that the sauna remains clean, whilst the steam feels at its most pleasant when it is in contact with moist skin. The use of a towel to sit on increases the hygiene levels and separates the heat of the hot benches from the skin. A suitable sauna bathing temperature is a matter of taste, but in general, a temperature between from 70 to 90 degrees C is favourable at head height. At the beginning, it is good to warm up in the sauna, thus, sweat will be able to calmly rise to the surface of the skin. After this, water should be

thrown onto the stones, a little at a time. When taking a traditional sauna, some bathers like to whip themselves calmly with birch twigs, to increase the effectiveness of the cleansing process. At the same time, the twigs spread a wonderful aroma around the sauna! SAUNA AS A SOURCE OF HEALTH. In Finland, a sauna has long been considered to be a traditional cure for many diseases. Every Finn knows the popular Finnish saying: ”If a sauna, liquor or tar does not help, the disease is fatal.” Sauna bathing relieves aches and pains, as well as improves the quality of sleep. It is said that after a sauna, a woman is at her most beautiful! Many Finns believe that a sauna cleanses the soul. During the winter, as the freezing temperatures and chilly draughts arrive, it is pleasant to retreat into the warmth of a sauna. On the other hand, during the summer, nothing beats the soft steam of a wood-burning sauna, followed by a dip into the water of a lake. A healthy person can safely go to the sauna as often as they like. In the old days, in rural areas, a sauna


was a place for both births and deaths. Newborns received their first washes there, whilst bodies were also washed and cleansed there after death. Saunas have a very special bathing meaning during celebratory days, such as Christmas and Midsummer’s eve. A sauna is for calming down and relaxing. It is not allowed to talk loudly or use bad language in a sauna. In Finland, it is common for the whole family to bathe in a sauna at the same time. HEATING A HOTEL ROOM/COTTAGE SAUNA. There is normally an on-site

guide to assist in the heating of a sauna. Please read these instructions carefully. Two control adjustments are required. First of all, select the time, how long the sauna is to remain warm. And secondly, select the desired temperature. The time control may also have a timer, in the event that you only want the sauna to be heated at a later time. It usually takes about half an hour to heat up a small sauna. If the benches higher up begin to feel too hot, bathers should move to the benches lower down, where the sauna will be a little cooler.

I ❤ Lapland


Restaurants with genuine flavours The kitchens of the Lapland Hotels plan their menus for the enjoyment of holidaymakers, providing genuine flavours of Lapland, the best fish dishes, domestic classic dishes, as well as the best parts of European cuisine.


he kitchen manager of the largest hotel chain in Lapland, Tero Mäntykangas, is aware of his responsibility in maintaining and promoting Lappish food culture. The restaurants of Mäntykangas serve food that is authentically Lappish, clean and fair. A key factor in a Lappish kitchen is the raw ingredients, their freshness, purity and authenticity. Reindeer meat is grown in the nearby fells, char is fished from the deep and clear waters of Lake Inari, salmon in the restaurants is brought from the Arctic Ocean. The home of Lapland lefse is also in the neighbouring area, not to mention almond potatoes or Kaski turnip. ‒ Our restaurants provide authentic Lappish food that is pure and fair. If the menu reads wild arctic char from Lake Inari, then this is what it will be. The fish cannot be, for example, farmed salmon. ‒ We also do not mix, for example, ethnic flavours in reindeer fillets, but we try to ensure that the portions maintain their own taste. We only flavour meat with salt and butter. There is a great deal of talk about food and the customers are well informed, they can, according to Mäntykangas, appreciate freshness and authentic flavours. LOCAL FEATURES ARE DISPLAYED ON MENUS. Each Lapland Hotel is diffe-


I ❤ Lapland

rent, individual. That is also why every restaurant has its own distinctive menu, their own classic dishes that remain on the menu, regardless of fluctuating trends. ‒ The reputation of the wild fish of the north and the supplies of the Arctic Ocean has spread far and wide, and for good reason. Our contract fishers have good knowledge of Lapland’s clear water lakes, the fishing locations of Inari, Miekojärvi and Lokka. The surging Arctic Ocean harmoniously complements the genuine tastes of our servings.

Northern fish live in cold, clean waters, thus, they differ from their southern relatives. For example, Arctic char is one some of the most popular raw ingredients. ‒ Sautéed reindeer, cheese bread and local cold cuts, of course, are always on the list. Dining nowadays is largely based on mental images. Food achieves a new dimension, when its origin is described in detail. ‒ The tables of our restaurants have a presentation, which states that, for

example, our honey comes from Tornio, a Sea Lapland landscape, in which it is produced by the Matti Mykkälä’s honey farm, consisting of 50 hives. RAW MATERIALS FROM REAL LOCAL FOOD.

Mäntykangas tells us that the restaurant purchases its raw ingredients from small farms in Lapland. ‒ We get our asparagus, for example, from Pello Teerijärvi - Finland’s northernmost asparagus fields, Mäntykangas says. ‒ For us, it is also important that our reindeer meat comes from Hannu Lahtela’s reindeer farm in Salla. The reindeer herding area of Salla in Eastern Lapland is well-known for the fact that the reindeer are wild, and have come to terms with being hidden away in the forests. Anneli Tahvonen ’s farms vegetables for Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara, such as mini- root vegetables, edible flowers and onions. ‒ Anneli has a garden in Tapionkylä and we are continually involved in its development. She also collects spruce buds, birch leaves, lichens and other natural supplies for us.

Lappish delicacies on breakfast tables Many guests are pleasantly surprised by the breakfast tables at Lapland Hotels, when in addition to a traditional hotel breakfast, the breakfast tables are also provided with Lappish delicacies. There is, for example, cold-smoked pike, juniper berry flavoured Lokka lavaret, Ice cellar salmon, Kitka’s wise whitefish from Kuusamo, Lappish honey from Tornio, as well as genuine Potato lefse. So, how is it then that the whitefish are so wise? Small whitefish living in the Kitka waterways are called Kitka’s wise, since they have chosen to remain in the Finnish waters, even thought it would be possible for them to swim into foreign waters without a visa.

After fish on Lake Inari 6.11 N 68 ° 50.058 ’E 27 ° 22.588 ’. Wind blowing at 9 ms / NE and the mercury thermometer on the boat displaying zero. Some parts of Lake Inari have already been covered in ice. The wind blows from the north, as fisherman Tapio Aarnipuro determinedly drives his boat between the islands, where nets have been lowered. Enough wind had blown that the nets have had to be lowered in a more sheltered location. Tapio is a professional fisherman. During periods when the ice has melted, he may spend a hundred days out on the lake. Alongside fishing, Tapio is also involved in reindeer husbandry. Also accompanying him on the fishing trip is reindeer processor Mika Hindström, to whom Tapio’s reindeers will end up. Mika is a former chef, so a common language can be found immediately. There are around a dozen or so professional fishermen on Lake Inari, with more recreational fishermen. To the delight of restaurants, there is an abundant amount of lavaret. Arctic char and brown trout have, however, already been lost to Lake Inari for several years. Not even Tapio is able to give a reason for this. 200 metres of nets up, hands covered with ice and noses running. A hat must be raised to these gentlemen. Yes, it is easy for cooks to warm up when bustling around a kitchen. Ahti will eat this time scarcely, as the fish will be heading towards the evening’s fish soup. Fortunately, there was a warm cabin, sauna, and a bottle of Marski to warm the mind and the soul. Lake Inari is Finland’s third largest lake, the deepest section is 95 meters deep and the lake has 3318 islands. A little knowledge, just in case the conversation at a bar turns towards the lakes of northern Finland. TERO MÄNTYKANGAS, KITCHEN MANAGER OF THE LAPLAND HOTELS

I ❤ Lapland


Northern lights blaze in Lapland A green light dancing through the night sky would charm just about anybody. The northern lights have always been mysterious and unpredictable. Both residents and visitors in Lapland are in the fortunate position to be able to observe this magnificent yearly spectacle. TEXT RIITTA KARHUSILTA


o view the northern lights, it must be sufficiently dark and the sky must be as cloud-free as possible. Observers must move away from the lights of residential settlements, towards darker areas, to scout the northern sky. The best time for viewing the northern lights are the hours on both sides of midnight. The displays of the northern lights generally culminate between 22- 23.30, i.e., the so called, magnetic midnight. However, the northern lights can also be observed during evenings. During the early morning, the amount of occurrences of the northern lights decreases once again.

STORIES AND BELIEFS. The Finnish word for the northern lights, “revontulet”, refers to a fox. The story goes that a fire fox rubbed its side on a fell, whereupon sparks flew off into the sky as northern lights. According to a second version, the tail of a fox swept the


I ❤ Lapland

northern lights up from a snow drift into the sky. The glow of the northern lights often resembles flames or the sweep of a fox’s tail. According to Siberian folklore, a child born under the light of the northern lights will have a happy and long life. WHAT VARIATIONS OF NORTHERN LIGHTS ARE THERE? Each and every

burst of the northern lights is a little bit different. The most common form is, however, a yellowish-green arc in the northern sky. It becomes clearer over time, will start to churn and can even, for a moment, cover the entire sky. In addition, a purple colour can be seen, sometimes even red. A northern lights corona may be talked about, when the northern Lights open up directly above the observer, lighting up in a radial manner from a single point, resembling an umbrella. SUBSCRIBE TO A NORTHERN LIGHTS ALERT. The scientific name for the

northern lights is aurora borealis. The

frequency of the northern lights is dependent on the activity of the sun, which varies in cycles that are about 11-years long. The most recent sunspot maximum has just taken place, while the longer-term space weather is expected to abate in Northern Lapland. The northern lights, however, can still be well seen. The light of the northern lights is generated in the stratosphere, at an altitude of about 100-200 km. The Meteorological Institute maintains a free alert concerning the northern lights. It sends an email message to those who are interested in the matter, informing recipients of when the Northern Lights are likely to be the most noticeable. You can join up with the northern lights alert list via Auroras Now! is a space weather service, which facilitates the observation of the northern lights in Finland. The service includes magnetic field detectors, as well as near real-time camera images of the northern lights.

Aurora Borealis adventure by snowmobiles at Ylläs Enjoy the nice accommodation at Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli or Ylläskaltio and experience Aurora Borealis safari by snowmobiles. Learn facts and fiction about the Northern Lights. With a bit of luck, the Northern Lights will dance across the skies above you. A memorable snowmobile ride through wintry woodlands after sunset. Learn facts and fiction about the Northern Lights beside a campfire while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. With a bit of luck, the Northern Lights will dance across the skies above you. Duration approx.3 hours Aurora dinner: Roast arctic char from Lake Inari OR reindeer fillet, Matsutake risotto, vinaigrette with dill and wasabi. The Aurora Borealis parfait, berries from Lapland and Coffee. Package includes accommodation 3 nights with breakfast, Aurora Alarm telephone during your stay, Aurora dinner for one day, sauna, swimming, gym and Aurora Borealis Safari one person.

Snowmobile adventure to kota dinner at Luosto Enjoy the nice accommodation at Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi and feel and enjoy the traditional sleigh ride drawn by snowmobile to Kota dinner. Kotadinner will be set by the open fire. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis –The Northerm Lights –will appear to you. Experience traditional Kota dinner by the open fire! Enjoy the Arctic

night by sitting comfortably in a sleigh drawn by snowmobile. Slide through the snow-covered forest under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – will appear to show you the way to nearby forest kota! Relax by the open fire and enjoy the flavour of Lapland! Return back to Safari Club. Duration 2,5-3 hours Aurora dinner: Roast arctic char from Lake Inari OR reindeer fillet, Matsutake risotto, vinaigrette with dill and wasabi. The Aurora Borealis parfait, berries from Lapland and Coffee. Package includes accommodation 4 nights, breakfast, Aurora Alarm telephone during your stay, Amethyst spa, gym and snowmobile sleigh ride to Kotadinner by the open fire. Snowmobile sleigh ride starts at 19:30. Duration 2,5-3 hours. 

Northern Lights trail experience at Luosto Enjoy the nice accommodation at Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi and participate to the Northern Lights trail experience. Experience traditional Kota dinner by the open fire! Enjoy the Arctic night by sitting comfortably in a sleigh drawn by snowmobile. Slide through the snow-covered forest under a bright sky lit by the moon and the stars. Perhaps the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights – will appear to show you the way to nearby forest kota! Relax by the open fire and enjoy the flavour of Lapland! Return back to Safari Club. Duration 2,5-3 hours

Aurora dinner: Roast arctic char from Lake Inari OR reindeer fillet, Matsutake risotto, vinaigrette with dill and wasabi. The Aurora Borealis parfait, berries from Lapland and Coffee. Package includes accommodation 4 nights with breakfast, dinner, Auroa dinner for one day, Aurora Alarm telephone during your stay, Amethyst spa, gym and program.

Aurora Borealis adventure at Saariselkä Enjoy the nice accommodation at Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna and feel and enjoy the Aurora Borealis adventure. With a little luck, if the sky is clear, the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show you the way. This safari is heading to the Igloo site by minibus. There you have the possibility to roam around the forest nearby the igloos, and watch a Northern Lights -show inside the igloo. With a little luck, if the sky is clear, the moon, stars and even the Northern Lights may show up. During the trip your guide will build an open fire and you can enjoy a snack by the flames. Duration 3 hours Aurora dinner: Roast arctic char from Lake Inari OR reindeer fillet, Matsutake risotto, vinaigrette with dill and wasabi. The Aurora Borealis parfait, berries from Lapland and Coffee. Price includes accommodation with breakfast 3 nights, Aurora dinner for one day, Aurora Alarm –telephone during your stay and safari.

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Lapland has a great deal to offer The 11 personal hotels of the Lapland Hotels chain are located in close proximity to city culture, ski resorts, large wilderness areas or on the edge of rugged landscapes.



Come and explore the real Lapland, Finland’s last untouched wilderness area, on the border of three countries. Large fells, such as Kilpisjärvi’s unforgettable Saana or Malla that guards over Finland ’s oldest nature reserve, are part of the Finnish national landscape. The region of Kilpisjärvi is the location of all 40 of Finland’s mountains that are more than one kilometre in height. When skiing, you can get to the Three country cairn, from which there are wonderful views of the high fells of Sweden and Norway’s Pältsa and the Paras - high fells. Whilst at Kilpisjärvi, you can also make a day trip to the coast of the Arctic Ocean, 50 km away, to the Skibotn fishing village or the ”Paris of the North”, in other words, the city of Tromsø. LAPLAND HOTEL KILPIS is a base for adventurers, winter and summertime fishermen, as well as trekkers, surrounded by Finland’s highest peaks, very close to wonderful “alpine scenery”. Our hotel is located in wonderful scenery, by the side of Kilpisjärvi, close to Saana.


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The Enontekiö parish village of Hetta, is located on the shoreline of Ounasjärvi, leading to the Norway Kautokeino junction. From Hetta, towards the south, the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park opens up. When in Hetta, you can experience a day trip to Kautokeino, Norway, or visit the Nature and Culture centre Skierri in the village, providing the opportunity to explore the nature of Lapland and the history of tourism. In March, during Annunciation day, Hetta is filled with a colourful Sami celebration, along with organised programmes.

LAPLAND HOTEL HETTA, favoured for peaceful, conference organizers and outdoor activity enthusiasts, is located in the parish village of Enontekiö, on the coast of the beautiful Ounasjärvi, amidst vast wilderness areas, with excellent opportunities for outdoor recreational pursuits.


Muonio is located on E8, or alongside the Kilpisjärventie road, by the beautiful Tornionjoki river passing between Finland and Sweden. Pallas and Olos are a personal cluster of fells and the nature has been proven to be the cleanest in Europe. LAPLAND HOTEL OLOS, suitable for active holidaymaking and high quality conferences, is located at the foot of Olostunturi. Olos has everything you need for your stay; privacy, company, well- groomed slopes, the best crosscountry ski trails and routes, as well as world-class accommodation in holiday apartments and suites. The hotel has

magnificent views over the Pallas fells. Pallas is the truest and most traditional downhill ski mountain and a real paradise for enthusiasts. LAPLAND HOTEL PALLAS is a classic tourist hotel, an authentic wilderness hotel on the mountain slopes. In particular, Telemark enthusiasts have taken the place as their own. A holiday in Pallas is encapsulated in an unhurried and relaxed time together, outdoors in the fresh mountain air.





Levi is a year-round, international tourist centre in Fell Lapland. The versatile services of the area, as well as the environment, create the conditions for a holiday, in which each day can provide wonderful experiences in the Lappish fell scenery. The super fells of Lapland will provide enough activities, even during snowless periods, as well as programmes and experiences for visitors of all ages. Why not visit a wilderness studio, the well-known Lappish painter

Reidar Särestöniemi’s artist ’s home in Kaukonen in Kittilä. LAPLAND HOTEL SIRKANTÄHTI, with its diverse accommodation options, is located in an ideal location at the heart of the Levi fell village - we live amidst the centre of events, and its only a short trip to take part in activities. Why not round off your holiday with a snowmobile safari on Levi’s spectacular routesyou can even depart directly and conveniently from the yard of the hotel.





Have a holiday close to a city, but surrounded by nature. Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, where you can combine the many possibilities of a city and a real snow holiday. Whilst at Rovaniemi, you can pop out on a date with Santa at his grotto and visit the Santa Claus Village that is open all year round. Arktikum, in turn, contains science and culture under the same roof, more experiences can be provided in the grand Korundi House of Culture or the Arctic Circle Husky Park.

Äkäslompolo is a genuine Lappish village, which is located, embraced by the seven fells, at the foot of Yllästunturi. All services are close by and the gorgeous outdoor terrain starts right outside the hotel. Ylläs is known for its particularly good hiking opportunities. When considering the number of slopes, the slope kilometres and altitude differences, as well as their diversity, Ylläs is the largest ski resort in Finland.

LAPLAND HOTEL SKY OUNASVAARA is located in a fantastic location,

for a good and active holiday in Äkäslompolo, in an authentic village atmosphere. The day’s moment of pampering can be enjoyed with health treatments, a sauna and swimming pool, as well as, to crown the evening of, the dance and dining restaurant Pirtukirkko. The Family favourite LAPLAND HOTEL YLLÄSKALTIO offers uncomplicated accommodation in non-smoking rooms with saunas, easy transport to a wide variety of slopes and hearty meals from a buffet table. For children and young people, the hotel has its own games’ room and a playroom for the family’s little ones.

high on the top of Ounasvaara, with an unobstructed view across the Lappish wilderness. The hotel is a particularly popular place for conferences, providing a surrounding landscape to break free from the daily grind. The hotel’s restaurant has been ranked in the top 20 restaurants in Finland. LAPLAND HOTEL BEAR´S LODGE is only a half hour drive from the city of Rovaniemi. The wilderness hotel provides an easy setting to find your own peaceful relaxing vacation, a successful meeting or an important celebration.

LAPLAND HOTEL ÄKÄSHOTELLI offers everything that is needed

From Rovaniemi, it is just over an hour’s drive to Luosto, a unique silver pine village offering a genuine Lapland environment. Pyhä-Luosto National Park is known in particular for its 35 -kilometre-long fell ridge and the magnificent sights from the Amethyst Mine that can be found at Lampivaara, in the centre of the national park. Luosto certainly has enough to do for a holiday. Whether you want to cross country or downhill ski, play, swim, or have fun with reindeer and huskies – you will be able to find it all here. LAPLAND HOTEL LUOSTOTUNTURI

is known for its amethyst spa and the area’s wide range of restaurants. The hotel’s star guests and popular dances are well known nationally.


Saariselka is a classic fell resort, Lapland’s genuine gold village. Saariselkä tourist centre is located in Northern Lapland, in the municipality of Inari. On all sides, northern Europe’s largest fell plateau opens out, where the natural purity, beauty and the silence of the fells provide the opportunity to relax and cool off. Regarded as a high standard holiday destination, LAPLAND HOTEL RIEKONLINNA is located only a day trip from the Arctic Ocean, amidst the services of Saariselkä. Riekonlinna offers high quality services for the entire family. Accommodation options include new, high-quality apartments. Our new restaurant serves the best Lappish game delicacies and exotic Arctic Ocean Seafood, with international flavours.

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Hetta, Enontekiö

Saariselkä Pallas, Muonio

Olos, Muonio Levi



Ylläs Luosto ROVANIEMI



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I Love Lapland in English  

I Love Lapland magazine now available also in English!