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VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 6073 AND AUXILIARY SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Community Involvement Report May 2023 thru April 2024
Liberty by Ariel Chen 2023 Winner of Young American Creative Patriotic Art

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Fallen Comrades VFW Post 6073 and Auxiliary, established in 1946, hold an esteemed position in the rich heritage of Jackson County, Alabama. We take great pride in our longstanding partnerships with various local veteran-sponsored and supportive organizations, all of which are dedicated to community involvement, education, and ensuring the well-being and safety of Jackson County's residents. Situated in the heart of Scottsboro at the Veterans Complex, the post home, fairgrounds, and Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County is surrounded by schools, ball parks, and recreational areas.

The Veterans Complex represents a symbol of unity and solidarity within the community. With over 3000 former members of the Armed Services calling Jackson County their home, no other organization is as committed to supporting veterans as VFW Post 6073 other than our partners, the Legionnaires and Auxiliary of American Legion Post 30. For generations, we have been a joint post where we share the responsibility for the building and grounds and execute most community involvement projects together in unity for the greater good of Jackson County.

1616 Heroes Drive, Scottsboro, Alabama 35768 Tel:256-259-6161 www.vfwpost6073.org 1

December 19, 1919

October 30, 2023

In January 2023, Veterans Helping Veterans completed a wheelchair ramp for Jackson County’s oldest veteran, 103-year-old World War II Navy First Lieutenant Vesta Lou (McClemore) Skelton, of Scottsboro, Alabamawhere she granted an interview to the VHV Team. On October 30, 2023, Mrs. Vesta Lou Skelton passed away and leaves behind a legacy of service.

Vesta Lou McClemore graduated from Jackson County High School in 1939where she was secretary-treasurer of the Sportsman’s Club and Captain of the Basketball Team. After graduating from nursing school in Birmingham, Vesta Lou was already working as a nurse in Cullman when she decided to join the United States Navy Nurse Corps.

LT Vesta Lou McClemore served in World War II where she was deployed to the Naval Base Panama Canal Zone from 1944-1945.

Vesta Lou shared with VHV that during her deployment she remembers arriving in the Panama Canal Zone where the naval base hospital was quickly being stood up with many beds. She recalls that between caring for sick and wounded soldiers, they had to travel every day down the canal to the hospital ship where all meals were being served from the galley.

By 1947, Vesta Lou had returned home to Jackson County and was serving as a health department nurse when she met and married fellow WWII veteran and Jackson County native, Mark Scott Skelton. Mark was called back to active duty to serve in the Korean War where he served as the Commander of Alabama National Guard Company B, 151stCombat Engineering Battalion.

Vesta Lou prayed and worked patiently while she awaited his return. On the wings of her prayers Mark Skelton and Charles Bradford led Company B to Korea and back with no casualties. They were married 68 years and raised two children.

Vesta Lou Skelton was presented the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and The Daily Sentinel Legacy Award for her lifetime of selfless service. The community we enjoy today is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of public servants like the Skelton’s.

“I’ve just always been for Jackson County!” exclaimed Vesta Lou Skelton as she waved her hand in delight. When asked if there anything she wanted the community to know, she wanted us to know that she loves us all.

VFW Post 6073 mourns the loss of LT Skelton and dedicate this community involvement report in her memory. Non sibi sed patriae. Not self, but country.

This is dedicated to the Memory of our VFW Comrade, LT Vesta Lou Skelton, U..S. Navy

Scottsboro High School Art Class volunteered to paint a mural of the U.S. Flag on the Exhibit Building

July – September 2023

3rd Quarter

October – December 2023

Veterans and Auxiliary Members March in Independence Day Parade

4th Quarter

January– March2024 Page 6 Page 10 Page 12 Page 14

1st Quarter Highlights April– June 2003
2nd Quarter
Fall Fair Art Contest Winners Veterans Helping Veterans Build Wheelchair Ramp


VFW Post 6073 and its Auxiliary have a long-standing history of serving the community of Scottsboro and the greater Jackson County area. With a population of approximately 52,000 people, including around 3,000 veterans and their families. Our mission is to provide support and assistance to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

This Community Involvement Report showcases the numerous projects and programs that VFW Post 6073 has been actively involved in, demonstrating our commitment to benefiting the community we serve. By highlighting our accountable leadership and dedication, we hope to inspire other veterans and their families to join our ranks and continue our legacy.

Through the years VFW Post 6073 has earned the trust and support of the public. We are grateful for the opportunity to represent all members of the United States Armed Forces and contribute to the betterment of our community. We understand the importance of rallying community support and the transformative impact it can have. That's why VFW Post 6073 serves countless voluntary hours to community service projects each year.

These projects span across various sectors, including morale-building initiatives, educational programs, environmental conservation efforts, health sciences, and civic projects. In line with our commitment to community involvement, we actively seek opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with other organizations. We extend aid to those in need, provide assistance to local schools and churches, prioritize safety initiatives, promote Americanism, support youth development, and participate in the Voice of Democracy program.

We believe that by working together to address the needs of our community, we can create a brighter future for everyone. VFW Post 6073 and its dedicated members will continue to serve and make a positive difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.

Community Involvement Cooperationwith Other Organizations AidTo Others Schooland Church Assistance Safety Americanism Youth and Voice of Democracy

Fallen Comrades VFW Post 6073 & Auxiliary

remain pillars of community service since it was chartered in 1946.

The stories in this report are just a fraction of the 123 successful projects spearheaded by passionate veterans and auxiliary volunteers who dedicated over 2500 hours this past year to uplift veterans and partner with the community to enhance the welfare of Jackson County, Alabama.

Are you a Veteran of a Foreign War or family member with a heart for community service?

Learn more at www.vfw.org



In the spirit of camaraderie and service, the volunteers of VFW Post 6073 embraced the first quarter with unwavering dedication, collectively contributing 665 hours to bring 24 impactful projects to fruition. The range of initiatives undertaken during this period reflects the multifaceted commitment of VFW Post 6073 to its community and the veterans it serves.

One notable event was the heartwarming celebration of birthdays at the Veterans’ Elder Care Home. By bringing joy and camaraderie on these special occasions, the volunteers not only honored the veterans but also strengthened the bonds within the community. Another highlight was the awarding of two scholarships to deserving high school students. This gesture not only recognizes academic excellence but also invests in the future of promising young individuals, echoing the VFW's commitment to education and empowerment.

Memorial Day took on a deeper significance as VFW Post 6073 joined with other veterans for a wreath laying ceremony and joined hands with the local Collins Elementary School for a poignant commemoration.

By fostering collaboration with educational institutions, the post actively contributed to the remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In a testament to the inclusivity of their mission, VFW Post 6073 extended its support to non-member veterans, exemplifying the post's ethos of solidarity within the broader veteran community.

Education remained a focal point, with student tours organized at Veterans Memorial Park. These tours not only provided historical insights but also instilled a sense of appreciation for the sacrifices made by veterans throughout history.

Empowering women in the community, the post organized a Women's Handgun Safety Class, contributing to personal security and fostering a sense of self-reliance.

Recognizing the challenges faced by some veterans, the volunteers took practical action by constructing wheelchair ramps. This initiative not only enhanced accessibility but also demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the well-being of all veterans, regardless of their physical abilities.

Finally, participating in fire safety education underscored the post's commitment to the safety and well-being of the entire community. By actively engaging in initiatives beyond the veteran community, VFW Post 6073 continues to be a pillar of support and advocacy.

As VFW Post 6073 looks back on a quarter marked by these diverse and impactful projects, it stands as a shining example of how a collective commitment to service can create a positive and lasting impact on both veterans and the community at large. The unwavering dedication of members and friends echoes and embodies the proactive spirit and unwavering support that define VFW Post 6073.

1616 Heroes Drive, Scottsboro, Alabama 35768



1st Quarter Highlights
– June 2003 6

Community Awards 2023

VFW Post 6073 and Auxiliary hosted the annual Community Awards Ceremony

Spring Carnival 2024

Since 1936 VFW Post 6073 and American Legion Post 30 have partnered through the Jackson County Fair Association to ensure the community enjoys spring carnival and fall fair every year.

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VFW Post 6073 is always honored to participate in the Collins School Memorial Day Commemoration.

Patriotic Mural Scottsboro High School Art Class painted a mural on the exhibit building wall just in time for Spring Carnival.

2nd Quarter

July – September 2023

As the summer sun blazed overhead, the momentum at VFW Post 6073 not only endured but thrived. Our Post passionately invested a total of 549 hours across 22 impactful projects, showcasing the unwavering commitment of our VFW family.

The breadth of our involvement extended far and wide, demonstrating our dedication to both veterans and the broader community. Among the noteworthy events we proudly supported were the Veterans Memorial Park Golf Tournament and the Jackson County Fall Fair. These initiatives not only allowed us to contribute to meaningful causes but also reinforced our commitment to fostering strong community ties.

One of the highlights of this quarter was our collaboration with the City of Scottsboro for the 4th of July Parade. By joining forces, we amplified our impact and proudly displayed our patriotism, honoring the spirit of independence that unites us all.

Beyond organized events, our members tirelessly provided support on an individual level, counseling nonmember veterans and undertaking essential tasks such as transportation, shopping, and funeral services. These personal touches underscore the depth of our commitment to our fellow veterans and their families.

4 of July 2023

VFW Post 6073 joins American Legion Post 30 and Daughters of the American Revolution in a wreath laying ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County

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Honor Guard

The VFW Honor Guard partnered with American Legion Post 30, Redstone Arsenal and the Community to provide funeral honors for veterans who have passed away.


summer night.

TAPS is played every evening at sunset.

Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County on a

October – December 2023

3rd Quarter was a time of great cooperation. The post and auxiliary provided support to five veterans' funerals within Jackson County. The team spent a significant amount of time raising and folding the flag at ceremonies held at churches, schools, and local businesses. Veterans were driven to medical appointments, built five wheelchair ramps for those in need, and conducted buddy checks at Christmas. Groceries were even delivered to non-member veterans. VFW Post 6073 went out and assisted VFW Post 6226 their annual Turkey shoot and Buddy Poppy Drive.

The 2024 Jackson County Fall Fair was a total success. The Veteran led Jackson County Fair Association led the all-volunteer force of veterans and citizen to ensure Fall Fair Week offered the best of the best for a week filled with family activities and entertainment.

Fall Fair Comes Alive

Heroes Drive, Scottsboro, Alabama 35768
Tel:256-259 www.vfwpost6073.org 3rd Quarter
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Ms. Ott's class from Sand Mountain had a blast at the Park.

January– March2024

VFW Post 6073 had a busy and impactful fourth quarter! The post provided support and honors for four veterans during their funerals. The post hosted an event to commemorate National Vietnam Veterans Day, with over 200 people in attendance.

The post continued to support veterans by providing transportation to their medical appointments and assisted in providing groceries to those in need within the community. Construction assistance to the Kindred Hope Horse Farm. Veterans Helping Veterans built wheelchair ramps to improve accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. The post made two visits to classrooms to engage and educate students about veterans and military service. A gun safety class was conducted by the post for community residents, promoting safety and awareness.

National Vietnam Veterans Day Commemoration March 29, 2024

VFW Post 6073partnered with the National Vietnam Veterans Commemoration to host a local ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County. Pictured above, the crowd gathers at Monument Circle.

4th Quarter

Community Gathers at Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County to Honor Vietnam Veterans

March 29, 2024

On National Vietnam Veterans Day, the community gathered at Veterans Memorial Park of Jackson County (VMPJC) to pay heartfelt tribute to the brave souls who served in the Vietnam War.

Amidst the green expanse of the park, members of the Patriots Guard meticulously placed American flags. The stars and stripes stood as a symbol of honor, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between veterans and their nation. Visitors enjoyed a reception hosted by the VFW Post 6073 Auxiliary before gathering at Monument Circle for the sunset commemoration ceremony.

VMPJC President Jim Olyniec led the commemoration ceremony along with VFW State and Post 6073 Chaplain, Raymond Brandon. This was followed by a stirring performance of the National Anthem by the Fortner Brothers 4 Christ.

VMPJC Vice-President, Jim Blackburn spoke about the experiences of being a Vietnam Veteran, emphasizing that their sacrifices and unwavering commitment to our nation deserve our deepest gratitude and invited the Vietnam Veterans to step forward and be recognized. As the Vietnam Veterans took center stage, each step they took was a tribute to fallen comrades and a testament to their enduring camaraderie.

Family members of Vietnam Veterans were asked to stand and be recognized. The Vietnam Veterans invited all veterans present to stand with them at the Memorial.

TAPS began to play as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the gathering of a community that stands united. In the twilight, we vowed never to forget the sacrifices made by these brave men and women who wear the uniform of the armed forces. The echoes of the national anthem lingered, a reminder that freedom came at a cost one paid by those who wore the uniform with pride.


Vietnam Veterans Commemoration

March 29, 2024




: It was a powerful moment when the Vietnam Veterans stepped forward to be recognized. : The family members of Vietnam Veterans answered the call to be recognized on behalf of their Vietnam Veteran..
: All the veterans unite in salute to our nation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the veteran, families and citizens across Jackson County and North Alabama who made this past year possible. In Jackson County, we stand united and strive to create a brighter future for our veterans and honor the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. Please join us on our journey ahead this coming year.

VFW Post 6073 & Auxiliary meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Meal 5:30pm. Meeting 6:30pm.

www.vfwpost6073.org © 2024 VFW Post 6073.

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