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Langhoff Promotion’s Corporate Christmas Gift Catalogue 2017 showcases the best of the best from this year’s collection of promotional gifts and giveaways! Featured here are products that go beyond the principle “design meets function”, our product collection allows your brand to stand out and lets you live in style without compromising function. This wide array of promotional products range from electronics, bags, drinkwares, and so much more, giving you the best ideas for your company’s promotional campaign for this Christmas season. We see to it that the products we offer would definitely connect, protect, and promote your brand to your target audience.




Direct identification of your brand and your target groups – internal and external.

Prominate Secure Global Supply Chain ensures strict focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and product compliance.

We support your marketing plans with the best actions and promotional items to ensure optimal return on investment.

Product quality and design to match your brand.

High Visibility, Efficiency and Low Cost are ensured by our wide range of IT, Web tools and logistic services.

We associate the values of your company through our product recommendations and design.

Our highly-skilled designers ensure that all designs follow your Corporate Identity guidelines and Product Quality meets the standards of your brand.


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SPORTPODS VISION Are you a night runner? Then this is the right audio tool for you! Boompods’ Sportpods Vision has a built-in lithium battery with up to 8 hours of playback time, 6 hours of talk time, and 100 hours of standby time. It also has an integrated mic with volume and track control, enabling you to adjust volume, skip songs, and take calls with a touch of a button. What’s best about this is its illuminating headband, with 3 light modes, that keeps you visible at night!

UP STYLUS PEN 8 GB Up Stylus Pen allows you to sketch or write on your phones and tablets with greater precision than your fingertips! Due to Up’s round barrel, it is very convenient to use from any angle. Up also features a removable 8 GB USB flash drive, safely stored on top of it. The Parker-type refill inside the Up Stylus Pen also brings a long lasting writing experience.

NINO STYLUS PEN 8 GB Nino is a multifunctional pen that can be used as a stylus or a normal pen. On top of it is an 8 GB USB flash drive, which you’ll never worry about losing again. Nino also has an ultra-thin sunken clip so that you can always carry it anywhere you go.


ROKPOD Rokpod is a nano speaker that can produce massive sound through its passive bass system. Besides from it being shock and water-resistant, this speaker has a multi-layered design that makes it rock hard. It also features an integrated braided cable, perfect for your next adventure with your friends and family!

HUSH HEADPHONES You’ll never have to worry about the noise around you when listening to your favorite music! Boompods’ Hush has an impressive active noise reduction of up to 22 dB, giving you an enhanced rich bass and a well-balanced sound. Hush also has a built-in mic and play/pause controls located on its strong braided cable.




4-IN-1 SPEAKER 4,500 mAh

Bobby is a wireless speaker from the Hong Kongbased brand, Chili. This lightweight audio tool has a built-in lithium battery and its color can be customized based on your preference. Your logo and branding can be pad printed or decal transferred.


From Italian designers, Valentina Del Ciotto and Simone Spalvieri, Hoop is a portable on-the-go Bluetooth speaker that can last up to 8 hours in a single charging. You can also hang it wherever you want with its soft hook and silicone rubber cord. Its rubber finishing and vibrant color definitely give Hoop that classy and elegant look.

This Bluetooth speaker from Swiss Peak can be your powerbank, camping light, or torch! Include this gadget for your next long trip ‘coz it boasts a playing time of up to 18 hours in a single charging. It also has a 4,500 mAh battery capacity that can give your phone a quick power-up! Lastly, its LED is very bright, suitable for your next outdoor adventure!

WIRELESS EARBUDS Have a new running companion through the form of these earbuds from Swiss Peak! This sweatproof audio tool can supply you up to 4 hours of continuous playing time that can last under heavy conditions. It comes with a fine Swiss Peak pouch, 2 additional eartips, and packed in a gift box.


FHAB SPEAKER XD Design’s Fhab Bluetooth Speaker will bring all your music to life! It has a 2,000 mAh battery that will let you enjoy your tunes for at least 8 hours. With Fhab’s beautiful fabric cover, it is a great tool to place your logo and branding on!


NOTOS SPEAKER Notos is a registered design Bluetooth speaker that is compact yet powerful. It can be opened and attached to any window so you can play your favorite music wherever you go. It has an internal 500 mAh battery, giving you at least 4 hours of playing time. Notos also comes with an integrated mic for you to answer incoming calls.

WIRELESS DOUBLE SPEAKER Are you looking for an audio device for your next mini party? This audio set from Xindao features 2 wireless speakers with 600 mAh battery, enabling you 3 hours of non-stop music. Both speakers, which have a trendy fabric grill, can be connected via the magnets on their back.


BASE BOX, BASE BOX BOOM, BASE BOX MINI Base is a line of speakers from German brand, Zogi. The Base’s intelligent design and modern technology make it a great place to put your logo and branding on. Its silicone elements can be customized based on your preferred color.


BEATBANK 2,500 mAh Combine a powerbank and a Bluetooth speaker, you get Beatbank! It is a great addition to your gadget collection, boasting 2,500 mAh of power for your devices! Its black matte surface with punched-holes pattern and robust aluminum frame make Beatbank a timeless design.

BLUEBOO PLUS From the “Happy Family”, Zogi’s range of cute and trendy speakers, comes Blueboo Plus! This mini Bluetooth speaker comes with a silicone suction cup, enabling you to stick it on glass at home or office. Logo and branding can be placed on top of the silicone for maximum exposure.


CRYSTAL SPEAKER This speaker’s modern design really is an eyecatcher! It is lightweight, it has a volume control, a lithium-ion battery, and a glass body wherein your logo and branding can be placed through 3D laser engraving.


LANTERN SPEAKER Wanna spend an evening outdoors? Then the Lantern Speaker would be the perfect companion for you! It produces soft light and soothing sounds, ideal for that quality time with your special someone. This speaker is also wireless, classy, and extremely practical.


KLANGSTOFF SPEAKER Klangstoff’s fine textile cover would definitely attract someone’s attention! This Bluetooth speaker from Zogi features an elegant leather strap, a soft-touch ABS housing, and a large control panel. It is very suitable for the outdoors due to its splashproof housing. Logo and branding can be placed on its side or on the leather strap. The Klangstoff is also available in 2 sizes: small and large.


BND101 THETA POWERBANK 4,000 mAh Made from ABS material, Theta packs a 4,000 mAh battery capacity that can fully charge your phone twice! With this powerbank’s slim and lightweight design, you can easily bring it with you anywhere you go! Logo and branding can be placed on top with a chrome finish.

BND104 OLO POWERBANK 8,000 mAh Olo is a powerbank wrapped in a black PU leather with a metal plate, placed specifically for your logo and branding. It has an 8,000 mAh battery capacity that can charge your tablets or phones in no time! The color of Olo’s elastic holder at the back can also be customized based on your preference.


LIGHTHOUSE POWERBANK 5,000 mAh Lighthouse is a powerful charging tool that has a LED light on top of it! You can use this when looking for belongings inside your bags or pouches and is therefore extra convenient to carry with you. It is made out of wear-resistant ABS material and has a potent lithium battery of 5,000 mAh.





4,000 mAh

2,200 mAh

2,200 mAh

Besides from its futuristic design, Swiss Peak’s 4,000 mAh Powerbank is made rainproof, shockproof, and dustproof! It comes with a torch and a built-in capacity indicator so you’d know if you still have enough power to charge your electronic devices. It is also made with ABS and silicone material, while logo and branding can be pad printed on its center.

Charge up your electronic devices on-the-go! Swiss Peak’s Powerbank Wallet has a 2,200 mAh battery capacity, covered in a sleek PU leather, and can hold up to 6 cards! It is so compact, it can fit inside your pocket!

Take this powerbank anywhere you go! The geometric cut pattern of this 2,200 mAh powerbank makes it very chic and trendy, it can fully charge most electronic devices, and is available in vibrant colors!


FABRIC POWERBANK 4,000 mAh This Fabric Powerbank from Xindao is a modish tool that will give your electronic devices an instant power-up whenever you need it. It features a fabric linen material and a central section made from ABS, which has an integrated power indicator lights. The central section of this powerbank is also where your logo and branding can be placed.

POWER MIRACLE III 10,000 mAh This is the future of high-capacity powerbanks! Power Miracle III features the Qualcomm QuickCharge, an innovative way of charging devices faster than standard USB rates. Power Miracle III is designed to make charging up to 3x faster for devices that already have a built-in Qualcomm chipset. This 10,000 mAh powerbank also has 2 USB outputs so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously, both compatible for Apple and Android devices.


BASE BANK, BASE ENERGY 8,000/4,000 mAh Base is a strong and powerful powerbank from Zogi. As part of the Base line, it also features the intelligent design and modern technology that make it a great place for your logo and branding. Its silicone elements can also be customized based on your preferred color.


KRAFTSTOFF POWERBANK 6,000 mAh The Kraftstoff Powerbank will make your logo and branding stand out with its retro accents, such as the elegant leather strap and rounded softtouch ABS housing. Inside Kraftstoff lies a 6,000 mAh battery that can power-up your phones and tablets in no time!

MANAGER BANK 4,000/8,000 mAh Manager Bank packs a load of power for your electronic devices! This 8,000 mAh powerbank is equipped with 2 USB ports, allowing you to simultaneously charge 2 phones in a jiffy! Manager Bank’s metal casing is housed inside a protective case, which also has pockets for your cards. Due to its slim build and sleek design, this powerbank can fit in your pocket, purse, or mini bag. The Manager Bank is also available in 2 battery capacities: 4,000 mAh and 8,000 mAh.


UNIT POWERBANK 5,000/7,000/16,000 mAh The Unit Powerbank is a symbiosis of power and elegance! It packs all of its power inside a silver and black unibody case. The Unit Powerbank is also available in 3 battery capacities: 5,000 mAh, 7,000 mAh, and 16,000 mAh.


IDATA PRO 16/32/64/128 GB The iData Pro is packed with features that make data backup and file transfer more convenient and secure. It allows you to activate your personal security passcode, compress and uncompress .ZIP files right on the app, and create folders and organize your files right on the app. MiLi’s iData Pro also has an extended Apple Lightning tip that makes usage more convenient for iPhone users with protective cases. Even though it is designed for iDevices, iData Pro comes with an OTG cable for use with Android devices.


IDATA AIR 32/64 GB File sharing made easier and smoother! The iData Air from MiLi operates on its own built-in WiFi to allow secure and convenient data and file backup, without the need for mobile data or Bluetooth, via the free iData Air app. What’s great about iData Air is its ability to allow connection of up to 8 devices for simultaneous file access and download. MiLi’s iData Air is also available in 2 storage capacities: 32 GB and 64 GB.


USB STICK GLOW ALU 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB Illuminate your logo and branding with Zogi’s USB Stick Glow Alu! This USB flash drive is made from ultralight aluminum housing with lacquer plastic cylinders. Place your logo and branding at the center of the USB through laser engraving, which will be illuminated from the inside.

USB STICK GLOW ABS 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB This USB flash drive from Zogi is made from ABS material, has the modern COB technology, and has a housing made from Germany. Your logo and branding can be laser engraved into its plastic casing, illuminated from the inside. It also comes with a keyring for you not to lose it.



2/4/8/16/32 GB

Bob is a USB flash drive that you can customize almost entirely! From its memory capacity, its color, up to its logo printing process, Bob can be tailor-made for you based on your preferences.


BMW MOTORSPORT STEEL From the “BMW Motorsport” collection, this watch emphasizes the brand’s sporty yet luxurious side. There are no numbers in this watch, only hour markers with colored bars for increased visibility. It also has a date window and a chronograph for better functionality.


ICE FOREVER This is a timeless watch for every occasion! IceWatch’s flagship model, Ice Forever, features a mineral glass, a waterproof body, a silicone band, and a date window on the dial.

ICE SIXTY NINE Ice Sixty Nine will certainly draw attention to your wrist! Inspired by Ice-Watch’s flagship model, Ice Forever, the elegant design of this watch will go perfectly with your everyday clothing! Its textured straps are made from silicone, making it stylish and comfortable at the same time.


ACTIVITY TRACKER WITH DYNAMIC HR Monitor your steps, calories burnt, sleep quality, and heart rate for 5 days in a single charging with this Activity Tracker with Dynamic HR from Swiss Peak! This efficient tool also enables you to set your alarm or take photos with its app, available for both Android and iOS phones!


ACTIVITY TRACKER KEEP FIT Keep Fit is a device that can track your activity, calories burned, and everyday sleep pattern. It features a comfortable armband, a standby time of up to 5 days in a single charging, and an OLED screen, where you’ll be able to see your daily progression. Keep Fit would be your great companion for a healthier and more active lifestyle!

ACTIVITY TRACKER SMART FIT Step into a healthier lifestyle with Xindao’s Smart Fit! This lightweight and waterproof activity tracker can measure your sleep pattern, step count, distance, and calorie consumption. Smart Fit also comes with a stopwatch functionality to guide you in your workouts or trainings, an OLED screen that is very easy to use, and a free app where you can view your performance insights, compatible for both Android and iOS devices.



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CLASSIC SUCTION BOTTLE 540 ML Designed by ArtiArt, a Taiwanese brand specializing in different homewares and drinkwares, the Suction Bottle has a 540 ML capacity, a twin-wall plastic insulator that has a good beverage temperature retention, and a carrying strap that is convenient for your outdoor activities. The Suction Bottle doesn’t easily tip over if accidentally knocked due to its clever pad design at the base with a strong grip.

GRACE SUCTION MUG 470 ML The Grace Suction Mug has a 470 ML capacity with a twin-wall plastic insulator that will keep your beverages hot for a longer period of time. Grace is leakproof and can work on all flat and non-porous surfaces, such as desks and tables. Logo and branding can be placed on the mug’s center for maximum exposure.

ELEPHANT THERMAL SUCTION MUG 400 ML A mug that won’t fall! The Elephant Thermal Suction Mug has a clever pad design at the base with a strong grip, making it stand tall and won’t easily fall. To pick it up, just lift the mug straight up like you normally do when drinking. It also has a 400 ML capacity that can hold your hot and cold drinks anytime, anywhere!


SMART CUP 430 ML This state of the art drinkware from Xindao will make sure that you drink enough water every day. Smart Cup comes with an app that will monitor your daily water intake, a built-in drink reminder, and a fast Bluetooth connection. It is made from durable stainless steel and has a capacity of 430 ML.


FLOW VACUUM INSULATING FLASK Flow Flask is a double wall flask made from stainless steel with vacuum isolation. This isolation provides long temperature retention for your drinks. The Flow Flask is also equipped with a push-button pour sprout and an integrated mug located on top of the cap.

TORRE FLASK 500 ML Torre is a leakproof double wall vacuum flask made from durable stainless steel. It is a registered design which has a capacity of 500 ML. Logo and branding can be pad printed on Torre Flask’s stainless steel body.


MOSA FLASK 500 ML Mosa Flask’s modern geometric design perfectly fits your tabletop! This double wall vacuum flask is made from stainless steel and has a 500 ML capacity. Mosa comes with a lid made from PP material that can be used to enjoy hot beverages.


FLOW BOTTLE 650 ML The Flow Bottle is made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, a material that makes products durable, colorable, BPA-free, and supports the production of intricate shapes. This 650 ML bottle features a silicone carrying strap and is also a Red Dot Award and IF Award winner for its design concept.

CLIK LEAKPROOF TRAVEL MUG 225 ML Clik’s smart 360-degree drinking lid can be opened and closed with a simple push! This double wall mug can also hold 225 ML of beverages and make travelling with hot or cold drinks leakproof due to its integrated handle. This travel mug from XD Design is BPA-free, making it safe for you and your family.


POWERBANK BOTTLE 560 ML Swiss Peak’s Powerbank Bottle is made from durable Tritan material with a capacity of 560 ML. At the bottom part of the bottle is a 5,000 mAh powerbank, powerful enough to full charge your phone up to 3 times! Flip the bottle and you get a phone stand, perfect for watching movies or charging your phone.



LOCK TRAVEL MUG 250 ML Lock Travel Mug allows you to bring your drink anywhere you go without spillage! This 250 ML mug is made from stainless steel with a PP lining inside. You can easily lock this mug using only a hand, while logo and branding can be placed on its stainless steel body via pad printing.



280 ML

Pop is a double wall mug made from PP plastic, developed by XD Design. It has a frosted body outside and a sliding lid. Pop Mug is spillproof and can hold up to 275 ML of beverage.

Maintain the temperature of your hot or cold beverages with this thermos from Donaco Premiums! Cherry is made with stainless steel, has a silicone carrying strap, and can hold up to 280 ML of beverage.

CREATIVE STAINLESS STEEL THERMOS 350 ML Creative is a stainless steel thermos that has a 350 ML capacity for your coffee, tea, or juice. It has a transparent cap and a handle made from plastic.

FLOW NON-LEAKING INSULATING TUMBLER The Flow Tumbler is a leakproof drinkware, equipped with a single-hand push button lid and a silicone pad at the bottom to avoid slips and falls.


CLASSY TUMBLER 380/500 ML Glassslock’s Classy Tumbler is made from tempered glass, which has a shock-resistance of up to 3 to 5 times higher than a normal glass. It also has a hole, located at the center of the cap, designed so you can easily immerse your tea bag, with a small grip on the border that fixes the thread. Its removable silicone cover will protect your hands from hot beverages and also has an anti-slipping function. This tumbler is available in 2 sizes: 380 ML and 500 ML.


HOT & COLD FLIP ‘N SIP GEOMETRIC TUMBLER 500 ML This insulating tumbler’s style is defined by its angles that create a great tactile and visual experience. Hot & Cold Flip ‘n Sip Geometric Tumbler has a double wall body made from acrylic, a 500 ML capacity, and a 2-in-1 lid that lets you enjoy your drink, whether hot or cold.

CLIK LEAKPROOF TRAVEL TUMBLER 225 ML Clik’s smart 360-degree drinking lid can be opened and closed with a simple push! This double wall tumbler can also hold 225 ML of beverages and make travelling with hot or cold drinks leakproof. This travel tumbler from XD Design is BPA-free, making it safe for you and your family.



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BOBBY COMPACT This is the mini version of the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack! Bobby Compact has all the anti-theft features that make the Bobby a truly innovative urban essential! It is available in 5 vibrant colors and comes with a cute version of it which can be used as a wallet or a pouch.

BOBBY ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack will provide you with more safety through its features like the anti-cut material, illuminating road safety strip, and hidden pockets. This backpack also has an integrated USB charging port, YKK zippers, and quick access pockets. Whether you’re an avid traveller or a daily commuter, the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack will definitely revolutionize the way you tackle the busy streets of the metro!

ECLIPSE SOLAR BACKPACK The Eclipse Solar Backpack boasts a 3rd generation, highly sensitive, and enhanced solar panel that can charge your phone on-the-go. It can charge 2 phones simultaneously, just make sure you have enough sunlight. It also carries an extra USB port on the side for your powerbank.


RFID ANTI-SKIMMING WALLET This premium PU leather bi-fold wallet is all you need to keep your personal belongings safe! It features an anti-skimming protection and provides plenty of room for your cards. Logo and branding can be placed on this wallet’s sleek leather via screen transferring.

XXL COOLER TOTE AND DUFFLE This is the perfect bag for your next outdoor adventure! This cooler bag from Swiss Peak has a huge storage space that can fit up to 10 bottles or 52 cans! It also features a zippered main compartment and front pocket, a removable/ adjustable shoulder strap, and a beer opener for all your bros. When you close its side straps, this bag will transform into a duffle bag that can easily be carried with its reinforced carrying handles.


TWO-TONE FOLDABLE TROLLEY This 2-wheel trolley is a fashionable piece of luggage, great for quick weekend outings with your friends and family. It is lightweight, has a large compartment for your clothing and other accessories, and it is easy to store because it can be folded in a jiffy!


15” OUTDOOR LAPTOP BACKPACK WITH RAIN COVER Considered as Swiss Peak’s most versatile and extensive backpack, this bag is completely designed to organize your electronic gadgets and simplify your life on-the-go! It is made from a hyper-durable nylon material with a padded handle, crafted on its exterior. It boasts a front organizational compartment, a large main compartment, and a laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15” lappy.

ANTI-THEFT 15” LAPTOP BACKPACK Swiss Peak’s version of an anti-theft bag features a cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures, and secret pockets that will keep all your belongings safe while commuting. You can easily connect your powerbank through an integrated USB charging port and charge your phones on-the-go! It also has a strap to make it easier for you to put this backpack on top of trolley bags.

17� OUTDOOR LAPTOP BACKPACK This outdoor laptop backpack from Swiss Peak is equipped with the best safety features that will protect your electronic gadgets. Its laptop and tablet sleeves, adjustable shoulder straps, and back panel are all padded to give extra safety and comfort.


MODERN WEEKEND BAG The unique design of Swiss Peak’s Modern Weekend Bag features 1 large main compartment and 1 front compartment. The bag has an integrated USB charging port for you to charge your phone on-the-go, a phone/bottle pocket on the side, and a convenient card holder in the shoulder strap.


WEEKEND BAG WITH USB OUTPUT This modern weekend bag from Xindao is made from polyester with PU handles and comfortable shoulder strap. Its main compartment leaves plenty of room for all your weekend necessities or sports gear. The bag also has an integrated USB charging port and a quick access pocket on the right.


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DELUXE USB NOTEBOOK WITH STYLUS PEN 8 GB You’ll never have to worry about losing your USB ever again! Xindao’s newest hardcover notebook holds an 8 GB USB in front and comes with an aluminum stylus pen, matching the color of the notebook. Your logo and branding can be pad printed on the notebook’s cover.

(RED) CLASSIC NOTEBOOK This FSC certified (RED) edition notebook includes all the elements of the classic Moleskine: rounded corners, ivory-colored pages, elastic closure, a bookmark ribbon, and an expandable back pocket, all enclosed within a hardcover. And in partner with (RED), a portion of its paid price will go directly to the Global Fund for their campaign against AIDS.

OFFICE THERMO NOTEBOOK Place your logo and branding on top of Balmain’s Office Thermo Notebook. This exclusively designed A5 notebook has 80 sheets of ruled paper and is available in different colors.


LOG, LOG +, LOG POCKET 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB Log is a line of quality notepads from Germanbrand, Zogi. It comes with a USB stick, with a capacity of up to 32 GB. The Log notepad has 3 variants: Log, Log+, and Log Pocket.


DELUXE MARBLE A5 NOTEBOOK This hardcover A5 notebook from Xindao has an elastic closure and a bookmark ribbon, made from PU material. It also has 96 cream-colored ruled pages inside.

BND38 SHELL METAL USB 4/8/16/32 GB Shell is a multifunctional metal pen from Chili. It is made from stainless steel and ABS material, making this pen strong and durable for longer usage. On its cap is a USB stick, which can carry up to 32 GB of memory, depending on your preference. Logo and branding can be placed on the pen’s cap or body.


BND52 WAVE METAL USB 4/8/16/32 GB Wave is a multifunctional pen with an elongated clip, making it easier for you to hook it on your pockets. Its body has a shiny titanium finish, while the clip has a rubberized one. The USB stick is located on top of the pen, which can carry up to 32 GB of memory.


QS20 PEN Fully Customizable With Prodir’s QS20 pen, you can customize its body into any texture or form that you want! Its boldness and style would definitely draw a lot of attention to your brand!

QS04 PEN Fully Customizable The honeycomb structure of the QS04 pen will give you a magnificent velvety experience! Its distinct pattern is introduced into the injection molding of the casing, which strongly draws attention to the logo. You can also customize its body, its clip, and its push button color that will best fit to your branding!





Swiss Peak’s Deluxe Pen Set is a combination of a stylus ballpoint pen and a stylus rollerball pen. This pen set is exclusively designed with a stunning lined barrel pattern with a dedicated place for your logo and branding. It is all packed in a Swiss Peak Tube gift box.

The X3 pen from Xindao is distinguished by its fascinating diamond pattern. It has an excellent writing system, with a Dokumental ink refill, known to be the best ink developer in the world. X3 pen’s smooth and textured finish makes it a great place for your logo and branding!

The Chalk pen’s colorful matte finish makes it a cute and fun pen. Logo and branding can be place on the clip of this lightweight pen.


NAUTIC PEN Nautic is a metal pen with a twist mechanism, made by Senator. Its body has a glossy metal finish, perfect as a gift for executives and other top calibre employees. Logo and branding can be laser engraved on its clip or on its body.

IMAGE PEN Image is a metal pen from German-brand, Senator. Its barrel and fittings are made from metal, including its refill. Logo and branding can be laser engraved on its clip or on its body.


NOTEBANK Notebank is a quality case with a space for a slim powerbank that comes with a charging cable and a fine notebook.

GENUINE LEATHER JOURNAL This exclusively designed journal made out of genuine pebble grain leather from one of Italy’s top fashion houses, Balmain, features a snap closure, pen loop, ribbon page marker, and a slot for your cards or papers. Print your logo on this beautiful leather via silk-screen, embossing, debossing, or hot stamping.


POWER NOTEBOOK 4,000 mAh MiLi’s functional leather notebook encompasses all the things you need for that business meeting or travel. The Power Notebook features a builtin charging cable, a battery capacity of up to 4,000 mAh, a loose-leaf notebook which can be replaced if full, and a pen holder. The charging connector can be customized upon request and it can simultaneously charge up to 2 mobile phones!





Unleash that inner executive within you! This notebook cover from Swiss Peak features a pocket for your pens, cards, cash, phone, or any other small items. It also includes an 80-page removable notebook inside, which can be replaced when full.

This portfolio is a registered design and also has a place for your phone, pen, small notes, and other accessories inside and outside. Kyoto’s smooth outer surface is the perfect place for your logo and branding!

Vancouver makes it possible for you to work anywhere! This can be your mobile office, with features like a dedicated tablet pocket and a slot for your notebook. Vancouver’s strong Velcro closures secure all your belongings safely.


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CAR SAFETY SET Swiss Peak’s Car Safety Set consists of a strong 0.5W LED torch with an integrated bottle opener at the back and a multifunctional knife with emergency hammer and belt cutter. The set comes inside a Swiss Peak pouch, which can be stored in the car for emergency purposes.

3W CREE TORCH WITH BOTTLE OPENER This aluminum torch is all you need if you are to drink outdoors with your buddies! It has a super bright Cree light, which will guide you on your way out of the woods during nighttime, and a carbon fiber handle that makes it sturdy and lightweight. On the back of this torch is a bottle opener for all your beers and a wrist strap for easy carrying anywhere you go.


10W CREE TORCH Swiss Peak’s 10W Cree Torch is made from heavyduty aluminum. It has a twist mechanism that can be used to adjust the beam to your preffered size and an on/off button at the top of the torch. It also includes a carrying strap and batteries.

3W TORCH WITH COB WORKLIGHT This is another versatile torch from Swiss Peak! This clever LED torch has a magnetic bottom and an extractable COB worklight, perfect for operating in dark conditions and environments.

COB LIGHT WITH MAGNET AND BOTTLE OPENER This bright COB light has a magnet and a bottle opener at each end of it. The carabiner makes it easy for you to attach this tool to your bags or other objects.



Xindao’s mini COB Light with Carabiner is a great tool that everyone should have! It is very easy to hang on your bags, lanyards, or even your jackets!

This tool features both LED light and a bright COB worklight! It has a magnet and a hook so you can hang it wherever you want. Logo and branding can be pad printed in front of it, beside the worklight.


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23� MANUAL REVERSIBLE UMBRELLA Xindao’s Manual Reversible Umbrella is an innovative tool that would definitely make our lives easier, especially during the rainy season! Compared to the conventional umbrellas that we have right now, this one opens and closes in reverse, helping trap the water on the inside. Because it turns inside out, the dry side of the canopy would be left on the outside, avoiding drips on the floor when putting away the umbrella, especially indoors.


LED UMBRELLA This LED umbrella will give you light in the dark! Its shaft lights up and its handle has a mini torch on its end, providing you with brightness when you’re in a dark place or situation.

27” HURRICANE STORM UMBRELLA Heavy rains, thunderstorms, and strong winds. What’s better than having a strong umbrella to protect ourselves from these adverse events? XD Design’s Hurricane Storm Umbrella would definitely do the work right! It features a 27” double-layered panel and a waterproof fabric, ideal for strong and rough conditions. Hurricane also has a unique mechanism which makes opening and closing it very easy.


NEON 23� FULL FIBERGLASS UMBRELLA Neon is made from full fiberglass pongee polyester with an auto-open function. It also has a curved handle which is made from ABS material and a windproof sytem. Its neon-colored fabric will surely make your logo and branding stand out from the crowd!

23� HANDSFREE UMBRELLA This hands-free umbrella from Xindao is made from pongee polyester with a special C-shaped handle, ideal for people who text while walking. It has a windproof system with a full fiberglass ribs and frame, making it extra durable for tackling rough conditions.


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TEAKO TEA POT Teako makes drinking tea an experience again! Make delicious tea with Teako’s easy-to-liftand-lock strainer which prevents your tea from becoming bitter. A firm silicone bottom protects the stainless steel body while the wooden handle gives it a natural look and feel.

AIRO LUX WINE SET Airo Lux is a new way of enjoying wine! This set of wine accessories make sure that your wine is opened, served, and kept in the right way. All these pieces can be kept in a trendy storage box.

EDGE RAPID COOLER XD Design’s Edge presents your bottle in a modern way and suits any dining table. The cooler quickly chills your wine or champagne through its removable rapid cooling sleeve.


AERATO RED WINE CARAFE Aerato takes red wine tasting and drinking into a higher level of enjoyment. This complete wine carafe enables you to air wine, serve wine, and pour wine in a single package!



This is the 2nd version of Orbit. Just like the original Orbit, this glass globe has 2 chambers, especially made for storing oil and vinegar in 1 place. Its inner chamber has a capacity of 60 ML, while the outer has 140 ML.

Swirl is a luxurious wine carrier that makes sure your wine bottles and glasses arrive safely at their destination.


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KAPUTAR JACKET This jacket is made from 100% polyester with a textured fleece. Kaputar is waterproof, has a breathable membrane, and a water-repellent finish. The Kaputar’s superior styling features exterior pockets with reversed coil zippers, interior media port, and adjustable cuffs with Velcro closure.

BOWLEN JACKET LADIES/MENS Bowlen is a jacket made from polar fleece with a reversed coil zipper. Logo and branding can be screen printed on this jacket.

CHALLENGER JACKET LADIES/MENS Challenger is a softshell jacket with an adjustable cuff with flap and Velcro closure. Its front pockets have reversed zippers, it is waterproof, and its hood is detachable.


VESPER JACKET LADIES/MENS Vesper is a softshell jacket with reversible zippers at the center and hand pockets. It has a hanger loop, a media exit port on the inside, and adjustable cuffs with Velcro.

KINGSTON SHIRT LADIES/MENS Kingston is a short sleeve shirt with shaped seams for a flattering fit. This jersey is made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane, making it more durable than other textile materials. It also has a self-fabric collar and a small double needle stitching on the sleeve and bottom hem.




LEATHER TRIM WEEKENDER BAG Have a stylish weekend getaway with this carryall from Cerruti 1881! This bag offers durability and practicality with its water-repellent construction, and highlights luxe appeal via its tonal leather trims and handles.

AVALON WALLET NLW615 Are you craving for that leather smell? Then Cerruti 1881’s Avalon Wallet is all you need! Its external and internal material is made from genuine leather, has 2 note compartments, and can fit 9 cards.

AVALON PEN Avalon is a rollerball pen made from noble material. Its soft grained leather, that covers the pen, gives a warm aspect, structured by a straightforward shape.


REAL TROLLEY NTT425 Real is a 4-wheel trolley bag made from ABS and polyester material, making it durable and waterresistant.

HAMILTON CARD HOLDER The matte finishing of this card holder’s leather gives it a modern look! It has 2 card slots which you can conveniently put inside your pockets or bags.






This zipped writing folder is the perfect fashionable business gift, as it is both functional and luxurious. Its soft and supple grained leather and the chrome metal accents add a sophisticated touch on the Hamilton Folder.

This sophisticated foldable umbrella from Cerruti 1881 flaunts a grained handle, giving its user a luxurious touch. It also has a double automatic button mechanism which makes opening and closing it very easy.

The Hamilton Ballpoint Pen is a true classic. The cap is wrapped in a fine taupe grained leather with a matte finishing, giving it an elegant look that you can’t resist!




Panorama is a lightweight trolley bag from Cerruti 1881. Its storage space is ideal for short travels and quick getaways. Panorama’s body is made from polyester-coated canvas, which gives its sleek and classy feel. It also comes with a nylon bag for your small accessories.

The Panorama Backpack from Cerruti 1881 is made from canvas and polyester, making this classic bag look very stylish. You can opt to use this bag as a backpack or as a sling bag due to its incredible design, giving you 2 options everytime you go out with your friends or family, or your everyday ride to work.

This is an iconic piece from Cerruti 1881’s travel collection! It is made from coated canvas and finished with woven nylon details. Be stunned by its external material because of its smoothness and feels.


INSIGNIA GLOBAL PASSPORT WALLET WITH AGENDA PEN Cross’ Insignia Global Passport Wallet features the hallmark of the finest genuine leather. Its handcrafted, naturally-tanned PU leather is what makes this wallet perfect for those executives out there! It includes 5 card slots with slip in pockets, a currency compartment, and a passport holder that comes along with Cross’ Metal Agenda Pen.

CORDOBA BODY BAG Cordoba is a body bog, big enough to fit your tablets and mini notebooks. It has a zipped pocket and a matte leather finish.


ANDORA TOTE BAG Andora is a beautiful leather tote bag from Cross. As a result of Cross’ natural product tanning and handcrafted manufacturing process, marks, spots, and shades might be visible in this bag’s leather.

ORIGAMI COLLAPSIBLE HANDBAG This handbag from Cross is designed based on the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. It is a collapsible bag, perfect for grocery shopping, which you can easily carry everyday because it is very compact, it can easily fit inside your main bag.



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2017 Corporate Christmas Gift Catalogue  
2017 Corporate Christmas Gift Catalogue