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By Rob Bordley ’66, Development Office Alumni Ambassador

I have now been at Landon for over 60 years, since entering the third grade in 1955. After teaching and coaching for 48 years, I began working in the Development Office in 2018 as an alumni ambassador. I just could not stay away from the land of the White Rocks since so many of my friends are former students, players, parents, and colleagues. Landon instilled in me the importance of integrity, courage, and teamwork. Additionally, my father impressed upon me that I should give back to institutions from which I have benefited. When I attended Landon, he served as president of the Fathers Club, as he did at Holton-Arms, where my sister went. Of course, I experienced great joy as a teacher, and I am very proud of my former students and their accomplishments. My oldest son and daughter both saw this and became teachers themselves. Likewise, my son has taught history and coached at Landon for nearly 15 years. My wife, Donna, was a parent volunteer, and together we chaired the Alumni Annual Giving Fund 2009–10. Finally, my son Austin has served on the Alumni Board and attends a countless number of Landon events.

I am sharing why and how I give in hopes that it may inspire others to consider Landon as part of their estate planning. A passage from the book Legacy resonates with me: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never see.”

Endowment Comparison Landon’s endowment is $20 million as of February 2021, less than half of the endowments at other leading all-boys schools. Approximate 2020 valuations of endowment at each institution were self-reported or gathered from publications.

$86 million ST. ALBANS SCHOOL $76 million MONTGOMERY BELL ACADEMY $61 million SIDWELL FRIENDS $46 million GEORGETOWN PREP $42 million HOLTON-ARMS $18.4 million LANDON SCHOOL $10 million BULLIS SCHOOL

As a student, I had classes in the Banfield Academic Center, which was funded by alumni, friends, and families who derived no direct benefit from its construction. Now it is my turn to give back by looking to the future. In 2019, I made a five-year pledge to support the capital campaign for a new Upper School. I donated part of my required minimum distribution from my IRA. I have also made an unrestricted gift to Landon in my will to be used where it is needed most. In doing so, I am following in the footsteps of two of the most influential people in my life, Tom Dixon and Mac Jacoby. Like them, I hope my impact on Landon students will continue long beyond my life.

Rob ’66 and Donna Bordley with children (left to right) Austin ’03, Claire, and JR ’00

1929 Legacy Society Members


The Landon Legacy Circle was established in 1996 to recognize those individuals and families in the Landon community who have made provisions for Landon in their financial or estate plans. It was renamed the 1929 Legacy Society in 2018. We acknowledge with grateful thanks the following members. Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Aguhob *Mr. and *Mrs. Ricardo J. Alfaro II ’53 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Allard Mr. and Mrs. Jaye C. Andrews ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Anderson J. Arnold ’78 Mr. Peter L. Arnold ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bailey III ’64 *Mr. and *Mrs. W. Landon Banfield III ’50 Mr. and Mrs. B. Jay Baraff *Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B. Barnes Jr. ’57 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Bennett ’64 *Mr. Traver L. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Bierbower ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Bogley ’48 *Mr. Robert A. J. Bordley Mr. and Mrs. Robinson M. Bordley ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Damon F. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brown ’80 *Mr. and *Mrs. John D. Buckingham Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Campbell *Mrs. Mary Jane Scheurer Canady Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Claussen III ’69 *Mr. Robert B. Condit Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Coursen ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Page D. Cranford ’54 *Mr. John M. Crocker ’36 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Cunningham ’76 Mr. Rodney D. Davidow ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Davis III ’71 Mr. Lowell Davis and *Mrs. Nancy Davis *Mr. and *Mrs. Norman H. Davis ’38 Mr. Francis O. Day IV ’94 *Mr. Arthur W. Defenderfer ’42 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Dell ’56 Mr. and Mrs. William E. DePuy Jr. ’70 *Mr. Thomas W. Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Marc N. Duber Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Dudley Jr. ’66 Ambassador and Mrs. William C. Eacho III ’72 *Mr. and *Mrs. Alfred J. Elbrick ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Fredric A. Emmert Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Finn ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. FitzGerald Sr. ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. FitzGerald Jr. ’83 Mr. Spencer Flajser ’07 Mr. C. Neal Fleming Jr. Mrs. Susan Fleming Dr. Alban K. Forcione ’56 Mr. Lee Foullon ’78 Ms. Michelle Freeman Mr. Edward G. Gallagher ’64 Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gallo Col. and Mrs. William C. Gawler ’52 Dr. and Mrs. James E. Gilbert ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Gosnell ’77 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Grant ’64 *Dr. and *Mrs. Charles N. Griffin Jr. ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Grossberg *Mr. Robert M. Hanson ’43 *Mr. John T. Hardisty ’58 and Mrs. Merrily Hardisty Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Harris ’47 Mr. and Mrs. W. Carter Hertzberg ’89 Mr. George G. Hill ’70 and Mrs. Christine G. Cox-Hill *Mr. Charles A. Hobbs ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Holladay Jr. ’65 Mr. Burnell E. Holland III ’01 Mr. Vernon W. Holleman III Mr. Matthew D. Holleran ’85 *Mr. Edmond N. Howar ’47 Mr. William P. Howell ’65 Mrs. Beverly G. Hudnut Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Hunt Jr. ’66 Mr. Philip S. Jacobs ’69 Mr. Harvey B. Jacobson Jr. ’54 *Mr. Maclear Jacoby Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Price Jessup ’56 *Admiral and *Mrs. Gustave Johansen *Mr. Gustave N. Johansen Jr. ’57 Mr. and Mrs. H. Sherman “Tiger” Joyce ’78 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Katz ’68 Mr. Joseph A. Kenary ’82 and Mrs. Cecilia Bonanni *Mr. and *Mrs. Thomas C. Kern ’56 *Mr. William T. Kilbourne II ’52 Mr. and Mrs. Knight A. Kiplinger ’65 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Koplovitz ’62 Mr. Daniel L. Korengold ’69 and Ms. Martha L. Dippell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Lamade ’65 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Leachman Jr. ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Leachman ’72 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Levy ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Lindner ’72 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lynham Jr. ’71 Mr. David G. Madison ’61 Mr. Cary M. Maguire ’46 Mr. Timothy R. Main ’83 *Mr. Richard S. Marsh ’39 Mrs. Margaret Mboya Dr. and Mrs. Duncan K. McDonald ’46 Ms. Wendy Merriman Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester F. Miniter ’80 *Mr. John J. Mitchell IV ’45 Mr. Andrew Morton ’87 Dr. and Mrs. Walid A. Mufarrij *Mr. Charles A. Nicholson ’41 Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. O’Bryon II ’64 *Mr. Keven Draper Osgood Mr. George C. Pappas ’82 and Ms. Amy Kitzmiller *Mr. John W. Parker ’55 *Mr. Frank T. Parsons *Ms. Patricia Patch Mrs. Cynthia M. Peters Dr. and Mrs. Jon D. Peters *Mr. Howard T. Phelan ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Devereaux J. Phelps Dr. Leslie H. Pierce and Dr. Eileen H. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Poretsky ’71 *Ms. Mildred Poretsky Mr. and Mrs. George H. Raynor ’56 *Ms. Louise A. Remmey *Mr. Irving L. Ricker *Mr. John T. Roberts ’53 *Mr. George M. Rogers Jr. ’51 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rough ’57 Dr. and Mrs. William F. Ruddiman ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Sanger Jr. ’63 *Mr. Eugene R. Schelp *Mr. and Mrs. G. Joseph Sears ’54 *Mr. Scott T. Shattuck ’69 Mr. Allen Shepard ’67 and Ms. Carola Sullam Mr. David A. Shepard ’96 Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman Jr. ’64 Mr. Daniel L. Simpson ’72 and Ms. Nancy G. Powers Mr. Pierce R. Smith ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Soule ’64 Dr. Arthur Weinstein and Ms. Ellen Spin Mr. Jon J. Sullivan ’56 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Tanner Mr. Bruce S. Tanous ’73 and Dr. Lori J. Maciulla Mr. A. Anthony Tappé ’46 *Mr. Lauriston S. Taylor Jr. Dr. Ariel D. Teitel ’76 and Ms. Aviva Werner Mr. Timothy O. Temple ’54 Mr. Wilbur W. Thomas III ’64 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Trew ’69 *Mr. Howard McK. Tucker ’48 Mr. Agustin Umanzor Jr. ’08 and Laura E. Romano Mr. and Mrs. Hannes F. van Wagenberg ’70 Mr. and Mrs. William W. Vance ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Fabrice N. Vincent ’84 *Mr. John C. Walker III ’44 Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Walker III Col. and Mrs. Wickliffe W. Walker ’64 Mr. Duncan Wall ’51 Mr. Scott M. Watson ’70 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Weber III ’59 Mr. Frederic D. Weekes ’42 Dr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Weiss ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. West III ’67 *Mr. Charles H. Whitebread ’61 *Mr. Stanley P. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. G. Cabell Williams III ’73 *Mr. and *Mrs. Leonard J. Williams II Mr. Phillip L. Williams ’85 Mr. Ralph H. Williams ’66 *Mr. Winthrop B. Wilson ’45 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wipfler Mr. James F. Wright III Mr. Robert B. Zuckert ’58


Established in 1989 by members of the class of 1983 in memory of classmate Calvin Thorpe, this fund provides financial assistance to a student of color in the Middle or Upper School.

Calvin Thorpe ’83

The current recipient is a young man in the class of 2021. He is an honor roll student and concertmaster for Landon’s string orchestra. His advisor remarks, “I was very pleased when he told me he had committed to Princeton! In so many ways he is an exemplary student at Landon. His strong work ethic, humility, and personable nature are wonderful examples for his peers and younger students to emulate.”

Calvin’s classmates note that he was the most loyal friend that you could ever have. Sharp, bright, competitive, and warm-hearted are some great words to describe him. He had a charismatic charm about him; people just wanted to be around him. Calvin came to Landon as a freshman after earning the George Preston Marshall Scholarship from his junior high school, which was by his home near the Capitol. He could have gone to any independent school in the D.C. area, and he chose Landon. He was an excellent football and lacrosse player at Landon and played lacrosse at Cornell before he transferred to Howard and became an officer in the Navy.

The Landon Endowed Chair for the Teacher-Coach-Mentor This chair was established in 1999 by more than 100 donors to honor Landon history teacher and lacrosse coach Rob Bordley ’66. Rob is the first holder of this chair; upon his retirement the chair will be renamed The Robinson Magruder Bordley ’66 Endowed Chair.

Creating a Named Fund A named endowed fund can be created at Landon with a gift of $100,000 or more. Perhaps you wish to honor a former or current faculty member, remember a deceased classmate, or create a fund in your family’s name that will grow perpetually well into Landon’s future. The fund could be designated to support financial aid, faculty, academics, arts, athletics, buildings, or simply unrestricted for Landon to use where needed most.


Landon Endowed Funds Below is a sample out of many established Landon endowed funds you could consider supporting.

The Maclear Jacoby Jr. Endowed Chair in Mathematics

The Landon Endowed Chair for the Teacher-Advisor

The Nancy and Lowell Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund

This chair was established in 1996 with generous contributions from the Kiplinger Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fogarty ’69, and Mr. and Mrs. Pierce R. Smith ’62. This fund honors Mac Jacoby, Landon math teacher, tennis coach, and former Senior Master of the Middle School. The current holder of this chair is Kathleen Lubin, teacher of mathematics.

This chair was established in 2000 by almost 300 donors to honor Landon math teacher and advisor Steve Sorkin. Steve is the first holder of this chair; upon his retirement, the chair will be renamed The Steven B. Sorkin Endowed Chair for the Teacher-Advisor.

In 2018, George “Ted” Rogers ’87 established The Nancy and Lowell Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will provide financial assistance to qualified sons of Landon alumni to attend Landon School. This gift was made in memory of Nancy Davis and in honor of Lowell Davis.

“One of the most constant things in my life is my association with Landon,” says Danny Korengold ’69. His four brothers and his son, Will ’10, are also alumni, and his wife, Martha Dippell, and his mother each chaired the Azalea Festival (in 2008 and 1968, respectively). Danny Korengold ’69 and Martha Dippell with son Will ’10

Ways to Give 1

Give Tax-Free From an IRA A retirement plan, such as an IRA, can be a smart source for charitable giving. Below are two taxefficient options for making a gift from your IRA during your lifetime or through your estate: Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) If you are 70½ years or older, an IRA charitable rollover gift allows you to direct up to $100,000* tax free to Landon each year from your traditional IRA, which satisfies your required minimum distribution and reduces your taxable income. Contact your IRA custodian to request a direct distribution to Landon School. *Married taxpayers who meet QCD requirements and file joint returns can donate $100,000 from each spouse’s IRA, for a total of $200,000 annually.

Beneficiary Designation You can designate Landon School as a primary, contingent, or co-beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan. You reduce your taxable estate and avoid income tax, while Landon receives the full amount of the untaxed gift. Simply request a beneficiary designation form from your plan custodian or bank branch.



Leave a Legacy Through Your Will

Danny’s best friends are all classmates of his from Landon, and he says it is the same for his son. Martha adds, “There’s a bonding, friendships, and a love of the school that are remarkable at Landon. A lot of other schools would like to know how to replicate the strength of this community!” When asked what else they appreciate about Landon, the couple cites the close relationships with teachers, the excellent athletics, and performing and visual arts departments that are some of the finest in the city. “And Landon goes above and beyond to meet the academic needs of its students,” says Martha.

The most popular method for individuals to support Landon continues to be through bequests. These bequests can take the form of gifts of cash, securities, real estate, or other assets through a will. Some choose to leave a designated sum or asset, while others decide to leave a percentage of a residuary estate. The value of a bequest to Landon is fully deductible for tax purposes.

Danny, Martha, and their family have also gone above and beyond to support Landon. In 1993, the couple, along with Danny’s brothers Tommy Korengold, John Ourisman, and Bobby Ourisman, established the Betty Lou Ourisman Endowment for Dramatic Arts as a memorial to Danny’s mother, a longtime Landon parent and lifelong devotee of the theater. In 2011, the couple, their son, Danny’s brothers, and his nephew Chris Ourisman ’02 endowed the Dippell-Korengold-Ourisman Scholarship Fund, partially through a planned gift.

Support Landon’s Future Through Insurance

Danny recently added to the drama endowment with a new pledge. “My mother was an actress in local theater, and this endowment is very special to us,” he says.

Landon School can be listed as a beneficiary and/or owner of a life insurance policy. By naming Landon as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you will receive an income tax charitable deduction, and the value of the policy will not be included in your taxable estate. Landon also accepts fully “paid up” policies, meaning there are no more premiums to pay.

Martha and Danny have served on the boards of several institutions, including Landon and Holton-Arms, Martha’s alma mater. There she learned that the finest independent schools in the country have one factor in common: a healthy endowment. Notes Danny, “I have seen that a great school is built by the philanthropy of its alumni and parents. Planned giving allows people to add significantly to a school’s endowment— and its future.”

Development Office 6101 Wilson Lane Bethesda, Maryland 20817

To discuss giving options further, please reach out to Director of Major and Planned Giving Lucas Metropulos at lucas_metropulos@landon.net or 301-320-1005.

This newsletter is intended to provide general information that we hope will be helpful to you in your tax, estate, and charitable planning. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. For advice or assistance with your particular situation, you should consult an attorney or other professional advisor. Legal Name: Landon School Corporation • EIN #: 52-0635092

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