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W elco me to


th e land o f endless romance

am delighted to welcome you to the first edition of the annual publication 'Destination Mozambique', in which we try to showcase what this beautiful 800,000 square mile country has to offer, from its breathtaking landscapes to its wide choice of accommodation.

We invite you to take time to read each single page of this brochure and explore all the landscapes and attractions that make Mozambique so special. The pristine beaches, with clear and warm waters, delightful cuisine served family-style in most local restaurants, the vibrant nightlife of Maputo City, the rich wildlife, the friendliness of the people – these are just a few of the charms of Mozambique.

Use this information to seek out the real Mozambique. Take this opportunity to experience the real country and all the amazing things you will be reading in this handbook. You will be amazed by what you will discover. Make your dreams come true. A world of pleasure and delight awaits you in Mozambique – the land of endless romance.

ATTRACTIONS As you explore our many great attractions in this brochure, you will also come to understand that this is just the beginning. The hospitality we offer you is simply our standard way of living.

Hermenegildo Neves CEO Mozambique Tourism Authority

D estination


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F O R E wO R D

Wel come



warm welcome to the first edition of Destination Mozambique.

Mozambique has long been famous in southern Africa as the land of goodtasting prawns and this has become our flagship product now that we are a tourism destination of choice. when it comes to hospitality, Mozambique is also known as the land of smiles and warm people. we are proud of being Africans. with around 2,700 km of coastline, Mozambique offers a number of priceless holiday destinations with white sand


beaches along the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean and, of course, a great and unique variety of seafood. Our fauna and flora offer an incredible opportunity for those who want their holidays to combine bush and beach. To make it happen, you can count on our national airline, LAM, which operates daily domestic and regional flights.

PARTNERShIP In Mozambique, we see the tourism industry as a primary sector which can greatly contribute to the GDP of our country. The partnership between public and private sectors has become stronger and this has led to the creation of a healthy business environment. As a result, Mozambique has become a tourism destination for international investors including, among others, Radisson, the Rani Group, the Serena Group and Southern Sun.

In September 2010 we witnessed the launch of 1time airline operations in Mozambique with six weekly flights Johannesburg/ Maputo/Johannesburg. This is a low-cost airline operator and therefore we expect a great boost in the number of people visiting Mozambique, mainly from the neighbouring countries via Johannesburg. In September, Mozambique will host the 2011 African Games. Most of the games will take place in a superb new stadium. we are all excited and looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country when you arrive at Maputo International Airport with its newly built international terminal. It will also be a great opportunity to show to all our visitors the best of our people: ThE SMILE.

Quessanias Matsombe President Mozambican hotels and Tourism Federation



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rom the hustle and bustle of an urban mecca just hours away lies an undiscovered jewel named Mozambique. Diverse in its heritage, raw in its beauty and undeveloped in many ways is Mozambique. Inhabited by gentle, friendly people whose warmth is exceeded only by the smouldering sun that provides beautiful, nearperfect weather all year round.


The Jewel of Africa enjoys a splendid coastline – covering 2,580 km and unsurpassed in the world – for all who dare to make the voyage of discovery in search of adventure and freedom amidst a fusion of raw natural beauty and abundant wildlife. For the most part, the coast and the islands remain a pristine wilderness, untouched by anyone except a few fishermen, especially in the far north. Visitors can walk for hours without seeing another person, let alone another tourist.

grow th For much of the first decade of this century, Mozambique was one of the world’s fastest growing tourism destinations, coming apparently from nowhere to post impressive growth rates as a series


of new hideaway properties sprang up on previously deserted islands. Mozambique began its renaissance as a tourism destination by providing a shortstay, optional add-on for visitors completing safaris in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. Today, the country is very much a destination in its own right, thanks to places such as Gorongosa National Park, which competes directly with its neighbours in terms of landscape and wildlife viewing. Mozambique is a reassuringly safe and secure destination – and also one whose tourism infrastructure is being progressively improved. For example, Maputo’s new International Airport Terminal opened in November 2010 and the former air force base at Nacala is being converted into a commercial passenger airport, due to open in 2012, that will lead to fresh possibilities in the still-to-be-discovered north of the country. Because of low passenger volumes, the cost of internal flights remains on the high side. This is a vast country, north to south, with immense distances to be covered if travelling by car and a road network that, whilst


significantly better than before, has some way to go in terms of matching other parts of southern Africa. But visitors can expect more road improvements in the near future. Improvements, too, are being made elsewhere. It has to be said that Mozambique’s national parks, which make up about 12 per cent of the nation’s total land area, have been through some tough times. Mozambique has six national parks (two of which are marine parks) and six national reserves and the current outlook is one of intense optimism as restocking takes place in some parks and the work of nature assists elsewhere. There is still much to do, but areas such as Gorongosa and Limpopo and the Maputo National Reserve have led the way and, in many ways, have become star attractions.

perspective As a destination, and in contrast with its predominantly English-speaking neighbours, Mozambique offers a different perspective. The nation’s Portuguese heritage and influence is still part of everyday life in terms of language, cuisine and culture. Away from the cities, tour

operators report that Mozambican culture is a major draw for tourists, with home visits featuring home-cooked meals being a particular favourite.

famous Mozambique is also famous for its delicious and inexpensive seafood. Many South Africans will drive to Maputo at the weekend just to enjoy the grilled prawns and freshly caught fish – and, of course, to drink locally brewed 2M and Laurentina beer – at iconic restaurants on Maputo’s main beach road the Avenida Marginal. Away from the cities, most visitors head for the island resorts, among which the most popular are Bazaruto, Quirimbas and Inhaca plus mainland resorts such as Pemba and Vilanculos. Then there is Mozambique Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site and a firm favourite with visitors who like to mentally turn back the clock to an earlier time as they stroll through its cobbled streets and marvel at its eclectic array of mosques and churches. If time stands still here, it most certainly doesn’t elsewhere in the country as

Mozambique enjoys one of the world’s fastest growing economies. This is especially evident in Maputo, where the city is dotted with smart new and recently refurbished hotels. It’s a sign, if one were needed, that Mozambique’s time has come.

D estination


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Prot ect ed Area s Network


ozambique covers some 790,000 sq km and borders Tanzania to the north, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to the west, and South Africa and Swaziland to the south. The country has more than 2,500 km of near-pristine coastline on the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique has the ideal natural conditions for ecotourism. Highest temperatures are in the rainy periods. The dry season in the centre and north of the country lasts for about six months, whereas in the south the dry weather lasts for six to nine months. The rainy season is normally from October to April.

From the coastal plains inland, the landscape changes progressively from a narrow

The capital, Maputo, in the south of the country, is linked by daily flights with the provincial capitals and with South Africa. Portuguese is the official language, but English is also widely spoken in the larger towns. The official currency is the Mozambican metical (MZN). US dollars and other currencies can be exchanged at banks and bureaux de change.

Visitors from abroad must obtain a visa from the Mozambique consulates or embassies or at the border gates

PROTECTED AREAS NET WORK In Mozambique, a protected areas network has been set up to conserve the natural ecosystems, habitats, landscape features, archaeological paintings, biological and ecological processes, biodiversity and natural resources for the well-being of present and future generations The network provides ecosystem goods and services for local communities living in these areas and for visitors as well as wildlife and domestic species. The

National parks and reserves Name Designation Size (sq km)

strip of beaches to a broad belt of natural ecosystems such as woodlands, grasslands, flat plains, mountains and rocky areas, lakes and rivers. The climate is dry and humid. Monsoons from the ocean and warm currents from Mozambique channel bring seasonal rains. Average temperature is 20▫ to 28▫C in the south and 26▫ to -15▫C in the north.



National Park



National Park



National Park



National Park



National Park



National Park



National reserve



National reserve



National reserve



National reserve



National reserve



National reserve


Ponta de Ouro

National reserve


safari hunting areas Name Designation Size (sq km) Coutada4

Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area


Block A

Safari hunting area


Block B

Safari hunting area


Block C

Safari hunting area


Block D1

Safari hunting area


Block D2

Safari hunting area


Block E

Safari hunting area


Chipange Tchetu

Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area



Safari hunting area


main ecosystem goods and services in these areas are provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural services for human beings and other species. The ecosystem goods and services of the protected areas network are the main touristic attractions and a framework for collecting financial resources and developing protected areas. The protected areas network consists of six national parks and eight national reserves, creating a system where wildlife and habitats are totally protected. This is supported by a system of safari hunting areas throughout the centre and north of the country, under varying degrees of management and protection, covering some 145,000 sq km. The protected areas network accounts for over 17 per cent of the total area of Mozambique.

WILDLIFE Wildlife in the rest of Mozambique is also protected to varying degrees by national conservation legislation (the Forests and Wildlife Act 1999 and the Forestry and Wildlife Regulation 2002). Wildlife offers a key opportunity for economic, social and environmental development. It is very diverse and includes insects, birds, reptiles, large herbivores such as elephant, rhino, giraffe hippo and

buffalo, and intermediate-sized animals such as eland, wildebeest, tsetsebe and kudu. In the national parks and reserves only synergetic activities are allowed such as spiritual relief, cultural tourism, filming, photography, nature observation and contemplation, walking trails, sport fishing and spotlight, research and education and ecotourism development, depending on the natural conditions of each locality.

Hunting quotas are allocated by the DNAC individually to each safari hunting area according to monitoring system data and the performance of the hunting operator in each concession area. Some quotas are shared between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture – for example, those for lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo. It is government policy to encourage sport hunting as part of its strategic plan to develop tourism in Mozambique. Ecotourism development and sport hunting are growing rapidly in Mozambique and the hunting concessions and hunting fees have been on the increase since 2001. This strategy will help Mozambique to become an African tourism destination of choice in the years ahead. The administration of the national parks and reserves and safari hunting areas is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism through the DNAC.

For more information, please contact: Ministry of Tourism National Directorate of Conservation Areas Av 10 de Novembro nr. 1196 Praceta nr. 40. Bairro Central C distrito Municipal Kaphumo Maputo Mozambique Tel: +258-21-303650 Email: or

Sport hunting in Mozambique is regulated by wildlife legislation. In protected areas, the network comes under National Directorate of Conservation Areas (DNAC) authority within the Ministry of Tourism. Elsewhere, on game farms and in other designated areas, it is the responsibility of the National Directorate of Land and Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture. Under the Ministry of Tourism, there are 11 safari hunting areas, six hunting blocks in the Niassa reserve and four wildlife community conservation areas where development projects are in place and sport hunting is allowed. These areas are set aside for sport hunting, but they retain a high degree of protection. These areas cover a total of more than 75,000 sq km. The sport hunting season in Mozambique runs from 1 April to 30 November.

D estination


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For that ultimate barefoot h ideaway – go to

The Islands M any visitors to Mozambique seek no more than an opportunity to unwind on a discreet island escape – and Mozambique certainly does not disappoint. With its stunning 2,700 km long coastline – an almost unbroken string of dreamy, powdery white-sand beaches and dazzling turquoise waters – this is without doubt Africa’s number one barefoot destination.

When it comes to finding the perfect hideaway, Mozambique has more to offer than most. In fact, in so many ways, this is the chic new ‘romantic escape’ destination for young lovers and honeymooners.

Over the past decade, in a handful of select and totally unspoilt locations, some truly delightful properties have been created in the form of understated resorts and unobtrusive eco-lodges. These new and mostly high-end properties have quickly won a loyal following among discerning travellers as Mozambique has sought to exploit, quietly and carefully, its new-won image as a pristine, eco-friendly destination.

empty beaches The three most popular islands or island groupings – though very far from crowded, thanks to an endless supply of empty beaches – are: Bazaruto Archipelago,


which is also a national marine park; the Quirimbas Archipelago, in the far north and also part of a national park; and Inhaca Island, almost at the far end of the country and an easy hop from Maputo.

relaxing But, when it comes to serving up a relaxing experience, away from it all, the mainland has destinations to match. They include Vilanculos, the stop-off point for Bazaruto; and Pemba, gateway to Quirimbas. Getting to these seemingly remote locations may not always be easy – although all of them are just an internal flight and a short boat ride away – but that is part of the fun. It’s also one of the reasons why Mozambique has remained largely undiscovered – at least by mass-market tourism. Long may it remain so.

K ay de Cope R esort

Unmatch ed

N e w development in an


aradise found’ is the motto of Kay de Cope Resort – and it’s easy to see why. Located in a quaint village between the towns of Chidenguele and Inharrime, this new resort development is flanked by two beautiful blue lagoons with views of the ocean.


The resort is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation. There is plenty to keep even the most adventurous visitors occupied. Water sport activities include kayaking, skiing, parasailing, canoeing and kite surfing. Keen anglers can try their hand at fishing for kingfish, grunter and other species, while, out in the ocean, the Manta reef is waiting to be explored.

Cultural Those looking for a more cultural experience will enjoy the rhythm of the annual

drum and timbila festival in Quissico, which attracts people from all over the world.

Convenience Currently under construction, the resort offers contemporary accommodation. Basic supplies can be purchased in Quissico, where the local shop provides milk, sugar, tea, coffee, fish, soft drinks and other items. In addition, fresh produce such as fruit, cashew nuts, tomatoes, fish and Portuguese ‘pau’ rolls can be bought from the local market.

D estination


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A capital place to eat out, rela x and have a


Good Time

ozambique’s capital city is famed throughout southern Africa as THE place to go for a good time. It’s also a great place to eat – or just to relax on the beach.

At weekends, Maputo is a favoured destination of South Africans (Nelspruit, for example, is less than 200 km away) and the shortish drive is considered more than

worthwhile. For the South Africans, the main attraction is the city’s famous cuisine. They come to savour the fresh seafood, especially the prawns, and to enjoy the award-wining beers of Mozambique such as 2M (pronounced ‘dosh-em’) and Laurentina Clara.

expect to find great-tasting food – especially seafood, although the city is not short of other cooking styles – at any number of places, and at reasonable prices. In terms of cuisine, Maputo’s main hotels also set high standards, but one should expect to pay a little more.



Located just 10 km north of Maputo on the coast road overlooking the beach and Xefina Island is a restaurant that has become something of a national institution. The Costa do Sol is renowned for its exquisite if somewhat traditionally styled seafood, which comes as part of a value-for-money menu. The family-owned restaurant has been around for 60 years and it stayed open even during the worst days of the civil war.

Maputo’s nightlife matches the range and quality of its restaurants. The city’s reputation as a place to let your hair down goes back to colonial times and Mozambicans really know how to enjoy themselves. The balmy climate and the happy-go-lucky attitude of local people feed into the national desire to have fun.

But while the Costa del Sol may be Maputo’s most iconic restaurant, it is by no means the only good one. Visitors can


For the most part, Maputo is a safe city, even late at night; but, as in so many other cities around the world, it always pays to take sensible precautions, such as hiring your taxi from a recognised firm and not walking back to your hotel if you are intoxicated.

Hotel T ivoli B eira

n o i t a c o L e m i r P

Boutique h otel in a


deally located just 500 metres from the main shopping centre in Beira and 4 km from the beach, Hotel Tivoli is a boutique hotel famous for its warm hospitality and Mozambican charm.

Cuisine The hotel has a restaurant serving meals throughout the day, with friendly staff and a relaxed ambience. For after-dinner drinks or an afternoon

beverage, the bar/ coffee Shop has a good selection of chilled drinks, from beers to cocktails, a cup of coffee or an appetiser. There are 74 guest rooms, 10 of which are suites. All rooms are air conditioned with satellite TV, free wireless internet and telephone.

Amenities For reliable business solutions, the hotel provides full conference facilities for up to 100 delegates as well as a smart business centre with modern equipment and highspeed internet.

Leisure guests will find plenty to keep them occupied. Beira’s beautiful beaches are a short walk from the hotel, while Gorongosa National Park is a tree-hour drive away.

Hotel T ivoli , M aputo

Setting N e w S tandards of

y r u x u L n r e d Mo


mong the most forward- thinking and modern hotels in Maputo, the Hotel Tivoli prides itself on efficient and reliable business-focused services.

Conveniently located in the heart of Maputo’s main business district, 10 minutes from the airport and beach and the harbour, the Hotel Tivoli is ideally situated for the business or leisure travellers.

ably air conditioned and well designed with smart practical furnishings and fixtures. Every room comes with an en-suite bathroom, TV, radio and direct dial telephone.

Restaurant The Maputo room serves as a spacious venue for fine dining, providing local, Portuguese and international cuisine ranging from à la carte to table d’hôte, working lunches and four-course dinners.

Air conditioned The 40 twin rooms, 20 executive suites and 12 family suites are comfort-

Imp res s ive

Business In terms of meeting and conference facilities, Hotel Tivoli has four meeting rooms

with a maximum capacity of 220. Rooms can be provided with a range of audiovisual equipment to suit individual needs. The hotel has major refurbishments planned in 2011.

Hotel Avenida

five -star h otel in M aputo


entrally located on the Avenue Julius Nyerere, in the heart of Maputo, is the Hotel Avenida. This impressive five-star property is surrounded by fine architecture and some of the city’s most prestigious buildings.

Nightlife A popular social venue for both international travellers and local people, the Avenida has two excellent bars with panoramic views. The Piano Bar features live music and has an impressive cocktail menu. For a more

casual social experience, the Bar Miramar is ideal for after-work drinks and for catching up with friends.

Dining Mozambican seafood specialities and luxury international cuisine are served in the restaurant, which is open for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. For those who would rather dine in the privacy of their room, 24-hour room service is available.

Conference Increasingly popular with business guests, the hotel has developed its facilities to accommodate conferences and seminars. The conference hall has a capacity of

320 delegates and the business centre is equipped with the latest technology, offering peace of mind to business travellers and other guests.

D estination


2 011/ 12


G i r a sso l H ot eL s

el group t o h e v i s s e r Imp d at i o n o m m o c c a e n o ffer s fi t h r o u gh o u t

e u q i b m a Moz G

enerating new tourism ideas and products, the international group Visabeira Turismo manages a diverse range of international hotel units, tourist resorts, conference venues and leisure and entertainment centres. Girassol Hotels offers a selection of hotels, ‘apart-hotels’, holiday resorts and restaurants throughout the provincial capitals of Mozambique.

delivers an exceptional level of service and offers panoramic views over Maputo Bay.

Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa**** Located in Sommerschield, one of the major tourist areas of Maputo, the Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa has recently undergone a major refurbishment and offers guests modern and sophisticated accommodation. For total relaxation, pools, the new health club and spa includes two tennis courts and a gym and offers a range of beauty treatments, new restaurant kitchen with wood oven and grill

Setting the standard for hospitality in Maputo is the cylinder-shaped Girassol Bahia Hotel, located just 14 km from Maputo International Airport. This well established property

Lichinga Girassol Lichinga Hotel*** Situated in the centre of Lichinga, the provincial capital of Niassa, the Girassol Lichinga Hotel is a three-star hotel for guests on business or holiday. The property has easy access to Niassa Lake and the Niassa Wildlife Reserve.

Rodizio Real, Maputo

Maputo Girassol Bahia Hotel ****

In terms of accommodation, there are 28 air conditioned guest rooms, all with minibar, safe, cable TV and telephone.

Nampula Girassol Nampula Hotel*** Part of an impressive complex, the Girassol Nampula Hotel is a three-star hotel. The hotel also has an attractive restaurant with a terrace – ideal for a pleasant evening cocktail or a sophisticated meal with friends.

Considered one of the finest restaurants in the capital, the Rodizio Real provides an outstanding example of the quality cuisine now available in Mozambique. This welcoming and pleasant restaurant has a menu featuring all-you-can-eat Brazilian Rodizio as well as typical Mozambican and international cuisine.

D e s t i n at i o n


2 011/ 12


P o l a n a Ser en a H ot el

d e r i p s In

by th e pa s t, loo k i ng i n to th e FUTURE


he Polana Serena Hotel is a majestic colonial building with a history stretching back to 1922. Presented in an attractive blend of international, African and authentically Portuguese style, the Polana Serena offers every modern convenience, complemented by gracious service. The Grand Dame of Africa draws its reputation from a long history of fine hospitality, architectural beauty and

heritage. The main Colonial Building and the contemporary Polana Mar wing offer stylish luxury accommodation and unsurpassed dining venues as well as a residents’ lounge, a grand ballroom, the world-class Maisha Health Club and Spa, a beautiful pool and modern conference, banqueting and business facilities.

Luxury With the option of sea-facing or city view rooms, accommodation consists of 132 rooms, nine suites and the presidential suite, all air conditioned with en-suite bathroom, TV, telephone, minibar, tea/ coffee facilities, electronic safe and highspeed wireless internet access.

Cuisine The Varanda all-day dining restaurant offers a full English breakfast, theme

buffets and an extensive choice of Ă la carte dishes and serves classic afternoon tea with home-made patisserie and traditional gateaux. For fine dining, The Delagoa, with its Art Nouveau theme, is a rich and luxurious reference to a gentler period at the start of the 20th century. The contemporary menu combines classical French dishes with modern interpretations and long-established Portuguese recipes. The magnificent Aquarius Restaurant and Bar, with its front patio, offers fine views of the ocean and is the ideal setting for a sundown cocktail. This facility also features sushi on the menu. Like a clubroom reflecting and displaying the Portuguese influences and history of Maputo, the classic Polana Bar features nightly piano entertainment in a convivial and relaxing atmosphere.

D e s t i n at i o n


2 011/ 12


H ot el C a r d oso

Pe ace & l uxury i n th e h e a rt o f bu s t l i n g M a pu to


t is hard to believe that Hotel Cardoso is located in Mozambique’s busy capital, Maputo; the stunning views, spacious rooms and relaxing ambience create the illusion of a coastal resort rather than a city residence.

Inspirational Cardoso is renowned for providing guests with the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Throughout this comfortable, air conditioned hotel, the decor is bright and

fresh; and all the latest facilities are on hand to make guests as comfortable as possible. This inspirational hotel is centred on a large outdoor pool, encircled by spacious gardens and a terrace with beautiful views over the bay and the city of Maputo. Guests can cool off with a swim or just relax with a refreshing drink while enjoying their surroundings.

in the evening, dine à la carte on superb international and Mozambican dishes while choosing from the extensive wine menu. For a more informal dining experience, the Bar Pôr do Sol serves quick snacks and alcoholic beverages and has tranquil views over the bay.

Business Modern The hotel has 130 modern and airy guest rooms, each with en-suite bathroom, wireless internet access and 24-hour room service. The 12 Flamingo rooms are larger than the others, with a more spacious seating area and a private balcony with splendid views. The Fiamma restaurant offers a range of dining options. Guests can begin the day with a satisfying breakfast and then,

Hotel Cardoso has become increasing popular with business travellers thanks to its excellent amenities and its central location, only five minutes drive from Maputo’s business centre and 15 minutes from Mavalane Airport. The hotel’s conference facilities include five event rooms of varying capacity. The largest, Salao Bayette, is a pleasant venue with a maximum capacity of 160 delegates. All the rooms are newly decorated and provided with the latest audio and visual equipment.

D e s t i n at i o n


2 011/ 12


R a d i sso n B lu H ot el

M or e t ha n a ho t el , a a pr i v i le ge d e x pe ri en ce i n

Un ique L ocat ion


sense of class is what will set Maputo’s newest hotel above the rest, bringing new international standards for travellers to Mozambique’s capital. This first-rate hotel is a showcase for cutting-edge design, modern architecture and state-of-the-art facilities.

institutions located nearby. There is direct access to Maputo International Airport. Attractions close to the hotel include the Polana Casino, Coconuts Entertainment Centre, restaurants overlooking the Indian Ocean, Natural History Museum, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima and the cultural and artists’ centre of Associação Núcleo de Arte.



The hotel is situated on Avenida Marginal neighbouring the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre of Maputo, with embassies and consulates, banks and

Beautifully designed, the hotel’s spacious guest rooms epitomise modern comfort and style. All 154 rooms and suites feature individual climate control and free high-speed internet access. The hotel’s 20 luxury suites comprise 16 Junior suites, two Senior suites, one Ambassador suite and one Presidential suite, all with majestic views of the ocean.

CUISINE Sophisticated yet unpretentious, the Filini Bar and Restaurant serves delicious Italian


cuisine prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and complemented by well chosen wines. With its beautiful terrace, the hotel is an ideal setting for a light meal at the Oceano Bar overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean, a business lunch at the Palmeira Lounge or a romantic dinner in the award-winning Filini Restaurant.

Services Guests can relax after a hectic day in the hotel’s dedicated sun tanning area or take a dip in- the outdoor swimming pool. A modern gym will also be available, complete with the latest equipment. Free high-speed internet access will be offered throughout the hotel and there will be a shuttle bus to and from the airport.

So u t h er n Su n M a p u to

g n i s a Showc

th e cr e am o f Mo z am bi ca n ho spi ta l i t y


reviously known as the Holiday Inn Maputo, the impressive Southern Sun Maputo has a magnificent beachfront location on the Avenida da Marginal, with views over the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Sun Maputo includes two sea-facing luxury suites, six executive suites and 158 well appointed guest rooms. In addition to large comfortable beds with crisp white linen and lavish en-suite bathrooms, each guest room is equipped with wireless internet connection.

Continental decor

Ocean views

The city’s rich Portuguese heritage is echoed in the hotel’s attractive Continental decor. Accommodation at the Southern

Dining at the Southern Sun Maputo provides an opportunity to sample a range of local and international dishes, all exquisitely prepared. The hotel’s restaurant offers a wholesome buffet breakfast as well as dinner, either in buffet form or à la carte. Light meals and sundowners are available on the outdoor terrace, overlooking the ocean. The hotel offers a range of services including a hair salon, a boutique and a convenience and curio shop as well as

two meeting rooms accommodating up to 20 people each. Both meeting rooms are equipped with slide projector and screen, flip chart, whiteboard and a TV/VCR.

Facilities In terms of leisure facilities, the hotel has a large outdoor pool and a fitness centre. In addition, guests have access to a number of facilities nearby, including a golf course, tennis courts and first-rate scuba diving areas. Various tourist attractions lie within easy reach the hotel, making it a firm favourite among travellers looking to explore the city. The Museum of Revolution and the Central Market are not to be missed. Visitors can also take a short flight to Inhaca Island. Complementing its high standards of quality and service, Southern Sun Hotels offers its guests a welcome that is never less than warm and friendly.

D e s t i n at i o n


2 011/ 12


P e s ta n a H ot el & R e so rt s

To p h o t el g ro u p o ff er s r a n g e o f

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ell-established Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Portugal’s largest tourism and leisure organisation, has three impressive properties in Mozambique, offering visitors the high standards to be expected from such a prestigious group.

Pestana Rovuma Ideal for business meetings and conferences, the smart Pestana Rovuma is located in the heart of Maputo and is renowned for its modern facilities and efficient service.

The hotel has a conference centre covering 460 square metres and divided into three rooms. All rooms are air conditioned, with blackout curtains and first-rate equipment. With a subtle blend of modern architecture and traditional African decor, this impressive 12-storey property has a total of 117 rooms including suites. Most of the rooms offer pleasant views across Maputo Bay.

Inhaca Island is easily accessible by boat or ferry from Maputo.

Pestana Bazaruto Lodge Pestana Inhaca Lodge Located on the beach front, among coconut palm groves and luxuriant tropical vegetation, Pestana Inhaca Lodge is famed for its wonderful gardens, its warm hospitality and fabulous seafood. For pre-dinner drinks the Horizon Bar serves exotic cocktails in a relaxing atmosphere, before guests dine at the highly acclaimed Pepele Restaurant where the cuisine is embodied with various flavours and is served buffet or à la carte style.

Renovated in 2007, the beautiful fourstar Pestana Bazaruto Lodge is the ideal getaway – a true African island dream destination. The lodge has 40 thatched bungalows, charmingly decorated in ethnic island style and set among tropical gardens, with breathtaking views of the ocean. Each evening, dinner at the Flamingo Restaurant is announced by the sound of African drums. The professional resident chef specialises in fish, seafood and grills.

D e s t i n at i o n


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Hi d d e n Trea s ure

Go ro n gos a N at i o n a l Pa r k

Pr es er v i n g M o z a m bi q u e’ s g re at es t


ne of Africa’s greatest hidden treasures, Gorongosa National Park, is being extensively restored to its previous glory.

Diversity Situated at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley, the park covers

4,000 square metres and contains a wide diversity of species and ecological characteristics that are unique to this area. This truly magnificent wildlife refuge is home to over 400 species of birds and some 300 species of mammals including lion, leopard, elephant, antelope, hippo, crocodile, warthog, baboon and buffalo.

Within the park, Chitengo Safari Camp offers comfortable accommodation in modern air conditioned cabanas. Each cabana is equipped with mosquito nets, en-suite bathroom and a private porch. The camp also has a charming restaurant, internet access and a swimming pool.

S a i l a wa y ‌

C l i m b a bo a rd a n d


perating since 1997, Sailaway Dhow Safaris offers visitors a choice of unforgettable adventures within the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is made up of five beautiful islands lined with sand dunes and palm trees. The area is a breeding ground and nesting area for all kinds of birds and marine life, including the rare dugong, one of the most endangered large mammals in Africa.

Early-morning and sunset game drives last about three hours and cover a range of terrains, from vast flood plains and the lush Miombo Forest to the arid lowland savannah. A selection of self-drive safaris, walking safaris and specialised photographic safaris is also available.

S a i l away D h ow S a fa r i s

Crystal-clear waters

Sailaway Dhow Safaris can offer both day and overnight excursions, including magical visits to beautiful Magaruque Island. Park entry fees, meals, refreshments, snorkelling equipment and accommodation (for overnight safaris) are included in all itineraries.

Marine conservation The company is renowned as a first-choice provider of marine safaris in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Operating in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner, Sailaway Dhow Safaris is keen to educate visitors on the

importance of marine conservation and it actively supports local economic and social development.

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Da n a To u r s

M a ke Yo u r H o l i day a

y r o m e M s u o i c e r P L

ooking after guests from the moment they arrive until the time of departure, Dana Tours is a Maputo-based tour operator where total client satisfaction is the paramount objective.

The company offers tailor-made holidays including a variety of day trips and transfers. Over the years Dana Tours has developed a reputation that ensures the company benefits from a ‘favoured’ client status with leading hotels,

camps and lodges throughout Mozambique.

Custom-built Dana Tours’ experienced and knowledgeable staff prepare specially customised itineraries as well as taking care of travel arrangements. Conference and incentive programmes, airport transfers, sightseeing tours and port excursions for cruise liners are among the services offered.

Lasting Memories Dana Tours is incredibly proud of Mozambique and aims to show guests the very best that the country has to offer,

constantly striving to ensure that all clients take home wonderful and life-long memories of their holiday.

M oz a i c T r av el

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hose who dream of a wilderness where the elephant roam and the roar of the lion shatters the night, giant green turtles, dugongs and whale sharks swim lazily through the warm clear waters, will be amazed by all that Mozambique has to offer.

Mozaic Travel has been at the forefront of tourism in Mozambique for more than a decade and encourages its clients to experience Africa wild and free.

Experienced Unspoilt and pristine, Mozambique’s national parks are wild and wonderful. Experience the magnificent wilderness of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, the underwater splendours of the Bazaruto and the Quirimbas Archipelagos. Explore this undiscovered corner of southern Africa on a wilderness trail or aboard a dhow or immerse yourself in the tranquillity and seclusion of a luxury tented camp. Whether it’s a hiking trail or a self-drive holiday, a diving or fishing experience, a

canoeing or a 4x4 bush and beach safari, the experienced consultants and guides at Mozaic Travel are able to offer an unsurpassed holiday experience.

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L ocation Mozambique Lake Bangweulu

ma Ruvu





Niassa National Reserve






Praia de Fernão Veloso





Mozambique Island Chocas beach





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Gilé Reserve


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Lake Kariba




Praia de Zalala












Zinave National Park






Pomene Reserve


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INHAMBANE Bahine National Park



Bazaruto National Park Bazaruto Archipelago

Vilankulos beach

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Limpopo National Park









Praia do Xai-Xai






Marromeu Reserve



Gorongosa National Park








Inhaca Island

BELA VISTA Ponta do Ouro beach


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Ibo Island Quirimbas Archipelago

Praia do Wimbe



an Lu

Quirimbas Reserve






Lakke Nyasa


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Provinces of Mozambique MAPUTO CITY


a tropical savannah climate, elements of portuguese colonial architecture mixed with soaring skyscrapers, wide leafy avenues and magnificent views of the indian ocean – no wonder maputo, the capital of mozambique, is generally considered one of the most beautiful cities in africa.

zambezia is an incredibly diverse province with endless white sandy beaches, extensive mountains in the north and vast coconut and tea plantations.

Attractions: inhaca island, Jardim tunduru (botanical garden), cathedral of our lady of conception, praca dos trabalhadores, the iron House,natural History museum, the railway station and the fort.

MAPUTO PROVINCE visitors to the capital do not have to venture far to experience the diversity and beautiful landscape of mozambique. maputo province has a beautiful coastline stretching from the border with south africa to Gaza province. the contrast between urban and rural ways of life provides maputo with a rare charm. Attractions: maputo elephant reserve, traditional open-air markets, dolphin trips, ponta do ouro beach.

GAZA PROVINCE Gaza province is extensively used for cereal farming and rice cultivation. it also is a first-rate safari destination, embracing both Banhine national park and the Great limpopo transfrontier park within its borders. the provincial capital, xai-xai, located on the beautiful shoreline, is bustling with markets, shops, restaurants and bars. a coral reef running parallel to the shore offers good opportunities for snorkelling. Attractions: praia do xai-xai, the Great limpopo transfrontier park, Banhine national park plus Bilene and chidenguele beaches.

Attractions: tea plantations, a mosque and the old cathedral (both at quelimane), praia de zalala, Gilé Game reserve.

MANICA PROVINCE this land-locked province is an important producer of a wide range of fruits and vegetables. lake chicamba is an ideal spot for ardent fishermen and keen birdwatchers. Attractions: chicamba real (hydroelectric dam), lake chicamba, crocodile farm.

NAMPULA PROVINCE nampula province presents contrasting scenery and an expansive shoreline. the capital, nampula, is an inland town surrounded by flat plains. Attractions: mozambique island (unesco World Heritage site), praia de fernão veloso, st paul’s palace, the museum of sacred art, fortress of st sebastian, miombo forest, chocas beach.

NIASSA PROVINCE Bordered by tanzania in the north and malawi in the west, niassa province is the largest and most sparsely populated region in mozambique. the surrounding countryside is characterised by extensive pine forests. Attractions: niassa reserve, lake niassa

INHAMBANE PROVINCE inhambane province is characterised by its extensive coconut palms and cashew trees. this province has one of the most famous tourist destinations of the country, the Bazaruto archipelago, as well as many famous and breathtaking beaches. Attractions: Bazaruto archipelago, zinave national park, Bazaruto national park, dhow safaris plus tofo and vilankulos beaches.

CABO DELGADO the most northerly province of mozambique, cabo Delgado is home to the makonde population. the makonde are artists, known particularly for their wood and ivory carvings. the city of pemba has preserved its natural beauty and is untouched by pollution or mass tourism. Attractions: quirimbas archipelago, praia do Wimbe, ibo island

SOFALA PROVINCE sofala is one of the richest mozambican provinces, producing primarily shrimps and sugar for export. the provincial capital is Beira, a sprawling and fascinating coastal city. for game viewing, there is the famous Gorongosa national park and the marromeu Buffalo reserve. Attractions: largo do município, casa portugal, macuti lighthouse, Gorongosa national park, marromeu Buffalo reserve.

TETE PROVINCE one of the hottest areas of the country, tete province is elevated on a plateau 500 metres above sea level. rich in minerals, this area’s main products are coal and iron, rather than tourism. However the old Boroma church mission is fascinating for visitors. Attractions: the tete suspension Bridge, Boroma church and cabora Bassa Dam.

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Hotel Ind ex


Afrin Prestige Hotel


Hotel Girassol Lichinga


Paraiso de Chidenguele


Aguia Negra


Hotel Girassol Nampula


Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa


Archipelago Resort


Hotel Maiaia


Pensão Pachiça Backpackers Lodge


Areia Branca Lodge


Hotel Milenio


Pestana Bazaruto Lodge




Hotel Moçambicano


Pestana Inhaca Lodge


Baia Sonâmbula


Hotel Monte Carlo


Pestana Rovuma


Bali Hai Lodge


Hotel Omuhipiti


Polana Serena Hotel


Baobab Beach Backpackers


Hotel Residencial Dabhad


Pomene Bay Lodge


Barra Beach Club


Hotel Seta


Ponta Mamoli Resort


Barra Lodge Beach Resort


Hotel Terminus


Praia de Ouro Sul


Benguerra Lodge


Hotel Tivoli - Beira


Praia do Sol Beach Resort


Blue Water Beach Resort


Hotel Tivoli Maputo


Quilalea Island


Caju Afrique


Hotel Tofo Mar


Radisson Blu Hotel


Casa Barry


Hotel Turismo


Residencial Hoyo Hoyo


Casa do Capitão


Hotel Vip Maputo


Residencial Kaya Kwanga


Casa Luna


Humula Hotel


Rio Azul Beach Lodge


Casa Rex


Ibo Island Lodge


Sailaway Dhow Safaris


Castelo do Mar


Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa


Seablue Scuba Safaris Lda


Catembe Gallery Hotel


Jangamo Beach


Smugglers and Palmeiras


Chitengo Safari Camp


Jeff’s Palm Resort


Southern Sun Maputo


Chongoene Lodge


Kay de Cope Resort


Sunset Lodge


Coconut Bay


Kaya Kweru Resort


The Reef Estate


Complexo Âncora de Vilankulo


Laguna Camp & Bungalow Resort


Tofo Beach Cottages


Complexo Aquarius


Lighthouse Reef


Tofo Scuba


Complexo Palmeiras


Londo Lodge


Vamizi Island


Covane Fishing & Safari Lodge


Lugenda Wilderness Camp


Vaquita Beach Lodge


Diversity Scuba


Machampane Wilderness Camp


Vila do Paraiso


Dorado Lodge


Mahelane Lodge


Vilanculos Beach Lodge


Dugong Beach Lodge


Makolo Bay


Villa Das Mangas


Dugong Lodge


Marlin Lodge


Villa N’ Banga


Explore Gorongosa


Matemo Island Resort


Villa Nagardas


Flamingo Bay Water Lodge


Medjumbe Private Island


VIP Executive Suites


Girassol Bahia Hotel


Montanha Lodge


Vista do Mar


Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa


Motel do Mar


Xai-Xai Beach Resort


Gorongosa National Park


Mozaika Guesthouse


Xai-Xai Eco Estate


Guinjata Resort


Nhambavale Lodge


Zavora Lodge


Gulugo Lodge


Nkwichi Lodge


Zongoene Lodge


Hotel Avenida


Ntsuty Lodge


Hotel Cardoso


Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge


Hotel Castelo Branco


Ondas do Mar Lodge


Hotel Chuabo


Paindane Beach Resort


Hotel Executivo


Palmgrove Lodge


Hotel Flamingo


Paraiso de Barra


Maputo City AFRIN Hot el Pres t ig e HOTEL frin PRESTIGE A Rua Marques Pombal 56, Maputo Tel: +258 21 358 900 • Fax: +258 21 358 901 Email:

The five-star Afrin Prestige Hotel is located in a prime area of Maputo, next to the beach, 10 minutes from the airport and five minutes from the marina and docks. This boutique hotel has a very chic decor consisting of contemporary art, rock sculptures, soft luxurious furnishings and marble flooring. There are 100 air conditioned guest rooms including four executive suites, 21 junior suites and a presidential suite with private pool. All rooms have kitchenette, wireless internet connection, cable TV and minibar.

CATEMBE Hot el Gal leryHOTEL a t embe GALLERY C 77 Rua B, Chali, Catembe, Maputo • Tel: +258 21 380 050/51 Cell: +258 84 228 3623 • Fax: +258 21 380 003 Email: •

When guests arrive at Catembe Gallery Hotel, at the end of a short 10-minute boat ride across Maputo Bay, they may well feel as if they have stepped ashore into a tropical island paradise. Catembe Gallery offers fine dining at its Restaurant Marisol, which is famous for serving up the freshest, tastiest prawns in town. Opening in 1958, the restaurant was originally named the Pousada Marisol and has a long-standing reputation within Maputo. Guests can enjoy delicious Indian Ocean cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Maputo city skyline.

In terms of leisure facilities, the hotel has a spa, gym, pool and Jacuzzi. Conference and meeting services available.

GIRASSOL Hot el Ba h ia HOTEL ira s sol BAHIA G

Avenida Patrice Lumumba, 737/739, Maputo Tel: +258 21 360 360; 21 360 350 • Fax: +258 21 360 330 Email: Located in the centre of Maputo, 15 km from the airport, this is one of Mozambique’s landmark hotels, thanks to its unique cylindrical shape and its fabulous views of Maputo Bay. There are 27 air conditioned guest rooms and seven apartments, all with en-suite bathroom, TV and internet access. The restaurant is specially designed for holding events and banquets and is known for its excellent catering, including the codfish buffet. There are conference facilities for up to 120 delegates. The three soundproof meeting rooms have audio-visual equipment and internet access and make good use of natural light.

HOTEL Avenida ot el AVENIDA H

Ave. Julius Nyerere • Tel: +258 21 48 44 00 Fax: +258 21 49 96 00 • Email: The Hotel Avenida is conveniently located on the Avenue Julius Nyerere in the heart of the Mozambican capital, Maputo. This impressive fivestar property is surrounded by fine architecture and some of the city’s most prestigious buildings. Increasingly popular with business guests, the Hotel Avenida has developed its facilities so as to accommodate conferences and seminars. The conference hall has a capacity of 320 delegates while the business centre is equipped with the latest technology, offering peace of mind to business travellers and other guests.


Gira s sol In dy C on g res s Rua Dom Sebastião, 99 • Tel: +258 21 498 765 Email:

Tucked away from the noise and crowds of Maputo, the Indy Congress Hotel and Spa has a prime location close to the city centre and only 5 km from the international airport. This four-star property has recently been expanded and now offers 55 one- to three-bedroom villas as well as 72 standard guest rooms. All rooms are modern, well designed and air conditioned with internet access and cable TV. There is a large swimming pool for relaxing in the sun. The Forno do Indy Restaurant has a welcoming environment and serves delicious meals cooked in a firewood oven and grill.

HOTEL C a rdos o ot el CARDOSO H

Avenida Martires de Mueda 707, PO Box 35, Maputo Tel: +258 21 491 071 • Fax: +258 21 491 804 Email: • Located in Mozambique’s busy capital, Hotel Cardoso offers beautiful views, spacious rooms and a relaxing ambience. This comfortable air conditioned hotel features a bright and fresh decor, has all the latest facilities and is renowned for providing guests with the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Decor is bright and fresh and accommodation consists of 130 modern and airy guest rooms, each with ensuite bathroom, wireless internet access and 24-hour room service. The Fiamma Restaurant offers a range of dining options. Guests can begin the day with a satisfying breakfast and then, in the evening, dine à la carte on superb international and Mozambican dishes.



2 011/ 12


Maputo City HOTEL Moça mb ica no ot el MOÇAMBICANO H Ave. Filipe Samuel Magaia, 961, Maputo Tel: +258 21 310 600; 700 Cell: +258 84 305 2890; 82 305 2890 Fax: +258 21 323 124 Email:;

Centrally located in Maputo, the Hotel Moçambicano has a reputation for providing excellent value for money. There is a charming restaurant and a bar with television.

HOTEL C a rlo Mon t e CARLO ot el MONTE H

Ave. Patrice Lumumba, 620 Tel: +258 21 491 333 • Fax: +258 21 491 284 Email: • For those who love the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Hotel Monte Carlo is a great choice. Situated within walking distance of the main commercial, shopping and entertainment districts, the hotel attracts a wide range of international tourists and business delegates. Hotel Monte Carlo offers value-for-money accommodation combined with exceptional hospitality and a high standard of service. There are 58 comfortable air conditioned rooms with modern amenities including spacious en-suite bathrooms. Each room has direct high-speed internet access. The hotel has a fully equipped business centre for the free use of guests.

HOTEL Term inus ot el TERMINUS H

R. Francisco Orlando Magumbwé, 587, Maputo Tel: +258 21 491 333 • Fax: +258 21 491 284 Email: • Offering luxury accommodation in more than 30 stylishly designed guest rooms, Hotel Terminus provides contemporary facilities within the central business district of Maputo. The hotel has a friendly atmosphere, with helpful staff attending to the needs of individual guests. Just 15 minutes from Maputo International Airport, the hotel is a firm favourite with international business guests. A business centre with highspeed internet. The Terminus Restaurant offers full English or Continental breakfasts, buffet lunches and à la carte dinners. Mozambican seafood and Portuguese specialities are served at the popular pool bar and terrace.

HOTEL Turis mo ot el TURISMO H

Ave. 25 de Setembro, 1743, Maputo Tel: +258 21 352 200 • Fax: +258 21 352 220 Email: • Hotel Turismo is conveniently located in downtown Maputo close to the historical and business centres of the city. The hotel has a friendly and informal atmosphere and features a contemporary decor, with large black-and-white photographs of the city lining the walls. The 165 guest rooms have been designed for relaxation, with soft colours and comfortable furnishings. Located on the first floor, the Restaurant Republica serves the finest Mozambician cuisine. A buffet lunch is available throughout the week. The hotel has two meeting rooms with ample natural light and a pleasant and businesslike ambience.


HOTEL MAPUTO a put o Tivol i M ot el TIVOLI H

PO Box 340, Ave. 25 de Setembro 1321, Maputo Tel: +258 1 307 600/4 • Fax: +258 1 307 609 Cell: +258 82 319 3130 Email: • Situated in the heart of Maputo’s business district, just 10 minutes from the airport, beach and harbour, the Hotel Tivoli is ideally located for the business or leisure traveller and offers a personalised service. Accommodation comprises 40 twin rooms, 20 executive suites and 12 family suites. All rooms are en-suite. Facilities at Hotel Tivoli include a restaurant, bar and coffee shop, 24-hour room service, four conference rooms, wireless internet throughout the building and transfers to and from the airport. The conference facilities can cater for up to 220 delegates and special daily delegate packages are available.

HOTEL Ma put o Vip MAPUTO ot el VIP H

Ave. 25 de Setembro, 692, Maputo Tel: +258 21 351 000 • Cell: +258 823 143 810 Fax: +258 21 351 001 • Email: The Hotel VIP Maputo is located in the beautiful Maputo Bay area on Avenida 25 de Setembro, one of the capital’s most prestigious business thoroughfares. A popular choice for visitors across a diverse range, the Hotel VIP Maputo has 196 guest rooms offering first-rate comfort in an atmosphere of tranquillity. Accommodation also includes six executive suites, six junior suites, two family rooms and two rooms for disabled guests. For the convenience and comfort of guests, all rooms are air conditioned. Each comes with private bathroom, hairdryer, digital safe, complementary high-speed internet, minibar, tea and coffee making facilities, direct dial telephone and TV.

Maputo City MOZAIKA GUESTHOUSE uest hous e oz aika G M Ave. Agostinho Neto, 769, Maputo Tel: +258 21 303 939; 21 303 965; 82 301 1781 Fax: +258 21 303 956 Email:

Shaded by mango trees, the Mozaika Guesthouse is a laid-back peaceful haven offering wonderful Mozambican hospitality. The property has nine ensuite, air conditioned rooms designed with contemporary furnishings and personalised décor. Rooms include cable TV, telephones, a minibar and tea and coffee making facilities. Room rates include a lavish buffet breakfast. Guests can choose from a plentiful selection of breads, jams, honey, cereals, fruit salad, freshly squeezed fruit juice and even a full English breakfast if desired.

PESTANA INHACA odge ha ca LLODGE st a na In Pe

Inhaca Island • Tel: +258 21 760 003 Email: • Located on an expansive beachfront, among coconut palm groves and tropical vegetation, Pestana Inhaca Lodge is famous for its beautiful gardens, its warm hospitality and its fabulous seafood. Guests can choose to spend their days lazing by the large saltwater pool, stroll around the beautiful island or get their adrenalin going with water sports such as water-skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing and game fishing in the Indian Ocean. Set among magnificent coconut palms and exotic gardens, the lodge has a total of 40 guest rooms comprising doubles, twin-bedded and larger family rooms. All the rooms have en-suite bathroom with shower.

Other facilities include; wi-fi, laundry service, swimming pool, parking, TV lounge and massage service on request.

PESTANA ROVUMA vu ma st a na Ro Pe

Rua da Sé, 114, Caixa Postal 4376, Maputo Tel: +258 21 305 000 • Fax: +258 21 305 305 Email: • Ideal for business meetings and conferences, the smart Pestana Rovuma is located in the heart of Maputo and is renowned for its modern facilities and efficient service. The hotel has a conference centre covering 460 square metres and divided into three rooms. All rooms are air conditioned, with blackout curtains and first-rate equipment. With a subtle blend of modern architecture and traditional African decor, this impressive 12-storey property has a total of 119 rooms including suites. Most of the rooms offer pleasant views across Maputo Bay.

RADISSON Hot el Bl u HOTEL d is son BLU Ra

Avenida Marginal, Parcela 141, Zona 8/1, Maputo Tel: +258 21 32 84 63 • Fax: +258 21 328 449 Email: •

POLANA SERENA HOTEL ot el ren a H la na Se Po

Av. Julius Nyerere, 1380, Maputo Tel: +258 21 241 700; 21 241 800 • Fax: +258 21 491 480 The Polana Serena Hotel is a majestic colonial building with a history stretching back to 1922. With the option of sea-facing and city view rooms, accommodation consists of 132 rooms, nine suites and the presidential suite. All rooms are air conditioned with en-suite bathroom, interactive TV, telephone, minibar, tea/coffee facilities, electronic safe and high-speed wireless internet access. The all-day Varanda Restaurant offers full English breakfast, theme buffets and an extensive choice of à la carte dishes and also serves traditional afternoon tea. For fine dining, the Delagoa restaurant combines classical French dishes with modern interpretations and long-established Portuguese recipes.

RESIDENCIAL HOYO Hoy o oy o HOYO sid en cia l H Re

Avenida Francisco Orlando Magumbwe, 837, Maputo Tel: +258 21 491 500; 21 490 701 • Fax: +258 21 490 724 Email: •

The ultra-modern Radisson Blu Hotel has a prime location overlooking the Indian Ocean and within easy reach of Maputo International Airport and the city centre.

Residencial Hoyo Hoyo is situated at the heart of Polana in Maputo and offers excellent lodging facilities in a family environment at very competitive rates.

Its 154 luxurious guest rooms are elegant and spacious, with attractive contemporary features. The hotel also has 20 quality suites comprising 16 junior suites, two senior suites, one ambassador suite and one presidential suite.

The property is surrounded by some of the best restaurants in town as well as a shopping centre and a cinema.

The Filini Bar and Restaurant serves delicious Italian cuisine. The hotel’s impressive meeting facilities include four meeting rooms, a conference room, a pre-function area and a business centre.

The hotel comprises 37 rooms including two suites. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with private bathroom, direct dial telephone, satellite television and safe. Other facilities include a conference hall, a restaurant and a car park with 24-hour security. Wireless internet is available throughout the property.



2 011/ 12


Maputo City en cia l a Resid RESIDENCIAL KWANGA y a Kwa ngKAYA Ka Rua D. João de Castro, 321, Maputo Tel: +258 21 492 706/7; 492 806 • Fax: + 258 1 492 215; 492 704 Email:

A short drive from Maputo city centre and spread over 10 acres of private land, Residencial Kaya Kwanga offers first-rate facilities in a picturesque setting. There are 14 freestanding chalets which together contain 44 rooms. In addition, there are 18 houses available on a long-term rental basis. In terms of facilities, the property has a bar and restaurant, two swimming pools, parking, a business centre, a hairdresser’s and children’s entertainment. The restaurant serves English breakfast, light lunches and sumptuous evening meals. Ideal for corporate meetings or events, the resort has five meeting rooms, which can accommodate between 50 and 600 delegates.

SOUTHERN SUN MAPUTO a put o nM ut hern Su So

PO Box 4354, Avenida de Marginal, Maputo Tel: +258 21 495 050 • Fax: +258 21 497 700 Email: •

MANGAS a ng a s as M la DDAS VilVILLA

401, Ave. 24 de Julho Tel: +258 29 382 253 • Cell: +258 82 770 3720 Email:

Previously known as the Holiday Inn Maputo, the impressive Southern Sun Maputo has a magnificent beachfront location on the Avenida de Marginal, with views over the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Villa das Mangas is located in the heart of Maputo, a few blocks away from the Polana Shopping Centre. This tranquil establishment is family owned and has a Franco-Spanish feel to it.

Accommodation includes two sea-facing luxury suites, six executive suites and 158 well appointed guest rooms.

The convenient location of Villa das Mangas is ideal for non-drivers as the property is close to some of the best restaurants, bars, shops and banks.

The hotel offers a range of services including a hair salon, a boutique and a convenience and curio shop as well as two meeting rooms accommodating up to 20 people each. Both meeting rooms are equipped with flip charts, whiteboard and a TV.

Accommodation is provided in comfortable air conditioned double rooms, all en-suite, with Jacuzzi-style bath and TV. Most rooms overlook the swimming pool and garden. There is also a long-stay family apartment.


Ave. Martires da Machava, 309 Tel: +258 21 486 668/9 • Fax: +258 21 486 6667 Email: • The VIP Executive Suites is a collection of 56 self-contained, four-star apartments in the heart of Maputo. The apartments are located five minutes walk from the Costa do Sol beach. These sophisticated and luxurious apartments are a good choice for guests wanting total privacy and relaxation. All the apartments come with en-suite facilities, kitchenette and living room. There are two choices of apartments – standard style; or larger rooms ideal for families or long-stay guests. The apartments also have complimentary wireless internet connection, TV, air conditioning, safe, microwave and fridge. There is 24-hour secure parking available to all guests.


Maputo Province KAYA RESORT sort Kweru Re y a KWERU Ka

Plot 385, Ponta d’Ouro • Tel: +258 21 758 403 Cell: +258 82 527 6378; 84 763 5081 Email: • Kaya Kweru Resort, in Ponta d’Ouro, is an ideal place to forget about daily life and relax to the soothing sound of the Indian Ocean. At this upmarket and friendly resort, guest comfort is the priority. There are 24 en-suite rooms, all with fresh bed linen, duvets, air conditioning and showers. It’s just a 40 metre walk to the beach, where guests can spend their days swimming, snorkelling or simply lazing in the sun. Amenities include a swimming pool, braai area, lounge and restaurant. In the evening, guests can watch the beautiful sunset over the ocean from the comfort of the resort.

NHAMBAVALE odge a mbaval e LLODGE Nh

Chidenguele • Tel: +27 (0)31 502 1500 Cell: +27 (0)83 785 4627 • Fax: +27 (0)31 502 1279 Email: • Basking on the tranquil shores of Lake Nhambavale, just 1.2 km from the beach, Nhambavale Lodge offers fully serviced and fully catered airy Machop-style chalets as well as 12 spacious tents. The restaurant and bar area is situated on the lake itself and offers a menu of seafood, special local dishes, traditional favourites and their famous peri-peri chicken. Chalets sleep between one and three people. The larger ones have selfcatering facilities. Amenities include a kitchen, fridge, oven, stove, crockery and cutlery. All guest rooms have mosquito nets. For deepsea fishing, there is a good surf launch at the beach. Charter boats are available. An independent diving company operates from the motel.

PONTA MAMOLI Resort a mol i RESORT nt a M Po

Ponta Mamoli, Zitundo • Tel: +27 (0)35 592 8100/01 Email: • Whether it is diving on exclusive reefs, deepsea fishing, horse riding or simply meandering along the sandy white beach – Ponta Mamoli Resort is the place to be. Nestled in a stunning and completely undeveloped bay, guests immediately experience the serenity and beauty that this resort has to offer.

MOTEL MAR ar ot el doDOM M

Ponta do Ouro • Tel: +258 21 650 000 Cell: +258 827 640 380 • Fax: +258 21 650 000 Email: Motel do Mar has 68 apartments distributed throughout 22 blocks, lodging four people per apartment. Each apartment consists of a bedroom with two single beds, a bathroom and a sitting room fitted with a kitchenette (with refrigerator). The main social and entertainment area includes a charming restaurant with an esplanade, a bar, a games area and a multipurpose room for conferences or discotheques. The complex is protected by private security and there are facilities for diving. An independent diving company operates from the motel.

L odge sut y LODGE NtNTSUTY

Ponta do Ouro • Tel: +258 848 484 143 Email: Ntsuty Lodge offers guests the comfort of tropical living in the heart of the Ponta do Ouro surrounded by superb historical and cultural sites and some of Africa’s most unspoilt diving areas. The lodge lies in tropical gardens amid large shady trees and flowering shrubs that attract a large variety of birds. All guests enjoy personal service in an atmosphere that is homely and relaxed. The kitchen is manned by a team of professional chefs who serve up traditional Mozambican dishes. There are six chalets built from timber and blending beautifully into the surrounding area.


Ponta do Ouro • Tel: +258 21 900 701 Email: • Secluded and private, Praia de Ouro Sul is located in an indigenous coastal forest at the South African-Mozambique border. With a tropical beach, white sands and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, this eco-friendly resort is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Main facilities include a restaurant, lounge, bar and swimming pool, all overlooking the bay.

Accommodation is available all year round in fully equipped, permanent tents mounted on wooden decking. Every tent has a refrigerator, tea/ coffee making facilities, separate bathroom and patio furniture.

Small and hospitable, the resort sleeps a maximum of 36 guests in 15 private sea-facing wooden chalets. There are also three family chalets.

Praia de Ouro Sul offers a wide variety of activities at the resort itself, while the neighbouring village of Ponta do Ouro is famous for diving and fishing.

The resort offers a unique range of facilities, catering for lazy sunseekers and adventure lovers alike.



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Gaza Province CHONGOENE odge hon g oene LLODGE C

Praia do Chongoene, North of Praia do Xai-Xai Tel: +258 28 241 034 • Cell: +258 82 837 9700 Email: The owner and manager of Chongoene Lodge is Pieter George, who explains that Chongoene means ‘the origins of the waters’. Chongoene Lodge offers accommodation in the form of eight chalets, sleeping two, six, eight and 10 people. These chalets are fully equipped for self-catering. The campsite has space for up to 60 people with 15 individual sites. The restaurant has an à la carte menu and serves well-presented food. The resort also offers a boat for whale watching and water sports activities. Quads and charter boats are available at the neighbouring Xai-Xai Beach Resort.

COMPLEXO PALMEIRAS lm eira s ompl exo Pa C

Ave. Marginal Praia de Bilene Macia • Tel: +258 28 259 019 Cell: +258 82 304 3720 • Fax: +258 28 259 019 Email: Complexo Palmeiras is 195 km north of Maputo, facing a clear saltwater lagoon and a fine white sand beach. The property has 10 self-catering chalets accommodating four guests each. Chalets are serviced daily. In addition, the campsite can accommodate up to 50 tents. Each pitch has an individual power point. The campsite is shady and cool and the ablution block has hot and cold running water. Overlooking the lagoon, the restaurant and bar is open daily. There a choice of fine seafood, but meat is not served. Nearby facilities include two banks, a petrol station, a market and various shops.

COMPLEXO AQUARIUS qua rius ompl exo A C

Ave. Marginal, Bilene Beach • Tel: +258 28 259 000 Fax: +258 28 259 000 • Email: Everything about Complexo Aquarius is totally relaxed, from the friendly staff to the comfortable guest rooms. Visitors are made to feel at home from the moment they arrive until the time of their departure. Accommodation consists of just 32 rooms, each individually decorated with cosy and fresh furnishings. Rooms are air conditioned with en-suite bathroom (with hot water), TV and refrigerator. Serving an impressive range of seafood, the resort’s restaurant is popular with guests and locals alike. The restaurant serves food throughout the day and the bar provides fine wines and spirits.


C ova ne Fis h in g & Sa fa ri Massingir Dam, Massingir Tel: +27 (0)21 701 7860 • Cell: +258 82 371 2829 Fax: +27 (0)21 701 7870 • Email:

Covane Fishing & Safari Lodge provides accommodation and camping facilities for adventure travellers and backpackers. With ready access to the Massingir Dam, the lodge is ideal for enthusiasts of catch-and-release tiger fishing as well as for boat-based game watching. Pods of hippo and crocodile can be seen in the Elefantes Gorge and the area is a paradise for birdwatchers. The Massingir Dam stretches 20 km into the Elefantes Gorge and can be explored up to the border with South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The lodge makes a perfect overnight stop for people travelling between Maputo and Phalaborwa. Covane Fishing & Safari Lodge is owned by the Canhane Community.

HUMULA Hot el umula HOTEL H

Bilene Beach • Rua da Sé 114, Sobreloja, Loja 33 Tel/Fax +258 21 314 576 • Cell: +258 82 306 8740 Email:; • Situated at Bilene Beach, Humula Hotel provides a range of luxury accommodation options. From executive suites to private chalets – all the rooms are beautifully decorated and immaculately presented. Thatched, with a capacity of 120, the O Barracão restaurant is renowned for its sumptuous seafood dishes, and mouth watering Mozambican and Portuguese cuisine. A large patio, complete with comfy sun loungers and attentive staff serving drinks and cocktails, surrounds the private swimming pool. There are two conference rooms with a total capacity of 90 people.


Gaza Province L a guna C a mp


Bilene • Tel: +258 61 254 606 • Cell: +258 82 637 7510 Fax: +258 61 223 421 • Email: Laguna Camp & Bungalow Resort is situated on top of dunes overlooking the St Martinho Lagoon. Surrounded by coconut palms, 100 metres from the white beaches of the lagoon, guests will find the private campsite along with a choice of other self-catering chalets and bungalows. Guests can spend their days relaxing on the beach, lying by the swimming pool or sampling the local cuisine at the restaurant, which overlooks the lagoon. For more active types can enjoy fishing, snorkelling and sailing.


Macha mp a ne Wil dern es s Parque Nacionale do Limpop Tel: +27 (0)21 701 7860 • Cell: +27 (0)79 7711418 Fax: +27 (0)21 701 7870 Email: •

Machampane Wilderness Camp is an unfenced and secluded 10-bed camp in the Mozambique sector of the Great Limpopo National Park. Guided morning and evening walks are a key feature of the experience. Guests set out at first light with a guide and armed ranger to view the animals at the start of day, while on late afternoon walks they can enjoy the onset of dusk. In the evenings, guests return to camp for pre-dinner drinks in the boma. Later in the evening, as everything goes quiet, guests can savour the peaceful atmosphere. Tariffs include meals, activities and accommodation.

MAHELANE odge ah ela ne LLODGE M

Praia do Bilene • Tel: +27 (0)11 711 0339 Cell: +27 (0)73 171 0115 • Fax: +27 (0)11 339 6689 Email: • Situated in Bilene, on the east side of the lagoon, Mahelane Lodge has the atmosphere of a remote tropical island. It offers a place of calm, just a 10-minute boat trip across the lagoon, where guests can escape from the bustle of other holidaymakers. The air conditioned guest chalets face the lagoon and the restaurant offers fine Portuguese cuisine. There is a choice of exciting water activities, from jet skiing to boat rides. For a more leisurely experience, guests can unwind with long walks along the white sandy beaches enjoying the breathtaking sunsets in Bilene.

PARAISO C h id en guel e ra iso DDEe CHIDENGUELE Pa Chidenguele • Tel +27 (0)13 750 2802 Cell: +258 84 390 9999 • Fax: +27 (0)13 750 2801 Email:

Paraiso de Chidenguele is the ideal place to experience the true magic of Mozambican hospitality. The property is 270 km north of Maputo and 70 km north of Xai-Xai in a location overlooking the Indian Ocean. The area is home to whales, dolphins, turtles and large predatory game fish that prowl colourful reefs. Guests can bring their own gear and enjoy fishing, snorkelling and swimming. Other activities include sightseeing in local villages or just relaxing by the pool. The self-catering thatched chalets can sleep between two and eight guests. For sports fans, the bar and restaurant have access to DSTV.

sort PRAIA DOSo SOL BEACH RESORT ach Re l Be aia do Pr Bilene • Cell: +258 82 319 3040 • Email: Praia do Sol Beach Resort is a sunshine paradise and a rustic beach escape, where arriving guests can look forward to soft white coral sand, ice-cold beer and warm hospitality. Chalets are single and double-storey structures built from natural local materials, allowing the property to subtly blend in with the surrounding environment. All accommodation comes with mosquito nets, en-suite shower and toilet as standard. Comfortable mattresses and cotton bed linen help to ensure a pleasant stay. All rooms are serviced daily by friendly and efficient staff. As well as dinner and bed-and-breakfast packages, there are self-catering chalets available.



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Gaza Province REEF ESTATE st a t e ef E e Re ThTHE

Xai-Xai • Tel: +258 84 345 6704 Email:; •

Ba ng a N BANGA la ‘ N’ VilVILLA

Bilene ,Nhabanga • Tel/Cell: +258 82/84 382 1290 Email: •

The Reef Estate is a luxurious estate in Xai-Xai. It is located about 10 km from Xai-Xai town centre with access to the beautiful beachfront.

Ideal for weddings, honeymoons, conferences or just a great holiday getaway, Villa N’Banga is on a beautiful lagoon, 2 km from the ocean, and can be reached only by 4x4 vehicle.

The resort offers 30 luxury units, each with superior beachfront views. The units are spread over five hectares of green vegetation with magnificent views of beautiful white sand and the sparkling blue ocean.

The main guest villa can accommodate eight people and is fully equipped for self-catering. In addition, Villa N’Banga offers accommodation in luxury private tents that can sleep up to 20 guests.

Each unit has three air conditioned bedrooms, one with en-suite bathroom, a large open plan kitchen (with granite work surfaces) and a living area. There is a private swimming pool for each unit.

Resort BeachRESORT ai-XaiBEACH XXAI-XAI Praia do Xai-Xai • Tel: +258 28 235 030

Xai-Xai Beach Resort is a romantic getaway in the beautiful setting of Xai Xai. This attractive property consists of 26 chalets of which 20 are wooden structures with thatched roofs and the other six are brick and tile. All chalets overlook the ocean and from June to October whales can be seen playing in the shallow waters. All guest accommodation is self-catered, although a restaurant and bar are located onsite. Weekly beach dinners provide a sociable occasion and allow guests to sample the delicious traditional cuisine. Other facilities include a swimming pool surrounded by sun lounge decking.

The restaurant and beach cocktail bar is perfect for watching the sunset and sampling Villa N’Banga’s famous piri-piri tequila, coconut and exotic cocktails. The restaurant serves delicious meals throughout the day including breakfast. Shuttle and transfer services can be arranged on request.

Est a t e EcoESTATE ai-XaiECO XXAI-XAI Rua de Marginal, Praia de Xai-Xai Tel: +258 82 515 1527 • Cell: +258 84 398 8722 Email:

The self-catering Xai-Xai Eco Estate has a fine location in the unpopulated paradise of Xai-Xai. There are 35 air conditioned guest villas ranging from standard to luxury, each with three or four bedrooms sleeping eight to 10 people. With the oceanfront just 50 metres away, all rooms have panoramic views. Each villa has a kitchen, lounge/dining area and veranda deck with barbecue facilities. All guest accommodation is serviced daily and supplied with fresh linen and towels. In addition to the main communal swimming pool, some villas have private pools. Activities available to guests include quad biking tours, snorkelling, sand-boarding, archery, deepsea fishing and whale watching.

L odge on g oene LODGE ZZONGOENE

Xai Xai • Tel: +27 (0)15 295 9038 • Cell: +27 (0)82 402 6791 Fax: +27 (0)86 695 9901 • Email: Where the Limpopo River bends and winds to meet the sea, there is an unspoilt paradise in the shape of Zongoene Lodge, waiting to welcome guests in search of total relaxation and a sanctuary of perfection. Nestling between the dunes and trees, this beautiful lodge in is the ideal getaway for families, romantic couples and adventurers. The 62 guest chalets are tastefully furnished with en-suite bathrooms and sliding doors leading onto extended balconies. The pool chalets surround a large swimming pool, while the family chalets are set back in lush indigenous gardens.


Inhambane Province AGUIA Neg ra guiaNEGRA A

c/o PO Box 2941-7129, Somerset West • Tel: +27 (0)21 847 1160 Fax: +27 (0)21 847 1169 • Email: Providing a springboard to the romantic islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago is the small, comfortable and affordable lodge of Aguia Negra, situated at Vilanculos, about 720 km north of Maputo. Aguia Negra caters for guests seeking all the advantages of an islandtype experience at affordable rates.The main restaurant and bar area has extensive views, enabling guests to relax and enjoy their meals and sundowners while enjoying the scenery. There are 12 thatched chalets, all designed to accommodate a maximum of six people. The accommodation has been built from indigenous material and blends into the natural surroundings.

AREIA odge Bra nca LLODGE reia BRANCA A

Praia da Barra • Cell: +27 (0)73 255 4850 Email: • Areia Branca is a secluded unspoilt beach bordered by the Inhambane estuary on one side and the sea on the other. The warm waters offer safe bathing and smooth and easy boat launching. Fishing grounds and diving reefs are nearby and the largely unexplored reefs offer great opportunities for skindiving and snorkelling. Nestling among the coconut groves, the lodge has fully equipped chalets, each with two bedrooms, a shower and toilet and an openplan kitchen and living area. The Roman House can accommodate eight people and has a huge veranda overlooking the Indian Ocean, only 100 metres away.

BAÍA SONÂMBULA nâ mbula ía So Ba

Praia do Tofo • Tel: +258 29 329 032 Cell: +258 82 8215 587 • Email:

ARCHIPELAGO Resort rch ipiela g o RESORT A

Chibuene, Vilanculos • Tel: +27 (0)21 683 6444 Fax: +27 (0)21 683 9219 • Email: Archipelago Resort is a fine beachfront property offering accommodation and facilities in a blissful environment. The resort has 18 beautiful Indonesian-style chalets offering exquisite views of the Indian Ocean. Each is fully equipped and comfortably sleeps up to six people. There are braai facilities in the gardens and all chalets have easy access to the swimming pool, bar and restaurant. All accommodation is self-catered, but for those who do not wish to cook for themselves, the resort restaurant serves a tasty menu of fish, calamari and prawns fresh from the sea, piri-piri chicken and hamburgers.

AZURA z ura A

Benguerra Island, Bazaruto Archipelago Tel: +258 829384087 (Reception) • Cell: +27 767 050 599 (Reservations) • Email: Azura is Benguerra Island’s new luxurious ‘eco’ boutique retreat, located on a pristine beach. Built and operated in partnership with the local community, it has just 15 spacious beach chic’ designer villas, each with a private infinity pool. The two-bedroom Villa Amizade is suitable for families and friends, while the three-bedroom Presidential Villa, with its own social area, 18 metre infinity pool, private chef and butler, offers the ultimate in seclusion and luxury. Guests can enjoy delicious local cuisine; a wide range of guided activities including world-class snorkelling with a marine biologist, diving and fishing; and a unique African spa.

BALI HAIaiLODGE L odge li H Ba

Barra • Tel: +258 82 367 7720 • Cell: +258 83 235 9919 Fax: +27 (0)13 752 2049 • Email:

Baia Sonâmbula Guesthouse is conveniently located on the beach in the heart of Tofo and only a few minutes walk from the many exciting activities available in this area.

Situated in the world-renowned Barra region, with its beautiful coastline and crystal-clear waters, Bali Hai lodge is built on a high dune overlooking the Inhambane harbour entrance and the Tofo Point area.

The guesthouse consists of three spacious, sea-facing bungalows. A more affordable alternative is provided by two inside rooms. Each room and bungalow comes with private bathroom, mosquito net, safe and fan. The decor is charming and pleasant.

This luxurious lodge is stylishly designed and furnished with Balinese architecture and decor. Accommodation ranges from chalets to selfcatering and a private house. All rooms are air conditioned, with private en-suite bathroom and tea/coffee making facilities.

There are two spacious terraces where guests can breakfast al fresco and also sunbathe during the day. The large communal living room creates a comfortable space for relaxing.

The restaurant offers à la carte meals and the lodge will also arrange a package deal for guests on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis. Conference facilities are available on request.



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Inhambane Province BAOBAB BEACH BACKPACKERS BARRA ck pa ck ers Ba lub ach Ba ach CCLUB rra BeBEACH obab Be Ba Tel: +258 82 731 5420 • Email:

Situated directly on the sandy white beach and just 1 km from the colourful central market, Baobab Beach Backpackers looks out across the azure seas and the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago. Baobab Beach Backpackers has its own diving centre (Odyssea Dive), as well as fishing and dhow sailing facilities. Guests can sample fresh seafood and the best pizza in town at the Baobab Restaurant, which has a sociable atmosphere and reasonably priced food.

c/o 743 Currie Rd, Morningside, Durban Tel: +27 (0)31 312 6250 • Email: Barra Beach Club is a private nine-suite hotel on Barra Beach, easily accessible from Inhambane. The ambience is chic and luxurious with personal, attentive service and a cuisine that is designed to appeal to romantic couples. The tens of kilometres of beach frontage make this property exclusive and private. The rooms are luxurious down to every last detail and are decorated in a stunning beach style using natural woods and materials.

BENGUERRA BARRA BEACH RESORT sort Be odge ach Re odge Be n guerra LLODGE rra LLODGE Ba Barra Beach • Tel: +27 (0)11 023 9901 Fax: +27 (0)86 558 6392 • Email:

Barra Lodge is set in one of the most picturesque areas of Mozambique, with spectacular views of pristine beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The lodge caters for families with children and is geared towards fun and activities for the whole family. The lodge nestles among coconut trees and the ocean offers safe bathing all year round. The wide-open beaches are ideal for strolling. There are conference facilities for up to six people, while weddings and special functions are also catered for. Other facilities include a swimming pool with children’s pool and Jacuzzi and a curio shop.

WATER BEACH RESORT sort ach Re a t er Be ue W BlBLUE

c/o Unit 2, Cedarwood Office Park, Mount Lebanon Rd, Woodmead, Sandton • Tel: +27 (0)861 272 353 Fax: +27 (0)86 611 981 • Email: Blue Water Beach Resort is a tropical escape located at the gateway to Mozambique’s most exquisite islands. The resort offers eight twinsleeper chalets and one four- to six-sleeper self-catering chalet, all designed and decorated to achieve a perfect balance between simple comfort and harmony with the unspoilt natural environment. There are also 24 campsite six-sleepers and five camping cabanas, renowned for outstanding facilities. There is a casual restaurant and atmospheric beach bar where guests can choose from an extensive yet affordable à la carte menu, known for its tasty seafood platters.


Benguerra Island, Vilanculos District, Inhambane Province PO Box 9516-1613, Edenglen, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)11 452 0641 • Fax: +27 (0)11 452 1496 Email: • Benguerra is an African island paradise, washed by the turquoise waters of the Mozambique channel. The lodge is small and intimate, offering personalised service and barefoot luxury. Accommodation consists of two beautiful cabanas, each with a private deck and plunge pool and 10 luxurious casitas complete with lounge, private wooden deck with plunge pool and dining area, all just a step away from the beautiful white beach. The exclusive villa offers unsurpassed luxury and privacy, with two en-suite bedrooms, lounge, kitchen with personal chef and private swimming pool. Guests can enjoy world-class diving, snorkelling, excellent saltwater fly-fishing – or simply relax.

Inhambane Province CAJU Afrique a j uAFRIQUE C

Inharime • Cell: +27 (0)83 784 4393 • Fax: +27 (0)866 221 437 Email: •

CASA Ba rry a sa BARRY C

Tofo • Tel: +27 (0)31 767 0111 • Email:

Caju Afrique, with its quiet location along the water’s edge of the magnificent Rio Inharime, is a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

Built entirely with local materials, Casa Barry is situated on the southern tip of Tofo Point and covers 13 acres.

The property is located about 385 km north of Maputo and is easily accessible by road.

Guests are accommodated in reed and thatched units, available on either a catered or self-catering basis. The self-catered chalets contain a lounge, kitchen and bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. Each chalet has a large veranda and separate braai facilities.

This area is a paradise for birdwatchers, containing a wide variety of species including the extremely rare olive-headed weaver. At night, the clear skies are filled with stars and guests can sleep in total peace and quiet. All the guest accommodation at Caju Afrique is tastefully furnished and well equipped. The nearest town is Inharime, 28 km away.

The lodge has a five-star restaurant/bar specialising in seafood, with the menu of the day being determined by what local fishermen have caught. Wonderful meat, chicken and pasta dishes are also available.

CASA C a pit ao do CAPITÃO a sa DO C

c/o Postnet Suite 27, Private Bag X504, Northway 4065 Kwazulu Natal, South Africa Tel: +27 31 312 6250 • Email: Situated in the town of Inhambane overlooking Inhambane lagoon, Casa do Capitão is located 500 km north of Maputo. Flights from Maputo and Johannesburg are daily and the destination is served by LAM, the national airline. The hotel can be defined as a modern property on an exclusive setting that was once the Port Captain residence nestling among town’s rustic colonial architecture. The area is alive with diversity – in a mixture of old world Portuguese and Muslim cultures.

CASA L un a a sa LUNA C

Inhassoro • Tel: +258 84 885 6788 Email: • Casa Luna is a beautiful property located on a pristine beach. Its elevated position ensures that guests can enjoy the cool ocean breezes. Facilities include a highly recommended restaurant, bar and a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by sweeping decks and overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Wooden steps lead down to the beach and to the Casa Luna Beach Bar. Accommodation consists of 12 spacious thatched chalets. The chalets comfortably accommodate two people. In addition, there are four luxury tented rooms, each with its own private deck with ocean views.



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Inhambane Province CASA Rex a sa REX C

Beir 19 Outubro, Vilanculos • Tel: +258 29 382 048 Cell: +258 82 917 7720 • Fax: +258 29 382 048 Email: • The Sol Resorts flagship hotel Casa Rex offers both business and leisure travellers a sublime stopover in Vilanculos, gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. Guests can relax on perfect white beaches or choose from a range of locally available water sports including world-class deepsea fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling and horse riding. As well as enjoying fresh seafood in the renowned à la carte restaurant, guests can sip a sundowner on the terrace or cool down in one of the swimming pools overlooking the harbour.

CASTELO DO Ma r o MAR a st elo D C

Linga Linga, Bay of Inhambane • Tel: +27 (0)79 497 2652 (South Africa); +258 82 027 8356 (Mozambique) Email: • Castelo do Mar is superbly located on the tip of a peninsula in the Bay of Inhambane. Surrounded by coconut forests and mangrove swamps, the villa is set on the beach, just a stone’s throw from the Indian Ocean. This upmarket self-catering villa has six elegant air conditioned rooms, all tastefully decorated and equipped with en-suite bathroom, luxurious linen and splendid views. The villa also has a well stocked library as well as a games room with a pool table, blackjack table and dartboard.

All rooms are air conditioned, offering unsurpassed sea views, and ADSL wireless internet is available throughout the lodge.

COCONUT y oconut BaBAY C

PO Box 2, Inhambane • Tel: +258 29 320 882 Cell: +258 82 311 7250; 84 729 5300 Email:; • Set along a pristine beach where coconut palm trees sway in the cool breeze, Coconut Bay is the tropical African experience of a lifetime. The resort is conveniently situated only 20 km from the town of Inhambane and is easily accessible by road. In the restaurant, guests and visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood dishes, Mozambican specialities and Portuguese food. The fully licensed bar sells alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, fresh bread, ice and even refreshing coconut water. The well trained staff can also arrange conferences, with onsite facilities available to cater for groups of up to 50 people.

COMPLEXO ÂNCORA Vilankulo DeVILANKULO ncora DE ompl exo  C Bairro 19 Outubro, Vilanculos Tel: +258 29 382 444 • Cell: +258 82 389 9999; 84 389 9999 Fax: +258 29 382 222 • Email:

The stunning Complexo Âncora de Vilankulo offers beach villas with modern facilities. Guests step out of their accommodation straight onto the beach. Inside the rooms are luxurious and at night guests can listen to the waves. Rooms are fully air conditioned and include minibar, en-suite bathroom, TV and free Wi-Fi. Accommodation is surprisingly affordable and rates include English or Continental breakfast. Traditional Mozambican food is served in the restaurant throughout the day. Guests in self-catering villas have the option to cook for themselves. Leisure activities include spectacular camel rides along the beach or a dip in the private indoor swimming pool.

SCUBA uba iversit y Sc DDIVERSITY

PO Box 194, Praia do Tofo Tel: +258 29 329 002 • Cell: +258 82 468 5310 Fax: +258 29 329 042 • Email: Diversity Scuba is a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm IDC centre offering recreational and diving courses at 16 sites in the Tofo area. There is an abundance of marine life here, including soft and hard corals, pelagic fish, coral and reef fish, shrimps, manta rays and whale sharks. All dives are guided and the aim is to have no more than six divers in a group at one time. The company offers personalised, professional service to all clients, with an emphasis on safety and enjoyment. Nitrox diving is also available and boats are equipped with high chairs for spotting whale sharks.


Inhambane Province odge ora do LLODGE DDORADO

Praia da Barra • Tel: +27 (0)11 979 2820; 1690; 2070 Cell: +27 (0)82 859 5133 • Fax: +27 (0)11 979 4796 Email: Dorado Lodge is an exclusive private lodge situated at Praia da Barra, just a short drive from the harbour town of Inhambane, The chalets at this lodge are built on ironwood stilts with raised decks that allow for a 180-degree view of the turquoise bay. Inside, the chalets are tastefully decorated and provide all the necessary facilities. Dorado Lodge offers accommodation for the family as well as for larger groups. A very impressive six-bedroom, six-bathroom unit is available, accommodating up to 16 people. This unit has a spacious kitchen as well as a living room and veranda.

LODGE odge ug on g L DDUGONG

Tel: +258 843 891 471 • Cell: +258 824 567 170 Fax: +258 848 646 989 • Email:

BEACH odge ach LLODGE ug on g Be DDUGONG

Vilanculos Beach • Tel: +27 (0)11 729 6700 Fax: +27 (0)11 729 6790 • Email: Dugong Beach Lodge is set in 30,000 hectares of pristine marine and wildlife territory in the Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary on the south coast. With two biospheres, it makes for a unique experience. The lodge has 12 air conditioned luxury chalets with direct access to the beach via individual walkways. Each villa has two bedrooms and a plunge pool. All rooms have outdoor shower and a private deck furnished with day beds for relaxation or wellness treatments. Private dinners can be enjoyed here. There is an interflowing swimming pool with an island-style bar and spectacular views of the ocean.

BAYyWATER LODGE a m in g o Ba FlFLAMINGO Inhambane • Tel: +27 (0)02 39901 • Fax: +27 (0)86 558 6392 Email: • www:

Situated on the Inhassoro seafront and named after the rare marine mammal, Dugong Lodge offers a unique African holiday experience.

Flamingo Bay Water Lodge is located in the pristine tidal bay of Inhambane, 485 km north of Maputo. The lodge is constructed on stilts in the crystal-clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean.

With four fully equipped luxury beach lodges and six chalets, the lodge offers both luxury and intimacy for those seeking the ultimate nature getaway.

This eco-paradise is home to flocks of flamingos, tropical fish and the rare dugong. The sunsets at Flamingo Bay are nothing less than breathtaking.

Facilities available to all guests include a fully equipped communal braai cooking and eating area, a bar, a restaurant and a swimming pool, all of which are located on the beachfront.

The warm Indian Ocean offers safe bathing all year round and the endless wide-open beaches will bring hours of strolling pleasure to guests.

GUINJATA Resort uin j a t aRESORT G

c/o Mozambique Resort Holdings (pty) Ltd, PO Box 278, Sonpark 1206, South Africa • Tel: +27 (0)13 741 2795 Cell: +27 (0)83 283 6918 • Fax: +27 (0)13 741 3149 Email: •

Guinjata Resort is a family-run property located in the remote area of Inhambane. Beginning in 1997 with a few reed baracas and chalets, it has been transformed into one of the top resorts in this area. Guinjata Resort offers superb upmarket accommodation in four eightbedroom chalets. Ideal for larger groups or families, these chalets can accommodate up to 17 people. A campsite is available for tents in lush tropical surroundings.

HOTEL Set a ot el SETA H

Inhassoro • Tel: +258 29 391 000 Situated on the beachfront and central to town, this well established resort offers excellent quality accommodation at affordable rates. Depending on the preference of guests, Seta Inhassoro can provide both chalet lodgings and camping facilities. Guests can dine al fresco at the restaurant with its superb location on wooden decking overlooking the ocean. There is also a bar on the premises that is stocked with both local and international beverages. The hotel offers a fully equipped conference facility and other facilities include a boat launching pad.

For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Bar has satellite TV. Alternatively, guests can relax at the Beach Bar & Restaurant, which serves full English breakfast, delicious pizzas and other daytime meals.



2 011/ 12


Inhambane Province HOTEL ar Tofo MMAR ot el TOFO H

Praia do Tofo • Tel: +258 29 329 043 Cell: +258 82 294 5150 • Email: Centrally located and close to the main town square, Hotel Tofo Mar is a charming and popular hotel on Tofo Beach. Guest rooms are immaculately presented and decorated in fresh light colours. All the rooms face the beach and have lovely views across the ocean. The hotel restaurant offers regional dishes such as matapa made from cassava leaves, peanut curry, spicy piri-piri chicken, grilled Spanish mackerel, crayfish and prawns as well as pizzas. There is also a resident sushi chef.


In d ig o Ba y Is la nd Resort

Bazaruto Island, Bazaruto Archipelago Tel: +258 21 301 618 • Fax: +258 21 301 625 Email: • Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa is the archetypical tropical island paradise surrounded by palm trees, white sand and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Located on unspoilt Bazaruto Island, off the coast of Mozambique, this is the perfect base from which to experience some of the world’s best diving and fishing, indulge in an array of water sports or simply relax in opulent private chalets. The resort offers understated luxury in the form of 30 beach chalets and 14 luxury villas. Their elegant yet natural design makes the most of this superb island location.

JEFF’S Resort Pa lm RESORT f f ’s PALM Je

Praia de Jangamo • Tel: +27 (0)13 932 1263 Cell: +258 84 690 1310 • Email: Situated on beautiful Jangamo Beach, 500 km north of Maputo, Jeff’s Palm Resort offers world-class diving in an unforgettable location. There is a range of accommodation options, purposely set among palm trees to minimise environmental impact and maintain the natural beauty of Jangamo Beach. This PADI 5-Star Gold Palm resort offers all PADI courses from beginner to instructor. Diving in this area provides an opportunity to see the likes of humpback whales, mantas and whale sharks. Small groups are always guaranteed. For local specialities, the food at Jeff’s Portuguese Restaurant and Pool Deck is second to none.


JANGAMO BEACH ach ng a mo Be Ja

Praia de Jangamo • Cell: +27 (0)82 443 0935 Email: • Jangamo Beach is a cosy self-catering property in a beachfront location on the Indian Ocean, 25 km south of Inhambane. Guest accommodation is provided along with all the essential amenities including a kitchen, braai facilities and double beds. Facilities within the resort include a laundrette, a restaurant, a curio shop and a parking area. Although the majority of guests are diving enthusiasts, there are many other activities available at Jangamo Beach including hiking, birdwatching, fishing, sailing and snorkelling.

KAY DEe COPE e Resort C opRESORT yD Ka

Kay de Cope • Tel: +27 (0)83 678 1017 Email: • Kay de Cope is a paradise resort just south of Quissico, a quaint village between Chidenguele and Inharrime. Thanks to its elevated location, the resort offers a spectacular view of two enormous lagoons. For basic supplies in Quissico, there is a local shop providing milk, sugar, tea, coffee, tinned fish, cool drinks, fresh produce and other items. The lagoons offer a range of great water sport activities that include kayaking, skiing, parasailing, canoeing and kite surfing. Fishing is a rewarding activity, with kingfish, grunter and other types of fish to be caught in these warm waters.

Inhambane Province Re ef ig h t hous eREEF LLIGHTHOUSE

Paindane Bay • Tel: +258 84 473 0190 Email: • Lighthouse Reef is an upmarket luxury holiday resort situated opposite the Paindane Reef Bay, 450 km from Maputo. The self-catering houses have kitchens that are fully equipped with an oven, fridge and freezer. The lovely spacious bedrooms are provided with well appointed bathrooms. Lighthouse Reef is a very safe environment for holidaymakers and offers a range of activities including diving, deepsea fishing, snorkelling, horse riding, kayaking and whale watching.

MARLIN LODGE odge a rl in L M

Benguerra Island Tel: +27 (0)12 809 3594 • Fax: +27 (0)12 809 3596 Email: Marlin Lodge is on the south-western shore of Benguerra Island, the second-largest of the four main islands that form the Bazaruto Archipelago off Mozambique. The natural plant life is carefully preserved by elevated wooden walkways that link the 14 seascape luxury beach chalets and three executive beach suites with the main areas. Guests can enjoy spacious accommodation, delicious food, rejuvenating wellness treatments and exhilarating explorations on land or underwater. Attention to detail, soft, inviting furnishings and colours that reflect the lush island greenery and sparkling blue ocean, complete the picture.

ONDAS L odge Ma rLODGE Do MAR nda s DO O

Praia da Barra, Inhambane • Tel: +27 (0)128 048 434 Cell +27 (0)82 412 0388 (Alta); 83 258 3939 (Alida) Fax: +27 (0)12 804 8434 • Email: Ondas do Mar is a luxury self-catering lodge situated on the beachfront at Ponta Da Barra in the picturesque province of Inhambane. Nestled between coconut trees, all the guest chalets have panoramic sea views and are fully equipped with all the essential facilities, including kitchen appliances and utensils, fans and mosquito nets. During August and September guests can enjoy the extraordinary sight of the humpback whales basking in the shallow waters with their calves. Other activities include water-skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.


c/o PO Box 629, Rant en Dal, 1751, Gauteng, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)11 953 3066 • Cell: +27 (0)83 376 6420 Fax: +27 (0)11 953 3066 • Email: Makolo Bay is an unsurpassable destination for holidaymakers seeking comfortable accommodation in a true tropical paradise. The property is situated on the estuary of Inhambane at Ponta da Barra, 530 km north of Maputo and 25 km from the historical town of Inhambane. The road is tarred up to 8 km from the resort and the last 8 km is gravel road. There are 12 fully serviced comfortable self-catering chalets, all built close to the beautiful beach. Each unit has a sea-facing veranda and the chalets include bedding, mosquito nets, cutlery, crockery, freezers, fridge, hot water and electricity.

MONTANHA odge on t a nha LLODGE M

Ponte da Barra, Inhambane • Tel: +27 (0)11 462 2268 Cell: +27 (0)11 082 572 6275 • Fax: +27 (0)11 462 3148 Email: • Montanha Lodge is located on the tall dunes that line the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean in the trendy tourist destination of Barra. Comfortable and fully equipped, the timber chalets can sleep between two and eight guests. Available to rent on a self-catered basis, accommodation comes complete with open-plan kitchen, couches, patio area and lounge area. The units are serviced daily and have drinkable water, gas, 24-hour electricity and a security guard who patrols the lodge in the evening. Lots of activities are available within a five-mile radius including quad biking, diving, water-skiing and sailing.

PAINDANE BEACH RESORT sort ach Re inda ne Be Pa

Praia de Paindane, Inhambane • Tel: +258 29 356 012 Cell: +27 (0)82 569 3436 • Email:; • Nestling among plantations of coconut palms and miles of white sandy beaches, Paindane Beach Resort lies 28 km south of Inhambane. Its self-catering basic rustic chalets and campsites are located on the dunes, close to the beach. Campers using the well designed campsites, with their stunning views of Paindane Bay, have access to modern ablutions, electric power points and clean water. Deepsea, rock, surf and fly fishing off the Paindane reef is unrivalled on the east coast of Africa and the reef is home to an abundance of kingfish, Natal snoek, wahoo, dorado, queenfish, tuna and other pelagic species.



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Inhambane Province PALMGROVE odge lmg rove LLODGE Pa

Praia da Barra, Inhambane • Tel: +258 29 356 272 Cell: +258 847 048 603 • Fax: +275 1436 5730 Email:

PARAISO BARRA rra e Ba ra iso dDE Pa

Tel: +27 (0)13 741 1971 • Cell: +27 (0)82 782 7395 Fax: +27 (0)13 741 1941 • Email:

Palmgrove Lodge is bordered by the crystal-clear waters of the Inhambane estuary and the sea. The lodge caters for up to 200 guests, with rooms ranging from two- to 12-sleeper units.

Centrally located, Paraiso de Barra is within walking distance of the many restaurants, beach bars and diving centres that this area has to offer. This eco-friendly property lies along a quiet unspoilt beach, surrounded by lush palm trees.

One of the few lodges situated right on the beach in Barra, the property has a diving centre and a beach bar and restaurant with fine ocean views.

The smart self-catered log cabins each include four rooms, two bathrooms, a refrigerator and freezer, a microwave, cutlery and linen.

The lodge organises a range of activities including mangrove safaris, deepsea fishing, quad biking and snorkelling.

The property is easily reachable and there are daily flights from Johannesburg and Maputo.

With breathtaking views of the beach and the palm trees, the lodge is an ideal venue for a beach wedding or honeymoon.


PESTANA BAZARUTO LODGE odge z a rut o L st a na Ba Pens ao Pa ch ica Ba ck pa ck ers Pe Ponta da Barra • Tel: +258 29 320 565 Cell: +258 84 389 5217 • Email:;

Bazaruto Island • Tel: +258 21 305 000 Fax: +258 21 305 305 • Email:

Pensão Pachiça Backpackers Lodge is situated by the Bay of Inhambane and appeals to guests travelling on a budget.

Pestana Bazaruto Lodge is on the largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago, about 800 km to the north of Maputo. The island of Bazaruto is a beautiful and unexplored destination, characterised by its wildlife, turquoise waters and idyllic beaches.

The setting of the property is stunning, with panoramic views of the bay. Guests can either bring their own camping equipment or hire tents and beds on arrival. The management also runs two further campsites: the Barra Lighthouse and the new Back Door Surf Camp. For the convenience of guests, the property offers a Mozambique Bus Network pass and can arrange budget trips to Kruger National Park.

The lodge consists of 40 A-frame thatched bungalows, charmingly decorated in an ethnic island style and set among tropical gardens, with breathtaking views of the ocean and gardens. The smart meeting room has a capacity of up to 25 delegates and offers the perfect set-up for any business seminar. The popular Flamingo Restaurant, in the main building, serves Mozambican and international delicacies.

POMENE BAYyLODGE L odge m en e Ba Po

Pomene Beach, Massinga • Tel: +258 82 369 8580 Email: • Pomene Bay Lodge is situated on a narrow peninsula with the vast Indian Ocean on one side and the crystal-clear waters of a spectacular mangrove estuary on the other. None of the guest accommodation is more than one minute’s walk from the white beach sand. The lodge is advantageously located in Pomene Bay, offering a sheltered haven for swimming. The bar and restaurant complex overlooks the pool and estuary, offering a perfect spot for watching the sunset while enjoying a meal al fresco on the restaurant balcony. Pomene is renowned for offering excellent game fishing and diving.



Tel: +27 (0)11 467 2853 • Fax: +27 (0)11 467 4758 Email:; Rio Azul is a luxury beach resort on the banks of the Govuro River. This luxury resort overlooks the estuary and offers guests a wide range of beach holiday activities to keep the whole family entertained. Accommodation consists of six thatched luxury chalets and two luxury villas. Room rates include all daily meals, unlimited use of the estuary, use of sea kayaks, tea and coffee and snorkelling facilities. The main area of the lodge consists of a lounge, dining room and bar area with a big wooden deck in front and a plunge pool.

Inhambane Province SAILAWAY DHOW SAFARIS fa ris how Sa ila wa y D Sa Rua Marginal, Bairro Central, Vilanculos Tel: +258 29 382 385 • Cell: +258 82 387 6350 Email: • www:

Sailaway Dhow Safaris is based in Vilanculos and offers day and overnight dhow safaris to Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. This is an opportunity for visitors to explore the various islands and reefs in the park. Guests can sit back and relax while the Sailaway crew takes care of everything. All safaris are fully catered and include meals, refreshments, snorkelling equipment and transport. Overnight accommodation is either camping or lodge accommodation on the mainland north of Vilanculos. Live-aboard safaris can also be arranged.

SEABLUE Sa fa risLDA Scuba SAFARIS ab lue SCUBA Se

Praia de Jangamo, Inhambane • Tel: +27 (0)82 462 4916 Cell: +27 (0)82 462 4916 • Fax: +27 (0)86 524 9750 Email: • Seablue Lodge offers spacious, well equipped self-catering chalets tucked away on the dunes overlooking the sea in a tranquil and private nature-orientated environment. The dive centre, with a spectacular view over the ocean, offers expert service with over 15 years’ diving experience in the area. All equipment conforms to international standards. All the staff are keen to ensure that guests derive the maximum enjoyment from their diving holiday.

SUNSET SMUGGLERS AND Pa lm eira s Su ndPALMEIRAS odge ug gl ers A ns et LLODGE Sm Vilanculos • Tel: +258 82 753 8980; 84 829 2126 Email: •

Smugglers is located opposite the dhow harbour in Vilanculos and offers comfortable, clean, mid-range accommodation in a refreshing oasis of palm trees and lush gardens.

Ponta da Barra, PO Box 21 Tel: +258 29 346 015 • Cell: +258 82 393 2310 Fax: +27 (0)39 311 2070 Email:;

Guests can relax and unwind in Smugglers Sports Bar (open 10 am until 2 am daily) and the restaurant (open 8 am to 9.30 pm daily).

Sunset Lodge, on the serene beaches of Barra, provides comfortable, fully equipped, self-catering cottages that sleep up to 10 people.

Under the same management, Palmeiras Lodge is in Vilanculos, 20 metres from the beach. The lodge offers two types of accommodation: bedand-breakfast chalets and backpacker dormitories. The accommodation is set in exotic tropical gardens with a large swimming pool. There is a good choice of restaurants and bars within walking distance.

The resort caters for a wide range of visitors. It can offer a family holiday, a tranquil get-away or an actionpacked ‘experience of a lifetime’.

ot t a ges ach CCOTTAGES o BeBEACH TofTOFO

Tofo Beach • Cell: +258 72 129 4278 Fax: +258 86 501 7770 • Email: Tofo Beach Cottages offers a choice of seven self-catering cottages, spread throughout Tofo and Tofino. The cottages offer rustic-styled basic accommodation. The cottages are equipped to cater for families and can accommodate between four and eight people each. There is a team of cleaning staff who, in addition to keeping the cottages clean and tidy, can help guests to negotiate the best price for fresh fish, prawns, calamari and crayfish from the beach and will also clean the fish and help prepare food.

The Thirsty Parrot pool bar and restaurant serves exotic cocktails and hearty meals throughout the day. The venue is favoured by guests and also attracts holidaymakers and residents from Ponta da Barra.


Tel: +258 29 329 030 • Fax: +258 82 826 0140 Email: • Tofo Scuba is a PADI Gold Palm Instructor Development Centre which runs courses from open water through to divemaster and instructor courses. The dive centre employs a staff of four qualified and experienced DOT skippers, seven full-time PADI instructors and an IANTD instructor as well as a divemaster and divemaster trainees, who are on hand to assist divers throughout the year. In addition to diving, Tofo Scuba operates daily snorkelling trips for non-divers.

Activities in this area include diving, fishing, surfing, birdwatching and shopping.



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Inhambane Province odge ach LLODGE quit a BeBEACH VaVAQUITA

c/o PO Box 8063, Nelspruit, 1200, South Africa Tel: +925 (0)82 1730015 • Email: Small and exclusive, Vaquita Beach Lodge consists of just four cabins, linked to the main house by an elevated walkway. All built on wooden stilts, the cabins have separate decks where guests can enjoy the wonderful sea views and sunsets. Although the property is predominantly self-catered, there is a chef available on request. Secure parking is provided for vehicles in front of the cabins. Other activities include scuba diving and horse riding, both available at nearby Barra Lodge. For business guests or team-building trips, there is a smart conference room.

PARAISO ra iso o Pa a DDO VilVILA

Mahaque Beach, Vilanculos • Tel: +258 29 382 147 Cell: +27 (0)83 395 0100; 84 541 3068 Email:; Vila do Paraiso consists of six luxury villas right on the beach in the Bay of Vilanculos, with the Bazaruto Archipelago forming a backdrop. The speciality at Vila Do Paraiso is attention to detail and warm hospitality. The property is set in beautifully manicured gardens on the stunning Mahaque Beach. Guests can enjoy a traditional dhow day trip to Magaruque Island on Vila do Paraiso’s privately owned dhow or charter one of the Cobra Cat motorboats for a beautiful island trip complete with barbecue or deepsea fishing. The property has well trained staff assist and cater for guests.

BEACH LODGE ge h L od a nculos Beac VilVILANCULOS Vilanculos, Inhambane • Tel: +258 21 301 618 Fax: +258 21 301 625 • Email:

Vilanculos Beach Lodge is in the small picturesque coastal town of Vilanculos in the subtropical province of Inhambane. Vilanculos is 720 km north of Maputo and 500 km south of Beira, offering a perfect base for exploring the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago and Bazaruto National Park. Within the town itself, the local people are friendly and the atmosphere is lively. All chalets provide guests with ocean views, while retaining privacy in the rooms. The luxury chalets are positioned on a 100 metre drop to the beach, with private patios that offer exceptional views of sunrise over the ocean.

VISTA MAR ar oM t a DDO Vis

Praia Da Barra, Inhambane • Tel: +258 29 356 223 Cell: +258 82 744 2326 • Email: Vista do Mar, located only a short drive from Inhambane Airport, consists of nine luxury, air conditioned, en-suite rooms in either double or twin configuration. The rooms are spacious inside and provide guests with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The swimming pool is surrounded by attractive wooden decking. The lodge is furnished with a flat-screen TV and entertainment system as well as a pool table and a telescope. In terms of leisure facilities, guests have access to a sport fishing boat, two jet skis, four quad bikes and a 4x4 vehicle for game-viewing.


Praia de Zavora Bay • Tel: +27 (0)13 750 0431 Cell: +27 (0)83 514 6846 • Fax: +27 (0)13 751 3535 Email: • Zavora Lodge is in Praia de Zavora Bay, one of the finest stretches of coastline in the Province of Inhambane A reef about 500 metres from the lodge forms a natural bay that makes for easy boat launching and great snorkelling opportunities. The lodge offers rustic self-catering beachfront houses, bungalows and campsites. In addition, there is a luxury double en-suite room that is ideal for honeymooners. All rooms are sea-facing. The restaurant serves breakfast, with an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner.


Sofala Province CHITENGO C a mp Sa fa riCAMP h it en g o SAFARI C Gorongosa National Park, Sofala Province Tel: +258 23 535 010 • Cell: +258 82 302 0604 Fax: +258 23 535 011 • Email:

Chitengo Safari Camp offers a range of pleasant accommodation to meet most travellers’ budgets and is the perfect spot to start any safari experience in Gorongosa National Park. Gorongosa National Park is at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley in the heart of the Sofala Province. The park embraces the valley and parts of the surrounding midlands, which together feature a unique combination of features and ecosystems. Formerly, the area was home to one of the densest wildlife populations in Africa. Now, after years of poaching, it is slowly being restored to its former glory.

EXPLORE GORONGOSA oron g os a x plore G E Gorongosa National Park, Sofala Province Tel: +258 82 912 3637; 82 862 4975 Email:

Explore Gorongosa is the first company to offer private safaris in Gorongosa National Park. This tented camp is located in the heart of the park and consists of just six tents. Explore Gorongosa gives guests a first-hand insight into the visionary restoration project under way in the park. Through walking, game drives and night drives, guests are introduced to this amazing yet fragile ecosystem. Experienced guides are on hand to lead adventures through the ever-changing eco-zones. Guests can look forward to an amazing variety of birding and game-viewing opportunities. The guides also lead trips up Mount Gorongosa.

GORONGOSA NATIONAL rk t ion al PaPARK oron g os a Na G Beira PO Box 1983 • Tel: +258 23 535 010 Cell: +258 82 302 0604 • Email:

Situated at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley, the park covers 4,000 square metres and contains a wide diversity of species and ecological characteristics that are unique to this area. Located within the park, Chitengo Safari Camp was first constructed in 1941 and offers comfortable accommodation in modern air conditioned cabañas. Each cabaña is equipped with mosquito nets, en-suite bathroom and a private porch. The camp has a reasonably priced bar and restaurant serving authentic Mozambican breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Breakfast is included in the price of the cabañas.

HOTEL BEIRA ira Tivol i -- Be ot el TIVOLI H

Av. Bagamoyo, 363, Beira • Tel: +258 23 320 300 Email: • Ideally located just 500 metres from the main shopping centre in Beira and 4 km from the beach, Hotel Tivoli is a boutique hotel famous for its warm hospitality and Mozambican charm. The hotel has a restaurant serving meals throughout the day, with friendly staff and a relaxed ambience. For after-dinner drinks or an afternoon beverage, the bar and coffee shop offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and other beverages. There are 74 guest rooms, 10 of which are suites. All rooms are air conditioned with satellite TV, free wireless internet and telephone.



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Z ambezia Province Manica Province HOTEL C huabo ot el CHUABO H

Ave. Samora Machel, 498, Quelimane Tel: +258 24 213 181; 24 113 812 Email: This large tower block is located close to the port, cathedral and shops that Quelimane has to offer.

HOTEL Bra nco C a st elo BRANCO ot el CASTELO H

Rua Sussundenga, C.P. 295, Chimoio Tel: +258 25 123 934 • Cell: +258 825 225 960; 846 250 500 Fax: +258 25 123 439 • Email: From the moment guests enter the Hotel Castelo Branco, they will be met by a pleasant atmosphere of elegance and comfort. The property is small and intimate, with just 33 air conditioned rooms. There are three duplex suites, a master suite, an executive suite, a junior suite and 27 superior rooms. Each of the rooms is fully equipped with TV, minibar, wireless internet access and private bathroom. The hotel also has a garden area, a swimming pool and private parking for vehicles.

HOTEL Fla m in g o ot el FLAMINGO H Praça do Bongo, 79, Quelimane Tel: +258 24 212 046; 24 117 084 Email:

In a prime location in the heart of Quelimane, Hotel Flamingo offers accommodation and conference facilities.

HOTEL DABHAD ab ha d Resid en cia l D ot el RESIDENCIAL H Rua de Bárue,32, Chimoio • Tel: +258 25 123 264 Email:

The Hotel Residencial Dabhad is located in Chimoio, the capital of Manica Province. For many travellers, Chimoio offers a convenient stopover on their way between destinations in the south and north of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The property is close to Gorongosa National Park. Hotel Residencial Dabhad has more than 20 rooms available with either one double or two single beds. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with satellite TV. Check-in time is noon and departure is from 11 am.

NAGARDAS rg ad á s la Na VilVILLA Praça do Bongo, 79, Quelimane Tel: +258 24 212 046; 24 117 084 Email:

With its welcoming atmosphere and smart decor, the Villa Nagardas stands out among the accommodation available in this area. Room rates are inexpensive and, although there is not restaurant or bar on site, the prime location means that guests are conveniently close to all the local restaurants and shops. The cosy guest rooms are well presented and immaculately kept. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with TV and refrigerator.


Nampula Province HOTEL Execut ivo ot el EXECUTIVO H

Tel: +258 26 219 001-3 • Cell: +258 82 550 7416 Fax: +258 26 219 004 • Email: Bringing four-star excellence to Nampula, the impressive Hotel Executivo offers excellent services and classic accommodation. Comfortable and securely built in a quiet residential area, the property is run by professional and efficient staff. Each of the 52 guest rooms has a large plasma TV (with a range of channels in several languages) plus a minibar, digital safe box, direct dial telephone, hairdryer and balcony facing the pool. Guests can dine in either of the two restaurants, one of which does not serve alcohol. Conference facilities can accommodate up to 150 delegates. A car rental service is available from the hotel.

HOTEL Maiaia ot el MAIAIA H

Rua do Hotel Maiaia • Tel: +258 26 526 843; 842; 351 Cell: +258 82 601 5440 • Fax: + 258 26 526 356 Email: Those who are in Nacala on business or who are travelling through will be impressed by the new Maiaia Hotel, which offers a safe and comfortable haven in an otherwise busy town. Likewise, tourists will be made to feel right at home in this smart and welcoming property. Accommodation consists of 30 twin rooms and four suites, all acclimatised and well equipped for guest comfort. International and local cuisine is served in the restaurant, which spills out onto a huge balcony. There is also a bar which is popular hang-out for locals and residents at the hotel.

HOTEL Omuh ipit i ot el OMUHIPITI H

Mozambique Island • Tel: +258 26 610 101/102/103 Fax: + 258 26 610 105 • Email: Surrounded by natural beauty and masterpieces from various civilisations, Hotel Omuhipiti is located on the magical and cultural Mozambique Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site. This four-star hotel comprises 18 guest rooms and four suites, a restaurant and a bar. All the facilities match international standards and are designed to meet guest expectations. Hotel Omuhipiti provides a comfortable and modern base from which to explore the island’s many attractions, from exotic seafood cuisine to the diverse and unique mix of religions and cultures. There are also many water sports on offer, including dhow sailing and diving.

HOTEL Na mp ula Gira s solNAMPULA ot el GIRASSOL H

Ave. Eduardo Mondlane, 326 • Tel: +258 26 216 000 Email: Part of an impressive complex, the Girassol Nampula Hotel is a threestar hotel which can boast a luxury standard of accommodation. Girassol Nampula Hotel is located in a smart business and shopping area in downtown Nampula. The hotel has an attractive restaurant with a terrace, ideal for a pleasant evening cocktail or a sophisticated meal with friends. In terms of accommodation, there are 28 air conditioned guest rooms, all with minibar, safe, cable TV and telephone.

HOTEL Mil én io ot el MILENIO H

Ave. 25 Setembro, Nampula • Tel: +258 26 218 877 Cell: +258 82 550 7416 • Email: Offering a high standard of accommodation at a reasonable price, Hotel Milenio is a recently opened property in Nampula. Distinguished by its large glass frontage, Hotel Milenio is located close to the university and the cathedral. Guests arrive in the large lobby area, which features a range of boutiques, while dining facilities are provided in the adjacent café. The hotel has 40 air conditioned guest rooms, all en-suite with hot running water and satellite TV. Facilities include a conference centre, a health club and internet access.

NUARRO ECO L odge co LODGE uxury E a rro LLUXURY Nu Nanatha Bay, Memba District, Baixo do Pinda Peninsula Tel: +258 82 304 4049; 82 301 4294 Email: •

Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge is a unique ‘beach and bush’ lodge situated on the beautiful Baixo do Pinda Peninsula in northern Mozambique. The lodge offers tropical private beaches and unspoilt bush with a unique biodiversity. Amazing hidden secrets can be found along the coastline including enchanting traditions, history and culture – the perfect ingredients for an authentic holiday experience. The view over the bay from the 12 spacious beachfront chalets is truly amazing. The chalets were designed by a local French architect who develops traditional buildings in a sophisticated style.



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Niassa Province Z ambezia Province HOTEL L ich in g a Gira s solLICHINGA ot el GIRASSOL H Avenida Filipe Samuel Magaia Tel: +258 27 121 280 • Fax: +258 27 121 279 Email:

Located in the centre of Lichinga, capital of Niassa Province, just 3 km from the airport, Hotel Girassol Lichinga offers comfort and a full range of amenities for guests on business or holiday trips, with good access to Lake Niassa and the Niassa National Reserve. The hotel has 72 air conditioned rooms comprising suites, doubles and twins. All rooms have internet access and satellite TV. The restaurant serves international cuisine and the bar is a good venue for meeting friends and enjoying a refreshing beverage. There are meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 150 guests.

Wil dern es sCAMP ug en da WILDERNESS LLUGENDA Niassa National Reserve, Niassa • Tel: +258 21 301 618 Fax: +258 21 301 625 • Email:

Located in the greater Niassa National Reserve in the remotest corner of northern Mozambique, Lugenda Wilderness Camp is set in one of the continent’s last ‘wild places’. A safari in this area means going where few have travelled. The camp provides visitors with the true quality of wilderness that is rare to find on safari today. A journey of discovery, the experience is ideal for safari pioneers and is not recommended for first-timers. Stylish tents, a scenic swimming pool, fascinating guides, shady guest areas and views over the river will keep guests content for hours on end.

NKWICHI odge wich i LLODGE Nk

c/o Manda Wilderness Lda, CP 123, Lichinga, Niassa Tel: +44 (0)203 286 3181 (Skype) Email: Established in 1999, the Manda Wilderness Project creates a bond between protecting one of Africa’s last true wildernesses, realising the true potential of an African community through practical help at grassroots level, and boosting the standards of international tourism. A key part of the project is Nkwichi Lodge. Nestled in the bush on the Mozambican side of Lake Niassa, the property is a perfect hideaway, a barefoot luxury lodge that enables guests to enjoy the comforts of life while knowing that their stay is helping the local people and their environment.


GULUDO L odge ul udo LODGE G

Guludo Beach, Quirimbas National Park Tel: +258 26 960 569 • Cell: +258 82 723 4470 Email: • Guests at Guludo Beach Lodge will find a tropical, barefoot beach paradise, with 12 km of deserted powder-white sand nestled between the dazzling azure Indian Ocean and wild African Bush. Accommodation provides everything guests require for a relaxing and indulgent beach holiday, with high roofs, gentle sea breezes, stunning views and al fresco en-suite bathrooms. The essence of Guludo is relaxation and discovery. Time is spent drifting over magnificent coral reefs, watching humpback whales, visiting islands and mingling in the local village. And, as an ecofriendly lodge, Guludo is a good example of responsible tourism at its finest.

IBO ISLAND L odge la nd LODGE o Is Ib

c/o Journey In Style, Suite C6, Westlake Square, 7966, Cape Town, South Africa Tel: +27 (0)21 702 02 85 • Fax: +27 (0)21 702 06 92 Email: • Remote and untouched by commercial developments, Ibo Island is located in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique and has been nominated for World Heritage status. Ibo Island is a place where dreams come true and lifelong memories are made. The island offers a unique atmosphere of romance, luxury and tranquillity. Guests at Ibo Island Lodge can enjoy the island’s idyllic beaches and mangrove forests, get to know its ancient history and culture, join in activities like water sports and birding, and, of course, savour the sumptuous seafood cuisine.

L odge on do LODGE LLONDO

Quirimbas • Tel: +31 (0)6 51 111 061; +258 82 699 5070 Email: • Located north of Pemba, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Londo Lodge has ready access to one of East Africa’s finest beaches. This is a private and intimate retreat hidden between ancient baobab trees and coral reefs. Each of the six traditional African thatched villas has views over the majestic Pemba Bay. These air conditioned villas are spacious and immaculate, with indoor and outdoor bathrooms featuring chrome taps and showers, UK-made mattresses, Belgian bed linen and draped mosquito nets. The cliff-top spa overlooks the bay, while the restaurant offers delicious helpings of freshly grilled local fish and prawns, crayfish and crab.

Cabo Delgado Province MATEMO ISLAND Resort la nd RESORT a t emo Is M

Quirimbas Archipelago, Cabo Delgado Tel: +258 21 301 618 • Fax: +258 21 301 625 Email: • Located in the breathtaking Quirimbas Archipelago, Matemo Island Resort offers guests the quintessential tropical island experience, with beautiful white beaches and thousands of palm trees swaying in the breeze. The tropical waters around Matemo are one of Mozambique’s best-kept secrets. Each of the 24 palm-thatched, air conditioned chalets is situated on the beach within metres of the sea and offers en-suite bathroom, outdoor shower, minibar and veranda complete with hammock for watching the world go by. The central guest areas are elevated above the sea – perfect for sundowners while watching the Mozambique sun slip beneath the Indian Ocean.

MEDJUMBE Is la nd Priva t e ISLAND ed j umbe PRIVATE M

Quirimbas Archipelago Tel: +258 21 301 618 • Fax: +258 21 301 625 Email: • Medjumbe is a private island only 1 km long and 500 metres wide, set like a jewel in the Quirimbas Archipelago. The 13 palm-thatched beach chalets on Medjumbe are the ultimate in sophisticated simplicity, just a step away from the warm Indian Ocean. Nestling on the white sands, they offer privacy and seclusion, yet are conveniently close to the main guest area. The air conditioned chalets are luxuriously furnished in crisp blues and whites. Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, hairdryer, minibar, satellite TV and tea/ coffee making facilities.

PEMBA BEACH HOTEL &Sp a ot el &SPA ach H mba Be Pe Pemba City • Tel: +258 21 301 618 Fax: +258 21 301 625 • Email:

With its Arabian-styled buildings, magnificent facilities and a range of sporting activities, Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa is the ideal luxury destination. Whether for families, a wedding party, corporate incentive groups or an executive conference, this fine hotel and spa offers exceptional accommodation and services. Active types have an extensive choice of water sports, while those looking to relax will find total sanctuary at the exclusive spa, with a choice of indulgent and professional treatments. With its subtle combination of efficient business solutions and genuine exotic glamour, Pemba Beach Hotel & Spa has become a sought-after leisure and conference destination.

QUILALEA Is la nd uila l ea ISLAND Q

Quilalea Island, Quirimbas Archipelago Tel/Fax: +258 27 221 808 • Email:

Is la nd m iz i ISLAND VaVAMIZI

Quilalea is an idyllic Mozambique island resort nestling in a forgotten corner of the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Vamizi Island, Quirimbas Tel: +44 (0)1285 762 217/8 • Cell: +44 (0)7825 413 205 Fax: +44 (0)1285 762 210 • Email:

This deserted island offers complete exclusivity and unparalleled natural beauty, providing a malaria-free haven of luxury accommodation.

Vamizi, a slender crescent-shaped island off the remote northern coast of Mozambique, is part of the Quirimbas archipelago.

Surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of the warm Indian Ocean, Quilalea is the ideal honeymoon destination for those in search of the perfect romantic island getaway, or the ultimate holiday for those in need of relaxation, adventure and rediscovery.

Vamizi Island is the definitive desert island destination. The lodge has 13 wonderfully romantic timber villas strung along a beautiful white beach, offering unparalleled barefoot luxury.

Accommodation consists of nine private villas, each benefiting from magnificent ocean views.

A haven for Samango monkeys, green turtles and humpback whales and with world-class diving and blue water fishing, Vamizi Island is the ultimate holiday destination for discerning travellers.



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Tet e Province Z ambezia Province Directory Z a mbez e ot el ZAMBEZE H HOTEL

Ave. Eduardo Mondlane, nº 15, B. Josina Machel Tel: +258 25 223 101 • Fax: +258 25 223 100; 25 225 040 Cell: +258 84 7867 777 • Email: Hotel Zambeze has recently undergone major renovations to provide business travellers and tourist with comfortable lodgings. Guest rooms have basic en suite bathrooms with a bath, toilet, sink and shower. The air conditioned rooms are complete with DSTV and writing desk. All furniture is new, clean and modern. The restaurant on the fifth floor serves tasty food throughout the day. Breakfast is included in the room price and the evening menu consists of various local favourites including raw beef served on sizzling hot stones. The hotel lounge has great views of the Zambeze River and serves sandwiches, fries and coffees. The lounge is popular for informal business meetings.




Rua Marques de Pombal 85, 1o Andar, Loja no 102, Maputo Email:

AFRICA UNLIMITED EXPEDITIONS & TRANSFERS Tel: +27 (0)15 781 7825 Cell: +27 (0)82 338 4085 Fax: +27(0)86 216 6835 Email:



Ave. Eduardo Mondlane Tel: +258 82 047 9000


Aluguer de Quartos O Teles

Pensao Residencial O teles

Vila de Songo Tel: +258 824 278 578; 82 224 9569

Vila de Songo Tel: +258 82 4278 578; 82 224 9569

Aluguerv de Quarto Afrodisiaco

Pensão Residencial Sundowners

Sita em Chitima Tel: +258 82 594 2630, CP 223

Estrada Nacional 7 (N7) Tel: +258 82 628 5955 Email:

Hotel Nyungue Rua agostinho Neto Tel: +258 252 24070 Fax: +258 252 24071 Email:

Moringa Bay Lodge e Parque de Campismo Sita em Nova Chicoa Cahora Bassa PO Box 21 Tel: +258 82 833 6900; 84 5920 600; 82 734 8369 Email:

Riverside Uweys Lodge Bairro Francisco Manyanga Tel +258 84 786 5786; 84 613 6803 Fax: +258 25 224 754 Email:

Smart Naira Hotel

Motel Apart Horiente

Ave. Independencia Tel: +258 82 686 4815; 25 224 961 Fax: +258 25 224 962 Email:

Estrada Nacional 304 Vila Ulongue, CP nr 22

Uguezi Tiger Lodge

Pensao Angonia Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Vila Ulongue Tel: +258 82 395 0610; 82 609 8703, CP 43

Sita Kaliote, Songo Tel: +258 82 848 9310; 82 599 8410

Av. Armando Tivane, 877 Tel: +258 21 486 689/32 Fax: +258 21 495 055 Cell: +258 823 089 650 Email:

Tel: +258 21 328 960 Cell: +258 82 304 4853

Pensao Chuabo

Ave. 25 de Junho Tel: +258 84 786 5786; 84 613 6803 Fax: +258 25 224 754 Email:



Bairro Chingodzi Tel: +258 82 594 6966

Rahil Guest House



Aluguer de quartos o Puarro

Rua Agostinho Neto Tel: +258 825 986 600 Fax: +258 252 24 637


Av. Mao Tse Tung, 729, Maputo Tel: +258 21 497 483 Email: Rua Baptista de Carvalho, Maputo Tel: +258 21 47 483647 Email:

Estalagem Nharinga



240 Rua de Massala, Triunfo, Maputo Email: Tel: +258 21 451 380 Fax: +258 21 451 380

MOZAMBIQUE ADVISER Tel: +258 820 000 005 Email:

MOZAMBIQUE CITY TOURS CFM Building Railway Station, Praça dos Trabalhadores, Platform 6, Maputo Tel: +258 21 333 531 Cell: +258 82 316 1160 Email:;

MOZAMBIQUE VOYAGES Office 80, First Floor, Sonpark Boulevard, Faurie Street, Mbombela, South Africa Email:

MOZAMBIQUE WELCOME Tel: +258 823975815 Email:

MUHIMBI AFRICA Ave. Armando Tivane 1608, Maputo Tel: +258 82 72 91 920; 84 71 98 007 Email:

Tel: +258 82 627 9335 Email:



EASY LINK Tel: +258 21 329 859/60 Cell: +258 823 193 170 Email:

EURO RENT, LDA Tel: +258 (0)21 485 572 Cell: +258 (0)82 301 4519; 82 311 4519 Email:


HERTZ Tel: +258 (0)21 303 172/73; 21 465 534 Email:

IMPERIAL Tel: +258 (0)21 418 878 Cell: +258 82 300 5180 Email:

TRANS CITY Tel: +258 (0)21310209 Cell: +258 (0)82 468 6000; 82 305 4540 Email:










DOLCE VITA Tel: +258 (0)21 487 635


LAM - LINHAS AÉREAS DE MOÇ. Tel: +258 (0)21 466 595; 21 466 008; 21 498 097 Email:

MEX Email:

JAPANESE RESTAURANT ASKA Av 25 de Setembro, Maputo Tel: +258 (0)21 302 618 Email:


Pelican Airlines Tel: +27 (0)11 973 3649 Email:


Avenida 10 de Novembro, Maputo Email:




Tel: +258 (0)21 495 201

MIMOS Email:

PEROLA DE MAPUTO Tel: +258 (0)84 875 7310

MOZAMBIQUE HORSE SAFARI Cell: +258 (0)842 512 910 Email:;




SURF Tel: +258 (0)84 337 8731


XIMI Tel: +258 (0)82 536 4706



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Mozambique Tourism Authority Tel: +258 21 307320/1 Fax: +258 21 307322/3 Email:

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