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Landis+Gyr is the leading global provider of integrated energy management products tailored to energy company needs and unique in its ability to deliver true end-to-end Advanced Metering solutions. Today, the Company offers the broadest portfolio of products and services in the electricity metering industry, and is paving the way for the next generation of the Smart Grid. With annual sales of more than USD 1.5 billion, Landis+Gyr, an independent growth platform of the Toshiba Corporation (TKY: 6502) and 40 % owned by the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), operates in 31 countries across five continents, and employs more than 5,700 people with the sole mission of helping the world manage energy better. More information is available at


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Making the Grid Smart

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

APRIL ■■ Denmark: Landis+Gyr has signed an agreement to purchase PowerSense, a Danish Smart Grid sensor and monitoring company with global reach to give utilities optimum distribution grid management options.

Milestones 2014/15 JUNE

■■ USA: Landis+Gyr acquired GRIDiant Corporation, a leading utility analytics company focused on the electric distribution grid, expanding the Company’s software analytics portfolio. ■■ India: Landis+Gyr secured further major contracts from West Bengal State Electricity Distribution (WBSEDCL) and Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM).

JULY ■■ Poland: Landis+Gyr partnered in with utility RWE to roll out Smart Meters and intelligent data management software for residential buildings in the country’s capital Warsaw.

SEPTEMBER ■■ France: Landis+Gyr was selected by ERDF as one of the major suppliers for the first phase of its Linkytype Smart Meter rollout. The contract reaches a volume of EUR 60 million in 2015–2016. ■■ USA: Landis+Gyr announced it will partner with Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. and National Grid on an energy modernization study.


OCTOBER ■■ Brazil: Light and Landis+Gyr unveiled the largest Smart Grid partnership in South America to improve the efficiency and reliability of Rio de Janeiro state grid. ■■ USA: Landis+Gyr was selected by Westar Energy for a comprehensive Smart Grid services contract, by Florida Power & Light for its Smart Meter rollout to commercial users and Pepco Holdings Inc. for an enterprise-wide grid analytics solution.

DECEMBER ■■ Denmark: DONG Energy chose Landis+Gyr to deliver its Gridstream ® Meter Data Management System (MDMS) enabling the utility to efficiently process and validate energy data and automating business processes.

JANUARY (2015) ■■ USA: Landis+Gyr’s FOCUS meter shipments eclipsed the 30-million mark.

FEBRUARY (2015) ■■ USA: Frost & Sullivan recognized Landis+Gyr with the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market. ■■ Japan: Landis+Gyr deployed 1.7 million communications modules at TEPCO and ramped up its dedicated RF module production volume to 250,000 per month.

MARCH (2015) ■■ USA: Landis+Gyr released an update of its Gridstream® Meter Data Management System (MDMS), which includes new data storage architecture, improved performance of on-demand commands and enhanced user interface.


Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Contributing to a Flourishing and Vibrant Life Hiroshi Kurihara, Chairman Landis+Gyr AG

Message From the Chairman Landis+Gyr’s unique, industry-leading Smart Metering technology is an important part of Toshiba’s overall product philosophy of realizing the Human Smart Community. Both companies promote technology for the benefit of people and society.

Hiroshi Kurihara, Chairman Landis+Gyr AG

Toshiba Corporation’s vision is to contribute to the realization of a Human Smart Community by providing the framework for a safe, secure and comfortable society that always puts people’s well-being first. Everyone everywhere in the world should be able to enjoy a flourishing, vibrant life. To make its vision reality, Toshiba is partnering with the most innovative companies worldwide, among them Landis+Gyr, to jointly originate the technologies, products and services necessary to move society ahead.

Landis+Gyr Helps Transform the Energy Industry Landis+Gyr’s intelligent approach to Smart Grids is part and parcel of Toshiba’s Human Smart Community philosophy powered by “lifenology,” a neologism combining the words “life” and “technology.” Landis+Gyr and Toshiba are uniquely positioned to help energy providers and end users address the many changes in today’s and tomorrow’s energy industry. No other combination of companies today offers such a vast range of electric power services and products. Toshiba possesses strong expertise in generating a stable supply of power while reducing CO 2 and greenhouse gas emissions through solutions in hydro, solar, nuclear, geo-thermal and wind power generation. Landis+Gyr has the technology to measure, analyze and manage energy demand and supply, which is crucial in the light of ongoing structural change in the energy markets and to meet the future needs of customers or users. By combining the expertise of the two companies, we aim to go a step further and enable people to transform technology advancements into a better quality of life. All of us at Toshiba congratulate and thank Landis+Gyr for its ongoing achievements in enabling people to manage energy better, thereby moving society forward toward our joint vision.

Ownership Toshiba Corporation Innovation Network Corporation of Japan


60 % 40 %

“ Landis+Gyr Group Landis+Gyr consolidated its sales at the previous-year level in a competitive market environment characterized by new customer needs and spent a record amount on R&D to prepare for the expected market upturn.

 he integration of GRIDiant’s T high-quality monitoring and control systems and the optical sensor technologies of PowerSense into the existing portfolio of Landis+Gyr is expected to result in new, groundbreaking products.

Energy markets and the corresponding business models for utilities are becoming increasingly challenging. Projects such as power stations or transmission and distribution networks are confronted with a dynamic market environment and drastically altering framework conditions. While traditional power plant projects represent investment cycles spanning several decades, the power generation capacity of renewable sources such as wind and solar has been increasing significantly year after year. These developments are prompting energy providers to review their business and investment strategies and direct their focus toward advanced energy management and distribution systems that minimize the threat of blackouts and supply bottleneck risks. Investments in intelligent solutions and Smart Grid applications are seen as the best answer to this situation, and such investments are being made at different speeds and scale in the Group’s various sales regions. In this context Landis+Gyr has selectively added new smart solution offerings to its innovative technology portfolio.

Andreas Umbach, President and Chief Executive Officer

Balancing the Market Challenges In its financial year ending March 31, 2015, Landis+Gyr, an independent growth platform within the Toshiba Group, achieved sales of USD 1.519 billion (2013/14: USD 1.539 billion). Given the challenging global environment, structural change coming from the continued substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, and market slowdowns in a number of countries across the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions, sales slightly decreased by 1.3 %. While in the Americas region, the sales volume grew by a strong 4.6 %, supported by continued public spending on Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) installations and surging demand for Smart Grid applications, markets in the EMEA region suffered from continued budget constraints in the public sector, resulting in new delays of planned major Smart Grid rollouts throughout the region. Sales in the EMEA region decreased by 8.8 %.


Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

 ur new global research and O development model based on the motto ‘think global, act local’ improves the efficiency and flexibility of the Group’s R&D capabilities through knowledge sharing and better resource utilization.

Richard Mora, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

In response to ongoing structural change in the markets and increased competition, management initiated a global program to improve organizational structures and lower production costs. One of the key targets of the program is the centralization of the manufacturing activities for the different product groups at regional competence centers, thereby optimizing economy-of-scale effects and the utilization of existing capacity.

Sales 3rd in million USD Americas EMEA


2014/15 2013/14 2014/15

2013/14 229.8 Asia Pacific 2014/15




In the light of the high priority of energy efficiency efforts in many European countries, Landis+Gyr expects a market recovery as of 2016 and is investing significant resources in its unique technology in order to be well prepared once markets experience new dynamics. In Asia Pacific sales declined by 1.4 %. Looking forward, the regional organization won groundbreaking mandates from renowned customers, which should pave the way to renewed growth in the upcoming years. Even though the Company continued to adapt to structural change in energy markets while coping with further delays in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects, Landis+Gyr is looking to the future with confidence based on its strong industry-leading technology portfolio. The Group expects to overcome the temporary setback experienced in the first quarter and revitalize its top line performance once markets in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions regain business momentum.

+ 4.6 %


– 8.8 %


– 1.4 %



Adding New Key Technologies to the Portfolio In the financial year 2014/15, Landis+Gyr observed in advanced markets that Smart Grid applications were becoming a focus area of utility investment. The strategic acquisition of two technology-leading companies added new expertise to Landis+Gyr’s strong intellectual property portfolio. In April 2014, the acquisition of PowerSense, a Danish Smart Grid sensor and monitoring company, gave Landis+Gyr access to a fast-developing area of the Smart Grid

market, which is forecast to grow significantly across Europe over the next decade and shows similar potential in North America and the Asia Pacific region. PowerSense rounded off Landis+Gyr’s strong portfolio with optical sensor technologies and highquality monitoring and control systems for the power distribution networks. The acquisition of GRIDiant in June 2014 expanded Landis+Gyr’s software analytics portfolio, further enhancing end-to-end solution capability and underscoring the Company’s commitment to becoming a global leader in Smart Grid technologies and products. The combination of Landis+Gyr’s Smart Grid platform and GRIDiant’s advanced analytics tools will offer utilities additional quantifiable benefits as they work to address the many challenges faced

 urrently there is much change C underway in the international energy markets. Observing new market trends and evolving technologies that enable innovative solutions will create new growth opportunities for Landis+Gyr.

Roger Amhof, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

today – such as aging infrastructure, distributed generation and outage management. The particular benefit of GRIDiant’s solution is the visualization of its analysis. Operators can easily detect emerging supply bottlenecks or identify an overstrained transformer, and thus decide where to send maintenance teams or where to direct new investment spending for capacity expansion in order to avert blackouts. In parallel, and crucially, Landis+Gyr continued to strengthen its own state-of-the-art offering by spending USD 148.2 million for research and development in its business during the year. Among many other initiatives, the Group launched its newest Gridstream® Meter Data Management System (MDMS) versions featuring new data storage architecture, enhanced performance of on-demand commands as well as efficiency and security improvements, e.g. for exchanging data between interoperable Smart Meters and Head-End Systems (HES) via Power Line Communication (PLC). As a supplement to its Gridstream® solution, Landis+Gyr also announced the release of its enhanced operating software for Demand Response and Load Management applications. Power Center allows utilities to operate a virtual peak plant by aggregating a large number of loads into a dispatchable resource. Building on these innovative solutions, Landis+Gyr, in close collaboration with Toshiba as the prime contractor and system integrator, successfully progressed and met requested specifications for the technical foundation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO) large-scale communication network project, including the Head-End System (HES), network expertise, RF communications modules, and the Meter Data Management System (MDMS), providing TEPCO with tools to help their 29 million customers manage energy better. Based on these achievements, Frost & Sullivan applauded Landis+Gyr in February 2015 for developing groundbreaking technologies to build futureready Smart Grids across the globe and awarded the Company the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.


Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Major Contract Wins In the reporting period, Landis+Gyr North America again added new customer contracts to its portfolio. New project wins included Florida Power & Light, Westar Energy (Kansas), WE Energies (Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), Arizona Public Service, PSE&G (Newark, NJ), Sharyland Utilities as well as Chugach Electric Association (Alaska). These new projects line up with Landis+Gyr’s long-standing reputation of providing migration strategies and support for municipal and cooperative utilities. In South America, Brazilian utility Light and Landis+Gyr signed a partnership on a landmark project. The fiveyear contract involves one of the largest Smart Grid projects in the region and is part of Light’s ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency and reliability of Rio de Janeiro’s state grid. In the EMEA region, Landis+Gyr was chosen to deliver a substantial number of Linky meters to ERDF, the French national electricity distributor. As another path-breaking achievement, leading Danish energy company DONG Energy partnered with Landis+Gyr to deliver a state-of-the-art advanced data analytics system solution that will support Smart Metering at all of its residential metering end points. In the Asia Pacific region, Landis+Gyr won high-volume metering contracts from Indian West Bengal State Electricity Distribution (WBSEDCL) and Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM).

Employees + 215









Jonathan Elmer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer






59 % Operations 21 % R&D including Product Management 20 % SG & A including Group Head Quarters

| 10

 he EMEA and Asia Pacific T regions offer promising growth opportunities in the years to come. In both regions we are investing heavily in our solution offering and globally coordinating our significant R&D investments.

 e are cooperating closely W with the world’s best suppliers and the Toshiba Procurement team to leverage operational cost across Landis+Gyr’s entire organization.

Leveraging Global Capabilities To encourage global collaboration, knowledge sharing and the pooling of resources, Landis+Gyr is currently streamlining its research and development capabilities across the globe for the maximum benefit of its customers and introducing a new global operating model and governance structure that will oversee all future R&D projects and activity. As markets become more and more competitive and customer expectations increase, the new organization model aims to generate significant benefits in terms of product development efficiency and time-to-market by coordinating identical or similar customer needs in the different regions and allocating customers to one team composed of the most experienced and skilled Landis+Gyr experts worldwide headed by one responsible project leader. These strategic efforts are closely coordinated with the initiatives of Roger Amhof, who joined the Group in April 2014 as new Chief Strategy Officer. Among his team’s priorities are the ongoing analysis of future market trends and needs as well as the evaluation of new technologies and growth opportunities. Another management focus concerned further improvements and global coordination of supply chain management operations. To exploit additional potential for synergies Landis+Gyr’s Group Procurement Management team, led by Dieter Hecht, Chief Procurement Officer, met with Toshiba Corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer, accompanied by representatives of the Toshiba Corporation Procurement Division. During the meeting Thoshiba’s CEO expressed his appreciation regarding the significant cost improvement efforts achieved by Landis+Gyr Group Procurement in close collaboration with the Toshiba Corporate Procurement Division.

Dieter Hecht, Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

All meeting participants agreed on the high importance of procurement roles and activities for improving the profitability and cash flow of both companies. In addition to the existing activities, clear instructions were given to both teams to proceed with additional procurement projects based on the expertise and experience of Landis+Gyr Group Procurement, especially in the field of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and box build outsourcing.

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Adapting to New Customer Needs Prasanna Venkatesan, Executive Vice President Americas

Americas In a challenging market environment characterized by evolving customer needs, Landis+Gyr continued to strengthen its leadership position. Sales in the Americas region increased by 4.6 % to USD 768.2 million in 2014/15.

Employees + 41 2013/14




2,141 2014/15








72 % Operations 15 % R&D including Product Management 13 % SG & A

Sales 3rd in million USD 2013/14


+ 4.6 % 2014/15

| 12



In the financial year 2014/15, the adoption of new energy technologies and the influx of data to support analytical applications continued to transform the industry. In this evolving market environment, Landis+Gyr expanded its sales volume by 3 % in North America. In South America, sales grew by 17 %, primarily due to recovering sales of traditional meters and new Smart Grid projects. While some utilities are implementing their first cycle of Advanced Metering and Smart Grid technologies, others have begun the upgrade process to a second generation of automation technology. This led to ongoing market growth during this reporting period. Landis+Gyr North America signed more than 50 new Advanced Metering and Smart Grid project deployment contracts. Although the number of available Advanced Metering projects slowed compared to previous years, Landis+Gyr observes that Smart Grid application projects are on the rise and are a key focus area for utility investment. To help utilities meet challenges deriving from integration of renewables, grid reliability expectations and utility operational improvements, Landis+Gyr expanded its portfolio to include more distribution-sensing equipment, energy management software, new service offerings and added advanced analytics offerings with the acquisition of GRIDiant Corporation in June 2014. GRIDiant’s proven analytics suite ideally complements Landis+Gyr’s existing Advanced Metering, distribution grid management and Cloud-based solutions. The widening of the Company’s strong technology portfolio was positively received in the market. In October 2014, Pepco Holdings, Inc. entered into an enterprise-wide license agreement to deploy a comprehensive grid analytics solution from Landis+Gyr across its service territories. As a further investment in future growth, Landis+Gyr and National Grid partnered with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Inc. for an energy study that will develop strategies to improve reliability, sustainability and the quality of energy used on the Medical Campus. Finally, Con Edison installed Landis+Gyr’s L510 load control switches at 50 single-family homes as part of a project to manage energy use at plug-in electric vehicle charging stations.

US utilities continue to invest in Advanced Metering Infrastructure to collect relevant information. Forerunners are shifting their focus. They see advanced data analytics as a key enabler of further Smart Grid applications, more intelligent asset management and increased customer satisfaction.

Landis+Gyr established the largest Smart Grid partnership in South America with the Brazilian utility Light, which will rely on Landis+Gyr’s best-in-class Gridstream® Smart Grid solution.


United States of America

 he combination of our T market-leading Smart Grid platform, our expert staff and growing suite of advanced applications ensures that Landis+Gyr is the partner of choice for utilities that seek smarter management of their distribution grids.

Revolutionary analysis tools helped Landis+Gyr to secure significant contract wins and paved the way for utilities to make the grid smart.

Brazil is investing heavily in infrastructure modernization projects. Energy utilities are still struggling with nontechnical losses, but are upgrading their

distribution infrastructure at the same time. Furthermore, they are starting to explore investments in Smart Metering and Smart Grid solutions.

Prasanna Venkatesan, Executive Vice President Americas

In 2014/15, Landis+Gyr North America again won important new customer contracts in addition to managing nearly 60 ongoing projects. New project wins include Florida Power & Light, Westar Energy (Kansas), WE Energies (Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), Arizona Public Service, PSE&G (Newark, NJ), Sharyland Utilities as well as Chugach Electric Association (Alaska).

While the main focus of utilities in the region is on ensuring a secure and stable energy supply as well as minimizing commercial losses, Landis+Gyr acts among the front-runners in the deployment of Advanced Metering projects. As a milestone achievement, Brazilian utility Light and Landis+Gyr announced the largest Smart Grid partnership in South America in October 2014. The contract is part of Light’s ongoing effort to improve the efficiency and reliability of Rio de Janeiro’s state grid. The project covers the supply, implementation, operation and maintenance of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream® Smart Grid solution.

Strong Momentum in South America In South America, sales increased to USD 102 million, a strong expansion of 17 % compared to the previous year’s performance. This achievement results from recovered sales of residential and Non-Advanced Metering Infrastructure meters, as well as a new landmark project with Light in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Preparing for Market Recovery Oliver Iltisberger, Executive Vice President EMEA

EMEA Despite the current volume contraction due to continued delays in the rollout of Smart Metering projects in various countries throughout the EMEA region, Landis+Gyr invested significant resources during 2014/15, in advance of the expected market recovery beginning in 2016.

Markets in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region remained soft in the financial year 2014/15, hampered by the ongoing constraints of public spending. Even though the energy efficiency debate experiences high priority in many countries, investments in the modernization of the energy distribution network remained on a low level to date. However, based on new legislation and regulatory efforts underway, Landis+Gyr is expecting market recovery starting in 2016. In the meantime Landis+Gyr will have to adapt its operational setup and cost structure to current lower demand while consequently investing in R&D to fulfill specific customer requirements as well as to be prepared for new market dynamics. In the reporting period, the regional management spent a record-high 12 % of its sales on R&D, putting its unique technology offering in a favorable position once the next landmark Smart Grid mandates will be awarded.

Expansion of Technology Portfolio

Employees + 65 2013/14


2,272 2014/15











Groundbreaking Project Wins




55 % Operations 17 % R&D including Product Management 25 % SG & A 3 % Group Headquarters

Sales 3rd in million USD 2013/14



– 8.8 % 2014/15


| 14

The acquisition of PowerSense is of strategic importance, adding optical sensor technologies as well as Smart Grid monitoring and controller expertise to the Group’s technology portfolio. PowerSense develops and produces high-quality supervision and control systems delivering solutions which enable utilities to optimize their distribution grid management, including better outage management, improved power quality and optimization of asset life. PowerSense services a fast-developing area of the Smart Grid market, which is forecast to grow significantly over the next decade across Europe, and the market shows similar potential in North America and the Asia Pacific region.

An important success represents the selection of Landis+Gyr by French national electricity distributor ERDF for its first step in the deployment of Linky meters. Landis+Gyr as one of the leading suppliers for this strategic program was chosen to deliver a substantial portion of Linky meters and data concentrators. From the beginning of the project, Landis+Gyr took part in both designing and testing of the Linky meter, in accordance with ERDF specifications. The volumes in this first step are 3 million Linky meters and 80,000 data concentrators, with a split between G1 technology (PLC-PLAN) and G3 technology (PLC based on OFDM technology).

It took some time to evaluate and specify the appropriate Smart Metering technology that will help French ERDF meet the 2020 energy policy targets of the EU. But the

undertaking is gaining speed. ERDF is now implementing the first wave of the planned nationwide Smart Metering rollout and preparing for the next lot to come.

Germany is moving forward with its energy transition, pushing investment in renewable energy resources and microgrids. Impressive growth rates of renewables are causing major problems for distribution grid operators, who are now looking for solutions to better balance demand and response and to protect their distribution assets from overvoltage and blackouts.



 mart Metering in Europe S is finally taking off with increased AMI tender activity expected in the coming years. Due to our continuous investment in R&D, we will be well positioned to capture some of the exciting growth opportunities ahead of us.

As technology partner from the very beginning, Landis+Gyr is supporting ERDF in its ambitious program by delivering a significant portion of the Linky Smart Meters.

EnBW is relying on Landis+Gyr’s advanced technology to monitor more than 3,000 installations in the south of Germany, linking them directly to the utility’s SCADA system.

Oliver Iltisberger, Executive Vice President EMEA

Among other major project wins in the EMEA region are the Gridstream ® contract in Austria and the Smart Grid deal in Poland. Energie Burgenland has awarded the first AMI contract in Austria to Landis+Gyr for the G3-PLC-based Smart Metering solution Gridstream ® comprised of 190,000 Smart Meters run on Landis+Gyr’s Head-End System (HES). The four largest distribution system operators (DSOs) in Poland – TAURON Dystrybucja, RWE Stoen Operator, ENEA Operator and PGE Dystrybucja – have opted for Landis+Gyr’s S650 Smart Grid Terminal (total volume of 36,500 devices) to improve the reliability of energy supply and meet the legislative requirements for SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index).

Under the terms of another contract awarded by the Polish network operator RWE, Landis+Gyr delivered its Gridstream® end-to-end solution, including 50,000 Smart Meters and the Gridstream® AIM software system for installation in residential buildings located in the city of Warsaw at the end of 2014. Finally in Denmark Landis+Gyr was chosen to deliver its Gridstream ® Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to DONG Energy that will process and validate hourly energy data collected from the utility residential meter base of 1 million end points. The Landis+Gyr solution will enable DONG Energy to strengthen its meter management and analytics capabilities in Denmark. .

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Building New Capacities for Future Growth Ellie Doyle, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

In the financial year 2014/15, Landis+Gyr’s Asia Pacific operations improved its organizational setup and expanded its capabilities for servicing the different markets.

Asia Pacific In 2014/15, the regional organization made some significant progress in positioning itself to serve the large and varied Asia Pacific market. Subsequent to the conclusion of mandated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) rollout in Victoria, the Asia Pacific region is experiencing some delays for other AMI rollouts resulting in an almost flat top line. Despite this, the region remains at the beginning of the growth curve for AMI and the Smart Grid.

Employees +109














45 % Operations 38 % R&D including Product Management & Group Development Center 17 % SG & A

Sales 3rd in million USD 2013/14



– 1.4 % 2014/15


| 16

In order to lay the groundwork for future growth, the Group’s Development Center in Noida was further expanded. The cutting-edge technology stack in which Landis+Gyr has invested millions of dollars, and which has matured in other parts of the world, was introduced into the Asia Pacific region, while solution and services capabilities were built to address customer needs. Groundbreaking work was done on the AMI rollout in Japan, particularly the 27-million end point AMI project at Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) together with Toshiba. Tata Power’s pioneering AMI pilot project in India, a key milestone in the reporting period, was successfully completed. The Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited initiative represents an excellent reference case for Landis+Gyr’s involvement in new, state-ofthe-art Smart Grid projects. In Australia, the organization successfully progressed the execution of its service strategy and entered into a collaboration with Telstra, the telecommunications giant and market leader. Landis+Gyr China had been focusing on providing quality heat metering and electricity metering products for high-end meter markets. The Southeast Asia region is ripe for growth, and the Company is working closely with key customers to position itself for significant profitable opportunities, including AMI. In Hong Kong, the organization won important new business with CLP and HEC, showing good growth year-on-year. In Japan, Landis+Gyr built up local resources to fulfill the challenging requirements of TEPCO. The project teams made good progress and Landis+Gyr started the mass delivery of communication modules. In parallel, Landis+Gyr is also evaluating further growth opportunities in the Japanese market which continues to open up for international suppliers.

 eeting customer expectaM tions with high-quality products and solutions is a key differentiator for us. This commitment to quality, together with a renewed attention to customer focus, is the basis for our future success.


The utility WBSEDCL awarded Landis+Gyr with a contract for more than 1 million digital meters in order to modernize its power grid and support its electrification efforts.

Important Project Wins Among the major project wins in 2014/15 were new mandates from West Bengal State Electricity Distribution (WBSEDCL) and Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) in India, Metrix in New Zealand and Horizon Power in Australia.

are therefore modernizing and upgrading their meter parks whereas forerunners are launching pilot Smart Metering and Smart Grid projects.

Landis+Gyr supports various energy utilities in this undertaking and will deliver over 200,000 Smart Meters to the New Zealand utility Metrix over the next three years.

New Zealand Ellie Doyle, Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

India has set the ambitious target of rolling out 150 million smart electricity meters by 2025 and upgrading the country’s electricity network infrastructure. Utilities

New Zealand is one of the forerunners in Smart Metering in the Asia Pacific region. As an early adopter, the country’s utilities will have equipped most homes with Smart Meters by the end of 2015, allowing for more detailed information on consumer behavior and dedicated service offerings.

In New Zealand, Landis+Gyr secured a frame contract from Metrix to supply 230,000 AMI meters over the next three years. Metrix supplies AMI and services to energy retailers and the utility sector across the entire country. In Australia, Horizon Power selected Landis+Gyr to deliver 48,000 AMI meters. Horizon Power is a state government-owned, commercially focused corporation that provides high-quality, reliable power to around 100,000 residents and 10,000 businesses. Together, these wins and initiatives build a foundation for significant growth in the years to come.

In India, Landis+Gyr secured another large contract for more than 1 million digital meters from WBSEDCL, which supplies 96 % of power in the state of West Bengal, including parts of the city of Kolkata. The new order is aimed at facilitating ongoing grid modernization and electrification.

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Information is key for a Smart Grid. With our solutions we provide the transparency needed for intelligent and effective operations.

Committed Employees To manage energy better one needs smart technology, products and solutions allowing for more sustainable and efficient use of resources. That defines Landis+Gyr’s mission: providing the means to manage energy better by making the grid smart. Through their dedication, our more than 5,700 employees have made Landis+Gyr the leader in Smart Metering with a strong foothold in the growing market for Smart Grid applications. The following testimonials illustrate how we at Landis+Gyr maximize our employees’ talent, experience and ambition.

Patricio Villard, Vice President Product Management BL CISG, Zug

Advanced Metering solutions are gaining momentum in Brazil, with projects such as the one at Light. Our anti-theft solution helps utilities prevent nontechnical losses. With Smart Grid applications we support them as they enter a new era of the Smart Grid.

Ennio Schiavon, Product and Marketing Manager, Curitiba

| 18

 e are committed to W managing our business grounded in solid financial principles, so that we will deliver and invest in what matters most to our customers.

Sean Goodman, Senior Vice President and CFO Americas, Alpharetta

 t Landis+Gyr, we aim A to be best in class. We create a working environment where each individual can develop his or her particular talents. Susanne Egger, Head of Human Resources Switzerland, Zug

 e are striving to W anticipate customer needs by offering innovative solutions to the customers even before they know they need them.

Darrell Swope, Vice President and CTO Americas, Alpharetta

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

BUILDING DISTRIBUTION AND CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE ON THE BASIS OF AMI Landis+Gyr’s analysis of the changing needs of utilities revealed a fundamental need for enhanced data and real-time information enabling energy providers to take fact-based decisions. Whether this data is used to make the distribution assets or the end customer more intelligent, utilities need robust functionality on multiple fronts, ranging from core processes to efficient use of existing infrastructure and the integration of system and end-user requirements.

Making the Grid Smart PREPARING THE GRID FOR THE FUTURE The utility world is entering a new era. Transformative changes in the energy industry are creating both challenges and opportunities for utilities. Unprecedented demand for power worldwide, including the integration of renewable generation resources, and tougher environmental regulations are impacting conventional business models and forcing power providers to rethink how they manage their power supply and their relationships with customers. The Smart Grid, an advanced energy distribution system supported by an intelligent communications network, offers a solution to master the transition to an increasingly decentralized grid architecture and empowers a customer base that is showing growing interest in taking control of its power consumption.

| 20

FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS Landis+Gyr designed its product portfolio to create an improved service offering for utilities and customers. The umbrella solution brand Gridstream速 offers flexible ingredients for electricity, heat and gas that can be tailored to meet the special needs and challenges of customers and their energy grids. Open architecture allows integration of either new or existing systems and can also include those of third-party vendors. This product and service offering for utilities, service providers and end customers fits into three solution sets.




Provides real-time, unprecedented access to energy user data

Enables utilities to model, operate and control their processes and assets intelligently

Enables utilities to create greater engagement with their customers

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Distribution Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) provides the data and sensor backbone for operational and commercial processes of utilities, allowing a new dimension of service and tailor-made offerings. By delivering unprecedented access to energy usage and grid reliability data in real time, advanced metering solutions meet utility demands for a real-step change in network management tools, a necessity brought on by growing grid complexity. Gridstream AMI solutions allow real-time, two-way communications for electricity, heat and gas providing the foundation for an intelligent network, and the heart of a smarter grid.

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ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE RWE IN POLAND RWE operates a number of companies in Poland, including RWE Polska, which is responsible for selling energy and gas, and RWE Stoen Operator, which manages the Warsaw power network. RWE in Poland has nearly 1 million customers across the country.

CUSTOMER NEEDS RWE searched for a Smart Metering technology consisting of both Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) software to install inside residential buildings in Warsaw, to ■■ verify and test the existing technical solutions for smart metering on grid operated by RWE ■■ collect detailed metering data to improve quality of energy supply and rapidly identify any interference in the network ■■ build necessary infrastructure to provide end consumers with access to current consumption data in the future ■■ contribute to the development of Smart Metering in Poland

SOLUTION APPROACH RWE selected Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream AMI solution to meet these end-to-end requirements, including 100,000 Smart Meters and AMI software. Gridstream is based on a modular, interoperable architecture that combines metering, communications, network management, software, grid and consumer applications, and professional services in a single, secure and integrated platform. It provides RWE engineers with access to rich granular data that can be used to better understand and manage distribution networks.

BENEFITS ■■ With its interface to RWE’s existing IT infrastructure,Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream ® solution will help RWE optimize its asset management by helping forecast demand, providing new insights into consumer behavior and optimizing processes of exploitation of the grid. ■■ RWE consumers will benefit from reliable electricity supply thanks to precise information that enables greater control over energy use. Landis+Gyr will support RWE in billing processes and providing daily data. ■■ The implementation of the Smart Grid concept is part of RWE’s investments in smart infrastructure in Poland. It will support the development of elements of smart grid and distributed generation.

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BENEFITS Infrastructure advancement: Replacing and/or upgrading measurement and monitoring devices, communications, and IT/OT software infrastructure to provide a more advanced and reliable distribution network for electricity, gas, heat and water Billing accuracy: More accurate billing based on the capability to extract and process in near real-time billing determinants from the billing-certified meter, as well as collect meter state information (e.g. energization state) to aid the bill estimation process Infrastructure communication and integration: Greater ease of integrating new products into an existing grid based on communication protocols and preintegrated devices Revenue protection: Detecting and preventing technical and nontechnical losses, such as electricity theft, line loss, billing inaccuracies, and other non-billed electricity use Operational efficiency: Greater efficiency in the planning, allocation and usage of resources (processes, tools, people and assets), such as reduced call-center activity, improved field interventions and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) Advanced grid functionality enablement: Enables the implementation of DI and CI solutions to the distribution network Regulatory compliance: Adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant for the utility domain such as electricity network codes, electricity law, electricity transmission and distribution license conditions Data privacy and security: Data and information security tools, processes and features ensuring protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, including the protection of privacy when information is carried over communication networks

FUNCTIONALITIES Meter Data Management: Performing data validation, estimation and editing (VEE) process as well as long-term data storage and management for information delivered by Smart Metering systems to inform business processes Data collection: Gathering data obtained from sensors and the measurement of energy usage Command and control: Two-way communications to remotely control grid assets and manage selected appliances Measurement and monitoring: Monitoring consumption and voltage quality by measuring energy usage and supply at the consumer level Communications network monitoring and management: Monitoring and managing the AMI communications network Consumer tariff and connection management: Physical infrastructure and systems software for remote tariff and meter control, for connecting and disconnecting customers to or from the grid and for controlling their load

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ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE TEPCO Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO) is the largest electric utility in Japan, bringing electricity to over 27 million service locations in the greater Tokyo area. Serving a population of over 45 million people, TEPCO has annual energy sales of over 266,000 GWh in FY2013. TEPCO is focused on improving energy efficiency across its unique service territory as it meets these customers’ power needs today and in the future.

CUSTOMER NEEDS TEPCO is seeking to expand its grid reliability, offer value-added services and enable efficient energy use for each customer to: ■■ provide visibility to energy consumption usage and support choice in rate plans and energy efficiency efforts for consumers ■■ improve business process efficiency ■■ reduce capital investment requirements through data-based analytics and command and control functionality ■■ leverage existing infrastructure and open standards ■■ deliver safe and reliable energy

SOLUTION APPROACH TEPCO selected a leading-edge, multi-modal metering communication network controlled by Landis+Gyr’s AMI Head-End System software. This enables swapping of RF mesh, Power Line Communications and cellular communication from the end points, and therefore provides options to best fit communication technology to specific requirements. The AMI Head-End System, coupled with Landis+Gyr’s MDMS platform, offers complete scalability for 27 million end points and multiple in-premise devices within a single, efficient environment.

BENEFITS ■■ One communication network backbone servicing all metering points regardless of topography. ■■ Common Head-End System to manage network, collect data and interface with other utility systems. ■■ Stellar system performance: improved data collection and availability in addition to command and control functionality. Seamless MDMS interface provides for system-wide validation, estimation and editing functionality. ■■ Home area network support that facilitates energy customer efficiency decisions and opens the door to new service offerings.

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Distribution Intelligence (DI) solutions enable utilities to model, operate and control their distribution assets and processes intelligently. Smart Grid sensors in combination with distribution automation applications and visualization software enable utilities to efficiently monitor and control energy flows on the distribution network and at substation level. These capabilities derived from advanced analytics of big data, are becoming increasingly crucial for balancing supply and demand, for the integration of distributed generation from renewables, as well as for microgrid management and energy storage.

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DISTRIBUTION INTELLIGENCE BURBANK WATER Burbank Water and Power (BWP) is a community-owned public utility serving over 50,000 customers and residents in the City of Burbank, California, since 1913 with safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable electric and water services. As a leader in energy policy, BWP was the first utility in the nation to commit to 33% renewable energy attainment by 2020.

CUSTOMER NEEDS BWP searched for an advanced grid management software application for identifying and monitoring asset loads and voltages on their distribution grid to improve system reliability and performance by: ■■ pinpointing potential weak spots and transformers which are at risk of failure ■■ fixing issues before them before they become a problem ■■ maintaining BWP’s commitment to incorporating new technologies ■■ further leveraging BWP’s investment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure and other back-office systems

SOLUTION APPROACH BWP selected Landis+Gyr’s GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring software to meet these needs. The mudules feature geospatial network visualization, powerflow and patented grid analytics. The application provides BWP engineers and executives new capabilities for visualizing and analyzing load profiles from the substation to the distribution transformer, as well as monitoring voltage levels through the use of real-time sensor and system data.

BENEFITS ■■ By leveraging data through advanced analytics, BWP has better visibility of the system and asset performance, resulting in improved reliability of service and power quality to customers. ■■ Landis+Gyr’s GRIDview Asset Loading & Voltage Monitoring module allows BWP to cast aside the complicated spreadsheets their engineers were using. It simplified the data for the use by the entire organization. ■■ The software saves the organization labor hours and quantifies the amount in dollars behind key decisions based on power losses and the impact on the equipment’s lifecycle.

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BENEFITS Grid security and data privacy: Technologies, processes and tools to prevent unauthorized, unauthenticated, unaccounted physical or cyber access or use of resources to or from the distribution network and to guarantee utility end users privacy and data protection Enhanced demand forecasting: Predicting short- and longterm electricity usage based on historical, meteorological, and other circumstantial data to better manage load and network quality for operational, modelling or design purposes, as well as network design and planning Improved power quality: Tools and processes ensuring that characteristics of electrical parameters stay within statutory limits Asset lifecycle management: Optimizing the lifetime and utilization of grid assets through continuous monitoring and proactive, predictive management Grid resilience and reliability: I ncreasing the distribution network’s ability to withstand and recover from events that could damage the distribution network Enhanced distribution grid planning: Improved tools and processes for the techno-economical assessment of evolution strategies for the distribution network Grid operational efficiency: Greater efficiency in the planning, allocation and usage of grid resources Regulatory compliance and monitoring: Remaining in accordance with and having the necessary data to demonstrate the adherence to local law and regulations Microgrid management: Controlling and managing groups of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources Renewables and low carbon technologies integration: Integrating volataile renewable energy generation into the grid as well as low carbon technologies Transactive energy enablement: Enables a more comprehensive energy market by including prosumers alongside producers and consumers

FUNCTIONALITIES Outage management and restoration: Locating fault / restoring power after transmission or distribution-level failure Distribution automation: The control and information utilities have over-distribution-level equipment Distributed energy resource management: Control and management technology to monitor and manage distributed energy resources according to demand, infrastructure capacity and pricing schemes Dynamic voltage management (Volt/VAR): Using real-time meter voltage information to inform voltage and power factor control over the distribution network Distribution grid visualization: Real-time representation of grid processes or status Energy storage: Batteries or other means to store energy Grid optimization and planning: Optimizing the potential of distribution network assets Grid monitoring and management: Monitoring and managing the distribution network Electric vehicle integration: Ability to respond to demand from high electricity consumption or release of electric vehicle batteries Demand and Supply Side Management: Equipment, controls, and software to monitor and manage load and generation

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DISTRIBUTION INTELLIGENCE ENBW Energie Baden-WĂźrttemberg (EnBW) is one of the largest utilities in Germany and Europe. EnBW supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to 5.5 million customers. By expanding grid functionality and utilizing intelligent technology, EnBW is taking a key role in integrating renewable energies into the smart energy networks and advancing energy transition in Germany.

CUSTOMER NEEDS Increasing renewable energy inputs from distributed generation represents a challenge to the functioning, security and reliability of existing distribution grids to ■■ monitor and control feed-in power and reactive power, prevent critical values from being exceeded and support network stability ■■ prevent grid bottlenecks and protect grids via black-start functionality ■■ replace one-way communication of ripple control by a two-way communication solution ■■ improve efficiency of the existing distribution grids

SOLUTION APPROACH In collaboration with EnBW, Landis+Gyr developed the intelligent and multifunctional Smart Grid module, the S750. This module offers upgradeability to future metering platforms as well as SyM2, the metering standard introduced by major German electricity suppliers. In combination with Landis+Gyr’s E750 Smart Meter, it enables EnBW to sense and then command the various power inputs and manage the generation of connected plants.


operation data provide EnBW with crucial insights into grid status and processes and support the utility in the planning, allocation and usage of grid resources. ■■ By providing control over feed-in power and loads in real time, Landis+Gyr’s S750 grid module enables EnBW to control interconnected power plants’ performance within their existing SCADA IT infrastructure system. ■■ By optimizing generation management, EnBW can improve the efficiency of the system, reduce investments in unnecessary expansions, ensure supply of safe and reliable electricity to its customers, and assume a leading role in Germany’s energy transition.

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Customer Intelligence (CI) solutions enable utilities to create greater engagement with their customers. Meters, sensing devices, home area network communication, In-Home Displays and energy portals allow both utilities and end consumers to take advantage of a broad range of new options. Through enhanced monitoring, customers get better control of individual energy consumption and costs, whereas utilities are better capable of managing and shifting loads and managing demand when distributed generation peaks, thus providing a more stable and costefficient energy supply.

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CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE COLORADO SPRINGS UTILITIES Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is a community-owned utility that provides electricity, natural gas, water and wastewater services to customers in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Since 2006, Landis+Gyr has been providing an Advanced Metering solution under a services contract with the utility, and continues to assist the utility with value-added services such as Advanced Load Management.

CUSTOMER NEEDS CSU sought a Load Management solution for the purpose of delaying capital investment that would otherwise be needed to upgrade infrastructure impacted by overloading to: ■■ control peak load on selected distribution circuits ■■ effectively manage conservation events and confirm that load shed occurred ■■ focus initially on controlling HVAC loads using programmable thermostats ■■ engage consumers in the program with appropriate financial incentive

SOLUTION APPROACH CSU chose Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Load Management solution utilizing the RF network platform for communications and programmable devices. This solution provides the utility with a wide variety of control options and tools, such as a mobile app and web portal for consumer engagement. More importantly, it provides the necessary scheduling and confirmation to confidently predict and execute conservation events in a way that best accomplished CSU’s goals.

BENEFITS ■■ Ability to schedule and control conservation events using a non-invasive thermostat strategy. ■■ Near real-time confirmation of timing and amount of load reduction. ■■ Consumer engagement tools making it easier to recruit and retain participants. ■■ Ability to expand the program to include Load Control switches for use on water heaters.

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BENEFITS Energy usage awareness: Sensitizing customers to their usage helping them manage consumption and cost Flexible pricing: Ability to apply different rate schemes and dynamic tariffs depending on time of day, use or market conditions Improved customer satisfaction: Better relationship with customers leading to higher satisfaction through accurate billing, proactive information, and greater empowerment, potentially leading to greater loyalty Consumer data protection, privacy and security: Data and information security tools, processes and features ensuring protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

FUNCTIONALITIES On-premise energy storage: Batteries and other means of storage installed in end-consumer homes Prepayment: Consumption model based on paying for electricity before consuming it Consumer consumption data: Enabling consumers to access their consumption data to increase awareness of consumption Microgeneration: Allowing prosumers to visualize and manage their own production Home automation: Demand side-driven Load Management through the automation of in-home high-consumption devices Consumer tariff and connection management: Intelligent processing of customer-related energy data (e.g. usage, tariff, meter energization status …) so as to enable customer-centric applications such as customer segmentation, tariff schemes, demand forecasting

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With more than 70,000 electric services, Baldwin EMC is the largest electric cooperative utility in the state of Alabama and one of the fastest-growing electric cooperatives in the USA. Established in 1937, Baldwin’s service territory is located between Mobile, AL, and Pensacola, FL. The utility’s territory includes a mix of coastal resort communities, agricultural and forested regions.

CUSTOMER NEEDS Baldwin sought a solution that would help diminish excess by reducing both summer and winter peak demand to ■■ utilize the existing AMI network for Load Management ■■ install 28,000 load control switches as well as add a large number of programmable and controllable thermostats by 2019 ■■ control up to 20 megawatts of load during a conservation event ■■ encourage consumer participation with price incentives and by enabling them to control their devices via mobile application

SOLUTION APPROACH Baldwin chose Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Load Management Solution for its Gridstream RF network. The solution includes load control switches, Gridstream-enabled programmable thermostats and other devices, all managed by Landis+Gyr’s Power Center software. Acceptance testing of load control switches and thermostats revealed that the devices performed successfully 99.86 percent of the time.

BENEFITS ■■ Baldwin forecasts savings of USD 22.7 million in demand costs over an 11-year period without impacting the utility’s margins or reducing required services. ■■ Participating customers benefit from a monthly bill credit for each device controlled, as well as from remote operation of controlled devices via mobile app. This is a particular benefit for owners of vacation rental properties who can adjust thermostat settings remotely when guests leave. ■■ Furthermore, all Baldwin customers benefit from lower power costs as a result of improved demand management.

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information









 eters for residential, comM mercial, industrial and grid applications with modular or integrated communication Meters with credit or prepayment functionality Interoperable devices with industry-leading security and sophisticated frauddetection features

■■ ■■ ■■


Our Products and Capabilities The energy industry is changing rapidly. New technologies allow collecting and analyzing data like never before. Advanced systems provide remarkable command and control functionalities. The promise of a smarter grid with greater efficiency, better insights, and a more conscious use of resources is within reach. Utilities require confidence in a partner who can build and manage an increasingly intelligent grid, able to provide reliable and interoperable products and solutions based on state-ofthe-art technology. In support, we heavily invest in our offering to help our customers master the challenges throughout an evolutionary journey. Products  Gridstream® Distribution Intelligence  Gridstream® Advanced Metering Infrastructure Gridstream® Customer Intelligence Services

| 34

GAS ■■

■■ ■■

 full complement of modular A metering solutions including superior ultrasonic technology with modular or integrated communication for billing and cost allocation in industrial, commercial and residential applications Credit and prepayment Ready for integration in a multi-energy environment


District heating/cooling products with modular or integrated communication for billing and cost allocation in industrial, commercial and residential applications

RF Mesh Cellular PLC Blended Network solutions combining various communication technologies


Data concentrators Routers and repeaters as key elements of communication networks

COMMUNICATION MODULES  or electricity, gas, F heat and water meters including: ■■ PSTN, GPRS, LTE ■■ PLC including PST, OFDM ■■ RF Mesh ■■ M -Bus, Wireless, Ethernet ■■ ZigBee, WiFi











Head-End System (HES) software Market-leading security implementation Proven scalability to support the world’s largest utilities

■■ ■■ ■■



Sensors and actuators Communication networks and devices Monitoring and control software Micro Energy Management solutions



 ully staffed, round-the-clock F data warehousing Offering primary hosting, data backup or full outsourced solutions






Secure web portal Mobile applications



Sensors and sensing solutions Integrators and solutions for mv/lv network monitoring and supervision



In-Home Displays and control devices Programmable and communicating thermostats, providing Advanced Load Management capabilities A secure web portal and optional mobile application allowing to adjust settings remotely


Monitoring and sensing devices Switches and other Load Control devices


 ommunication Networks and C Software for sending pricing signals for implementing events


Sensors and software solutions for asset monitoring and control Tracks multiple parameters and performance characteristics

 eter reading from one proM vider, across the entire utility’s customer base Installation management and logistics, meter maintenance and disaster recovery services Configurable system and individual ownership models



 roducts and solutions allowing P utilities to monitor and adjust system load from the substation to the consumer Total solutions and services ensuring energy savings and protecting power quality


 s an alternative to a fully A owned and operated model, Landis+Gyr Cloud offerings provide the flexibility to outsource portions of system support and management to our subject matter experts


Sensors and actuators Communication networks and devices

■■ ■■


Sensor- and software-based information Track intermittent source impacts


Monitoring and control software Micro Energy Management Solutions

 onitor RMS trends, harmonics and M voltage dynamics


Sensors and repeaters Communication networks and devices


 oftware for optimized distribution S network management

ADVANCED GRID AND DATA ANALYTICS Advanced analytics system software for ■■ Forecasting and simulations ■■ Network performance analysis and modeling ■■ Grid situational awareness



 oftware for validation, estimation and editing as S well as processing and storage of meter data Integrates with systems including HES

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

GRIDSTREAM ® DISTRIBUTION INTELLIGENCE Distribution Intelligence solutions that enable utilities to model, operate and control their processes and assets

BENEFITS ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Our Solution Suite: Gridstream® For utilities seeking a flexible partner to build and manage an increasingly intelligent grid, Gridstream is the interoperable, future-ready suite of solutions delivering proven Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence applications for today and tomorrow. Gridstream helps utilities and their electricity, heat and gas customers confidently realize the full potential of an investment by providing access to better, faster, more actionable data and the command and control applications to ultimately manage energy better.

| 36

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Grid security and data privacy Enhanced demand forecasting Improved power quality Effective asset lifecycle management Grid resilience and reliability Enhanced distribution grid planning Grid operational efficiency Regulatory compliance and monitoring Microgrid management Renewables and low-carbon technologies integration Transactive energy enablement


■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

■■ ■■ ■■

 utage management and restoration after transmisO sion or distribution-level failure Distribution automation Distributed energy resource management Dynamic voltage management (Volt/VAR) Distribution grid visualization of grid processes or status Energy storage Grid optimization and planning through analytics-aided planning, managing and controlling Grid monitoring and management Electric vehicle integration Demand Side Management to relieve capacity constraints due to limited network capacity



Advanced Metering Infrastructure solutions for electricity, heat, gas and multi-energy projects that provide real-time, unprecedented access to energy usage data

Customer Intelligence solutions that enable utilities to create greater engagement with their customers





■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Infrastructure advancement Billing accuracy Infrastructure communication and integration Revenue protection Operational efficiency Advanced grid functionality enablement Regulatory compliance Data privacy and security

■■ ■■ ■■






Meter Data Management Data collection Command and control grid assets and selected appliances Monitoring consumption and voltage quality by measuring energy usage and supply at the consumer level AMI communication network monitoring and management Consumer connection and tariff management

Energy usage awareness Flexible pricing Improved customer satisfaction Data privacy and security

■■ ■■

■■ ■■


 n-premise energy storage installed in end-consumer O homes Prepayment Consumer consumption data to increase awareness of consumption Microgeneration monitoring and control for prosumers Demand-side-driven home automation of in-home high-consumption devices by integrating them in a Virtual Peak Plant solution Consumer connection and tariff management

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Centralized Large-Scale Generation ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Measurement Forecasting Billing Power quality

The Segments We Serve

Energy Utilities ■■ ■■ ■■

Distributed Generation From Renewable Energy Sources ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

■■ ■■

Measurement Power quality Demand supply balancing Micro Energy Management System including storage

■■ ■■

Planning and forecasting Network operations Infrastructure protection, management and restoration Demand Response Energy services and Advanced Metering Management Virtual Peak Plant (SM) Billing

Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) ■■


Large Industrial Consumers ■■



■■ ■■

 nergy metering for electricity, E heat and gas Load Management and scheduling Tariff management and simulation Power quality Billing

 istributed Load Control D (charging and feed-in cycle) Billing

Microgeneration From Renewables ■■ ■■



Demand supply balancing Transformer monitoring and control Micro Energy Management including storage Billing

Big Buildings ■■

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

| 38


 nergy metering for electricity, E heat and gas Billing Power quality and power factor Energy services Micro Energy Management including storage Virtual Peak Plant solutions

The energy system transforms from one-way power flow to a dynamic network of networks allowing for two-way energy flows at the periphery of the grid. This development is reflected in Landis+Gyr’s market offering, R&D investments and strategic priorities. As a consequence and after a series of state-of-the-art technology acquisitions we are now ready to provide an even broader range of increasingly important products and applications helping our customers to serve their customers better.

Peak Generation ■■ ■■ ■■




Forecasting and load shedding Demand supply balancing Virtual Peak Plant and other types of storage Infrastructure monitoring and management Capacity response and supply response Billing

Commercial Energy Consumers ■■



■■ ■■

 etering devices for electricity, M heat and gas Load Management and scheduling Tariff management and simulation Energy consulting and services Virtual Peak Plant services

Residential Energy Consumers ■■




■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Transmission and Distribution Networks ■■ ■■

■■ ■■ ■■

Street Lighting ■■

 ontrols, switches and software C to manage public lighting


Distribution Automation Meters, sensors and other devices for infrastructure monitoring and control Load Management and scheduling Power quality Outage management and restoration Demand Response and capacity response

 lectricity, heat and gas meters E for Time-of-Use / dynamic pricing Demand Response / load shedding Management and control of microgeneration Personal Energy Management tools Smart Home applications Virtual Peak Plant solutions Energy services Billing of electricity, heat and gas

Microgrid ■■

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■


■■ ■■

 etering devices for Time-ofM Use / dynamic pricing Demand Response Load shedding Virtual Peak Plant and storage Management and control of the operational aspects of microgeneration Personal Energy Management and Smart Home applications Energy services Billing

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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

“ Ana Pais, Chief Administrative Officer South America, Curitiba

 razilian utilities are B upgrading their infrastructure. We are anticipating this by readying the Company for future growth.

 emanding end customers D and renewable integration represent a challenge for energy utilities. With our solutions we help them find innovative pathways facilitating Advanced Load Management and smart Demand Response.

Clark Pierce, Vice President and General Manager Load Management Solutions, San Antonio

“ Rajiv Sawhney, Managing Director Middle East Office, Dubai

| 40

In the Middle East, we are supporting the transformation process of our utility customers from a stand-alone metering infrastructure to Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Smart Grid solutions by bringing to them best practices from our global project references.

 o enable the integration of new T energy resources into the power grid, we are developing sensors that monitor and manage the energy load in substations.

Jesper Nielsen, Senior Product Manager Smart Grid Solutions, Zug

 oday, Landis+Gyr delivers T much more than Smart Metering. We develop solution-based messaging to convey the additional value customers can realize by enhancing existing systems with contemporary technologies.

Holly Donaldson, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Alpharetta

“ Tim Hilton, Key Accounts Director, Alpharetta

 e foster good, strong and reliable W long-term relationships with the utilities. We are known as an outstanding, innovative and forward-thinking partner with unique expertise in Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence solutions.

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart   Our Commitment Group Information

Demonstrating Responsibility Andreas Umbach, President and Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Social Responsibility Landis+Gyr understands its responsibilities as a corporate citizen and undertakes a number of major efforts to meet the highest standards in environmental awareness as well as business ethics across the entire value chain of the Group’s products and services. The entire staff works extremely hard to preserve limited resources and promote the sustainable use of energy, thereby contributing to the welfare of today’s and future societies.

In the financial year 2014/15, major initiatives were again undertaken at Landis+Gyr to raise awareness of sustainability issues. Execution of existing programs as well as new initiatives resulted in an overall reduction in water consumption, waste production, use of chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, the Company’s recent investments in key technologies to provide both improved hardware and software solutions will further empower the teams in their mission to help the world manage energy more efficiently. In close collaboration with Toshiba Corporation, Landis+Gyr will continue its untiring and extensive efforts to mitigate the Group’s environmental impact throughout the entire design and production process, and to develop and deliver market-leading, environmentally conscious technologies and products to society.

Safeguarding Health and Safety Landis+Gyr has established standards to ensure socially balanced, healthy and safe working conditions within the Group’s operations and its supply chain. These principles set the framework for an environmentally responsible and ethical business conduct in which workers are treated with respect and dignity. Landis+Gyr operates in full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which it is active.

Full Compliance with Recognized Industry Standards Life-cycle and recycling aspects are an integral factor of design and production processes in the entire value chain of the Group’s products and services. In addition to ISO 14001 certification throughout the Company and at all its key suppliers, Landis+Gyr requires its next-tier suppliers to acknowledge and implement the EICC (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition) code of conduct.

| 42



–20.8 %

 t Landis+Gyr, we take our reA sponsibility towards the environment very seriously, given the need to ensure the livelihood of today’s and future generations. Our innovative products, solutions and services enable utilities and end customers around the world to improve energy efficiency.


–11.5 %

Chemicals –17.3 %


–1.8 %

As a result of increased awareness among employees and the modification of design and production processes

As a result of the modification of design and production processes

As a result of Toshiba’s management of chemicals initiative

Overall CO2 emissions remained constant at 1.8 kg per USD 100 turnover in 2014/15. Emissions per turnover have decreased by 35 % since the program’s inception in 2007

Alignment with Toshiba Initiatives Andreas Umbach, President and Chief Executive Officer

Constant Reduction of Emissions and Pollution Landis+Gyr’s Environmental Policy includes directives related to the sustainable use of resources, to the prevention of emissions and pollution by modification of design and production processes, and to the substitution, recycling and reusing of materials in order to mitigate the environmental impact of its business activities. Landis+Gyr conducts routine monitoring of the performance of its waste treatment and emission control systems in order to ensure their effectiveness and to identify potential improvement. Additionally, Landis+Gyr works closely with its suppliers to ensure that they comply with and provide evidence of their compliance with the Landis+Gyr Environmental Policy through the use of agreed policies and procedures. These include declarations of compliance, self-assessment and third-party assessment and auditing.

As an independent growth platform within the Toshiba Corporation, Landis+Gyr’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles are fully aligned with Toshiba’s CSR strategy. All data related to the environmental impact of Landis+Gyr’s business activities are integrated within Toshiba Group’s Environmental Report. In 2014/15, Landis+Gyr continued to harmonize its CSR and environmental activities with Toshiba Corporation. Specific programs aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues among employees were launched, and further production sites, e.g. Stockport level-1 site in the UK, were added to the list of yearly environmentally audited sites. In parallel, significant resources were devoted to the environmental training of employees.

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart   Our Commitment Group Information

Water: Effective Initiatives at Level-1 Sites

WATER 2012/13

9,494 m3 recycled

132,710 m3


10,443 m3 recycled

135,395 m3


5,499 m3 recycled

107,226 m3

Overall totals of level-1, level-2 and level-3 sites


WASTE 2012/13

2,421 t


2,441 t


1,936 t level-1

Waste: Significant Reductions at Level-1 Sites 690 t 835 t level-2

3,131 t 2,771 t


level-2 data for 2012/13 not available


23.2 t


21.0 t


17.4 t Only level 1-data

Level-1 sites: production and major R&D centers Level-2 sites: smaller production facilities Level-3 sites: sales offices

| 44

Landis+Gyr undertook several projects to reduce water consumption in the reporting period. In India, for example, Landis+Gyr now harvests rain water and treats sewage as well as canteen waste water and has increased environmental awareness levels among employees. In 2014/15, water consumption within the Landis+Gyr Group decreased by 20.8 % to 107,226 m3 from 135,395 m3 in the prior year. While 63.1 % (2013/14: 67.5 %) of total water spending was used by level-1 sites, the focus sites for environmental programs and audits, consumption of level-2 sites amounted to 29.1 % (2013/14: 24.2 %). Level-3 sites accounted for 7.8 % of the total amount (2013/14: 8.4 %).


Landis+Gyr aims for constant improvements that curb the harmful effects of the produced waste. Landis+Gyr seeks to reduce or prevent waste through in-process modifications, reuse and recycling. Waste management also includes the final treatment and disposal of waste at landfills and incineration facilities. In 2014/15, total produced waste decreased by 11.5 % to 2,771 tons from 3,131 tons in the prior year, with 69.9 % coming from level-1 (2013/14: 78 %) and 30.1 % from level-2 sites (2013/14: 22 %).

Chemicals: Downward Trend Confirmed Landis+Gyr aims to minimize the use of chemicals and corresponding emissions in the entire value chain of the Group’s products and services. Therefore, Landis+Gyr is promoting the implementation of Toshiba Group’s initiative concerning the management of chemicals to substitute chemicals identified as hazardous. In 2014/15, the total use of chemicals decreased by 17.3 % to 17.4 tons. Level-1 sites accounted for most of the chemicals impact, whereas use of chemicals at level-2 and level-3 sites was negligible. Since 2012/13, the use of chemicals at level-1 sites decreased by 5.8 tons, which is equivalent to a reduction of 25 %.

Carbon Footprint Since 2007, Landis+Gyr has recorded its carbon footprint by engaging an independent company to support the process and validate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The GHG Protocol provides the three “scopes” (Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3) in order to help delineate direct and indirect emission sources. The carbon footprint is calculated by converting all GHG emissions to metric tons expressed in CO 2 equivalents (CO 2e), using appropriate GWP (Global Warming Potential) factors as published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This allows for the aggregation of all GHG emissions in one single indicator, expressed as the carbon footprint. Besides the GHG Protocol, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an important reporting standard for Landis+Gyr, as part of the Toshiba Group submission.




Further Decrease in Average Emissions per Product In 2014/15, average CO2 emissions per USD 100 turnover remained constant at 1.8 kg, despite a further increase in travel activities resulting from joint business development projects with Toshiba. Nevertheless, on a per-unit-of-production basis, the continuous downward trend of emissions remained intact, reaching a new low of 1.5 kg per device, a 35 % decrease since the program’s inception in 2007.

N2 02




Scope 1 Direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the Company: ■■ energy carriers for the generation of electricity, heat and steam ■■ diesel for the operation of emergency generators ■■ direct GHG emissions attributable to chemical/physical processing ■■ energy carriers consumed in transportation (Landis+Gyr fleet only)

Scope 1 Direct

Scope 2

Scope 3



Scope 3 All other indirect emissions that occur as a consequence of the activities of the Company from sources neither owned nor controlled by the Company. Landis+Gyr used business air travel as an indicator of its Scope-3 emissions.

Company-owned vehicles

Fuel combustion Contractorused vehicles

Purchased electricity for own use

Production of purchased materials and product use

Scope 2

Indirect emissions associated with the generation of purchased electricity consumed by the Company and district heating.

Waste disposal Employee business travel

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart   Our Commitment Group Information


7,143 t


8,178 t


7,058 t


6,680 t


5,690 t


5,585 t


5,911 t


4,809 t

SCOPE 2 2007

27,762 t


24,698 t


23,770 t


23,976 t


24,133 t


22,869 t


22,487 t


22,774 t

SCOPE 3 2007

5,521 t


6,637 t


4,633 t


4,582 t


5,237 t


5,467 t


6,225 t


6,421 t

| 46

2014/15 by Scope In accordance with accepted global standards, the carbon footprint has also been documented in scopes: Scope 1 (direct emissions) amounted to 4,809 tons CO 2e, accounting for 14.1 % of the total (2013/14: 17.1 %). With 22,774 tons CO 2e or 67 % of the total, Scope 2 (indirect emissions) represents the largest component (2013/14: 64.9 %). Business air travel, as part of Scope 3, contributes 6,421 tons CO 2e (18.9  %) to Landis+Gyr’s carbon footprint (2013/14: 18 %). Total CO 2 emissions within the Landis+Gyr Group amounted to 34,004 tons CO2e in 2014/15, down by 1.8 % compared to 34,623 tons CO2e in 2013/14. The decrease in the overall emissions can mainly be attributed to Scope 1 (down by 18.6 % to 4,809 tons CO2e) and was mainly related to the diminished consumption of fuel for emergency power generators. Scope 2 slightly increased by 1.2 % compared to the 2013/14 level. The higher emissions result from additional tests conducted to ensure product quality and reliability. At 22,774 tons CO 2e, it represented the largest component in 2014/15, accounting for 67 % of the total. The upward trend of Scope-3 emissions continued, with emissions increasing by 3.2 % from 6,225 tons CO2e in the prior year to 6,421 tons CO2e, mainly due to increased travel activities. Between 2007 and 2014/15, Landis+Gyr has achieved significant reductions in emissions related to its R&D and manufacturing processes. Since 2007, Scope-1 emissions decreased by 32.7 %, whereas Scope-2 emissions dropped by 18 %. However, during the same period Scope-3 emissions increased by 16.3 % due to augmented joint business development activities with Toshiba Corporation.

2014/15 by Economic Intensity Ratios Ratio indicators provide information on performance relative to a business type. The indicators chosen to express GHG intensities are: • emissions per product • emissions per employee • emissions per 10 m2 of floor area • emissions per USD 100 turnover In 2014/15, the average Group emissions amounted to 1.5 kg per product, 4.8 tons per employee, 1.4 tons per 10 m2 of floor area and 1.8 kg per USD 100 of turnover. The charts also show the values for the previous years.

Between 2007 and 2014/15, Landis+Gyr has achieved significant reductions in emissions. On a per-turnover-basis, emissions decreased from 2.8 kg per USD 100 turnover in 2007 to 1.8 kg in 2014/15, which is equivalent to a reduction of 35 %. Similarly, average emissions per employee decreased from 6.5 tons in 2007 to 5.1 tons in 2014/15 (– 26 %) and emissions per 10 m2 of floor area decreased by 20 % to 1.4 tons in 2014/15. A comparison on a per-unit-of-production reveals a reduction in emissions from 2.3 kg per product in 2007 to 1.5 kg in 2014/15, signifying an improvement by 35 %.


2014/15 1.8 kg

2013/14 1.8 kg

2012/13 1.7 kg

2011 1.9 kg

2010 2.0 kg

2009 2.3 kg

2008 2.4 kg

2014/15 1.5 kg

2013/14 1.6 kg

2012/13 1.6 kg

2011 1.8 kg

2010 2.1 kg

2009 2.2 kg

2008 2.5 kg

2007 2.3 kg


2007 2.8 kg



1.8 t

1.5 t

1.7 t

1.5 t

1.6 t

1.5 t

1.5 t

1.4 t

6.5 t

6.5 t

6.4 t

6.0 t

5.7 t

5.4 t

5.1 t

4.8 t


















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Financial Year 2014/15   Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

 he close and continued engageT ment with our customers allows us to identify emerging market needs and to create innovative solutions that deliver real benefits. Coupled with our global footprint, we are able to share these benefits to all our customers.

David Maclean, Product Management Asia Pacific, Sydney

For the largest Smart Grid project worldwide, the TEPCO project in Japan, we provide state-of-the-art technologies and features that enable a new dimension of interaction between the utility and the end consumer.

Steve Jenks, Landis+Gyr Japan, Tokyo

 hanks to our advanced data T analytics solutions, utilities receive a timely and accurate picture of their distribution grid. That opens up a new dimension of real-time operations, improving grid stability and optimizing the utilization of infrastructure and capacity.

Kelly Dietz, Director Industry Solutions Sales, Alpharetta

| 48

 hereas business is always local, the W technology we employ in our solutions is globalized. In order to leverage the Company’s technical know-how we are pushing hard to harmonize our systems and software, providing broader functionality and higher performance to our customers.

Rauli Hantikainen, Vice President Global Head of SW, Global R&D, Zug

 nergy meters – once pure E cash registers – are evolving into communicating sensors, offering monitoring and control functionality and unlimited interoperability. That explains why they will remain a key component of future Smart Grids.

Peter Mueller, Head of Product Management Devices & Communication EMEA, Zug

 e are excited to design, W offer and implement Smart Grid technology and solutions for big data requirements, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and Cloud services.

Randy Edwards, Director Product Management End-Point Solutions, Alpharetta

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Andreas Umbach

President and Chief Executive Officer

Appointed in 2000; Swiss and German ■■ Various executive positions within Siemens ■■ Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, TU Berlin; MBA University of Texas, Austin ■■

Executive Management Driven by environmental concerns and consumer demand and enabled by a widespread deployment of distributed energy technologies, our customers’ needs are changing. To support them in this transformation we have to adapt and focus. Because every business is local, we retain our regional organization; because challenges are global we strengthen our cross-regional cooperation primarily in R&D. In this way we continue our path to help energy utilities, consumers and society to manage energy better.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Appointed in 2014; American ■■ 2000–2013 Executive Vice President Landis+Gyr Americas; previously various management positions within Siemens and GE Capital ■■ BA in Economics, Stanford University ■■

Jonathan Elmer

Roger Amhof

Appointed in 2012; British ■■ Formerly CFO of Landis+Gyr EMEA and CEO of AMPY Metering ■■ Degree in Economics and Politics, University of Exeter; Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Appointed in 2014; Swiss ■■ Formerly Senior Partner of Ernst & Young (EY) Switzerland and Global Client Service Partner for selected major key accounts of EY Global ■■ Master in Economics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer ■■

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer ■■

Dieter Hecht

Prasanna Venkatesan

■■ Appointed in 2003; German ■■ Former Executive Board Member E.ON (Sales, Power Trade) and GE ITS Europe ■■ Degree in Marketing and HR, University of Applied Sciences Munich; Executive Program at GE University

Appointed in 2014; American ■■ Previously Senior Vice President & General Manager for Landis+Gyr North America and various senior management positions within Cellnet and Schlumberger ■■ Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Oklahoma, Norman

Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Oliver Iltisberger

Executive Vice President Americas ■■

Ellie Doyle

Executive Vice President EMEA

Executive Vice President Asia Pacific



Appointed in 2014; German ■■ Most recently Executive Vice President Asia Pacific and various management positions within Landis+Gyr and Siemens ■■ Joint Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, TU Darmstadt

| 50

Richard Mora

Appointed in 2014; American ■■ Most recently Senior Vice President for Strategy and Growth Landis+Gyr Americas, following 15 years of various management positions within Landis+Gyr and Siemens ■■ JD from University of Virginia School of Law

Dieter Hecht

Jonathan Elmer

Andreas Umbach

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ellie Doyle

Roger Amhof

Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Richard Mora

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

Oliver Iltisberger Prasanna Venkatesan

Executive Vice President EMEA

Executive Vice President Americas

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Group Companies Group Headquarters Zug, Switzerland Headquarters  Centers of Competence & Operations    Countries with Sales Offices

North America Regional HQ Alpharetta (USA) Centers of Competence Alpharetta Bloomington Durham Lafayette Pequot Lakes San Antonio Manufacturing Reynosa (MEX)

Sales Offices & Service Centers Canada: – Montréal USA: – Austin – Colorado Springs – Dallas – Decatur – Hamden – Huntington Beach – Indianapolis – Jacksonville – Kansas City – Kirkland – Lenexa – Morton – New Haven – Pittsburg – Roseville – Waukesha

South America Regional HQ Curitiba (BRA) Center of Competence & Manufacturing Curitiba (BRA)

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Sales Offices & Service Centers Brazil: – Belém – Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo – São João de Meriti

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Sales Offices Australia: – Brisbane – Melbourne – Perth China Hong Kong India New Zealand Singapore

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Financial Year 2014/15 Making the Grid Smart Our Commitment Group Information

Landis+Gyr s.r.o. Plzeňskă 5a, c.p. 3185 CZ-150 00 Prague 5 Czech Republic Landis+Gyr A/S Dalbergstrøget 5 DK-2630 Taastrup Denmark PowerSense A/S Skovlytoften 33 DK-2840 Holte Denmark

Addresses Headquarters Landis+Gyr AG Theilerstrasse 1 P.O. Box 260 CH-6301 Zug Switzerland

Group Companies Landis & Gyr Pty Ltd 60 O’Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia Landis+Gyr GmbH Altmannsdorfer Strasse 76 AT-1120 Vienna Austria Landis+Gyr NV Guido Gezellestraat 121 BE-1654 Huizingen Belgium Landis+Gyr Equipamentos de Medição Ltda. Rua Hasdrubal Bellegard, 400 81460-120 Curitiba-Paraná Brazil Landis+Gyr Canada Inc. 1000 de La Gauchetière Street West Suite 2100 Montréal, Québec, H3B 4W5 Canada Landis+Gyr Meters & Systems (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd. No. 12, Pingdong 3rd Street, Nanping Hi-Tech Industrial Park Zhuhai, China

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Landis+Gyr Oy Salvesenintie 6 FI-40420 Jyskä Finland Landis+Gyr S.A.S. 30, avenue du Prés.-Auriol BP 3150 FR-03115 Montluçon Cedex France Landis+Gyr GmbH Humboldtstr. 64 DE-90459 Nuremberg Germany Electrotechnical and Electronic Equipment and Systems 78 km National Road Athens–Corinth P.O. Box 207 GR-20100 Corinth Greece Landis & Gyr Limited 838 Lai Chi Kok Road Rm 1501-02 Laford Centre Kowloon Hong Kong Landis+Gyr Ltd. 7th Floor, J K Millennium Centre 46D, Jawaharlal Nehru Road Kolkata West Bengal, Pin 700071 India Landis+Gyr S.p.A Via del Plebiscito, 102 IT-00186 Rome Italy Landis & Gyr Japan KK Level 14 Hibiya Central Building 1-2-9, Nishi, Shimbashi Minato-KU Tokyo Japan

Landis & Gyr SA de CV Brecha E-99 Norte Parque Industrial Reynosa Cd. Reynosa, Tamaulipas 88780 México Mexico Landis+Gyr B.V. Tielweg 10 NL-2803 PK Gouda Netherlands Landis & Gyr Ltd 12 Parkway Drive Mairangi Bay Auckland 0632 New Zealand Landis+Gyr AS Olav Brunborgs Vei 6 No-1396 Billingstad Norway Landis+Gyr Sp. z o.o. Al. Jerozolimskie 212 PL-02-486 Warsaw Poland Landis+Gyr Russia Kievskaya street 7, entrance 7 12th floor (Toshiba CIS) RUS-121059 Moscow Russian Federation Landis+Gyr Pte. Ltd. 229 Mountbatten Road #02-38/39 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007 Singapore Landis+Gyr s.r.o. Mlynské Nivy 43 SK-821 09 Bratislava Slovakia Landis+Gyr d.o.o. Poslovna cona A 2 SI-4208 Sencur Slovenia Landis+Gyr (Pty) Ltd. 2 Slate Avenue N1 Business Park Old Johannesburg Road Midrand South Africa Landis & Gyr S.A.U. Carretera de la Esclusa, 11 ES-41011 Sevilla Spain Landis+Gyr AB Tellusvägen 25 Box 224 SE-186 24 Vallentuna Sweden

Landis+Gyr AG Theilerstrasse 1 CH-6301 Zug Switzerland Landis+Gyr Limited 1 Lysander Drive Northfields Industrial Estate Market Deeping GB-Peterborough PE6 8FB United Kingdom Landis+Gyr (Stockport) Limited Unit B, Orion Business Park off Bird Hall Lane GB-Stockport SK3 0RT United Kingdom Generis Technology Ltd Manchester International Office Centre Suite 4a Styal Road GB-Manchester M22 5WB United Kingdom Landis+Gyr Middle East Office P.O. Box 500470 Building No. 12 Office No. 301 Dubai Internet City Dubai United Arab Emirates Landis+Gyr Analytics, LLC 1650 West 82nd St. Suite 1100 Bloomington, MN 55431 USA Landis+Gyr Technology, Inc. 30000 Mill Creek Ave Suite 100 Alpharetta, GA 30022 USA Landis+Gyr Inc. 2800 Duncan Road Lafayette, IN 47904 USA Landis+Gyr Technologies, LLC 6436 County Road 11 Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 USA

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Landis+Gyr Company Profile 2014-15  

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