LandEscape Art Review // Special Issue

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Sapir Kesem Leary Lives and works in Bern, Switzerland


n my work I try to share my life with the viewer as if they were my close friend, as if we are companions to great discoveries. From loneliness, to love, to boredom to friendship. I connect to radical feminism art theories that suggest – the personal is political. Trying to intertwine daily feminine life prosaic moments and distressed moments. My main attractions is exploring body limitation in a spiritual manner. Tring to connect to elements outside myself – people, plants, moods. The inner body and the outer world try to be symbiotic.

Spending time out in the world has greater value to me than spending days on days in the Atelier. Hoping to meet new people and experiences that will inspire me. Capturing moments and reenacting them through painting and video. My presence in the work is rather constant. From intimate moments with nature to private lonely moments at home. From video to painting, you will usually find my blonde [or wigged] presence in the work. I try and include the viewer as much as possible, to create a body which allows the audience to reflect themselves.