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L ior Herchkovitz Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

An artist's statement


or over more than a decade Herchkovitz's subject matters are

varied, but the essence is the same. Whether his themes come in a series or tableaux, he works with clear intention to examine the complex of human condition; man's interference with nature and the vulnerability of mankind. Much of Lior Herchkovitz's work reminiscent of film stills and conditioned by the simultaneous emphasis on narrative structure, photographic sequences and on themes, while in other works is tackling the relationship of photography to painting. Herchkovitz is less concerned with beauty as commonly

perceived, but rather fascinated by a perceptible discrepancy between the visible surface and the psychological content, presented subtly that no information gets lost, and thus lends some of these works an ambivalent atmosphere followed with tension and unease. Lior Herchkovitz was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Educated at The Royal Academy of Fine Art, in The Hague The Netherlands; majored in Photography BFA degree. He has exhibited worldwide, his Work appear in Art collections, various Art books and magazines around the world.

Lior Herchkovitz

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LandEscape Art Review - Special Issue