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Remi Delaplace (France) An artist’s statement « Which we see, looks at us » With the theme " Inside, outside ", I question the visible and the felt, the "sensitive" image. I create fictitious landscapes worked by my imagination. My theme questions the idea of landscape as space of consciousness for it I use the tectonics as pictorial metaphor. The geographical accidents, the breaks, the abysses, the « « plis » and « deplis » of the ground are so many representations of the stigmas of the human or social body. Ground scars and seismic plates speak about the felt, the emotion, the feeling, the consciousness. With landscape, the journey becomes possible. It is about give to the spectator a time for himself to reflect the situation of the artistic proposal. The sensitive pictorial image. I make the proposal of the true image because imperfect. I create images contrary to the images imitations of the reality or the readymade. The true image is made the expression of an internal movement, in touch with the felt. I touch the sensitive, both in my creative process and in the relation in the other one, the spectator. For it the language of the forms and the colors has to show itself powerful and authentic. The practice of the dance contact improvisation soaks my pictorial creative process. I look for the means to end in a singular and authentic expression. To the technique I prefer the internal movement, the just and creative expression which ensues from it. The object of my approach touches the heart of the body by the realtions with the others and himself.

Inside, outside,

89X130cm, acrylic, 2013


Landescape Art Review - November 2013  
Landescape Art Review - November 2013  

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