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Kees Ouwens Lives and works in Japan and in Mexico Mixed media, Sculpture

Melissa Moffat Lives and works in Montreal Mixed Media, Painting, Collage

John Naccarato Lives and works in New York Mixed media, Installation

Sergey Sobolev Lives and works in Moscow, Russia Sculpture, Public art, Mixed media

Nork Zakarian

Joon Sung


USA / Korea

Influenced by the bleak industrial look of Michalangelo Antonioni's Red Desert as well as the mystic style of Kenneth Angers videos, Elizabeth of Nazareth hopes to convey the architecture of anxiety and unease in the Armenian reality. Set in our contemporary age in the largely patriarchal society of modern Armenia, the title of the film is suggestive of some kind of biblical legend, and righteously so, as it hopes to venerate a new prophet.

John Naccarato

Monika Szpener Lives and works in Szczecin, Poland Mixed media, Installation, Sculpture


Key questions that permeate my work and research include: how significant are memories (human and machine driven) when it comes to mediating our experiences of the spaces we occupy and move through on a daily basis? How does the advent of digital, mobile and virtual (cloud) based technologies alter and augment perceptions of spatio-temporal reality?

Joon Sung’s recent work is mainly derived from the idea of extending the minimalist painting into motion.

Glen Farley Lives and works in Norway Mixed media

Joon Sung

He particularly concerns invariant beauty generated in the digital technologies that transcends time and space, and constantly explores another type of beauty by reinforcing the concept of creativity can be defined as recombining the familiar into the new.

Lives and works in New York City Mixed media

Faridun Zoda Lives and works in New York Sculpture, Mixed media

Nork Zakarian Lives and works in Il Cairo Experimental Video, Film making


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LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015  

LandEscape Art Review - Anniversary Edition 2015