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History & Philosophy Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History (pre-law minor available) n

Bachelor of Science in History, Secondary Social Studies Teacher Certification n

n Minors: history, international studies, Latin American studies, philosophy and religion

What will I do in the program? In Lander’s history program, students study the cultures, societies, struggles and triumphs of humanity. Through field trips, public lectures and internships, students gain a global understanding of history that prepares them for careers in teaching, law, the ministry, armed services, government service and business. Some of our history majors obtain teacher certification in social studies and others enter graduate programs in history, law, education, public administration and business.

Department of

Music n

Bachelor of Science in Music


Bachelor of Science in Music, K-12 Teacher Certification


Minor: music

What will I do in the program? The world wouldn’t be the same without music – the soothing melodies of classical movements, the soulful lyrics of post-war blues, the exciting rhythms of modern rock ’n’ roll. Music majors are given ample opportunity to nurture their creative talents in the classroom, communicate musical ideas and emotions on stage, and make significant musical contributions to the university community. Lander’s Department of Music has a program that allows students to work closely with highly experienced faculty to develop their talents in preparation for future roles as high school band and choral directors, elementary music specialists, church musicians or professionals in the music industry. 6

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