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Honors Program

An Education Beyond Borders Our Honors Program focuses on issues that are important in all academic areas. The program is centered on the belief that no matter what field of study students choose, they should be able to examine ideas, issues and problems from a truly global perspective.

What will I do in the program? The Honors Program consists of an 18-hour curriculum that includes four, three-hour honors courses taught by faculty in each of Lander’s academic colleges. The Honors Program also offers the opportunity to study abroad, and study programs are available throughout Europe. Many students who study abroad in the program spend the fall of their sophomore year studying at the University of Winchester in England. Some students even spend a semester in Washington, D.C., where they are placed in a paid internship. Scholarship support is available for Honors students who spend a semester abroad.

When students in Lander’s Honors Program spend a semester abroad, many of them study at the University of Winchester in England.

Zack Freeman Sociology Graduate, ’10 “I chose Lander University because it is a small, state-supported school that has all the amenities of a larger university. While there, I had a chance to gain experience and knowledge outside the classroom by volunteering at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home and by studying abroad in Amsterdam and Holland. Both of these experiences increased my awareness of different issues that relate to our society today. As a resident assistant, I saw how living on campus can create school spirit and help students build friendships.”

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves.” ~ Euripides 21

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Lander Viewbook 2012  

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