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Learning from Experience Andrew La Croix Spring 2012 Graduate - Chemistry

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As a chemistry major, Andrew La Croix recognized that obtaining laboratory experience would be an important step in his plans to attend graduate school after Lander. He said, “I knew that if I was going to spend time researching as an undergraduate student, I wanted it to be something important in the scientific community as well.” He chose to work with Lander’s Dr. Lisa Brodhacker, associate professor of chemistry, who is producing epoxy telescope mirrors at Lander for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Once immersed in the project, he realized that the application of methods is very different from the theory he learned in class. His goal was to produce a molecule that negates epoxy shrinkage. That required many different scientific approaches and he learned that organic synthesis is a very complex field. But, far from being discouraged, he developed an interest in that area of chemistry and he plans to study it further as he pursues a doctoral degree. He said, “By using the learning opportunities available to me in the lab and through Lander’s Experience Your Education (EYE) program, I gained crucial hands-on experience that that will be of utmost benefit to me as I further my education.”

Physical Sciences n Bachelor

of Science in Chemistry

n Bachelor

of Science in Environmental Science

n Dual engineering degree program with chemistry offered with Clemson University n Pre-professional

programs: pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy and other pre-professional allied health science fields

n Minors:

environmental science and chemistry

What will I study? At Lander, chemistry and environmental science students work closely with their professors and advisers to study the fundamentals of the sciences, building an extensive understanding of the field. Graduates in both areas have ample opportunities for advanced study and for careers in industrial chemistry, government science and regulatory agencies, consulting firms and teaching. Students can take an active role in Lander’s award-winning American Chemical Society chapter and the Environmental Science Student Organization (ESSO).


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