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Summer’s Hottest RTW La Mode x ZebraClub Photoshoot Interview with UW’s own Louisa Meng

Letter From the Editor After a lot of hard work and coordination fueled by a mutual passion for fashion, the members of La Mode and I are thrilled to present the second issue of La Mode Magazine. Our magazine is intended to inspire not only the students of the University of Washington, but also fashion lovers from all over the world. This issue celebrates the spring style of our many members, the fabulous events our club has participated in, and our photo-shoot collaboration with ZebraClub. Additionally focusing on the upcoming summer months, our issue is packed with tips and trends to make this season your most stylish one yet. Dive in to discover how to wear maxi skirts for various occasions, travel in style, and much more. As both a club and magazine, La Mode has offered me an amazing experience so far, and I would highly encourage any fellow fashion-lovers to join in on the fun. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this issue of La Mode magazine and all of the inspiration it has to offer.

Love, Olivia Tinsley

Table of Content Letter from the Editor Table of Contents Staff List Contributor’s Bios Trend on Trial: Overalls Minimalistic Fresh Spring and Summer’s Most Versatile Maxi Dress Summer’s Hottest RTW La Mode x ZebraClub Collab Floral Print Anyone? Must Have Swimsuits Introducing Hami Bahadori Interview with Louisa Meng Fashionistas of the Quarter

Editors: Olivia Tinsley (editorial) Natalie Fajardo (creative) Scarlett Hao (production) Photographers: Hami Bahadori Katy Lee Contributors: Esther Bae Suki Chan Alice Day Coco Ho Linh Mai Trahn Club officers: President: Scarlett Hao VP: Melinda Wang Marketing director: Kate Hagenston Annika Lawrence Event director: Nina Chalard Art director: Natalie Fajardo Transfer: Mei Ye

La Mode’s mission is to enrich the campus culture through interaction with fashion. We bring fashion together on campus and offer students involvement. What is unique about us is that we don’t have any particular fashion look or requirement. Whether you like couture, street style, or simply just daydream about fashion we encourage everyone to get involved. La Mode, a student-run fashion club at UW, hopes to bring fashion to a campus where there is no official fashion program, and let students become involved as much as possible. With the various ranges of styles here on campus, our goal is to bring everyone together and share our love for fashion. Find us:

Bios Olivia Tinsley I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get involved with La Mode during my first year at UW. La Mode has allowed me to connect with others, and utilize my passion for writing, editing and of course, fashion. Collaborating with members to launch La Mode Magazine has been one of my favorite experiences so far. Taking on a leadership role in both editing and writing articles for the magazine has been an excellent supplement to my pursuit of Communications degree. I have had such a blast with the production of the magazine, and it has definitely confirmed my aspirations of working in the fashion and editorial world. I can’t wait to see how La Mode both as a club and magazine grows throughout the years!

Suki Chan I first heard about La Mode during the first magazine launch event in Winter 2014. I thought it was an innovative idea to launch a fashion magazine at UW. I’ve only been involved in the club for a quarter, but I would say the club has been a place for me to explore the vibrant Seattle fashion area and try new things. I played a main role in art/design by designing posters and some pages of the magazine. I took part in the communication and styling for the photo-shoot collaboration with ZebraClub. I also got a chance to interview my favorite fashionable person and share her distinct point of view. It was a great experience and I feel accomplished of how much I could contribute to the club and the magazine.”

Hami Bahadori I am very glad to be working with La Mode. The group is extremely passionate, young and energetic about fashion. With the heavy advertising that we see every day, it’s nice to have a small club that values talented models, designers and photographers. I started my collaboration with La Mode since last year, and it’s been fantastic so far. I am always in search for new ways to alter the way people view fashion through my photography, therefore I was happy to find La Mode. As a student photographer, I always admire the energy that these talented students put into this club. New ideas are always welcome, and it’s a great place not just for fun, but also to get real-world experience in fashion.

Esther Bae I have lived in Seattle all my life since birth. I have finished my second year in college, and I am a visual arts major. Drawing and getting creative with crafts has always been of interest to me. More than art itself, I have a special place in my heart for fashion. When I see clothing I wonder about its construction, behind-the-scenes work and the ways to style it. This led me to teach myself to sew, as well as study trends and fashion drawing. When I get asked why I like fashion my answer is simple: it makes me happy. Clothes have given me the freedom to be creative and experiment with different pieces. Instead of always trying to follow trends, I believe in personal style. Be creative and have fun with it! Fashion is my source of personal expression and my favorite kind of art form.

Bios Coco Ho My name is Coco and I’m from Hong Kong. I was raised in a very international environment and that had highly influenced my fashion sense. I’m always inspired by Japanese fashion and am a keen reader of Vivi magazine. I’m also fascinated by the works of British designers such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading Japanese mystery novels and fashion blogs (Susie bubble and The Man Repeller). I’m very excited to continue working with the fabulous lamode members to promote the love of fashion in uw!

Linh Ma Tran I was born in Vietnam and have lived there my entire life until I became a full time student at the University of Washington. I am freshman and would like to have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I like travelling, reading, watching TV shows and exercising. I found out about La Mode when I was waiting for the elevator in my residence hall; La Mode’s poster caught my eyes right away. I have always had a passion for fashion, and La Mode has given me a chance to meet with people who have the same passion. The club has also encouraged me to be more confident of myself.

Alice Day Alice Day is a junior at the UW pursuing degrees in Journalism, Political Science, and Sales. She is currently a multimedia journalist at the Daily and the Seattle Globalist and an international tutor at She aspires to become a radio personality, a political ambassador, or an English content creator in Asia. Alice spends her free time blogging, shooting, and filming for her website Growing up in various countries, Alice’s fashion style is very influenced by European, Asian, and American style icons. Alice can often be spotted wearing Zara, Rag & Bone, One Teaspoon, and Citizens of Humanity. “If I had to label my style, I’d have to describe it as a mix of prep and street. I love mixing the utilitarian preppy schoolgirl look with the ripped jeans, leather shorts, and chunky boots associated with street style.”

Scarlett Hao I started “La Mode Fashion Club” because of my passion for fashion. The purpose is to offer students an opportunity to celebrate their own personal style and help those who have a career goal in the fashion industry. Seeing the club today and it’s achievements, I am happy as a mother seeing her own child. At the same time, I feel that I grew with the club in multiple ways, it helped me become a leader; it helped me understand how to create a magazine; it also helped me what kind of career I want. La Mode Magazine was a product of collaboration of all the members in La Mode Fashion Club. Students run the magazine. I want to thanks for everyone who contributed their hard work to La Mode!

Katy Lee I’m an enthusiastic student and photographer transplanted from rural Eastern Washington to the beautiful city of Seattle. I’ve been doing photography since my junior year of high school, and finally got a chance to try my hand at fashion photography working with La Mode this year. I love fashion and I love photography, so naturally I loved combining those two things to help contribute to this magazine!

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Trend on Trial: Overalls Head-Over-Heels or Over-It? By Olivia Tinsley

The Prosecution Theodo ra A lexingto n

cloth Mod

• They’re difficult. The right fit can be hard to find. It can be tricky to come across the perfect short-length to torso ratio for your body, and without success, overalls be quite unflattering. • They’re childish. Overalls may be just a little too reminiscent of our onesie days.

The Defense • They’re versatile! For a relaxed casual vibe, let them stand alone as a swimsuit cover-up or paired with a crop top. Finish the look with sandals or sneakers for those easy, breezy summer days. • They’re exciting! The sundresses and short-shorts of summer can only satisfy for so long. Overalls offer a nice mix-up for a summer style rut.

The Verdict Head-over-heels! Despite the sometimes challenging proportions, the playful look that overalls offer is too much fun to banish from our summer style. Whether they’re floral printed or denim cut-offs, overalls demand attention without being too over-the-top. For a night out, take the tomboy look up a glamorous notch by swapping out the crop-top and sandals for a feminine blouse and some fabulous wedges. Don’t forget a statement necklace or some layered bracelets too! The most important accessory of all, though, is the confidence to own those overalls. Have fun trying out different possibilities and let this be your summer for fun fashion risks.


By Scarlett Hao


5. You’ll definite pop out of the crowd with a neon swimsuit! MIKOH

6. A one-piece is a classic that will never go out. A definite essential in your closet.


1. Fringe adds a little bit of a bohemian taste to the swimsuit. H&M

2. The highwaisted bottom shows the vintage side of you. TOPSHOP

3. Dots are always trending! JCREW

4. The cutout helps show off your beautiful skin!


7. Because lace anything is amazing.


8. Surprises always make people smile. The detailed lacing will catch everyone’s attention. L*SPACE

Attention to Color Acents

Esther Bae

The minimal black and white trend has been all the rage lately. It has been flashing its sleek and crisp looks in the fashion world. The fresh trend is also a common theme in stores. Now with the sunshine finally making its appearance in Seattle's usual wet weather, the urge to dress lighter and brighter is stronger. I too had the urge, but when rummaging through my closet, I realized I had limited color. Being so used to wearing darker colors, the transition to dressing for spring was a lot more difficult than I thought. But who said we had to wear all color just because the sun is out? My current fashion addiction has been keeping a sleek, fresh look by incorporating small amounts of color. While wearing minimal color in clothes, accessories and lip products help brighten up an outfit. Incorporating pastel or cool tones in clothes can also create an outfit that is ready to take on the warm weather. My personal favorite choice for a color accent is a lip product. Lip products are magical tools that bring light to any look. Bright pinks and oranges are nice lip choices that stand out against a minimal outfit. Revlon Colorburst in 210 and Nyx Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel have been my go-to lip. The Revlon Lipstick is very vibrant and since it is matte, it goes well with the Nyx lip-gloss for that added sheen. Another fun way to add a color accent is through accessories and shoes. This way it still gives you the spring/ summer fresh look without being too overwhelmed by wearing a colorful print. Piecing a white t-shirt dress with a bright lip and statement necklace is a casual, comfy example of a fresh look. An alternative to wearing minimal color is achieved by wearing pastels and cool tones in an outfit. When wearing color in clothing form, neutrals in accessories and shoes make the look more put-together. Pairing a pastel top and black shorts with black or white sandals achieves a minimalistic look. Having everything in every color is not necessary because you can pull off a fresh spring and summer fresh with a minimalistic mindset (and closet). Maintaining a minimalistic and sleek look with small amounts of color will have you prepared for the spring and summer heat!

Spring and Summer’s Most Versatile Dress By Linh Ma Tran Here comes my favorite season to dress! I have been waiting for a while to step out in the sunshine wearing my gorgeous maxi dress. They are super easy to pull on (Who doesn’t want to have an effortless look to class?) and also suit every body type perfectly. For a feminine look on a casual day, opt for an all-over floral-printed maxi and a pair of platform sandals or pumps. Want a chic look for a cool dinner party? Don’t hesitate to let a soft chiffon and silky maxi stand on its own with wedges or strappy sandals. You can even transform a maxi dress into a more luxurious look on formal occasions. Glamorize a simple long dress with a statement necklace or any sparkly jewelry and high heels. What if the weather becomes quite chilly outside? You can never go wrong with a jean jacket, which you can style up with a colorful, lightweight scarf. It makes for a perfect trendy combination for those who still want comfort during chilly summer evenings.

Summer’s Hottest RTW: Ready Travel Wear, That is

By Olivia Tinsley

Summer’s in the air and the travel bug is spreading like wildfire. Can’t you smell the Hawaiian flowers begging to be put into your luscious locks? There’s a little café table in Paris or a beach chaise on the California coast with your name on it out there, and as wander-lustful as all of the options sound, the plane rides required for these trips are often long and uncomfortable. Before resorting to schlepping your luggage in sweats, understand that there are plenty of stylish (and comfortable) ways to dress for a pleasant plane ride and fabulous entrance. Below are some suggestions: Maxi dress + draped cardigan- With this comfy-chic combination, you could walk the runway or fall fast asleep with ease. The oversized wrap cardigan doubles as a blanket. Finish the outfit with layered necklaces and gladiator sandals, you can go out to dinner as soon as you step foot in your destination. Boyfriend jeans + striped tee- Because skinny jeans and sitting for hours don’t mix, boyfriend jeans offer an effortless and effective look for travelling. Add a fun and flirty striped top and some pointed-toe flats for a dash of femininity, and you’ll be on your way to the world’s fashion capital. Bohemian pants + crop top- Allow your travel outfit to be inspired by the colorful prints from all over the globe. Sport high-waisted wide-leg trousers in a bohemian pattern and tone down the look with a solid black crop top. These pants are sure to make an amazing arrival statement.

Sporting a floral-printed baseball hat captures his eye and the carefree vibe of the season.

The Spring Fling That Lasts All Summer ~Blossoming romances make for a stylish summer of fun~

PHOTOS BY Katy Lee PRODUCTION Scarlett Hao STYLED BY ZebraClub (Suki Chan) ASSISTED BY Kate Hagenston MODELS Natalie Fajardo Nick Allred LOCATION Pike Place Market

“It is always better to adventure together. Nautical navy and crisp whites call for full sails ahead on the sea of love.� Natalie: Top- OBEY Propaganda Skirt- JOA Dress- Motel Nick: Jacket & ShortsGeneral Assembly Button Up- Zanerobe Shirt & Shorts- TAVIK

He won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.

PHOTOS BY Katy Lee PRODUCTION Scarlett Hao STYLED BY ZebraClub (Suki Chan) ASSISTED BY Kate Hagenston MODELS Natalie Fajardo Nick Allred LOCATION Pike Place Market

“Whether it’s a date night or an afternoon in the city, spend it together in style.” Nina: Top- OBEY Propaganda Skirt- JOA Tank- Casual Industrees Shorts- OBEY Propaganda Eliot: Top- Wolf & Man Shorts- Scotch & Soda Tank- Imperial Motion

“Summertime in Seattle has never looked so good.”


PHOTOS BY KATY LEE PRODUCTION Scarlett Hao STYLED BY ZEBRACLUB (Suki Chan) ASSISTED BY Kate Hagenston MODELS Nina Chalard Natalie Fajardo Suki Chan SHOT LOCATION AT Pike Place Market

As for the guys, bold shorts demand attention, whether mixed with a print or left to shine against white.

Spend a girl’s day about the guys. F details are perfect details of y

in the city to gush Feminine and fun t for sharing date your own.

“A gingham dress is sweetly chic, and the summer season of love has only just begun.�

Outfit: Jacket: Ann Klein Button Up: Ralph Lauren Necklace: Vintage Shorts: Sparkle and Fade Shoes: Ralph Lauren Makeup: Primer: Hourglass Mineral Veil Base: Cover Fx Mineral Powder Brows: Urban Decay Bronzer: Nars Laguna Lips: 3 Concept Eyes Nails: Urban Outfitters Yellow

Street Cred. A juxtaposition of business casual and street wear. By Alice Day All photos taken by Sandy Li

As a girl who adores her layers, dark colors, and cold weather, spring can be daunting when it comes to clothing outfits. Just because the weather is warming up, it doesn’t mean that you need to start dressing only in the colors of the rainbow. I myself turn to neutrals. Neutrals are a great way of introducing some color into a bland outfit while keeping the color scheme toned down and not too in your face. My favorite color for spring is this muted olive green. Because the color itself is very earthy and toned down, it works very well with mustard yellow (necklace) and cheetah brown (heels). To maintain a sense of professionalism, I wore this ruffled button up in the iconic “getting down to business blue.” Rather than wearing dress pants, I decided to pair the slightly oversized blazer with a high waisted wool shorts. Spring can be fickle especially for those of us living in the Northwest. You can still incorporate layers into any outfit to keep yourself appropriately dressed for the weather. Try mixing different materials, for example, silk, wool, and suede to add warmth and style. Silk will keep you light and refreshed, wool helps to retain warm, and suede can add protection against the wind.

Floral Prints Anyone? Introducing the Legendary

Mary Katranzou By Coco Ho

Floral prints have always been a favorite must-have for fashionistas. The wide variations of floral prints, ranging from the classic yellow daisies, vintage roses to peonies, have given many fashion-lovers the chance to create playful and feminine looks. However, with the increase of similar floral prints in the Ready-to-Wear market, especially the more affordable clothing stores such as Forvever21 and H&M, it is very difficult to find unique floral patterns that suit people’s liking. If you are into luxurious items, one-of-akind and daring outfits, then listen up! Allow me to introduce the Greek Haute Couture fashion designer, Mary Katrantzou and her wonderful collection of floral and architectural prints. Born in Athens in 1983 to a design family, Mary Katrantzou was exposed to design in a very young age. Due to this early appreciation and interest in design, Katrantzou developed the thought to study architecture in America. Later, she transferred to the prestigious Central Saint Martins to study textile design and went on to complete her Master Degree in Fashion Design. Combining her knowledge in architecture and textile design, Katrantzou challenged the conventional feminine and organic form of floral prints with more structural elements, creating a brand new concept and approach to digital printing. Katrantzou’s designs have received many acclaims and awards such as the Swiss Textiles award in 2010 and the Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2013. Katrantzou’s prints are, without a doubt, dramatic. They are explosive. Printed in vibrant detail, they are certainly works of art. In the end, though the typical college student like myself can’t afford her designs, her unique prints continue to inspire those who love floral and daring style.


What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is about #self-expression. My small home town in Colorado gave me motivation to go to the city and pursue fashion. People in that small suburban town tend to be closed-minded and are unwilling to try something new. ne Growing up there made me want to do more. Fashion became my first passion because it is a way for me to be #different and #communicate that to others. I fell in love with the way that I have a #choice of what to put on every day. That says something about you. And I want to #build people’s identity around fashion.

Wher ei sy ouri ns pi r at i onoff as hi onf r om? I ti si mpor t antf orpeopl ewhowantt o be#i ns pi r edt of i nds omeonet hatc an #i dent i f yt hems el v eswi t h. Fori ns t anc e, Vi c t or i aSec r etmodel sar ebeaut i f ulbut Ic an’ ti dent i f ymy s el fwi t ht hem. My i ns pi r at i onalf i gur ei s#Ol i v i aL opez , a bl oggerf r om Cal i f or ni a. Shei smyage, par tChi nes e, andhasmanyv i nt age c l ot hesal t er edbyher s el f . I#s awmy s el f i nher . Il ov edt os hopi n#t hr i f t s hopsi n Col or adowher ear ea#per f ec ts our c e f orf as hi on. Theyhav ec heapc l ot hes whi c har e#80’ sand90’ ss t y l e#hi gh wai s ts hor t sand#c r opt ops . Ius edmy #s ewi ngmac hi net odos omec ut sand al t er edt hos ec l ot hest of i tmys i z eand t omak emy#uni ques t y l e.

Howdoy oudes cr i bey ourf as hi on s t y l e/ s ens e? Myf as hi ongoesbet weent he#s t r eet wearand#f emi ni nes t y l e. Idanced s i nceIwas16y ear sol ds t ar t i ngi n hi ghs choolandnowIbel ongt oa f i v ememberhi phopchor eogr aphy cr ew. Thecul t ur eof#hi phopabout s el f i mpr es s i oni swhatIbel ongt o. Ont heot herhand, Iwantt obea womanwhoi s#cl as s yand #s ophi s t i cat edwi t hahi ntof#s ex i nes s . Il i k e#s i mpl i s t i candmi ni mal , but s omet hi ngt hatpopsoutt oo. Any t hi ng #chi c, uni queanddi f f er enti sdef i ni t el y myt y pe.

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Spring Quarter Photoshoot Photographed by Hami Bahadori

Soleil Roth

Jenna Gustafson

Coco Ho

Suki Chan

Scarleet Hao

Olivia Tinsley

Fashionistas of the Quarter Name: Soleil Roth Photographer: Katy Lee MUA & Stylist: Soleil Roth

Outfit: Blazer- Forever 21, Skirt- Buffalo Exchange, Top- Topshop, Necklace- Nordstrom, ShoesSteve Madden

Name: Lacey Schmidt Photographer: Soleil Roth MUA & Stylist: Lacey Schmidt Outfit: Top: Nordstrom Loafers: GAP Bag: Fossil Shorts: Forever 21 Necklace: Nordstrom

Name : Annika Lawrence Photographer : Fleur De Lis Photography MUA & Stylist: Annika Lawrence Outfit Headband: Etsy Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Garcia Necklace: Stella and Dot

Name: Jisoo Moon MUA & Stylist: Jisoo Moon Outfits: Top: Gap Skirt: Francesa Purse: Michael Kors Shoes: Aldo

Name: Katy Lee Photographer: Katy Lee MUA & Stylist: Katy Lee

Name: Kate Hagenston Photographer: Katy Lee MUA & Stylist: Kate Hagenston

Outfit: Top: shopruche Skirt: urban outfitters Shoes: Nordstrom Necklace: American eagle


Name: Melinda Wang Photographer: Isabelle Chu MUA & Stylist: Melinda Wang Outfit: dress/belt: H&M shoes: Urban Outfitters

Blazer: Nordstrom Jeans: Paige Denim Tank top: H&M Shoes: Nordstrom BP

Name: Scarlett Hao MUA & Stylist: Scarlett Hao Outfit: Sunglass: personal Top: Urban Outfitters Skirt: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Forever 21

Dressi ngSeattl esi nce‘ 85 19011st.Ave. 206. 448. 7452

La Mode Spring Quarter 2014  
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