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GAB.FUSION 24 h. point of view



programma spalla / side panel programme ///


fusion 01

P. 4

fusion 21

P. 132

fusion 04

P. 24

fusion 22

P. 136

fusion 08

P. 46


choose your composition ///


spalla e contenitori / side panel and containers /// fusion 12

P. 74

fusion 03

P. 14

fusion 14

P. 90

fusion 09

P. 50

fusion 19

P. 118

fusion 15

P. 94

fusion 20

P. 128

fusion 18

P. 108

R Programma spalla / Side panel programme Programma spalla e contenitori / Side panel and container programme Programma contenitori / Container programme Programma contenitori a giorno / Open unit programme Armadi / Wardrobes Letti / Beds



contenitori / containers ///

contenitori giorno / open units ///

armadi / wardrobes ///

cabina armadio / walk-in closet ///

fusion 02

P. 10

fusion 06

P. 30


P. 20

fusion 05

P. 28

fusion 07

P. 38


P. 44


P. 36

letti / beds /// fusion 10

P. 62

fusion 16

P. 104


P. 60

frida basic

P. 42

fusion 11

P. 70

fusion 17

P. 106


P. 66


P. 56

fusion 13

P. 84


P. 82


P. 80


P. 100


P. 114


P. 124


P. 126


FRIENDLY MEETING in the morning

exchanging ideas ///


. Hours

of leisure

Having a chat, gossiping. Planning ahead, holidays, road-maps. Fun. Exchanging makeup. Red mugs, sipping tea. Cosy atmosphere. Relax. White. Lacquered wood.





c fusion 01 /// Composizione laccata all’acqua colore Gesso con anta scorrevole, spalle e ripiani spessore 38mm. Composition lacquered on water-base finish Gesso with sliding door, side panels and shelves thickness 38mm. Komposition in Mattlack Gesso mit Schiebetueren, seitenwand und Fachboeden st. 38mm. Composition laqué à l'eau couleur Gesso avec porte coulissante, côtés et étagères épaissur 38 mm. Composición lacado al agua color Gesso con puerta corredera, costados y estantes esp. 38mm. Opstelling in lak op water-basis afwerking Gesso met schuifdeur, zijpanelen en legplanken dikte 38mm.




RELAXING women life fusion 02 ///


Composizione con scrittoio pensile ed elementi sospesi. Finitura nobilitato Rovix. Composition with hanging writing desk and suspended elements. Finish melamine Rovix. Komposition mit schwebender Konsole. Ausfuehrung Laminat Rovix. Composition avec bureau suspendu et éléments suspendus. Finition mélaminé Rovix. Composición con escritorio colgante y elementos suspendidos. Acabados melaminico Rovix. Opstelling met hangend bureau en wandkastjes. Afwerking laminaat Rovix.





17:00 LOVE

100% natural


designing nature ///

R Cinnamon


1 cinnamon stick. 1 cup of boiling water. 1 black teabag. A sweetener (optional). Preparation: Place the cinnamon stick in a cup. Add the boiling water and steep covered for 10 minutes. Add the teabag and steep from 1 to 3 minutes. Sweeten to taste, if desired. Orange and lichen. Black and withe.





fusion 03 ///


Composizione con scrittoio pensile, contenitore e libreria Fusion finitura nobilitato Rovix. Elemento sospeso laccato Zenzero o Lichene. Composition with hanging writing desk, container and bookcase Fusion finish melamine Rovix. Suspended element lacquered finish Zenzero or Lichene. Komposition mit schwebender Konsole. Laenglicher Haengecontainer und Buecherregal Fusion in Laminat Rovix. Haengekorpus in Mattlack Farbe Lichene oder Zenzero. Composition avec bureau suspendu, conteneur et bibliothèque Fusion finition mélaminé Rovix. Elément suspendu laqué couleur Zenzero ou Lichene. Composición con escritorio colgante, contenedor y libreria Fusion acabado melaminico Rovix. Elemento suspendido lacado color Zenzero o Lichene. Opstelling met hangend bureau, wandkastjes en boekenkast Fusion afwerking laminaat Rovix. Hangend wandkastje lak afwerking Zenzero of Lichene.






24 h. point of view ///

rovix ///


Armadio I-Box con 3 ante scorrevoli ROVIX, finitura nobilitato rovix. Wardrobe I-Box with 3 sliding doors ROVIX, finish melamine rovix. Kleiderschrank I-Box mit 3 Schiebetueren Typ ROVIX, in Laminat rovix. Armoire I-Box avec 3 portes coulissantes ROVIX, finition mĂŠlaminĂŠ rovix. Armario I-Box con 3 puertas correderas ROVIX, acabado melaminico rovix. Garderobekast I-Box met 3 schuifdeuren ROVIX, afwerking laminaat rovix.





fusion 04 ///


Composizione con ante nobilitato Rovix e schienali laccati all’acqua colore Lichene. Base contenitore nobilitato Rovix. Composition with doors melamine Rovix and back panels lacquered on water-base finish Lichene. Base container melamine Rovix. Komposition in Laminat Rovix und Rueckwaenden in Mattlack Lichene. Standcontainer in Laminat Rovix. Composition avec portes mélaminé Rovix et fonds laqué à l'eau couleur Lichene. Base conteneur mélaminé Rovix. Composición con puertas melaminico Rovix y traseras lacado al agua color Lichene. Base contenedor melaminico Rovix. Opstelling met deuren in laminaat Rovix en achterwanden lak op water-basis afwerking Lichene. Basis container in laminaat Rovix.




24 h. point of view ///

fusion 05 ///


Elemento sospeso in nobilitato Rovix. Elementi CUBO laccati Gesso, Caolino e Lichene. Hanging element in melamine Rovix. Elements CUBO lacquered Gesso, Caolino and Lichene. Haengeboard in Laminat Rovix. Elemente CUBO in Mattlack Gesso, Caolino und Lichene. Elément suspendu en mélaminé Rovix. Eléments CUBO laqué Gesso, Caolino et Lichene. Elemento suspendido en melaminico Rovix. Elementos CUBO lacado Gesso, Caolino y Lichene. Wandkast in laminaat Rovix. CUBO elementen gelakt in Gesso, Caolino en Lichene.




FUSION FOOD emozioni young

basic elements. ///


˚ Rice with


Slicing onions. Grating ginger. Sipping a glass of iced Chablis. A breath of fresh air. Looking over the window. Optical. Lacquered wood. Patterns. Fresh yellow.





fusion 06 ///


Composizione con ante e cassetti in polimerico Gesso lucido, elementi CUBO in Rovix laccato Kiwi. Elemento porta TV laccato opaco, con passacavi. Composition with doors and drawers in polymeric glossy Gesso, elements CUBO Rovix lacquered finish Kiwi. TV panel mat lacquered, with passage for cables. Kompositionen mit Türen und Schubladen in Polymer-Hochglanz-Optik in Farbe Gesso, CUBO. Elemente in Rovix in Mattlack Kiwi. TV-Paneel in Mattlack Gesso mit Kabeldurchlass. Composition avec portes et tiroirs in polymérique Gesso brillant, éléments CUBO mélaminé Rovix laqué Kiwi. Elément porte-TV laqué mat, avec passe-cables. Composición con puertas y cajones en polimerico Gesso brillo, elementos CUBO Rovix lacado Kiwi. Elemento porta TV en lacado mate, con pasacables. Opstelling met deuren en laden met polymeer hoogglans Gesso deuren, CUBO elementen Rovix gelak Kiwi. TV meubel mat lak en compleet met kabeldoorvoer.



millimetrica ///


Cabina armadio MILLIMETRICA in nobilitato Gesso. Raster utile per chi ama ordine e precisione. Cassetti con maniglie cromate, l’interno dei cassetti ha la stessa finitura della cabina. Walk-in closet MILLIMETRICA in melamine Gesso. Useful racks for those who love tidiness and precision. Drawers with chromed handles, internal finish of the drawers same as the closet’s. Begehbare Schrankkabine MILLIMETRICA mit Hemdablage. Verchromte Schubladengriffe. Innenausführung der Schublade wie aussen. Cabine armoire MILLIMETRICA mélaminé Gesso. Raster, utile pour ceux qui aiment l'ordre et la précision. Tirois avec poignées chromées, l'intérieur des tiroirs a la même finition que la cabine. Vestidor MILLIMETRICA en melaminico Gesso. Raster util por quien quiere orden y precisión. Cajones con tiradores cromados, interno de vos cajones en el mismo acabado del vestidor. Inloop-kledingkast MILLIMETRICA in laminaat Gesso, compleet met overhemdverdeler. Laden met verchroomde handgrepen met interne afwerking zoals de inloopkledingkast.



24 h. point of view ///




East meets West /// Garam Sauteed Schrimp

with Spiced Rice

Ingredients: 8 ounces uncooked large shrimp, peeled, deveined. 1 zucchini, sliced into rounds. 1 teaspoon garam masala seasoning. 1 tablespoon butter. 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro. 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice. 6.3 ounce package garlic and herb rice pilaf, cooked according to instructions. Toss first 3 ingredients in bowl to blend. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Melt butter in medium skillet over medium-high heat. Remove zucchini from bowl; sauté’ until slightly browned, about 1 minute. Add shrimp; sauté’ until opaque in center, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in cilantro and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper.



fusion 07 ///


Madia alta a bussolotti laccata Gesso con elementi inseriti laccati Blu Capri. Tall sideboard with containers lacquered Gesso and inserts matt lacquered finish Blu Capri. Highboard mit Korpen in Mattlack Gesso und eingefuegten Elementen in den Lack Blu Capri. Bahut haut avec conteneurs laqué Gesso et éléments insérés laqué Blu Capri. Aparador alto con contenedores lacado Gesso y elementos lacado Blu Capri. Hoog dressoir gelakt in Gesso en open elementen in de lak afwerking Blu Capri.



frida basic ///


Linea moderna per il letto FRIDA BASIC con testata in tessuto a “quadrotti”. Modern lines for bed FRIDA BASIC with headboard covered with fabric squares. Bett FRIDA BASIC mit Kopfteil. Ligne moderne pour le lit FRIDA BASIC avec tetière en tissu à “carreaux”. Cama FRIDA BASIC con cabezal en tejido a “cuadros”. Basic modern bed FRIDA BASIC compleet met gestoffeerd hoofdeinde.



nobilitato ///


Armadio I-Box con ante battenti NOBILITATO a misure differenziate, finitura nobilitato Gesso. Wardrobe I-Box with hinged doors NOBILITATO in different measurements, finish melamine Gesso. Kleiderschrank I-Box mit Drehtueren NOBILITATO in verschiedenen Breiten in der Ausfuehrung Laminat Gesso. Armoire I-Box avec portes battantes NOBILITATO en dimensions différenciées, finition mélaminé Gesso. Armario I-Box con puertas batientes NOBILITATO en diferentes medidas, acabado melaminico Gesso. Garderobekast I-Box met draaideuren NOBILITATO met verschillende breedtes, afwerking laminaat Gesso.




BUSINESS time life Weekly planning


iPad. Scheduling, briefcase, downloading files. Kick-off meeting. Bluetooth. Charts. Keyboard. Projects, deadlines. CAD. Grey colours. Squares. Wood.

monday to friday ///

r fusion 08 ///


Libreria Fusion laccato Gesso con ante laccate Grigio Lava. Schienali laccati Verde. Scrivania laccata opaco Gesso, contenitore cassetti laccato Grigio Lava. Bookcase Fusion lacquered Gesso with doors lacquered Grigio Lava. Back panels lacquered Verde. Writing desk lacquered Gesso, container with drawers lacquered Grigio Lava. Buecherregal Fusion Mattlack Gesso mit Drehtueren in Mattlack Grigio Lava. Rueckwaende in Mattlack Verde. Schreibtisch in Mattlack Gesso mit Schubladenkorpus in Mattlack Grigio Lava. Bibliothèque Fusion laqué Gesso avec portes battantes laqué Grigio Lava. Fonds laqué Verde. Bureau laqué Gesso, conteneur avec tiroirs laqué Grigio Lava. Libreria Fusion lacada Gesso con puertas lacado Grigio Lava. Traseras lacados Verde. Escritorio lacado Gesso, contenedor cajones lacado Grigio Lava. Boekenkast Fusion gelakt in Gesso met deuren gelakt in Grigio Lava. Achterwanden gelakt in Verde. Bureau gelakt in Gesso, container met laden gelakt in Grigio Lava.







on the wheel of emotion ///

âˆŤ Baby you can ride

my bike

Yellow wheels. Who said that hot-dogs make you fat? Crossing bridges at dusk. Getting in shape and having fun. Denim jacket with details. Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head. Intersections. Asymmetries. Stripes. Light blue. White.





fusion 09 ///

Composizione con libreria laccata Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere, Caolino, contenitori base sospesi laccati Caolino e Lichene. Composition with bookcase lacquered Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere, Caolino, hanging containers lacquered Caolino and Lichene. Bucherregal in Mattlack in den Farben Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere und Caolino. Untere Haengecontainer in Mattlack Caolino und Lichene. Composition avec bibliothèque laquée Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere, Caolino, conteneurs base suspendus laqué Caolino et Lichene. Composición con libreria lacado Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere, Caolino, contenedores lacados Caolino y Lichene. Opstellingen met boekenkast gelakt in Lichene, Gesso, Prugna, Polvere, Caolino, wandkastjes gelakt in Caolino en Lichene.




BLUE NOTES as blue as the sky Travel “The Coral Dive”

Lakshadweep Islands

Day 1: Arrive in Delhi. Day 2: Fly from Delhi to Cochin. Day 3: in Cochin, also called the Venice of the East. Day 4: Fly from Cochin to Agatti and transfer by boat to Bangaram Island. Day 5 – 8: snorkelling, scuba diving, wind surfing in Bangaram. Day 9: Bangaram – Agatti – Cochin. Day 10: Cochin – Delhi. Day 11: Departure. …last but not least: dinner with my girlfriend on the beach.

taking off ///


© lun8 /// Letto LUN8 con testata imbottita rivestito in tessuto. Bed LUN8 with upholstered headboard covered with fabric. Bett LUN8. Stoffbezogen. Lit LUN8 avec têtiére rembourrée revêtu en tissu. Cama LUN8 con cabezal revestido en tejido. Bed LUN8 met gestoffeerd hoofdeinde.






24 h. point of view ///

milano ///


Armadio I-Box con anta MILANO, ante laccate opaco in colori differenti. Le ante di differenti misure permettono di diversificare la facciata mantenendo la modularità interna,

Wardrobe I-Box with doors MILANO. The doors with different measurements and colours allow to personalize the front of the wardrobe maintaining the comfortable internal modularity. ̈r MILANO in Kleiderschrank I-Box mit Tu unterschiedlichen Farben lackiert. Die verschiedenen ̈ren kreieren eine neue Breiten und Farben der Tu verspielte Optik, wobei die Korpusmodule ihre Standardbreiten beibehalten. Armoire I-Box avec portes MILANO, portes laquées mat dans différentes couleurs. Les portes de différentes dimensions permettent de diversifier la façade en gardant la confortable modularité de l’intérieur. Armario I-Box con puerta MILANO, puertas lacado mate en colores diferentes. Las puertas de diferentes medidas permiten de diversificar la fachada quedando con la comoda modularidad interna. Garderobekast I-Box met deuren MILANO, deuren gelakt in verschillende mat afwerkingen. De verschillende maten maken het mogelijk het front te veranderen maar met behoud van de interne modulariteit.





24 h. point of view ///

fusion 10 ///


Elementi contenitori sospesi con giochi di colore. Laccature all’acqua nelle finiture Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino e Grigio Lava.

Suspended container elements lacquered on water-base with play of colours in the finishes Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino and Grigio Lava. Komposition aus Haengecontainern mit einem Spiel aus Farben der Mattlacke Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino und Grigio Lava. Eléments conteneurs suspendus avec jeux de couleurs. Laques à l'eau dans les finitions Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino et Grigio Lava. Elementos contenedores suspendidos con juegos de color. Lacado al agua en los acabados Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino y Grigio Lava. Wandkastjes in verschillende kleuren lak op water-basis in de afwerkingen Cappuccino, Kiwi, Prugna, Iris, Ottanio, Caolino en Grigio Lava.





design contemporaneo Stepping up

to a higher level

Clear lines. Staircase. Patterns. Transforming elements. Masterpieces. Optical. Black & white. Lamps. It’s true: real quality never goes out of style. Oil on canvas & archways. Architecture. Glass. Lacquered wood. Sophisticated materials.

basic and essential ///

^ rovix ///


Armadio con ante ROVIX a scalare in nobilitato Rovix. Wardrobe with stepped-cut doors ROVIX in melamine Rovix. Kleiderschrank ROVIX auf Mass gefertigt in Laminat Rovix. Armoire avec portes ROVIX mansardées en mélaminé Rovix. Armario con puertas ROVIX abuhardillado en melaminico Rovix. Garderobekast met afgeschuinde deuren ROVIX in laminaat Rovix.






fusion 11 ///


Madia laccata all’acqua nei colori: Caolino, Grigio Lava e Ottanio. Sideboard lacquered on water-base finishes Caolino, Grigio Lava and Ottanio. Sideboard in Mattlack in den Farben Caolino, Grigio Lava und Ottanio. Bahut laqué à l'eau couleurs: Caolino, Grigio Lava et Ottanio. Aparador lacado al agua en los colores: Caolino, Grigio Lava y Ottanio. Dressoir lak op water-basis afwerking in de afwerkingen: Caolino, Grigio Lava en Ottanio.


CONTEMPORARY pattern & game






DESIRES in a room

interiors ///


' Metropolitan


Meeting Andy at Nancy Hoffman Gallery. Lunch at Zoe’s. Wine shopping at Dean & DeLuca’s. Tribeca. Looking for a book at St. Mark’s. Inviting Candice over for drinks. All shades of white. Wood. Sophisticated atmosphere. See through.





fusion 12 ///


Composizione bifacciale con spalle e ripiani nobilitato Rovix, ante laccate all’acqua nelle finiture Cappuccino e Caolino. Divano Norma in Ecopelle. Free-standing composition with side panels and shelves melamine Rovix, doors lacquered on water-base finish Cappuccino and Caolino. Sofa Norma in Eco-leather. Doppelseitig ausgeführte Komposition mit Seitenwangen und Fachböden in Laminat Rovix, Fronten in Mattlack (Loesungsmittelfrei) in den Farben Cappuccino und Caolino. Sofa Norma in Ecopelle. Composition finies à l’avant et à l’arrière avec côtés et étagères en mélaminé Rovix, portes laqué à l'eau dans les finitions Cappuccino et Caolino. Canapé Norma en cuir écologique. Composición a dos caras con laterales y estantes en melaminico Rovix, puertas lacado al agua en los acabados Cappuccino y Caolino. Sofa Norma en Ecopiel. Vrijstaande opstelling met zijpanelen en legplanken in laminaat Rovix, deuren lak op water-basis in de afwerkingen Cappuccino en Caolino. Bank Norma in Ecoleer.



nick ///


Letto NICK con giroletto e pannello testata in nobilitato Rovix. Bed NICK: structure of the Bedframe and bedhead panel in melamine Rovix. Bet NICK mit Bett rahmen und Kopfteil in Laminat Rovix. Lit NICK: structure châssis et panneau têtière en mélaminé Rovix. Cama NICK: estructura bastidor y panel cabezal en melaminico Rovix. Bed Nick met bedframe en hoofdeinde vervaardigd uit laminaat Rovix Gesso.



neolux ///


Armadio I-Box con ante scorrevoli NEOLUX a specchio. Wardrobe I-Box with sliding doors NEOLUX with mirror. Schreibtisch und Ablegefl채che I-Box Schrank NEOLUX. Armoire I-Box avec portes coulissantes NEOLUX miroir. Armario I-Box con puertas corredera NEOLUX espejo. Garderobekast I-Box met spiegel schuifdeuren NEOLUX.




ATMOSPHERES design & comfort

wide spaces ///

W Sometimes

elegance can be cosy

Buildings. Plan of the apartment. Creating new spaces and playing with them. It’s relaxing to see the world from your window: the feeling of protection and comfort that only your home can give you. High-end design. Frames. Works of art. Different heights. Brick walls. Interior decoration. Round tables. Lacquered wood. Grey. Black. White and red.





fusion 13 ///


Composizione composta da elemento superiore laccato Gesso e anta in vetro riflettente ed elemento con cassetti laccati Grigio Lava. Libreria spessore 38mm., finitura nobilitato Gesso. Composition made of an upper element lacquered Gesso and door with reflective glass and element with drawers lacquered finish Grigio Lava. Bookcase thickness 38mm., finish melamine Gesso. Kompositon mit oberen Haengecontainern mit rechter Front in Mattlack Gesso und linker Front in reflektierendem Spiegelglas und Schubladen anthrazitfarben lackiert. Buecherregal mit Staerke 38 mm, Ausfuehrung Laminat Gesso. Composition réalisée avec un élément supérieur laqué Gesso et porte en verre réflechissant et élément avec tiroirs laqué Grigio Lava. Bibliothèque épaisseur 38mm., finition mélaminé Gesso. Composición con elemento superior lacado Gesso y puerta en cristal reflectante y elemento con cajones lacado Grigio Lava. Libreria espesor 38mm., acabado melaminico Gesso. Opstelling bestaande uit: wandkastje boven gelakt in Gesso met deur uit glas met weerspiegeling enwandkastjes en laden lak Grigio Lava Boekenkast dikte 38mm., afwerking laminaat Gesso.

24 h. point of view ///





fusion 14 ///


Composizione laccata all’acqua colore Nero, anta e ripiano laccati Rosso, ante finitura Polimerico Gesso lucido, ripiani in vetro. Tavolo Taul, sedia Cosma. Composition lacquered on water-base finish Nero, door and shelf lacquered Rosso, doors finish Polymeric glossy Gesso, glass shelves. Table Taul, chair Cosma. Komposition in Mattlack Nero, eine Front und Fachboden in Mattlack Rosso. Die anderen Fronten in Polymerfolie Gesso (Hochglanzoptik), Fachboeden aus Glas. Tisch Taul, Stuhl Cosma. Composition laqué à l'eau couleur Nero, porte et étagère laqué Rosso, portes finition Polymérique Gesso brillant, étagères en verre. Table Taul, chaise Cosma. Composición lacado al agua color Nero, puerta y estante lacado Rosso, puertas acabado Polimerico Gesso brillo, estantes en cristal. Mesa Taul, silla Cosma. Afwerking lak op water-basis afwerking Nero, deur en legplank gelakt in Rosso, afwerkingen deuren Polymeer hoogglans Gesso, glazen legplanken. Tafel Taul, stoel Cosma.





stories from the world

stones and leaves ///

l October


Travelling all over the world. Cobblestones. Wood. Arts & Crafts. Crossing bridges, crossing borders. There is nothing as breathtaking as the colour of the trees in the Autumn months. Bench. Drawings. Suitcases. Cloudy skies. Sand dunes. Informal elegance. Essence. Neutral & natural colours.





fusion 15 ///


Composizione con libreria nobilitato Rovix, contenitori sospesi in nobilitato Rovix, contenitori base in nobilitato Noce materico. Composition with bookcase in melamine Rovix, hanging containers in melamine Rovix, base containers in melamine textured Walnut. Komposition in Laminat Rovix, Haengecontainer in Laminat Rovix. Basiscontainer in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum. Composition avec bibliothèque mélaminé Rovix, conteneurs suspendus en mélaminé Rovix, conteneurs base en mélaminé Noyer en relief. Composición con libreria melaminico Rovix, contenedores suspendidos en melaminico Rovix, contenedores base en melaminico Nogal texturado. Opstelling met boekenkast in laminaat Rovix, wandkastjes in laminaat Rovix, basis containers in laminaat Noten met structuur.






rovix ///


24 h. point of view ///

Armadio anta battente ROVIX in nobilitato rovix. Libreria “WL2”. Madia “Checker”. Wardrobe with hinged doors ROVIX in melamine rovix. Bookshelf “WL2”. Sideboard “Checker”. Kleiderschrank ROVIX mit Drehtueren Rovix in Laminat rovix. Buecherregal WL2 (Laubersheimer). Sideboard Checker (Misuraemme-Kollektion). Armoire porte battante ROVIX en mélaminé rovix. Bibliothèque “WL2”. Bahut “Checker”. Armario puerta batiente ROVIX en melaminico rovix. Libreria “WL2”. Aparador “Checker”. Garderobekast met draaideur ROVIX in laminaat rovix. Boekenkast “WL2”. Dressoir “Checker”.



fusion 16 ///


Composizione a terra in nobilitato Noce materico e Gesso. Tavolino “Zoom”. Divano “AA1”. Floor-based composition in melamine textured Walnut and Gesso. Small table “Zoom”. Sofa “AA1”. Sideborad in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum und Gesso. Beistelltisch Zoom. Sofa “AA1” von Alvar Aalto. Composition au sol en mélaminé Noyer en relief et Gesso. Petite table “Zoom”. Canapé “AA1”. Composición a suelo en melaminico Nogal texturado y Gesso. Mesita “Zoom”. Sofa “AA1”. Vloeropstelling in laminaat Noten met structuur en Gesso. Tafel “Zoom”. Bank “AA1”.



fusion 17 ///


Madia laccata Gesso con elementi inseriti in nobilitato Noce materico. Sideboard lacquered Gesso with inserts in melamine textured Walnut. Sideboard in Mattlack Gesso und eingefuegten Elementen in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum. Bahut laqué Gesso avec éléments insérés en mélaminé Noyer en relief. Aparador lacado Gesso con elementos en melaminico Nogal texturado. Dressoir in gelakt in Gesso met open elementen in laminaat Noten met structuur.




TOGETHER your own style

mutual bonds ///

B Common


Sharing emotions. Sight-seeing. Gathering objects. Gathering memories. Cat on a hot tin roof. Taking a walk. Far from the madding crowd. Patterns. Geometries. Black, white and brown, with a touch of blue.





fusion 18 ///


Composizione laccata Gesso con elementi in finitura nobilitato Rovere Brown. Tavolino Flesso, poltrona Quadria. Composition lacquered Gesso with elements finish melamine Oak Brown. Low table Flesso, armchair Quadria. Kompositon in Mattlack Gesso mit Akzenten in dunkler Eiche Brown (Laminat). Beistelltisch Flesso, Sessel Quadria (MisuraEmme-Kollektion). Composition laqué Gesso avec éléments en finition melaminé Chêne Brown. Petite Table Flesso, fauteuil Quadria. Composición lacado Gesso con elementos en acabado melaminico Roble Brown. Mesita Flesso, butaca Quadria. Opstelling gelakt in Gesso met elementen in de afwerking laminaat Eiken Brown. Tafel Flesso, fauteuil Quadria.





next ///


I due lettini NEXT accostati si trasformano in letto matrimoniale. La versatilità del programma permette la realizzazione di ambienti notte adattabili alle diverse esigenze progettuali. Scrittoio e piano d’appoggio multiuso. Two beds NEXT placed next to each other to create a double bed. This programme is very versatile making it possible to adapt it to different kinds of projects for the sleeping area. Desk and top can be used in many ways. Auseinander-und zusammenschiebbare Einzelbetten NEXT. Lassen sich den jëwiligen Beduerfnissen in Schlafzimmer bereich anpassen. Les deux lits NEXT approchés peuvent se transformer dans un lit à deux places. La versatilité du programme permet la réalisation de chambres adaptables aux différents projets. Ecritoire et plateau d’appui multifonctionnel. Las dos camas NEXT pequeñas acercadas se transforman en cama matrimonial. La versatilidad del programa permite la realización de ambientes noche adaptable a los muchas exigencias proyectivas. Escritorio y plan de apoyo multiuso. Twee naast elkaar NEXT geplaatste één-persoonsbedden maken een tweepersoonsbed. Dit programme maakt het mogelijk om verschillende type slaapkamers te realiseren. Multi-funktioneel bureau en verdikte top.




FANTASY & business

busy at home ///


c A hard day’s work.

At home.

Taking notes. Focusing. Desk. Vision. Plan. Organizing one’s time. Art books. Divisions. When work is leisure. Comfort zone. Book-shelves. Meeting business partners for lunch. Going grocery shopping with my son. Walnut. White. Neutral tones.





24 h. point of view ///

fusion 19 ///


Composizione nobilitato Noce materico. Elemento bussolotti sospesi con ante Polimerico Gesso lucido. Poltroncina Superhella. Composition melamine textured Walnut. Hanging containers with doors in polymeric glossy gesso. Small armchair Superhella. Komposition in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum. Haengekorpen mit Drehtueren in Polymerausfuehrung Gesso. Sessel Superhella (MisuraEmme-Kollektion). Composition mélaminé Noyer en relief. Elément conteneurs suspendus avec portes Polymérique Gesso brillant. Petit fauteuil Superhella. Composición en melaminico Nogal texturado. Elemento contenedores suspendidos con puertas en Polimerico brillo. Butaca Superhella. Opstelling in laminaat Noten met structuur. Wandkastjes met Polymeer hoogglans Gesso deuren. Fauteuiltje Superhella.





liscia ///


Armadio con ante battenti LISCIA in nobilitato Noce materico, maniglia PER canna di fucile. Wardrobe with hinged doors LISCIA in melamine textured walnut, handle PER finish gun metal. Drehtuerschrank LISCIA in Laminat Nussbaum mit Griff PER Canna di fucile. Armoire avec portes battantes LISCIA en mélaminé noyer en relief. Poignée PER cannon de fucil. Armario con puertas batientes en melaminico nogal texturado, tirador PER gris oscuro. Garderobekast met draaideuren LISCIA in laminaat noten met structuur, handgreep PER geweerloop grijs.

andre’ /// Letto matrimoniale ANDRE’ in laccato Gesso. Double Bed ANDRE’ matt lacquered Gesso. Bett ANDRE’ in Mattlack Gesso. Lit à deux place ANDRE’ laqué Gesso. Cama doble ANDRE’ en lacado Gesso. Bed ANDRE’ twee-persoonsbed in lak Gesso.





fusion 20 ///


Composizione in nobilitato Noce materico con ante laccate Gesso. Scrivania in nobilitato Noce materico, base laccata Grigio Lava. Composition in melamine textured Walnut with doors lacquered Gesso. Writing desk in melamine textured Walnut, with base lacquered Grigio Lava. Komposition in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum mit Fronten in Mattlack Gesso. Schreibtisch in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum mit Basis in Mattlack Grigio Lava. Composition en mélaminé Noyer en relief avec portes laqué Gesso. Bureau en mélaminé Noyer en relief, base laqué Grigio Lava. Composición en melaminico Nogal texturado con puertas lacado Gesso. Escritorio en melaminico Nogal texturado, base lacado Grigio Lava. Opstelling in laminaat Noten met structuur met deuren gelakt in Gesso. Bureau in laminaat Noten met structuur, onderstel gelakt in Grigio Lava.



fusion 21 /// Composizione nobilitato Noce materico con ante in Polimerico Gesso Lucido. Composition melamine textured Walnut with doors in polymeric glossy Gesso.


Komposition in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum mit Tueren in Polymerfolie Farbe Gesso (Hochglanzoptik) Composition mélaminé Noyer en relief avec portes en Polymérique Gesso Brillant. Composición en melaminico Nogal texturado con puertas en Polimerico Gesso brillo. Opstelling in laminaat Noten met structuur met deuren in Polymeer hoogglans Gesso.


MUSIC & FRIENDS the rhythm of my days







fusion 22 ///


24 h. point of view ///

Composizione laccata Gesso, anta scorrevole laccata Gesso, schienali e scrittoio in nobilitato Noce materico. Composition lacquered Gesso, sliding door lacquered gesso, back panels and writing desk in melamine textured Walnut. Komposition in Mattlack Gesso, Schiebetuer in Mattlack Gesso. Rueckwaende und Schreibtisch in strukturiertem Laminat Nussbaum. Composition laqué Gesso, porte coulissante laqué gesso, fonds et bureau en mélaminé Noyer en relief. Composición lacado Gesso, puerta corredera lacado gesso, traseras y escritorio en melaminico Nogal texturado. Opstelling gelakt in Gesso, schuifdeur gelakt in Gesso, achterwanden en bureau in laminaat Noten met structuur.





1984 ///


2011 /// ante colorate coloured doors

technical information

spalle colorate coloured side panels

choose your modules. ///


째 Ieri e Oggi / Yesterday and Today

schienali colorati coloured back panels

Strutture / Structures Librerie / Bookcases Contenitori base / Base containers Contenitori / Containers Ante / Doors Pannelli TV / TV Panels Cubo e quadrotti / Cubo and Quadrotti Soluzioni ridimensionate / Reduced solutions

armadi con ante in differenti colori wardrobe with doors in different finishes



$ contenitori / containers ///

armadi I-Box / Wardrobes I-Box ///

Contenitori base Base containers Altezze battente e scorrevole Height hinged and sliding doors

Altezza Height

Larghezza Width Larghezze moduli battente Widths modules with hinged doors ProfonditĂ Depth Larghezze moduli scorrevole Widths modules with sliding doors Contenitori a giorno a terra e in appoggio (P.450mm.), pensili (P.325mm.) Open units floor-based and upper containers (D. 450mm), hanging (D.325mm). ProfonditĂ  moduli battente e scorrevole Depth modules with hinged / sliding doors Altezza Height

librerie / bookcases ///

Larghezza Widht

Contenitori sospesi (P.426mm.) attrezzabili anche con cassetti Hanging containers (D.426mm) can be equipped with drawers

Altezze per moduli a terra, disponibili anche nella prof. 380mm. Heights for floor-based modules available also with depth 380mm

Contenitori sospesi (P.426mm.) Hanging containers (D.426mm) Altezze per moduli sopralzo su contenitori, disponibili anche nella prof. 380mm. Heights for modules on containers available also with depth 380mm

Altezze per moduli pensili Heights for hanging modules

Contenitori pensili (P.301mm.) attrezzabili con ante battenti/ribalte Hanging containers (P.301mm.) can be equipped with hinged doors/flap doors

Larghezze e profonditĂ Widths and depth





ante per contenitori / doors for containers ///

pannelli TV / TV panels //// Altezze / Heights 316 / 476 / 636 956 / 1276 / 1596 / 1916 / 2236 / 2556 mm




Pannello pensile o in appoggio, per inserimento TV. Hanging panel or resting on a container for TV to be inserted.

Telaio vetro / Glass frame max H.2236

Pannello libreria, per inserimento TV esterno. Bookcase panelling, for external TV to be inserted.

ante per I-Box / doors for I-Box ///

ANTE BATTENTI HINGED DOORS Altezze / Heights 2236 / 2396 / 2556 mm

Nobilitato / Milano

Rovix / Neolux

Polilux Elemento porta TV con vani laterali. TV unit complete laterally with open units. ANTE SCORREVOLI SLIDING DOORS

Mobile ingresso con anta scorrevole dotato di 2 ripiani interni e 3 appendiabili cromati. Entrance hall unit with sliding door complete with two internal shelves and 3 chromed clothes hangers.

Altezze / Heights 2240 / 2400 / 2560 mm

complementi sospesi / suspended elements //// Nobilitato / Milano


Neolux / Polilux Elemento Cubo ed elementi Quadrotti. Cubo and Quadrotti elements.

cabina armadio millimetrica / walk-in closet millimetrica ///

Raster a crociera. Raster with crossed elements.

Spalle per cabina senza schienali Side panels for walk-in closet without wall panel


Spalle per cabina con schienali Side panels for walk-in closet with wall panel

Basi Bases

Ripiani Shelves

Pannelli schienale Wall panels




moduli ridimensionati / reduced modules ///

moduli ridimensionati / reduced modules ///

fusion 03

fusion 03A

fusion 13

fusion 13A

fusion 04

fusion 04A

fusion 15

fusion 15A

fusion 06

fusion 06A

fusion 18

fusion 18A

fusion 10

fusion 10A

fusion 19

fusion 19A




There is a new technology that does not pollute: WATER

c’è una nuova tecnologia che non inquina: l’acqua. ///

☞ from

gab.fusion Un impegno costante Ogni anno, in Italia, mezzo milione di tonnellate di sostanze organiche volatili, altamente tossiche, vengono emesse nell’atmosfera. MisuraEmme Spa proprietaria del marchio GAB, ha deciso di intraprendere un percorso di sviluppo che portasse l’azienda ad abbinare produttività e rispetto dell’ambiente, in nome di un forte impegno nell’etica d’impresa. Sono stati anni di ricerche difficili, di collaudi intensivi, di ostacoli superati, che hanno condotto MisuraEmme ad

ottenere il successo tanto atteso. L’investimento di risorse, di tempo, di uomini ha consentito di studiare nuove soluzioni, di mettere a punto nuove vernici opache all’acqua, mai utilizzate prima nel settore del mobile. Risultati che si vedono Il risultato, oggi, è sotto gli occhi di tutti. MisuraEmme dispone di un rivoluzionario sistema di verniciatura. Interamente basato su prodotti idrosolubili, con prestazioni

uguali e in certi casi superiori a quelle degli impianti tradizionali.


• PANNELLI A BASSO CONTENUTO FORMALDEIDE CLASSE E1 La vera ricompensa Oggi, a parità di qualità, i laccati • PRODOTTI CONFORMI ALLE opachi e i vetri laccati opachi di NORMATIVE UNI MisuraEmme non danneggiano la natura e non pregiudicano la salute • FERRAMENTA CERTIFICATA delle persone. Anche l’aria di casa ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 diventa più salubre. Grazie alla DIN EN 15338:2007 tecnologia, l’acqua produce un’aria migliore. Quando la sfida si chiude • RIPIANI E ANTE IN VETRO con una vittoria come questa, TEMPERATO l’orgoglio è la ricompensa più grande.

Graphic Design Crugnola Comunicazione & Design Textile and Colours coordination Studio Alessandra Comi

Pre-press Articrom

Photo Michele Poli

Print Grafiche Moretti


A constant effort In Italy ever year half a million tons of organic volatile substances, highly toxic, are released into the air. MisuraEmme the owner of the brand GAB, decided to follow the path that would lead the company to combine productivity and respect for the environment. Years of difficult research and intensive testing, resulted in the long awaited success for MisuraEmme. The considerable effort both of time and employed resources has allowed the studying of new

solutions, using new types of mat varnishes water-based which have never used before in the furniture business. Visible results The results, today, are visible to all. MisuraEmme has at its disposal the revolutionary systeme completely based on water-soluble products with equal results – and in certain cases even better results – in comparison to the traditional spraying plants.

The true reward Today, maintaining the same quality, the products mat lacquered and glass mat lacquered of MisuraEmme do not damage the environment, do not harm the health of personnel and does not pollute the air of the home environments. Thanks to technology, water produces healthier air. When the challenge closes with a victory like this, pride is the greatest reward.




ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 DIN EN 15338:2007 • SHELVES AND DOORS IN



Coordination Silvana Asero Elisabetta Bianchi Lorenzo Villa


Thanks to Artemide Golran Ligne Roset Nava Penta Light Philips Plinio il giovane Who’s made Vittorio Bonacina

00:00to 24:0024 h. point of view C

24 h. point of view ///

gab.fusion Sede direzionale / Head Office 22066 Mariano Comense (CO) – Italy Tel. +39 031 754111 Fax +39 031 744437 Ufficio Commerciale Italia Tel. +39 0343 43194 Fax +39 0343 43198 Export Sales Office 22066 Mariano Comense (CO) – Italy Tel. +39 031 754111 Fax +39 031 744437


MisuraEmme Gab Fusion Catalogue  

From the iconic Italian furniture manufacturer, MisuraEmme. For more information visit

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