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Lambeth City Learning Centre

Programme of Activity 2012 - 2013

Lambeth City Learning Centre


The CLC is always responsive to the needs of the school, with helpful staff willing to listen and help. It’s a forward-thinking organisation at the cutting edge of how new technologies are used in schools. Acting Assistant Headteacher, Stockwell Primary School


Introduction Lambeth City Learning Centre has an excellent reputation for the quality of its training. Recently shortlisted for an NAACE Impact Award for CPD, the CLC has worked with thousands of teachers from across London, supporting and inspiring them in their use of new technologies.

This guide outlines Lambeth City Learning Centre’s training programme for 2012 - 2013. With a new curriculum emphasis on programming, developments in the use of the Cloud and mobile devices and the need for an increasingly digitally literate workforce, schools face complex challenges in relation to ICT - at a time of reduced funding. Help is at hand. Our training programme covers all aspects of ICT within schools from support for senior leaders, guidance for ICT subject specialists and a wealth of training opportunities to enable all staff to get to grips with the latest software, hardware and freeware. The CLC is also able to offer consultancy. Full details of this service can be found on page 6.

For further details of any of our programmes’ contact Julia Lawrence


We can already see an improvement in the range and quality of ICT teaching and learning across the school through our work with the CLC. Headteacher, Woodmansterne Primary School

It’s a personalised service and the willingness of staff to work so closely with us has had a really positive impact on practitioner confidence and practice with ICT, resulting in really positive experiences and outcomes for children. Headteacher, Effra Nursery School





Full-day CPD @ the CLC


Afternoon CPD @ the CLC




CPD Quick Reference





Consultancy These half-day consultancy sessions offered in the areas of ICT and new technologies, arts and family learning are led by CLC specialists. Each school-based session will be followed up with a written summary highlighting recommendations. Half-day consultancy costs £300. To discuss your school’s requirements please email Julia Lawrence; Consultancy can be offered in the following areas:

IT procurement and advice Infrastructure audit and advice ICT Mark and the SRF ICT Assessment E-Safety Governor information sessions ICT curriculum planning and progression Subject-specific consultancy eg technology to support Maths, Science, Literacy, etc Using Google Apps as a free alternative to your VLE Creating an acceptable use policy Artsmark Delivering Arts Award (for 7-11 or 11-18 years) Cultural partnerships and the arts Family learning and working with parents Using social media to promote your school


Full-Day CPD @ the CLC All training is delivered from the CLC’s state of-the-art professional development centre in Clapham Old Town . From e-safety, strategic vision and support for subject leaders to training on specific pieces of software and hardware, the Centre offers support to help schools in all areas of their ICT provision. Time: 9am - 3.15pm Venue: City Learning Centre, Clapham Old Town Cost: £195 per place

Autumn Term

Getting to Grips with Programming within the Primary Curriculum Following the DfE’s announcements regarding proposed changes to ICT within the primary curriculum, schools are expected to include basic computing and programming within their curriculum. This full day at the CLC will give teachers a practical understanding of both visual and textual programming

Code: TC01 Friday 5 October

appropriate for pupils at KS1 and KS2. From Pippins and Lego to Kodu and Scratch, the day will provide a practical overview of software and hardware suitable for the primary classroom.

Get Going with a Google VLE This day is for ICT subject leaders and senior leaders who are interested in using Google Apps, Google’s

Code: TC02

free online software suite, as a VLE/learning platform. Attendees will learn how to use Google Apps as a

Friday 12 October

learning tool, and will start to build their own Google Apps VLE. Be aware, this will only be a beginning. More work will be needed after the session before you can use Google Apps in school.

New to Leadership in ICT (1st session) This programme has been designed for primary teachers who have recently taken on responsibilities and leadership for ICT. The ICT Subject Leader’s role is extensive and ever changing, and can seem daunting to even the most experienced practitioner. Two half-day sessions at the CLC (autumn and spring terms) will give subject leaders a better understanding of their role and how it supports school improvement. Each half-day session will include time to develop an individual school action plan. This course runs over two half-days. Colleagues will be expected to attend both sessions.

Code: TC03 Thurs 18 October AM only (1st of 2-part course) Thurs 28 February AM only (2nd of 2-part course)


Full-Day CPD @ the CLC Autumn Term Setting Up a Class Blog This full-day session will give colleagues an opportunity to get to grips with popular blogging software, Wordpress. The session will also give participants an opportunity to explore good practice in class blogging by viewing and critiquing sites from across the world. Issues around safeguarding will

Code: TC04 Friday 9 November

be covered as part of the discussion. Participants should be prepared to set up a Wordpress account. Further details will be provided in advance of the day.

E-Safety Training (including CEOP’s ThinkU Know certification) Certified Training E-safety is a complex issue. This session will address core concerns and equip staff with the tools to promote internet safety in school. Participants will gain the ThinkUKnow certification for e-safety, but

Code: TC05 Thursday 15 November

the course will also draw on other e-safety programmes and will highlight current legislation while also supporting colleagues in creating robust e-safety policies. E-safety is not just a technological issue, so we invite SLTs, Safeguarding leads and ICT Subject Leaders to attend this session.

Spring Term Getting to Grips with Programming within the Primary Curriculum This is a repeat of the autumn term course. Please see page 7 for details.

Code: TC06 Friday 18 January


Full-Day CPD @ the CLC

Animation Across the Curriculum Animation is a really effective way to encourage collaborative storytelling, to engage reluctant learners and to reinforce learning in a practical and creative way. Working with CLC specialists, you will learn how to use simple software to create impressive 2D and 3D animated films. The day will be divided into two sessions – the morning focusing on basic animation technique with the afternoon concentrating

Code: TC07 Friday 1 February

on editing. The day will include guidance on structuring and managing animation work within the curriculum.

Film Making Across the Curriculum Improve your camera techniques and master simple film and editing skills in this full-day course working alongside CLC film tutors. The day will also include an opportunity to learn simple greenscreen technology techniques. The session will explore various classroom applications in addition to

Code: TC08 Friday 15 February

providing guidance on structuring film work within the curriculum and technical advice for formatting and exporting.

New to Leadership in ICT/Learning Technologies This is the second session of a two-part course. Please see page 7 for details.

iPads for teaching, learning and assessment in KS1 & KS2 This training day will provide colleagues with an opportunity to explore the potential of iPads within the primary setting. From leadership and management to teaching, learning and assessment, the iPad is a powerful education device. The day will also focus on the technical aspects of managing devices within the classroom, including advice on deployment and synchronising issues.

Code: TC03 Thursday 28 February (AM only)

Code: TC09 Friday 15 March


Full-Day Full Day CPD @ the CLC Summer Term The Art of Animation Great animation requires great artwork. You can improve the quality of your school’s animations by gaining a better understanding of the variety of creative techniques and skills used within animated film. This session will explore a range of styles – including drawn, cut-out, silhouette, lightbox and

Code: TC10 Friday 26 April

model animation. This day is particularly targeted at colleagues with responsibility for or interest in visual art.

iPads and iPods in EYFS iPads and iPods are the ultimate tools to support learning in the early years. They are mobile, and easy to use outside and to move around classroom activities. This session will introduce you to the different functions of the devices and to a huge variety of educational Apps. You will learn about how different schools and settings are integrating their use across the curriculum as a way for children to

Code: TC11 Wednesday 8 May

create podcasts, animations and stories, and to reflect on their learning. You will also learn how to use the devices to record and store observations and assessments, thus rationalising the record-keeping process.

Preparing for Black History Month Using the CLC’s Black History Month teaching resource, this session is designed to support schools in exploring Black history through film and media, with a particular focus on journeys to Britain post-Windrush. The day offers teachers an opportunity to explore the resource and gain film-making and editing skills, enabling you to create your own documentaries in the classroom on the theme of

Code: TC12 Friday 21 June

‘Coming to Britain’.

Digital Photography & Photo Editing Make the most of digital cameras in the classroom. This session will cover a range of techniques to improve your camera work while also providing an introduction to free photo-editing software, including Pixlr and other alternatives to Photoshop. The session will also explore a variety of freeware to enable you to create montages and presentations, and will look at storage issues in relation to media files.

Code: TC13 Friday 5 July


Afternoon CPD @ the CLC Time: 1.45 - 4.15pm

Venue: City Learning Centre, Clapham Old Town Cost: £120 per place

Autumn Term Strategic Leadership of ICT for Heads, Deputy Heads and other Members of SLT Issues including the exponential rise in computing power, a new curriculum emphasis on programming, developments in the use of the Cloud and mobile devices, and the need for an increasingly digitally literate workforce, mean that senior leaders face complex decisions in relation to

Code: TT1 Thursday 27 September

ICT – at a time of reduced funding. This half-day session offers senior leaders an opportunity to explore the issues and discuss the implications with CLC specialists.

Artsmark Training Designed to support schools intending to apply for Round 13 of the Arts Council’s Artsmark, this

Code: TT2 Dates tbc

session will provide an overview of the new process and detailed guidance on completing the online application. The sessions are led by accredited Artsmark trainers, and are repeated three times. NB Training dates are likely to run from Nov - March depending upon the new application timetable.

Smartboard – Refresh Working with CLC specialists, refresh your skills and get to grips with the full functionality of your class whiteboard. This session is appropriate for new or unconfident users.

Code: TT3 Thursday 4 October

SRF and ICT Mark This session is for senior leaders or anyone involved in ICT at a senior level. Working with a CLC specialist, this session will guide participants in the use of the recently relaunched Self Review Framework tool to audit provision in preparation for gaining the ICT Mark. The SRF framework provides an invaluable structure for assessing and improving the way ICT is used across the curriculum, how professional development is supported, and how resources are deployed. The CLC strongly recommends the SRF as a way to support strategic thinking about the role of technology within schools.

Code: TT4 Tuesday 16 October


Afternoon CPD @ the CLC Autumn Term Lego NXT (1) This session will focus on basic programming skills while also giving an introduction to the motion, colour and sound sensors that enable students to capture and log data. This training is appropriate for teachers and teaching assistants of Upper KS2.

Code: TT5 Thursday 25 October

ICT Progression & Assessment Whether your school teaches ICT as a discreet subject, embeds the use of learning technologies across all curriculum areas, or combines these approaches, ensuring progression and assessing learning is a complex process. With curriculum changes to ICT from September 2012, subject leaders are looking for ways to create bespoke schemes of work and skills progression and assessment maps that will

Code: TT6 Thursday 22 November

integrate with other subjects. This course will explore the key ICT capabilities, attitudes, skills and knowledge that children require from their primary education and will help teachers to create an ICT progression map and assessment plan for their school.

Maths Subject Leaders’ Forum Building on last year’s Maths Conference, Maths Subject Leaders can attend this session to learn more about how ICT can support maths teaching and learning. This year we will be exploring the themes of data-handling, programming for maths, and making maths practical. The session will combine handson ICT activities with opportunities for discussion.

Code: TT7 Thursday 29 November


Afternoon CPD @ the CLC Spring Term Datalogging & Primary Science This session will provide an introduction to the use of dataloggers for accurate measuring, recording and analysis. The session will also provide ideas for the effective presentation of data using a range of hardware and software.

Smartboard – Advanced Most classrooms have them but many of their interactive features are often unused. In this session, you

Code: TT8 Thursday 10 January

Code: TT9

will work with CLC specialists to get to grips with the full functionality of your class whiteboard.

Thursday 24 January

Lego NXT (2)

Code: TT10

This session is a repeat of the autumn term training. See page 12 for details.

Music Technology in the Primary Classroom Exploring a variety of free software, this session will focus on using ICT for creative composition. Participants will be given the opportunity to create their own loops, beats and full-blown compositions using simple yet powerful audio tools.

Thursday 28 February

Code: TT11 Thursday 7 March


Afternoon CPD @ the CLC Summer Term 2Simple and Purple Mash for EYFS and KS1 This training will provide staff with an opportunity to explore the 2Simple range of EYFS and KS1 software. Attendees will gain a better understanding of this creative and engaging suite of applications. This session is ideal for schools that have 2Simple

Code: TT12 Thursday 25 April

or Purple Mash but don’t utilise its full potential, or for schools who are considering a purchase and would like to learn more.

Introduction to Photostory and Moviemaker This introductory session is ideal for teachers who want to take their first steps into film-making at school. We will focus on using free software to turn photos and footage into polished films that can be shared with the wider school community. As well as looking at the processes and techniques of film-

Code: TT13 Thursday 2 May

making, this session will provide practical tips on what can be achieved in a classroom context.

Literacy Subject Leaders’ Forum Building on last year’s CLC Literacy Conference, Literacy Subject Leaders can attend this session to learn more about how new technologies can support literacy learning. This year we will be exploring the themes of publishing children’s writing online, the relationship between literacy and digital literacy and how to engage children in literacy learning through free software and Apps. The session will combine hands-on ICT activities with opportunities for discussion.

Code: TT14 Thursday 6 June


Conferences The CLC’s conference programme draws together leading thinkers, practitioners and experts to keep colleagues abreast of both educational and technological change. All conferences are run from the CLC’s state of-the-art professional development centre in Clapham Old Town. Time: 9am - 3.15pm

Venue: City Learning Centre, Clapham Old Town Cost: £225 per place

Using Technology to Support the Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages The audience for this conference will be all those involved in teaching languages in primary school. Throughout the day, participants will have the opportunity to find out how technology can enhance their language teaching and inspire young learners. Find out how technology can also support linguistic development, both for your pupils and for you.

ICT/New Technologies Conferences Autumn & Summer Terms These popular conferences for ICT Subject Leaders, heads of ICT and teachers interested in the use of technologies across the curriculum, will ensure that teaching staff are fully informed about the very latest in technology in education. The conferences combine guest speakers, curriculum and policy updates, sharing sessions and hands-on workshops, and will also include opportunities to explore a

Code: C01 Friday 23 November

Code: C02 Wednesday 5 December Wednesday 12 June

range of equipment, Apps and software.

CLC training is always action packed and so inspiring. I come away with so many great ideas for my practice. ICT Subject Leader, Effra Early Years Centre



Science Conference ICT has huge potential to enhance Science teaching and learning. This conference will explore different ways in which ICT can be integrated into classroom practice – from logging data to

Code: C03 Wednesday 6 February

communicating scientific ideas in engaging ways through the use of digital media. The day is designed for Science Subject Leaders, and will include seminars, sharing sessions and hands-on practical workshops.

This the first training I’ve ever attended on ICT and technology that has been completely tailored to early years and it’s been so useful and really inspiring. The sessions were all well delivered and I definitely feel confident to now incorporate the ideas and my new skills into my classroom practice. Class Teacher, Hill Mead Primary School



Early Years Conference This conference is aimed at practitioners and teachers from EYFS settings and from school nursery and reception classes. Find out how different EYFS settings are using new technologies to support children’s learning in literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and

Code: C04 Wednesday 6 March

design. Take part in hands-on practical sessions that explore the learning potential of digital media, iPods and iPads, games consoles, cameras and recording devices. Share ideas and approaches with other practitioners from a range of settings.

Great facilities, friendly staff and fantastic ideas. What more could you want from training. Class Teacher, Bonneville Primary School

Arts Conference Taking place in the vibrant heart of London’s cultural quarter, this one-day conference is an exciting, creative learning event for all those with an interest in arts education. Come together with colleagues, arts organisations and artists to discuss and debate current policy and thinking and explore new directions for arts education. This year’s event will be hosted by a South Bank venue and supported by a range of organisations from the South Bank and Bankside Cultural Quarter. The conference is an invaluable introduction to the range of cultural opportunities on offer to Lambeth schools and an opportunity to make contacts, join the local cultural network, and reflect on arts practice and policy in school. The conference will include practical sessions and opportunities to share good practice.

Code: C05 Summer term Date: tbc Venue: TBC


CPD Quick Reference Full-Day CPD 9am - 3.15pm Getting to Grips with Programming (TC01)


Friday 5 October

Get Going with Google VLE (TC02)


Friday 12 October

New to Leadership in ICT (1st of 2 sessions) (TC03)


Thursday 18 October

Setting Up your Class Blog (TC04)


Friday 9 November

E-Safety Training (TC05)


Thursday 15 November

Getting to Grips with Programming (Repeat) (TC06)


Friday 18 January

Animation Across the Curriculum (TC07)


Friday 1 February

Film-making Across the Curriculum (TC08)


Friday 15 February

New to Leadership in ICT (2nd of 2 sessions) (TC03)


Thursday 28 February

iPads for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in KS1/KS2 (TC09)


Friday 15 March

The Art of Animation (TC10)


Friday 26 April

iPads and iPods in EYFS (TC11)


Wednesday 8 May

Preparing for Black History Month (TC12)


Friday 21 June

Digital Photography and Photo Editing (TC13)


Friday 5 July

Conferences 9am - 3.15pm Using Technology to Support the Teaching of MFL (C01)


Friday 23 November

ICT/New Technologies Conferences (C02)


Autumn Term - Weds 5 December Summer Term - Weds 12 June

Science Conference (C03)


Wednesday 6 February

Early Years Conference (C04)


Wednesday 6 March

Arts Conference (C05)




CPD Quick Reference Afternoon CPD 1.45 - 4.15pm Strategic Leadership of ICT for SLT (TT1)


Thursday 27 September

Artsmark Training (TT2)


Dates TBC

Smartboard – Refresh (TT3)


Thursday 4 October

SRF and ICT Mark (TT4)


Tuesday 16 October

Lego NXT (1) (TT5)


Thursday 25 October

ICT Progression & Assessment (TT6)


Thursday 22 November

Maths Subject Leaders’ Forum (TT7)


Thursday 29 November

Datalogging & Primary Science (TT8)


Thursday 10 January

Smartboard – Advanced (TT9)


Thursday 24 January

Lego NXT (2) (TT10)


Thursday 28 February

Music Technology in the Primary Classroom (TT11)


Thursday 7 March

2Simple and Purple Mash for EYFS (TT12)


Thursday 25 April

Introduction to Photostory and Moviemaker (TT13) Pg14

Thursday 2 May

Literacy Subject Leaders’ Forum (TT14)

Thursday 6 June




Full Day Training


Full day conferences


Afternoon training


Consultancy (half day/in school)



Book 3 conference or training places across the year and get your 4th place free (NB applies to cheapest training/conference).

For further information If you require more information about any of the CLC services please email Julia Lawrence, Deputy Director.

or call 0207 720 7514


Booking Form Please photocopy this form and return it to the CLC. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from and emailed to the centre. Details below.

By post:

By email:

Kim Morrison Lambeth City Learning Centre Rectory Grove London, SW4 0EL

Download from and email to Kim Morrison at

Contact Name: School / Organisation: Address: Email: Telephone Number: Invoice Details (if different):

Name of Attendee

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Lambeth City Learning Centre The centre is a 5 minute walk from Clapham Common tube station (Northern line) or a short bus ride from Clapham Junction station. See for more information.



Lambeth City Learning Centre

0207 720 7514 Lambeth City Learning Centre Rectory Grove, London, SW4 0EL

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