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Having sold out Madison Square Garden the other night, Justin...


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By Aaron Short Courier-Life

Last Updated: 6:35 PM, September 29, 2009 Posted: 6:35 PM, September 29, 2009 Comments: 0 Be the first of your friends to like this.




It was as delicious as it was aesthetically pleasing. The Fifth Annual Last Supper Festival, held at 3rd Ward Brooklyn (195 Morgan Avenue) on Saturday, September 26, attracted artists, musicians, foodies, and lots of hungry fans, eager to sample edible installations. Among the highlights were Eve Biddle’s “Edible Ghetto” gingerbread Housing Projects project, Suko Presseau’s “Thunder Moon Offering” performance, and Lucia Madriz’s sculpture installation “All Under Control,” which Last Supper founder Coralina Meyer stated as among her favorites. “We’re hoping that the beans sprout,” said Meyer. “Lucia’s contraption is made of black beans and rocks.” Sponsored Links

This Year's #... (INCT) - Why Investors Consider It "The Next Big Mining Company."

SHOCKING: 2010 Honda Civic for $1, 734.09 SPECIAL REPORT: High ticket items are being...

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Partnerships with sponsors, such as Majestic Research, Film Forum, Food Bank of New York, Council on Environment of New York City (CENYC) and Solar1 and organizations Brooklyn Torch Project, Clean Oceans Institute, Time Interchange of New York, were represented at the merchandise table. Sometimes they contributed an art installation, including artist Mary Jeys’ photographic performance series that provided a sample monetary unit that Brooklyn businesses could use, with Brooklyn Torch Project, and Scott Wolfson’s photo light box, called “Source,” run entire on solar power, provided by Solar1. “There were so many great pieces, I’m just happy that nothing bad happened,” said Meyer. “The fact that we had it in the same venue helped a lot, sharpening the conversation and represent a diversity of mediums and works.” The Last Supper Exhibition continues at 3rd Ward Brooklyn, 195 Morgan Avenue, until Sunday, October 4. For more information, call 718-715-4961, visit or



Endless summer

Darrelle Revis, back from his 36-day contract holdout, received a...

Last Supper A Good One Like


FOR CLIMBERS * Big Bambu: The massive art installation on the...





Weird But True Crime Lottery

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This Year's #1 Gold Stock (INCT) - Why Investors Consider It "The Next Big Mining...


SHOCKING: 2010 Honda Civic for $1,734.09

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SPECIAL REPORT: High ticket items are being...

Audit finds Al Sharpton's Nation Action Network on the brink 145 people shared this.

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Why America misses Bush--Victor Davis Hanson 181 people shared this.

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Teresa Giudice struck bad book deal with Bravo, won't be back to Season 3 154 people shared this.

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