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Present day in a world where doctor damage runs rampant, there is but one man who can stand up and stop damage in his tracks ... he just doesn’t know it yet. Monday morning at the facade window company, we find our hero Bert spencer in a panic. he may or may not be running late for the ... um ... sixth time this month. little does our brave hero know, he’s in for a surprise that will change his life and his job ... forever.

8:05 ... erm ... 8:00 sharp, monday morning at the Facade Window Co ...




In my office ...

oh uh ... sorry I was late again Lori, I --

Dr. Damage is at it again, but this time he’s gone too far ... uh oh ...

uh oh is right kiddo. Our packaging methods just aren’t working!


We’re all too late!

YOU need to to put a

stop to this, NOW! We can’t afford to lose another customer, we just can’t! I’m counting on you bert ... You’ve got to stop him!

Meanwhile ...

... hahahahaha another shipment


at this rate, I’ll have all the glass broken from here to atlanta! ever since that dreadful day so many years ago ... I remember like it was stuck inside that yesterday ... hot, enclosed shower for days ... and blast it! the door was stuck! my only chance of surviving was gaah! ... I shudder at the thought! to chew my way through the glass enclosure and now ... It feeds i - I - I just love to my soul! eat glass! and yet I muwa love to break it! I need to break it!

But wait ... What if they discover lamatek



I just can’t let that happen! All the glass in the world will be mine ... ... and it


be broken!

What am I gonna do? how am I supposed to stop dr. damage by myself?

later that day...

If I don’t think of something, I’ll get fired for sure! mrow?

gasp! I’ll have to move in with my ... parents!

I won’t be able to pay my bills! or my rent! i’ll lose my apartment! I’ll lose everything!!!


oh tj, we’re

doomed! What the?

That’s it!

I’ll call 1-800lamatek! they make all sorts of products! I’m sure they’ll have a solution for me! Dr. damage ... prepare to meet your demise!

I’m so glad I thought of this! really...

Thank you for calling lamatek, this is janine ...

I need you ... i mean um ... can you help me? sure! Let me tell you about Protek tm ...


a few days later ...

wow ...


I have the


Now, off to find Dr. damage and stop him once and for all!

just down the street, our hero finds himself an unsuspecting villain


another weakling in tights! and what do you call yourself? I’m protekman and I’m here to kick some glass! oooo thanks ... how clever! I came just came up with it.


Bwa haha think you can stop me, do you? Let’s see how you fare against flying windows!

not so fast!

What the pool noodle is



shhw oop !

we call that


ahem ... back here!

... noob.

as I was saying ... You’re no match for protek’s super strength!

r aap rr rsrs s ss t t t i ii c k! w Flllrrppt!


ratt le


rattltettttt le

let’s see you wreck this!



eesion! e he co a !

that’s what YOU think!


n n k k! u th



what have you

done !?!

what the -- what is this?! and How THE DEVIL is it

op !

and you’re next!

stickings s w o

exactly what I was hired to do.


o o o

WW o

! h hh


that’s cohesive, baby! u pu



hasta la vista ... damage you haven’t seen the last of M e e e ee ee e ee e ee eee e e !

7:45 the next morning ...

GREAT JOB KIDDO! tHANKS TO YOU, we can now ship with confidence.

AND WE EVEN BAGGED A bunch of new clients! YOU’RE MY HERO! HOW DID YOU Oh, you know DO IT? i’m just that good!


weat h erstripping gasket tape • foa m tapes

strong enough

to seal a




as low as e p a T t e k s • Ga tripping • Weathers pe per Ta case • Mounting Buy Foam • Bumpers Tapes for Every ll • Open-ce Application ell • Closed-c tes a Online at tR • Discoun rt o p p u tS Foamtapes • Live Cha g in p ip h S t s .net • Fa



$ 25





THE REAL LIVE FUN PETS YOU GROW YOURSELF You COULD waste your money on unhatched shrimp eggs (yeah, that’s what they are) OR you could buy some useful products from LAMATEK. Sea Monkeys will not protect your windows from cracking, your nailing fins from breaking or your glass from scratching but hey, do what you want. It’s your money.


offer Okay, so we can’t give you

FREE Sea-Monkeys,

but we can offer you some pretty sweet PROTEKtm protection for your window and door products! If it’s that important to you, feel free to fill out the form below for a real live photo of some actual sea monkeys!

Sea-Monkeys RULE! 1226 Forest Parkway West Deptford, NJ 08066 I love Sea Monkeys! Sea Monkeys are the coolest! I want a photo now! I haven’t enclosed any money, but who cares? Sea Monkeys still rock my world. Name Address City



Don’t be just a cardboard cutout ...

Call 1-800-LAMATEK or visit www. lamatek .com

to find out how


1226 Forest Parkway West Deptford, NJ 1-800-LAMATEK

The Adventures of Protek Man  

LAMATEK's own comic book! Featured at booth #1001 at GlassBuild America 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. September 12 - 14, 2011. © 2011 LAMATEK, I...

The Adventures of Protek Man  

LAMATEK's own comic book! Featured at booth #1001 at GlassBuild America 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. September 12 - 14, 2011. © 2011 LAMATEK, I...