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EXPLORATIONS 2012 “Short, surprising experiments by accomplished theatre-makers and complete newcomers…”
 John Bailey, The Sunday Age


LA MAMA STAFF Artistic Director 
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Liz Jones Pippa Bainbridge Ellen Rijs Nedd Jones Lisa Höbartner & Rebecca Etchell Caitlin Dullard Maureen Hartley Fiona Wiseman Graham Downey Ella Holmes Annabel Warmington Matt Hetherington

FRONT OF HOUSE The regular staff and Jo-Anne Armstrong, Susan Bamford-Caleo, Alex Desebrock, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Nicola Gunn, Tanya Harrowell, Mari Lourey, Phil Roberts, Laurence Strangio, Raymond Triggs, & Canada White COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT Sue Broadway, Liz Jones, Duré Dara, Mark Rubbo, Tim Stitz, Caroline Lee & Rhonda Day ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Our sincerest thanks to the many volunteers who generously give their time in support of La Mama. La Mamaʼs venues are on Wurunjeri land, part of the Kulin nation, and the Committee of Management, staff and wider theatrical community acknowledge its traditional custodians. La Mama is financially assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council – its Arts Funding and Advisory body, the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria – Department of Premier and Cabinet, and by the City of Melbourne through the Arts and Culture triennial funding program. FUNDING LOGOS

WELCOME Creative exploration is at the core of all works produced and presented at La Mama, however this annual season of events is a unique opportunity for theatre-makers to explore new ideas, challenge boundaries and experiment with process in a
 supportive environment. Without any “pressure to perform”, artists are let loose for three nights in the space and audiences are invited to share the creative journey of these new works in development. This year we have 31 works programmed as part of the Explorations Season. La Mama is an open space and a creative community. We encourage all of our Explorations artists to take the opportunity to build connections with others working within the season and to enter the space with a cooperative and generous spirit. We look forward to working with you over the coming months and extend a warm welcome to the 2012 Explorations Season!


4 Information Location Explorations Production Manager Stage Manager/Technician


4 Production Budget Box Office Takings


5 Deadline 1: Friday August 24 Deadline 2: 4 Weeks Prior Deadline 3: 1 Week Prior


5 Booklngs Front of House


6 Set/Space Lighting Audio Additional Electrical Equipment Rehearsals & Access Bump In Health & Safety Bump Out



VENUE INFORMATION PO Box 1009 Carlton VIC 3053 +613 9347 6948 Monday - Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm Weekends & Public Holidays 2pm - 4pm LOCATION 
La Mama Theatre 205 Faraday Street Carlton VIC 3053 La Mama Courthouse 349 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053 EXPLORATIONS PRODUCTION MANAGER La Mama employs a Production Manager to oversee the Explorations Season. They will be your main point of contact and will arrange a production meeting with you and your Stage Manager approximately 3 weeks prior to your season. At this meeting you will go over the requirements for your show including your design for the space and any other information specific to your work. STAGE MANAGER/TECHNICIAN La Mama arranges for a Stage Manager/Technician who will support you during your season. They will ensure a safe environment, operate sound and lighting, liaise with Front of House staff prior to and following the performance and will be responsible for locking up each night. If you would like to nominate your own Stage Manager/Technician, please notify the Explorations Production Manager ASAP as they will need to attend a venue induction. All Stage Managers/Technicians will be paid a fee of $50 per performance from your box office total.

FINANCE PRODUCTION BUDGET La Mama provides a cash budget of $100 (+ GST) per performance for the development and presentation of your Exploration. You are required to keep receipts for your expenses and to return these to La Mama at the conclusion of your season. Please nominate someone in your team to be responsible for managing the budget and contact Ellen – in order to organise payment by cheque or EFT. BOX OFFICE TAKINGS La Mama banks box office takings and holds these funds in trust until your season concludes. La Mama retains a 20% levy, pays $50 per performance to your Stage Manager/Technician and the remainder is to be shared equitably among the creatives. Ellen will contact you approximately two weeks after your season to organise payment.

MARKETING You will need to provide written material and images in order for La Mama to list your Exploration in the season brochure, on the La Mama website and social media channels. Information you provide will also be used to produce an invitation, media release and eflyer. You may also want to provide a video trailer to support your work. If you need assistance with generating content please contact or DEADLINE 1: MONDAY AUGUST 27 Please send the following information to • Title • 20 – 50 word blurb • 1 x high-resolution production image (300dpi minimum) • Credits (list all those involved in creating the work and their roles) DEADLINE 2: 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR SEASON Please send the following to • 200 - 400 words about what you are exploring or anything that is interesting or innovative about the work • 3 - 5 x high-resolution images • 30 - 60 second video trailer or interview (optional) • List of any special guests you would like invited to your show (optional) DEADLINE 3: 1 WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR SEASON La Mama will provide a complimentary program for your show. If you have any additional material that you would like included please send it to DOCUMENTATION: DURING YOUR SEASON In the spirit of Explorations, you may want to document your work both for your own reference and in order to support further development opportunities. Please contact if you would like to organise a video/photo shoot during your season. CREDITING: AFTER YOUR SEASON La Mama provides generous in-kind support to all artists programmed including those in our Explorations Season. In return we ask that you let us know if there will be any subsequent productions of the work and continue to credit La Mama as supporting its initial development.

TICKETING & FRONT OF HOUSE BOOKINGS Tickets to all Explorations events are set at $15. Tickets are often available from the box office on the night of the performance however booking is recommended. Tickets can be pre-purchased with a credit card via until 4pm on the day of the performance. Tickets can be reserved by phone on 9347 6142 (12pm – 4pm on weekdays / 2pm – 4pm on weekends) and paid for in cash at the door. Please note that due to the intimate nature of productions at La Mama most shows have a strict no latecomer policy and ticket holders will not be admitted after the show has commenced. We recommend that guests arrive at the theatre 15 minutes prior to the start time of the performance. FRONT OF HOUSE La Mama provides a Front of House staff member for each performance during your season. Front of House staff represent La Mama and are the venue managers at each performance. They will arrive one hour prior to the start of your performance and will welcome guests, sell tickets, and make complimentary tea and coffee for audience members.

TECHNICAL SET/SPACE During Explorations, La Mama will provide a standard seating bank facing Elgin Street, with a capacity of 60 including Front of House. Please see the LA MAMA COURTHOUSE FLOOR & LIGHTING PLAN and use this to plot your set design. LIGHTING There will be a standard lighting rig for Explorations however there are spare channels and lanterns available. Please see the LA MAMA COURTHOUSE FLOOR & LIGHTING PLAN and use this to determine any specials that you will use. Note that if you are sharing the space you will also need to share the additional lighting stock. AUDIO There is a 4 channel sound desk and two powered speakers provided. There is a dual CD-player available or alternately you can use your own laptop or MP3 player to operate sound. Please note that if you are using recorded music you will need to notify the Explorations Production Manager of this and an APRA fee of $55 will be deducted from your box office. ADDITIONAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Please provide a list of any electrical equipment you are bringing into the venue. If any items are not tested and tagged please contact to organise for this to be done prior to bump in. REHEARSALS & ACCESS Each team will be given access to the space and priority for rehearsal time in the Exploration prior to their own. The Explorations Production Manager will confirm available dates and times with you, will assign you a set of keys and will walk you through the venue as well as safety and lockup procedures prior to your first rehearsal. You are required to return your keys as soon as possible after your season. BUMP IN You may bump in after the final performance of the season that precedes yours however you must negotiate a convenient time to do so with the Explorations Production Manager. You will need to provide your own gaffa, electrical tape and lighting gels. There are ladders, tools and fastenings as well as paintbrushes, rollers and trays that you may use at both venues. The dressing room is available for you to use. The kitchen facilities are also available however please be mindful that this is the foyer and needs to be kept clean and tidy for audience. HEALTH & SAFETY La Mama is committed to providing an environment where artists can take creative risks safely, free of accidents, injuries or illness. Please notify the Explorations Production Manager of any potentially hazardous situations or risks so that they can assist in the preparation of an appropriate safety plan. In the case of any accidents or near misses, artists are required to report to the Explorations Production Manager as soon as possible and complete an incident report form. BUMP OUT Bump out will need to take place on the evening of your final performance. Please take all props, costumes, set items and rubbish with you and ensure nothing is left in the space, the dressing room or the fridges. You are also required to sweep the theatre as well as clean and vacuum the dressing room.





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Dressing Room









24 Seating Bank



Lantern Schedule 650w Selecon Fresnel

1kw Harmony Fresnel

500w Patt 803 Fresnel

Silhouette Profile

Patt123 500w QI


Lighting/Sound Control



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650w Selecon Acclaim P803 650w Selecon Acclaim 650w Selecon Acclaim P803 650w Selecon Acclaim 650w Selecon Acclaim P803 650w Selecon Acclaim 650w Selecon Acclaim P803 650w Selecon Acclaim 2 x P123 1kw Fresnel 2 x P803 P803 Silhouette Profile Harmony Profile Silhouette Profile Silhouette Profile

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General Wash d/s OP General Wash d/s C General Wash d/s P General Wash u/s OP General Wash u/s C General Wash u/s P General Wash d/s OP General Wash d/s C General Wash d/s P General Wash u/s OP General Wash u/s C General Wash u/s P Backlight Pair C Backlight Backlight Pair C Backlight u/s Special d/s Special OP Special P Special

2 x 500w QI


House Lights

Lighting Stock Left Over 1 x 45 Fresnel 1 x 1kw Strand PC 9 x P23 Profiles 1 x 650w Prolite Profile 1 x 1kw Harmony Profile 2 x Minim Profile

PO Box 1009 Carlton VIC 3053 Australia +613 9347 6948 ABN 74 925 853 734

La Mama Courthouse | Production Pack | Explorations 2012  

La Mama Courthouse | Production Pack | Explorations 2012