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Boyle returns to LMU for graduation Commencement from page 1 in 1988 with a program called “Jobs For A Future,” and it continued to grow from there. Homeboy Bakery, Homegirl Café and Homeboy Silkscreen & Embroidery are just some of the employment placements available via Homeboy Industries. Fr. Boyle reflects upon his experiences working with the “homies” of Homeboy Industries in his book, “Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.” A lecture on “Tattoos on the Heart” brought Fr. Boyle to campus to speak last semester. He also addressed the graduating seniors at the LMU commencement ceremony in 2005. In his Sept. 13 “11 Burning Questions” interview with the Loyolan, Fr. Boyle outlined his vision of how a Catholic university in Los Angeles should serve the surrounding community. “It means standing with the demonized so the demonizing will stop. So a university’s role is to imagine a circle of compassion and then imagine nobody standing outside of it. … It’s about taking seriously what Jesus took seriously and calling people to do exactly that,” Fr. Boyle said. Burcham chose Fr. Boyle and Dreier with the help of the Board of Trustees. Kathleen H. Aikenhead, vice chair of the Board of Trustees, is confident in the University’s decision to invite Fr. Boyle back to speak, rather than opt for someone who has never spoken at an LMU commence-


ment ceremony before. “The University was incredibly fortunate that Fr. Greg Boyle was available. He is a nationally renowned speaker and has given many commencement addresses around the country. He could speak at every LMU graduation as far as I am concerned,” Aikenhead told the Loyolan. Also an LMU alumnus, graduate speaker Dreier announced his retirement during Burcham’s inauguration in March. Burcham and a small group of administrators think that he is extremely well-suited to speak to the graduate students as they begin their professional careers. “He seemed the perfect coming together for our graduates to hear an accomplished businessman who has strong ties to LMU, who has been very generous to LMU but is also a great role model for those going into professions, business and service jobs. Any kind of career, Chad Dreier is a great role model,” Burcham said. In honor of the centennial class, Burcham emphasized that LMU sought speakers that will provide the students with meaningful and memorable words rather than just a famous name or glamorous title. Aikenhead expects the speakers to do just that and said, “I hope the seniors will take what they have learned at LMU and will apply it to their lives just as Chad Dreier has done with his success in the business world and as Fr. Greg Boyle has done transforming and saving the lives of gang members.”





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Graphic: Dol-Anne Asiru | Loyolan

April 28, 2011  

April 28, 2011 Volume 89 Issue 43

April 28, 2011  

April 28, 2011 Volume 89 Issue 43