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TEST 1 ( U n i t1s- 2 )



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MID-TERM TEST(Units 1 - 6)





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EXITTEST(Units1 - 12)


LISTENING TEST1 (Units 1 - 2)


LISTENING TEST2 (Units 3 - 4)


LISTENING TEST3 (Units5 - 6)




LISTENING TEST 4 (Units 7 - B)



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x4 =






It r

(Time:50 minutes)



A. Choosethe correct item.

l'll neverforgetthefirsttimeI metMark.I wasat a party,feelinga bit bored,whenmy eyesfellon thistalle.g. ...A...youngmanin hismid-twenties. He hadred1) ...................... hairandwasreallygoodlooking. Hewassmartly dressedin a casualwhitecotton shirtandgrey2l ...................... trousers. Whatreallyattracted methough,washiswarm3) ..................,... smile.Of coursemostpeoplebelievethathismoststunningfeatureis his4) greeneyes.Westartedchattingand tookto eachotherimmediately. Markis a kindand5) personwhowillalwayslistento youandofferhelp.He'salsoveryintelligent and6) ..................... enough for hisage.lvlark is really 7) ...................... as he cancomeup withnewideasallthe time.That'swhyhe'sverygoodat hisjob,atthough he,snotreay obsessed withhis8) ...................... . Marklikesreading andtravelling. As he'svery9) andlovesmeeting newpeople,he'sgotfriends allovertheworld. overtheyears,l'vesharedmanygoodtimeswithMark.He'soneof themost10) peoplel'veever met,as wellas oneof my bestand mosttrustedfriends. e.gAwell-built l Aslanting 2 Along-sleeved 3Asensible 4 Aalmond-shaped 5Aunderstanding 6Amiddle-aged 7 Apolite SApractice 9Asociable l0Acheerful

Bwrinkled Bfreckled Bloose-fitting Bcareful Bcurly Bmuscular Bbossy Bbrave Bcareer Bfit Brude


medium-height pale low-heeled friendly curved crooked mature patient position persuasive spoilt


permed shoulder-length sling-back fair oval skinny shy creative professional accurate calm / 1rt*t,



10 I

B. Replacethe word in bold with a synonym.Choosefrom the words in the box below.

l'llneverforgetthe impression NewYorkmadeon me thefirsttimeI sawit.Of courseI knew all aboutthe famouse.g. large capitalcity from the cinemaand the booksI'd read;or so I thought!Whoever11) says he is an experton NewYorkCityand has seeneverything thereis to seein thisamazingly 12)interestingand excitingplace,cannotbe tellingthetruth.I couldn't waitto 13) look around all the fantasticplacesand historical sitesI'd heardand readso much about.But,aboveall, I wantedto 14) becomefamiliarwith its uniqueatmosphere and energy and to havethe secretsof NewYork 15) exposedto me.


/ uu,,t, -\




C. Circle the correct item.

KayworksonTVasa(n)puttisner/eAitor/@/iournalist. e.g.George 1O 17 18 1g 20

newsstories. Hisjob isto present

Jane'sthinkingof goingon a three-dayflight/triplvoyageltourto Londonto see her friends. to helpus preparefor the exam. Ourteachergaveus a leaflet/prospectus/brochure/handout of France. She'son holidayin a smallvillageon the southcoast/bank/shore/seaside Inskip caves. to We boughtticketsfor a(n)excursion/expedition/travel/sightseeing seriously.How can you make presenters/meteorologists | don'ttake astrologers/astronomers/weather predictions aboutthe futureby studyingthe positionsof starsand planets?

-, ( nra,xr' ^) ''" \ 5x0.5 I

D. Choosethe correct item. willbe e.g.Try notto any more.Everything fine. D by B about C for Aof

of beingveryconfident ....,.the impression 26 He ... and reliable, C gives D brings A shows B has

at the for its pop cultureand visual 27 I cannot believe she left her 21 London'swell-known world. the travel around companyto amongmanyotherthings. A profession B post C vacancy D CV C fashionD music B clubs A arts hot chocolateon Mum's club;we can'tenterunless 28 Oh, no! I'vejust 22 Thisis a very favouritetablecloth. we'remembers. A spinned B poured C samPled D sPilt luxurious A exclusiveB fabulousC uniqueD a plane;l'm usedto it ... stayinghome 29 | don'tmindbeing 23 Stevepreferssocialising.... as my job involvesa lot of travelling. watchingTV. Dwith Bby Cat Aon B than C instead D to A from . her long blackhairloose. 24 Chrisusually B puts C gets D takes A wears secret. 25 Please,don'tgive. Caway Doff Bin Aup

30 I'm sure he'll be very successful.He has a real c h a m p i o n '. s. . . . . . C suPPort A mentality D profession B confidence /\

-\ /r Marks: 5l \ 10x0,5 /

GRAMMAR E. Completeeachsentencewith two to five wordsincludingthe wordsin bold' herroomat nineo'clockandsheis stillpainting. e.g.Annestartedpainting Annehasbeenpaintingher loom sincenineo'clock. has 31 lt wasverykindof Tedto lendmehisbook. Tedlent............... which 32 Thewomanwaitingat the busstopis my aunt. who

The woman

33 Thediamondringcosta lotishecouldn'tbuyit. ringwas .............. expensive Thediamond lor the sixo1us. Let'smakesomemore. is too little coffee 34 There not



kindof him. ...........very . at the bus stop is my aunt'



Areyou surethisis the housewheretheylived? which Areyou surethisis the house He'sratheryoungso he can'thavethe experience needed. old He's . 37 The lasttime I wentto Yorkwas a yearago. been | .......


.....lived? . the experience needed. .. for a year.

r' -\ / ruu,,t


1uu,,t s -\ ') \+*os

42 We.. . . . . . .y. o u s h o u l dt e l lh e rt r u t h . A wasthinking B arethinking c havethought D think 43 Annis my bestfriendlWe .. ......eachotherfor years. A know B knew C knows D haveknown 44 Nicky to san Francisco whenthe accidenthappened. A flies B hasflown C was flying D has beenflying a caf6at present,but he hasalreadyappliedfor a newjob. B haveworked C is working D worked

46 | spoketo two people,neitherof .... .....wereSpanish. A whom B which C who D where 47 We ..... . . . .s o m ef r i e n d sf o r d i n n e tr o n i g h tW . o u l dy o u l i k et o j o i nu s ? A saw B are seeing C haveseen D see

/ ltt*x, -\




H. Fill in the gapswith the correct word derived from the words in bold. e.g. I lovetravellingby car becauseI can enjoythe scenery. 48 My job is reallychallenging and involves a lot of


49 This 19thcenturybuildingwas


5 1 T h e r e ' sn o . . . .

....,.constructed as a theatre. see us. . . . . .f.o r w h a ty o u ' v ed o n e .



40 She is alwayscomplaining about everything. I can'tstandit. 41 Nobodystartedeatinguntilall the guestshad stillarrived.

e.g.The at seveno'clock,so we mustbe on time. A takes B is taking C took D hastaken

50 Theywere

I )

G. Choosethe correct item.

45 Tim ... A work

t v

F. Write the unnecessary wordson the linesprovided,or put a tick (/) it the sentence is correct. into



\;1 e,g. She enteredintothe roomand turned on the lights. Angieis usedto go to Spainevery summerwhenshe was young. Jerryhad beenstudyingin Milan for threeyearsbeforeI met him.



/ 1tar1s-\





READING I. Read the article about Manchester.For questions 52-57. Choosethe correctanswerA, B, C or D.

placeto visit walkingin a city wherethere's Another is the "capital" population. Manchester area. so muchto see,andmuchoFit EastJeField historic is the oF England. north-west oF the the maintravelroutes. u onthe eastbankoFthe w h i c h h a s t h e F i r s t r b a n is oFF Situated But iFyou get tiredwith all parkin Britain. Hereyou bustling heritage Riverlrwell,it is a 1ive1y, city with a large student can take a canal trip, stroll that walkingaround,you can yourselF at one oF the population. Although it wasonce a r o u n d t h e m u s e u m sa n d reFresh in bars the city.There caF6 many oF the atmosphere industrialisedexperience seenonlyasa duJl, gth o1doFhomely, is a widevariety centuryManchester. place, in recent years l FootballFansneednot Feel F a s h i o n eodr e v e n e c c e n t r i c hasbecome the"in" Manchester For leFtout;theycanalwaysmakea 0 n e 5 . nlaceto be. lt is well-known you do,youwon't Whatever and trip to the Old lraFFord its trendyclubs,its Fashlon r n i t e d M u s e u m havea dullmomentin the place musicnot to mentionits world M a n c h e s t eU the awarded Famous Football team, which also containsa coFFee whichwasrecently "most city in interesting oF title shop. shopanda souvenir United. Manchester its It's easyto Findyour way Europe".Despite unpopular There'splentyto see in thecitycentreandyou're industrialimagein the past, to around and something Manchester more is becoming you too FarawayFroma tram Manchester never For example, tastes. suitalJ popular as a tourist you more and couldhavea tasteoFthe 0rient or a bus,whichwill take nowadays. i n C h i n a t o w n , h o m e t o whereveryou want to go. destination M a n c h e s t e r 'lsa r g e C h i n e s e However,many peoplepreFer

is to the article,Manchester 52 Accordrng of England. A a smallcityin the north-west B onlyknownfor its heavyindustry. onlyif you likefootball. C interesting D a veryexcitingplacethesedays.

55 lf you wantto havea coffeeor a drinkin the centre caf6bars. A thereare mainlytraditional B there'splentyof choicefor alltastes. C thereare only extremelymoderncaf6bars. D thereare only a few placesyou can go to.

in history, 53 lf you'reinterested area. A you can visitthe Eastlefield B you can go to Chinatown. C you don'thavea big choicein Manchester. D thereare only a few 19thcenturybuildingsyou can see.

likein the past? 56 Whatwas Manchester A A s m a l ld u l lc i t y . B An excitingcity to visit. C A cityfullof factories. D Tourists'mostpopulardestination

54 Movingaroundthe citycentre A is ratherconfusing and difficult. B can onlybe doneby walking. C is verytiring. D can be donein variouswavs.


57 Whatdoes"its"in line55 referto? A Europe B Manchester C tourism D industry


I I Ii



J. Your teacherhas askedyou to write a compositiondescribingone of your best friends. Write your compositionusing the plan belowand your own ideas. (120-180words)

L h 7



Introduction Paragraph1 setthe scene(nameof the person,time/place you met/sawhim/herfirst)





Main Body


Paragraph2 physicalappearance (e.9.tall, slim, of mediumheight,well-built,tanned,blond hair,freckles,etc) Paragraph3 personality/characteristics (e.9.original,careful,helpful,imaginative, polite,rude,dishonest,etc) Paragraph4 activities he/shetakespartin: hobbies,interests(e.9.cycling,going to cinema/theatre, sailing,reading,etc)



Conclusion Paragraph5 comments/feelings aboutthe person


,0) (rrr",,ros


MARK: (Time:50 minutes)

VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct item. e . g .T h eb u i l d i n g w a s . . . A . .p. r o m p t l yb y t h ef i r eb r i g a d e . A evacuated C extingushed B shattered D rocked 1 You can't expecthim t o . . . .....e . v e r y t h i nagn d run off to Venezuela. A head C tear B drop D rash 2 The young princewas ridingin the cool .. night. A moonless C bitter B burning D cruel 3 Her long silk skirt stairs. A rustled B whistled

. as she walkedup the C creaked D struck

C spread D injury

5 lt was umbrella. A blazing B spooky

C still D drizzling

t h a nt 2 b i l l i o n . A measuring B recalled


He liedto me and to d i d n ' ta p o l o g i s e . A keep B make

10 Did you read about the Colombialastyear? A structural B shaken

. mattersworse,he Cdo D take . earthquakein C massive D trapped

11 The possibilityof a terroristattack hasn't been

4 The fire was due to a(n) wiringsystem. A inhalation B malfunction

the otherday. A plot B blurb

8 There's no reason to be's just a(n) . ina teacup. A fire C rain B storm D iceberg

in the electrical

when Ann left so she took an

C violence D creature

A ruledout B cut out

C blownopen D taken off

12 Thegirl to the ropeand didn'tletgo until the rescueteamarrived. A got C clung B nailed D burst residents of the island. A tremor B impact

C debris D burst

A alternatively B obviously

C immediately D barely

C estimated D situated

-\ / wtu,,1o. 7 \r+*os )






i I

B. Replacethe words in bold with a synonym.Choosefrom the words in the box below.


Helen'sideaof an idealholidayhaschangede.g.a lot in the pastfewyears. Nowadays,she'd much rathergo away in spring when most placesare not 15)filled withtourists. She has to 16) confess,though,that when she was youngershe really enjoyedthe noisy atmosphereand activity.Now, however,she feels rather 17) tired of all thisand all she wantsto do whileon holidayis relax.She says that in thisway she can 18)focus her attentionon herthoughtsand herwriting. "lt's as if I havean 19) extreme need for peaceand quiet,"Helensays.She doesn'tevenmind beingalone,20) isolatedfromthe restof the worldfor some time.At first,someof herfriendswere21) extremelysurprisedby the change theysaw in her and couldhardlybelieveit was the sameperson.Nevertheless, 22) over time, they havecometo understandand acceptit.

very much

! -



you may have to changethe form. c. choosethe correctword and completethe sentences. e.g


o divide share a) Wouldyou liketo share a baguettewith me? I'm not very hungry. b) We can divide the work, so that it can be done faster.


.chat a) | wentout withmy friendsandwe ... pleasantly for hours. b) There'ssomething we needto .... o join o enjoy 24 23

o cause . effect a) Youshouldalwaysthinkaboutthe .... your actionsmay haveon others. b ) l ' d r e a l l yl i k et o f i n do u t t h e . . . . . . . . . . . o. .f his strangebehaviour. I can'tunderstand it.

: T:


o bl ame


a) They b) I d o n ' t l'd be upsettoo. 27

a) We'regoingoutfora meal.Won'tyou.


/ t*n, -\ o \ aro.s )

onthetrip;vou'rr rearrv ::oi'0,,1"

o accuse ....him of theft. . . . . .h e rf o r f e e l i n gl i k et h i s .


. insecure unsure a) I don'tknow.I'm rather .,.of what to do b) Mary is really after what happened. She hasverylittleconfidence.


D. Fill in the gapswith the correctpreposition/particle(s).

I Marks._\ 2 - ' ^" r \ ,5x0.5 I

I havee.g. to say,thenewscamelikea bolt28) ...................... theblue!MylittlesisterJenny,who'sstudying in Paris,is gettingmarried29) my friendMark.Whenmy motherannouncedit to me, I lookedat her 30)...................... disbelief. l knewtheygot3l) ...................... g2l . witheachother,butit hadneveroccurred ........... methattheywere soclose.Tobe honest, thisistypical33)............................. mysister. She'salwaysbeensecretive andlikessurprising people.I'm veryhappyfor themof course,becauseI lovethembothverymuch.However,it willtakeme a whileto get34)..............,....... theshock!

( r u a r t <-\s : 3 5/ \ 7x0.5 ,


1ii?.-r}9:x3r5lt&ii!,.!33*!9,*98t!w!r!r:a:xt:s E. Fill in the gapswith the correctword derivedfrom the wordsin bold. for "You'reback!"Faysaidwithan e.g.exclamation of ioy.Brucehadbeenawaystudying for the Christmas home had managed to come threeyearsand it was the firsttime he "l'mvery surprise. at thewonderful . Hissisterwasreally36) 35)..................,.. .... ........ . .........,.. passed Bruce said, 37) allmy exams," happyto be here,too.Andl'vefinally .,but ... 38) I mustsaythatI hadto workveryhardand I'm absolutely good! ..... ........'...... Theywere39).......................... I received. withtheresuits I'mverypleased


\ sxo.s



F. Completeeachsentenceusingtwo to five words,includingthe wordsin bold. he saidto her e.g."Wouldyoulikemeto giveyoua liftto school?" give lift to school. to her a He offered otfered 40 "Whydon'tyouseea doctoraboutit?"Annasaidto me. 41 lt'sa pityhefailedhistest. I didn'tbringanyfoodwithme. 42 I'mstarving; | ............................ wish I'mstarving; he'llhavean accident. 43 lf he doesn'tdrivecarefully, He'llhavean accident drives yourletteryet?",MumaskedOscar. 44 "Hassheanswered lVum if letmeknow. unusual, 45 lf younoticeanything Letmeknow should 45 'OK,I brokethe brandnewvase,"Stevesaid. having Steve...................

foodwithme. carefully' answeredhis letterYet. .. unusual. ............ brandnewvase.

/ t u ' n r , - ]'


wordson the lines provided,or put a tick (/) if the line is correct. G. Write the unnecessary experience Chrishadhada frightening Sarahandherhusband They'dbeenflying lor a weekagoon theirflightbackfromSwitzerland. havingengine overthe Alpsfor sometimewhenthe planestarted panicked to go on forshehadnever decided trouble. Sarah andwished we'd neverhavebeen the trip."lt'syourJault.lf you hadn'tinsisled, shetoldChris,buthe saidthatshewasover {lownin thatweather!" in thefirstplace.Thenhe reacting anddeniedof havingreallyinsisted thatit wasprobably nothing askedfromherto calmdown.Heexplained wouldbe all rightin theend,addingthatthe serious andeverything to himbeforesomeyearsago."l reallydon't samethinghadhappened wheredo you find this courage,"Sarahreplied,but understand wasbackto normal. fortunately Chriswasrightandsooneverything



e.g.had 47 .......................... 48 ..............".......... 49 ......................... 50 ................-......-. 51 ......................... 52 ......................... 53 ......................... 54 ......................... 55 ......................... 56 ..................... y"rLa, -\ / . 57 ...................... 5.5/ \ t f*O S


H. Choosethe correctitem. e . g .C o u l dy o us t o p. . . C . .l.i e s ?| d o n ' tb e l i e v a e w o r dy o u say. A saying B speaking C tellingD talking 5 8 l w i s hy o u . . . . . . . .t.o b r i n gt h e m a p .W e w o u l d n ' t be lostnow! A remember C haveremembered 61 B had remembered D w i l lr e m e m b e r

Our teachersaid that the moon . smaller thanthe earth. A was B is being C wouldbe D is My dad . me to go aheadwithmy idea. A encouragedB said C claimed D suggested lf I wereyou, I do that. A didn't B w o u l d n ' t C s h o u l d n ' tD w o n ' t

t_. |

/ Marks


)l 4

\ ax0.5

\ /

I. Readthe article about a volcaniceruption. Six sentenceshavebeenremovedfrom it. Choosefrom the sentences A-F the onewhich lits eachgap (62-67)


Afterthat,lavaand mudwill beginto eruptfromthe crater. At present,no publicservicesareworkingapartfromthe emergency services. "Hopehasn'tbeenlost.We'llall do our best,,,a memberof a rescuereamreoofted. At the timeof the explosion, mostol the residentsof the areawereasleepor just gettingup for work. Also,a resultingmudflowin the nearbyToutleRivercausedthe riverto burstits banks. Expertsclaimthat the blastexploded1,300feet intothe air from the peakof the mountainand has teft behinda 5,000footdeepcrater.

Volcanic Eruption Results in Tragedy morning,therewas a largeexplosionat the peakof MountSt. Helen's'The At around6am yesterday of an atom bomb, volcaniceruption,whichcame withoutwarning,explodedwith a forcesimilarto that 200 milesawayin heard The blastwas killingsix peopteand leavingtwenty-oneothersmissing I6rTl area' wentunheard45 milesawayin the Vancouver Canadabut,strangely, thisviolenteruptionis thefirstof itskindin 32,000years.163T-l Thedevastating to geologists, According in the Therehavebeenseveralconnectedexplosions of the eruptionhavebeenwidespread. consequences attempts rescue out by ashclouds,whicharemaking areashavebeenblackened region,andthe surrounding difficult. extremely sweptawayhouses,bridgesand cars' 164T-l The water will continueto rise Conditionsare not expectedto improvein the nearfuture.Expertspredictthat ash years. fromthe mountainfor a few days. 165T-l Thiscouldcontinuefor anotherfifteenor twenty of the area't66T-l Rescue It will be quitesometime beforethingsget backto normalfor the residents and dangerous Despiteextremedrfficulties effortsare continuingtoday in an attemptto find any survivors. l6?T-l it is hopedthatthe rescueoperationwillbe carriedout successfully. conditions, thisweek. later issued to be is expected damage the of the cost estimating A statement ..ea*p.wp*q#

/ tttu,-t , -\



I 13

WRITING J. A magazineis running a short story competition.To enter the competitionyou haveto subrnita story startingwith the words"I wasalonein the housewatchinga thriller on TV." Write your compositionusing the plan belowand your ovmideas.(120-150) lntroduction Paragraph1 setthe scene(who-where-when-what) MainBody Paragraph2-4 (describe incidents leadingup to themaineventandtheeventitselfin detail) Development Conclusion FinalParagraph people'sreactions, feelings, comments) Endthestory(referto moods,consequences,


,o) (nra'r,s,



/ , I i

, I



x4 =



(Time:50 minutes)


VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct item.

Dear Debbie, lreceivedyour letLer aekinqfor adviceon howto e.q, ,..O,..your dieL and keepfit. Firet of all, you haveNo be de\ermined and patientbecaueeyou can't reallyexpectto 1ee the 1) immediately. However,if's really worth the eff ort, ae chanqing your lifeotylewill haveeignificanN reEulLE in the way you2) ......,..,,..., with NheVreeoure7 of modern life. You haveto find more f,imefor youreeltor else you'll end u? Lrappedin thiE couch 3) ,.,,...,,...., tifeoLyte. I undersVandthaL it iE eaEier said Lhan done. buL you musLtry to includereqular exerciseir your daily routinee,noV only ae a way of 4) ,..,.,.,..,.... your weiqht,but also ab a form of protection againef, hear| atLackE in laLer life; 5) alone the emoV,ional benetite. ExerciEinqdoee wonderaf or your maod and, if you exercieeproperly, Lherewill be no 6) AnoLher impoftant ehep ie Eo ?re?are your own meale rather fhan 7) whatever iE available,whichie ueuallyjunk food, Home-cookedmeala are noL only more oatiafyinq,buL alao hiTherin B) nuLrienloand lower in calorieEthan f aaL food. Finally,avoid exLremeE.A chocolaLe9) avery now and then won't do you any harm. The key to oucceee ie adoVtinq a(n) 10) diet and eLickinqLo iN. | ,hope my advicewill be helpful.LeL me know how everyEhinq qoeo, Love, JudY

e.g.A 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 A I A 9 A 10 A

increase help take potato losing come side snatch health pinch vast


improve USeS lack food controlling leave soul grab substance pint eating


decrease goods deal era signifying mention gain bite vital slice body


restrict benefits pick person moving let risk take eating bar balanced

/ ttt"rtos-\ 10 \ror1 )


B. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box below.There is one extra word. helping





A : l m a d e t h i sd i s hf r o ma e . g . r e c i p eg i v e nt o m e b y whowasan excellent cook.Trysome my grandfather, you'll 11) wanta second and l'm sure afterwards! B : M m m !l t ' sd e l i c i o u sH. o wd o y o u m a k ei t ?


A: Well,youneedtwolargetomatoes,al2l ......of of garlic,a bit of oil and justa 13) .. saltfor the sauce. B: ls that all?This dip is so tasty I could a eat whole . . . . .o. f b r e a dw i t hi t ! 14)

( rvru,.r,, , ) \ ax0.5


C. Replacethe words in bold with a synonym.Choosefrom the words in the box below.





WhenI wasa child,I usedto lovemydad'sstoriesaboutAfrica.He hadworkedtherefor manyyearsbeforeI wasborn.l'd sit nextto himandaskhimto tellme aboutthetribesand thee.g.spiritsof thedeadagainandagain.He'dtell theirmysterious celebrations honouring me aboutthe beautifully colouredmasksthey15)shapedout of woodand my mindwould travelto thoseamazingplaces.He and I nevergot boredof talkingaboutdifferent16) local got so 17)excitedthatwe dancesandfestivals.In tacl,we sometimes traditions,languages, to us! wouldgo on talkingfor hours,untilmy mumandmy brothergotrathertiredof listening gave me is a smallwooden18)carvingDad Needless to say,my mostprizedposssession whenlturnedeiohteen.



( nru,.Hs' , ) \ 4x0.5

D. Circle the correct item.


22 The festivalis free;you don't haveto pay an entry/ takes@ptrt in a hugestadium. e.g.The carnival entrancefee. 19 A huge crowd gathered/collectedin the central me of thefirsttimeI This Year's 23 songreminds/remembers New Eve. squareon wentto Madrid. 20 Shall we go and watch the carnivalprocess/ procession? 24 Areyou surehe'llbe ableto carrythe taskon/through to the end? 21 The local peoplewere dressedin their traditional suits/costumes.

/ lttt",,los-\

\ o'o.s GRAMMAR E. Choosethe correct item. e . g .W h o . . . B . .t.h e c o m p a n yt a k e no v e rb y w h e nh e r e t i r e d ? D will A is B was C has 25 Let'sgo out for a walk, B don't A won't

. we? C shall

D do

26 Theresidents weremade . theirhomesby the authorities. A leave B leaving D to leave C left 27 We'vegot .. A several


.......cartonsof milkin the fridge.You don'tneedto buy any. D much B plenty C hardlyany




/ '/ A came

B wouldcome C had come

D come

A are


C have

D must

A hasn't

B won't

C wasn't

D didn't

A to tell

B wastelling C to havetold

32 Herweddingdresswas designed. B with Aat 33 Janicehad . A some A agree



D is telling

.......a famousfashiondesigner. D from


cluewhatsoever as to who had phonedEli. B none D any C no B to agree

C agreeing

D haveagreed

-\ / n,1u,,1., 5 \ro*o.s |

F. Complete eachsentence with twoto fivewords,includingthewordsin bold, e.g.DidJerrywritethisfunnystory? written Wasthisfunnystorywrittenby Jerry? 35 I'dpreferto goto Spainratherthangoto ltaly. 36 Thesmellof bittercotfeefilledtheair. The air was 37 Theybelieve shewasinvolved in thescandal. is lt 38 Theweatherwasso badthatwe didn'too outfor a week.

of bittercoffee.

involved in thescandal.

It was such Theyexpecthe willwin a gold medal. She earnslotsof money;she can travelwherevershe wants. so Sheearns..... paid 4 1 He someoneto alterhis suitfor the wedding.

.. we didn'tgo out lor a week.

.. she can travelwherevershewants.


/rvru.rr,-] 'l \7x1

G. Write the unnecessary wordson the lines provided,or put a tick (/) if the sentenceis correct, e.g. Wouldn'tyou ratherto be leftalonenow? 42 I'd ratherhavestayedin lastnight,so as I was tired. 43 Manypreparations are beeninvolvedin a Chinesewedding. 44 Louisagaveme a veryhelpfuladvice,for whichI'm grateful. 45. Sprinkleplentyof somecheeseon my pasta,please. 46 lt was such importantinformation that everyonewas surprised, 47 Dougis in the hospitalwitha brokenleg.


/ rrla,1,-\ 3 \Gxos )


H. Fill in the gaps with the correct word derived from the words in bold. I smilede.g. happilyas my bestfriend,Lin,handedme a beautifully wrappedpresent " T h a n k a n d w i s h e dm e a h a p p yb i r t h d a y . y o u , L i n ! "l e x c l a i m e d".W h a ti s i t ? "l a s k e d i n 48) . I pulledat the colourfulpaper. "Well,open it and see,"laughedLin 49) . I couldn'tbelievemy eyeswhen lsaw what she had boughtme. lt was a copy of 'Festivals of the World',a wonderfulnew book. I'm reallyinterestedin festivalsand 50) celebrations, especiallyones in exotic and far-awayplaces. I lovelreadingabout 51) ......festivals and findingout aboutlesswell-known celebrations, too. Thisbook was the perfectpresentfor me.


-\ / tttu,,1.,

\ +*o.s



READING I. Readthâ&#x201A;Ź article aboutHoli, For questions52-57,choosethe correctanswer:A, B, C or D. Manypeopleknowaboutthe HindufestivalDiwali,as it is probablythe mostfamousone,but haveyou ever heardof Holi?Thisis a springcelebration, connected withthe moonand - in WesternIndiaonly - withthewheat is celebrated on the dayof thefull moon,eitherin Februaryor March. As withmostIndianfestivals, thereareregionalcustomvariations throughoutIndia.Wheremyfamilyand I live, we alwaysbuilda bonfire.Wesortout allthe objectsassociated withwhatis notwantedfromthe previousyearso thattheycanbethrownontothefire.YouseeourNewYearbeginsimmediately afterHoli.Wealsopreparecoloured waterand powdersto throwat eachotheron the day.Forthis reason,it is advisablenotto wearyourbestclothes for Holi!lt is a veryfunnythingto see,butso is thedayitself;it is dedicated to thegod Krishnaandit is characterised by laughterandjollity.That'swhy peoplethrowcolouredwaterand powdersin all coloursof the rainbowat each other.Thestreetslookas if therewasan explosionin a paintfactory! Of course,despiteitsjoyfulcharacter, thedayhasa moreserioussidetoo.Theburningof objectsin thebontire gettingyourselfcleanand readyfor the NewYear.That'swhy peoplepay or forgivedebts,become symbolises lriendsandforgiveeachotherand generally try to forgetand leavebehindanyfightsor anythingnegative fromthe old year.Holiis a festivalwhichendsthe yearon a happynoteand beginsthe NewYearon a fresh,hopefulone. It makesus all feel betterfor havingcelebratedit. @ztuv4rt*,4u+.o4.2^--","4xtu..


52 Accordingto the writer,Holiis A not a HinduFestival. B the mostfamousHinduFestival. C verysimilarto Diwali. D lessfamousthan Diwali. 53 Holiis usuallycelebrated A whenever thereis a full moon. B in February or March. C at the sametimeas Diwali. D in Westernlndia.



54 Holi A is celebratedin differentwaysaroundIndia. B is only celebratedwherethe writerlives. C is not at all similarto otherIndianFestivals. D is not very popularin the area wherethe writer lives. 55 Colouredwater A is thrownontothe bonfireby people. B is usedto colourpeople'sclothes. C is thrownby peopleat eachother. D explodesfrom paintfactories.

, I I

( Holiis describedas 57 Peopleburn objectsin the bonfire A a festivalwhichis fun but hasa seriousapsecttoo. A so thatthey can havegood luck in the new year. B a typicalNewYear'sDay Festival. B to celebrategod Krishna. C a veryseriousoccassion. C onlyfor fun. D a reallyfunny celebrationwithoutany particular D as a symbolof leavingall bad thingsbehind. meaning.

/ lrrta,xs-\ 6 \o*r )

WRITING J. A cookerymagazineis running a competitionto frnd the bestrecipe.Write your recipe,explaininghow to makeyour favouritedish, usingthe plan belowand your own ideas,Write 120-180words.

of dish Nama lngrodionts TroTarahon ordor


-\ vr",.ros




r t




VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct word to fill in the sentences.You may have to changethe form. e.g

o socks

o tights

a) The model has brown tights on and brown leatherlow-heeled shoes. b) Georgealwaysforgetswherehe's put his socks. .


o skinny

......when a) Patrickusedto be really he was a studentbecausehe didn'teat much. b) As he spendsseveralhours in the gym lifting weights,he'squite .


o sensitive

. . . . . .g. i r l ;s h eg e t s a) H e l e ni s s u c ha . . . . . . hurtveryeasily. b) I don't think this was a very Areyousureyougaveit enoughthought? decision.


. pause

o interrupt

. him a) Chrishatespeople whenhe speaks. for a minute to think b) Tom aboutit and thenanswered. .

. famine


we cando to copewith a) Theremustbe something . . .i n E t h i o p i a . the.. the cropswill die b) lf thereis a ... from lackof water. .




. . . . . .t.h e g o l dm e d a fl o r a) M y b r o t h e.r. . . . . the 100mrace. b) Garrywason a dietas he didn'twantto ...... any weight.

/ 1tartos-\




B. Choosethe correct item. e.g. Failingthe exam...D...her confidence. A emitted c hit D damaged B stopped . . . . .h e rf o r n o ts p e a k i n tgo y o u . 6 Y o us h o u l d n '.t. Afterall, it was yourfault. A accuse C chat D blame B apologise

Sallyarrived t h i sm o r n i n g . Bat Ain

the officehalf an hour late

C to

D into

9 Adamand Helendecidedto havea partyto .... the occasion. A notice B make C mark D commit

. the sausageson the barbequeif I 10 I'd statistics wereyou. 7 The popularity of junkfoodis ..... gatheredby researchers. B grill A boil C steam D roast A illustrated c consumed D demanded B saturated A novices C bodyguards D lifeguards B champions


I ]t

A down

B in

1 3 Thisis a rather allowedin. A lively B exclusive

C off

D out

club;I don'tthinkwe'llbe

tennis?lt will help Cin


1 6 You may not thinkmuch of this buildingbut it is of great important. A ancient C antique B old D historical 17 The accommodationwas rather didn'texpectto paythatmuch. A luxurious C overpriced B towering D spacious



C gurgling D broke

1 4 The bravesoldierfell to the hard groundwhen a . pasthis ear. bullet A rustled C creaked B whistled D yelled 1 5 Why don't you take . you becomefitter. Bon Aup

1 8 Angiewould neverwearthat!You know she hates . prints, A floral C florist D flower's B flower


C on with D up with

A awaywith B inon Suewas taken expectedit. A aback

B in

2 1 The plane was found How horrible! A rocked B crashed

. by the news!She'dnever C off

D down into tiny pieces.

C shattered D spread

22 As we are not sure yet, no possibilitycan be out. B ristricted C got A ruled D led .......the atmosphere 23 It's difficultto . of the old city backto life. B take A give C bring D set

-\ / trrt"rtos

e \ ra*o.s ) GRAMMAR put a tick (/). C. Write the unnecessaryword on the lines, provided,otherwise I receiveda letterfrom my friend lan, for whom I haven'tseen for a year now. He says me that he's havinglots of fun in San Fransiscoand isn'tactually comingback in this summeras he'd plannedto. He suggestsI to go and visithim for my holiday,which doesn'tsound like a bad idea; I'm actualthinking about it. So, if he is free in August,I may go and stay withhimfor a coupleof weeks.l'll probablygivehim a ringin a few of daysand let him know.

e.g.for 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

-\ / tttu,.to,





D. Choosethe correct item. e . g .S h e . . . 8 . . .a s e m i n a ro n M o n d a ys o s h e c a n ' t b e here. A attends C attended B is attending D has attended

A would havetold B willtell werehonestwithme; I hatelies. l'd ... A prefer B like C rather D wish informationso he decided 37 Tom needed. to usethe Internet. D any A something B some C an bed earlylastnight. I'd rather A havegone C went Dgo B had gone

C had told D mighthavetold

3 3 T h e j u d g ea s k e dH e l e ni f . . . . . . . . . . . .a n y t h i n gt o add. A she has C she was having B did she have D she had . . . . m o r e f r e e t i m e t h e s e d a y s !| 34 | wish| ...... reallyneeda break. A had had C havehad B had D was having

A are makingit B havemadeit

C had madeit D are havingit made

to the Mayor. A w i l lb u i l d B is beingbuilt

C will havebuilt D will havebeenbuilt

. . . . . .y o u h a v en o i d e aw h a t I ' m t a l k i n g 41 When he was little,he his summer 35 | ...... holidayswith his grandparents. about. A am seeing B seeing C see D saw A spend C was spending D usedto spend B had spend

/ lr,tart s -\

5 \ ro*o.s ) E. Completethe sentencesusing two to five words, including the words in bold. e.g. She'sveryyoung;she can'tget a drivinglicence. old She'snot old enoughto get a drivinglicence. 42 Theyplayedverygood musicso everyoneenjoyedit.

made Mydad ................ 44 Whomadealltheoreoarations?

to theopera.

45 lf youseesmoke,activatethefirealarm. thefirealarm...................... should Activate 46 | didn'treadthe weatherforecastso I wenthiking.



' .


.....-....................... smoke.



L t 7

47 "l'msorryI spoketo youlikethaf',Alexsaidto Faye.



Mikeis the owner.His grandparents openedthe restaurant. opened Mike,


is the owner.



/ lttu,,xs-\




READING F. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box below.Then mark the sentences(T) True or (F) False. socialise






JohnFowles,,haswrittenseveral successlul novels,butof all hisbooks,'The Magus'willalwaysbe myfavourite. Thestoryis set in the 1950'sandthe maincharacter is a youngmancalledNicholas. He decidesto work abroadbecause he wantsto getawayfromhisboringlifein England. He is otfereda job on a quietGreekisland whichhe accepts happily. Nicholas setsoffonedayto 49) ......................the islandanddiscovers a beautitul house whichis occupied bya strange oldmannamedConchis. Theirmeeting marksthebeginning otan experience which Nicholas willneverforgel,andwhichwillhavea great50) on hislife. Nicholas beginsto 51) ..............,....... withConchis, whoclaimsto be a millionaire, amongstotherthings.As moreand moredetailsof Conchis'lifeare52) becomes moreand moreconfused. , Nicholas and whenidentical twinsturnup withstrange storiesabouthishost,Nicholas isn'tsurewhoto believe. 'Thelvlagus'is a mysterious novelwitha 53) plot.I recommend it to anyonein searchof mystery anosuspense.

54 John Fowlesis a famousGreekWriter. 55 Nicholasdecidesto workabroadbecause he is bored. He is offereda job on a Greekmountain.

57 Nicholasdiscovers a beautiful old car. 58 Nicholasmeetsidentical twins.

( ua,.to'-\ tol \ 10x1


WRITING Write your composition G. Your teacherhasaskedyouto describea visit to a placeyouwill alwaysremernber. using thâ&#x201A;Ź plan belowand your own ideas.Write 120-180words. lntroduction Paragraph1 theplace) for choosing of theplace,reason(s) setthescene(nameandlocation MainBody 2-3 Paragraph free-time activities) sights,facilities, details(place: overalllookandparticular Conclusion FinalParagraph feelings andfinalthoughtsabouttheplace;plusrecommendation


,o) (rua,ros,






x4 = (Time:50 minutes)




VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct item. . .o. "u s e s . e . g .I r e a da n a r t i c l ea b o u t" b u r g l a r - . . . D h A friendship B friendliness C friend 1 lt was reportedthatthe forestwas purposelyset on fire by A shoplifters B vandals C arsonists

D friendly D thieves

2 Jennyacceptedimmediately, Shecouldn't . the opportunityof a lifetime. A lose B have C miss D regret 3 He was sentto prisonfor .... .....his boss;she was payinghim not to revealher secret. A stealing B pickpocketing C joyriding D blackmailing 4 Arsenalfanshopethattheirteamwiil ... ......for the finals. A indicate B supervise C cope D qualify 5 He has nevertried. he doesn'tfancythe ideaof travelling quicklydowna river. A snorkelling B hang-gliding c rafting D diving 6 Don'tleavethe'sa(n) invitation to burglars, A open B plain C sensible D simple 7 lt's reallydifficult to tellwho'sgoingto ..... ....the game;they'rebothexcellent players. A beat B win C defeat D get I Threearmedmen . the NationarBankyesterdaymorning. A robbed B stole C burgled D broke

/ t tu,,lo,-\




B. Choosefrom the words in the box below to completethe text.

Jennywasabsolutely thrilled duflngthejourney. Shedidn'tevene.g.mindtravelling in an oldvanlorthreehours - something whichshewould9) ....havefoundreally tiring. Theweather 1O).................................. wasverygoodtooandshecouldn't waitto seetheplaceherfriendhadtoldherso muchabout.Shewasexpecting a(n)11)............................. paradise; theprace she'darways dreamt about. Jennyisa 12).......................... narure rover so she'sconstantly in 13) .............. of placesunaffected by humandevelopment. To heramazement, whentheyreached theirdestination, sherealised thatit wasfarbetterthanshehadimagined. She14)........................ a goodlookaroundandshecouldhardlybelieve hereyes.Thefirstthingthat15)................ nereyewas the hugewaves.Shestoodtherefor a whilejust breathingfreshair lookingat the deep bluesea and the waves 16)...............................,.. ontotheoeacn.

/ ttt"rtos-\





C. Circle the correctitem. 'KEYWITNESS' andhonest PaulBriggsplaysa courageous newfilmdirected by SimonSteelberg. is a gripping policemanwho triesto provethat his client,MarieLyness,is innocent.But suddenly,he

nce I


the mysteriously and the 17)iudge/courtreporterhasto postponethe trialfor a few days.Meanwhile, disappears either 18)accused/prosecutor startsbehavingin a verystrangeway.Althoughthereis little19)evidence/sentence whoclaims appears way,he is determined to proveMarieguilty.Then,allof a sudden,a 20) professional/witness he saw the crimebeingcommitted.Of course,no one 21) suspects/convictsthat he is actuallythe one who committeditl Willthe 22) iury/iuniordefencelawyerbelievehis story?And what will happenwhen PaulBriggs a fewsurprises. returns? Youmustwatchthisfilm;you'llbe guaranteed

-\ / ruu,.L, 3 \o'os ) D. Fill in the gapswith the correct particle(s). e.g. She hasfinallygrownout of herfearof flying. 23 Did you you know that Angie and Peter broke '..''''.''? 24 Someonebroke grandmother's

25 I'm tired of your complaining everything! 26 My friend Ann lives in Coloradobut she grew . . . . . .i .n N e wY o r k .

flat but fortunately she wasn'tin.

( nra,r,-, ) \ 4x0.5


GRAMMAR E. Completeeach sentencewith two to five words, including the words in bold. for me to dealwith. e.g.The problemwas difficult difficulty I hadditficulty(in)dealingwiththeproblem. 27 Mum mademe promiseI wouldn'tbe late. 1....... was

2s canyougi* '. ; il mind

rate ;*n ,n, ;r"J:i:;be


. . . . .a h a n dw i t ht h e l u g g a g e ? 29 l'm surethe pilotwas a verybraveman. The pilot been

i:::J:" h.';;;i ;;;;. ,n.n";"'i'J 30 'msure "i be

He ...

. . . .o f t h e h a r mh e h a sd o n e . 31 You took moreclotheswithyou thanyou needed. You . taken manyclotheswithyou.


This looks reallyserious;why haven'tyou seen a doctoryet? should You . . . . . . .b. Yn o w . There'sno needto apologise;afterall it's my fault. You .. have .....;afterall it'smy fault. Evedidn'thavetroublefixingthe car herself. d i f f i c u l t E v ed i d n ' t . . . . . . . . . . . . .t.h e c a r h e r s e l f . give you me a ringto sayyou'dbe late? Why didn't You . have ...a ringto sayyou'dbe late.

/ vtu'x, -\





I .f

F. Write the unnecessary word on the lines provided,otherwiseput a tick (/).

( I

e . g .Do you remember to havingseenher earlier? 36 Jilldoesn'tenjoyplayinghandballand nor do I not. 37 It'sno useto cryingoversucha smallthing. 38 Elaineoughtto havebeeninformedearlieraboutthis. 39 Annaneedn'tcometo the partyif she'snot feelwell. 40 Davidadmittedhavingliedto his father, 4 1 Why don'twe stopto beingget somerestand continuelater?


/ ttrta,.t s -\ 3 \ 6x0.5 )

G. Fill in the gapswith the correct word derived from the words in bold. e.g. Bankrobberieshaveincreased alarmingly. 42 Thewholeracewas a

... of courageand skill.


43 We wouldliketo apologise for any

. causedby the delay.


44 The old ladywas ableto identifythe .

.,.....who had attacked


herthe previousday. 45 A lot of peopleweregladto seethatthe Paralympics havegainedin ,.... overthe pastfew years.


/ uu'ts -\ 2 \+*os ) H. Choosethe correctitem. I

Timwillbe thefinaisas he is about46) . an operation on'snot veryseriousbutwe can'thelp47) sorryfor him-Timwasreallylookingforward48) partin thisbig event.Formonthshe spentall histime49) so as to be in top formand hiscoach believed he wascapableof 50) too.Thegoodthingis thathe refuses 51) ........................... up and hasalreadystartedplanninghis preparation for the nextcompetition.

e.g.A 46 A 47 A 48 A 49 A 50 A 51 A

play to have feel take to practice winning give


playing having to feel to taking practising win giving


to play have feeling taking practise to winning to give


to playing to having to feeling to take to practising to win to giving

/ tyta,to,-\

\ o*o.s





READING I. Read the article about sport. Choosefrom the list A-F the sentencewhich best summariseseachpart (52-57),. game. A A dangerous B The modernworldof sport. C Inthebeginning,

D Sportsbecomeorganised. E A varietyof sports. F -lOortsin ancienttimes.



The Histong of Spont


stones and women would run races, but the most v



popularsportof the timewas 'folkfootball',a gamewhich involveda lot of violenceand very few rules,and which often causedseriousinjuriesto its players.Among the middle and upper classes, archery contests and tournaments(in which two knights on horseback practisedthe art of war) were the preferredsporting We can not be sure exactlywhen peoplebegan events. to play sports.We knowthat childrenthroughouthistory have alwaysusedsportsto playtogetherand havefun, Fromthe late 17thcentury,sportsbecamemore but we don't know when adultsstartedto use sportsas organisedand startedto resemblethe games we play physicalcontests,the way theydo today.Cavepaintings today. During the 18th and 1gth centuries,national show picturesof men hunting,but whetherthis was for organisations were formed which made sure that rules rt or forsurvival is notcertain. werefollowedand arrangedregularcompetions.Modern sport became popularall over the world and national In ancientEgypt,Romeand Greece,sportswere games such as tennis(French)and football(English), popular.TheancientEgyptiansenjoyedhunting becameinternational definitely sports. and archery,and the ancientRomansloved to watch 57 chariot races, boxing, wrestlingand, of course, Thanksto the media,sportin the 21stcenturyis gladiatorial combatsin whichmenfoughtagainstmen or as much a popularitycontest as an athleticcontest. animals.However,it was the ancientGreekswho first Certainsportsteamsare supportedby fans all over the took part in athleticcontests.The mostfamoussporting world, and individualathletesare seen as celebrities. eventin the world,the OlympicGames,beganin Greece Sportshave changeda lot over the years,but they still i n 7 7 6B . C . provideentertainment for manypeople. 55 Medievalsportswerenot as organisedas events in ancienttimes.At fairsor festivals, men would liftheavy Can you imaginea worldwithoutsports?Today, thereare manydifferentsportsto watchor to take partin, fromquiet,gentlesportslikesnookerto thrilling, extreme sportslike bungeejumping.Thereare sportsto suit all

% 6

&, q




@?' @


/ ttta,,t s -\

\o*r 28



I ,



WRITING J' You havedecidedto go on an organiseddaytrip to seea play in Inndon. Your friend Chris wantsto come, but needsmoreinformation.Usingthe notesbelow,write a letter to your friend, givingall relevantdetails in the appropriatestyle.Write 120-180words.Do not includeaddresses.

DayTripto London .




o nee d rro"{.;:;"i


flO f on thea,.,,e f icket . back home 11 D,A

' phone. Jtrlyc.,pl.y ur'ivr^,^sday to book a plac. (op6+ 697361)

-\ / tr,tartos



, /

MARK: (Time:50 minutes)

VOCABULARY A. Replacethe words in bold with a synonym.Choosefrom the words in the box below. utiously prevent issue eeneervatien habitats merely participating approachesto threatening motivation established extinct concept concentrate on captured forested e.g. Sallyis keenon environmentalprotection.She wantsto savethe earth. destroyed. 1 We muststop our planetfrom beingcompletely 2 The policemanapproachedthe bomb with care. 3 Andy is not ill. He just wantsto stayat homeand watchTV. 4 Animalsshouldbe allowedto livein theirnaturalhomes. idea. 5 Livingon Marsis a fascinating pay was too tired to full Susan attentionto her Englishlesson. 6 7 Moreand moreanimalsare beingcaughtand put in zoos. I The RSPCAwas set up to protectanimalsfrom cruelpeople. I Ellenfailedto loseweightbecauseshe didn'thavethe will powerto diet. 10 Manyspeciesof wildanimalare no longerin existence. 11 The environment is a(n)topic whicheveryone shouldknowabout. in 12 Tree-coveredareasare dangerof disappearing completely. I 13 Waterpollutionis endangeringsea life. 14 Johndoesn'tliketaking part in teamsports. 15 We needto find moreeffectivemethodsof dealingwith pqllution



( rrla,ts' -\ \ 15x1 B. Choosethe correctitem. e.g. Dianeis a scientist, so she spendsa lot of timein the ...B... B lab D artroom A gym C classroom 16


causesgreatdamageto plantsas it containsdangeroussubstances. A Deforestation B ContaminationC Ozonelayer D Acid rain


I' I


A lesson 18

B grade

C subject

D degree

. learningencourages childrento worktogether. A Cooperative B Education C Life D Operating

A amount

B profit

C task

20 Jenny'sgettingmarried!| heardit straightfromthe A bird's B horse's C cat's

D scheme mouth. D dog's

( ua,.t s, _ l

2 . 5l \ 5x0.5

GRAMMAR C. Write the unnecessary wordson the linesprovided,or put a tick (/) it the sentence is correct. e.g. I'm hungry.I thinkl'll be makemyselfa sandwich. 21 Sheaskedfor my helpso as thatto finishmorequickly. 22 Marywill havebeenworkingherefor ten yearsby the end of July. 23 Thinkcarefully beforeyou willsay anything. 24 You'd bettertake a jacketin the caseit getscold. 25 l'll ringSimonfor fearhe mightforgetall aboutit. 26 Despiteof the bad weather,they managedto reachthe placesafely.

/ rrla,,t s -\ 3 \ 6x0.5 I D. Fill in the gapswith the correctpreposition/particle(s). Manypeoplefeelhappierwhentheyarewithfriendsthanwhentheyaree.g.on theirown.Theybelieve that companybrings27) the bestin them,so theytry to spendtime2g) ...................... othersas muchas possible. othersthinkthat the key 29) a happytifeis to learn30) ...................... enjoyyourown company, so thatyoucanput31) spending timealone.

( v a r t < s-\: ,u) \ 5x0.5


E. Completeeach sentencewith two to five words including the words in bold. e.g. Catsare beautiful. Theyare also playful. both Catsare both beautifuland playful.

32 Hedecidedto do a Master's degreeto improve hiscareerprospects. could Hedecided to do a Master's degree................

prospects. ............... hiscareer

33 Sheilais kindandhelo{ul. only

34 Thetripwaspostponed dueto badweather conditions. account Thetripwaspostponed 35 Hewasexhausted and,consequently, he didn'tgetanymoreworkdone. result Hewasexhausted and ..,.................. 36 Shemovedto Londonin orderto finda betterjob. view Shemovedto London 37 Although sheworkshard,shehasn'tbeengivena promotion. working Despite.............. givena promotion. 38 Takesomemoneywithyou;youmayneedit. case Takesomemoneywithyou......................

1 ....... conditions.

.. no moreworKoone.

......a betterjob.

........, shehasn'tbeen

,..,...................... it.

s -\ / trrturt




F. Fill in the gaps with the correct word derived from the words in bold. Kevinwatcheda documentaryon TV last was all aboutthe problems e.g.threateningour environment. Kevinwasshockedto findout how littlehe knew about39) . .......warmingor acid rain.He had heardthe terms beforebut he knew40) .. .....nothingaboutThe damagethey planet. causeto our He feelshe shoulddo something to be 41) He would liketo join an 421. .....,but he doesn'tknow j o i n . w h i c ho n e t o H e h a s s e e ns o m a n y4 3 ) . . . . . . . . .i.n. newspapers and magazines thathe can'tmakeup his mind.However, he believes thatit is aa) ....notto be environmentally awareand he is 45) .. . thatone day everyonewill be partof a worldmovement to save the earth.He is sure that in this time of 46) advances, we willfindsomeway to solvethe world'sproblems.


/ ltt"'.to,-\

o \ Bxo.S I


READING G. Readthe article aboutendangeredspecies.For questions46-51,Choosethe correctanswerA" B. C or D. In today'sworld,thousandsof plantsand parrotnativeto Brazil,hasbeencaptured in such a n i m a l sa r e i n d a n g e ro F e x t i n c t i o na,n d t h e numbers Forprivate birdcolJectors thatit is almost number oFspecies at riskincreases year.Not extinctin the wild. In additionto this, many every a1lplantsor animalsexisting in smallnumbers are species' habitats areeliminated whenpeopleclear e n d a n g e r eads t h e i r p o p u l a t i o m n a y n o t b e landin orderto buildon it, or whentheyintroduce d e c r e a s i nogr t h r e a t e n eA dn . endangere d e c i e s domestic sp andnon-native animals whichovergraze is onewhichis expected to die out withintwenty t h e v e g e t a t i o na n d e v e n p r e y o n b i r d s a n d yearsunless specialmeasures aretakento protect mammals whicharealready at riskoFextinction. it. Endangered animalsincludebluewhales,giant Why is it importanto save endangered p a n d a s , o r a n g - o u t a n sr,h i n o c e r 0 s e ss,n 0 w species? Firstly, natureis delicately balanced, and l e o p a r d st i,g e r s a , n d s o m es p e c i e so f c r o c o d i l e .the extinction oFonespeciesmayhavea serious plantsinclude Endangered somespecies oFcactus. eFFecton others.Secondly,it is the FaultoF W h y a r e t h e ab o v e s p e ci e s o F ani m a l m a n k i ntdh a ts o m a n ys p e c i easr ee n d a n g e r esdo, endangered? Thereare,now legallimitson hunting, it is 0ur responsibllity to protectthosespecies butnotall species areprotected by1aw.Evenwhen whilewe still can.We muststopthe huntingoF animalsare legallyprotected, illegalhuntingFor wild animalsand the destruction oF the Forests Fur,tusksandhorncontinues. Thoseanimals that beFore it is too is worthmakingan eFFort arenotkilledarecaptured andsentto zoosor sold by savingendangered species we couldbe saving as pets. For example,the little blue macaw,a ourselves.

47 Accordingto the text, 50 Accordingto the authorintroducingdomestic,nonA all plantsand animalsare expectedto die out in nativeanimals 20 years if we don't take measuresto protect A is not associated withendangered species. them. B is onlydangerousin tropicalforests. B bluewhaleshavebecomeextinct. C is the only reasonwhy somespecieshabitatsare C more and more speciesbecome endangered destroyed. eachyear. D may threatenthe habitatsof somespecies. D onlyanimalspeciesare seriously threatened. 48 The authorwonderswhy all the speciesmentioned 5 1 are in dangerbecause A all speciesare protectedby laws. B huntingis not allowedeverywhere nowadays. C mostendangeredspeciesare kept in zoos. D illegalhuntinghas beeneliminated. 49 The authorusesthe bluemacawas an exampleof A birdscapturedfor the pet trade. B a speciesthathascompletely diedout. C a speciesof birdskilledby hunters. D birdscapturedfor zoos.

Endangered animals A willdefinitely die out soon. B arean importantpartof the world'swildlife. C cannot be saved because we need to save ourselves. D havea bad effecton others.

52 Whatdoes "it" in line11 referto? A habitats B the littlebluemacaw C land D the planet

/ vtu,.t , -\ 6 \o*r |


WRITING H. Your ieacherhas asled you to write a compositionon the topic:Shouideverychild lcam a foreignlanguage at school?Wnte your compositionin an appropriatestyleusingthe plan belowand your ownideas.Write 120-180 words. lntroduction 1 Paragraph statetopicandyouropinionclearly MainBody Paragraph 2 - do business wihforeign viewpoint 1 andreason(e.9.vitalfor 21stcentury- companies becomeinternational clients improvejob prospects) Paragraph3 withlocal viewpoint2 andreason(e.9.travelabroadeasyandcheap- findholidaymoreenjoyable- communicate peopre) Paragraph4 givetheopposing viewpoint andreasons Conclusion FinalParagraph restateyouropinion,usingdifferentwords * Youmayincludemoreviewpoints, andtherefore moreparagraphs in themainbody.


,r) (rvra'r.s 34



(Time:50 minutes)

VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct item. e.g. I was so happyI could...D...withexcitement. A gasp C pose B chuckle D scream 1 War seems , as the two countriescannot reachan agreement. A sedate C imminent B frizzy D accessible 2 Steveworksas a museum.. and reallvlikes j o b . his A curator C conductor B carer D usher I don't . havingseen you before.Are you surewe'vemet? A remind C memorise B recall D forget I wouldn'thave boughtthis shirt if it wasn'tsuch excellent . for money. A pay C worth B value D price Sally . a lot of money;her newjob is much betterpaidthanthe old one. A earns C wins B does D makes T h e m i n i m u mc a b go veryfar for t3. A passer-by B gain

, i s f 1 . 5 0 s, o y o u c a n ' t C fare D ticket

A knocked B collided 10 My baby niece loves She'sverycute! A posing B passing

C requests D ranging

. for photographs. C petrifying D plunging

1 1 H e t o r ea b o o ki n h a l ft o . . . . . . , . .h i ss t r e n o t h . A regulate C alternate B demonstrate D conduct 12 The . wereso movedat the end of the film thateveryonein the cinemawas crying. A spectators C viewers B audience D cast A attraction B admission 1 4 T h et h e m ep a r ki s . . . . . M11 motorway. A situated B guaranteed

C selection D eruption . . . .o u t s i d et h e c i t y ,o n t h e C purchased D stood

1 5 B u s yr o a d ss h o u l dh a v ea . . . . . . . . .s o t h a tp e p l e can crossthe roadsafely. A pedestrian subway C roadwork B one-waystreet D lane

1 6 It's a accident. As he was driving,he couldsee someonefollowing A policy h i mi n t h e . . . . . . . .m. i r r o r . B theme A dashboard C ignition B mast D rearview 8 We went to see the Gladiaforbecausewe had read

verygood A policies B reviews

c hit D broke

no one was injuredin the car C causeway D miracle

/ ttta,.L,-\ B \ 16x05 I


B. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box below. artlflalle.rf








A: lf youcouldgo to anythemeparkin theworld,whichwouldyouchoose? B: Universal Studios, of course.I wantto seethe 17)....................... attraction, Jurassic Park.I really fancygoingon a boat 18) ....................... througha tropicalforestand endingup in a dark

1 s ). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A: B: A: B:

Oh,no.Thatsoundsa bittoo scaryfor me! HowabouttheSentosa, then.Thatmustbe fantastic. Yes.Apparently it'son an island accessible by a 700-meter 20)...................................... journeyto thecentreof Mm.I'd alsoloveto visitVolcanoland. Youcango on a 21) .............. theearth,there. A: I'mnotsureI'd likeallthe22) ............. andearthquakes, though. B: Well,in thatcase,lthinkyou'denjoythemore23) .. ridesin WaltDisney's MagicKingdom!

, -\ / tttu,.t




C. Fill in the gapswith the correctpreposition/particle. Therewastroublein thecitycentrethisafternoon whena bombwent 24) ...................... outsideBarkwest bank. Thepolicehavegone25) .................................... theareato try to findout exactly whathappened. Theyarerelying 26) ...................... eyewitnesses who maybe ableto help.Fortunately, no onewashurt,butthe policehaveasked 271...................... everyone's co-operation to prevent thisfromhappening again.

-\ 1 rrla,,to,

') \ 4x0.5 D. Fill in the gaps with the correct word derived from the words in bold. "FallenStar"is the newcomedydirectedby is a mysterywhy thisfilm is so e.g. successful.The plot is dull and 281... parts,and the characters are not 29)... . . . . .o r w e l l - d e v e l o p e d . 30) . ., it wouldbe a completewasteof time to go andseethisfilm.Themost31) .. .....part is the interval. Fora far more321.. .. evening,I suggestwatchingpaintdry as an 33) activity.



3 \ 6x0.5 )

GRAMMAR E. Completethe sentences usingtwo to five words,includingthe wordsin bold. you. e.g.Theislandwillfascinate fascinated You'llfeeltascinatedby the island. 34 lf Jerrydoesn'thelpher,shewillneverfinishit in time. helps Unless .................


....never finishit in time.

35 Markhasneversookento Evebefore. 36 Can'tyou do anybetterthanthis? the 37 This book wasn'tas interesting as the otherones. the T h i sb o o k

. . .a l l .

38 ThelasttimePeterwentabroadwasthreeyearsago. been Peter.................... 39 | didn'twritebecause I loslyouraddress. had lf | ...................,.... 40 AngiefeltboredduringGreg'slecture, butshedidnt leave. found Angie

threeyears. t ....,lwouldhavewritten. . . . . .b, u ts h ed i d n 'leave. t I lI M a r k s : -\ ,) \ 7x1

F. Choosethe correctitem. . e g o o u t t o d i n n e rt o n i g h t ? e . g .W h y . . . 8 . .w A could B don't C shall D not

did on yours. A the B than D very C as 41 Canyou hearthe birds .? lsn'tit beautiful? 45 The is other applicant .. ....... experienced than A to sing B sing C singing D to singing Jane. 42 Jilldenied . to him. A much B least C tar D less A of lying B lying C lies D to lie 46 I'm sorry to say he hasn'tgot . betterat 4 3 B e nN e v i si s n ' t. . . . . . .m . ountain i n t h ew o r l d . maths. A h i g h e tr h a n C highest A any B more C abit D the B high D the highest


/r Marks e l \ L' \ 6x0.5 / G. Write the unnecessary word on the linesprovided,otherwiseput a tick (/) D e o rL g n n , ThonksJor gour letter.I om betngwriting to tetl g o u a t l o b o u tm y b i r t h d a gp a r t gt h e t o s tS o t u r d o gl .t wos o great Jun! I invitedtwentgpeopl,e and thegatl broughttovely presents The me. house [t lookedgreat,as I hod Jor decoratedit with bottoonsand streomers. We hod o tots to eot and drink and then we danced. It wos a wonderJul the partg.I wish gou had been there,too. Writesoonand tetl me atl uour news. Love, Dovid

e.g. being 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

s -\ / ttrt",.t



I 37

READTNG A-C. Someof the H. Read the advertisements below.For questions55-60choosefrom the advertisements maybe chosenmorethan once. advertisements f



t td time'0ur : Fl qetyouto.yourdestinatio: will service taxi motorbike l:-::t all ridden ' lf vou,rein a hurry,Mototaxi in the,cityi."". W. havetwentymotorbikes' box anywhere ir.irp.i ,rf. quick, oflers a carry newservice *iir',l't'uth httt*' andeachbikehas p'ouiata Aii;"*;n;;t;;t motorcvclists' youneed '' lf titi'ifni' 'uft andinexpensive' - byexperienced youcanputyourbagir briefcase. t'rtoto,u*il' onthebackwhere j on0l8l 3i2558f callMotortaxi speed,


rrxuRy uMosrNEs


For every specioloccosion,.for t] business, . or eveniustfor fun, Luxurylimosines -r".'ii'n"r"io offer the b".t in .orfort ond style. We hove thhtv rimosines in .on",nig rr", our Hollywoodmoder,with o reroxing.service, .o.prt"rr. Try I "J"ryrr,i.g jocuzzion o*rJi Lrrrry ".ri"" rimosines offer o high quorityservicefor orl your businessond sociolneeds.We .._ op"rot" yrv,v,v v,,),vy,'"re ony*he." l;In ;""', rne countryol reosonoble prices.For bookings, 01934672g93. coll 1

COACHES GRAHAM'S Whetheryou're travellingto the Craham,sCoachesare the idealmeansof transportfor all groupoutings. offercomfort.anl Coaches Craham's. airport,to the theatre,or to the seaside, "*:Y^1]::,:'::1'::::,'i,:

trips'our twenty-five aretheperfectchoicefor educational u""l'"gr, crahamsCoaches ;il;;;;;l.r'""i ' in thecountry'Calluson areato anydestination fromthe Horsham tra"nsportation a""af.r",orr*a" professional to bookyourouting' 0193729998372

Whichservice(s) providesa boxfor your luggage?


requiresyou to wearprotective clothing?

l56T_l l5?T_l lsBT-l

includesa coffeemachine? hasthe mostvehicles? offercomfortfor theirpassengers?

l5rT-l / tttu,lrs-\

\o*r 3B



WRITING L Write a review in 120-180words of a frlm you have recently seen.Use the plan below and your own ideas. lntroduction Paragraph 1 background(setting,type of story, main character) Main Body Paragraph 2 mainpointsof the plot Paragraph 3 generalcomments Conclusion Paragraph4 recommendation

. . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . ' . . . ' .: . . ' . . . ' '





to) (vrarr<s:



itii MARK:


(Time:50 minutes) ,f


," ,, l, '

,* // ;-r

VOCABULARY A. Choosethe correct item. e . g .O n l ya . . . D . .o. f p e o p l ev o t e df o r h i m ,s o h e l o s tt h e election. A majority B feature C altitude D minority

I wouldn'twash this red T-shirttogetherwith the whiteones;the coloursmight A run B spread C reappearD reduce

1 Thetrainhad brokendown,so we hadto waiton the f o ro n eh o u r . A e n g i n er o o m C platform B musterstation D port

1 0 You'dbetteraskthe company's tax the experton finances. A consultant C composer B translator D citizen

2 LittleTom was really . . . . . . . . .t o s e e h i s grandmother afterthreemonths. A alert B courageous C wise D eager

1 1 In some parts tigers are huntedfor their beautiful A skin

B cover

C horn

. . He's

D tusk

3 Harryhas . ..,....for severalposts and is still 1 2 Lisacannot..... ...rudeness. lt makesherangry. waitingfor a reply. A establish B ensure C tolerate D associate A appointedB appliedC soughtD presented 1 3 Poetryclassesshouldbe includedin the school's 4 Somebody ....theirflat whilethey were on holiday.Theytook everything. A layout B material C course D curriculum A vandalisedB burgledC broke D stole 1 4 Passingmy examswith good gradeswas a great 5 S a m g o t i n t ot h e b i g s o f t b e d a n d . . . . . . . .f .e l l for me. asleep. A pride C strength A normally C extremely B fulfiment D achievement B accidentally D promptly 1 5 Her boss agreedto give her a so she 6 Althoughwe had been warned,we neverexpected couldapplyfor a newjob. to ..... . . .s u c hl o n gd e l a y s . A input B reference C fee D report A depict B encouterC enthrall D capture 1 6 Water resultsin the deathof sea-life. 7 S a l l y ' sn o tt o o k e e no n . . . . . . . .f.o o ds o d o n ' tu s e A extinction C recycling too manychillipeppers. B contamination D survival A creamy B greasy C spicy D salty 8 The last of the filmwas definitely the best was so moving. A script B shot C scene D setting

-\ / rrla'.tos

B \ ro*o.s )


B. Choosethe correct word to fill in the sentences. e.g. a) b) 17 a) b) 18 a) b)

. thrilled o thrilling . hijacker o arsonist 19 .. performance.We a) lt was a The hijackertook controlof the planeand force enjoyedeveryminuteof it. the pilotto landon a smallisland. .. at the news b) Janewas absolutely The arsonist who had set fire to a department wedding. of her brother's storewas caughtyesterday. o unique . sole oconvict ooffender a) Flying in a hot air balloon was a truly .. has been in prison for The . experience. twentyyears. .. ambitionis to becomean b) Her , Thejudgewasforcedto sendhimto prisonas he actress. was a repeat o join o enjoy opractise .coach 21 . yourselfat the party? a) Did you .....a lot if you really You need to .... .. us at the b) Why don't you wantto improve. basketballgame? Mary is good at swimming,so I asked her to ... me beforemy race.

-\ / 1rt",.H, 5 \s*r ) C. Fill in the gapswith the correct word derived from the words in bold. e.g.Thefilmwas reallysad fullof unhappyevents.


the criminalwas sentencedto life 22 Eventually

PRISON . . . . f. o r h i s p a i n t i n g .

2 3 T h es u n s e gt a v eh i m 24 The

..,.onlytook abouttwo hours,so I'm not reallytired.


in the filmvery 25 We didn'tfindthe characters 26 Raising


issuesis essential. . of environmental


-t \ (rrla,.tos' \ 5x0.5 2.51 GRAMMAR D. Write the unnecessaryword on the lines provided,or put a tick (/) if the line is correct. Sarahis startingin a newjob today.Sheis goingto work part-timein a busyoffice.Althoughshe doesn'tknowanyone thereyet,shewillmakefriendsquicklydespite,becauseshe is a very sociablepersonwho likesworkingwith the other people.Sarahhas neverbeenworkedin an officebefore,so she is a littlebit nervous,but mostlyshe is to lookingforward intothe city to it.Shethinkssheis goingto be enjoytravelling walking along crowdedstreets. on the train everyday, and Sarahlovesbeingbusy places.

e.g. in 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

/ tttu,t, -\

o \ a*o.s I 41

using two to live words,includingthe word in bold. E. Completethe sentâ&#x201A;Źnces at the policestation. thesuspect e,g.Theyarequestioning questioned at the policestation. Thesuspectis being is abouttheburglary. 35 | don'tthinkshewasinformed been She...................... lwas notwellprepared because thecompetition 36 lshouldn'thaveentered | ..............,............. regret to her. he apologised 37 Sallydidn'tforgivehimalthough

... .. .. abouttheburglary' I wasn't wellprepared. because

Sallydidn'tforgivehim ...................... spite 38 Emmasavedmoneyso thatshecouldtravelabroadin thesummer. Emmasavedmoney................. view fascinating. 39 Lynnfindsparagliding

to her. thathe apologised in lhesummer' ........... abroad

40 Thisis themostmovingfilmI'veeverseen. Nootherfilml'veseen.............. as withmy doctortomorrow. 41 | havean appointment



/ rrrru,,ror' ,' \ I \7x1

F. Choosethe correct item. e.g.My father...B...alreadyworkedfor two yearsbefore he wentto University. Bhad Awas



42 Jack didn'tmentionit to Beckyin order...... hurther. B not to C as not D that A to not ........? enjoyedthe party, 43 Everybody C wasn'the A d i d n ' th e D didn't hey B weren'tthey


B lf not

45 l'm sorrybut I can'twork B more A any

C Unless D When harderthanthat. D further C less

. in lastnight.He had a 46 Larrywould rather terribletimeat the disco. A to stay B havestayed C stayed D staying .....beingintelligent. .... 47 Yoursisteris beautiful C moreover A furthermore D as well B in additionto


weeknow. A stops B hadstopping

C stop D wouldstop

A finish B to finish

C finishing D havefinished

5 0 M y g r a n d m o t h ei sr . . . . that everyonelikesher. B sucha A very

, . . . .k i n d a n d g e n e r o u s C such

D so

. e ' si n . . h a v eb e e nT e dy o us a wi n P a r i sH 51 lt ...... Australia! B mustn't C couldn't D may A can 52 Are you surethisjacketis the sameprice that one? D than C like Bas Aof

( u a r t < s-\: \ 11 x 0 . 5


READING (T) True or (F) False. G. Fill in the gapswith the wordsfrom the boxbelow.Thenmark the sentences let






DearEve, Thonksso muchJor gourlasttetter.l'm sorrgI didn'te.g. replr.J sooner, but l'vebeenterribtgbusgover the pastJewmonthsond I just haven'thod time. Thingsare gotngver1wetlhere.I stitlcon't beLieve thot l'm octucttgtivingand workingin Paris.f'm so gtad I madethe decislonto l,eaveEngtondand go's beena reaLLg excitingexpertence so 've goneJromapartJar,andI think I woutdhavebeenaJoo[to mlssout on the opportunitg.Afteratt,f timejob in o [oca[Librarg to a goodposltronin the Porls53) . .ol al,argemerchantbank, ondJromlivingin a smotltown to livingin o big's exocttgwhat l'veatwagswanted.Ofcourse, I know I shoutdn'tbe too optimistlc.I understondthat not evergthingis going to be perJect, 54) . atoneeosg,but lJeelthat my 55)

.. has increased durungmy time here

and I Jeel,surethat I con dealwith the problemslife throwsat me. l'vemet quiteaJew peopLe ot the bank,and mostoJthemare 56)

.... and JrtendLg.

This ls good becausel'd hate hoving to work in on unJriendtgenvironment,where peopl.eare constantlrJ57)

with one onother.l'm atso graduaLl.g learningmore about French's verg dtJferentto whot I was usedto in England,but | ltke the more rel,axed, socloble

tiiJestgte here. Wett,thot'sall mg newsJor now.Writesoonandletmeknowhowthingsarebackhome. Attthebest, Andrew

58 Andrewis happylivingin Paris. 59 Andrewworksin a libraryin Paris. 60 Andrewbelievesthat his lifewill be per.fect. 61 The peopleat the bankare unfriendly. 62 The Frenchlifestyleis relaxedand sociable.

/ lrlt"rtos-\


10 J


WRITING H. Somefaulty equipmenthasbeendeliveredto your ollice.Write a letter of 120-180wordsin an appropriate styleto thâ&#x201A;Ź managercomplainingand requestingthat the matter be givenimrnediateattention.Usethe plan belowand your own ideas.Do not includeany addresses. lnhoduction Paragraph1 inconvenience) for writing(complainaboutprinter- had problemswithit - causedconsiderable reason(s) MainBody Paragraph2-3 of the subject(papergetsstuck - haveto startprintingall overagain;printermissesout lines/moves development very untidy;printerprintscoloursin wrong placespartsof the text - what is printedmakesno sense/looks to read) wordsprintedlookblurred- difficult graphics lookmessyandunprofessional; Conclusion FinalParagraph - hopematterwillbe resolved- replacement supplied) (extremely disappointed closingremarks (full)name







Mark: 6 (Ti me: 7 mi nu t es)

You will hear a conversationbetweenBernard and Alice about the right clothes to wear for an t interview.Mark the statementsas true (T) or false (F).

1 A l i c ei s s u r p r i s e da t B e r n a r d ' sc h o i c eo f c l o t h e s . 2 Bernardwore informalclothesbecauseof what the a d h a d s a i d . 3 Bernard'sinterviewwas very relaxed. 4 B e r n a r da n d A l i c ea g r e et h a t b o t h m e n a n d w o m e ns h o u l dw e a ra s u i t . 5 A l i c ew o r e i n f o r m acl l o t h e sf o r h e r i n t e r v i e w . 6 A l i c eb e l i e v e dt h a t h e r c l o t h e sw e r et h e r e a s o ns h e d i d n ' tg e t t h e j o b .





tr tr

u T T T

/ Marks:__ \




N a me : ^l


Date: Mark:

6 (Time:7 minutes)

For eachquestion,circleA, B or C. Youwill heara radiointerviewwith a volcanologist. 1 T h e m o s ts t r i k i n gt h i n ga b o u tv o l c a n o e si s t h e f a c t t h a t A t h e yc a nk i l la l a r g en u m b e or f p e o p l ev e r yq u i c k l y ' B y o u n e v e rk n o ww h e nt h e yw i l le r u p t . s ower. C t h e yh a v ee n o r m o uP 2 The ideathat the moonaffectsvolcaniceruptionsis A old. B recent. C impossible. M o u n tE t n ai s c a l l e dt h e " F r i e n d l yG i a n t "b e c a u s e A i t i s v e r yb i g . hasheardof it. B everyone C i t r a r e l yk i l l sp e o p l e . M o u n tE t n ah a s k i l l e d A 73people. B 69people. C 3 , 0 0 0p e o p l e . M o u n tF u j ii n J a p a ni s t h e A 2 ' dv o l c a n o n t h a ts i t e . B 1 " v o l c a n o n t h a ts i t e . C 3'ovolcanoon thatsite. The first volcanoto havethe name"Vulcanus"was A Vesuvius. B M o u n tE t n a . t uji. C M o u nF -\ / Mar t <s: 6) \





Mark: (Time:7 minutes)

Listen to a woman talking to a friend and for each question,fill in the missing information on the form.

*twwffiffiKqry wffiww& Type of l)


Date and time of visit: Wednesday24 October 2003 ',i

S e r v i c eA : l i t t l e2 ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Staff:3) ...

..,..and helpful

Food: Excellent - hot and 4)

colourful,beautifullypresented t,t


comfortable - soft music in the background

Atmosphere: 5)

t :

D6cor: Too 6)



. :

Price: reasonable Thank you for your co-operation!

--\ / 1rtart<s: 6) \



W*:m#ffi,;,# 'rAW.

N am e : nl



Date: Mark: (Time: 7 minutes)

You will hear a conversationbetweenVincent and his sister, Catherine, about a party. Mark the sentencesbelow as true (T) or false (F).

1 C a t h e r i n ea n d V i n c e n ft e e lt h e s a m ew a y a b o u t m e e t i n gn e w p e o p l e . 2 T h e w o m a nt a l k i n gt o C a t h e r i n eh a d l o n g s t r a i g h tb l o n d eh a i r . 3 V i n c e n t h i n k st h e w r i t e rs h o u l dh a v eg i v e nh i m a c h a n c et o s p e a k . 4 T h e m a n f r o m t h e f l o o d e dv i l l a g ew a s r e s c u e db y t h e p o l i c e . 5 V i n c e n te n j o y e dh e a r i n ga b o u tt h e g r a d u a t i o nc e r e m o n y . 6 V i n c e n tm e t o n e n i c e p e r s o na t t h e e n d o f t h e e v e n i n g .



T il T


tr tr T T T tr

6) (vrarr<s:





Mark: (Time: 7 minutes)

Youwill hear a conversation betweenGemmaand Bill aboutdifferentsports.Mark the sentences as true (T) or false(F).

1 T h e r ea r e l o t s o f g i r l si n B i l l ' sb r o t h e r ' sw e i g h t l i f t i ncgl a s s . 2 G e m m ad o e s n ' tl i k et h e l a r g em u s c l e so f w e i g h t l i f t i ncgh a m p i o n s . 3 A t t h e s t a r t ,B i l lt h i n k sd i v i n gm i g h tb e a p o s s i b i l i t y . 4 G e m m ad i d n ' tk n o wt h a t B i l ld i s l i k e st h e w a t e r . 5 B i l ll o v e st h e i d e ao f g o i n gh a n g - g l i d i n g . 6 l n t h e e n d , t h e y b o t h a g r e et o t r y h a n g - g l i d i n g .





tr tr T T T

n T

6) (rvarr<s:





Mark: (Time: 7 minutes)

You will hear a school student talking to her parents about an Open Day at her school.For each question,fill in the missing information in the numberedspace.

I t ' s y o u r E n v i r o n m e n t . .P. R O T E C Tl T ! Y o u a r e i n v i t e dt o a n O p e n d a y o n t h e E n v i r o n m e n t A t : B e e c hH i l l S c h o o l O n : S a t u r d a y1 ) . . . F r o m 1 0 - 0 0t o 2 0 - 0 0

E v e n t si n c l u d e : A d o c u m e n t a rfyi l ma b o u t2 ) A w o r k s h o pe n t i t l e d":H o w 3 ) . . .

. a n dw h y "

A N a t u r eW a l k :J o i nT e dH a m i l t oann df i n do u t a b o u t "Waysto protectour naturalenvironment" ( S i g nu p N O W !p l a c e sa r e 4 ) . . . ,.,.....)

A 5) . . b y D r L y n d aP o t t e r " W h a tc a n W E d o t o h e l p ? "a t 1 9 - 0 0 l n f o r m a t i o snt a n dw i t h b o o k sa n d 6 ) . . . e n v i r on m e n t A s k o u r e x p e r t sa n y q u e s t i o ny o u w a n t .

. a b o u tt h e

F o r f u r t h e ri n f o r m a t i o nc,o n t a c tM r s E l i z a b e t hM c M a s t ear t 6 3 9 4 7 8 ,

/ M a r k s :\







f Name:







(Time: 7 minutes)

You will hear a travel agenttalking to a customeron the phone.For eachquestion,fill in the notes. missinginforrnationin the customer's il

English Channel Tunnel


."."' *'-'"*-


Herne 8ay


//" Qanerbury




o'la D

Folkstone Termindl

.41 .#. clifi Service Tunn€l

r* c"**Jr


€*"ffi q*ffi

D o v e r C a l a i ee v e r y 1 ) ( f r o m O o v e rE : - 1 5 a m I ;;;;


{*"ffi C*,* (**ffi (-ffi

(^w q^ffi



i*s* (*aS

112 hours cutuiu,;?Y; :;\*o t /

pals I 225kml140mrl ./zl Boulogne-sur.Mer Q l"--*--------f 0

Fli6htoz - but neeI Lo book300Nlll , f l i q h | e )a n d H e a t h r o w( e c h e d u l e d

Cheapeoa t r o u n d2 ) f , F r o m G a | w i c k( 5 ) . f l iq h r e )

2C2m l0sl




v i a C h a n n el lu n n e l |


L Ve r v n a t T n o u r

(*ffi TakeZ aroundo) ry"& g*fr& 9t ationai


7- 4 O ? m ) .

h n r r r Ja I t V V l

q*"ffi e*-g U;*-ffi

7a r i e : G a r e d u N o r / L o n d o n6: ) , . .


T r i c e : n o t rv e r y d i f t e r e n Tf,r o n p l a n e

/ M a r r s-: \ 6) \




Class: (Time: 7 minutes)

You will hear a conversationbetweena mother and her son about preparing for exams,Mark the statementsbelow as true (T) or false (F).

1 R i c h a r dt h i n k st h a t l a s t - m i n u tset u d y i n gi s b e s t . 2 L a u r at h i n k st h a t a r e v i s i o nt i m e t a b l ei s a g o o d i d e a . 3 W i t h h i s p r e s e n ts y s t e m ,R i c h a r dw i l l b e a b l et o r e v i s ee v e r y t h i n g . 4 R i c h a r da g r e e st h a t h i s p r e s e n tl i f e s t y l ei s c r a z y . 5 Coffeeand chocolatehelp Richardto work better. properly. 6 R i c h a r dh a s b e e n e x e r c i s i n g





n T I


n T

tr tr / Mo,k, -



u )\

l(eyloTesls orl0ls TuIes o

t ; t Keyto Tests

T E S T1 ( U n i t s1 - 2 ) 1D 2 B

3C 4 A

5A 6C

7 D 88

1 1 c laim st o be 1 2 liv ely 1 3 ex plor e

1 4 e x p e ri e n c e 15 revealed

16 trip 1 7 handout 18 coast

1 9 e x c u rs i o n 20 astrologers

D21 A 22A 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

48 49

A1 2 3

23D25C27829A 24A26C28D30A

. . .m e his book,w h i c hw a s ... . . .who is wait in g... . . .t oo ex pens i vfo e r h e rto ... . . .not enoughco ffe e... . . .i n w h i c ht h e y. . . . . .not old enou g hto h a v e... . . .hav en'been t to Yo rk...

F38 is 39,/ G42 D 44 C 43D45C478 responsibility originally

40 / 46 A


TEST2(Units3-4) 9A 1OA


4 B 5D 6D

7 B 9

15 16 17 1B

crow ded admit fed up w i th concentrate

19 20 21 22

23 24 25 26 27

a) a) a) a) a)

b) b) b) b) b)

30 31

35 celebrations 36 thrilled

50 delighted 51 justification

F40 41 42 43 44 45 46

52D53A54D55B56C578 (Suggestedanswer) It was my first day at secondaryschool and I was feelingvery nervousas I walkedinto the classroom.Then my eyes fell on Rachel,and I knew everythingwould be a l ri ght . She was tall and slim with with long, straightbrown hair.Shewas wearinga dark blueskirtand a whiteblouse. WhatI reallynoticedthough,was herfriendlysmileand her soft browneyes. Rachelis a very livelygirl who is alwayslookingfor adventure.She loves playingjokes on peopleand has a greatsenseof humour. Rachelloves sports and was captainof the hockey teamat school.Shealsoenjoysmusicand spendsa lot of her sparetime playingthe guitaror the drums. Overthe years,Racheland I havebecomevery good friendsand havehad manygood timestogether.She is one of the most interestingpeopleI've ever met and I hope we will alwaysbe friends.

? I

138 148

t I



i ntense cut off startled eventually


t I

I chatted j oi n effects accused unsure

28 out of 29 to

4 1 s ti l l

1OC 11 A 12 C




discuss enjoy cause blame insecure

in on

32 33

to of

37 relieved 38 exhausted



39 amazingly

...suggestedI see a doctor/(my) seeinga doctor... ...he had not fai l ed... ...w i shI had broughtsome... ...unl esshe dri ves... ...askedOscari f she had ... ...shouldyou noticeanything/if you shouldnotice anythi ng... ...admitted(to)/having brokenthe ...

G 47 for 48/52of 49 for 50 been



53 54

from /

55 before 56 do 57/




62 D 63F

64E668 65467C


(Suggestedanswer) I was alonein the housewatchinga thrilleron TV. lt was late at night and there was a terriblestorm going on outsi de. Suddenly,I hearda noise,Someonewas tappingat the livingroomwindow.I wonderedwho could be outsidemy house at this time of night.Perhapsit was a dangerous criminal,or a frightening monster. Thetappinggrewlouderand I feltveryscared.I switched off the televisionand crept slowlytowardsthe window.I told myselfto be brave.I would look outsideand if there was a dangerousman there,I would call the policeand then hide under my bed until they arrived.Nervously,I grabbedthe curtainand pulledit back.I screamedas I saw the angry face at the window,then openedthe window wideto let in my cat,Felix,who I had leftoutsidein the rain.





Keyto Tests I felta littlefoolishbut veryrelieved. I gaveFelixsomemilk and we curledup togeheron the sofa. I was glad of the companyand Felixwas happyto be safeindoors.

TEST3(Units5-6) 1D 2 C

3A 4 B

11 helping

1 2 clove

c15 carved 1 6 r egional

7 B 9D BClOD

5D 6A

'13 pinch

1 7 carriedaway 1 8 s c u l p tu re

gathered D19 20 processron 2 1 costumes

entrance re m i n d s 24 th ro u g h ZJ


F 35 36 37 38 39 40 41

. . .r at herg o to S p a i nth a n... . . .wasf ille dw i thth e s m e l l.. . . .is belie v e th d a ts h ew a s ... . . .s uc hba d w e a th eth r a t ... . . .is ex pe c te d to w i n ... . . .s o m uc hm o n e yth a t... . . . had hiss u i ta l te re d...

G42 43


H48 49

anticipation cheerfully

50 traditional 5 1 fa m o u s

152 53

D54 855

56A 57 D



27 A 28 A


E25 26


14 loat

298 30D

44 45

A c

a s o me

31833C 32C348

46/ 4 7 th e

(Suggestedanswer) CHO CO L ATBEISC U IT C A KE I ngr edient s : 1 t in c ondens e d mi l k 2509richtea biscuits 1009but t er 1759chocolate 509 mixednutsand raisins Preparation: 1) Putthe biscuitsintoa plasticbag and hit them with a r ollingpin u n ti lth e ya re b ro k e ni n tos ma l lpi eces. 2) Break the chocolateinto pieces and put it in a saucepanwith the butterand condensedmilk. Heat gently,stirringconstantly, untilmelted. 3) Add the crushedbiscuitsand the mixed nuts and raisinsand mixwell,untilcompletelycoveredwiththe chocolatemixture. 4) Pourthe mixtureintoa greasedplasticcontainerand refrigerate for at leastfour hours,or overnight. 5) Cut intosquareswitha sharpknifeand storein an airt ightc onta i n e r.

MID- TERMTEST(Units1 - 6) 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a

ski nny sensitive interrupting fami ne w on 108 11 C 12A 138

6D 7A BB 9C



25 D32 A 33 D 34 B E42 43 44 45 4b

47 48 F49 50 51 52

b b b b b

muscul ar sensi bl e paused drought gai n

14B18A22A 15A19C23C 16D20A 17 C 21 C

26 i n 27 to

28 actual 29/31of

35C 36C 378

3BA 39D 40D



41 D

,..suchgood musi cthateveryone ... ...mademe go w i thhi m/mademe accompany him ...w ereal lthe preparati ons made... . . .s h o u l dy o us e e. . . ...w i shI had read... ... apologised to Fayefor speaking/having spoken ...whosegrandparents openedthe restaurant ... explore impact socialise revealed

53 fast-moving 54 F 55 T 56 F

57F 587

G (Suggestedanswer) I willalwaysrememberthe firsttime I visitedLeedsCastle, in Maidstone, was a sunnyday at the end of May and I was on a school outing with my Historyclass. I expectedto be bored,but I soon realisedthat LeedsCastle is not onlyveryinteresting, but alsoextremelybeautiful. The Castleis made of stone and was built around900 yearsago. lt standson two smallislandsin the middleof a lakeand is surroundedby trees,hillsand parkland.lnside the castleis an amazingcollection of medievalfurniture, art and ornaments. I enjoyedlookingat themall and imagining kingsand queensusingthem hundredsof yearsago. In the castlegrounds,there are plentyof thingsto do. Thereis a fantasticflowergardenand a wood garden,but my favouriteplace was the is enormousand I walkedaroundin it for hours beforeI found the centre!| alsoenjoyedhavinglunchin FairfaxHall,the 17thcentury barnwhichhas beenmadeintoa restaurant. LeedsCastleis a wonderfulplacewhich I hope to visit againsoon.Thereis so muchto seeand do there.I thinkit is the perfectplacefor a day out.

Keyto Tests

TEST4(UnitsT-81 A1 2


3D 4 D

9 normally 10 forecast '1 1 uns poilt

7 B BA

5C 6A 12 keen 13 search 1 4 to o k

17 judge 1B prosecutor

TEST5(Units9-10) A

15 caught 1 6 c ra s h i ng

19 evidence 20 witness

2 1 s u s p ects 22 jury

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B

prevent cautiously merely habitats concept on concentrate captured established

B 16 D D 23 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35






38,/40/ 3 9 fe e l

demonstration inconvenience


17 C

19 D

18 A

20 B


. . .was m adet o p ro m i s e... . . . y o um i n dg i v i n gm e . . . . . .m us thav eb e e n... . . .c an' tbe awa re... . . .needn' hav t eta k e n... . . .s houldhav es e e na d o c to r... .,. . . .don' thav et o a p o l o g i s e ... have(any)difficulty(in)fixing... . . .s houldhav eg i v e nm e ...

36 not 37 to G 42 43


motivation extinct issue forested threateni ng participating 14 15 approaches to 9 10 11 12 13


44 mugger 45 popularity

46447C48849850A51C 52E53C54F55A56D578 (Suggestedanswer) D earChr is , you How are you? l'm writingto giveyou the information asked for about the day trip to London.I'm glad you're thinkingof comingwith us. lt'sgoingto be a greatday out. you shouldknowthatwe aremeetingat 6amat the Firstly, railwaystation.I know that'svery early,but we want to be in Londonby nineo'clock.You will need t30 for the train ticketand t10 for the theatretickets,as well as spending moneyf or lunc h,s o u v e n i rs a n ds h o p p i n g . Secondly,you wantedto know what time we would get h o m e.W ell,we hop eto b e b a c k h o meb y 1 1 p m. I hope that'snot too latefor you. Finally,if you decidethat you definitelywant to join us, you must phoneMr Copleyby Thursdayto book a place. H i s phonenum beri s 0 1 2 0 46 9 7 3 6 1a n d h e w i l l b e there everyday untilsix o'clock. I hopetheseplanssuityou becauseit wouldbe greatif we could all go to Londontogether.Writesoon and let me knowwhatyou decide. Love, Sh ir ley

21 that 22 /

23 will 24 the

27 out 28 with

29 to 30 to

32 33 34 35 36 37 38

25 26 31

/ o{

uo with thathe coul di mprove... ...not onl yki ndbut al so... ...on accountof bad w eather... a resul he t got ... ...w i tha vi ewto fi ndi ng... ... (her)w orki nghard... ...i n caseyou need...

39 gl obal 40 practically 41 hel pful 42 organisation G47 C 488

49A 50D

43 44 45 46

advertisements unacceptable hopeful technological 51 B 52C

(Suggestedanswer) Learninga foreignlanguagehasbeena partof the school curriculumfor yearsand I believethat it shouldremainso for a varietyof reasons. In the firstplace,offeringforeignlanguagesin schoolsis vitalfor childrengrowingup in the twenty-first century.As more and more compani es become i nternat ional, employerswill expect their staff to speak at least one foreign languagein order to do businesswith foreign clients.Learninga foreignlanguagein schoolimprovesa child'sjob prospectsin laterlife. In additionto this,travellingabroadis now much easier and cheaperthan ever before.Many people choose to spendthei rhol i daysi n a forei gncountryand w i l lfi ndt heir holidayfar moreenjoyableif theyare ableto communicate withthe localpeople lf childrenlearna foreignlanguagein schooltheywill be ableto spendpleasantholidaysabroad. On the other hand, learninga foreignlanguagemay be confusingfor a child,as they mayfind it difficultto learnnew wordsand to keepthe foreignlanguageseparatefrom their own. Childrenare under a lot of oressureat school and learninga foreignlanguagemayadd to theirproblems.


Keyto Tests

EXITTEST(Units1 - 15)

To sum up, I believethat,althoughit can be hardworkfor the advantages outweigh a childto learna foreignlanguage, the disadvantages. In today'sworld,childrenneed all the skillsthey can get in orderto find a successfulcareer,and speakinga foreignlanguageis a skillwhichis valuableboth professionally and socially.

1C 2D 3B 4B

TEST6 (Units11 -12) A


1C 5A 2A6C10A 7 D 3 B 4 B BB 17 latest 18 c r uis e 19 lagoon

C 24 off

E 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

11 B 12 B

23 sedate

20 causeway 2 1 s i m u l a te d 2 2 e ru p ti o n s 25 through

D 28 confusing 29 convincing 30 Actually

13C 14A 15A 16D




31 exciting 32 enjoyable 33 alternative

49/ 50 it

51 a 52/54/

H55 A 56A

578 588

59B 60c


a convi ct a practise a thrilling a uni que a enjoy

22 23

i mpri sonment inspiration

35 36 37 38 39 40 41

(Suggestedanswer) 'Shakespeare in Love' is a wonderfulromanticcomedy set in 16th century London.Joseph Fiennesplays the starringroleas the world'smostfamouswriter. ThestorybeginswithShakespeare havingproblemswithhis newplay.Hedoesnotknowwhatto writeaboutuntilhe meets Viola,a beautifulgirl playedby GwynethPaltrow.Violaloves thetheatreand wantsto be an actor.However,womenarenot allowedto act,so shedressesup as a boy.Shakespeare asks herto playRomeoin his new play,but he doesn'tknowthat she is the girlwho is givinghimthe rdeasfor hiswork. 'Shakespeare in Love'is a very amusingand interesting storybasedon an hasa cleverplotand the The sceneryand costumesare authentic actingis brilliant. and the film is verywell-made. I recommend'Shakespearein Love' to anyone who enjoysfunny, is a brilliant filmand is well worthwatching,

offender coach thri l l ed sole join

24 flight 26 awareness 25 convincing

29 the 30 been

45A 468 478

G 53 branch 54 let 55 confidence 58T 59F 5 3 the

b b b b b


31 to 32 be

33 ,/ 34 being

... can'thavebeeninformed... ... regrethavingentered/entering the competition .,, ...i n spi teof the fact... ... ...w i tha vi ewto travel l i ng ... is fascinated by ... ...w asas movi ngas ... seei ngmy doctor...

428 43D 44c

45D 46A

G 47 the 48a


27 for

13 14 15 16

9A 10A 11 A 12C

17 1B 19 20 21

27 ,/ 28 despite

. . .J er r yhel p sh e r,s h ew i l l ... . . .f ir s tt im eM a rkh a ss p o k e n... . . .t he bes tyo u c a n ... ...wasthe leastinteresting of ... . . .has n' tbe e na b ro a dfo r ... . . .hadn' tlos ty o u ra d d re s s,.. . . .f oundG r e g ' sl e c tu reb o ri n g

F41C43D 42844C


5D 6B 7C BC

48D 49A 50D

51 C 528

56 57 60 F


helpful competing F

62 T

(Suggestedanswer) DearSir/Madam, I am writingto complainabout the printerwhich your to my officeon Monday17thFebruary. companydelivered I havehad severalproblemswith this pieceof equipment inconvenience. and havebeencausedconsiderable Firstly,paper often gets stuck insidethe printer,and it takesa lot of time and effortto get the paperout.Afterthat, I haveto startprintingall overagain,so a good dealof time is wastedas a resultof this fault,Furthermore, the printer sometimesmissesout lines,or movespart of the text,so thatwhatis printednot onlymakesno sense,but alsolooks veryuntidy. In additionto this,the printeroftenprintscoloursin the wrongplaces,Coloursare printedtoo low,too high,or too far to the leftor right.Thismakesour graphicslook messy Whatis more,the wordsprintedby this and unprofessional. pieceof equipmentalwayslookblurredand aresometimes difficultto read. All in all, I am extremelydisappointed with this printerand its poor performance. I hopethatthis matterwill be resolved quicklyand thata replacement willbe promptlysupplied. Yourssincerely, J. Stewart


ts r

Key to ListeningTests


rt .


2 T


4 T






F t



2 A


4 A









4 spicy 5 relaxtng 6 colourful

1 restaurant 2 slow 3 friendly

il |!



I ,


2 F


4 F





L I S T E N I N GT E S T4 1F

2 T


4 F



L I S T E N I NTGE S T5 1 25thOctober 2 air pollution 3 t o r ec y c le

4 limited 5 talk 6 l e a fl e ts

L I S T E N I N GT E S T6 1 fourhours 2 ninety 3 c har t er

4 Eurostar 5 three 6 Wa te rl o o


2 T


4 T




Tapescriptsto ListeningTests

ListeningTest 1 A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B:

A: B:

A: B: A: B: A:

B: A:

B: A:

B: A: B: A:


S o y ou didn' tge t th e j o b ? No... Haveyou any ideawhatwentwrong? W ell. . . it was m y c l o th e s... Whatdid you wear? , j a c k e t,n o ti e ... A pairof jeans a What?lt wasa teachingjob in a boys'school!Whyon earth didn' tv ou weara s u i t? Well,you see,the ad saidthatthe schoolhasa veryrelaxed at m os pher e. S o l th o u g h tth a ta s u i tw o u l db e to o formal... O h d e a r. . . But when I arrived the headmaster and the otherteachers weredressedveryformally.Everyone was in darksuits andties.I feltterrible. Theatmosphere in the interview room c er t ainly was n' tr e l a x e d... b e l i e v eme ! But did the interview itselfgo okay? Y es ,it did. B utt h e yj u s t d i d n ' tl i k emy a p p e a ra nce. A t the end of the interview theytold me thattheywerelookingfor someonemore seriousand responsible. Can Vou believe it? That ' st er r ible. . . b u t c l o th e sa rew h a tp e o p l es e e ... M m m m. . .s o do y o uth i n ka ma ns h o u l da l w a y sw eara sui t to an interview? Y es . . . well . . . a su i t ... o r a j a c k e ta n d tro u s e rs... but you s houldalway sw e a ra ti e ... I s uppos ey ou' r eri g h t... lt ' st hes am ef or w o me nre a l l y...a s u i t...o r a s k i r tandj acket .F unny. . .y oure x p e ri e n cth e i sm o rn i n gre m i n dsme of an interview I had ...yearsago. lt was a similarexperience bul the oppositeproblem Whatdo you mean? Well ... this was an interviewwith a computercompany.I dressedvery formally.I wore a navy suit and a striped blous e.I want e dto l o o kre l i a b l e,.. So whathappened? Oh!Thiswasan Americancompany...and the interviewers wereall dressedvery informally. One of themwas wearing j eansand t r aine rs... Ohno! S o . . .y ou c an im a g i n eh o wl fe l t:e m b a rra s s e... d a nd overdressed... Did you get the job? No. Whentheytold me I hadn'tgot the job, they saidthat they were lookingfor someonemore relaxedand informal

ListeningTest2 A : ... and l ' d l i keto w el comeD r Joe P urdvof the Inst it utfeor S ci enti fiR c esearch ... B : T h a n ky o u . . . A : D r P urdy,w hat w oul dyou say i s the most str ikingt hing aboutvolcanoes? B : Well,volcanoesare a very powerfulnaturalphenomenon. And of coursethey can causea villagewith hundredsof peopleto disappearin seconds.But for me, what is most amazingaboutthem is the fact that they can eruptat any ti me,w i thoutanyw arni ng... A: Y e s . . . B : But now scientistsare workingon the idea that volcanic eruoti ons are rel atedto the moon... A : The moon?C anthi sbe oossi bl e? B : Well,they think that the moon may effectvolcanicerupti ons.For exampl e, a vol canoi s morel i kel yto er uptwhen therei s a ful lmoon.Thi si s a veryol d i dea,but i t hasnever beentesteduntilrecentlv... A : I s e e. . . A : B ut not al l vol canoes ki l l ers... are danoerous B : Really? A : TakeMountEtna,in Sicily.Everybodyhas heardof Mount E tna.l t' s cal l edthe ' Fri endl yGi ant"not , becauseit 's big is thoughit but becauseits lavamovesveryslowly.This gi vespeopl eti meto escape.l t' snota ki l l ervol ca no. . .even thoughit looksterribleduringits eruptions B : Oh, I di dn' tknowthatabouti ts l ava. A : It'strue.Also,peoplehaverecordedthe deathscausedby MountEtnafor overthreethousandyears,and it has only peoplein all that time.That'snot very killedseventy-three many when you think about it, thoughtherewas a large eruptionin sixteensixty-nine... but nobodyrecordedany deaths.. B : A m a z i n g. . . A: Volcanoesare alwayschanging... for example,the cone, that'sthe channelthe lavaflowsthrough,can closeup and a new cone can form. A new cone is actuallya new volcano. On the site of MountFuji in Japan,therewere two othervolcanoestherebeforethe presentone ... / B : A mazi ng! A : Mount Fuji is actuallya very popularplace for tourists, i ncl udi ngthe Japanese.l t has aboutfour hun dr edt housand visitorsa year.In the summer,therecan be twenty thousanda day ,.. B : And can you tell us aboutthe word "volcano" itself? A : Yes it comes from the ltalianword "vulcano"which means"burningmountain", and that comesfrom the Latin ' V ul canus"A. l l " burni ngmountai ns"l,i ke V es uvius and MountFi j i ,w eregi venthi sname,but the name"Vulcanus" wasfirstgivenby the Romansto MountEtnabecausethey thoughtthati t w asthe homeof the god V ul canu s. . .

Tapescriptsto ListeningTests

ListeningTest3 Ye s... I wentt o T heS m i l i n gB u d d h al a s tn i g h t.Mmmm . The Smi l i n gB uddha,t he ne w T h a i re s ta u ra ntht a t' sj u s t o p ened. The peoplewho run it are from Thailandand there are no Europeandishesat all.I'd nevertastedThaicookingbefore,so for me. I took Derekbecausehe was it was a new experience interested to see what it was like.Whenwe arrived,they welcomed us immediately and took us to our table.The service wa sa lit t les low. . .but e v e ry th i negl s ew a sv e ryp l e a s a nt, so i t didn'tseemto matterreally. The staffwereveryfriendlyand h e l p ful, . dw e w ere W e didn' tm indw a i ti n gb e tw e e nc o u rs e sAn delightedwiththe food ... you knowhow we both likehot and ... sp i cydis hesNo . . . .notve ryh o t ...a n d i t w a sre a l l yc o l o urful it was a pleasureto look at ... it was almosta shameto eat it! And therewas soft musicin the backgroundwhichcreateda relaxingand comfortable atmosphere... ThaimusicI suppose ,.. i t was v er ydif f er en... t b u t i t w a s v e ryq u i e t.I re a l l yd i sl i ke t. s ta y e du n trlrt c l o s e d...o h unti l l o u dm us icin a r es t au ra nWe a ro u ndm idnightI s upp o s eA. n d th e d e c o r...w e l l... i t w astrad i ti o nalT hai,whic hm e a n sth a ti t w a s v e ryc o l o u rfu Il .thought that maybeit was a bit much.You see,we re lust not usedto th a tki n dof t hing.A ny w a yi,t w a s re a s o n a b ipyrrc e d... a round meal I thinkthat'svery twentypoundseachfor a three-course re a sonable . . .andv er yg o o dv a l u efo r mo n e y .E s p e c ra lw l yhen yo u cons idert he quali tyo f th e fo o d .. a n d th e s e rv i c e and I f illedi n o n e o f th e c o mme nfo th e a tm os pher e. t rm sa n dthats whatI wrotereally.I mean,thisis a verygood restaurant you s h o u l dt r y i t s o m e t i m e . . .

Test ListeningMid-Term C : It was quitea good party,wasn'tit? V : Y es...thoughtherew erel otsof peopl ew e di dn' tknow.l'm not that keen on going around introducingmyself to srrangers... C : Oh, l enjoynewfaces... and everyonewas veryfriendly... V : Theycertainlywere!| heardenoughpeople'slifestoriesto lastme a lifetimel c: Oh, therewas one womanwho told me all abouther summer hol i day...i n greatdetai l.,. V: Wasthatthe womanwithshortblondehair?Shetold me ... C : N o, she had l ong strai ghtbrow nhai r ... she w as wear ing bi g greenearri ngs... Yes!| knowwho you mean!Did you meetthe writer?A tall manw i thcurl ygreyhai r... to talkto? C : No, was he interesting V : W el l ,he di d mostof the tal ki ng!H e tol d me the entir eplot I of his latestnovel... an adventurestoryset in Nicaragua. coul dn'get t a w orcii n edgew ays... C : A man was tellingme aboutthe narrowescapehe'd had w henhi svi l l agew asfl oodedl astw i nter... V : W ow ! C : Yes ... the policewere travellingaround in small boats checkingeveryonewas all right.Thisman was trappedon the roofof his housefor fifteenhours,but he was eventuall y rescuedby the Fi reB ri gade... V : Anotherwoman was talkingto me about her daughter's graduationceremony:the partybeforehand... then everythi ngaboutthe ceremony...the speeches...w hatthe st uin dentsdid. She just couldn'tsee that I wasn'tinterested this at all. I mean ... l've neverevenmet any of thesepeop l e. . . C : Dearme! You didn'thaveverygood luck,drd you? V : Well,just beforethe end of the party,I met this niceyoung w oman.W e w eretal ki ngaboutcooki ng.S he' sj ustdonea Mediterranean Cookerycourse.When I told her I was a ... chef,she was veryinterested C : I see!Wellnow ... (fade)


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ListeningTest4 B: Yes . . . lt hink it ' sa g re a ti d e afo r u s to ta k eu p a newsport together!My brother'sjust joined a weightlifting class . what aboutthat? G : Weightlifting? B : Y es . . . it c ouldbe re a l l yg o o d .I' d l i k eto d e v e l o pmy muscles.Whatdo you think? G : Ar ey oujok ing?G i rl sd o n ' td o w e i g h tl i fti n g ! B : Oh yestheydo. My brothersaidthatthereweresomegirls i n his c las s. . . no t ma n y ,m i n d... G : But it couldbe verydangerous, and bad for yourheart.Not to mentionthe restof you ... B : M m m m. . .it nee d n 'bt e d a n g e ro u si f,y o u ' rec a re f ulA . ndof coursegirlsdon't liftveryheavyweights... G : I thinktheseweightlifting championslookhorrible, withtheir h u g em u s c l e s. . .u g h ! B: f laughingl O h I d o n ' tth i n kl ' l lg o th a tfa r ... G : Oh Bill!I reallydon'tlikebeingconfinedindoors.I preferto be outside,movingaround.Whataboutsomethinglikediving? | mean,we live near the sea. There'sa divingclub b e s i d et h e h a r b o u r . .J. u s tt h i n ka b o u ti t . . . g l i d i n gp a s ta l l thosebrightlycolouredfishand sea plants... B: But this isn'texactlythe Caribbean! And you need expensiveequipment, likea wet suit,an oxygentank ... G : B u ty o u d o n ' th a v et o b u yi t . . . y o uc a nr e n ti t . . . B : A ny way . . ldon' . t l i k eth e w a te r.I d o n ' ts w i mv e ryw el l... G : Oh, of course.I'd forgottenthat.Well,anothersport I was thinkingaboutis hang-gliding, A friendof minestartedit a few weeksago,and shejust lovesit ... B: Hang- gliding? G : Obviouslyit can be dangeroustoo. I mean,you haveto jump off the tops of mountains, and you haveto know all about the winds and air currents,and you need a lot of courage... B: But it soundsreallyexciting! G : My friendsaysshe feelslikea bird ... it'sso graceful. Thoughyou'reneverquitesurewhereyou'regoingto land B: Soundsgreat!Do you wantto giveit a go? G : Why not? Let'sask .. [fade]


ListeningTest5 Student:Hi, Mum! Hi, Dad! Look at this leaflet!We'rehaving an Open Day at's goingto be all aboutthe environment.I think it will be very interesting. Thereare all kindsof's on Saturdaythe twenty{ifthof October. Our Geographyteacher,that's Mr Solomon,he's organising the whole thing really,though he's getting lots of help of course.He was tellingus all aboutit this morning... and looking for volunteers.He's going to show a documentaryfilm about air pollution.And our Scienceteacher,Miss Hopkins, she's runninga workshop,that means people have to do thingsand talk,not just listen.She'scallingit: "Howto recycle and why".We all haveto bring in thingsyou can recycle,like cans,and newspapers and cardboardboxes.And she'sgoing to show what actuallyhappensto theseduringthe recycling process.And they'veinvitedTed Hamilton, the horticulturalist, to leada walkaroundthe'sall aboutprotecting our naturalenvironment. I'd say that will be very popular,and places are limited,so I've put our threenamesdown for that. I hope you want to go! Then in the eveningthere'sa specialguest. What'sher name?Oh yes ... DoctorLyndaPotter.She'sa wellknownenvironmentalist. She'sgoingto givea talk abouthow everyonecan do something. Yes ...the titleof hertalkis: "What can WE do to help?".I thinkthat'sa good idea.Peopleoften think,"Oh,there'snothingI can do".And our Historyteacher, Mrs O'Leary,she'sin chargeof the information stand.There'll be booksand leaflets aboutthe environment. And she'sorganisinga team of environmental specialists who will be able to answerpeople'squestions.That'sgood, isn't it? | think it's goingto be a really .. [fade]

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ListeningTest6 . h e rew i l ly o u b e travel l i ng So yo u ' r egoingt o P ar i si n Ma rc hW from?CentralLondon?Fine.lf you werethinkingof takingthe car, the quickestway by boat is betweenDoverand Calais. There'sa sailingeveryfour hours.The crossingtakesabout T i m e s ?W el l for , o n ea n d a halfhour s. . .l o n g e ri n b a dw e a th e r. example,there'sa sailingfrom Doverat eight fifteenin the morning,and one backfrom Calaisat four o'clockin the afternoon. Wi thth os es ailingsy ou m a k eth e m o s to f y o u rti mei n Pari s.l f you'renot takingthe car, thereare plentyof flightsbetween Londonand Paris.The cheapestreturnfare is about ninety pounds.lf you wantedsomethingaroundthatpriceyou'dneed ty y e s e rea resome to b o oks oon.l' lljus tc h e c ka v a i l a b i l i... seatsleft.Some of thoseflightsare from Gatwick,and some are from Heathrow.Yes ... the charterflightstend to go from Gatwick,and the scheduledflightsgo from Heathrow.So it's usuallycheaperto go from Gatwick,But it takeslongerto get to Ga t wic kO . f c our s eth e o th e ro p ti o ni s th e tra i n...y e s ... go wi thEur os t ar v iat heCh a n n eTl u n n e lT. h e re ' so n efro mL ondon to Pariseveryhalfhour,from a quarterpastfivein the morning untiltwentyto eightin the's an extremelycomfortable way to travel,very luxurious,very smooth.The journey ta ke saboutt hr eehour s T . h e re ' sa s i m i l asr e rv i c efro mPari s.. ye s i t' s an am az ings e rv i c el.t d o e s n ' tre a l l yta k e a n y longer th a n th e plane.T he s ta ti o n sy, e a h .In P a rrsy o u a rri v eat the Stati on. Ga redu Nor d. . . and in L o n d o ny o u a rri v ea t Wa te rl o o erther bothverycentral.There'snot much priceditference

ListeningExitTest M: Here'sanothermug of coffee.Do you know it's alreadya quarterto midnight? S : Thanks,Mum.I don' tknoww hy I al w aysseemto e nd up studyingat the last minute.I know it's silly,and it's not a good idea.Crammingin facts late at night untilthe early nours... You know,a month M: Whatyou needis a revisiontimetable. or so beforethe examsstart,you shouldsit downand plan all the work you haveto do, and how muchyou are going to do eachday. lf you did that,you wouldn'tend up worki ng i n the mi ddl eof the ni ght. . thethi ngst hat S : the momentI' mj uststudyi ng I thinkare likelyto comeup. Threeor fourfor eachsubject. A groupof us got togetherand di scussed thi s... M: B ut i s thatnot a hugeri sk? t ti me to covert he S : Y es,of coursei t i s ... but I haven' got w h o l ec o u r s e. . . M: A nd you know ,the w ayyou' redoi ngthi ngsat the m om ent is crazy.Not just from the work pointof view ... but everythi ng S tudyi ngl ate,getti ngup l ate,not eati ngprop er ly. . . S : Y ou' reri ght.A nd l ' m dri nki ngfar too much coffee,and probablyeatingtoo muchchocolate too, but theymakeme feelwideawake,so l'm ableto studybetter... M: That'sbecausethey'restimulants. Howdo youfeelafterthe effecthas worn off? S: Well . I supposeI just keeptakingmore.But it'sveryhard to get to sleepafterwards, and almostimpossible to get up i n t h e m o r n i n g. . . W henw as the last M: Y ou needproperrest... and exerci se. timeyou wentfor a jog ... or evenwentfor a walk?And you practicefor weeks!lf your body haven'tbeento basketball is in such bad shape how can you expectyour mind to work properly? S: Yes,I know | [fade]


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