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Canon Image Square

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Historically, retailers have invested heavily in transaction systems, merchandising systems, and supply chain technologies in order to drive down costs through increased efficiencies. Having maximized possible savings to labor and operations, retailers are now focusing on increasing top-line revenue and customer lifetime value. This is being enabled by a new generation of in-store experiential technologies that allow retailers to deliver a superior shopping experience. The retail world is constantly evolving and recent economic events are reshaping the consumer’s notion of value. Today’s digitally empowered consumers expect their shopping experiences to be personalized, relevant, and enjoyable. Working on same line Designmatrix wanted to provide their client Canon ,an add-on services as a part of their retail design package for their brand show rooms “Canon Image Square “ and I have given task to design experience ease at their brand showrooms. When I set out to deliver on these objectives, the biggest challenge in my path was to create an experience for the customers that would not just interest and educate them but solve practical problems that hinder purchase. Interacting with customers and Understanding gist of imaging market helped me choose the right tools to tackle the design problem and move from merely interaction with customers to giving them a memorable experience.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


I am extremely thankful to my internal guide Mrs. Nijoo Dubey for her valuable feedback and encouragement throughout my diploma project. I am grateful to C S Direkt Pvt. Ltd. for giving me this brilliant opportunity to work with them and explore the possibilities of Interactive Retail Experience. I am grateful to my industry guide Mr. Nitesh Sharma for his guidance and encouragement, Mrs. Anjali Pasricha for their valuable insights from timeto-time, alongwith the entire Designmatrix team for all the motivation and memorable times. A special thanks to all my friends, family and people I interacted with during the project. Thanks for the tremendous support and co-operation. I offer my sincere regards and thanks to all those who helped me see the project through.


C S Direkt Pvt. Ltd.

A special thanks to

Mr. Pradyumana Vyas Dr Vijaya Deshmukh Dr. Jignesh Khakhar Mr. Mayank Loonker All Staff and Faculty

Mr. Deepak Bisht Mr. Shesh Narayan Mr. Ravi Bhandari Mrs. Shilpa Mugdal Mrs. Shubhangi Mrs. Sherry Mr. Rajender ji Mr. Rajesh Sharma Mr. Virender ji Mr. Ashok ji Honey Sharma Manoj, Mukesh & Workshop team

Nikhil Joshi Chayan Deb Syed Fawaz Ahmed Ankur Gupta Chandradip rana Amit Gautam Varsha Devjani Krati Yaduvanshi Ajay Kumar Vaibhav Vyas Aashka M. Shah Roopali Sood


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Contents Synopsis 2 Acknowledgements 3



National Institute of Design New Media Design 9 Project Brief 10 Timeline 11

About the Organization About Sponsor 14 About Client 15 Canon Image Square




Interaction Design 17 What is Interaction Design ? What is Interactive Retail ? Need for Interactive Retail ? Design Process 22

Secondary Research

18 20 20


Understanding CSDirekt 24 Knowledge Base 26 Understanding retail business in India Camera Market Research 28 Printer business in India 31 Precedent Studies 34



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Final Concept 125

Canon Image Square History & Evolution 45 Retail Space planning 47

Primary Research Research Plan Domain Observation & Site Survey Observation Tag Cloud 68 User Study 69 Consumer Profile 75


Reasons for choosing 126 Design Decision : tangible buttons verses non tangible multitouch Display 127

57 59

Prototyping 129



Analysis 78 Reflections on Research 79 Clustering 80 Emerging categories 80 Attraction 81 Interactive capture on transparent glass 82 Attractive zoom lens outside the store 84 Interaction on front Glass 86 Interaction 88 Current Interaction Medium in CIS 91 Contextualizing product with AR technology Compare button and Customize manual 105 Click & print wall 106 Canon Printbooth 107 Engagement 120 Safari Photographer 121 Virtual city Photographer 123


Understanding Space 130 Spacial Definitions of CIS 130 Making Demo space for Installation Technology Outreach 131 Installations Measurements 132 Technical Requirements 133 Programming 136 Prototype 1 137 Prototype 2 138 Making of Pseudo-ceiling 139 Calibration 143 Failures 145 Programming Logic 145 Hand Detection 146 Body Detection 146 User Interface 147 Pilot Testing 148

Conclusion Learning 156 Future Scope


155 156


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


1. 2. 3. 4.

National Institute of Design New Media Design Project Brief Timeline


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

National Institute of Design


he National Institute of Design (NID) is internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education and research. The Business Week, USA has listed NID as one of the top 25 European & Asian programmes in the world. The institute functions as an autonomous body under the department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Government of India. NID is recognised by the Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation. NID has been a pioneer in industrial design education after Bauhaus and Ulm in Germany and is known for its pursuit of design excellence to make Designed in India, Made for the World a reality. NID’s graduates have made a mark in key sectors of commerce, industry and social development by taking role of catalysts and through thought leadership.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

New Media Design The New Media Design programme at NID attempts to critically examine the relationship between technology and culture. Mediaold and new, such as print, radio, television, internet, virtual reality, gaming and mobile telephony, to mention a few, have a profound impact on our culture. Understanding these various media and the impact they (may) create is crucial to understand how our societies are shaped. This aspect is an essential component of New Media studies. New Media Design is basically transdisciplinary in nature, applying and integrating knowledge from various disciplines. In this sense, it is a unique combination of art, science and technology.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

The Project

Redefine Brief

AIM To design Enhanced Customer Experience Modules (ECEMs) for Canon India’s ‘Image Square’ stores. Description Canon Image Squares are new stores that are coming up countrywide. The primary products on display are Cameras and Printers (the two largest retail products of Canon in India). The existing store designs (being done by CSDirekt1 Group company DesignMatrix) are minimalist and elegant. However, as part of their continuing development DesignMatrix wishes to propose ECEMs for these stores to do three things:

1. Build on the image of Canon as the leading imaging-technology brand in the world and India. 2. To highlight product features through improved visitor interaction with those products. 3. To lead the customer closer to a purchase decision.

MUST-HAVES The modules proposed must be scalable both in themselves and across stores. The broad contours of the proposed designs must match the existing design language of Canon as a brand as well as Canon Image Squares. These should be self-sustaining modules that require a minimum of maintenance and should be operatable by the existing sales staff (after initial training of course) BUDGET The ECEMs must not cost more than Rs. 3,00,000/- per store to fabricate and install. DURATION 4 months


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Project Timeline Lakshya Shrivatava




*kick off



Presentation 56789 week 01

12 13 14 15 16 week 02

19 20 21 22 23 week 03


26 27 28 29 30 week 04

-2 3 4 5 6week 05

--9 10 11 12 13-week 06

-16 17 18 19 20week 07

--23 24 25 26 27 week 08


30 1 2 3 4week 09



Present Idea to client

-7 8 9 10 11-week 10

-14 15 16 17 18week 11


--21 22 23 24 25-week 1

-28 29 30 31 1-week 13

Submission -4 5 6 7 8---11 12 13 14 15-week 14 w eek 15

-18 19 20 21 22-w eek 16

-25 26 27 28 29-w eek 17

-2 3 4 5 w eek 18







Preparation, research and briefing

Evaluation Filtering Data,Exploration

Refinements of Deliverables

Presentation Documentation

Collecting information, interfacing with people undergoing project , seeking inspiration, analysing the information, Recci at Canon show rooms ,observing and interviewing identifed Target Group at canon ,Moodboard, Design Goals and Wishes,Design brief. Technology explorations

Idea generation, R&D of technologies , concept development, evaluation of data, Sketch period, Isolating and identifying problem areas, concept variations and system design, hardware prototyping [electronics and space research ] evaluation of concepts, 2d or3d modeling

Prototyping & Scenario building Application building, Working at workshops and production team . Working at experience design at space.

Application building, Finalizing the design direction , Installation at canon Showroom Testing and refinement

Finalizing installation addition of final sketches, animations and video’s for presentation


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

about the Organization 1. About Sponsor 2. About Client 3. Canon Image Square


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

About Sponsor

Delhi based firm CSDirekt Pvt. Ltd is a group of companies majorly offering a wide gamut of services spanning across live events, activations, exhibitions, destination management and retail. A 16 years old has successfully achieved recognitions by major clients like Canon, Microsoft, Hundai, Ambay, HP etc. The marketing group with a strategic and pragmatic approach delivers 100% on commitments and is the partner of choice to clients.

The M.I.C.E. division of C S Direkt, a renowned Integrated Marketing Agency, that has been enchanting blue chip clients and their audiences for more than a decade, with visionary excellence of exceptional standards that more than meets the diverse needs of the current business scenario. The case that seals the deal in favour of Destination Direkt is the meticulous planning, woven around Return On Investment that is so very sought after by every corporate house.


*M.I.C.E. -Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

About Client

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that specialises in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers and computer printers. Its headquarters are located in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. Canon has pioneered five technology ‘imaging’ engines viz: Optical Engine, Electrophotography, Bubble Jet, Semiconductors and Display which drives Canon’s cutting-edge technology products. With over 1100 registered patented technologies in Digital Cameras, 2300 in inkjet printers, 5600 in multifunctional printers and more than 200 in scanners, Canon has emerged as one of the leading technology innovators in the digital imaging space worldwide.


Canon strives continuously to invest in variety of activities by providing the customers the 4E’s

Experience Education Engagement Excitement


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Canon Images Square is name given to Retail showrooms for Canon Brand . Canon Image Square offers a wide variety of printers, scanners, digital camera, camcorders and printing accessories. The products displayed range from printers (printer accessories such as printing cartridges, etc.), scanners, cameras (digital cameras from Powershot, Ixus, to EOS DSLRs*, EOS lenses), camcorders (Legria) and camera accessories (both Canon and non-Canon such as bags, memory sticks, cables, etc.)

*DSLR -Digital single-lens reflex *EOS -Electro-Optical System


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Interaction Design 1. 2. 3. 4.

What is Interaction Design ? What is Interactive Retail ? Need for Interactive Retail ? Design Process


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

What is Interaction Design ?


nteraction is a way of framing the relationship between people and the objects designed for them- and thus a way of framing the activity of design. All man-made objects offer the possibility for interaction, and all design activities can be viewed as a design for interaction .The same is true not only for objects but also for spaces, messages and systems . Interaction is a key aspect of function and function is a key aspect of design .

Maldonado, Thomas, and Bonsiepe, Gui, “Science and Design,” Ulm 10/11, Journal of the Ulm School for Design, HfG Ulm, Ulm, 1964.


Canonical models of computer-human interaction are based on an archetypal structure—the feedback loop. Information flows from a system (perhaps a computer or a car) through a person and back through the system again. The person has a goal; she acts to achieve it in an environment (provides input to the system); she measures the effect of her action on the environment (interprets output from the system—feedback) and then compares result with goal. The comparison (yielding difference or congruence) directs her next action, beginning the cycle again. This is a simple self-correcting system—more technically, a firstorder cybernetic system.

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

In 1964 the HfG Ulm published a model of interaction depicting an information loop running from system through human and back through the system. 2. Norman , Donald A. , The design of everyday Things , Basic Books, New York , 2002

that “behavior can be bottom up, in which an event in the world triggers the cycle, or top-down, in which a thought establishes a goal and triggers the cycle. If you don’t say it, people tend to think all behavior starts with a goal. It doesn’t—it can be a response to the environment. (It is also recursive: goals and actions trigger subgoals and sub-actions) .”

Don Norman has proposed a “gulf model” of interaction. A “gulf of execution” and a “gulf of evaluation” separate a user and a physical system. The user turns intention to action via an input device connected to the physical system. The physical system presents signals, which the user interprets and evaluates— presumably in relation to intention. Norman has also proposed a “seven stages of action” model, a variation and elaboration on the gulf model. Norman points out whatisinteraction.pdf


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. Retailers are part of an integrated system called the supply chain. A retailer purchases goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or directly through a wholesaler, and then sells smaller quantities to the consumer for a profit. Retailing can be done in either fixed locations or online. Retailing includes subordinated services, such as delivery.

What is Interactive Retail ? Retail is going through its biggest shift in history. Today’s shopper is looking for a more convenient, informative and engaging in-store experience. Bolton and Saxena-Iyer (2009) define interactive services as “services that have some form of customer–firm interaction in an environment characterized by any level of technology” (p. 2). Following their definition, interactive services in retailing can be defined as “consumer interactions with retailers through multiple channels to derive a benefit.” Retailers include any organization that conducts business with consumers (e.g.,bookstores, airlines, digital subscription services). Channels are mechanisms for communication, service delivery, and transaction completion. Interactive retail services deliver benefits to consumers through single or multiple diverse channels, which include brick-and-mortar stores, vending machines, service kiosks, direct selling, mobile devices, catalogs, and websites. A benefit exists when consumers are better off after the interaction than before the interaction. Benefits can range from acquiring price information to saving time and effort in a transaction; benefits can be social, psychological, symbolic, and, of course, financial.


Need for Interactive Retail ? Increasing power of consumer An important challenge and opportunity in retailing is the shifting balance of power among the central players: those who create products (goods and services), those who sell them, and those who buy them. The power to decide what will be sold, how it will be sold, at what price it will be sold, and how much attention to pay to Customers’ complains traditionally has rested with product creators whose size or brand strength gave them a dominant bargaining position. Consumers, of course, could always leave a brand or retailer for another – assuming alternatives existed – and could spread negative word-of-mouth communications to people they knew. So it is not that consumers used to be powerless and now they are not. However, two fundamental conditions defined by Milgrom and Roberts (1992) and discussed by Pitt et al. (2002) have traditionally limited consumer influence.First, consumers often did not have access to all relevant information about quality or costs that would enable them to make an optimum purchasing decision. Second, they typically did not have much influence to gain redress or “justice” if they perceived they were exploited or otherwise treated poorly. They could stop buying from the company, issue a complaint, or spread negative word-of-mouth but probably could not gain the satisfaction of knowing that their actions won the attention of the organization. The marketplace is different now. The power-limiting conditions – lack of information and lack of influence – are being swept away by advancements in information technology, particularly through the potency of the Internet. The

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Web has strengthened consumers’ bargaining position, giving them a formidable tool to gather information and to be heard, not just by a few but by many. As a result, early adopters of the technology have a good chance of attracting and retaining the customers.

Customer engagement: Customer engagement is becoming a primary business strategy. When product differentiation is non-existent and advertising goes unnoticed, customer engagement becomes the key to business success. Many retailers are turning to interactive retail to solidify relationships with customers. Since purchases are often the result of emotions rather than logic, maximizing a customer’s hand on experience within retail environment – whether in a physical store or online – may increase positive feelings and brand loyalty. Tim Kantz, senior online operations Manager(Pacific Sun), stresses the benefits of personalized experiences by stating, “Creating a personal shopping experience by empowering the customers to explore and understand what the story is behind the merchandising or marketing, lends itself to a higher level of selling opportunity”.5

Data collection: Traditional modes of data collection viz surveys and interviews are facing an increasingly busy set of customers and brands are having difficulty gauging public perception. Many times, the feedback is received when it is too late. Innovative interactions provide the ideal platform to engage

customers and at the same time provide a fertile ground to collect information about their tastes and other preferences. Technology now helps to capture the data even without the participant’s active intervention. When customers are viewed in their natural habitat, it becomes easier to learn product shortcomings and why customers did not select specific products after seeing product details.

Differentiation: Interactive technologies make sense for retailers that have chosen to brand themselves as industry or thought leaders. Are their customers more likely to do business with the retailer and evangelize the brand if their experience is supported harmoniously by emerging or differentiated technology? Is the brand damaged by customer perception that the retail experience lags that of competitors even if prices and products are superior? In the cost-benefit equation, it is important to include qualitative brand benefits when considering the business case for introducing new technology into the design of the retail ecosystem. In many cases, sustainable advantage can be achieved by investing in the technology and hence companies are going in for interactive retail.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Design Process Secondary research Primary research Analysis

Conceptualizing Finalizing Concept Prototyping


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Phase 1

Secondary Research 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Understanding CSDirekt Knowledge Base Understanding retail business in India Camera Market Research Printer business in India Precedent Studies Canon Image Square History & Evolution Retail Space planning


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Understanding CSDirekt Initial of research started with understanding internal approach within the firm . CSDirekt is a group of companies where Designmatrix deals with designing & producing retail outlet and their interiors. Main reason for the internal research is also to familiarize with all resource, vendors and information within the firm for research and prototyping purpose .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Phase Visit Photography Surrounding Information People Flow Placements Special Requirements and Measurement

General Manager Approval


Material Brief

Feasibility, Costing and Negotiatiom

As a established corporate firm, it has its own protocols to work on. Designmatrix’s main corporate office lies in Udhyog Vihar phase 1 where all client dealings and designing work happens. These drawings followed by GM approvals are sent to production team which have their team to fabricate the furnitures and interior which are then transferred and installed at particular site.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Knowledge Base About Retail business in India Camera Market Printer business in India

Precedent studies Canon image Square history and evolution

Canon image Square Space Planning


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Understanding retail business in India The retail sector in India is growing at a phenomenal pace leading to job opportunities in different areas. According to the Global Retail Development Index 2012, India ranks fifth among the top 30 emerging markets for retail. The recent announcement by the Indian government with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail , especially allowing 100% FDI in single brands and multi-brand FDI has created positive sentiments in the retail sector.

- - retail-sector-retail-industry-global-retail-development-index


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Camera Market Research

Major Players Some of major brands available in the market are Argus, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Disney, Epson, Fujifilm, HP, JVC America, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Polaroid, Ricoh, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony and Toshiba. However the most popular among them are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Kodak.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

In P&S* category, Sony is market leader In the point-and-shoot (P&S) category, Sony was the market leader with market share of 31 per cent in terms of unit sales during 4Q CY2010, followed by Nikon with 24 per cent, Kodak 13 per cent and Canon 12 per cent, it said. Nikon leads DSLR* category In the DSLR category, Nikon was the leader with a 51 per cent share in terms of unit shipments during 4Q CY2010, followed by Canon with a 46 per cent share.

According to Anirban Banerjee, associate vice president, Research and Advisory Services, CyberMedia Research, multiple market forces have converged to drive the rise in sales of digital cameras in the India market in recent quarters. The most important ones are – increase in availability and sharing of digital content, increase in ‘real’ spending power and reduction in average selling values. The reports said that the growing competition in recent quarters has led vendors to launch feature-rich cameras at affordable price points. This market activity typically starts around the April-June quarter and culminates in large sales during the ‘festive’ months lasting August-January, backed by heavy advertising in popular media channels and promotional schemes.

*P&S - Point and shoot *DSLR -Digital single-lens reflex


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Printer business in India Printer is another imaging product of canon. So its important to collect information regarding printers market in Indian retails.

Printers market in India is currently undergoing through a phase wherein the market can be characterized with steady growth and a cut-throat competition amongst players operating in the market space. Prime factors influencing growth in the market happen to be the prevailing of major active industry verticals and the exponential growth in content creation. The market comprises of multiple segments including inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers. “Ongoing advancement in the field of technology has resulted in the evolution of state-of-the art multifunction devices which are capable of facilitating several tasks and it is this device which is gaining a significant momentum in the market,” finds the report.

“Currently, the market is flooded with foreign players who have managed to garner a significant market share in India are continuously increasing the pressure on their counterparts in the market,”


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Sale of Printers in Indian Market Inkjet printer sales in India, are feeling the impact of smartphones and tablets -- business was down by almost 25 % in the fourth quarter of 2011. The combined serial inkjet and page printer ( ie, laser, LED and solid ink), copier and multi-functional product (MFP) market in India fared slightly better: sales totaled 641,274 units in the fourth quarter of 2011, a 5.9 percent decline compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, according to the latest report by Gartner.

and Samsung with 20.6, 10.9 and 8.6 percent market share, respectively. Epson strengthened its MFP portfolio as A4 MFP shipments increased 56.2 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. In the A3 flatbed copier MFP segment, Canon led the market with 24.7 percent market share, followed by Ricoh with 19.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.Konica Minolta further increased its foothold in A3 MFP space as it achieved 15.1 percent market share, while Xerox had 11 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2011.

“The fourth quarter of 2011, did not meet expectations when compared to the previous quarter,” said Amrita Choudhury, research analyst at Gartner. “Inkjet and page products registered mixed sales as organizations controlled purchasing of print devices and looked for services rather than products.” HP remained the leader in the Indian printer, copier and MFP market with 53 percent of the market in the fourth quarter of 2011. Though it lost share by 2.7 percentage points as compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. Canon followed with 21.8 percent market share, while Epson and Samsung followed with 9.8 percent and 7.9 percent market share, respectively. In the A4 MFP space, which includes inkjet and page technology, HP maintained its leadership position at 52.2 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2011, followed by Canon, Epson

The page printer market marginally declined about 1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011. HP continued to dominate the segment with 54.1 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2011 as sales grew by 16 percent as compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. Canon’s market share totaled 29.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011, and its sales declined approximately 25 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. Samsung recorded growth of 6 percent, and it accounted for 11.2 percent market share in the Indian page printer market. “Quarterly Statistics: Printers, Copiers and MFPs, Asia/Pacific, 4Q11”, Gartner


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

The inkjet printers market experienced a decline of 24.9 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2010. Apart from weak consumer confidence and cautious consumer spending, penetration into the home segment stagnated as the technology matured. The growing proliferation of electronic media, such as smartphones and tablets, as a means of communication also contributed to the dismal outcome. In this segment, the market leader HP witnessed a shipment decline of 35.6 percent compared to fourth quarter of 2010. HP’s share of the market declined from 71 percent in 4Q10 to 61 percent in 4Q11. Epson commanded 31 percent market share, as its sales grew 16.7 percent. Canon saw a decline of 34 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, but it did not have much effect on its market share, as it shrunk to 8 percent from 9 percent in 4Q10.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Precedent Studies Digital installations in Retail Market While undergoing various field survey it was found that many retail outlets were experimenting with the digital technology in Delhi NCR region. Many famous brands like Coca-Cola, Nokia, Asian Paints have various campaigns and are experimenting with digital interactive installations to enhance their customer’s experience. In case of camera market other players recognize the need for exclusive space. “We have DSLR interactive zones within a store, where customers can touch and feel our products and understand their strengths,” says Nikon India managing director Hiroshi Takashina. Sony has Sony World stores where customers can have a similar experience.

A number of companies have adopted interactive retail with great success. Many of these projects are redefining the boundaries of interactive retail. Some of the projects that successfully employed interactive retail include:

 Asian Paints Color World  Titan Experience Zone (TEZ)  Disney Interactive Retail  American Eagle Store  Yves Saint Lauren Showroom  Walmart’s Digital Signage  Adidas’s Interactive Store  Lego  Olympus  LG Interactive Store Mexico  Fanta Play Puddles  Hudson Bay Interactive  Vodafone Interactive Retail  Cingular/ AT&T Store  Kraft Foods  IBM


*NCR -National Capital Region *DSLR -Digital single-lens reflex

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

1. ASIAN PAINTS COLOUR WORLD: The Asian Paints ambition is to redefine the paint retailing experience by removing the hassles and making it personal and relevant for each consumer. The Asian Paints Delhi store invites shoppers to personalize the potential of color for their homes. As they move through the store with ‘color cards’, collecting ideas and experiences through RFID technology, they are then able to transform the results into a tangible retail trophy: a color magazine that captures their experience and makes it easy for them to ‘make it happen’ in their homes. The store takes this interactivity further by inviting shoppers to help drive its content. Through a series of feedback devices located throughout the store, it’s able to constantly evolve by adapting its content.

“Feedback to the store has so far been phenomenally positive. We feel we’ve created something engaging and inspiring that has redefined not only perceptions of Asian Paints in our market, but the Indian retail landscape in general,” informs Amit Syngle, VPSales & Marketing, Asian Paints.

Project Idea: Personalize the potential of color for your home Project Location: Connaught Place, Delhi, India Site Size: 2700 sqft / 250 sqm over 2 levels.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


The TITAN EXPERIENCE ZONE is the center of the Hosur World of Titan Flagship store, where visitors can experience, explore and learn about Titan products, philosophy, values, history, innovations, communication and more. It is not only a store, but also an experience space. It is about Titan, but not just about it alone. TEZ is a unique physical and qualitative synthesis of the Titan’s world-class approach and values. It has been designed to allow Titan to introduce itself and speak in a very distinctive way to its visitors, to communicate more effectively and affectively. The space engages its visitors with a journey which starts very emotionally and develops adaptively offering more and more information as the visitor explores more of the space, rigorously clock-wise. The beginning of the journey is also the end. It is a cyclic looping journey, just as time is. The more rounds the visitor goes through, the more experience and awareness he reaches. TEZ also serves the surrounding shop, where visitors can buy products.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

3.Disney Interactive stores Gainer, vice president and general manager of Disney Stores North America, said the store layout is meant to let customers create their own shopping experience. “We’re really focused on storytelling,” he said. “The new store format lets a child come in and customize their shopping experience based on their favorite characters.” A blue path, called the Pixie Dust Trail, marks the floor to show customers the path they should follow as they explore the store. Each store has a princess castle, a theatre area where customers can select short videos to watch and a toymaking section based on characters from the movie “Cars.” The interactive stores have been a major success. “Since Disney of Burbank began opening its interactive stores, the company has seen an increase in the amount of time customers spend there. The dwell time has increase by a double-digit percentage, Gainer said. He credits this increase not only to the interactive features, Disney Co. began to roll out interactive retail stores in June 2010 with a Montebello store in June. By January 2011, there were 19 stores with the new features, including one at Santa Monica place. Disney plans to open 21 and remodel four stores with the new format and interactive displays. Older Disney stores offer a traditional retail experience – merchandise for sale – and little in the way of entertainment or activity whereas the new stores have a range of interactive features that allow kids to live the stories as well as a host of features that allow trying out merchandise. Paul

but the way the merchandise is displayed. The first Disney store opened in Glendale in 1987, and the chain grew to more than 300 stores in North America. For the rest of this year, the company will remodel four stores, one of them at the Westfield Culver City retail center. Disney will also add 11 stores in North America and 10 in Europe. Gainer said the company has started renovations on its premier locations, first, such as a downtown San Francisco storefront and a Times Square shop. Plans call for the remodelling of all of its stores in the next five years. It takes about three months for a store to undergo the renovation.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


7 kids by American Eagle has revealed their interactive side by partnering up with digital agency, R/GA. The project involved engaging customers – and more specifically – children, by adding an interactive element to the retail shopping experience. By designing a digital environment using touch-screen displays, projectors, digital dressing rooms and photo booths, the experience is being expanded beyond traditional customer service and product selection to customer engagement. What makes this campaign especially unique is its ability to catch their market’s attention and hold it kids! Interactive technologies, such as touch screens, can deliver instant and fun gratification – exactly the type of entertainment the modern child reacts to today. The digital environment acts more than a marketing strategy to advertise the brand’s products. It acts as a digital playground for children and enhances the retail shopping experience for kids and adults alike.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

5. POLO RAULPH LAUREN STORE Polo by Ralph Lauren created an amazing 3D mapping showcase of their 2010 line- a truly unique experience that made the building come to life using projections. Paul Zaengle, Vice President of Interactive Technology at Polo Ralph Lauren said, “It’s a way of giving the company’s customers another convenient way to interact with the company”. Alex Richardson, Polo Ralph Lauren kiosk consultant said, “the new Interactive Store Window serves as a powerful marketing tool for the stores while offering customers convenient access to the world of Ralph Lauren through online purchases.” The result is an innovative, first-of-its-kind kiosk project that’s getting rave reviews at the Madison Avenue store where it was installed on August 7. Zaengle said the reaction from customers has been positive and intriguing.

6. YVES SAINT LAURENT: THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS Interactive lighting displays created by Bart project for the Yves Saint Laurent flagship shop in Paris. The display boxes light up as you approach, while mirrors trigger framing lights as you bring your face close.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Adidas London, Beijing, Paris and Berlin have moved into the new face of interactive media since 2009. Adidas launched stores with “interactive zones” and this has since been a successful way for advertising, gaining customer demographics and customer interest. From interactive platforms that allow customers to test their speed, balance, and jumping, to an individual personalized assessment that can be mailed to customers themselves. These e-mails will also include updates on sporting apparels and equipments. Adidas (London) has also incorporated Augmented Reality into their T-Shirts. By simply snapping a picture of Adidas’ logo and taking it in-stores, one can activate it via mobile phone.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

8. FANTA PLAY PUDDLES in order to catch the ear of consumers. The team was looking for a fresh twist on how this eye-catching multimedia digital signage technology is generally used. After much brainstorming, the idea of a dynamic sound scape was born and the vision began to take shape. The Fanta project consists of a large 16 square foot floor display of a giant Fanta bottle with large bubbles flowing out of the top. Hanging 20 feet above is a directional speaker, computer and tracking camera. The speaker focuses sound down to the area of the graphic and the camera tracks the precise movements of people below. Whenever a person walks over a Fanta bubble, they hear a specific sound effect. When several people walk over multiple bubbles at the same time, multiple sounds play simultaneously. After 5 minutes, the sound file changes so that a new set of sounds play.

Interactive floor advertising in malls is all the rage, especially in Europe and Asia but the Coca-Cola Company was among the first-ever to use GestureTek’s GroundFX interactive video gesture control technology for sound effects (rather than visual effects)

“The advertising caught the attention of consumers and focused them on the Fanta brand. People stopped to watch their friends play in the area and parents stopped to watch their kids. Visitors were definitely engaged with the display for longer than they would have been with plain static signage that had no interactive component,” said Barry Pusitz, Business Development Manager for GestureTek. “More than that, the sound effects lent themselves well to the Fanta brand, because everyone recognizes the sounds that pop bottles and cans can make when they are opened.”


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

9.IBM: EXPLORE YOUR WORLD Ogilvy & Mather in partnership with Monster Media for IBM, have created a digital smart city which includes 30 videos as well as other creative elements and will be displayed on a 8’ x 12’ interactive display. Combining multi-touch technology, gesture triggered activation, audio, video and a text-to- mobile ‘call to action’ feature. The customized digital experience allows people to experience the different ways in which IBM can transform cities through health care, transportation, economic development, and other initiatives. As travellers pass by the display, the gesture triggered display begins filling its white city scape with vibrant colors. Audio prompts travellers to explore the display more in-depth through its touch capabilities, selecting areas of interest, and discovering real world examples of how IBM is working towards creating a smarter planet. Not only does The Smart City provide travellers with in-depth analysis and statistics on cities today, but the display also has real- time analytical capabilities that provide insight on user engagement such as duration of time spent with specific content.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

10. LG INTERACTIVE STORE: INTERACTIVE GAMES The campaign was launched at Sears, Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro department stores throughout Mexico, with a target demographic of women 24 – 60 years of age. Creating a game which was displayed through GestureTek’s Cube successfully captured public attention while promoting the benefits of LG washing machines and television sets. It also made the products more memorable for consumers.

In a promotion showcasing the benefits of LG appliances, LG Electronics and group Guiza (Gesturetek’s strategic dealer in Mexico) developed a new kind of marketing strategy - interactive games using gesture control technology. The technologies of choice were GestureTek’s Cube portable interactive floors and ScreenXtreme immersive display systems that place players’ realtime dynamic video images into the onscreen action. Custom content was designed by Grupo Guiza. One game was based on GestureTek’s virtual soccer game. Another game pitted the consumer against the computer in a soccer skills drill.

The use of the Cube as opposed to other technology was decided when the unit itself was seen in action at the Grupo Guiza showroom. GestureTek products were chosen because of the vast number of completed installations supporting advertising and promotional campaigns. LG also appreciated the intuitive nature of the interactive interface, since applications are user-friendly and controlled by very natural gestures. “Consumers liked the level of interactivity and involvement provided by the technology and it made for a more enjoyable and memorable experience for them,” said Frederico Landeros, President of Grupo Guiza. According to Landeros, the outcome of this installation has been terrific because of the Cube, and the prospects for increased sales have exceeded expectations.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Understanding CIS


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Canon Image Square (CIS)

History & Evolution

Canon India Pvt. Limited, announced its foray into the retail space with the launch of its exclusive brand retail store called “Canon Image Square�. The first store in the country, located in The Great India Place Mall, Noida, NCR region of New Delhi was inaugurated by ace cricketer and Canon Brand Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar. The retail store covers an area of approximately 1450 sq. ft. and is based on the franchise model. It is a one stop destination for people with imaging needs, enabling increased visibility and reach across the country with an objective to boost sales.The showroom still have association with Sachin as they have his golden signed bat and promotional AVs on their screens

Canon, in India, plans to inaugurate such 300 stores in the next 3 years.

*NCR -National Capital Region *AV -Audio and Video


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Canon Image Square (CIS) Evolution

CSDIREKT is the firm who designed all the Initial Retail shops for CIS. It initially started the process of designing template or contours of retail outlets. They started from designing logo, 3D drawing and views to real retail show room . **


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Canon Image Square (CIS)

Retail Space planning

Design Concept : Modular furniture Key words for furniture design: Modular • Scalable • Rapid assembly The space planning for Canon Image Squares is based on the concept of modular furniture design. All the units are in standard sized modules of 1200mm and 2400mm. -Ease of manufacturing: faster and efficient. -Uniformity in look and feel of each store. -Possibility of creating options with addition, subtraction, alteration, etc. of modules. -Ease of maintenance and alterations.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

CIS Space Planning Zoning principles Canon Image Square offers a wide variety of printers, scanners, digital camers, camcorders and printing accessories. The products displayed range from printers (printer accessories such as printing cartridges, etc.), scanners, cameras (digital camers from Powershot, Ixus, to EOS digital SLRs, EOS lenses), camcorders (Legria) and camera accessories (both Canon and non-Canon such as bags, memory sticks, cabels, etc.) According to the product range and their displays, the entire space is sectioned into following main zones:

ZONE 1 Welcome zone

ZONE 2 Camera display ZONE 3 Printer display ZONE 4 Canon & Non-canon accessories ZONE 5 Interactive display island ZONE 6 Cash counter & customer service ZONE 7 Stock room ZONE 8 Activity area + Creative park + Pro-zone + Image gallery, etc.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Generic look & Feel


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Cash & service counter The cash counter acts as the point of impulsive sales by drawing the customers’ attention to the camera/printer supplies and conviniences on the cash counter back wall. Placement The cash and customer service counter which is usually centrally placed at the rear of the store. Elements Cash back wall with display space for each of EOS camera, EOS lens, Powershot digicam, IXUS camera and LegriaVariant

Cash counter back wall unit The cash counter back wall makes an attractive backdrop to the cash counter. With a back lit Canon logo on red background, and a small display shelf, accommodates one product sample of each range, acts as the point of interaction between the salesman, and the customer. Placement The cash counter back wall unit is centrally placed at the rear of the store behind the cash counter always. Elements Cash back wall with display space for each of EOS camera, EOS lens, Powershot digicam, IXUS camera and Legria


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Interactive Demo Island

Camera display wall

The demo island is designed for maximum customer engagement in checking out the latest Canon products. The design is such that it invites customers to touch and feel the products and make them feel more confident and proud of using the precious products like cameras. The demo island is clear, crisp and white with lots of space around the products displayed for the customer to absorb and fully engrose into the experience.

The camera display section aims at displaying widest possible range of cameras within a particular given space. The display is a combination of niches and graphics. It has display of following range of Canon cameras: - Digital cameras (IXUS, Powershot) - Digital SLR (EOS) - EOS SLR lens - Digital camcorders (Legria)

Placement The demo island aims at maximum customer interaction with the Canon products. It should ideally be placed centrally and as the first point of customer interaction as one enters the store.

Elements -Camera counter -EOS lens display -Camera accessories Placement -The camera display section is placed on one of the either sides of a showroom and forms major part of the store. The camera counters are placed in front of the display wall. -The camera accessories are displayed adjacent to the main camera display wall.- The EOS lens is placed next to the EOS SLR camera display.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Camera wall Unit Elements - Shelves for camera display on acrylic display stands. - Storage on the lower part of the unit. - Each camera to have separate specification card. - Branding on the header in 6mm thick acrylic letters. - Visual on sun board with stainless steel spacers.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Printer display wall unit

Creative Park Placement It is placed near the printer display wall. Elements It mainly has a large format visual, the size of visual may vary from site to site. Shelves for display of promotional products like mugs, etc.

Printer accessories


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Image gallery

Props for Demo island

The Image gallery wall is an interactive zone where customers can use the Canon imaging products and view the results. The image gallery also has photography tips for the customers which makes it more attractive for the customers to reach the image gallery.

Colorful and highly detailed artifacts are put up on the demo island, for making the customer experience more insightful. These props are placed such that customers can shoot pictures and have better idea of the camera picture results and the experience of handling a Canon camera.

Placement The Image wall is placed near the entrance in such a way that customers can view it from outside through the display window of the store.

The prop area cannot exceed a maximum size of 600 x 750 mm and should be at least 600 x 600 mm.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Promoter Dress Code & Replenishment Guidelines Objective - Standardization of all stores to have a common Customer Interface - The way that a promoter is presented in store, reflects on Canon and the overall Brand Store appeal. All demonstrators must follow this dress code. Dressing Standard All promoters are expected to exhibit the highest standards of personal appearance, cleanliness while addressing customers at Canon Image Square.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Phase 2

Primary Research 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Research Plan Domain Observation & Site Survey Observation Tag Cloud User Study Consumer Profile


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Research Plan


This is the view that the aim of research is to capture the character of naturally occurring human behavior, and that this can only be achieved by first-hand contact with it, not by inferences from what people do in artificial settings like experiments or from what they say in interviews about what they do elsewhere.


Understanding frame of self

Naturally occuring Interaction in CIS.

Minimize self effects on the behavior of the people being studied.

Research in ‘natural’ settings.

Discovery of generalizable trails.

Pure observation without participant

Interaction events and processes discovery .

Participants observation and sketches of sites.

Understanding space .




To understand various ethnic , occupational or small informal groups formed during naturalism . Trace their behavior and comparing discovered trails to traditional theory of retail markets. It is necessary to learn the culture of the group one is studying before one can produce valid explanations for the behavior of its members. This is the reason for the centrality of participant observation and unstructured interviewing.

Forming Groups of interaction.

Learning principles of retail market and their co-relation with these groups.

Open ended Interviews with attendants and customers.

collecting cases.

Thinking is a conception of the research process as inductive or discovery-based; rather than as being limited to the testing of explicit hypothesis. The focus of the research is narrowed and sharpened, and perhaps even changed substantially, as it proceeds.

Actions •

Reflecting on observations.


Narrow down the research.

Evaluate cases for conceptualizing.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Point of Observation • Lights on ceiling. • Direct & hidden Lights lamps creating ambience in space. • Plain ceiling used only for lighting and AC outlet. • Accessories. • Gatekeeper at entrance for welcoming customer. • Diary as written feedback system. • Diary for testimonial and maintaining contacts with regular customers. • Printed graphics providing Information of products and association with Sachin Tendulkar. • Client side store manager with 2 or 3 attendants. • Congested demo island. • Attendant providing product gallery. .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • LCD with photographic tutorials and interactive AV . • Transparent plain glass at entrance • Minimalistic furniture. • Red & white themed interior • Attendant communicating with customer. • Attendant attending every customer at the time he enters . • Attendant giving demo of DSLR cameras to client • Attendant demonstrating basic photography tutorials to client . • LCD screen with video camera showing captured video of gallery . • Demo of old camera showing association with history of canon. Canon Image Launge (Experience Shop) Ambience Mall, 2nd Floor , Gurgaon


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • Fancy lights at podium near entrance . • Printed advertisements of offers outside store . • Canon acrylic signage • Attendant having communicational problem with client • Well researched customer enquiring . • Treatment to aged technology challenged customer. • Updated manual for product. • Cruiser motorcycle as props. • Republic day special prop. • Prop attracting children engagement • Arranging photography competition • Photographic Display for winners • Space for Interaction on ceiling • Interaction possibility on demo area.

Canon Image Square (Brand Shop) Metropolitan Mall, Shop No. 26, 2nd Floor , Gurgaon


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • Sound arrangement keeping pleasant ambience for customer and attendants and admins too . • Utilizing white texture of demo island. • Photography tutorials on screen • Promotional audios and videos . • Display LCD on demo Island . • Graphics and posters • Connection with Cricket . • Brand ambassador Anushka Sharma • Promoting photography trend in youth. • Youth are technosavy . • Organizing photography trips and events . • White light white ambience


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • Children inactively participating at CIS • Interaction through Display technology . • Camera security stand . • Printed price list with features . • AV’s on Image gallery for dynamic Display • Low volume on photography tutorial video making customer unable to listen only visual support • Colorful but static image gallery • Electronics and apparel showrooms nearby CIS • Neat and clean visual merchandising creating contrast in decked up . • Trophies and recognition . • Large space for interaction on entrance glass. • Interactive Canon handy cam capturing outside video of mall and displaying at both side of stores.

Canon Image Square (Brand Shop) Metropolitan Mall, Shop No. 26, 2nd Floor , Gurgaon


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • Children watching AV’s • Competition notices on glass • Canon voice audio announcing its features and offers • Photography display of completion held for different age group • Demo cruiser bike • A Play dragon as prop at Demo Island • Interactive attendant showing functionality • Functionality comparer • Sitting arrangement • For the purpose of experience not for sale • Outdated prices • Face detection • Click voice • Smile detection • Basic competition Camera feature v/s Photoshop • LCD screen but no sound • Attendant describes price.

Canon Image Launge (Experience Shop) Ambience Mall, 2nd Floor , Gurgaon


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • No bags allowed. • LCD display hanging as a non interactive medium. • Canon movie with manufacturing. • Price Tag. • Bat signed by Sachin. • Interaction for attraction. • Feature Interaction. • Children engagement. • Customer -- Software engineer who is capable and has buying ability and is an amateur and does photography as a hobby.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Point of Observation • Connect interaction with tours and events. • Summer month of touring increase the sale. • Canon DSLR create brand name for photography. • People buy point and shoot cams by their DSLR name.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

“Observation� Tag Cloud   












































Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

User Study Photography boom in BPOs & MNCs It has been observed that a major chunk of people going for purchase of DSLR cameras are IT/BPO/MNC professionals . Professionals from such background have been observed to have a stereo typed lifestyle . So in order to have an escape from this kind of stagnant life, they indulge in some sort of creative hobby, photography being one of them. Various possible reasons can be mapped for the stereo typed lifestyle of theirs . Nomadic lifestyle They generally have onsite and insite jobs for which they are constantly on the move and hence don’t have a permanent dwelling. So it is this attribute of the lifestyle that allows them to persue a creative hobby like photography as compared to other hobbies like arts, dance, music which are not possible due to constant process of relocation for the job. Stagnant lifestyle The work culture in MNCs is supposedly repetitive and modular. Such work culture is majorly responsible for the stagnation that is created in the lifestyle of the employee . Realizing the fact of this sort of life the MNCs try to break the monotony and develop weekend recreation activities and club BPO -Business Process Outsourcing MNC - Multinational corporation


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

for enrichment of employees personal and professional life . Recently photography has emerged as a latest trend .

Purchasing power The employees are well off and are capable of spending money on creative hobbies . And hence don’t mind spending 50 thousand or so on a device like camera . Power to showcase talent Social medium like facebook, twitter and personal blog provide the opportunity which brings out the artist in them and showcase their creative work in public. Technology savvy nature Hailing from a technological background these professionals are very familiar with the new trends in technology and gadgets. This knowledge provide affordance in adopting photography as a technique.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

P Mode Case study Mr . Vikram singh , 54 year, famous medical officer shared his experience about his Canon 550D DSLR cameras. Mr. Singh wanted to buy a decent quality camera for family and pleasure purposes. Though being economically very well off he was not well informed about the technology and devices. Without enough market research for the camera he ended up in a canon store. The interaction between him and store admin did not happen as it ought to have been. Attendant did not properly enquire about the requirement and purpose of the user instead the camera which was suggested was solely on the budget basis. So he ended up buying more expensive camera owing to the wrong information provided by the attendant. Now he is using the DSLR camera in ‘P’ mode which equals to a normal Inexpensive point and shoot or compact camera . This P mode error would have been avoided had Mr. Singh been properly enquired of his purpose and technological knowhow. Direct Interaction Loophole The company is critically dependent on the level of interaction which happens between the customer and attendant. A lot many times it happens that a customer is more knowledgeable than the attendant and vice versa .This has a lot of stake in the company’s image no matter the product is sold or not.

P mode -Program mode means that the camera will still set your exposure for user .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Engagement of minor groups The major group comprises of adults mainly earning individuals. It was observed that the minor groups such as children, house wives or partners who accompany the buyer have less motivation to engage in the shop area as they have nothing as such to entertain or interact. Eventually this group ends up affecting the decision making and buying of major group as they induce or force the group either to leave the shop early or buy something inappropriate . According to Mr. Pankaj , Manager CIS Pacific mall, there is a threshold time for an individual to buy certain product having pricing above than average and if he is dealt carefully at this point of time then it could be win win situation for both company and him , also provide good brand value .

This threshold buying is seen to be affected frequently by minor group and hence there is a need to engage this segment appropriately . *Minor group - groups other than potential buyer .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Pester Power The Pester Power as the name suggest is typical of a family . A child often nags away his family into making an important decision. He even creates threshold situation and makes his family or caretaker to buy a particular product or service. So there is a serious need to look at this matter and engage this segment .

Publicity It has been seen that whenever there has been any kind of promotional event there is seen a marked improvement in the customer turn up. So it is necessary for the brand to keep promoting itself through different medium at regular time intervals to keep itself fresh in customer’s mind .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Visual merchandizing The stores overall ambience is very monotonous and static this can be redesigned and given an interesting dynamic feel to it . The interiors can be more intelligently designed using upcoming technologies so as to provide an interaction and eventually store the ambience in the consumer’s mind .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Consumer Profile User Profile #1 Name: Manish Saha Age: 37 years old Nationality : Indian Profession: Project Manager at Genpect , IT firm Annual Income: 10 Lacks and above Marital Status: Married City/Town of Residence: Gurgoan Hobbies/Interests: Going to the park with the children Taking photos of the children and family Books/Film/Music: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky Political Affiliations: republican Narrative/Story: He has 3 children and a wife. He enjoys spending time with his family. He wants to capture memories to show the children when the grow up. He uses the website to learn about different kind of camera. He likes the colors and effects of most Photographs. He started photography 8 years back as he got new interest in photography and joined Genpact’s Photography club . Club generally go out for wild life photography with photography experts. He also is looking for a good deal on canon cameras and sell some of the ones he has. He usually goes on the site during his spear time.

User Profile #2 Name: Vedansh Age: 20 Nationality : Indian Profession: College student Annual Income: None Marital Status: Single City/Town of Residence: Lucknow,Lives in Pune Hobbies/Interests: Fashion photography, Trip Photography Books/Film/Music: mementos Dark Knight Political Affiliations: republican

Narrative/Story: He is a out going college student who is intrested in taking photos. He knows a lot about cameras and wants to update some advices and suggestions to the website. He doesn’t use the website for any purchases. He usually goes on the site at school or at home. He likes to socialize with the people on website talking about the different camera options.He shares his picture on Facebook and twitter . He is thinking of making future in photography He is very fond of travelling and making short bike trips with his college friends.He own his own bike .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

User Profile #3

User Profile #4

Name: Reena Mansukhani Age: 32 Nationality : Indian Profession: house wife Annual Income: none Marital Status: married City/Town of Residence: New Delhi Hobbies/Interests: Yoga listening to music reading Books/Film/Music: ‘3 idots’ ‘Sholey’ Political Affiliations: Democratic

Name: Dr. Rakesh Age: 56 years old Nationality : Indian Profession: Govt. Doctor Annual Income: 8 Lakhs and above Marital Status: Married City/Town of Residence: Madhya Pradesh Hobbies/Interests: Taking photos and looking at old photographs Singing ,Music Books/Film/Music: Anup Jalota ,Jagjit singh Rafi , Kishore Kumar ,manna de Political Affiliations:Democrate

Narrative/Story: She wants to learn about different cameras so that she can make a cool baby albums for her child. She has always been interested in cameras but never has owned one. She is looking for various types camera on the website and gets help and advise from the people. She is constantly on the website at home. She is very excited to get her first camera that is perfect for her and her child. Living in a joint family she is fond of festival photography and looking for average budget camera .

Narrative/Story: He is a capable person & has idea of photography and fond of watching old movies and documentaries . Aside of his profession he does photography as hobby, but now he is more into learning new gadgets and upcoming technology. He still has analog camera which he still use to develop photographs of his medical camp. And although he is not in touch with recent technology he comes to CIS for upgration in photography. He wants to purchase a camera satisfying his need of hobby and documenting his medical research.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Phase 3

Conceptualizing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Analysis Reflections on Research Clustering Emerging categories Attraction 6. Interactive capture on transparent glass 7. Attractive zoom lens outside the store 8. Interaction on front Glass 9. Interaction 10. Current Interaction Medium in CIS 11. Contextualizing product with AR technology 12. Compare button and Customize manual 13. Click & print wall 14. Canon Printbooth 15. Engagement 16. Safari Photographer 17. Virtual city Photographer



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012




Attendant Sound AV Possiblities Design flaws

Technology Association


Near by Shops Engagement DSLR



Attraction Print



Youth 78




Technology Brainstorming & Clustering



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Reflections on Research

The retail world is constantly evolving and recent economic events are reshaping the consumer’s notion of value. Today’s digitally empowered consumers expect their shopping experiences to be personalized, relevant, and enjoyable. To increase revenue, retailers need to improve store traffic, convert more customers, and increase average transaction size. A proven way to accomplish this three-part objective is by implementing customer-centric strategies that enable retailers to build lifetime value with their most profitable customers. Creating a culture of repeatable customer excellence requires a pervasive, unified solution that leverages every customer touch point and connects the entire retail operation—with a goal of knowing, engaging with, and serving their customers better. Historically, retailers have invested heavily in transaction systems, merchandising systems, and supply chain technologies in order to drive down costs through increased efficiencies. Having maximized possible savings to labor and operations, retailers are now focusing on increasing top-line revenue and customer lifetime value. This is being enabled by a new generation of in-store sales technologies that allow retailers to deliver a superior shopping experience.

Today’s consumers expect the brands they shop to understand their needs and to be served consistently across all channels (e.g., in-store, online, social networks, kiosks, and consumer mobile devices). Understanding the customer requires monitoring customer activities, extracting knowledge from each customer touch point, aligning business processes, and building loyal learning relationships during each interaction. Consumers want to use their time better by combining shopping and leisure. Entertainment has emerged as a strategy that can influence where people shop and how long they spend shopping. Proper measures are to be taken to creat innovative ways to provide shoppers with pleasurable experiences and to be direct, to make people into the store, stimulate their emotions, keep them there and encourage them to buy. Whole of the synthesis now tends to categorize primary research into three categories according to their respective characteristics . Attraction, Interaction and Engagement.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Emerging categories

Interaction Between Customer and products in CIS

For customer outside CIS



For engagement of minor groups with potential buyer



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Attraction Consumer behavior studies have confirmed that the lure of a beautifully done up show window and a tastefully decorated facade, prove irresistible as they walk in to check out what is on offer. It also ensures exclusivity. Besides, when the mood and theme of such displays change at regular intervals, it makes certain that the store remains top of mind. Loyal customers have often been known to anxiously wait for the next display. Research clearly shows correlation between walk-in and sale. At the very basic level of Store – customer Interaction can be enhanced using Dynamism of technology. The interactive technology can be used to shorten conventional static and unidirectional constraints of visual merchandising at display windows especially for the technology brand like Canon. So exploring attraction point of view for Canon Image Square, Conceptualization has been done to explore efficient and aesthetically enabled possible Interactions.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Concept #1

Interactive capture on transparent glass

Theme : Hold on your life Imaging is always associated with holding moments of life. People use imaging on documenting or capturing moments of life. Old photographs and images revive the memories of olden times. Photographs, printers, etc are various tools to capturing moments of life.

• Capture Face viewing CIS and display it on Glass • Take a printout of Image gift

Canon Image Square is an imaging brand so utilizing the theme to build connection with functionality of the CIS products would improve the experience of the consumer.

Frame 1


Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Concept : Interactive capture on transparent glass


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Concept #2

Attractive zoom lens outside the store

Attractive zoom lens is a concept to create photography & camera awareness in customer using lens metaphorically. The rotation movement of the lens can be used to create interaction.

Brochure and Pemplates

Photography Display



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Attractive zoom lens outside the store


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Concept # 3

Interaction on front Glass

• Translucent display for displaying new launched products and their feature at entrance glass. • Rotating display gallery showing 360 Degrees of products controlled by gestures • Computer vision face follower to click a digital photo when a smile on face is detected .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


must connect people, insight, and customer relationships in new ways. They need to learn and understand more about their customers’ distinct needs, wants and desires, and deliver on them with personalized differentiating experiences and new forms of communication that consumers prefer. Today, retailers need to meet three fundamental business challenges: • Personalizing the customer experience • Differentiating their brands based on service and the relevancy of communication • Building customer loyalty in the digital age—developing repeat customers at a time when it’s easier than ever for them to switch stores, or avoid stores altogether by buying online

Looking to situation of Retail market today’s digitally empowered consumers are changing. They expect their shopping experience to be personalized, relevant, and enjoyable. They’re demanding more from retailers because they are now armed with more information than ever before. They use mobile devices and the web to access abundant information to learn, shop, and communicate in new ways. What’s more, the recent recession has taught them new budget discipline, which has made them more demanding and more likely to defect if another retailer or associate provides better service or more options. To succeed in this new reality, Canon retailers must also change. If retailers hope to keep customers and gain market share, they


Once customers walk in, it is imperative to ensure that they enjoy their first encounter with the store. After all, repeat visits will only happen if a customer’s first visit is a memorable one. The logical arrangement of products, with clear passage ways allows for easy access to merchandise. So there comes function of interaction between customer, space and product. Retail shop actually have characteristic to provide tactile ambience along with human interaction isolating customer from other brands and space. This interaction time actually serves both sides of coin as to generate brand value and prevent customer from cognitive load of purchasing .

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


People take pictures for many reasons, ranging from sentimental motivations to eminently practical concerns. Taking pictures may be an art form, a family hobby or a historical responsibility. Similarly, looking at pictures puts us in touch with the past, keeps us informed of news events and allows us to appreciate artistry. Experience with Photography Taking photos can be as easy as pointing the camera, clicking and hoping something turns out. Many people take pictures in this manner. However, this method may be inconsistent: sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


in g a Im


Because pointing and shooting a camera is an unreliable method of taking pictures, professional photographers don’t take photos in this way. Instead, a professional photographer, or an experienced amateur, takes the time to study his or her subject. Lighting, the angle of the shot and composition are all evaluated. If you follow the rules of basic photography composition, taking photos that consistently look good isn’t a difficult skill to master.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Need for Interaction Various cases from user persona defines that there is not a very clear figure of customer base for imaging product specially for Indian market. Most products in Canon Image Sqaure generally are high end pocket heavy product specially DSLR cameras, printers and projectors, People do their self research for product or have induced image of product features and research. It has been seen that mostly people flow in CIS has large portion of window shoppers who either come for queries regarding product or to have tangible experience with the product or to update product pricing or feature or may be to gather information about new releases . Major advantage of retail shop is that it isolates customers not only with physical entities but also give space and ambience to feel the experience with the products. This point of interaction plays major role in setting brand value for customer also contributes in purchase decision. This Interaction between customer and canon products can be enhanced by creating a better and efficient interface among the space, product and customer. This better interaction design can result in converting window shoppers to potential buyer resulting Brand value and sales .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Current Interaction Medium in CIS

1. LCD Display Pros

• • • • • •

Interactive videos. Photography tutorials. New product releases. Camera and lenses manufacturing process. Photography tutorials by expert photographers. Video advertizements of Canon products.

• Very low Volume hardly audible especially in case of photographic tutorial. • Supports only Visual Interaction.


• Sound interfere with the ambience especially for attendant who spend day time at CIS. • Unidirectional traditional medium.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Product Catalogue/ brochures


• Printed catalogs and brochures with features, specification and price tag are kept near products showing information about the specific product. • Has manually editable pricing list . • Handy in nature as costumer can carry personal manual with them .


• Adds extra elements in space cluttering space design . • Conventional methods to display information • Static and unidirectional approach of interaction with customer as they have no such methods to check customer’s engagement with product.

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


3. Interaction with Attendant The attendants at CIS showrooms are specially trained at Canon India office, Gurgaon. They are provided with instructions on how to welcome their customers on arrival, and about general conduct while on duty at the store. In the showrooms, the attendants can be easily unidentified in white uniforms, particularly in canon t-shirt. They humbly guide their customers through the product gallery and provide accurate information about the features of canon products. Although all the attendants have basic technical knowhow of all the products, they are experts in specific domains like product, photography, printing, projection, videography, etc. After interacting with the customers, they give suggestions according to the customers’ requirements and help them in their buying decisions. By enabling one-to-one interaction with their customers, the attendants at CIS provide a satisfactory experience. Cons

• • • • • •

Communication skills. Handling variable customers. Photography and technology knowledge. Updated features for comparison among the products. Appropriate sense of timing to interact with customer. Judgmental Nature of attendant.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Analysis Customer, entering CIS needs a space in their mind to visualize & analyze space ,ambience and products . Mostly customers have various levels of understanding about space product and stores which continues evolving as he spends time at that place. All that he was creating is an experience that really contributes to his purchase decision.

It creates a hindrance in this experience when attendant gets involved into the process or start welcoming or interacting with the customer when they are not prepared for it. Sometimes it hinders the understating making some customers feel uncomfortable or irritated with the setting . All results in creating a barrier in between the customer, brand and its product.

Although there are no such rules of selling but as an observation most of the purchase decision, comparisons are based on communication skills, updated technological information along with the welcoming behavior of the attendant.

“ 94


Cases have been seen where window shoppers are mistreated leads to lessen the sale per day. Indian customers have emotional and egoist approach towards the retail Shop in some way . He can’t buy the stuff even if he likes that or not depends on treatment he get of his expectation. says Mr. Pankaj , Manager CIS Pacific mall New Delhi

Creative Phase

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Different levels of Interaction to prevent customer from cognitive overload must be:




storing information of customer’s activities and experience

Interaction with the individual product

Interaction among various products

Human Interaction

Mapping Behaviour

on Demand

Contextualizing the product according to customer





Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Interaction attributes for Single product



Tactile View Updates

Reviews Services Affordance


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Interaction attributes for Single product






rit a l u Pop


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

1. Product Catalog 2. Features

Interaction with the individual product Noticing his environment through Various feedback systems Check the level of Information of features needed for him according to his involvement. Positive Reviews about the product from various 3rd partly internet review forum to build customer’s trust with the brand and product. 3. Comparison

Interaction among various products of DSLR, Point n shoots etc categories There are many products in stack of product catalog or demo island , so the comparison between the various features among themselves and with other categories tend user to get good visualization about his requirement and features available on demo island. COMPARE BUTTON Use of affordance of any object e.g. button we can trace the products customer wants to compare and their features . Comparison button trace customer’s interested products and later print a customize manual for him to carry along with him .This will tend to personalize the manual and also the cover photo establish connection with the manual as no one wants to through book


having his picture on it .

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


There is a very fine line to understand when a customer wanted assistance of attendant or have doubt regarding product .

Canon train their attendant at their main training centers and attendant have to warm welcoming and well behaved for customers in the stores . Also different updates for upcoming technology and feature , workshop for attending happen at regular basis .We have to attend every one despite of his interest in the products . says Mr. Manish dev , CIS Great India Palace mall ,Noida

Communication skills and customer handling of attendant makes a major role in purchase decision of customer . “there is a momentum of buying such product if that escape than people give up their thought of spending 30-50 k on cameras “ says Mr.Pankaj, CIS CIS pacific mall, New Delhi

Mostly customers have various levels of understanding about the product and space of store which gets evolve as he spends time at that place . All that he was creating is an experience and major difference between retail and online stores is retails always stores and isolates experience from external unit and give customer experience & each in life with their products.

4. Interaction with Attendant

A person coming for window shopping are very much concern with CIS , we cant neglect them . Attending them is a huge and must responsibility . There have been cases when some one came for window shopping and despite of purchase he send more people to store according to his experience and treatment he got at that store . says Mr.Kavit, CIS Metropolitan mall, New Delhi


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Contextualizing product with AR technology

Most of the products of CIS are related or correlated to Imaging( camera , printer etc ). Basically in imaging sector , we can contextualize the product according to Indian context e.g. place, festivals, events etc.

Concept is based on adding context with each product of Canon Image Square .

“Main aim is to utilize space around the products for displaying contextual interactive AV’s using augmented reality settings.” The concept is based on adding connection with the products . Whole as a trend in India generally hobby, amateur & professional photography are using their clicks in these categories • • • • •

Wild life photography Festival photography Trip and travel photography Portrait or fashion photography Landscape photography

*AR -Augmented Reality


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Interaction Interaction

Inspiration Canon ad for connecting camera with Indian festival to show its low light features is a inspiration for this concept. The idea titled “India’s Nights Made Beautiful” is currently on air in the DLF IPL matches and the world is amazed to find its icon, Sachin Tendulkar in a completely new avatar. An avid

the forts, the deserts or the evening Puja at the pious Ganges. All these can now be captured without using flash, without your pictures getting blurred and with utmost ease. Just at the click of a Canon IXUS HS.” Speaking on the idea, Gaurav Bahl, Associate Creative Director, Percept/H, Delhi, said, “Canon has always had the technology advantage and with such a unique offering it is bound to create waves in the market. The idea to capture India’s beautiful nights came from a very strong insight that all of us have somewhere faced in real lives while capturing images in low light from our ordinary cameras. I am sure the TVC will strike a perfect chord with the audience.”

photographer capturing the myriad beauty of India’s breathtaking nights across the majestic forts of Jodhpur to the mighty peaks of Ladakh, all under low light and that too without flash. Commenting on this unique thought, Amitava Mitra, Chief Operating Officer, North, Percept/H, Delhi said, “India has beautiful places that you have to see at night, whether it’s the moonlit Taj,

India’s legendary icon, Sachin Tendulkar too seemed euphoric once the concept was narrated to him. He quipped, “Well, the idea is incredible as anyone who gets a chance to capture India’s beautiful nights under low light with the new Canon IXUS, will be overwhelmed. It’s a wonderful experience as you’ll be amazed to see the results for yourself.”


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Senses presence of human and display contextual content near the specific product on demo island .

AV based on language,wculture and events of the region


Attendant assist when Required.

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012Connecting with the trips and travels

Connecting with festivals of India

Connecting with upcoming events

Connecting with wildlife Photography

Contextualizing products Depends on the features and price range we can generalize product with different d travels type of photography being used in Indian the trips an h it w g n ti c e connecting with Connwith context . Along place, region, religion and language it will help to prevent customer from cognitive load of comparison among the products .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Compare button and Customize manual As a whole, this installation involves all aspects of imaging. So through this installation canon is promoting its printing capturing and projection technology. The experience design involve all aspects of imaging providing customer better interaction with brand , space and products .

Concept is to utilize affordance of button to trace the products customer wants to compare and their features .Comparison button trace customer’s interested products and later print a customize manual for him to carry along with him . The concept tends to personalize the manual and also the cover photo establishing connection with the manual. Manual are to be instantly printed using Canon Inkjet printers and original Canon ink.In this way additive feature is to provide information and promoting their print technology.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Click & print wall

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Canon Printbooth


another imaging product of canon.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


As number of digital mediums increased , printed medium still holds its essence . Experience Prints Printing today is no longer just applying ink on paper. It has taken on a new identity through the years and raised its status of importance. These days, everybody wants quality print. With advancement in technology and higher standards of living, our eyes have also been trained to appreciate the finer things in life. A well-crafted artwork could lose its charm if print quality is compromised


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Print Design is the Future of Interaction Article” How Print Design is the Future of Interaction” by MIKE KRUZENISKI ,Thoughts on Design, Technology, & Culture

A printed copy holds • Customization and personal touch to the printed entity of image • Technological and electricity independency • Add personal touch with Tecti • Smell and tecture which is absent in digital medium Generally laptops and storage devices are filled with flood of photographs and facebook , picasa and other social medias are providing mediums to share , but still we remember old printed photographs from our old albums captured by old analog cameras and feel personalized to it. According to the user point of view, printing option is there but it can be done by either vendors, office printers or personal printers. Still there are many handy printers available in the market but still its out of reach with flow of usage also they sometimes tend to give temporary treatment to imaging .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


customer view


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Offices or workstations printing constraints

Compact portable printables constraints

Printing Compulsion for personal document

Printer technical help (in case of amateur

Selphy Printer Portable but extra luggage.

for printing document)

Sporadically Maintainace

Café printing constraints •

Unreliable costing Paper quality constraints

Extra internet charges added to printout if file is downloaded from internet.

Printing labs constraints •

Good quality but economically

Owning Personal Printer Constraints

unapproachable •

Image quality guaranty but high costling


Cost of cartage

Maintenance of ink and printer

Need a technical support or assistance

Pages quality.

Piracy in ink for someone negotiate with quality.

Generally used by capable customer or professional users.

Quality compromise is huge turn off.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Market Research says “The Rs 5 and Rs 10 price points in India continue to be magical in providing affordability and accessibility across a wide variety of foods,� says Vinita Bali, CEO of Britannia Industries, which recently introduced Good Day biscuits in Rs 5 packs.

Missing Link in society Research showed missing link between print medium and online medium as the two wide and strong mediums of imaging are not providing ease of interaction despite of having adequate available technological resources . Purpose To provide printing solution for different segment of society without external human interface

Small packs help attract new users into a category, says V S Sitaram, COO of Dabur India, which recently rolled out Hajmola in 50 paise packets and Amla hair oil in Re 1 sachets. Low-priced packs contribute close to 35% of total sales of Dabur that also owns Vatika and Chyawanprash.

Small is Beautiful & Size Does Matter


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Canon printbooth Location based printing kiosk for printing images in public directly from camera without human interface.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Tag friends in photo Write realtime testimonials at that particular place

Real-time canon interface for rotating and printing the landscape or portrait pictures adding experience to printing


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Synario 1: When User #2 with his friends goes to Shimla and has a Canon 550D camera on a trip . After clicking a lot of photographs the memory card now is out of space he does not have any backup devices , he has to search for DVD’s or other storage device or have to share photos live on Internet . And for doing such he atleast needs a computer or Smartphone having Internet connection, so he will have to go to some internet café where he can take printout or upload images on internet cloud which will cost him high or unreasonable prices and also there is a probability of getting a Cyber café at a tourist places nearby .

Synario 2: Now ,he goes to nearby installed CanonPrintbooth , He is able to take printouts on branded fine paper with branded ink at low cost , also multiple copies can be shared among his friends also he can update picture with the caption directly at a place where they are having the experience rather than procrastinating it for device unavailability .This obviously adds another tactile factor to the overall trip experience.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Print Utility Utility of CanonPrintbooth is that it is promoting usage of original Canon inks and photo papers and also to merchandize new products of canon at the back side of printout .Thirdly, printout has an information about nearby tourist places , restaurants and hospitals which is also generating a medium to promote tourism of the place .

Gets uploaded on Canon cloud server and can be retreive in raw formats for digital and printing use

Sharable Utility He can tag his friends on the move and upload it either on social networks or Canon cloud without putting efforts on searching nearby cafÊ’s and computer service venders . There will a unique CPB pin of user for transaction Also CanonPrintbooth is location based service so each printout or photo shared from the booth will have the essence of the location.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Advantages: • • • • • •

Tangible Experience Canon product advertisement Canon cartridge promotion Quality printout with low cost Approx 4 Rs. per print . Branded ink + Photo paper

Initially it can be installed in near by canon shops or mall which can be more publicized depending on its performance. It will not only generate a new medium for consumption of photo inks and paper for Canon brand but also provide a new easy way to get print solution for digital photos for imaging related customers .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Making Shopping Fun Engagement is the concept of adding entertainment and experiences to the retail mix. Customer in the process of shopping wants to have an experience. They have tendency to get their families, friends and children. Hence, while making the decisions in selection of the product or having first hand experience with the product. Customer in the process of shopping always has a peculiar experience. They have the tendency to get their families and friends and also the children. Hence, while making the decisions in the selection, purchase of the product, their first hand experience with the product, about it’s handling, technical details and features should not be diluted. For the situations involving children, their medium could be certain ways of keeping them engaged in a creative and positive manner. Hence, the design of mediums involving literacy, education, awareness, and entertainment etc

for the children becomes relevant. Having other viewpoint, in most of the situations, increasing product CIS stores, such medium and involvement facilities are adult centric and children feel detachment from the retail environment. Props and LCDs are the only ways of their interaction. And hence instead of having such mediums for the pure entertainment, they could be also used for increasing imaging literacy in minor group.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



SAFARI PHOTOGRAPHER : Interactive Game for children

Main concept of the game is to promote wild life photography among the youngsters ,also get them familiarized with basic level of photography and also user interface of canon cameras.

Camera replica controller Assistant

Wild life projection 32 chances

Manual focus from Camera

Get virtual money according to Score

Win merchandising prizes


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

LCD space can be utilized for the installation.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012



Virtual city Photographer

Concept is to replicate real time Camera exposure triangle balance on projected screen. A city map which can be zoomed focused and exposed using camera controller. • Main aim is to provide photography awareness to all group of customer also to introduce ease of photography using Canon products. • Beside engaging and entertainment minor group it also shows connection and promotion canon lens and cameras. • Ease for explaining Photography using virtual props.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Final Concept 1. Reasons for choosing 2. Design problem : tangible buttons verses non tangible multi-touch Display


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Concepts were shared within the team and internally proposed to production and Designmatrix team for the further process. After being into critical stage finally the team came up with design decision to prototype Contextual Product Display on Demo island .

Reasons for choosing • The modules proposed is scalable both in themselves and across stores. • The broad contours of the proposed designs also matches the existing design language of Canon as a brand as well as Canon Image Squares. • Module is self-sustaining modules that require a minimum of maintenance and almost operatable by the existing sales staff after initial training. • Prototype comes under budget of 3 lacs . • No external hinder to conventional retail space design of Canon Image Square . • Promote all aspects of imaging - Printer, Camera and projector • Updatable and adjustable . • Dynamic as information coming from one Canon server . • Minimalist and modular Design • Personalize the customer experience • Differentiate brand based on service and the relevancy of communication.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Design problem : Use of either tangible buttons and switches and interfaces or non tangible multi-touch Display .

Comparison Multi-touch displays provide versatile and natural surface interactions for Single Display Groupware (SDG) applications. In contrast to most Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and multi-user software applications, Single Display Groupware have users in the same place at the same time rather than dispersed across space or time. Users may also share input devices (such as a mouse and a keyboard), have their own, and/or engage in activities not requiring them. Common themes include awareness, separate and coordinated actions, shared and personal controls. Using multi-touch people can work together. They can directly and simultaneously interact with graphical content using bare fingers, styli, and tangible objects, both individually and in coordinated groups. Graphical objects may be modified and shared by multiple people, passed to a specific person or location, claimed, or otherwise modified through aspects of group dynamics. However, while graphical objects are capable of dynamics not possible with physical objects, they also lack the tangible benefits of physical interaction. Talking about Tangible buttons Persistence One strength of the tangible objects is that they exist outside the space defined by the projection screen. This characteristic allows users to increase their work space. Conversely, the non-persistence

of virtual objects allows them to be decoupled from the real world where physical laws apply. The interface designers then enjoy more freedom and flexibility in implementing actions that can increase user performances if used adequately . Feedback Different types of feedback were generated by the two interfaces. While the feedback produced by the touch interface was purely visual, the tangible interface also generates sounds and tactile feedback. These properties allow us to manipulate objects without having to look at them, which is probably one of the reasons why the tangible interface was the fastest one for our experiment. Design Decision : To use multi-touch technology over physical electronics button Reasons : • Lesser or no electronics involved on table section so no hardware maintenance charges. • As installation is on ceiling so Hardware is out of reach of Customers. • Ease on assembly of installation • Dynamic and updatable .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Prototyping 1. Understanding Space 2. Spacial Definitions of CIS 3. Making Demo space for Installation 4. Technology Outreach 5. Installations Measurements 6. Technical Requirements 7. Programming 8. Prototype 1 9. Prototype 2 10. Making of Pseudo-ceiling 11. Calibration 12. Failures 13. Programming Logic 14. Hand Detection 15. Body Detection 16. User Interface 17. Pilot Testing


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Understanding Space Spacial Definitions of CIS Canon Image Square showroom have Design language of Plain, modular, white and sharp interior with efficient ceiling and hidden lightening making ambience more bright and soothing to create contrast on products .

Making Demo space for Installation Prototyping started at Designmatrix workshop at chandan Hula village chattarpur New Delhi . The next target was to build the similar environment as Canon Image Square showroom . The conference room was booked for executing prototype as it was near to workshop and have same ceiling -floor plan as CIS . Taking measurements from production team resources External Lightening , Computer with good configuration for configuring Video processing, programming space were set up in conference room and it was blocked for other activities . Management decided to demonstrate working prototype to canon which would be more impactful as experience design concept as it is more prominent medium than making it on paper or presentations .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Technology Outreach MULTI-TOUCH In computing, multi-touch refers to a touch sensing surface’s (trackpad or touchscreen) ability to recognize the presence of two or more points of contact with the surface. This plural-point awareness is often used to implement advanced functionality such as pinch to zoom or activating predefined programs. Multi-touch has been implemented in several different ways, depending on the size and type of interface. The most popular form are mobile devices,tablets, touchtables and walls. Both touchtables and touch walls project an image through acrylic or glass, and then back-light the image with LEDs. TYPES (based on Implementation) Multitouch Capacitive Technology Surface Capacitive Technology Projected Capacitive Touch (PST) In-cell: Capacitive

Multitouch Optical technologies Optical Imaging or Infrared technology Rear Diffused Illumination (DI) Infrared Grid Technology (opto-matrix) or Digital Waveguide Touch (DWT)™ or Infrared Optical Waveguide Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) or Diffused Surface Illumination (DSI) / Dispersive Signal Touch (DST) Kinect In-Cell: Optical Touch Wave Technologies Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Bending Wave Touch (BWT) Force-Based Sensing or Near Field Imaging (NFI)

Touch Resistive Technology Analog Resistive Digital Resistive or In-Cell: Resistive


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Installations Measurements

Demoisland Measurement


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Technical Requirements


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Alongside this there is a regular RGB video camera that detects a standard video frame. This RGBZ (or ‘D’) data is then packaged up and sent to the host over USB.

Kinect Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs. The Kinect sensor is a horizontal bar connected to a small base with a motorized pivot and is designed to be positioned lengthwise above or below the video display. The device features an “RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone running proprietary software”,which provide full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition capabilities. Working The Kinect appears to be a 640×480 30 fps second video camera that knows the *depth* of every single pixel in the frame. It does this by projecting a pattern of dots with a near infrared laser over the scene and using a detector that establishes the parallax shift of the dot pattern for each pixel in the detector.


The Kinect is a depth camera. Normal cameras collect the light that bounces off of the objects in front of them. They turn this light into an image that resembles what we see with our own eyes. The Kinect, on the other hand, records the distance of the objects that are placed in front of it. It uses infrared light to create an image (a depth image) that captures not what the objects look like, but where they are in space. Kinect Sensor Dimensions • • • •

The Kinect head 11″ x 2.5″ x 1.5″ (w x d x h) Base 3″ x 3″ x 1.5″ (w x d x h). Height 3 inches The cable sticks out the back of the base, so we need more than 3 inches of room will need a little more room because the head tilts on its own and might need space.

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Projector Survey

Canon projector LV-7490

For projection demo island table from the pseudo ceiling there are two major constraints to be faced according to space of it : 1. High lumens projector to overcome higher lux level on table due to bright ceiling lights . 2. 10 feet Maximum margin in distance to project 6’11” diagonal projection on DemoArea. 3. To use Canon brand project only for their promotion .

LV-7490 suits better to the project as their is constraints of bright ceiling light above the table where projection is to be held . The LV-7340 combines brightness with resolution for projections.

Design Decisions

Specifications • Imaging Device • Aspect Ratio • Brightness • Dimension (WxHxD)

0.63” Active Matrix x 3 with MLA 4:3 4000 Lumens 13.8” x 3.4” x 10.0”

Market survey showed that Short throw projectors are best suited for the projecting large projection at shorter distance but as being high priced and unavailablity in Canon brand , high Lumen projectors became priority for the installation .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Programming Processing Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. Initially developed to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, Processing also has evolved into a tool for generating finished professional work. Today, there are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning, prototyping, and production. Blob Detection In the area of computer vision, blob detection refers to visual modules that are aimed at detecting points and/or regions in the image that differ in properties like brightness or color compared to the surrounding. There are two main classes of blob detectors (i) Differential methods based on derivative expressions (ii) Methods based on local extreme in the intensity landscape. With the more recent terminology used in the field, these operators can also be referred to as interest point operators, or alternatively interest region operators .

Simple-openni Library This library is a simple OpenNI and NITE wrapper for Processing. Therefore not all functions of OpenNI are supported, it’s meant more to deliver a simple access to the functionality of this library. Basically Used to connect Kinect with processing .


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Prototype 1

Connecting Kinect to processing As a primary prototype Depth Image and RGBImage of kinect camera was used using programming in processing and SimpleOpen-ni Library .

There are several Processing libraries that perform blob detection. I chose flob because it also allow blob tracking which is the goal of the project. The flob tracking example didn’t recognize my webcam so I couldn’t run it. I directly ran a combo of the flob tracking and the SimpleOpenNI depth image. This means I used the depth image as a source and performed the tracking on it. I had a few variables to configure. First, a variable named om. The documentation says it can take only two values either 0 or 1. I tried both the values and displayed the binarized image to see the blobs separated from the background.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Prototype 2

This prototype Captures Blob from ceiling and Identifying human presence using Depth image also generate unique Id to each blob to trace behavior of blob


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Making of Psedo-ceiling 17


17.9375 in 17.3in

Demo Table Pseudo Cieling Kinect Coverage Area Projection Area

Designmatrix Workshop at Chattarpur, New Delhi is a vast workshop with team of expert carpenters, electricians and technicians and has efficient machinery for producing furniture for retail. Based on capture angle of Kinect, active area was calculated. This calculation helped in determining the dimensions of the table and pseudo ceiling. Both the projected area and capture area were in sync so as to give a flawless experience.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Making of first cut of pseudo ceiling


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Precise Measurements

Edge winding process

Making a case to hold Kinect


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Fabrication of pseudo ceiling and installation


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Pseudo ceiling installed and ready to go Due to aspect limitation of the project the dock station were limited to four in number. However the Kinect could capture area beyond the table, so that it could detect on-coming users.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Calibration The resolution of Kinect capture was 640 * 480, whereas the projection resolution was 3.6 times smaller than Kinect capture window. So this difference in area was mapped by trying out a few iterations.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


Programming Logic

TUIO protocols using KCV (Kinect core vision) didn’t work out as my projected area was lesser than capture area. This would have worked if projected area was equal or greater than capture area.

• Create blob using depth image away from table . • Create unique id foreach human blob • Active regions • Active area • Occlusion • If blob detected inside • Activate respective • Project UI in active area • Detect hand blob using depth image • Detect click • Refresh UI • Fetch data from database


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Body Detection The next main aim was body detection which was achieved with blog detection. Now the depth image captured from the Kinect was passed through the blog detection algorithm. To sense depthdepth thresholds were defined to track a certain range of depth above the table.

Hand Detection Once the body got detected, hand detection was activated and finger acted as pointer to the user interface.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

User Interface I developed a first version of user interface using PI5 library in Processing. During the testing I found that the Processing required heavy computation which led to memory overload. A few important considerations I had in mind while designing the User Interface 1. Quick learning time 2. No memory overload 3. Aesthetically appealing 4. Intuitively and easy to use 5. Well designed feedback


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Pilot Testing When this UI was pilot tested a few issues arose. 1. Low affordance 2. 3.


Point misplacement Occlusion

Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

In revised version of User Interface I tweaked the calibration to avoid pointer misplacement. Affordance was increased and occlusion was avoided by vertical hierarchical menu items.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Now working on content part I connected events with the people. Events like Eid or Diwali was introduced to the user with an incentive to win festival posters.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Now the complete information of the selected camera was shown. Features and technical specifications were highlighted. Suitable kits and accessories were also recommended in the screen.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

This interface was intended to be used independently by the use. But in some cases if the user required assistance he could press “Ask Attendant�. Name of the attendant who would be catering is given as feedback to user.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

To help the users in decision making consolidated reviews from various review sites were presented to the user.

In order to recommend the best product to user, his usage had to be understood. To capture this, a quick form was given, so that the user could fill it up and system could recommend the camera based on his needs.

If the user found review useful or would like to write a review himself, he could do so. This feedback and review system helped capturing the loyal base of the customer.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

As the user moved along the space and pressed compare button, the selected camera was added to a list. That list was a comparison of features which would help him in decision making. This list would be printed on a manual and given to user at the time of his exit. The list also had a photo of the customer to add the personal touch.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012


1. Learning 2. Future Scope


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Learning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Customer behavior Branding and brand association Likes and dislikes of the customer Decision process during purchase Key points of purchase Non intrusive sale handling led to more attention time of the user Fabrication process and sense of material handling Making the setup tamper proof Exploring with the different libraries helped understanding strength and weakness of each Working with the team which was very different from working individually

Future Scope Interactive installations may re define sales experience for example the concept of paperless offices and human less workshops. To expand on this project, the strength of digital screen to enable multi-media in a single space could be explored more. These installations are not only limited to retail but also scalable and customizable to any domain. With interactively comes instant feedback, easy access and more customization. The future of retail lies in dynamism through interaction.


Interactive Retail for Canon Image Square | 2012

Designmatrix has had a long association with the Brand Canon as it has designed almost all of their retail outlets and continues to do so. The primary purpose of the project was that Designmatrix was very keen on including interaction aspect in the Canon retail outlets so as to provide add-on services with experience to retail. Understanding the project requisites, I started my research on various domains of retail, imaging and technology market. During the initial months, working at a corporate office, I started acclimatizing myself to the protocol of the organization and the available resources. Gathering information for research and ideation, managing resources, organizing an appropriate workspace and setting for prototyping, adhering to all corporate procedures and process took an ample amount of time and energy. The most interesting part of the project was prototyping. As Designmatrix has a huge workshop with team of expert carpenters , electricians and technicians along with efficient machinery , which boosted my morale to achieve what I was planning to prototype . Designing and fabrication of pseudo-ceiling lead me to learn various technical aspects of industrial production.

My research evolved from field studies to conceptualizing and then prototyping .Covering micro and macro level aspects of design process, design decisions were generally based on aesthetics and affordance of Canon Image Square showroom. Other than conceptualization, I explored technical aspects of project especially programming in processing and learning some of the amazing features of the Kinect sensor. Research in field of Computer vision, Kinect hacks and Tangible User Interface (TUIO), lead me to the making of a robust installation and helped me turn static Demo island table into a more interactive multitouch table. Due to the unavailability of coders and technicians I faced Programming constraints in connecting Kinect, utilizing its video processing features and manipulating its depth data to detect blobs of human and fingers. The project timeline stretched which otherwise could have been more efficiently utilized in refining Design level concepts. But after a working prototype we have broader and tangible aspects of the installation so the future iterations of prototype can be embedded with efficient User Interface and robust software for processing.


Thanks Lakshya Shrivastava

Interaction Design Project for Canon Image Square  

This project is about creating an interactive plateform to educate prospective buyers of canon products help them compare and decide on thei...