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Dysfunction – the name of the game

Voting in the Arrowtown by-election last week re-sparked my interest in the business of QLDC. I’ve always been fascinated by the complexity of this district. Tuning back in, my attention was drawn to the recent annual plan consultation. Submissions have closed on the 2023- 2024 Annual Plan. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Just several hundred pages of “plans” and a “higher-than-expected rates increase, at an average of 13.6%”. Unless a very persuasive member of the public submitted a stunning accountancy proposal, we will be hit with a rate rise of 13% or even more if the “nice to haves” find their way into the final budget too.

I’ve almost become immune to the shock of everyone from the lemon suppliers to the gin distillers telling me “Due to blar blar blar and something about shipping costs and inflation, the price is going up”. Usually the number is 5 to 9%. There was only one supplier who told me 12%. We no longer do business. So, 13% or above as an average rate rise is right up there. Twice the rate of inflation and I can’t choose to stop doing business with QLDC. Rates, like tax, are inescapable. This makes the function of QLDC very important. Because it’s one thing to pay over the top rates and taxes, it’s a whole lot worse to then watch bungling bureaucrats waste it. Dysfunction seems to be the status quo for most regional and district councils around New Zealand. No wonder Central Government are constantly trying to take decision-making and financial control away from Local Government. Not that they are any better. A lose/lose situation for the rate and taxpayers of this nation.

It’s almost an achievement in itself that QLDC haven’t been too bad. The bar isn’t that high mind you. One look at the news and elsewhere in the country from Gore to the West Coast all you hear are district and regional councils bickering between themselves like petulant children and epitomising the definition of dysfunction.

Otago Regional Council, ORC, had done a good job of this in the last local government term. Embarrassingly hopeless. They can’t control themselves let alone a rabbit, bus timetable or water quality. But even they seem to be quietly going about their business since the last election so fingers crossed, we might actually see something for our ratepayer dollars in this council term. Do we dare to believe a turnaround is brewing at ORC?

Since new Mayor Glyn Lewers took the mayoral chains of Queenstown Lakes District Council, we have heard very little from our elected representatives. Rather than see this as a negative, I would like to think it signals a cooperative work environment within the chambers of power. Could we possibly see a united council this term delivering bang for ratepayer buck over the next couple of years? Even if that bang includes a 13% rate rise. Do I dare to dream?

Scott Stevens, former councillor.

No 899 2 May8 May
UTLET the talk of Queenstown PODCAST This week’s episode: Hannah and Lyndsay - organisers of Queenstown’s rental crisis protest. Sharing stories of people and families impacted by finding somewhere to live. Available on the Queenstown App
260 hardy runners took on the challenging and spectacular terrain of the Southern Alps in the 23rd Routeburn Classic on Saturday, in favourable weather conditions. Top 3 women left to right Kate Morrison 2nd place Mia Flint 1st Place and Maureen Maureen Stachowicz 3rd. See story page 8.
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National plans to make it easier for landlords

National has pledged to rollback changes to tenancy legislation if elected, to help ease the housing crisis.

Chris Bishop, the National Party’s housing spokesperson, in a fiery Queenstown public meeting on Thursday, announced two new policies aimed at making it more attractive for property owners to become landlords. If elected in October, they will amend the Residential Tenancy Act to bring back the ability for landlords to issue 90-day termination notices to their tenants.

And they will make another change to ensure fixed tenancies do not automatically rollover to become periodic tenancies.

“The way it works at the moment is landlords essentially have to have a reason to end the tenancy, whether they’re moving into the property or they’re doing renovation, for example,” Bishop says.

“The effect, unfortunately, has been that many landlords . . .have just said it’s all too hard, I’m out, I don’t want to be involved in this anymore. Landlords have decided they don’t want to offer properties into the rental market.

“Now, do we want to build more homes for first time buyers? Yes. Do we want more supply of housing in Queenstown? Absolutely. Do we need landlords in Queenstown? The answer is yes, we do. Because when we don’t have enough landlords, rents go up, and there aren’t enough houses for people to live. That’s why rents in Queenstown went up $150 on average last year alone.”

National had already pledged to reinstate mortgage interest deductibility for landlords and reverse changes to the Brightline test, which would mean landlords can sell a property after two years without paying capital gains tax. Labour had increased it to 10 years.

The four policies would effectively just repeal changes Labour made to the RTA two years ago.

Around 50 people packed into the Salvation Army building on Gorge Road to hear the announcement, some who were either homeless or had homeless friends as a result of Queenstown Lakes’ rental crunch. They included organisers and attendees of last month’s protest on Marine Parade. And many questioned National’s stance, including Simon Edmunds, of the Queenstown Workers Collective, who was one of the most vocal critics, prompting Bishop at one point to label him a “left-wing activist”. Edmunds said: “I know that you are the party of landlords, but they’re not the group that you need to step in and help.

“The people that need protecting in town at the moment are tenants and to say that basically making landlords richer by stopping them paying tax with Brightline, with interest deductibility... well, workers pay tax in this town, why shouldn’t landlords on the rent they earn.

“To blame the housing crisis somehow on landlords not being rich enough, so your solution is basically to make it easier to make more money as a landlord. That’s pretty sick.”

Edmunds also said Bishop was “assiduously avoiding” mentioning the “elephant in the room”, Airbnb, a comment which drew some applause and vocal support from the crowd.

Bishop countered that it was all about balance, finding the right balance between landlords and tenants.

On Airbnb, he said is something he is prepared to look at.

Bishop: “We are progressively announcing our policies. I acknowledge that in particular markets like Queenstown, Airbnb presents challenges. Again, I’ll go back to the balance, we’ve got to be careful, as well, because Airbnb and other similar accommodation providers help the Queenstown economy.”

Many Queenstown businesses have taken it upon themselves to provide worker accommodation, either by buying property or taking on leases on rentals.

But Ellen Murphy, of Wolf Hospitality Group, told Bishop some landlords were now taking advantage of this, hiking up rents for corporate tenancies.

The company was being asked to pay around $1700 per week for a fourbedroom house in Fernhill.

“Now that companies are willing to rent, they’re putting the rents up, pricing out the individuals again.”

Murphy called for rent restrictions but Bishop said it was ultimately a supply issue.

“When you’ve got diminished supply of rental properties on the market, landlords have all the market power... they’ll charge what the market can bear,’ Bishop said.

More supply means lower prices, and more supply is the aim of National’s four policies.

Other stories were more personal.

Kim Knight highlighted the problems single people and older people face in the rental housing market.

“It seems to me that most pricing is just assuming that it’s going to be a couple or two people who can share a room,” she said.

“That’s a big issue for someone who is single. Even a room is getting expensive now.

“And another issue is people who are in their 20s and 30s don’t want to share a house with someone who’s 60-plus.”

Knight said she can’t find anywhere to live and has been housesitting for the past six months, moving every two weeks, living in 15 places.

“You don’t have the emotional and physical resilience of a 20-to-30-year-old, and accuse my French, it’s f***king hard. I would like to see the Government pay more attention to helping people in this sort of situation.”

Generally, there was anger from many in the audience at the lack of immediate action to help people, especially those living in cars and tents

Chris Bishop, right, with Queenstown’s MP Joseph Mooney. Simon Edmunds (red checked jacket), of the Queenstown Workers Collective. Kim Knight at the meeting.

with winter approaching.

Ashley Munn, verging on tears, said there’s a need to “morally shame” people who don’t put their properties up for rent.

“They need to feel the shame that these people are homeless, and they can do something about it,” she said.

“Your points are good points and they might work,” she told Bishop, “but what are you going to do in the meantime, because someone is going to die before this Government actually does something.”

There were also calls for more social housing and emergency housing in Queenstown and many asked for a cap or outright ban on Airbnb.

Bishop said there is a lot more Government can do with regards to community social housing.

The waiting list is 23,000 families around the country, he said, with 3500 families living in motels, with an average stay of six months.

He said there’s a need to make it easier for landlords, which will help tenants, along with building more social community housing, more affordable housing, lower land costs, and making it easier to build.

“My overall point is that there’s not one single thing we can do to fix New Zealand’s housing crisis, we have to do a whole bunch of things, and it will take a bit of time,” he said.

Both he and Queenstown MP Joseph Mooney agreed with the need for a short-term solution but said it was up to the Labour Government and Queenstown Lakes District Council to take action, as National’s powers were limited while in opposition. That could, of course, all change in October.

Campaign growing

More than 330 people are now members of protest group Queenstown Housing Initiative 2023’s Facebook page. Run by Hannah Sullivan and Lindsay Waterfield, the group is grassroots lobbyists calling for immediate solutions to the district’s acute housing crisis - somewhere to live for workers living in cars, tents and temporary accommdation. In a recent survey by the group, more than half of the 412 respondents said their rent had increased recently, mostly by more than $100 per week. And 25% said they’d been evicted from a property recently because it was being put on the short-term accommodation market, such as Airbnb. There’s an interview with Hannah and Lindsay on this week’s Outlet Podcast, available on the Queenstown App and LWB website.

Action plan

Councillors have approved the draft Joint Housing Action Plan (JHAP), which will now go out for public consultation. It lists nine actions helping to solve Queenstown Lakes’ housing crisis, where the average property value is 14 times the household income, and rent is $100 higher than the national average. The plan is a partnership between QLDC, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Kainga Ora and Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust. But, at Thursday’s meeting, councillors raised concerns about Central Government pulling its weight. Cr Niki Gladding said: “There’s some really good stuff in here but I’m concerned we’re looking to solve what is an essentially a Central Government issue, which should be solved by taxes, which is more equitable, but we’re looking to solve it through rates.” Consultation details on the QLDC website Let’s Talk.

Ladies Mile

Public consultation has opened on plans to rezone land along Ladies Mile for urban development, creating up to 2,400 homes. QLDC’s acting planning boss David Wallace says: “We have an opportunity to rezone close to 120 hectares of existing rural, rural lifestyle, and large lot residential land located in Te Putahi Ladies Mile, creating a thriving, mixed community that can help the Queenstown Lakes grow in the right way.” The houses will mostly be a mix of apartments and duplexes, with also open spaces and community facilities, and a new commercial centre. Transport and traffic concerns have created some vocal community opposition to the plans. Details on the QLDC website. Formal submissions close on Friday, 9 June 2023.

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Protestors outside Thursday’s meeting.


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High school celebrates journey

Five years on from its big move, Queenstown’s Wakatipu High School campus at Remarkables Park is complete.

Principal Oded Nathan welcomed hundreds of guests to an official opening last week.

“We now finally have the school in its final form,” he said. “So, we thought it was really appropriate now, after five years and quite a long journey, for us to have this opportunity to come together as a community... to celebrate this milestone.”

The school began as Queenstown District High School, in Stanley Street, with a roll of 23 pupils in 1937.

It moved to Gorge Road / Fryer Street in 1975, where it remained until 2017, before relocating to the purpose-built 10,500sqm campus in Remarkables Park, opening in 2018.

The new school’s capacity was 1200 students but it was always the plan to expand the facilities to cater for a capacity of 1800.

Phase two, which included a new north and south wing, as well as a 1767sqm gymnasium, began in 2020 and opened in January this year. The current roll is 1350 students.

“We also have nearly 120 staff and in terms of options for students, our juniors alone get to choose about 40 different options from 20-plus subjects. So, whereas you had six subjects that you had to learn back in 1937, the opportunities that are available to our rangatahi are really vast at this point.”

Nathan also thanked the Wakatipu High School Foundation, which is giving the school $450,000 this year alone, along with the Branches Trust, the school board, the previous principal Steve Hall and his leadership team, the construction partners, the Ministry of Education, and the staff and students.

“It is a world class facility,” he said.

Ministry of Education Director of Education for Otago Southland, Julie Anderson, said WHS has a vision as a school for everyone that delivers Aotearoa best all-round education.

“And these buildings and the planning that has gone into these will support that vision. They are provided for everybody,” Anderson said.

Over the past five years, she said, the teachers, students and leadership had strived to be “part of a future-focused education that has lived up to the modern, open-plan, student-centred environment that has been created”. “A little bit different to the single cells and the winter ice zone that was the old Wakatipu High School [on Gorge Road]”.

She also thanked the school community for its support, and praised the teachers. “All credit to the staff who have developed new ways of teaching that can engage and excite students to learn in both collaborative and independent ways.”

Mayor Glyn Lewers, who has a son at the school and another on the way, praised WHS for its “richly diverse culture”, with 43 different ethnicities. He told the students to make the most of their time at the school.

“You’ll be presented with wonderful opportunities, grab them with both hands, and have fun, and remember to look out for each other.”

Ministry regional director Julie Anderson, with Queenstown MP Joseph Mooney, WHS principal Oded Nathan, and Wellbeing Lead Prefect Elise Edmonds.


Weather Gods smile on mountain run

A field of 260 hardy runners took on the challenging and spectacular terrain of the Southern Alps in the 23rd Routeburn Classic on Saturday, in favourable weather conditions.

David Haunschmidt took the top spot in the men’s category, completing the steep 32km course in an impressive time of 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 45 seconds.

Toby Batchelor was not far behind, finishing second place in 2hrs, 45mins, and 39secs. Hamish Elliott rounded out the top three in 2hrs, 54mins, and 20secs.

In the women’s category, Maia Flint took first place in 3hrs, 27mins, and 28secs. Kate Morrison followed close behind, finishing in second in 3 hours, 31 minutes, and 3 seconds. Maureen Stachowicz was third in 3hrs, 36mins, and 1sec.

Competitors enjoyed clear skies to start the day and mild temperatures throughout the event.

The event has become a highlight on the running calendar for both local and international runners, with participants testing themselves against the rugged terrain and enjoying the natural beauty of the area, watched by some kea along the way.

Race director Glen Currie was thrilled to welcome a strong field. “There were a lot of big smiles coming across the finish line, we hope to see a lot of people return next year. The pointy end of the field saw some exciting racing in both the women’s and men’s categories,” he says.

The Classic was recently acquired by Ultimate Events Productions, which also owns the Coast to Coast and is associated with Ultimate Hikes who run guided walks on the track.

“We’re really happy to continue a great event this year and look forward to building on it in the future!” Currie adds.


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Gutter Sucker
Top three men, left to right Toby Batchelor 2nd place, David Haunschmidt 1st place and Hamish Elliott 3rd.

Kindness of strangers

A match made in the heaven that is Oxford University turned into a marriage in our own heavenly bit of the world.

Suzanna Martin who is the widow of our much missed John Martin was trying on a dress in Angel Divine. An English girl, Ash O’Reilly, was also trying on a dress and asked Suzanna (excellent person to ask, given her fabulous sense of style) what she thought of it and said it was for a wedding. She tried to explain to Ash that it’s not really good taste to wear white to a wedding. Ash said it would probably be OK since she was the bride. “Where are you getting married?” “Not sure yet, we only just decided as two of our university friends are arriving and we were so in love with the South Island, we wanted to get married here with them as our witnesses.”

In typical enthusiastic Suzanna fashion, she said they were welcome to have the ceremony at her place. Ash and Joe were heading off to do the Milford Track and when they got back, they rang her and went to look at her garden which was perfect and more beautiful than any venue they could have imagined with the mountains and the lake in the background. “We were completely blown away by the kindness of so many New Zealanders.” They managed to find accommodation in Frankton and the host, Mark and his daughter, Milly offered to drive them to the wedding AND be guests. Talk about a tiny wedding - the bride and groom, their two friends and Suzanna, Mark and Milly. They had oodles of champagne and flowers and a stunner of a day.

They are still glowing and loving letting everyone back in the UK know that they are now married - they’ve promised there will be a proper celebration with them all in London. And there is a happy group of locals who’ll be delighted to welcome them any time they decide to return to the Wakatipu.



Lights returns for second year

Ka-Muriwai Arrowtown will once again shine as it hosts Matariki celebrations for the second year running.

This transformed one-day event will be held on July 14 to mark ‘Nga Mata o te Ariki Tawhirimatea’ ; the changing of the seasons and the beginning of the Maori new year.

Several schools will perform kapa haka including local youngsters from Arrowtown Primary and pre-schools and Wakatipu High School.

New this year after local feedback will be fire pits on Buckingham Street where people are encouraged to gather, share stories telling pakiwaitara over kai, alongside the addition of more kai/food stalls and the fairies and fire dancing will be back.

SILO (South Island Lights Orchestra) will once again light up Buckingham Street with installations and projections supporting the essence and story behind Matariki.

One of the world’s pre-eminent astrophysicists Professor Brian Boyle is also set to return - sharing his wealth of knowledge on the astronomical and cultural significance of the Matariki cluster of stars.

Arrowtown Promotion and Business Association Manager Nicky Busst, in conjunction with Arrowtown Charitable Trust, says the success of the 2022 event had bolstered their passion.

“We couldn’t not come back this year and deliver this for the community given the tremendous response we had last year.

“Locals and visitors came together to celebrate the new holiday with a real sense of pride. We are hugely proud of what we achieved last year and are looking forward to bringing this back in 2023.”

Busst took the opportunity to thank those responsible.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this without the ongoing support of the APBA board, new sponsors Millbrook Resort and Ray White Arrowtown, in addition to funding from Queenstown Lakes District Council, Central Lakes Trust, Community Trust South, New Zealand Community Trust and Te Hau Toka Southern Well Being Trust’. To them we say thank you.”

Ash and her husband Joe. Matariki Arrowtown Lights 2022 Kapa Haka. Photo: Federico Pagola.
Matariki Arrowtown Lights 2022 Lakes District Museum Projection. Photo: Federico Pagola.

The Wakatipu’s second eldest born and bred local – Taylor Reed

A lifelong love of serving

An Arrowtown original, (John) Taylor Reed was just six when Arrowtown School headmistress Rose Douglas came into the classroom to tell the handful of kids that World War II had just broken out.

“She said we were at war with Germany and I remember wondering if I could go when I was a big boy, thinking it sounded like fun,” says Taylor. As he discovered, it wasn’t, with a number of casualties from the large Arrowtown contingent.

He vividly recalls the big town celebrations both days – VE and VJ day, aged 12, when the war ended in Europe, then Japan. “We had gymkhanas. There was so much relief. It was amazing. Arrowtown had made a big contribution and we knew a lot would be coming back.”

Born in the Alexandra Maternity Hospital, Taylor was back home in Arrowtown at 1-week old. His father John Reed, a World War I Gallipoli veteran, fighting there at just 18, had drawn Eastbourne Station on Crown Terrace in a farm ballot for returned servicemen. The family had moved to Arrowtown in 1922 where they ran the pictures, until purchasing the butcher’s shop and bakery in 1939. “The shop was opposite the Post Office and they sold bread off one side and meat off the other, working very hard for little reward.”

Taylor later delivered meat and bread orders all over Arrowtown on his bike. His father bought local cattle and, with Alec Hamilton, drove them on horseback to John Reed’s local slaughter yard.

A small farming town, the Catholic and public schools were in the same street. “They had to change the Catholic School bell time to let those kids get away before Arrowtown School came out because they’d have a scrap,” grins Taylor.

His father owned the first crawler tractor, contracting ploughing on farms during the difficult Depression years.

“Dad, too old to go to war again, was seconded to Burnham Military Camp to instruct soldiers in 1939.

Saturday night pictures were a big occasion, the only entertainment - costing 1 and 6, and sixpence for children.

“During the war Mum ran dances for the patriotic afterwards to fundraise for the war effort. Eventually Mum appealed for Dad to come home and help with the businesses.” Taylor, who had a photographic memory, served his projectionist’s apprenticeship under his dad and ran the pictures until the 1960s, his first memorable movie, Casablanca, aged five.

Two years at Queenstown District High School was considered adequate then. Taylor had three, travelling to Dunedin to do his electrician’s apprenticeship. “I lasted nine months, just two shillings a week left after my board.”

Back in Arrowtown Bob Jenkins and Wakatipu Rabbit Board chairman Joe Bagrie snapped him up for rabbit eradication. Taylor then drove trucks for Shaw’s Motors for 14 years, some of that as foreman. He met wife Marie – a Southland Girls High teacher, at a Shotover Hall Dance in 1958.

Transporting fat lambs to Makarewa Freezing Works, the only tarseal was through the townships. “Then gravel, the Kingston Road was being done up and invariably I’d get stuck there and have to be towed out with a bulldozer.”

Taylor also managed the Arrowtown Camping Ground for 18 years. He broke into local politics at 23, out of necessity really. “Three of us young boys were volunteer firefighters and Chief Fire Officer Alec Hamilton said they were desperate for hoses with no government help. Places had had to be left to burn. He suggested we stand for the Arrowtown Borough Council.” Taylor, Jim Wilcox and Bert Jackways all got on – dubbed ‘The Kiddie Council’, and Taylor wasted no time. Right after his swearing in he brought up the hoses under urgency and convinced the council, earning two 70-foot (21.3m) lengths of hose and a happy brigade.

Taylor served there for 15 years, his last six as deputy mayor, fighting amalgamation with Queenstown Lakes vehemently in the 1980s. He also strongly opposed the forestation of Coronet Peak because it would spread wilding pines, but failed in that bid.

Taylor served three terms on the newly-amalgamated Queenstown Lakes District Council, becoming chairman of the Resource Management Hearings Panel in 1993, overseeing hearings across the district. “Gee, I enjoyed that work,” he says. “One year our district processed more resource consents than any other council in NZ.”

He’s earned a wad of 14 community awards, among them his most prized QSM in 2020 for service to the community, including chair of the local museum committee for 10 years and treasurer for 13. Taylor’s been secretary of the Arrowtown Fire Brigade, Masonic Lodge, Bowling Club and Curling Club, with treasurer roles too. “I believe it’s why I’ve been put on this earth, to serve my community. My father, an ex-deputy mayor, did it too.”

He’s even written two books – one for the museum’s 50th anniversary, extended for its 75th, and a Bowling Club Centenary history in 2008. Arrowtown’s Reed Park was named in honour of Taylor and his father.

*Taylor celebrates his 90th birthday with a gathering in Arrowtown on Sunday, April 30. Taylor after receiving his QSM in 2020 Marie and Taylor, entrant in the beard competition, at the Wakatipu Centenary celebrations in 1962, with a young (Sir) John Davies, left.

Arrowtown breathing easier

Air quality in Arrowtown and other locations around Otago appears to be improving, with monitoring stations reporting far fewer breaches of national standards.

There were 17 instances of poor air quality across Otago in calendar year 2022, according to the Otago Regional Council’s annual air quality report for calendar 2022, around half the number reported the previous year.

A dozen of the breaches were in Arrowtown, though, while there were four in Alexandra, one in Mosgiel and none in Dunedin Central, where the monitoring stations are located.

The equipment measures the number of particles in the air, generally released as residents burn wood and coal to heat their homes.

They measure the amount of PM10 and PM2.5, particles of respectively less than 10 micrometres and fine particles of less than 2.5 micrometres. The fewer PM10 particles, the better.

The national standard limit for PM10 is an average of 50 micrograms per cubic metre over 24 hours. The maximum recorded, over one 24hr period, was in Alexandra, at 89mcg, while Mosgiel hit 83mcg and Arrowtown hit 63mcg.

ORC’s team leader for its land department, Ben Mackey, says Otago has several towns where air quality is considered degraded during winter, namely Alexandra, Arrowtown, Clyde, Cromwell and Milton.

“Around Otago the main source of particulate matter is home heating emissions in winter,” he says.

“Recent research provides evidence that air pollution is dangerous at lower concentrations than previously thought, and supports the lowering of existing guidelines.”

New standards are expected to be adopted soon.

From 2017 to 2021, the number of exceedances has steadily fallen from 57 to 31- the average for those five years being 37.8 exceedances.

The ORC will shortly again be running its Burn Dry Breath Easy programme this coming winter.

“While we monitor in particular areas, where air quality is degraded, everyone should be aware of what they are burning as it can have an impact,” Mackey says.

Long term exposure to particulate matter can contribute to the risks of developing cardiovascular and respiratory conditions or exacerbating those conditions.

Mackey says ORC had implemented work programmes as part of its Air Quality Strategy 2018 to improve quality in targeted towns, which had led to the long-term reduction in PM10 concentrations in Alexandra, Arrowtown, Cromwell, Clyde and Milton.

Ultra-low emission burners [ULEB] are now effectively the only type of new wood burner allowed in Alexandra, Arrowtown, Clyde and Cromwell.

To be accredited, ULEB’s must pass emission tests under laboratory conditions requiring an emission rate of less than 0.7 g/kg and efficiency of more than 65%. However, there are questions about how these fires perform under ‘real life’ or day to day use in the home.

During winter 2022, ORC contracted a week-long testing and analysis of real-life emissions, using the burners of seven homes in Arrowtown. Participants were encouraged to burn their normal firewood and use the fire as they usually would. Testing involved installing a sensor in the flue, while participants documented the wood weight, type, restock timing, and fire control settings.

ULEB efficiency varied between the houses, but had an average efficiency of 2.05 g/kg which is comparable to similar studies undertaken in other South Island towns. The results will go toward informing the future emissions inventory studies of Otago airsheds.

The 2022 Air Quality SOE (State of the Environment) Report is on the ORC’s website. It also features research ORC has conducted into Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide emissions, mainly from transport, in Dunedin.

Tit bits Tit bits


Technology Earnings Results

Alphabet (Google) beats revenue and earnings expectations

Alphabet’s revenue rose 3% to $US69.79 billion from $US68 billion a year earlier, according to the earnings report. The company is mired in a multi-quarter stretch of low single-digit revenue growth and with fears of a recession building since last year, advertisers have been reeling in online marketing budgets, wreaking havoc on Google, Facebook and others.

Microsoft reports earnings, says A.I. will drive revenue growth

For the fiscal fourth quarter, Microsoft finance chief Amy Hood is looking for $54.85 billion to $55.85 billion in revenue, implying 6.7% growth. Last quarter income rose 9% to $18.3 billion, Revenue increased 7% to $52.86 billion from a year ago. Hood is bullish on artificial intelligence and excited about the early feedback and demand signals from the AI capabilities.

Meta reports first sales increase in four quarters, issues optimistic guidance

Meta shares jumped 12% after the company reported an unexpected increase in sales for the first quarter and issued better-than-expected guidance for the current period. Meta’s first-quarter sales rose 3% from $27.91 billion a year earlier, after three straight periods in which revenue declined.


Disney to Reach 4,000 Layoffs This Week

In a months-long goal to reach 7,000 job cuts total, Disney began its second round of layoffs last week. The notifications will conclude with approximately 4,000 job eliminations completed, according to company officials.

While the Disney workforce will be reduced by thousands across divisions Disney Entertainment, ESPN, and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and locations from Burbank to New York and Connecticut, there are still more layoffs to come.

According to Disney, a third and final wave of cuts is expected to begin ahead of the summer, which will bring the Mouse House to its 7,000 layoffs target. The figure represents 3.2% of Disney’s total headcount. Variety

WWII Shipwreck Discovered

An underwater expedition announced the discovery of the Montevideo Maru last week, a Japanese warship sunk during World War II while carrying almost 1,000 Australian prisoners of war. Its sinking is considered the worst maritime disaster in the history of Australia. In February 1942, the Japanese military defeated Australian forces in New Guinea in the Battle of Rabaul, one of the most significant Allied defeats in the Pacific theater. After the victory, the Montevideo Maru was chartered to carrying prisoners to the occupied Chinese island of Hainan. Travelling unaccompanied, the ship was pursued and torpedoed by the USS Sturgeon, unaware it carried Allied captives. The wreckage was located at a depth of more than 13,000 feet in the South China Sea. Officials said the site would not be disturbed as it is considered a war grave.

ABC News

US set to take on a major source of carbon pollution

The Biden administration is preparing to propose new rules cracking down on power plants’ greenhouse gases emissions as early as this week.

The rules for coal-fired and natural gas plants represent the administration’s latest attempt to set limits on the power sector, the country’s second-biggest contributor to climate change after transportation. But they would need to navigate the restrictions that the high court placed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate the industry in June.


Arrowtown from above, on a cold morning.

Lost & Found

UNCLAIMED ITEMS SITTING AT THE POLICE STATION, at 11 Camp Street, this week include:

• PURPLE SHINY PURSE, found at the Events centre:

• JOSEPH ROYAL – wallet




• PINK IPHONE, no case

• AIR PODS in white charging case, found at the Events centre:

• JABRA EAR BUD in black charging case (single), found at the Events centre:

• GO PRO and air pod in Skyline bag

• SILVER RING with Roman numerals, found at the Events centre:

• SILVER PANDORA BRACELET with graduation charm, found at the Events centre:

• BLUE DENTURE PLATE, found at the Events centre:

• GREEN SHUANGYE Challenge e-bike (Arrowtown)

For Sale

2023 SHED STORED CONVENTIONAL BALES- HAY; RED Clover and Meadow Hay, Peastraw and Barley Straw. Baled with late model equipment; resulting in tight, dense and uniform bales. Bales are located in Riversdale, Southland but can deliver. 0274757313

PEA STRAW AVAILABLE/ $15.00 BALE ROTARY CLUB of Queenstown, Funds go to cyclone Gabrielle victims. Text Kerry 027 236 0576 to place your order. 10 Wellswood Way, Quail Rise


SHORT TERM FURNISHED ROOM IN FAMILY HOME for rent, $280 pw plus bills, must like kids, females only. QT hill 20mins walk to town. Available 8 May - 30 Aug 2023. Text only 021-138 2701

FULL TIME HOSPO WORKER WOMAN LOOKING FOR a room in Queenstown or Frankton. I have no pets only my electric guitar but I can play with headphones. I have been living at a hostel for more than two months already. sarapa21@hotmail.com or 0273387658

Vehicles Community

FREE ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLASSES AVAILABLE AT KIWI English Cafe on Mondays between 6pm - 8pm at St Andrews, 26 Stanley Street, Queenstown. Call 020 4189 9160 for free registration now.

FREE IMMIGRATION CLINIC. IF YOU NEED IMMIGRATION information or advice the Citizens Advice Bureau run an immigration clinic every Wednesday from 7pm. To make an appointment call them on 03 442 6679

REPAIR REVOLUTION: GLENORCHY REPAIR CAFÉ- THE REPAIR Revolution is back. These are free, volunteer-based events to get together to learn and participate in the repair of broken items. No need to register. If you love your stuff and want to renew, revive, and repair your broken things, join Sustainable Queenstown at Arrowtown Community Centre, Centennial Avenue, Arrowtown for a fun, FREE, feel good event! SATURDAY 7th May, from 11am to 3pm

Everything Else

IMPROVE YOUR CODING SKILLS. LEARN HOW TO code or improve your coding skills at the Wanaka Code Club. Meet at Mt Aspiring College Technology room every Friday from 3:30 to 4:30pm. Open to all Wanaka students from year 3 to Year 13. To register see the website www.acst.co.nz or email ajay@acst.co.nz

QUILTING TALK AND TRUNK SHOW – QUEENSTOWN Quilters and Patchworks are bringing Chris Jurd to Queenstown. She is a prolific quilter, teacher, and pattern maker. Known for using curves in her pieced and geometric quilts, though she is currently making use modern print fabrics in vibrant colours. The show is on Friday 12 May at7.00 pm at Te Atamira. Contact Jude GraceDillon 0273750910

FERTILITY SUPPORT: ARE YOU OR DO YOU know someone who is having trouble conceiving naturally? One of the greatest ways to deal with infertility is to talk about it. Our friendly support groups are for anyone facing infertility. With peer support we can make the process so much less dauting and lonely. Contact us on queenstownsupport@fertilitynz.org.nz

ARE YOU NEEDING SUPPORT AROUND YOUR MEAL times? Remove the stress of what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with Balance Me! A local meal delivery service that delivers to your home every Sunday. Call Olivia on 0272362869 www.balancemenz.com

MENTAL HEALTH HELP - MY NAME IS Dr Rebecca Bloore and after 10+ years’ experience conducting positive psychology research, I am offering consulting sessions. Are you or anyone you know struggling with relationships, anxiety, anxiety, difficulties at work, fatigue or stress? Using positive psychology, I take nonmedication approach to help assist general wellbeing and help you thrive in your daily life. I am doing a block special (3 or more) at $145 per session (normal cost $180-$235). To book call or text 0204 1337 505. Located online/or in person (Wanaka). Couples and individuals welcome. All ages.

LINE ADS: AN EFFICIENT AND VERY INEXPENSIVE way to get your businesses message out to potential new customers. Take the first step to your successful business advertising by going to www.lwb.co.nz and place your ad online. Pricing starts from $9.50

SPCA OP SHOP – 51 GORGE RD. Open Monday – Saturday 9.00 – 5.00. Pre-loved goods and clothing at great prices. Help support the ongoing work done by the SPCA. Your old goods, or your time, could help save a life. Accepting donations (no electrical at the moment) and volunteers now. Volunteers wanted!

2023 HIGH QUALITY CONVENTIONAL BALES- MEADOW HAY, High Clover Content Hay, Peastraw & Barley Straw. Baled with late model equipment; resulting in tight bales. Located in Riversdale, Southland. Delivery Available. Oakley Agriculture LTD: 0274757313

BRUCE GRANT YOUTH TRUST - THE BRUCE Grant Youth Trust looks to support youth, under the age of 25, who are looking to further themselves in the Arts, Cultural and Sporting fields. They must be a resident of the Wakatipu Basin. Individuals and teams may apply. We have one funding round a year in October. This can be reviewed by the trust. www.brucegrantyouthtrust.org.nz

MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER VRX 2011, V6, 3.0L, 192,000KM, 7 seater - all back seats can fold down to make a mini-van. Good tyres/condition. Powerful, yet good on fuel. Tow bar. No CVT. Super adaptable. Phone Marie 027 2440007

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the team
isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.”
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- Ella Fitzgerald

Repair Revolution is Back!

Recent extreme climate events and unseasonable weather got your eco-anxiety at an all time high? Join the Repair Revolution and be a part of the solution!.

As part of the ResOURceful Communities program, Repair Revolution brings FREE Repair Cafes to the community, where volunteer fixers, or as we like to call them, Repair Heroes, share their skills and knowledge. Members of the community (that’s YOU!) can bring broken household items and get them repaired for free, learn how to do the repairs themselves, and of course- save them from ending up in landfill.

Sustainable Queenstown held the first Repair Cafe in Frankton on 15th April, supported by 9 repairers with a wide range of skills. Volunteers fixed everything from designer handbags to vintage jewellery, from broken zips and ripped seams, to remote control cars and lawnmowers! Of the 63 items brought in, 49 were fully fixed, and the rest were either partially fixed, or needed parts or professional attention. Only 1 item was broken beyond repair.

What’s beautiful about these events is the stories that people often have about items that are well loved or passed down through generations, and their absolute joy when they learn how it can be given a new lease on life, like when a ‘My First Teddy’ got his smile back! Our repairers are just as passionate as they are skilled, and take the time to talk to people about how to care for their items. If they’re unable to fix an item on the spot, the owner walks away with a ‘Homework’ sheet on what steps need to be taken. We hope that repair culture becomes infectious, and changes the way our community thinks about our possessions.

This Sunday, we are hosting the first ever Repair Cafe in Glenorchy, at the community hall. For this event we have partnered with Zero Waste Glenorchy, who are a group of dedicated individuals working towards the goal of being a zero waste community by 2035. We are excited to welcome Glenorchy’s local Repair Heroes to our team. Here’s what they can help you fix:

• Clothing and Accessories

• Curtains and Upholstery

• Furniture

• Electrical Appliances

• Bikes and Trikes

• Toys

• Skis and other sporting goods

• Computers, Laptops, Macbooks, etc.

If you’ve got skills you could add to the list above, or would like to help out with general operations at the event, get in touch with Nehasq.resourcefulcommunities@gmail.com.

Event: Glenorchy Repair Cafe (facebook.com/sustainablequeenstown)

Where: Glenorchy Hall, 31 Mull St

When: Sunday 7th May, 11am - 3pm

ResOURceful Communities is created by Wastebusters. Sustainable Queenstown is proud to partner with Wastebusters to deliver Resourceful Communities in the Whakatipu.

The what, why and how of composting

Dr Compost, aka Ben Elms, has been sharing his composting and gardening knowledge with Queenstown Lakes locals through his fun and informative workshops, one-on-one advice and articles for over a decade.

We cornered Ben at our Sustainable Queenstown Green Drinks event last week to ask some of your burning composting questions. Let’s dive right in!

Is composting really that important?

Absolutely! Composting not only reduces the amount of waste in our landfills, but it also creates nutrient and biologically rich soil that’s magic for growing all kinds of plants, veggies, shrubs and trees.

What’s the difference between composting and recycling?

Great question! Composting involves breaking down organic materials like food scraps and yard waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Recycling involves processing non-organic materials like plastic, glass, and metal to be reused in new products. Both are important for reducing waste, but composting has the added benefit of creating valuable nutrients for your garden.

I’m renting and have no outdoor space. Can I still compost? Absolutely! There are indoor composting systems available that work well in small spaces. Vermicomposting, where you use worms to break down food scraps, is a great option. You can also use a Bokashi Bin indoors or find a community composting site near you. Worms and Bokashi Bins are subsidised by QLDC for locals - making it really affordable to start!

What are the benefits of using a Bokashi Bin for composting?

Ah, one of my favourites! The Bokashi Bin method is great because it allows you to compost a wider variety of materials, including meat, fish, dairy, and citrus fruits, that may not break down as easily in a traditional compost bin. Plus, it produces a pre-compost material that can be added directly to soil, speeding up the process of creating nutrient-rich soil.

What are some common mistakes people make when composting?

The biggest mistake I see people make is adding too much of one type of material to their compost bin. Ideally, your compost bin (not Bokashi Bin) should have a mix of “green” materials like food scraps and “brown” materials like leaves or shredded paper. It’s important to keep your compost bin moist and turn it regularly to ensure even decomposition.

How long does it take for compost to be ready to use?

Composting can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the type of system you use and the materials you put in. When the compost is dark brown and crumbly, and you can no longer recognise any of the original materials, it’s ready to use in your garden. Composting may seem intimidating at first, but with a little knowledge and practice, it’s a simple and rewarding way to reduce your environmental impact and grow healthy plants & veggies. Remember to always check local regulations and guidelines for composting, and don’t hesitate to ask for help from experts like Dr Compost. Thanks Ben!


Sharing The Money Love

A couple of Queenstown-raised brothers, who owned several local rental properties each by their late 20s, are showing young people how to be cash savvy after huge demand from others wanting to know their secrets.

Marcus, 30, and Joel Hillary, whose just turned 29, have launched their Cash Flow Hub courses locally, largely out of their own pockets for a minimal meeting room fee, to try and help other young people and change their mindset about money.

The demand’s been huge already with rising living costs and inflation bringing a whole new awareness and concern among those starting out.

“We definitely don’t give advice as we’re not financial consultants, but we just pass on what we were taught by Mum and Dad right from high school age,” says Marcus. It’s all about teaching and learning in a fun way through a game their parents’ bought them for that very reason, called CashFlow. Created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the game teaches how to differentiate wisely between asset and liability in a fun way.

“These are basic money principles that aren’t taught in the current education system and we want to help other young people get to where we are,” says Marcus, a local architectural designer. They’ve already been speaking with teachers at Wakatipu High School in the hope of sharing the money love with local teens, either after school or in the holidays. They’re offering a cost-free course to any teachers first so they can understand the principles.

“It’s our heart to show young people what true liabilities and assets are, and to start young in a small way then those little trickles of income soon turn into streams,” says Joel.

“Our culture can be almost brainwashed to purchase a car and when people talk to their bank it’s listed as an asset, but without a taxi sign on top it’s actually a liability,” he says. “We’re giving young people the tools and strategies to look at money in a different way.”

While the brothers have both done their own studies on the topic, they say they owe it to their parents, Mark and Julie, for teaching them young with the aim to have their assets work for them.

Joel says he and his wife were able to take most of last year off to travel around the North Island on a Christian mission trip, while income streamed in.

“Whatever your chosen profession – janitor, teacher, lawyer, everybody can be successful using similar strategies,” says Joel.

“So many of our 20-something people locally were asking us how we got where we are and we’d meet them for free over a coffee to play the game and share our experiences,” says Marcus. “It was getting to the point where we decided let’s do groups instead.”

They’ve already run many courses and on occasion bring various investment experts in for a Q & A, but they say their main focus is on helping young people get a start and be wise with money.

To register for a Cash Flow Hub email: cashflowclubnz@gmail.com

Meanwhile, the huge demand for financial savvy has seen Frankton Library’s free Financial Literacy Workshops with ASB Community Banker Shyla Hona filling up fast. Held from March until June, the monthly workshops have so far covered Everyday Money Tips and last week (April 27) Getting Savvy With Savings. May’s workshop is on Borrowing Smart and Paying Off Debt with the June workshop targeting First Home Buyers.

Frankton Library Team Leader Jess Payne says there was only one slot of the monthly 10 left a week out from last week’s session.

“Our librarians have seen an increased community demand for books on financial literacy,” she says. “We did a display of books related to this topic and they just walked off the shelf so we had to go out and buy more. There’s so much demand.”

She says the library is seeing a lot of holds for the likes of The Barefoot Investor.

Shyla’s workshops are designed to help whanau into the mindset of forming a healthy relationship with money, and to create better financial habits through setting goals and actions.

“We offered these in response to the need within the community,” says Jess. “I think a lot of people are struggling financially at the moment and they’re looking at ways to manage their finances better.”

For further information see: https://codc-qldc.govt.nz/ whats-on/financial-literacy-workshops-frankton

Joel, left, and Marcus, standing, explain the strategies of CashFlow at a Cash Flow Hub course in Queenstown Participants in a Cash Flow Hub’s course get their head around the money strategies in a game of CashFlow in Queenstown.


First Thursdays May – Join Queenstown’s favourite late night art crawl

First Thursdays Queenstown is a free community event that celebrates the diversity of arts and culture in Queenstown. This Thursday 4 May join in for a fun and friendly art crawl across six exhibition spaces showing a wide range of work.

May brings new exhibitions to Queenstown including 100 Pounds of Honey by Simon Clark at Milford Galleries. This series of oil paintings blends Kiwiana logos with vibrant flowers and plants, exploring the intersection of our natural environment with our cultural heritage. Make sure to catch Simon Clark’s artist talk on the night at 5.30pm.

Lightworx offer a group exhibition including works by Max Patté, Tim Christie, and Robert Jahnke. Jahnke’s sculptures often explore Maori creation narratives and prophetic imagery through contemporary sculptures that draw on light and reflection and a seemingly endless repetition of pattern.

Romer Gallery present large-scale landscape photographs by Stephan Romer. Irishman Creek Roadman’s Hut lies nestled within the vast landscape of Lake Tekapo and the Mackenzie Basin and was built nearly 100 years ago as accommodation for men working on the roads. Caught as the sun set, this image a nostalgic reminder of adventure and bygone days.

Artbay have a group exhibition featuring the work of over 50 international and local artists, including Gareth Barlow. Barlow is a Sydney-based New Zealand artist whose work expresses a deep reverence for Aotearoa’s tangata whenua. Using primarily acrylics and charcoal he seeks to evoke an ephemeral and transcended quality to the structure of his large-scale works that often focus on native birds and waka.

Starkwhite continue their current exhibition that features two new art works by Fiona Pardington alongside four of her very rare early silver gelatin photographs of native birds. Pardington’s latest still life titled Hermes Mercury, Cannelles, and Parsonage Road is in the gallery, part of her ongoing and often admired body of work in the still life genre. Also in the gallery are works by John Reynolds and Australian artist Jonny Niesche. Bringing together Starkwhite, Milford Galleries, Romer, Artbay, and Lightworx, First Thursdays Queenstown seeks to connect people with creativity across our town centre. Based around Earl Street and Marine Parade, the evening sees six art spaces offer exhibitions, talks, and opportunities to engage with the region’s creative community during a special late-night opening from 5–7pm. Thanks to the generosity of Akarua, join us for a glass of some of this region’s finest wine as you look at the art work. Maps are available at participating galleries and on the First Thursdays Queenstown instagram –@firstthursdaysqt – and facebook page.

First Thursdays Queenstown from 5 – 7 pm on Thursday 4 May. Artist Talk: Simon Clark at 5.30 pm. Milford Galleries, 9a Earl Street

Short film Awards

The Monster Children Short Film Awards presented by Lake Wanaka Tourism are now accepting entries. It’s open to filmmakers from all over to submit a visual story based on this year’s theme, which is regeneration. Entries must be longer than 30 seconds and no more than ten minutes and there’s no limitations on the interpretation, e.g. a documentary, an interview, or something artsy and totally out of the box. The competition winner will receive $10,000 cash, $10,000 in Sony equipment, an all-expenses-paid trip to Wanaka, as well as production costs to co-produce their short film idea with Monster Children Films and the local film industry. Guest judges this year include Malia James, who has directed music videos for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Green Day among many others.

New Zealand Fashion Week 2023

The first confirmed list of local designers has been announced for New Zealand Fashion Week. It’s Aotearoa’s only international fashion event and will take place in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. Each year, local artists showcase their collections on the global stage in a range of ways. This year will include the launch of a new Next Gen Mentorship Programme, which will support emerging New Zealand talent.

Yasmin Farry, General Manager of New Zealand Fashion Week says, “The fashion industry lies at the heart of New Zealand Fashion Week, and we are thrilled to announce the first line-up of incredibly talented, innovative, and world-class creatives from Aotearoa. This high-calibre group is a true reflection of the bold vision we have to showcase inclusivity, innovation, and creativity on the global fashion event circuit.”

Please let me know if you need more or have any questions.

Fiona Pardington, Hermes Mercury, Cannelles, and Parsonage Road (2023). Robert Jahnke, Ripeka Pae Kowhai.

Must see musical gems

Central Otago Regional Choir will perform their show, Diamonds, throughout the region next week, across the Mother’s Day weekend. The show will feature an array of musical gems spanning across three centuries and is one of only two shows the group put on each year.

The performance will showcase the choir singing a variety of songs across different genres to appeal to a wider audience. It will be conducted by the esteemed Richard Madden, who chooses the fabulous music for the night. The show will feature guest artists Cameron Monteath, and Aspiring Quintet, along with Alison Frude on piano, Kate Lovell on bass, and Peter Doyle on drums.

The choir has always supported up-and-coming artists from various locations and this year they will be showcasing Cathy Highton-Sim. The songs she will be performing showcase her versatility as an artist. “Cathy went through Otago University and graduated in German and Music with a BA Honours,” says Alison Frude, the concert accompanist.

“She then went overseas and taught in the UK and Germany before she came back here in 2021 – she’s been involved in the music scene in Dunedin since. She’s a lovely soprano singer and she’s going to be accompanied by Cameron Monteath, who is quite an amazing young man. He’s a fantastic pianist and is one of the finalists for the Dunedin Concerto Competition.”

Aspiring Quintet are another guest performance that the choir are excited to have on board. The Wanaka-based trio are a chamber music group. They will be playing two movements of the Trout Quintet. Bassist of the group, Kate Lovell, will be wearing two hats on the night as she also plays jazz bass alongside Alison and Peter for the choir.

Some of the songs that will be performed include ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’ and ‘Love is a Many Splendid Thing’. There will also be some well-known pieces by Norwegian composer and pianist, Ola Gjeilo, which Alison says are very treasured parts of the choral repertoire that they’re very pleased to be singing.

“We’re also doing some more traditional choral singing like madrigals, which are special unaccompanied pieces. Robert Lucas de Pearsall, who was an English guy in the 19th century that wrote music that sounded quite old, we’ll be performing two very beautiful pieces of his, ‘Great God of Love’, and ‘Lay a Garland’, which is about a woman who fell in love but the guy wasn’t good for her, so she died – but it’s beautiful,” says Alison.

The choir hope to bring positivity and joy to the community and welcome all ages to their events. Alison says that children have really enjoyed themselves in the past, and these shows are a nice way to introduce little ones to music different than what they may be listening to. Additionally, the show would be a “lovely present on Mother’s Day.”

The Central Otago Regional Choir’s Diamonds performance will take place at Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall on Friday 12 May, at Lake Wanaka Centre on Saturday 13 May, and at Dunstan High School in Alexandra on Sunday 14 May. Tickets can be purchased at Paper Plus Wanaka and Cromwell, Lakes District Museum Arrowtown, Life Pharmacy at Wilkinsons and Queenstown, Unichem Summerfield’s Pharmacy, Frankton, and Community House, Alexandra.

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TEX-MEX FIESTA 3 course meal and 2hr beverage package

Wednesday DJ Bill all night happy hour

Wednesday Quiz Night 7pm start, free entry, 2 hours of fun, Email info@lokalqt.co.nz to register your team

Friday DJ Dam-G

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T&Cs apply, contact us on 03 442 9995 or email queenstown@lonestar.co.nz to plan your next function.

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Quilting Talk and Trunk Show – Chris Jurd


Citizens Advice, Queenstown

Immigration Advice

If you need immigration information or advice the Citizens Advice Bureau run an immigration clinic every Wednesday from 7pm. To make an appointment call them on 03 442 6679

When: Wednesday 3 May at 7:00 pm

Budgeting Advice

Life can be a balancing act and sometimes things beyond your control can throw the balance completely off, Citizens Advice offers free and discreet financial advice on how you can maintain that balance. Often you are in the depth of the issues and are feeling a little overwhelmed, you need someone to help clear your mind and reprioritize. That’s their Budget advisor! Call for an appointment on 03 442 6799

Where: Citizens Advice, Queenstown, 44 Stanley Street

Queenstown parkrun

Queenstown parkrun is a free, community event where you can walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate. Parkrun is 5k in length and takes place every Saturday morning at 9am in the winter.

Parkrun is positive, welcoming and inclusive, there is no time limit and no one finishes last. Everyone is welcome to come along.

The event takes place at Queenstown Gardens and while its free please register before you first come along. Only ever register with parkrun once and bring a scannable copy of your barcode so you get your time.

The start and finish is at the Queenstown Gardens band rotunda after running an out and back circuit of Queenstown Gardens. The course is a mix of concrete footpath and hard packed dirt trail.

When: Saturday 6 May at 9:00 am

Where: Queenstown Gardens band rotunda

Rabbit Management - Information & Tool Box Demonstration Day

The Friends of Tucker Beach Wildlife Management Reserve are hosting a Rabbit Control Information and Demonstration Day with local contractors and Otago Regional Council. Peter Preston, Shaun Moloney, Charlotte Lamb, Stephen “Billy” Barton and David Caesar will be on-site to talk to you and show you a range of control techniques, including baiting, use of fumigants and nontoxic methods such as dogging and ferreting, shooting, fencing as well as monitoring and planning information. Conservation dog training and ferret training will also be on show.

Find out about the options for managing rabbits on your property. (No toxins will be present on the day).

When: Saturday, May 6, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where: 282 Tucker Beach Rd, Lower Shotover

Festival of Authors


The local Libraries are celebrating our local author with talks where locals can meet writers from a variety of genres as they share their work, inspiration, and ideas.

Queenstown Library

Thursday 4 May at 5.30pm – Bethany G. Rogers

Wanaka Library

Saturday May 6 at 11.00am – Alice Bennett

Saturday May 13 at 11.00am – Chris Long

Queenstown Quilters and Patchworks are bringing Chris Jurd to Queenstown. Chris is an artist who lives in the Blue Mountains, Australia. She is a prolific quilter, teacher, and pattern maker. Known for using curves in her pieced and geometric quilts, those she is currently making use modern print fabrics in vibrant colours. This talk and trunk show will be a stimulating feast for the eyes. To find out more contact Jude Grace-Dillon 027 375 0910 Entry fee $5.

When: Friday 12 May, 7.00 pm

Where: Te Atamira, Remarkables Park Town Centre

The Big Bike Film Night


The Big Bike Film Night is riding into town on its missionbringing the best cycling short films from around the world together for you. There will be action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration across 2 ½ hours the evening is going to be unashamedly aimed at the twowheel devotees of which there many in the region. This year includes an uplifting film that celebrates a humble volunteer whose community spirit is inspiring and so are the majestic winter views of the trail where he lives in rural heartland Central Otago, a delightful young Australian bikepackers learnings from completing a scenic trip to Hell; a visually commanding film set in postcard Tuscany following a 74-year old bicicletta rider whose spirit personifies cycling among many others. These short films are a great reminder of why we love to ride our bikes with films that celebrate the fun, adventure, and inspiration that cycling enables, whatever your ride is.

When: Thursday 11 May, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Where: Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall, 33 Buckingham Street

When: Wednesday 17 May, 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm Thu, 18 May, 7:00 pm –9:30 pm

Where: Wanaka Community Hub, 34 McDougall St

YAMI SouNZ Summit 2023

Youth & Adults in the Music Industry - is a weekend music summit of workshops, seminars and public performances. Open for anyone interested in a career in the music industry (artist, producer, manager, composer, promoter, DJ, performer, tech), YAMI arms you with the necessary tools and contacts to navigate the music industry - locally, nationally and globally.

YAMI 2023 will feature new and legend tutors from around NZ. Find your tribe at an amazing musical weekend, whether you’re 10 or 110 or any age in between.

When: Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Where: Lake Wanaka Centre, 89 Ardmore Street , Wanaka

Southern Lakes Hospitality Awards 2023

The Southern Lakes Hospitality Awards have been designed to bring the hospitality community together and recognise, encourage and support new and established industry operators. As the region is increasingly recognised globally for its food, wine and local food producers, the awards are championing the best of the region through both a peer benchmark for excellence, and consumers voting on the best places to visit. There are over 19 awards to be presented on the night.

When: Sunday 7 May, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Where: Walter Peak Farm



Repair Revolution: Glenorchy Repair Café

Repair Revolution is excited to bring a repair cafe in Glenorchy for the first time! This is a free, volunteerbased event where people get together to share their repair knowledge and experience. People who enjoy fixing things (Fixers) help people with broken things (Visitors). Visitors bring their broken items from home and are encouraged to learn and participate in the repair of their broken items.

There is no need to register, but please note that due to the walk-in nature of the events, there may be a short wait before you can see a volunteer fixer. If you love stuff and hate waste or want to renew, revive, and repair your broken things to give them a new lease on life and keep them out of landfill? then head over to Glenorchy Community Hall, Mull St and join Sustainable Queenstown for a fun, FREE, feel good event!

When: Sunday 7 May, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Where: Glenorchy Community Hall

Queenstown Party Orchestra

Their only rule is ‘that we’re having fun!’ This is the world premier concert of Queenstown Party Orchestra – performing a joyful programme of Latin, light classics and pop covers. The shared mission is to create music that brings energy and joy to anyone that wants to listen.

There are also a couple of special guests joining this performance: Haydn Dyer – is a budding young composer from Invercargill who will hear his string quintet composition, performed by a 10-piece orchestra for the first time! Mark Wilson (tenor) and Sally Geddes (soprano) join us for a rendition of an Andrea Bocelli/Celine Dion cover and young Aiden Teviotdale, the orchestra’s youngest musician, jumps on drums for a couple of numbers.

When: Saturday May 6 at 7:00 pm

Where: Te Atamira, Remarkables Park, Hawthorn Drive, Frankton

Pint Sized Plays

Remarkable Theatre performing the short-listed finalist scripts from 2023’s play writing competition. Pint-Sized Plays are short format, live theatre that can be enjoyed in pubs over a pint using minimal props, a small cast, limited sets and little tech support. Over three nights, Remarkable Theatre will bring plays to life. As this is a play writing competition, the audience gets to vote for their preferred script, with the winning playwright being announced at the end of the final night.

When: Friday May 5, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Te Atamira 12 Hawthorne Drive

When: Sunday May 7, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Yonder 14 Church Street Queenstown


Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Otautahi legend, Snap, is touring with a brand new show. Welcome to the World of Tomorrow is an uneducated look at life during the pandy and where we go from here.

Snap is an award winning comic and one of the most prolific performers in Aotearoa. Snap is a much better comic than his teachers or parents ever predicted, and his jokes have been shown to be pretty good too.

When: Saturday May 6, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Searchlight Brewery, 12 Industrial Place, Queenstown

When: Sun, 7 May, 8:00 – 10:00 pm

Where: Rhyme X Reason Brewery, 17 Gordon Rd, Wanaka

If you would like your show, event, exhibition or meeting promoted in Goings On drop me a line at davidgibbs@qmg.co.nz with the details

DO YOU NEED A CONCRETE DRIVEWAY OR PATIO? GIDEON BARNARD Director 027 739 4014 gideon@bfgprojects.com

Challenging the self-stigma and discrimination of mental health, one post-it at a time

If you were at the Remarkables Market on the 15th of April, you might have seen me and a bunch of people walking around in our green Headlight T-shirts holding post-it notes. We were there talking with our community and asking them to ‘write a message of support to someone experiencing mental distress’. Maybe you saw us, maybe you wrote a message or maybe you wondered ‘what’s that all about?’

In 2018 I was the one experiencing mental distress. It took me 11 months after having my first baby to go to the doctors and say I wasn’t feeling ok. I knew that I was finding becoming a mum hard, but of course I was, having a baby is hard right?! With all the sleep deprivation, lack of ownership in how I spend my time, reduced connection with friends and my hobbies, no wonder I was feeling frantic. Despite everything feeling utterly rubbish, everything was happening the way it was meant to be, wasn’t it?

I still think back to those days and wonder what stopped me from reaching out for support sooner or speaking truthfully when asked how I was feeling. The quiet, nudging thoughts that maybe something wasn’t quite right, were trampled over by feelings of fear that I’m just not strong enough. And the desperation of trying to resist what felt like an added complication, on top of the already complicated life I was living as a new parent. So, I carried on in the hope that I just needed to keep going.

To be honest, even now to say it was discrimination and self-stigma that stopped me from speaking up, still doesn’t seem right. How can something so invisible and intangible have such a control over my thoughts, beliefs, and actions? But looking back, I can see how it did and how things got worse over time as I tried to keep postnatal anxiety and depression to myself.

Fast forward 4 years. The arrival of another little baby, many walks with friends, finding time for myself, starting a business, weekly yoga, an ADHD diagnosis, some counselling, and life couldn’t be better. I spend my days working with the team at Headlight and together, we are on the journey of helping our community talk about mental health.

Exactly two years ago we delivered our first mental health literacy workshop, here in the Queenstown Plunket rooms with one aim, to give our community the tools to talk about it when they are worried about someone. And what a time we’ve had, bringing this education to migrants, small businesses and close to my heart, new parents. In two years we have delivered 50 workshops to over 400 participants and the ripple effect extends far beyond these numbers.

There is a lot here to feel good about and yet discrimination and self-stigma are still a barrier to asking for help. So, we headed into Queenstown with our facilitators and volunteers, to give our community the time and space to talk about mental health, and share messages of support for those experiencing mental distress. We have one goal; to reduce discrimination and self-stigma. With post-it notes and sharpies ready, we captured what our community had to say to each other and honestly, it blew us away! By the end, our whiteboard was covered, top to toe in colourful, handwritten messages of kindness, support and acceptance. With different languages, drawings and handwriting this whiteboard was a visual representation of the diverse community that Queenstown is, but it had one common thread, that of care for each other, and of support being there when you might be feeling alone.

The invitation to share a message of support brought about a variety of expressions from our community, some messages only a few words: ‘you are no burden,’ others saying ‘be easy on yourself, it helps’, ‘it’s ok to not be ok, love is always there’ and ‘emotions are temporary, this will change’. Whilst each message was different, there were sentences that we saw over and over, you are loved, you are worthy, you are enough.

We now hope to take these words with us into a new art project that will help connect our community more and more. In the meantime, there is a lot of work to be done to tackle discrimination and self-stigma, from government level, to organisations, local councils and communities. Having said that, we know that the more mental health is heard about and talked about in our community, the more possible it will feel for someone to be able to talk about it, to either help themselves or someone they care about.

So don’t underestimate the big impact a small message could make, as someone I spoke with at the Remarkables Market said ‘you just never know, these words may change the world for someone’.

Headlight’s community engagement projects have been kindly supported by funding from Te Hau Toka Southern Lakes Wellbeing Group. To read more messages and find out about Headlight, head to www.headlight.org.nz


Big Boon for Queenstown

United Airlines direct San Francisco – Christchurch service

There’s a buzz in the air with Queenstown operators excited about United Airlines’ new direct San Francisco – Christchurch service kicking off on December 1.

It’s the first direct air service from the United States to the South Island since Air NZ’s service from LA to Christchurch ended in 2002.

It will be a huge boon for Southern Lakes tourism with the new Dreamliner 787 service flying three return services out of Christchurch over the summer season.

Christchurch Airport General Manager of Tourism and Trade, Scott Callaway says research shows visitors arriving on direct international flights into the South Island spend more time here. “Queenstown will be a huge beneficiary,” says Scott, who is a former Mount Cook Group area marketing manager, based in Queenstown during the 1980s.

The service will potentially deliver 750 passengers weekly. “It’s fantastic news for the South Island –a foot in the door and we expect it to grow,” says Callaway.

“There are more than 60 cities in the United network with non-stop services to San Francisco, so that opens 60 cities to being one stop away from the South Island,” says Callaway. “There will be real advantages with visitors spending more time in the South Island.”

United Airlines has also announced its intention to fly from LA to Auckland, boosting the Air NZ’s direct services to Auckland from New York, Houston, Chicago and LA.

Christchurch Airport Chief Executive Justin Watson says the new service will “supercharge tourism value”. Statistics show American visitors who enter NZ through Christchurch Airport spend 42 percent more in NZ and stay 33 percent longer. Based on government data, he says the seasonal service is forecast to bring in $44million in new visitor spend, with $32million of that in South Island regions.

Totally Tourism sales manager Brad Patterson has just returned from a US marketing trip with

Air NZ and says there’s “announcement after announcement” for greater air connectivity to NZ.

“There’s increased demand from high-net-worth travellers looking to come here. We’re a hot destination and we’re seeing that with increased capacity into Auckland as well.”

Delta Airlines is also launching a direct LA to Auckland service from October this year.

“The strength of the US dollar has a 40 percent increase on their money so it’s very good value.” says Patterson.

Totally Tourism director Mark Quickfall says, post-Covid, the airlines are starting to reestablish services with NZ back on the radar as an attractive destination. People are looking for some recovery time and we are great value with the current exchange rate.

The Rees Hotel CEO Mark Rose is also fresh back from a US marketing trip where NZ was “incredibly well received”. He saw more than 600 high end travel agents there. Bookings are already rolling in for next summer.

“Some of the recent events in Auckland showed we have way too many eggs in one basket,” he says. “It makes no sense to have everything focused on Auckland.”

There will be direct flights from seven North American gateway cities into Auckland or Christchurch by the end of the year and Air Canada is increasing its flights from Vancouver to Auckland by 20 percent. “Things are very ripe for us to do very well. I’d like to see more connecting with Christchurch, or we risk being hung out to dry.”

He says there’s also increased talk of another American Airlines direct flight to Christchurch out of California.

Mark’s greatest concern is that Queenstown has staff to manage good service levels amid the growth in numbers, although by spring things should have continued to improve.

Former mayor and Christchurch Airport Chief

Executive Jim Boult says direct US flights into the South Island will have a significant impact on Queenstown. It’s highly likely that there will be an upside for Queenstown with Americans flying direct into Christchurch, he says. “While I was CEO at Christchurch Airport we tried, and subsequently they’ve continued to try, very hard to get those flights back in,” says Jim.

The former direct Air NZ LA to Christchurch service had a really good impact on feeding Americans into the South Island, he says.

Destination Queenstown Chief Executive Mat Woods says the United’s announcement is exciting for Queenstown, especially given that the airline is leading the charge in SAS (Sustainability Aviation Fuel). “We need more airlines committed to SAS and United is really pushing SAS,” he says. “The US is our second most important market after Australia and one of the strongest and fastest to bounce back.”. “The South Island has a lot of appeal to Americans,” says Mat, who believes this will be just the start of the growth in capacity from the US.

NZ is also seeing more frequency from China with 27 flights a week from the end of May –Hainan Airlines announcing a new direct service to Auckland.

Christchurch Airport’s General Manager of Tourism and Trade Scott Callaway A United Airlines Dreamliner takes off from San Francisco... headed our way from December

QT BUSINESS April 2023

Confidence shaken by rising costs

The first three months of 2023 left many Queenstown Lakes business owners and managers feeling downbeat about the road ahead. Cost pressures, staffing, housing for staff, and the overall economic landscape all impacted confidence, according to the Queenstown Business Survey Q1 2023.

Eighty businesses responded to the survey, which was published last month. Only about a quarter expected conditions to improve for their business. The same number expect conditions to deteriorate, while roughly half expect them to remain the same.

Recruiting staff was again a major headache, with 38% of businesses said it was the single biggest factor limiting growth.

And lack of accommodation for workers was cited as a new limiting factor by 13% of businesses, as the pressure ratchets up on the rental market.

During the busy summer, the arrival of working holiday visa holders had enabled businesses to staff up a little, and 71% of businesses were now operating over 75% capacity.

However, with costs still rising due to inflationary pressures, profits were expected to decline over the shoulder season.

Arrowtown economist Benji Patterson says : “The reality is that businesses can’t push up their prices to the extent that their costs have increased.

“This is a concern for me in a potentially recessionary environment, particularly when in the shoulder season businesses are chasing more of the domestic dollar ahead of the winter Aussie influx.”

Confidence in New Zealand’s expected economic conditions was bleak. Fifty of the businesses (62.5%) expected conditions to deteriorate across the country, while only six reckoned they’d improve, with 23 expecting them to remain the same.

For Queenstown Lakes, as you would expect, the numbers were very similar to the confidence respondents had in the conditions for their own business, with about a quarter expecting deterioration, a quarter improvement, and half expecting no change.

More than half the businesses expected to have to increase wages over the three months following the survey; April, May and June. And 63% had increased wages over the first quarter.

A whopping 92% of businesses surveyed said they’re paying their employees at least the living wage, which is $23.65 per hour.

Queenstown was the primary location for 46% of respondents, with 32% in Wānaka, 20% in Frankton/Remarkables Park/Five Mile/Queenstown Central, 12% in Arrowtown, and the remaining in Glenda Drive, Glenorchy, Kingston, Glenda Drive and Cromwell.

The vast majority, 80%, have been in business for more than five years, but there were three new businesses that responded.

More academics join calls against proposed airport

A group of leading academics which has spoken out against a proposed airport in Central Otago has now grown to 77 members and includes peers from around New Zealand and the world.

University of Otago professor of sustainable tourism James Higham originally brought the group together and said it grew swiftly after the Christchurch Airport company dismissed its concerns in February.

Airport executives had stated that the group’s call for a stay on the project was “premature” and its “assumptions are wrong”.

“To have nearly 80 leading academics - many of them professors and associate professors - now speaking out against an infrastructure project on the grounds of science is no small matter,” Professor Higham said.

“We have not done this lightly. We are all very concerned that significant, established science is being ignored, and this project should not proceed.” Concerns cited include the “significant environmental, social, cultural and economic as well as political and reputational consequences” of failing to reduce carbon emissions by building a new airport during a climate emergency.

The group also pointed to the need to move “away from the volume-based growth approach” to tourism, which “underpins the airport proposal”. Professor Higham says the research index represents decades of research covering multiple relevant topics.

Significantly, it includes dozens of peer-reviewed papers which point to the decarbonisation of aviation being “a long way off” and highlight significant concern around the airline industry talking of achieving “zero carbon aviation” or “net zero” based on technologies which currently do not exist. “There is wide scientific consensus that there is still a lot of work to do and many years - probably decades - before the industry could have any hope of significant decarbonisation.

“Zero carbon aviation is even further away. It is far from being a likelihood and certainly not a done deal.

“We’re speaking out because, against this backdrop of research and data, building a new international airport in Tarras, or anywhere in New Zealand for that matter, is nonsense and would be wrong for many reasons,” Professor Higham said.

Zoi crowned 2023 Natural Selection Tour Champion

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott has taken the 2023 Natural Selection Tour title with stunning back-to-back wins on both scored stages of the Tour, in Revelstoke and Alaska.

The win is the incredibly the 23rd podium in a row for the 22-year-old Wanaka snowboarder.

“It feels pretty insane to win the Alaska stop. I’ve never been super stoked on my Alaska riding, so I’m super, super happy to win and of course I look back and want to do it differently, ride different lines, but that’s the beauty of it; you always want more.”

Sadowski-Synnott was up against 2022 champion Elena Hight in the finals. The two athletes had faced off in a close final in Revelstoke, Canada, earlier in the season.

Both riders navigated incredibly steep line choices in the Alaskan final, dropping big cliffs, spinning 360s and landing solidly. Only one point separated them in both finals’ runs.

And Sadowski-Synnott has caught the big mountain riding bug. “Juggling slopestyle and big air, and also competing in big mountain is a lot to do in a season, but returning to Natural Selection is one of my number one goals for next year,” she says.

Meanwhile, Queenstown alpine ski racing star Alice Robinson has split with her head coach Chris Knight ahead of the 2023/2024 season.

Knight has been Robinson’s coach for the last four World Cup seasons, coaching her to three World Cup victories, and was also a mentor during her formative teenage years.

The split is an amicably end their partnership, according to Snow Sports NZ. Queenstown Winter Olympian Tim Cafe, who coached Robinson to her FIS World Junior World Ski Championships in 2019, has been appointed to her coaching team.



1. A mash tun is used in making which drink?

2. When does a noctilucent cloud appear?

3. What does “gsm” stand for in relation to paper and card?

4. The Home Insurance Building in Chicago became the world's first what in 1885?

5. The International or European Article Number is a standard for what identification?

6. Which inventor filed 1093 patents in his lifetime?

7. Which medal was awarded to Tenzing Norgay?

8. Which part of a church is named from the Latin word for “ship”?

9. Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014?

10. In Norse mythology, what was the home of the gods?

11. What is the more common name for the linden tree?

12. Which is the westernmost of the Balearic Islands?

13. In which country did the word “bungalow” originate?

14. In which of the James Bond films did the Aston Martin DBS first appear?

15. In which country is the ski resort of Klosters?

16. Who was the oldest man in the Bible?

17. How many tusks does a warthog have?

18. What is the name of the cavity containing the eyeball?

19. In South Africa, what is a kraal?

20. In mythology, what kind of animal was slain by Hercules as the first of his Twelve Labours?

21. What term is given to a crucifix set at the entrance to the chancel of a church?

22. Who directed the 1985 western Pale Rider?

23. The Formula 1 street circuit of Albert Park is in which country?

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Cookright Relief Operator

• Opportunity to join our friendly team

• Physical strength required, some heavy lifting

• Shift days are Friday – Tuesday with 5am starts

• $60,000 salary PA

• A can do attitude and good communication is required

• Must have full NZ drivers licence and clean criminal history. Must be legally able to work in NZ. References required.

Call Scott on (027) 246 3886 or email queenstown@cookright.co.nz



Skilled and Unskilled Labourers Traffic Controllers

Looking for casual, temporary or long term work??

Queenstown Personnel and Labour Hire are looking for labourers for a variety of jobs around Queenstown with an immediate start. Contact Sharleen - 027 778 7377 or email sharleen@qtplabour.co.nz


Hospitality professional

Just one more to complete our team! Maybe you?

Skills required – Experience in a busy front of house setting. A first, second, and top gear. A hospitality radar. If it’s in your blood… we want to talk to you.

We offer – daytime hours. Free up your evenings. Top pay for the right candidate. Express your interest now scott@thedishery.co.nz or call/txt 021 664 553

Full Time Hairdresser Role at Frankton Hair Studio Apply Now.

Is currently seeking CHEFS


$25 per hour to start, potentially more based on experience

If you're interested in joining one of Queenstown's iconic restaurants and bars email your CV to chris@smithscraftbeer.co.nz or apply in person.

Valid working visa required.

Full and Part time positions available

Amazing individuals required to join our fun team as:

• New Build & Commercial cleaning experts

• Air b n b & residential cleaning professionals

• Full training given! Great Pay Rates!

• Travel and vehicles provided!

Email us for full details and a trial! slithytoves33@gmail.com

Committed to a healthy work/life balance!

We're looking for a full time hairdresser for our amazing team here at Frankton Hair. Hours are negotiable Monday to Friday with one late night but NO weekends required!

We’d love you to have a few years experience and be competent in all aspects of Hairdressing. Start date negotiable.

If this sounds like you, call Becky on 021 144 8191 or email your C.V to Franktonhair@gmail.com

Alternative Ventures Ltd is looking for a builder to join their team working on new builds in the Queenstown area. Attention to detail necessary.

Carpenters, apprentices, hammerhands and labourers welcome to contact for further detail.

Immediate start with competitive rates dependent on experience.

Contact Dave daveviitakangas@gmail.com

Page 26 Ph: 03 409 2800 info@qmg.co.nz jobfix.co.nz
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 2nd May 2023 - 8th May 2023


Snap Rentals is New Zealand's fastest growing and most innovative rental car company. We are on the lookout for amazing Customer Service Reps for our Queenstown branch located near the airport. This is a customer facing role, so you will need to be great with people, and have excellent customer service skills and a positive attitude.

Job tasks and responsibilities

• Providing excellent customer service to customers collecting and returning vehicles..

• Pulling your sleeves up to groom and prepare vehicles for customers.

• Be available to drive the courtesy shuttle during quieter times in the day.

Skills and experience

• Experience in customer service is a must.

• Full drivers licence.

• Ability to positively engage with customers upselling and cross selling products.

Job benefits and perks

• Full time permanent position.

• Working for one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand, there is plenty of opportunity to grow and develop within the company.

• Great staff discount off rental vehicles

We will offer the right candidate $25/hour + commission to be paid bi-weekly

To apply, please email jj@snaprentals.co.nz or contact J-J on 0210350001

Jucy Snooze Queenstown are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people to join us in our re opening!

You don’t need experience to work with us! We offer staff benefits from staff accommodation to car rentals and Food & Beverage discounts!

Housekeeping Room Attendant (Starting from $25.00 an hour)

Chef roles (at all levels)

Night Manager

Please send through your resume to marcos_diniz@jucysnooze.co.nz


As a private Golf Club located in Arrowtown, we have a fantastic opportunity to deliver great service in an outstanding environment. We are looking for a motivated, friendly and engaging person to join our Golf Operations and Clubhouse team as a golf cart and driving range attendant.

The primary responsibilities will be to deliver outstanding service to members, cart staging, cart cleanliness, cart maintenance, and daily driving range operations. Other duties will include helping out the rest of the team as required.

This position requires a well presented and practical individual who can work with minimal supervision and interact with members and guests in a friendly and professional manner.

Days of work will be Wednesday to Sunday with flexibility required to meet the demands during the busy times at the Club. In return we offer a great team environment, staff benefits and an opportunity to work in a place where no two days are the same.

If you are looking for a change of pace or a seachange (in an alpine setting) send your CV through to annette.smith@thehills.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 2nd May 2023 - 8th May 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 27
Advertise your job vacancy | Upload online at jobfix.co.nz Advertise your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz


and be a part of Republic Hospitality Group

• Tired of being bored at work?

• Want to make your Queenstown life epic!

• Looking to meet a fun and friendly crew?

Republic Hospitality Group has 10 venues in Queenstown, and we offer casual, part-time and full-time work. So whether it’s bar, restaurant or kitchen work you’re interested in, we’ve got it available at all levels

Our perks are pretty hard to beat:

• Staff pricing (did someone say great deals on food & drink?)

• Staff accommodation options

• Epic staff parties

• Great staff incentives

• A trusting culture

• Competitive pay

• Free staff meals

• Training and upskilling

• A welcoming and friendly team

Republic is a finalist in the NZ Hospitality Awards for Excellence in People & Culture for a reason. Get in touch and join us today, email HR@republicqt.co.nz and tell us what you’re looking for.

Check out our venues at www.republichospitality.co.nz


Great careers start right here!

We seek exceptional people to deliver an authentic five-star experience to our guests. You will be part of a high-energy, supportive and rewarding work environment.

At heart, we are a vibrant community where employees are fully supported and everyone works closely together to achieve the best for guests and each other.

Millbrook Resort is a completely unique place to work and as an employee, you play a key role in contributing to the ongoing success of this beautiful resort.








Your benefits:

Our people are our greatest assets, and we love rewarding hard-working team members. At Millbrook, we encourage learning and professional development. When you join the Millbrook family you will also enjoy: Discounted golf, restaurants and spa treatments; Friends & family hotel rates; Discounted gym membership; Onsite car parking; Complimentary sta meals; Daily travel allowance for team members who live more than 25k from the resort; and regular wellbeing workshop. Begin


Cafe Team Leader Wanted!

At Marmolada Cafe we are passionate about delivering a relaxed experience with fresh, delicious food and quality coffees. Find us in The Station building in the heart of Queenstown. The role would suit someone who is a people person, understands hospitality, is comfortable supervising a small team and keen to take initiative. If you have been in hospitality for a while and wanting to take that next step up, please reach out.

The perks

• Daytime hours only, between 6am-3pm

• Free barista made coffee & lunch

• Fun and friendly work environment, where your input is valued

• Accredited employer so sponsorship may be available

Contact marmoladacafe@yahoo.com if interested.

Key Account Manager Role Queenstown

REDPATHS Queenstown has experienced steady growth with its current team and great customer base and is now in need of another Key Account Manager to join the team!

REDPATHS is an Electrical goods wholesaler with branches across the South Island supplying electrical equipment to the trades.

REDPATHS are looking for an energetic, enthusiastic team member with great communication skills to work with our fantastic customer base and to fit in with our branch team.

The successful candidate will receive a competitive salary and the many extras that go with working at REDPATHS, it would be preferable that candidates have experience in the Electrical industry but not necessary.

Applicants must have full time residency.

So, if you’re keen for a change and want to join a fun team and carve a career path within REDPATHS email or drop your CV with a covering letter to:

The Branch Manager 105 Glenda Drive Frankton

Email: michelle.king@redpaths.co.nz

Applications close Friday 12th of May 2023.

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Scan the QR code to find out why our team love coming to work each day.
your Millbrook journey today and apply! www.mymillbrook.co.nz You must have a valid NZ Work Visa to apply.


If you are inspired by Asian/Pacifica food and want to be part of a top kitchen team, then we want to hear from you. We love what we create so it is important that you enjoy the industry and can handle a busy vibe and have the skill set to match.

What's in it for you:

• Competitive pay that matches your contribution

• Free staff meal and beverage every day

• Training and growth opportunities

• A positive and supportive team to work alongside you

What the team are looking for:

• Friendly, positive, energetic disposition and a commitment to delivering exceptional food to our customers.

• Proven Wok experience

• Flexible availability and reliability

• Knowledge of Asian fusion or Pacifica food

Candidates must already have the legal right to work in New Zealand to be considered for the role

Check out our website www.bluekanu.co.nz www.bluekanu.co.nz and send your CV and info through to Warren (General Manager) warren@hhgroup.nz or pop in and see us after 4pm

Water and Wastewater Network Operator Queenstown

Veolia are taking on operation of the Lake Hayes Scheme, and are looking for experienced operators to provide first class service to the community.

What we offer:

● On the job training and development

● Opportunity to be part of a team delivering essential community services

● Exciting career opportunities

● Competitive hourly rate, $27 to $35 per hour

● Time and a half rates for hours over 40 per week

● Participation in discounted share offers

What you’ll need:

● Experience in municipal water and wastewater services provision

● Focus on Health and Safety, and Environmental Protection

If this sounds like you send your CV to qtadmin@veolia.com

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We’re looking for superstars! kitchen

The Role:


Do you have a passion for travel and love talking to people? Happy Travels is scaling up their team to get ready for a busy Winter season. Previous Sales experience is a bonus but not essential.


Competitive Base Pay + Commission

Discounted Staff Accomodation

In Depth Sales Training

A fun and dynamic work environment

FREE adventure activities as part of your training

Send your resume lewis@happytravels.co.nz

F&B Manager - SkyCity Queenstown

SkyCity Queenstown is looking for a Food & Beverage Manager to join their team. Reporting to the General Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the F&B operation of SkyCity Queenstown, including organising functions, events and running the Wild Thyme Restaurant and Bar, whilst building a strong culture of excellence in service, products, and customer experience.

About the role

As F&B Manager, you will be managing your team to provide exceptional product delivery and a superb customer experience, whilst meeting budget expectations. You will be the point of contact for queries from internal and external stakeholders, including relationships with SkyCity Queenstown sponsorship agreements. The role will be hands on, whilst maintaining responsibility for the Queenstown F&B financial performance, relationship with back of house, planning, resourcing and development of both management and frontline staff.

This is a Full Time opportunity, working 40 hours per week including nights and weekends as required.

A bit about you

You'll likely be someone with a passion for people, providing a deep F&B knowledge, ongoing training and development, with the goal of guaranteeing our service offering is of the highest standard.

As well as exceptional customer service delivery, you'll bring:

A minimum of 5 years' experience in F&B with at least 3 years' experience at a management level

Proven experience in the management and training of staff

A strong continuous improvement focus

Demonstrated experience in financial management, including budgeting, cost control and monthly P&L reconciliation

Strategic mindset towards SkyCity Queenstown's business plan

Sound knowledge of a kitchen operation including ordering and food control plans

Cultural awareness obtained through being part of a diverse team

What's great about working for SkyCity?

Other than the opportunity to join a fantastic team in a varied role, you will have great scope for development and career progression all whilst getting to work in a fun, busy and vibrant environment. And if all that's not enough - SkyCity offers great staff benefits including discounts across our outlets, subsidised health insurance, and much more!

We begin reviewing all applications as soon as we receive them, so if this role ticks your boxes, apply today or at employment@skycity.co.nz and we could be speaking to you very soon.

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 2nd May 2023 - 8th May 2023 Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz

AVIS & Budget Queenstown


Do you enjoy working in a fast paced environment where the days go quickly?

Do you enjoy meeting and talking to people from all over the world?

Do you appreciate a consistent working roster because your life outside of work is important too?

If you answered yes to any of these then maybe this customer service, sales and office administration based role is the new job for you.

Full Time & Part Time contracts available with set days off, Shifts are mostly 8am to 5.30pm with at least one evening shift per week. The role also requires you to work weekends or at least one weekend day per week. You'd be based out of our Queenstown Airport office in Frankton.

What you need:

• Full drivers licence

• Good command of the English language

• Working rights in New Zealand

Please send a CV to: Claire.hampson@abgroup.co.nz

Shape Your Future With Us

We have incredible opportunities in a variety of roles with shifts and hours that will suit whatever you are looking for across our 3 Queenstown properties.











Full time or part time

Arrowtown’s newest cocktail & live music venue is looking for people with great customer service skills and personality.

Experience with cocktail bartending is desired but not essential. Full training can be given by our experienced team.

• Competative hourly rates.

• Drink & food discounts across multiple venues.

• Guaranteed set days off weekly.

• Become part of an awesome community!

Forward your cv to info@hydebar.co.nz or speak with a manager in person.

Applicants must have:

Current NZ Driver’s License

Be well organized

Be motivated and reliable

Works to a very high standard

Have an ability to work independently or as part of a team

We are looking for a maintenance plumber to join our team!

If you have problem solving skills, like each day to be different then this is the job for you! Company van supplied.

If successful you will be joining a professional team with a proven track record & performance. Please send CV to enquiries@advantageqt.co.nz

To apply please email fran@zigzagzoo.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 2nd May 2023 - 8th May 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 31


Welco is a leading refrigeration and air conditioning company that provides quality service to commercial and residential clients in Queenstown and the surrounding areas. We're looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to join our team as an Apprentice Refrigeration Mechanic.


• Assist in the installation, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems

• Troubleshoot and diagnose problems with refrigeration and air conditioning systems


• A valid driver's license and reliable transportation

• Ability to work well in a team environment

• Good communication and interpersonal skills

• Ability to work at heights and in confined spaces

• Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

• A positive attitude and willingness to learn


• Technical training and on-the-job learning

• A supportive and friendly team environment

• Company-provided safety gear and equipment

If you are interested, please submit your application to tess@welco.nz. We look forward to hearing from you!


Located in Arrowtown The Hills Golf Course offers a great work environment where you’ll spend your days in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

We have a full-time role for a Front of House superstar available to join our Clubhouse team. We offer a generous hourly rate with attractive hours of work and only occasional late nights required for events.

We are looking for an individual with an amazing ‘can do’ personality, proven customer service skills, someone who shows initiative and who will fit in with the rest of our high performing team.

You will need to have worked in Front of House for at least 2 years and have the following skills:

• Barista training / experience

• Be able to assist in setting up for and running events

• Stock control and general administration tasks

• Bar skills & cocktail making

• Duty manager's licence would be desirable

With great staff benefits including staff golf, subsidised lunches, petrol discount card & uniform supplied this opportunity comes with an immediate start.

If you would like to be part of this unique environment, please forward your CV or expression of interest to annette.smith@thehills.co.nz





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PLACE YOUR JOB ADVERT FOR MORE THAN ONE WEEK AND PAY LESS! The discount rate will be applied automatically when booked and cannot be cancelled once approved.


Come and immerse yourself in the 1,500+ wines and spirits we stock and help us showcase the 100+ wines, gins, whiskies & spirits we have for tasting everyday with customers who come from all over the world. We have Part Time (15-30 hours/week) & Full Time (40 hours/week) positions at our Arrowtown store in various roles.

Wine Sales

This could be an ideal step up if you have experience at a cellar door or if you have enthusiasm for wine, hospitality and retail with a great customer service attitude. You would bring additional value if you have your Duty Managers Certificate and/or WSET qualifications.


You may be an experienced Barista wanting to expand into wine, or a coffee and wine loving local who wants to work school hours. Full training can be provided, options for 15-40 hours, 2-5 days a week.

Kitchen Hand

This is a great entry into hospitality, we will train you in preparing and serving our cheeseboard and tapas menu, and all our kitchen operations. Ideal if you are looking for 20-40 hours, 2-4 days a week. Enquire confidentially to: henry@thewinery.co.nz or come & chat with Henry at The Winery, 27 Ramshaw Lane, Arrowtown.



Are you sick of working your weekends?

Working long hours and different shifts?

Would you like your Birthday off every year?

Do you like the idea of free medical insurance?

Want a job where you can enjoy some banter with your colleagues and customers?

Then REDPATHS have a job for you!

Electrical Wholesaler role

REDPATHS Queenstown is an Electrical goods wholesaler with branches across the South Island supplying electrical equipment to the trades.

REDPATHS has a full-time role and is looking for an energetic, enthusiastic team member with great communication skills to work with our fantastic customer base and to fit in with our branch team. Applicants must have full time residency.

So, if you’re keen for a change and want to join a fun team and carve a career path within the company email or drop your CV with a covering letter to:

The Branch Manager 105 Glenda Drive Frankton

Email: michelle.king@redpaths.co.nz

Madam Woo Queenstown Restaurant Manager

Madam Woo has the ultimate career opportunity

Are you a Hospitality professional with a record of leadership and excellence in restaurant management?

We are looking for a dynamic, energetic and confident leader who can manage all aspects of our fun, fast and fresh very busy central Queenstown restaurant.

Madam Woo has an national and international reputation and has been a local and tourists favourite for 10 years. You will need to motivate our team to strive for excellence for our customers and build a dynamic culture of performance.

Work and lead with our already exceptional team, be inspirational and make your mark on Queenstown Hospitality

Please send cover letter and current CV to hr@gotocollection.co.nz

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your job vacancy now at jobfix.co.nz

Sales Assistant

Do you want to work for a long standing Queenstown company? If you want to join a team that values teamwork, excellent customer service, problem solving and personal and professional growth then Impact Print & Stitch is the place for you. We specialise in providing uniform and merchandise with a in house embroidery, screen printing and a digital department.

We are looking for a sales assistant that works on the sales floor providing assistance directly to our customers. This is a full time position Monday to Friday 8.30 - 5pm.

The role will involve:

• Greeting customers and offering assistance

• Recommending products or merchandise

• Informing customers about new products and sales

• Taking payments

• Keeping inventory and monitoring the showroom

• Answering phones

Ideally the successful applicant will have:

• At least 2 years customer services experience

• Knowledge of all Microsoft Office Software

• Exceptional problem solving skills

• Strong numeracy skills and attention to detail

• Excellent phone manner

• Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced and rapidly growing company

If this sounds like you - pop into Impact at 134 Gorge Road and ask for Ben or Lauren. Alternatively email your CV through to lauren@bigimpact.co.nz


We are a locally owned and operated liquor retailer based in Queenstown, Frankton, Arrowtown and Wanaka and were on the hunt for warm, welcoming, customer focused, self-motivated individuals to join our friendly team. We have full time, part time, and casual roles available.

What sort of people are we looking for:

• 20 years of age or over

• Happy, positive, full of energy, a real people person

• Understand the fundamentals of working in retail

• A self-starter capable of working well by yourself

• Passionate and knowledgeable (or keen to learn) about local wine and beer

• Willing to obtain an LCQ and Managers Certificate

• Committed to Queenstown for the foreseeable future

The role:

• Look after our customers in a sole-charge position

• Maintain a clean, well-stocked, beautiful looking store

• Engage with customers, ask questions, and drive sales

• Comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act and Host Responsibility policies

• Support the store manager with an array of operational tasks and projects, including stock ordering, stocktakes, banking, cash handling, merchandising, and much more!

What you get:

• A starting rate of $25 per hour (more if you already have your LCQ and Managers Certificate)

• Work and play in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand

• Work with a great bunch of people who love what they do

• Fixed hours right through the year or for casual positions hours that suit you

• Staff discounts and product training

• The opportunity to learn and grow in the industry

If you already have your LCQ and Managers Certificate and you love your current job but want to earn extra money, our casual positions let you accept shifts as they become available.

If this sounds like you please send a copy of your CV and a short email telling us about yourself to ferg@bettys.co.nz

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 2nd May 2023 - 8th May 2023 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | info@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 34
Advertise your job vacancy Upload online at jobfix.co.nz FOR YOUR JOB VACANCY FIND THE PERFECT CANDIDATE

Real careers, real purpose

Find professional and creative development in some of the most beautiful places on earth. With a wide selection of work available, and accommodation for the right candidates, we’re here to support you for a good time AND a long time.

Join our whānau, and finally master that work-life balance. Operating in locations from central Queenstown, like the iconic TSS Earnslaw or the Walter Peak paradise, to the secluded and rugged Fiordland, there’s something for everyone.

Some positions available in Queenstown:

• Jet Boat Driver

• H&S Advisor – Mountains

• Horticulturalist

• People & Performance Operations Manager

Further afield

• People & Performance Advisor – Fiordland/Rakiura (Te Anau)

• Accounts Receivable Officer (Te Anau)

Cardrona x Treble Cone are now hiring!

• Retail Online & Inventory Coordinator Head over to cardrona.com/winter/employment/ to apply for winter roles.

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