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For the Lake Norman area’s 55+ adults who place no limits on living their best lives!

February 2021


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When you think about retirement planning, how do you define success for yourself?


here are a lot of ways to answer this question, but after 16 years of working with retirees and those approaching retirement, we can confidently say that the most predictive measure of success for the happiest, most satisfied retirees, has very little to do with numbers on a balance sheet, or percentage points on an investment statement. It’s actually far simpler. The real measure of success in retirement is ensuring the opportunity to sustain the lifestyle you experienced while you were working, throughout your retirement, without running out of money in the process. And to accomplish this requires carefully building around the cornerstone of any successful retirement plan - your income. To help you get started we’re going to cover 3 critical steps you can take to help build a more secure retirement income plan, without introducing unnecessary risk in your retirement plan. (1) Optimize your Social Security Benefits: Social Security is most people’s #1 asset in retirement, but much of the available information we see about it is contradictory, confusing, or even downright incorrect. To ensure you’re making the most of your Social Security benefits, start by making sure you’re equipped with the right questions to ask. • Do I know when I should file to maximize the income my spouse and I receive from Social Security? • Do I know my “break-even” point between filing early (to claim for a longer timeframe) and filing later (to claim a larger check)? • Have I reviewed how the 2019 SECURE Act changes could affect me? • Do I understand how my benefits, my spouse’s benefits, and potentially my ex-spouse’s benefits can be combined to produce the highest amount available? (2) Leverage your pension benefits: While fewer and fewer Americans have access to pension plans today, many still do. Understanding how to coordinate these benefits with the rest of your income plan can potentially take significant stress off of your ability to provide the income you desire in retirement. A few questions to consider: • How does my pension affect my or my spouse’s Social Security? • Do my pension options protect my spouse if I die prematurely?

• Do they adjust to future inflation? • Are there methods to help me potentially increase my pension payout? • Have I reviewed my potential health care benefits to coordinate with Medicare? • Have I researched the organization providing my pension to understand it’s financial health? (3) Use advanced planning strategies to create an income stream to cover any income gaps: For most retirees, this step is the single most important in the planning process. Ensuring your plan creates steady, predictable income for as long as you live is critically important, and coordinating your income plan with your investment and tax plan can have a huge impact on the success of your retirement. Consider the following: • Am I protected from sequence-of-return risk if the market experiences volatility? • How changes to interest rates may impact my income in the future? • Have I reviewed my portfolio to understand how, and how much income will be generated from my investments? • Do any of my investments offer a guarantee lifetime stream of income? • Do I have a plan to replace income if I outlive my spouse, or vice versa? • Are there other planning strategies that might exist to create more income that I should consider? Retirement planning can be confusing, but meaningful progress starts with a clear process. If you’re unsure about how these, or any other questions might affect your retirement, we welcome you to take advantage of a complimentary discovery session to help you get the answers you need. Derek Bostian, CFP® | Jason Rindskopf, WMCP® Two Waters Wealth Management | 704.275.2500

All product guarantees, including optional benefits, are based on the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company. | February 2021


y p p Ha e’s n i t n e l a V ay! D Protect Your Family and Assets With a Comprehensive Plan Of Insurance Coverage Thank You for Trusting Us to Protect You and Your Loved Ones Every Day of the Year

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4 | February 2021

2020 WAS UGLY. LET’S MAKE 2021 BEAUTIFUL! Some things in life you can’t control, but you can control your smile! Start the New Year right with a personalized smile makeover. • INVISALIGN • TEETH WHITENING • VENEERS

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limitless letter

For the Lake Norman area’s 55+ adults who place no limits on living their best lives!

Publisher MacAdam Smith

Put a Little Love in Your Heart So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word love lately. With February being the “month of love,” it seems like a good time to reflect back on the people we love easily and those that might be a little harder to love. I grew up in a family filled with love. My mom and my dad never once hesitated to tell me and my brothers how much they loved us. At the time, we thought it was a little mushy and sappy but today, I think back on those words and I’m so grateful that they taught me to never be ashamed to tell someone you love them. To this day, my son and I never hang up the phone without saying “I love you.” Hearing those words from my 39-year-old still makes this mom’s heart beat just a little bit faster. And now that I’m a grandmother, hearing my grandbabies say “I love you, MawMaw” never fails to bring a smile to my face. My husband and I have been married 36 years and we never leave the house without a kiss and an “I love you.” But we are family and I guess you’d


about making someone’s day than making our point. As parents and grandparents, we should be setting an example of unconditional love to those who are watching and learning life’s lessons from us. expect those words to roll off your tongue when it comes to family, but what about friends? What about neighbors? What about people who look or think differently than we do? The word “Love” has gotten a little lost in the shuffle over the past year as we all faced unprecedented challenges. Unfortunately, we’ve spent more time focusing on ourselves than focusing on others. I say let’s use the month of February to get back to loving one another, our families, our friends, our neighbors, and (heaven forbid) our enemies. We are in the season of life where everything we do should count for something. We should be worried more | February 2021

Let’s agree to put 2020 in the past and make 2021 the year (not just this month) we show love. Love to the unlovable, love to the disagreeable, love to those who may not love us. Don’t allow the Millennials to be the generation of change. Let us Baby Boomers be the generation of change! I challenge you all to show love today to someone you may not agree with; someone who walks a different path than you do; someone who needs love as much as you do. That, my friends is everyone! Happy month, I mean year, of love to you all!

Advertising Director Sharon Simpson

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Drs. miChael Coleman anD miChael Foran Restoring the Quality of Life

The Choice is Clear

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It's never too late to take a proactive approach to health and wellness.

February, 2021 | vol. 1 | No. 11

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In our November 2020 issue, we failed to credit photographer Toni Lovejoy for her photo of author Michelle Hoverson in the article “Getting Personal on the Pages.” We sincerely regret this error. To check out the photographer’s work, please visit her website at

20 » Time for Tea

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8 | February 2021

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explorers & ADVENTURES

A Fulfilling


10 | February 2021

Creating new chapters in retirement BY » Jean Spangler


he word “retirement” means different things to different people. To some, the word invokes feeling “old and tired.” Others love the word retirement as it means they have retired the closet full of business casual clothes and the task of going to work on a daily basis. Regardless of how you may feel about retirement, the first thing is to develop an attitude of joy and gratitude if you are among those who don’t have to find a part-time job to supplement social security and investments.

Settle into new routines slowly

Retirement can be a significant adjustment for some who have had jobs that left them little free time to develop hobbies such as tennis or golf, painting, or volunteering. Psychologists say that new retirees often rush into staying busy and overcommit as a way of avoiding being alone. These experts recommend that the first rule of thumb for many retirees is to settle into a new routine slowly. That doesn’t mean sleeping until noon or looking at your Facebook page for hours a day. It means giving yourself time to develop a routine that suits and stimulates you. If you’re married and are both retired, retirement may require dedicating the time so that each of you have your own space and that expectations regarding meal time and delegation of chores is clearly communicated and understood. Make time for “me time” and “us time.” It’s also important for singles and couples to agree on monthly expenditures so that, despite a paycheck, you live within your means.

Explore new hobbies and interests The primary benefit of retirement is that you now have the time to explore new things—even those you may think you have no ability to do. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a painter, but can’t draw a stick figure, sign up for a class anyway. The same is true for

Plan It. Providing proactive solutions, personalized strategies, and inspired insight that is forwardthinking, comprehensive, and considerate of your financial personality and risk comfort zone.


Dream It. Plan It. Pursue It.SM

139 W. McNeely Ave, Mooresville, NC

Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC | February 2021 11

explorers & ADVENTURES

learning a new language (always great for brain fitness), journaling and writing, taking a fitness class like Tai Chi or yoga, meditation or taking an adult education class in a subject in which you’ve always been fascinated. Dance classes, like ballroom dance, kill two birds with one stone. First, learning the steps challenges your brain, learning the moves help keeps you physically fit. 12 | February 2021

Serving others

If you find yourself with too much time on your hands, nonprofits are a great way to get your mind off yourself and onto others. Hospitals need volunteers to greet people and direct them to offices and departments. Hospice is always looking for volunteers to undergo training to help comfort those dealing with end-of-life issues.

Nonprofits such as food pantries, affordable housing organizations, clothing closets and mentoring children in subjects in which they struggle, are just a few examples of ways to spend your free time with purpose.

Have fun and get organized

But don’t forget to put the fun in retirement time. Find a way to

make new friends and nourish those friendships. Establish a “girl” or “couples” night out once a month. For foodies, try a new restaurant or invite people over to cook a new recipe with each person or couple bringing ingredients. Book lovers can find one of many book clubs or subscribe to Audible books and spend an afternoon mesmerized by a great novel. Many new retirees use their time to organize files and update wills and other personal matters they may have not had time to do. Make memories with your children and grandchildren and reach out to relatives you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. The main thing many therapists advise retirees struggling to adjust to post-life work is to do what makes you happy while incorporating a little daring into your day. Spend time discovering where you live and the out-of-the-way places you might have missed or never got around to visiting. If all else fails and you miss working, then look for opportunities to work part-time. Retirement should be a time where you can find yourself in new ways. Now’s a great time to start!

Pursue It. Helping you embrace your financial possibilities to pursue the lifestyle you desire now and throughout your lifetime filled with treasured moments and memories.


Dream It. Plan It. Pursue It.SM

139 W. McNeely Ave, Mooresville, NC

Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC | February 2021 13

health + HAPPINESS

What a Cardiologist Does to

Protect her Own Heart

You can, too. BY » Martin Rose Photo courtesy of » Dr. Sandy Charles


r. Sandy Charles, cardiologist, is proactive about managing her own personal risk for heart disease and she hopes her example inspires others. “There’s no question that poor lifestyle choices are the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Charles says. “Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., killing more people than all cancers combined.” Medical director at Novant Health Women’s Heart & Vascular Center, Dr. Charles helps women manage their risk of heart disease. “I was inspired to become a doctor after witnessing the devastating effects of cardiovascular disease on one of my family members,” Dr. Charles says. “Nobody is immune. Young or old. Overweight or healthy weight. Risk factors or no symptoms at all. All of us need to be doing all we

Dr. Sandy Charles

can to protect ourselves from heart disease.” Dr. Charles suggests looking at exercise, diet and emotional health to lower your heart disease risk. “80 percent of heart disease is preventable by optimizing our diets and exercise,” she adds. No. 1 is exercise. “Exercising 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is a profound way to decrease your risk of heart disease,” Dr. Charles says. Exercise does not have to be intense to protect

14 | February 2021

you. Simply taking a walk is enough to markedly reduce the risk of disease. “Find time to exercise no matter what,” Dr. Charles advises. “No excuses. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Wake up 20-30 minutes earlier. Monitor your steps.” Diet is important. “The number one thing is cut out processed foods,” Dr. Charles says. She also advises approaching fast food with caution and checking its nutrition info. A salad or sandwich may contain 80 percent of your daily recommended sodium. “Cut back on sugary drinks,” she says. “Most people don’t realize that one 20 oz. soft drink has the same amount of sugar as 18 chocolate chip cookies.” She cautions that iced tea, apple and orange juice often have way more sugar than our bodies need. For healthier drink options, Dr. Charles suggests water, almond milk and homemade juice-flavored

drinks made from fruit. Too much alcohol puts you at significant risk for heart disease. “Alcohol has a lot of carbohydrates,” she says. “Excessive alcohol increases the risk of hypertension and high cholesterol.” Focus on emotional health and wellness. “This is an exceedingly stressful time with the Covid pandemic, virtual learning for children or family members sick or lost,” Dr. Charles says. “Take time to look inward. Assess your stress, anxiety and level of depression. Seek help if needed. There are actual cardio abnormalities related to stress and anxiety. Find activities that bring you joy. Take time to make sure you are feeling well physically and emotionally.” The doctor’s Instagram account @drsandycharles provides followers health tips, motivation and her perspective on marriage and motherhood to nearly 11,000 followers.

Everybody Needs An Adventure!

This beautifully restored mill is a Carolina destination that hosts 450 quality vendors, two amazing award winning restaurants within 85,000 square feet of unique!!

Spend the day with us! Antiques & Vintage Goods Art & Home Décor Jewelry & Accessories Military Memorabilia Mid-century Modern Items American Art Pottery Fine Collectibles

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health + HAPPINESS

Know Your Options T

he terminology, paperwork and vast amount of details regarding health insurance has always had the capacity to be overwhelming. This doesn’t change once you retire. Because of this, experts such as Kent Pike of HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, Inc., suggest you sit down with a licensed agent that has an actual office you can go to and explore all your available options.

FAQs about health insurance after retirement BY » Renee Roberson

Pike says he often meets with clients months in advance before their retirement date for preplanning purposes. “In my office, we take a deep dive into what is needed in a healthcare plan and provide year round support,” he says. “It’s my opinion that your health is your most important asset next to your financial well-being, and I want to help you protect that.”

16 | February 2021

What’s the Difference Between Health Insurance and Discount Plans?

Know the difference. According to information found on the Federal Trade Commission website, health insurance plans generally cover a broad range of services and pay you or your health care provider for a portion of your medical bills. With a

medical discount plan, the consumer pays a monthly fee to get discounts on specific services or products from a list of participating providers. Medical discount plans do not pay your health care costs.

Original Medicare Original Medicare is a fee-for-service health plan that has two parts: Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance).

Be Wary of Scammers

After you pay a deductible, Medicare pays its share of the Medicare-approved amount, and you pay your share (coinsurance and deductibles). It is generally offered for people 65 and older with some exceptions. Pike says Original Medicare currently pays for 80 percent of Medicare-approved items. The 2021 monthly cost for Medicare is $148.50 per month, but those in higher-income brackets may be assessed a higher monthly fee. There are also hospital deductibles and an annual Part B deductible plan that has to be paid. But if you choose a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan, those deductibles may be covered. Pike also cautions that

information in commercials regarding the various types of Medicare plans could be The AARP cautions that there are many scams that misleading as the plans may fall under the guise of providing health insurance for not be offered in your area— older citizens. These have only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, with phishers and scammers one of the main reasons he attempting to sell special coverage related to the virus. recommends meeting with a local agent you trust instead. CONSIDER THESE WARNING SIGNS OF If you are still working but INSURANCE SCAMS FROM AARP: have plans for retirement • High-pressure sales pitches that push low-cost on the horizon, consider plans or offer special rates if you sign up right away. asking your employer what • Claims that a plan is licensed under ERISA, the the COBRA (Consolidated federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Omnibus Budget Insurance companies are licensed by the states, not Reconciliation Act) by any federal body. rate will be for 18 • A plan requires you to join an “association” or “union” to get covered. These may be fake months of coverage. organizations designed to create the illusion that “Be sure to do your research you are buying group health insurance. and find an agent that can • Someone contacting you about health coverage help you get the exact package claims to be from the government. No government that works for your specific representative will ever try to sell you insurance. needs and budget,” says Pike. “There are custom-tailored solutions out there . . . you If you have any questions about potential scams, call just need a helping hand.” AARP Fraud Watch Hotline at 877.908.3360.


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this month IN HISTORY

Significant Firsts

The Birth of Famed Sports Figures, Presidents and Other Historical Events that happen in February


he earliest Roman calendars contained 10 months and 304 days, with the new year beginning in March. The months of January and February were not separated because winter because the time was just too grim to name. Sounds reasonable to me.


Baseball player Babe Ruth was born. Sold to the Yankees in 1920, and thus began the curse of the Babe, ending in 2005 with a Red Sox World Series win.


Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England. Did you read his novel, Great Expectations, in high school English?

BY » Mickey Dunaway

was born in that famous long cabin in Harden County, Ky. However, some researchers believe he was born near Bryson City, N.C.


WWII Allied Bombing of Dresden, Germany. Allied propaganda said the bombing destroyed German railroads and industry. However, an estimated 25,000 German civilians died when fires swept the industrial city. Historians attribute the purpose of the bombing to reducing Germany's will to fight on.



Guadalcanal captured in WWII. 9000 Japanese and 2000 Americans killed.

St. Valentine’s Day The celebration of the day began in Rome in the year 496. Now celebrated around the world. It seems to this writer that Valentine's Day 2021 comes at a particularly critical point when a little—no, a lot—more love is needed at home and nationwide.



25th Amendment passed regarding presidential disability. Used six times—mainly for medical reasons. Readers will surely find it interesting that the 25th Amendment emerged as a significant topic in last month's rigamarole regarding certifying the Electoral College votes.


Nelson Mandela freed. Mandela served 27 years as a political prisoner. Should cause everyone to ask themselves: for what cause would I serve and then forgive my captors to unite my nation?


Abraham Lincoln was born. Generally, it is conceded that he 18 | February 2021

Jim Brown, famed Cleveland Browns running back born in St. Simons, Ga. Athlete Jim Brown was a dual All American in football and lacrosse at Syracuse University, but he also ran track and played varsity basketball for Syracuse. Arguably the best athlete of his time.

Civil Liberties Act of 1988. More than $1.6 billion in reparations were paid to 82,219 Japanese-Americans.


First American orbits the earth. John Glen launched into orbit aboard the Atlas LV-3B.


President Nixon visits China. Opened relations by meeting with Mao Tse-tung and Premier Chou En-lai.


President George Washington was born in Westmorland County, Va. Of the many traits and accomplishments for which George Washington is renowned, historians accept that by refusing to serve more than two terms, Washington assured a representative democracy—a fact which we need to be reminded of from time to time.


Geoffrey Dummer was born in Hull, England. Dummer was the first person to build an integrated circuit/microchip. Hero or villain? I will leave that for you to debate among yourselves!



Germans Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published Communist Manifesto advocating the abolishment of private property.


At a time in our country’s history when we are most divided, and sharing and compromise are dirty words, it is good to remember these words from motivational expert Zig Ziglar: Among the things you can give away and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.

The Silence of the Lambs released. One of the best horror films of all time. It went on to win five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Anthony Hopkins), and Best Actress (Jodie Foster). Internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans began. In 1988, President Reagan signed the

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Steeped in Creativity

20 | February 2021

Left: “First Snow” was created from used teabags, acrylics and wire. Below: "Concealed Carry II" features used teabags on cheesecloth. Right: "Tea and Sympathy" was created with used teabags, acrylics and wire. Bottom Right: Judith Olson Gregory

Davidson mixed media artist brings new meaning to “tea time” BY: » Karel Bond Lucander PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF: » Judith Olson Gregory


or four decades Judith Olson Gregory of Davidson has been turning natural objects and treasures into thought-provoking works of art. But for a while now, this award-winning mixed-media artist has focused on used tea bags, and she has thousands of them

from friends and neighbors, awaiting her conversion. “I like to think that each tea bag comes with its own back story, from a formal tea served with tiny decrusted sandwiches to an intimate conversation over a comforting mug,” says Olson Gregory. “I like the lightness, the transparency and the stains that are

on them, each with its own history coming from different people and different places.”

Origins of her tea-bag art

In the 1990s she began her tea-bag art odyssey with a large handmade paper kimono piece, “Chance and Choice.” “I lined the kimono with tea

bags and strings with labels, some replaced with cut out map pieces,” she says. “The idea was if you take a chance, you might read the tea leaves and if you make a choice, you might use a map. Every second of our lives, we’re making choices; do we base them on chance or are they an actual choice?” | February 2021 21

beNeed BOLD affordable Medicare

that’s in step with your life? Judith Olson Gregory began experimenting

Need affordable Medicare with tea bags in her art in the 1990s. Choosing Medicare coverage can that’s in stepthe withright your life?

be confusing.

Choosing the right Medicare coverage can be confusing.

I can help you find a plan that’s right for YOU and YOUR BUDGET.

I can help you find a plan that’s right for YOU and YOUR BUDGET.

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704-437-4038 Call today for personalized service! Kent Pike 704-437-4038

Licensed Insurance Agent

This is an advertisement. Not all agents are licensed to sell all products. Service and product availability varies by state. HMIA001594

Kent Pike art has been featured in various exhibitions throughout Licensed Insurance Agent herHernative New York and nationwide. Regionally, “Taking Tea,”


a 12-foot-square teahouse, was on exhibit at Appalachian State

This is an advertisement. Not all agents are licensed to sell all products. University’sService Turchinand Center. It references “the somewhat dascustomize your order toda y! tardly history of how tea was ‘taken’ from China,” she says. product availability varies by state. HMIA001594 art, toys, games, gifts, home decor

Other tea-oriented works include “Book Club Tea,” incorporating fellow book club members’ used tea bags, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg tribute pieces with jabot collars made from “Choice” tea labels.

Concepts begin with much thought

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Bob Weir’s Wood Art 704-756-0909 22 | February 2021

“Thinking is 90 percent of my work,” she says. “It’s also an alchemal response; taking an unwanted, recycled tea bag and transforming it into something that’s sort of magical.” And when she’s in her studio, contemplating her next creation, you’ll likely find Olson Gregory sipping her favorite PG Tips tea: “Iced, with no sugar and a little lemon.” Since 2006, when she and her husband moved to Davidson, they have split their time between here and their home in Chautauqua, N.Y. This esteemed professional artist, who has also been an art teacher and a consultant, encourages us each to tap into our creative potential. “Everybody is creative in some way and we are all more creative than we give ourselves credit for,” she says. To view Judith Olson Gregory’s art or to commission a piece, visit or contact her at


We take Customer Satisfaction to the Highest Degree.

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helping HANDS

Selfless Care

Volunteers at HealthReach Community Clinic go above and beyond

BY: » Renee Roberson PHOTOS COURTESY OF : » HealthReach Community Clinic


s the only free medical clinic in Iredell County, HealthReach Community Clinic in Mooresville relies heavily on the services of specialty care providers who can provide referred patients with free or low-cost care. Those volunteers are so dedicated to helping others that they are consistently recognized for their service at the statewide and local level. This past year, longtime volunteers Dr. Richard Kerecman, a family medicine specialist and Cheryl Bernhardt, RN, were the co-recipients of the 2020 Jay Lewis Award, named for the clinic’s founder, which recognizes extraordinary volunteer service at HealthReach. The two providers have worked with the clinic for more than 10 years, often serving patients together as a doctor/ nurse team. The two have also earned the distinction of more than 50 years of experience in their respective fields. Bernhardt says she was blessed to be

24 | February 2021

Left: Dr. Richard Kerecman and Cheryl Bernhardt, RN Right: Jennifer Al-Hussaini, Frankie Sue Coleman, Claudia Moody, Molly Muesburger, Sophia Pine, Cheryl Bernhardt and Sharon Hemric.

able to retire at a rather early age with 36 years of federal service including active duty Air Force. “I had always planned to volunteer in some capacity using my RN skills,” she says. “I learned about HealthReach through information shared at my church and I made the call.” An average shift at the clinic involves multiple tasks including patient intake for the provider, returning phone calls to patients regarding questions or test results, occasional lab blood draws, consultation with other staff and outside specialists/ providers, and assisting other staff with computer issues. Bernhardt was also among the “Super Seven,” a group of volunteer nurses who received the 2020 Governor’s Medallion Award for Volunteer Service. Bernhardt, Claudia Moody, Molly Meusburger, Sharon Hemric, Sophia Pine, Frankie Sue Coleman and Jennifer Al-Hussaini were instrumental in the more than 4,000 medical appointments

provided in 2019. The award recognizes the top 20-25 volunteers in the state each year. The clinic, which has operated in Mooresville for more than 17 years, offers care to residents of Iredell County between the ages of 18 and 65 years old, with a combined household income falling below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Available services include primary care and some specialty care, such as chiropractic and lab services. The clinic also operates a pharmacy for patients. HealthReach Community Clinic is always looking for volunteer specialty care providers. COVID-19 restrictions have limited the clinic's in-person volunteering, but they always appreciate help spreading awareness of services, as well as fundraising and supply drives. Contact Dr. Niggel at or 704.663.1992, ext. 5 to learn more about how you can help keep the community healthy.

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A Soiled Reputation The controversy over “terroir”— what makes wines from different places taste so differently BY » Trevor Burton Photography courtesy of » Trevor Burton

26 | February 2021


erroir is an untranslatable French word. It encompasses the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which grapes are grown and that give a wine its unique flavor and aroma. The concept has been around for a long time. Back in the 14th century, Cistercian monks in Burgundy were dedicated to studying, understanding, and improving winemaking. They were the first to realize that different grapes from different vineyards in the Côte d’Or in Burgundy and sometimes even different vines from the same vineyard led to dramatically different wines.

Today, all over the world, vignerons are digging deep holes in order to discover and display precisely which soil types lie beneath the vines and to see how deeply their vine roots penetrate. The make-up of vineyard soil is of upmost importance. But there is an academic opposition. Let me quote one professor—“the common notion that vines are able to absorb minerals from the soil which are eventually transmitted to the resulting wine is nonsense. These minerals are simply not available to the plant in any absorbable way nor in any meaningful concentration.” Reading between the lines, all wine enthusiasts are phonies because they are not geology professors. I’ve encountered this phenomenon throughout my, pre-wine, business career. Technical experts providing a detailed and accurate answer to exactly the wrong question. Oh, brother; those Cistercian monks were on to something. Those geology professors are missing the big picture. Looking for the development of terroir may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But it’s a haystack that should be tastefully explored. Different wines from different places taste different in what seem like predictable ways. There is a relationship between wine character and vineyard soil types. A wine grown in sandy soil will invariably taste lighter and softer than one grown in an adjacent vineyard on clay. Wines from the Côte d’Or have their own, unique characteristics. The

stupendous reds of Priorat in northeast Spain are grown on very particular rock formations—proof, to me, that you could grow grapes on the moon. Priorat wines taste perceptibly distinctive. So, when it comes to terroir and soil, here’s the dirt. Something seems to be going on. It’s been pointed out that the principal role of vineyard soils and rocks is physical rather than chemical. The exact shape, consistency, particle size, permeability and absorbency of the soil determine the crucial supply of water to the vine. That shapes how grapes ripen. There’s a school of thought that terroir may include the effects of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in a vineyard and how geology might shape their presence. The idea behind microbial terroir is that the microorganisms of a vineyard are unique and affect wine character in distinct ways, making them essential components of the expression of a vineyard. Well, that’s my rant done with. At this stage in life, finding the needle is way above my pay-grade and my interest. I’m far more interested in the vinous haystack, itself. I rejoice on the time I’ve spent in Burgundy sipping on what those limestone slopes have created. Same thing when it comes to northeast Spain and its rocky soil and its Priorat; and elsewhere, with wines from all around the world. And, as I raise my wine glass, I toast those few geology professors. What on earth were they thinking? Rock on, buddies. | February 2021 27

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hile the memories of New Year’s Eve celebrations are beginning to fade, the hopes and dreams for 2021 are as vivid as ever with just a month under our belts. Statistics show that recurring themes for each year’s resolutions generally include something related to a more active approach to health and fitness, improved finances, and/ or learning new things for personal and professional development. All of these are important and admirable areas for each of us to be focused on. However, have you considered what will help you gain peace of mind? For 2021, why not focus on a different type of financial goal that is not about budgeting or saving more, but rather about having all your ducks in a row? Being financially organized may not be a sexy motivational goal, but it should be on everyone’s list. Make 2021 the year you review all of your estate documents, or if they do not exist yet, the year you create them. Depending on your personal situation, the documents to consider include a will, revocable trust, financial power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney. I am inspired to share this idea as a result of a conversation with a client a few weeks ago. We were in the process of designing their retirement plan and I simply asked, “Do you have a will?” When they responded “yes,” my next question was focused on the date it was last reviewed. Their answer? Somewhere more than 20 years ago! With all the changes in the legal system, tax system, healthcare system, and of course, your own family situation, is it possible that decisions made years ago do not create ideal outcomes for you and your family today? Have beneficiaries of your life insurance

28 | February 2021

policies, investment accounts, and other named roles in your life been updated or need to change? Sometimes the goal needs to be big to be impactful and sometimes it is not the goal that needs to be big, but its impact that does. By making sure everything is in order, you will also ensure that what you intend to happen actually does happen. Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Securities and Advisory Services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA, SIPC.

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EVENT INFO ROUNDUP Music @ St. Albans Virtual Concert (Feb. 21) Music duo Cynthia Lawing, piano and William

Lawing, trumpet, will present a virtual concert. This event is held in collaboration with WDAV Classical Radio (89.9). William holds a named chair as professor in music at Davidson College, conducts the college’s jazz ensemble and other wind groups, and is a member of the Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra; Cynthia has long served as artist associate in piano at Davidson College. Each has an impressive resumé as soloist and as member of small ensembles and orchestras. They have performed in many parts of this country and abroad, most notably in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chile, and Europe. Free. 3 p.m. To hear this performance, go to M@SA’s website at www. or go to M@SA’s Facebook

2021 Mayors’ Fitness Challenge (Feb. 1-April 18) The three north Mecklenburg

towns— Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville—are hosting their first Mayors’ Fitness Challenge. Residents of each town will join together to become one team to win the title of Fittest Community. The challenge will last 12 weeks but you can register any time during this period. Each week, participants will work to have the highest total of active minutes. Everyone

is encouraged to invite their family, friends, and co-workers who live in one of the three northern towns to join in the fun and become more active. (Due to COVID-19, organizers recommend individual workouts, participating with those in your family/group, or outdoor workouts following physical distancing guidelines). At the end of the 12 weeks, the town with the best numbers will win! Register through your town website.

Backyard Bird Count (Feb. 12-15) The

Mooresville Public Library will be participating with the National Audubon Society’s “Great Backyard Bird Count” (GBBC). Each year people from around the world come together to watch, learn about, count, and celebrate birds. The library will release a DIY bird seed kit, bird log and library/GBBC instructions for participants.

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