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Ernst Koehler’s miraculous comeback Make 2018 an epic sports year 12 comfy finds for winter LNHBA’s Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

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Lakeside comfort in Mooresville


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The location, the style, the feeling you get when you walk through the door – every aspect of your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been and the life you aspire to live. Your best life begins with a home that inspires you. Call us today and let us find your inspiration. 877.539.9865 Asheville | 828.277.3238 Banner Elk | 828.898.5022

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Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.

The Peninsula’s Top Closing Agent Since 2012 WATERFRONT


18211 NAUTIQUE DRIVE | $719,000



16133 NORTH POINT ROAD | 1,250,000

18518 SQUARE SAIL ROAD | $650,000


15704 SAIL VIEW DRIVE | $1,050,000

18300 INVERGORDON LANE | $685,000

19124 PENINSULA CLUB DRIVE | $800,000

r de t Un trac n Co




17119 PLAYERS RIDGE DRIVE | $558,000

17701 SPRINGWINDS DRIVE | $975,000






8907 ROSALYN GLEN ROAD | $299,000




19824 SHEARWATER POINT DRIVE | $1,199,000


17528 PARADISE COVE COURT | $1,185,000 Dixie Dean

Broker, Realtor® | Allen Tate Company

704-641-1465 |







15705 JETTON ROAD | $1,650,000

A Perfect Place For Family



Solid Hardwood Custom Furniture Designs at Outlet Prices. Make the easy drive to Hickory.

2220 Hwy 70 SE | Hickory | North Carolina 28602 Hickory Furniture Mart | Level 2 | 828.261.4776 |

Drs. Coleman, Coleman & Foran Through the Generations...

Wisdom Teeth | IV Sedation | Computer Guided Dental Implants Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation Drs. Coleman, Coleman & Foran 19910 North Cove Road Cornelius / 704-892-1198 Lake NormaN’s TrusTed ChoiCe For oraL surgery siNCe 1985

Contents January 2018 vol. 11 No. 1

20 Make a Mess Christy Gepfert

reinterprets the future

22 Thoughts from the Man Cave

Man, campfires and family

70 On the Circuit What’s happening at

Lake Norman this month

72 Lori’s Larks Editor Lori K. Tate

Movers, shakers and more at the lake

13 Ansley Dodson bakes her dream

14 Luna’s celebrates 20 years of dressing for success

16 Jack Salzman makes time to help the community

How we live at the lake


Sean and Angela Higbea’s lakeside home in Mooresville. Photography by Metropolis Iconic Shots.

Channel Markers

Lake Spaces

seeks peace at St. Patrick’s labyrinth

About the Cover:

24 R eal Life

Ernst Koehler is built to last

48 Dwellings

Sean and Angela Higbea built their vision together


Dine + Wine

Eating, drinking, cooking and fun


62 Wine Time

Yadkin Valley wines at Dressler’s

63 On Tap

Homebrewing 101

28 T rends + Style Keep it cozy

64 In the Kitchen

with Jill Dahan

Body Lovin’ Lasagna

66 Nibbles + Bites

Hello, Sailor sets sail

37 Lake Norman Home Builders

Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

30 G ame On

2018 is your year for sports

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Between the Beacons Charting Your Course to Retirement

Healthcare Planning in Retirement

n our introductory article with Currents in October, we outlined the five key areas of retirement planning. This month I’ll discuss the third key area using our Chart Your Course Retirement Planning System – Healthcare Planning. Healthcare costs are the number one reason for bankruptcy in America. The average couple will spend approximately $250k on healthcare costs in retirement. This includes both Medicare and LongTerm Care spending. Couples over the age of 65 have a 70% chance that at least one of them will need long term care. The average stay in a nursing home is about 2 years for males and 3 years for females. The average cost of a nursing home in North Carolina is $75,000 per year or more. So, obviously it makes sense to have a plan in place to cover these potential costs during retirement, if at all possible.

individuals and company executives use this strategy.

Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance: Most folks are familiar with this strategy. You purchase an insurance policy that covers a certain dollar amount per day for a certain period of time or a lifetime. So, you might have $200 per day for three years of coverage with a 90 day elimination or waiting period. You can also build in inflation protection if you want. You must be insurable to utilize this strategy, and premiums can get expensive over time. The more benefits you contract for, the more expensive the policy premiums will be.

Asset-Based Long Term Care: This is a strategy that I personally like a lot. It’s become a very popular choice for folks that take the time to learn about it, but few know that it even exists. It’s called “asset-based”, because you typically make one single payment from your assets – although you can structure it for funding over time. It’s built on a life insurance chassis, but has accelerated benefits for long term care. There can also be Return of Premium benefits that allow you to get your premium back at some point. So, you’ll have life insurance coverage, long term care coverage, and can get your money back if you no longer want or need the policy. We call that “everybody wins” planning! Here’s a simple example. Let’s say you’re age 60 and you invest $100k. You may get $150k life insurance death benefit that can be used for long term care. The benefits are paid out monthly at a certain level until they are used up or you can add a rider to extend the long term care benefits for up to a lifetime. With a Return of Premium benefit, you can get your money back if you decide you don’t want the policy anymore. Of course, you would lose the benefit, but the bottom line is that the money is liquid if needed. It’s all about leveraging dollars, and that’s how everybody wins. Awesome!

Life Insurance with Living Benefits: Many life insurance policies today have living benefits where you can access up to 76% of the death benefit for long term care or terminal illness, if needed. This can be a good strategy if you want to make sure you’re not paying premiums on a policy you might not even use, which can be the case if you buy traditional long term care insurance. With a life policy with living benefits, either someone is going to get a tax-free death benefit when you pass away or you’re going to use it for long term care while you’re living. The beauty of insurance planning is that you get tremendous leverage of your dollars to cover various things if you do it properly. Many high net worth

Chart Your Course to Retirement Seminars Thursday January 11th & Wednesday January 17th Epic Chophouse 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00pm) REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO ATTEND Call 704-660-0340 or email Annuities with LTC Benefits: If you’re not insurable for the previously mentioned strategies, then annuities can play an important role. Many annuities today have guaranteed income benefits that can be doubled for long term care. Income is extremely important when it comes to retirement planning, and we use guaranteed insurance contracts to produce guaranteed income. Why not double it for long term care to help cover some of those costs if they should arise? At JDS, everything we do is designed to take the worry out of your retirement. If you’d like to set up a visit to discuss your retirement and get your own Chart Your Course Retirement Plan, then give us a call. And remember: The purpose of the money dictates where you put it! Until Next Month, James D. Stillman

(704) 660-0214 119-F Poplar Pointe Drive Mooresville, NC 28117 James D. Stillman is a licensed insurance professional, Registered Financial Consultant, and Investment Advisor Representative. He is the founder and president of two companies: JDS Enterprizes, Inc. and JDS Wealth Management Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. All content is intended for informational purposes only. Guarantees apply to certain insurance and annuity products (not securities, variable or investment advisory products) and are subject to product terms, exclusions, and limitations and the insurer’sclaims-paying ability and financial strength.

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James D. Stillman

Here are a few strategies than can be considered to do this:

from Where I Sit

The magazine by and for the people who call Lake Norman home


Smooth Operator

MacAdam Smith

Advertising Director


Sharon Simpson



nstead of setting a New Year’s resolution, I pick a word for the New Year. This is a trick that I picked up years ago from my dear friend, Rosie Molinary, who’s also a columnist for CURRENTS. The idea is to select a word that represents your overriding aspirations and goals for the year. The word is supposed to inform everything you do. Past selections include “enjoy,” “peace,” and “grateful.” Molinary advises to physically put the word in a prominent place where you can see it every day. She tends to write hers on a stone that she keeps on her desk. I usually have a disk engraved for my charm bracelet — a daily IV for the soul if you will. After much contemplation, I arrived at the word “smooth” for 2018. I toyed with “balance” and “calm,” but they seemed a bit too cliché, as I could picture them on a water bottle. Smooth, though, offered all sorts of interpretations from my psyche to skin care. I was inspired to choose this word when I recently read a quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder, who wrote, “It is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.” That quote summed up my 2017 perfectly. During the past year, I learned to joyfully embrace routine and

Photo by Glenn Roberson

by Lori K. Tate

normalcy. I began relishing the days when I could just go about my business with no surprises. Don’t get me wrong, I love fun surprises, and I’m not one to shy away from change, but this past year sent me more “gotcha” moments than I needed. Hence why I love the days when I simply drive my kids to school, workout, work and eat dinner with my family. Throw in a good book before bed, and that’s a perfect day for me. When I was in my early 40s, a friend of the family was admitted into Hospice. When I visited her, I told her that I felt like someone I loved was always dealing with misfortune. She looked me straight in the eye and bluntly replied, “It’s always going to be that way.” While that wasn’t the response I was hoping for, it became seared into my brain and it now helps me ride out the ill luck that is inevitable in life.

If you simply accept that bad things are going to happen, as well as extremely good things, life is so much easier to digest and things certainly run more smoothly. See how my word is working already? As I look at the upcoming year, there are many things I want to accomplish, but I know that the drive from point A to point B is almost always a scenic one, and therein lies its beauty. You can’t look at detours and pitfalls as failures. If you do that, you’ll miss the whole point of the journey. Instead, adopt the perspective that you can smoothly ride out whatever comes your way, no matter how exhilarating, challenging or devastating it may be. So, here’s to another year. Another chance to achieve great things. Another chance to make a difference. And another chance to employ a new perspective — in my case, a smoother one. I wish you a wonderful year of health and happiness, but know that it might not always be pretty, and that’s okay. Plunge headfirst into 2018 anyway, and make it your smoothest year yet. I certainly intend to. Happy New Year!

Editor Lori K. Tate

Advertising Sales Executives

Carole Lambert

Cindy Gleason

Beth Packard

Trisha Robinson

Social Media Specialist Michele Chastain

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$4.2 M


MLS 3272142 | 17240 Connor Quay Court Agent: Tracy Davis 704-779-9750


$3.3 M

$1.395 M


MLS 3327364 | 3466 Governors Island Dr. Agent: Laura Pegram 704-728-5122

$789 K


MLS 3301455 | 18034 Mollypop Lane Agents: Tracy Davis 704-779-9750 Alison Smith 704-996-6747

$639 K

WATERFRONT CAPTAINS POINT - CORNELIUS 21519 Baltic Drive Agents: Alison Smith 704-996-6747 Bill Moore 704-651-1532


MLS 3304465 | 4580 Osprey Run Court Agent: Susan Dolan 704-560-7201


$599 K


MLS 3321392 | 1443 Winged Foot Drive Agent: Susan Dolan 704-560-7201

$99 K







MLS 3339252 | 17039 Winged Thistle Court Agent: Christy Chaffee 704-968-1733

MLS 3327670 | 15925 Lavenham Road Agent: Kristen Kosicki 704-231-0714

MLS 3220901 | 1619 Teeter Farms Drive Agent: Tracy Davis 704-779-9750 | Phone: 704.655.0586 |

channelMarkers Movers, Shakers, Style, Shopping, Trends, Happenings and More at Lake Norman

The Little Baker that Could Ansley Dodson has sweet dreams

The Little Baker 20052 Zion Avenue Cornelius


their social accounts, mixing together new and repeat customers. Dodson says her success also has a lot to do with practice, and not being afraid to try a different recipe or technique. “I’ve redone my vanilla cupcakes at least five times, and changed how I do cookies multiple times because I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with my final product,” she says. With family support and a built-in customer base, Dodson opened her bakery in Old Town Cornelius this past fall. Opening it was a labor of love, as she drew on the contracting skills of her family and friends so she could stick to a tight budget. “I love being able to do what I want and experiment with new designs and flavors,” says Dodson. “Having my own shop allows me to do that every day.” — Bek MitchellKidd, photography by Brant Waldeck


Twenty-three-year-old Ansley Dodson opened The Little Baker in Old Town Cornelius last month.

nsley Dodson may be considered a young business owner at age 23, but the owner of The Little Baker in Cornelius is not new to the baking and selling game. One of Ansley Dodson’s earliest baking memories is making biscuits with her grandmother. “She [her grandmother] had a yellow biscuit cutter that was really old, and it had a small side and a big side,” she recalls. “I always remember that her biscuits were so thick that when we cut them, you’d get the imprint of the smaller side on the biscuit too.” Dodson carried her love of baking with her to school. During her time at UNC Charlotte, she started baking mostly for immediate family and close friends. Soon, friends of friends, second cousins, folks across the street and across the state became customers. Using social media to document her creations, Dodson noticed her orders continued to rise. Clients were sharing The Little Baker’s cookies and cakes on


For the Long Run

Dressed for Success

Luna’s celebrates 20 years of making Lake Norman shoppers look great

Christine Rinkert



Luna’s at the Lake celebrates 20 years of fashionable fun.

hristine Rinkert is known to many as the owner of Luna’s at the Lake, but her relationship with the Cornelius fashion boutique didn’t start behind the counter. First, she was a customer. “I loved fashion, and I loved the particular style the store offered. I liked seeing customers and getting to know them,” recalls Rinkert. Two friends launched Luna’s in 1998, and Rinkert came on board in 2000, working six hours a week while her youngest child went to preschool. She later became a partner in 2007 and sole proprietor in 2012. This year, Luna’s celebrates 20 years of bringing fashionable apparel to Lake Norman, and

Rinkert plans to offer monthly specials and host events to celebrate the milestone. The California native had no experience running a store before Luna’s, as she previously worked as an administrative manager for a legal firm. “The people skills I learned at that job transferred into the skills needed for this job,” explains Rinkert. Though her primary goal is selling clothing, she insists it’s not the only one. “I want to use this store as a catalyst to build relationships and help other people with goals and dreams,” says Rinkert, who frequently partners with entrepreneurs and charitable organizations for in-store events,

such as Pilates classes, yoga workshops and painting parties. Each fall Luna’s hosts a new coat drive for Children’s Hope Alliance. A partnership with friend, Anita Madalozzo, in 2015 brought a welcome addition to the retail shop, which prides itself in having “something for everyone.” Madalozzo operates her own business, Blonde Faith, a line of designer accessories and shoes, within Luna’s. “I wanted to up my shoe game and jewelry but didn’t want to do it myself,” says Rinkert. Her innovative approach of store use and creativity helps to attract shoppers into a brick and mortar store, a more challenging feat with

the rise of online shopping. Friday afternoon happy hour gives customers time to shop but also connect with new and old friends. Social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, helps Luna’s engage customers and create sales, while reading and research, along with the expertise of clothing reps, keeps Rinkert a step ahead on fashion trends. Says Rinkert, “I go to great lengths to make shopping here more of an experience.” — Holly Becker, photography by Brant Waldeck

Luna’s at the Lake 19732 One Norman Drive Cornelius

What should you consider when selecting a pet sitter

three or more visits, especially younger dogs.

order to make them less anxious when visitors are around.


year we typically see them. Some Christmas trees are sprayed prior


M. David McKenzie, CPA, PLLC Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Are you Ready for April 15? Tax Planning Tax Planning & Preparation

&• Accounting Preparation •• Bookkeeping Accounting •• Auditing Bookkeeping Services •• Payroll Auditing Preparation •• Tax Payroll Services accounting •• Non-profit Tax Preparation


and auditing



Member: Quickbooks Professional Advisor Program


We can help!


JrK – Grade 12 |


197 Medical Park Rd., Ste. 201


E S T. 1 9 6 9


LNC 1216 Book.indb 53

12/7/16 3:07 PM

The extraordinary sales associates of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty welcome our newest team:

Vic and Amy Petrenko

Vic Petrenko

Amy Petrenko



19825 North Cove Road, Cornelius, NC 28031

Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.


It’s About TIME



ake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is hard to miss at Exit 28, as the dealership’s lot is always packed with the latest makes and models of shiny automobiles. But what you can’t see on the outside is all of the good owner Jack Salzman, and his wife, Robin Smith Salzman, do on the inside. Well, now you can, as Jack was recently nominated for the 2018 TIME Dealer of the Year award. Nominated by Robert Glaser, president of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association, Jack won the honor for the state. In March, he will be one of 47 dealer nominees from across the country being honored at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s 2018 NADA Show in Las Vegas. These 47 dealers were selected from a pool of 16,500 nationwide. The TIME Dealer of the Year award is one of the automobile industry’s most prestigious and highly coveted honors. Recipients are among the nation’s most successful auto dealers who also demonstrate a long-standing commitment to community service. The award is sponsored by TIME in association with Ally

The Salzmans’ support of the community is in their DNA

Financial, and in cooperation with NADA. A panel of faculty members from the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan will select one finalist from each of the four NADA regions and one national dealer of the year. Jack, 55, bought the Lake Norman dealership in 2003, and he also owns Gastonia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. From the beginning, he and Robin have been committed to community service. “It’s just what we do. We got into this business so it allows us to be a real big part of the community. That’s a super important part of our business,” says Jack, who with his dealership won the 2012 Champions of Diversity award from the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce. “That’s why we focus so hard on running a great organization and hiring great employees, and we’re relentless on our goals so we have the ability to give back.” Jack and Robin focus on three areas when it comes to philanthropy: children, women and animals. They are longtime supporters of The Dove House Children’s Advocacy Center

Robin Smith Salzman and husband, Jack Salzman, contribute to the community in many different ways.

in Statesville, Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center in Charlotte, Amy’s House in Lincolnton, The Shelter of Gaston County and Make-A-Wish (they’ve granted more than 20 wishes so far). In addition, they are also involved with the Humane Society of Charlotte, Lake Norman Humane (Jack is a founding board member), Lake Norman Lucky Cats and Holly’z Hope, an organization that helps unchain dogs by building

fences for homeowners in need. “There are so many organizations that we’re blessed to be able to assist. I wouldn’t say that the award is important; it’s a great honor, but, you know, it’s certainly not why we do it,” says Jack. “It’s just who we are. …It’s in our DNA. It’s what Robin and I do. We don’t put ourselves first. That’s just how we operate.” — Lori K. Tate, photography courtesy of Jack Salzman

Wheeler & Company CPAs is responsive, efficient, and effective. I now have a team of professionals who specialize in different areas of accounting and income taxes, which translates into efficient workflow, timely responses and resolution. It’s comforting that they are there to help and I no longer need to worry. ~ Doug Bradley, Owner Primrose School of Lake Norman

Experience When It Counts

124 E. Plaza Drive, Suite E | Mooresville, NC 28115 | 704.664.6464 |


In Addition To Traditional Veterinary Care We Offer: Acupuncture Eastern Medicine Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Care Cold Laser Therapy Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment

Call 704-948-6300 to schedule an appointment. Tom Hemstreet, DVM, RSO Donna Warren, DVM

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Carolyn Ives, DVM Kari Hyatt, DVM

Treating Pets Like Family For 20 Years

704.948.6300 • 106 Parr Drive, Huntersville, NC

(In The Big Yellow House Off Of Hwy. 73)


elcome to our newcomers’ column. Each month we’ll explain something about the Lake Norman area that natives take for granted. If you’re a newcomer and want to know about something, please e-mail Editor Lori K. Tate at, and we’ll research it for you.



One of the biggest points of confusion for newcomers is recycling. You can ask your neighbor or homeowner’s association about the specific recycling pick-up days in your area. However, if you’re recycling larger specialty items, you’ll need to make

a trip to the North Mecklenburg Recycling Center at 12300 N. Statesville Road in Huntersville. Aside from normal recycling items such as glass, paper and plastic bottles, you can also recycle empty aerosol cans, household batteries, oil filters, appliances, lead acid (car) batteries, paint (limit five gallons), motor oil/antifreeze/transmission fluid (limit five gallons), cooking oil, tires, empty propane tanks from gas grills, fire extinguishers, computer and television monitors (limit three), and computers. Residents of Mecklenburg County can also dispose of household hazardous wastes (HHW) at the center, where a licensed HHW contractor collects them. — Lori K. Tate

The North Mecklenburg Recycling Center’s hours are 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, visit www.

January is the time to get organized for the new year, and these agendas by Sugar Paper can help you do just that. Containing weekly and monthly calendars, these 12-month agendas Sugar Paper agendas will keep you are book-bound in organized in 2018. cotton fabric and printed on thick, premium paper with touches of foil and pops of inspiration throughout. There’s a section for birthdays and notes. Heck, there’s even a section for thank you notes, so you can be sure to mind your manners in 2018. A back pocket supplies a cozy space for bills, mail and stamps, while the choice of a black stripe or chambray cover keeps you fashionable. Go ahead, get organized this year in style! — Lori K. Tate These Sugar Paper Agendas can be purchased for $48.50 each at Pete & Pop’s Findery, 605 C Jetton Street, Davidson,



Jan. 20 / 10 a.m.

Photography by Lori K. Tate

Live Like a Native We’re Just Crazy About Here’s how we recycle Sugar Paper Agendas


Experience Mooresville’s New Auto Care Concept

Full-Service, Honest, Reliable, Quality, Auto Repair on All Makes & Models of Vehicles Quality Service Performed by Certified Technicians We offer a 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty and 12-Month Roadside Assistance Free Customer Shuttle Service Family-Friendly Lounge, Clean Restrooms, Free Wi-Fi and Complimentary Beverages and Snacks Locally-Owned, Community-Involved Business

Call Us Today! (980) 223-4375 215 Williamson Rd, Mooresville

ECO-Friendly Auto Care® The Only ESA Compliant Business in the Area We Explain Every Step of the Process, Before We Start Any Work on Your Vehicle


Home of Honest Mechanics® and Eco-Friendly Auto Care®

make a Mess

Reinterpreting the Future Christy Gepfert meets her needs while meeting the needs of others



Christy Gepfert opened Balanced Body Solutions in Cornelius last month.

by Rosie Molinary | photography by Brant Waldeck

hristy Gepfert had a problem. As a massage therapist, yoga instructor and Pilates teacher, her ability to make a living was dependent on how many hours she worked. Though she was happy to put in the time, she was curious about how she might navigate retirement. “As a 48-year-old woman, I had to start thinking about retirement, and the only thing I had to sell was a client list, which doesn’t really have value,” explains Gepfert, keenly aware that people go to their massage therapist or yoga instructor because of their personal relationship with that person. Though Gepfert had a problem, she also had a passion that inspired her creativity. In her almost 30-year career in wellness, she found purpose in helping seniors achieve a greater sense of wellbeing by deliberately meeting their needs. “The group I enjoy working with the most is that age group [seniors]. They are just very community based, interested in continuing education and loyal,” she says. “I have learned a lot from my seniors.” In fact, thinking about the needs of the seniors who came to her classes compelled her to pursue massage therapy. “It made sense to keep working with people not just through exercise but through physical touch. It is especially important for seniors. Massage was a way to connect with

them on a different level,” says Gepfert of her decision to add massage therapy to her professional repertoire years ago. Then, a personal loss, a chance encounter and her own retirement conundrum inspired her to think creatively about how she could offer her community an even greater sense of wellbeing. In early 2017, she visited a business that offered Halotherapy (also known as salt therapy). The all-natural therapy disperses salt particles into a specially constructed room while patients relax and breathe in the air. The therapy benefits the lungs and positively impacts

Behind the

Process Creativity is: Spontaneous. What was your favorite way to be creative when you were young? I loved to draw and make little clay animal sculptures. What is more important to you today than 10 years ago? Living in the moment and not trying to run from thing to thing without spending time digesting what I am doing. What recommendation do you have for others? Take a 10-minute walk. There is something freeing about being outside, breathing fresh air and seeing the trees. It is creating space so that other things can get in there.

What’s p you is pr

Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. They all matter, so wrap them all in a blanket of Nationwide® protection. We put members What’s precious to have shareholders. first, because we don’t

one of these is the thing you skin conditions. A year earlier, Auto. Home. Li do so you can breathe better, a loved one died from a lung matter, so wrap SM you are more efficient when condition. She wondered you is precious to us. Nationwide® pro you exercise or it helps you if Halotherapy would Join the Nation® that knows what’s first, because w feel better so you can keep have helped him live more important. Join the Natio exercising,” she says. comfortably or even longer. important. Moreover, the center “We started looking at allows her the opportunity to Halotherapy and then at other Combine your policies and save up to 25% creatively use the skill set she therapies that specifically Combine your p has developed throughout her benefit seniors and realized career to better provide for her they benefit everyone,” she Wes Carney Angela Jackson Carney Insuranc future. Over the course of 2017, says. Phone: (704)89 Jackson Insurance Services she conceived her vision on a Gepfert conceived a Auto. Home. Life. Retirement. They all carneyw@nation In the Nation, Phone: (704)892-6004 matter, so you wrapwhole them allagain. in a blanket of white board so she could see business that would allow we make Nationwide® protection. We put members all of the details. Her creative her to provide more wellness you add New Belongings toSM your homeowners, first,When because we Brand don’t have shareholders. touches include a mountain benefits to her clients while renters and condo insurance, we don’t just give you the partial Join the Nation® that knows what’s important. value of things that have been stolen or destroyed, we help you room, beach room and even a solving her retirement replace them with the latest versions. We put our members first, space out room where clients problem. In December, she because we don’t have shareholders . Combine your policies Nott al No Not al Nati all NNationwide Nat Na onnwide onw onwi de aaffili affiliated ffiliiated ffil ffilia ffi edd comp ccompanies o anie omp anniees ar aaree m mu mutual tual tua tu ual ua al cco al com companies paanni pani nies es aand es nndd nnot oott aallllll Na NNationwide ationw ationwid atio nwi nwid widde me m mem members embe mber mber bers are ar a e in insured sure u d by b am mut mutual uutua tuaall co company. om mpan pan anyy.. 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thoughts from the Man Cave

It’s Better to Burn Out… So, when was the last time you had a campfire with the family?



othing says winter more than spending some quality time around a backyard campfire, cozied up together with family, pets, friends and even that all-too-rare and amazing neighbor who brings beer to the fire no matter what time of day. At least that’s the position I’m taking for this story, which is all about being cozy, having campfires and spending quality time together with those who don’t drive you nuts. That last statement is important because, as a point of information, fires together with people and things you don’t necessarily like usually lead to problems. Earlier this fall my family was fortunate enough to attend a wedding at a Vermont inn. It was as quaint and typically New England as you might imagine, right down to the campfire, which burned throughout the reception then well into the late night. Choosing to spend time around the fire instead of on the dance floor trapped in a group doing The Electric Slide, Cotton-Eye Joe or Cupid Shuffle, I started to see what makes campfires so universally adored. What amazed me most was how the fire served not only as a magnet for bringing together well-dressed, multigenerational wedding people but also as a catalyst for fun conversation. Picture guys in tuxedos, women in gowns, and children in mini-suits and dresses all roasting marshmallows while the bride and groom danced their first dance.

That campfire left an impression on me, so when I returned home, I began looking to see if folks around the lake were enjoying campfires, too, and I had just been missing out on the fun. With a nod to northern transplants, finding credible campfire sources when you live in the South wasn’t exactly as easy as it was in Vermont. Despite the overabundance of lakefront homes with outdoor kitchens and lakefront living areas that include custom-built stone and brick fire pits, finding people who actually use them in the winter was about as easy as finding someone who ice skates on the lake during the same season. How did I choose to continue my research? My immediate thought was to cold call and/or knock on the doors of area homeowners whose license plates are Canadian, promote ice hockey, or show an allegiance to either the Green Bay Packers or the Buffalo Bills (two teams that thrive in cities where it is almost always campfire weather) and ask them to share lessons from campfires. I found no one. So, I then did what any good journalist might do when trying to gather information about fires, I called the fire department and asked for the fire chief. Cornelius resident, Rob Cannon, a retired Naval officer, spent 19 years as a firefighter for the City of Charlotte. I figured if anyone knew about campfires it would be Rob. What did I learn? Rob had more stories about campfires,

by Mike Savicki

Being with your family around a campfire is about as good as it gets.

plus fires gone wrong, than I thought humanly possible. Of note, if you don’t want to have the fire department show up at your campfire in response to massive amounts of thick smoke, then don’t burn rubber tires. And don’t leave aerosol cans close to the fire either, as they have a tendency to explode when heated. I also learned a thing or two about how to build a warm, lasting campfire. Did you know that the best way to build the fire itself isn’t the tried and true teepee style? To give the fire a strong foundation and warm, lasting life, it’s best to lay the large logs tightly together along the bottom, then alternate above the smaller twigs, branches, newspaper, starter sticks and whatever other secret ingredients you might use to ignite your blaze. This

upside-down style promotes a longer burn with less smoke because who really wants to smell like a campfire long after the campfire has stopped smelling like a campfire? Rob shared one message, which rings perfectly true. “Sitting with a group of friends around a campfire is about as good as it gets,” he said. “There, in a 10-foot circle, resides everything that elevates humanity to our pinnacle. Food. Music. Stories. Laughter.” Rob was right. He was definitely onto something that I remembered from campfires as a kid, as a Boy Scout and as a younger adult. He then summarized the campfire perfectly, continuing, “There, we connect to our past and ponder our future. Spark. Flame. Ember. Campfires are life.”

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Built to


Ernst Koehler has been knocked down more than once, but the homebuilder knows that he’s here for a reason and he’s enjoying figuring out what it is



by Lori K. Tate | photography by Ken Noblezada


now gently falls to the ground while Ernst Koehler sits at his dining room table on a December morning. It’s amazing that either activity is happening. One, it rarely snows in Statesville before January, and two, it’s a miracle that Koehler is even here, as he’s a heart patient — not just someone who’s had a stent put in or survived a bypass, but someone who’s withstood three defibrillator implants, followed by a heart transplant. “There’s a plan for me, a reason that I’m here,” says the 57-year-old homebuilder as he sits with his girlfriend, Tricia Bunch. “You get knocked down, you get up and you do it over again.”

Not in the plan No one plans for a heart condition. Sure, you might watch your cholesterol if you have heart disease in your family, but when you’re a

healthy and fit 39-year-old man working in construction, the last thing you think about is a heart problem. That was the case with Koehler, who is the president of Koehler Building Co., Inc. In 1999 he was working on a remodeling project in Matthews. He had just poured what’s known as a “hot load,” a big wheelbarrow filled with concrete, when he was struck with ventricular fibrillation (V-fib). According to the Mayo Clinic, ventricular fibrillation is a heart rhythm problem that occurs when the heart beats with rapid, erratic electrical impulses. The pumping chambers in your heart quiver uselessly instead of pumping blood, causing your blood pressure to plummet and cutting off blood supply to vital organs. A brick mason performed CPR on Koehler, who refused an ambulance once he came to. Later that day, the self-

admitted stubborn man had someone drive him to the hospital. An EKG showed that his heart was still in arrhythmia, and he was admitted. Thus began a medical journey that has only recently simmered down. After a series of tests, the doctors put a defibrillator in him, the first of three. Over the course of 13 years, Koehler’s defibrillators shocked him 38 times. “It sends a jolt to your heart of 330 volts,” explains Koehler, adding that the shocks are extremely violent. “You never know when it’s going to happen. Every minute of the day you’re on edge.” By 2011, doctors told Koehler he was suffering from heart failure and put his name on the transplant list. They gave him a year to live if a donor didn’t turn up. “I waited two years,” says Koehler, a single dad to Elizabeth and Eric, who were teenagers at the time. “Those

Ernst Koehler knows he’s lucky to be here. The homebuilder survived a heart transplant, and now he’s ready to start over.




two years were pretty crazy. You know you’re dying.” Then one night at 2 a.m. he received a phone call. “We’ve got a heart,” said the nurse.

More heartache


Tricia Bunch and Koehler, along with Lilly and Spike, sit on the porch of the Statesville home that Koehler built after recovering from a heart transplant.

As Koehler listened to the nurse, he knew he had to act quickly, but there was a catch. The nurse explained that the donor had been incarcerated during the last 30 days and that he could have recently been infected with diseases such as HIV that they couldn’t detect with their testing. Koehler asked for five minutes. “I prayed for guidance,” remembers Koehler. “I was never really a religious person until this started to happen.” He took the heart. After five hours of surgery, Koehler began coding because of blood loss. He was rushed into another five-hour surgery and woke up 48 hours later. Soon after, he began his eight-week recovery with the help of his father and a fraternity brother from his undergraduate days at the University of Virginia.

Things were going well at first, but over time his fluid retention from the transplant surgery did not go away. Exploratory surgery revealed that he had Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a virus he acquired from his new heart. Over the next eight months, he was administered two months of chemotherapy and eight months of IV antivirals on a daily basis. “That was worse than the heart transplant. …I was sick on the floor of the bathroom for hours,” Koehler remembers. “I was in the mindset that I wasn’t going to accept failure as an option. Dying is not an option.” Fighting this virus, which the body retains for life, made Koehler more mindful. He reduced his goals to where they were attainable. Instead of shooting for a good day, he would shoot for a good hour and sometimes even a good minute. The minutes added up, and he began recovering — again.

He’s back His girlfriend, Tricia Bunch, as well as his children, were with him every step of his recovery, and when Koehler started to feel better, he began building


Get back to life!

Jacqueline Zinn, MD

U O Y V ’ E I T G O … X A L RE Start the year off right!

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As a board certified rehabilitation physician, fellowship trained in interventional spine treatments, I provide comprehensive care for patients suffering from spinal pain. My non-operative treatment approach encourages exercise, behavior modification, medications and as needed injections tailored around a patient’s goals and lifestyle.


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Photography courtesy of Ernst Koehler


Pure Barre Huntersville Birkdale Village 16815 Cranlyn Rd, Ste A Huntersville, NC 28078 704.997.6041 •••••••••••••• Pure Barre Mooresville Morrison Plantation 129 Marketplace Ave, Ste C Mooresville, NC 28117 704.360.9901

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Eva Imperial is a board-certified family medicine physician with more than ten years’ experience. She provides comprehensive medical services for women of all ages, specializing in women’s health and wellness, helping each of her patients achieve optimal health. Services offered include: • Annual gynecological exams • Age and risk appropriate health screenings • Sick visits • Various in-office procedures (IUDs, colposcopy, skin tag removal and more)

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five years.” Koehler says that while many of his contemporaries are looking at retirement, he’s starting over. However, he’s starting over with a mindset most people aren’t lucky enough to have. He knows how quickly things can change, and he knows how hard he fought just to be here. So does Bunch, as she lost her 19-yearKoehler’s home won Best New Home Construction old son unexpectedly two years $350K-$499K at the Lake Norman Home Builders ago. Koehler says he feels that Association’s Best of the Lake Design Competition. supporting Bunch is one of the a house on the northernmost part of reasons he’s still here. Lake Norman, where the lake morphs As they spend their days living off of back into the Catawba River. The 2,400the beaten path, you can sense the peace square-foot home features craftsmanthat they have found in each other and in style woodwork and moldings and is their surroundings. Koehler enjoys fishing surrounded by nature. Last fall the home and hunting on a nearby island. He walks won Best New Home Construction every day, just like a good heart patient $350K-$499K at the Lake Norman Home should, and they both love to venture to Builders Association’s Best of the Lake South Mountain State Park for hikes. Design Competition. “It makes you stronger,” says Bunch of It’s always nice to win awards, but this the challenges they’ve experienced. “The honor meant a little more to Koehler. “It little things that people stress about it, I was intense,” recalls Koehler of hearing his don’t want to hear them.” “We look at life name. “I thought, ‘I’m back. I am back.’ …It differently together,” adds Koehler. “We was a validation. I hadn’t built anything in don’t take it for granted.”

Trends+Style 2



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Keep it

Cozy by Lori K. Tate photography by Lisa Crates



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Cuddle up this month with these comfy finds 9

«6» Women’s Monogrammed Terry Wrap, $34, Poppies, Birkdale Village, Huntersville, www. and Facebook.

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«9» Bath Balls, $6.99 each, Flairtrade, The Shops at The Fresh Market, 20601 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, «10» Herringbone Throw by Karma Living, $38, Poppies, Birkdale Village, Huntersville, and Facebook. «11» Long Fur Vest by Dylan, $124, Patriot Jack’s Outfitters, 10109 Northcross Center Court, Suite 130, Huntersville, «12» Denali Thermal Etip Gloves by The North Face, $28.90, Patriot Jack’s Outfitters, 10109 Northcross Center Court, Suite 130, Huntersville,


«7» Tie Sweater by Dance & Marvel, $69, CoCo Couture, Jetton Village, 19818 N. Cove Road, Suite B, Cornelius,



«5» Nanny Knit Earband by The North Face, $24.90, Patriot Jack’s Outfitters, 10109 Northcross Center Court, Suite 130, Huntersville,



is Your Year for Sports

From left, Nathan and Evan St. Clair show off their cycling tricks at The Cycle Path in Cornelius.


Photography courtesy of Ashley Van Metre

by Mike Savicki | photography by Brant Waldeck


Right: Ashley Van Metre, wife of Kurt Busch, keeps active as a competitive polo player.

Photography courtesy of Tom Cotter

Left: Tom Cotter of Davidson insists that classic cars need to be driven.

Ideas, tips, suggestions and activities (from those in the know) that will help you make 2018 your most epic sports year yet

Sam Hornish, Jr.

Retired, IndyCar and NASCAR Xfinity Cup and Monster Energy Cup driver, Team Penske Mooresville

While on a rare, unseasonably warm, recent Ohio winter evening, one of the kids went outside, picked up a basketball and started to shoot hoops. Before we knew it, all the kids, and the adults, too, were outside, not just shooting hoops but playing and

having fun. Playing everything, everywhere. My tip for 2018? Take that time to do one outdoor activity. It doesn’t have to be planned or even anything big, just play with the kids and be a big kid yourself. It’s a special kind of fun when you can get outdoors and enjoy each other, when you can be a family.

Tom Cotter

“Barn Find Hunter” car guy, author, marathoner Davidson

If you have a classic car, no matter how old or prized or how much nostalgia you feel toward it, you need to drive it. Cars aren’t built to just sit. Cars that sit go bad. Cars need to be driven; they need to move. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have or what fears you have about what might happen if you get behind the wheel. Drive, just drive. The more you drive a car, the healthier it becomes. And with that health comes happiness. Oh, and everything I said applies to people, too.

Patty Andrews

Certified personal trainer; owner, Fitness Firm Cornelius

Through the years I’ve watched the pendulum swing when it comes to fitness. Programs come and go, but the one thing that I believe has stayed constant is the idea that fitness isn’t just about the young person or the superstar athlete; it is for and about everyone. It is about the older adult who makes the decision to get his or her physical freedom back, and it is about that individual who might be struggling with a lack of selfconfidence or doubt. When someone who is 75 or 85 comes in to me and says they can’t do something, I work with them to help them see that they can. People support what they help create. Only when you believe in yourself do you start to see your potential. So don’t be driven by simply losing pounds or fitting into a pair of pants. A good healthy lifestyle should be your goal


hike with the dog? Does it really matter as long as you are moving and living? No. Then there’s the lake. Wakeboarding, paddleboarding, waterskiing, sailing, swimming. Ever try windsurfing? Kiteboarding? When was the last time you were in a kayak or canoe? Think about sports. Think about the new year. Think about the possibilities. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We asked some area lake folks how to incorporate more activity into your new year. Here’s what they had to say.


t starts with attitude, a commitment to be active, and it grows from there. You want to make a change, but perhaps you don’t know how. You are in an athletic rut, and you feel it. When was the last 5k, 10k, half-marathon or adventure race you ran? That feeling of satisfaction that comes with crossing a finish line can be yours again. Maybe you’re ready to try a new sport, to explore the area a bit more — a greenway, a trail or just get off the beaten path. And what about all those other sports you hear about more and more? CrossFit. Yoga. Pickleball. Tai Chi. Rock climbing. PIYO. Then there are the ones you’ve tried but somehow forgotten. Golf. Tennis. Basketball. Cycling. When was the last time you went outside and played catch with the kids? Or went on a

Photography courtesy of Ashley Van Metre

Ashley Van Metre incorporates PIYO into her fitness regiment.

GameOn with everything else as the byproduct.

Rob Bennett

Owner, My Aloha Paddle & Surf Cornelius



In places like California and Florida, up and down the Atlantic coast, and even into Canada, everyone is out on the water getting their workouts in on paddleboards, and now it’s our time, too. When you are on the water, you are in your own element, your own solitude. You don’t have to worry about who is watching or judging. It is the place where you can push yourself without judgment and fear. You can’t hold anyone else accountable; it’s just you. Paddleboarding is a “sneaky type workout,” as I call it. You are out on the water, it’s serene and tranquil, and you don’t know you are working out until you are sore the next day

or you start feeling the gains not only physically but also psychologically. That’s the kind of workout I like, and that’s where I believe paddleboarding needs to go. Get fit and have fun at the same time, that’s not only my take on paddleboarding, that’s my take on being active.

Nathan St. Clair (age 17)

Mountain biker (2017 USA Cycling Dual Slalom National Champion) Cornelius

When I’m riding I’m kind of in the zone where my adrenaline is rushing, and I’m full of energy. I’ll do something difficult or challenging on the bike, and I’ll look and say, “Wow!” and feel good about myself. I’ll know right then and there that I’ve accomplished something. I’ve reached a goal. And I’m having fun, too. Cycling is all about what you

make out of it, and the fun is there if you let it happen. My tip? Check out the local spots, especially if you’ve never been there before. Let’s say you go to Lake Norman State Park for mountain biking. That’s great, and they’ve got something for everyone, but keep yourself open to other options like hiking, fishing or camping. There’s so much not just there but all around us that we need to make part of our lives. Get out of the house, get out there, get on the local trails and have fun.

Kurt Busch and Ashley Van Metre

Husband and wife, Kurt (a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup driver) and Ashley (a competitive polo player) Mooresville

There is good synergy between Ashley and I, and while we are both in a professional sports world — I’ve got my routine and so

does she — we also both use sports in our lives when we come home. When we get back together, we are always looking for something new and different to do together. We mix it up. It’s fun to challenge each other with something different, and it’s fun to do it together. This past summer we did something called PIYO, Pilates and yoga mixed together. You get the muscle and core strength from Pilates and the balance and focus from yoga, everything from agility to being able to block out distractions. And my “M.O.” is and has always been to just be outside. Whether I’m planning a camping trip or a hunting trip, playing golf, or just shooting my bow and arrow at a target in the back yard, it’s about mixing it up and engaging in a different sport or sports at whatever level you can.



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Gorgeous, Tudor estate with over 7500sf on almost 4 acres in gated community conveniently located between Lake Norman and Charlotte! 40,000 gallon pool and spa with outdoor kitchen. No detail spared!

$545,000 $310,000 $630,000 139 Clearwater Drive, 13414 Centennial Drive, 21005 Island Forest, Mooresville Huntersville Cornelius Water view Ranch 4 Br plus Bonus, Waterfront Lot with off Langtree WITH Master Down, 3000sf spectacular views! Boat slip, screened and fenced yard! Original dock and porch and fenced Popular community seawall in place. yard! Updated and with pool off No neighbor to left Adorable! exit 23! except sandy beach!



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Offered at $2,990,000 Positioned on a double lot in The Point at Trump National Golf Course in Charlotte. This comfortable yet elegant family home creates the lakeside lifestyle you are looking for. Its integrated floor plan provides seamless transition from room to room, blending the formal and informal spaces for relaxed entertaining. High ceilings with intricate millwork along with southern chestnut floors provide timeless design elements for its discerning occupants. MLS#3262743

Offered at $1,368,000 One of The Peninsula’s best priced waterfront and golf course properties. What a perfect family home. Sits on a private drive with a long magnificent view of Lake Norman. Just over 7000 sf on only two levels. Master bedroom on main level. New kitchen, all new appliances and new Sub-Zero refrigerator. Open to living spaces. Two bonus rooms. Re-surfaced gunite heated pool and spa. Walk out the front door to a deeded boat and jet ski slip shared with a total of three slips. Seller added wine cellar/tasting room. MLS#3134317

107 Beachview Drive

143 Barksdale Lane

Mooresville NC 28117

Candi Schuerger

Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-400-1232 Offered at $1,190,000 A truly one-of-a-kind property located on a peaceful location on Lake Norman with breathtaking long-range views from almost every room. Situated on a double waterfront lot, beautifully landscaped with mature trees, new sea wall, boat ramp and private pier with gazebo. This home features a luxurious master suite on main level, gourmet kitchen (including pizza oven), two fireplaces, hardwood floors and extensive moldings. There are three additional bedrooms plus an office and extra storage. MLS#3283269

Mooresville, NC 28117

Marcia Liedle

Mooresville/Lake Norman 704-574-0479 Offered at $949,500 One-of-a-kind waterfront offers lake living at its best. Beautifully renovated home and 1550 sf garage addition (holds six cars) with luxurious finished space above to use for parties or second living quarters. It has a gourmet kitchen, hickory floors and beamed ceilings. Main house has open floor plan and water views from most rooms, luxurious master suite, chef’s dream kitchen, renovated bathrooms, expansive composite decking and circular drive. Dry sauna. Dock has two lifts. Deep water cove. MLS#3201818

19824 Shearwater Point Drive Cornelius, NC 28031

Dixie Dean

Lake Norman 704-641-1465 Offered at $1,199,000 Chip and Joanna would love this house. So much potential for this waterfront hidden gem in lovely Shearwater Point right outside The Peninsula on Lake Norman. With more than 100 feet of shoreline, a park-like setting, clean as a whistle and ready to sell “as is,� its value is inarguable. Step inside and be wowed by the view. Prime location is a short distance from boutique shopping, restaurants, grocery stores and convenient to the interstate. Property is also listed as a waterfront lot. MLS#3338656

2216 Metcalf Drive Sherrills Ford, NC 28673

Lee Ann Miller

Lake Norman 704-562-2922 Offered at $955,000 Imagine pulling up the drive and seeing this waterfront home for the first time. The elegant roof lines, classic brick facade, stately covered entry and three-car garage blend perfectly for instant curb appeal. As you enter this home, you are welcomed by a two-story foyer yet your eye is instantly drawn towards the wall of windows in front of you. The windows in the great room frame the lake views and natural scenery perfectly like pictures on the wall. MLS#3335450

Congratulations To Our Partners 14th Annual “Best Of The Lake” Design Competition Awards Winners

Builder Showroom - 2430 Queen City Dr., Charlotte 704.391.6000 For all locations visit us at


BEST BEST of the

Announcing LNHBA’s 2017 Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

The 14th Annual Lake Norman Builders Association Best of the Lake Design Competition and Gala was held at the Peninsula Club on November 10th. Brooks Henderson, 2017 President of the LNHBA, commented on the event’s success, “We had many exciting entries this year from Lake Norman homebuilding professionals. They have done an amazing job with keeping up with the trends people desire, all while exceeding expectations in building quality and design, both indoors and out. Also, we are thrilled with the support given by our community of builders and trade partners. We look forward to this prestigious event drawing more projects from the Lake Norman building community in 2018.” For the seventh year, Electrolux was proud to be the premier sponsor of the event. Gold Sponsors included Puma Realty and Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Ferguson Enterprises

returned for the fifth year as a Silver Sponsor. The Best of the Lake Design Competition and Gala was created to recognize and celebrate homebuilding industry professionals such as architects, builders, associates, Realtors® and industry trade partners who have contributed to the residential homebuilding industry in the Lake Norman area. Projects were selected by a panel of experts in the homebuilding and design industries. This event is also the largest fundraising effort for the LNHBA and its members. The LNHBA is a not-for-profit professional association that represents and protects the interests of the building industry in and around the Lake Norman area. The event provides funds to provide leadership, education and advocacy to members, ensuring the availability of quality homes in the region.





Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

Sponsored by the Lake Norman Home Buillders Association



This project did not fit into traditional categories, so it qualified as a special project. It is new construction, and it includes a boat house and a luxury lake-front carriage house building. It also includes plenty of room for boats, ATVs and anything else you would need for a weekend at the lake. It includes a guest room above the dock on the lake. The judges said: Impressive! Bed walls/windows nicely done. Great mix of contemporary lighting and cottage! Very good interior cottage; modern look, unexpected!


The interior design of this home really shows no detail overlooked and truly has all the personality and character of a farm house with a touch of industrial and a sprinkle of antique charm. Upon entering the foyer you are awestruck by the amazing antique window with faded and chipped paint, worn glass and awesome size that fills the two-story foyer and tells the story of sweet memories many years ago. Warm, dark and knotty oak wide-plank floors, beige and gray paint tones are all complimented by the southern style, unique furniture and accessories. The judges said: Excellent master shower! Incredibly creative and whimsical, while beautifully functional!



This interior was designed for a relaxed resort-style home with casual interiors with lots of textures and wood species. The kitchen has a massive island, Thermador appliances and a hidden pantry. The master offers a luxurious bath with custom cabinetry and a large shower with natural stone, his and her closets, and large moldings. The open floor plan offers plenty of room for entertaining and maintains views from all vantage points. A unique waterside outdoor living concept introduces a “terrace level” outdoor living design integrating interior living space with an outdoor entertaining space packed with features. Introducing the different textures and materials gave the home an organic coastal feel.


We staged two “Mimosa” floor plans for a builder/developer. This open floor plan is just under 3,000 square feet with the master on the main level plus one secondary bedroom on the main floor, typically used as an office. The upper level has a loft with two additional bedrooms and a J&J bathroom. The developer’s target demographic was 55+ although there were no covenants regarding this. The first Mimosa was staged two days before a holiday and within nine days had multiple offers and sold for $445,000. The second Mimosa (with a few less built-ins and upgrades) went under contract within 30 days after staging completion and sold for $416,140.


This 7,955-square-foot home was built as a model/showcase home, but was kept vacant and never furnished. The vacant home had been listed for sale for eight months with no offers when I was hired to stage the main living areas. My objective for the staging of this elegant home was to show that it wasn’t too elegant for everyday living. I wanted to create an upscale yet comfortable living area, while still complimenting the permanent fixtures in the home. Staging on this home was completed in February 2017 and received very positive feedback from the builder and Realtors® who were given a preview. Within three weeks of the staging, a fullprice offer was received and the home sold for the full list price of $1,599,000.




The vision of a “Dream Pool Cabana” is what kept our clients engaged throughout the renovation project. After purchasing a home, the only piece lacking was an outdoor living space, perfect for watching television, cooking and entertaining. The design process began with a series of rough sketches in an attempt to incorporate all of our clients’ wants and needs. We incorporated a number of elements from the home’s existing exterior into the new design to blend the two spaces seamlessly. We utilized precast columns to match existing columns at the home’s covered patio and incorporated a stained beadboard ceiling. This fully functional entertaining space includes a bar, sink, refrigerator, ice maker and an XXL Green Egg. The judges said: Great use of louvers to keep privacy while maintaining openness. Nice addition to the home! Sets it aside from others in its price point! #Lifestyle


Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

What does it take to develop tranquility? How does the client live and entertain and what is the client’s vision of true outdoor living and relaxation look like? The topography regarding nature and its natural elements, whether the lot is sloping, flat, cleared or full of trees, are all carefully considered with these elements and were approached with the overriding principles. The challenges of this showcase outdoor project included what every outdoor area on the lake has to offer. Topography challenges with an upward sloping lot and a house that sits on a crawl space limits possibilities (so one thinks) and lot restraints including the 50’ buffer. The outdoor area was carefully considered to ensure the elevation changes would not interfere with the overall flow of this outdoor living/pool project. The judges said: Very livable and welcoming space!

Sponsored by the Lake Norman Home Buillders Association




This unique waterside outdoor living destination offers a coveted “southern resort theme”, showcasing a long list of features including both rustic and modern detailing. The large outdoor living pavilion is anchored by a large stone fireplace and also offers a dramatic vaulted ceiling with reclaimed wood. The entire raised terrace floor area and pool coping are finished in travertine. Ipe decking is also included in the quaint seating space adjacent to the spa off the master bedroom. All features with a diverse range of materials are oriented to complement each other seamlessly while maintaining an expansive view of Lake Norman. The judges said: Seems to fit well with the house. Gorgeous ceiling and other rustic elements!


B E S T. D E C I S I O N . E V E R .

129 W Summit Ave. Charlotte, NC 28203 (704)-370-2020 FE RGUSONSHOWROOMS.COM

©2017 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 1117 640123



Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

Sponsored by the Lake Norman Home Buillders Association


A unique and comprehensively updated home that now embodies the latest in resort-style lake living. A new outdoor living destination that comprehensively takes this home to a new level of finishing and appointment. This new outdoor living space offers an expanded outdoor travertine terrace area that is complimented with features including a unique water feature integrated with the spa, a seating pit for lounges, an outdoor cooking and dining space, and new multi-level travertine terraces with cable railing that all showcase an unobstructed view of Lake Norman. The judges said: Love the water channels in the pavement! This is a beautiful exterior! Love the railing, water channels and wall behind the hood. Beautiful update and enhancement for ideal waterfront living!


This project started out with a phone call that went a little like this… HOMEOWNER - I need your help my bathroom is outdated! It’s dark and depressing. And, the hand-painted murals with fairies are cute, but it’s time to set them free. BUILDER - Absolutely, I’m sure we can make that happen… what do you have in mind? HOMEOWNER - I would like for my bathroom to be modern, yet elegant and inviting with the smell of coffee in the morning as I’m getting ready for work. Also a zen-like relaxing retreat for after a long stressful day! I don’t have enough storage, and I would like compartments for my accessories. BUILDER - Not a problem I will create a design and color scheme ASAP! The judges said: Builder created a bath full of creative comforts, nice! Thank goodness you set those fairies free!



This was a complete master bathroom up-fit and remodel. It included all new high-end cabinets, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures. It is equipped with plenty of hidden storage space for essential bathroom items. The result was an updated, luxury, master bathroom with design elements that saves space and creates a unique experience. The judges said: Very elegant transformation! Good attention to detail!


This kitchen renovation was a fabulous project with great clients. We knocked out walls to open the kitchen up, and added new cabinets and appliances. This transformed the 20-year-old kitchen into a modern space that was open and flowed with the rest of the main floor. The completed project was exactly what the clients wanted, and the main living area seemed to have been doubled because all the space is useable now and flows wonderfully. The judges said: Excellent chef’s kitchen! Entertainment is magnified!


The former kitchen for this project was not conducive to an effective flow. The former floorplan carried all side-entry visitors through the heart of the kitchen, which was muddled with an awkwardly shaped two-island configuration that left no room to pass through the kitchen without disrupting meal prep and entertaining. In addition to the lack of flow and dated look, the space felt heavy because of the dark finishes in the kitchen. The new design, specifically the new large double islands, now furnishes our clients with amble workspaces and plenty of room for entertaining. The living, dining and kitchen areas are now tied together in a cohesive manner. The judges said: Wonderful improvement, love the dual island concept! Very nice transformation, great updates and island!




The homeowners’ goal for this project was to create a larger outdoor area that would have a natural flow to their pool and would be more conducive to entertaining. They also wanted a functional drop zone area and updated master bathroom. They wanted a modern fireplace in their master bedroom and a kitchen that reflected their taste. Through the use of a variety of quality materials and skilled trades, we not only met their expectations, but exceeded them. The judges said: Great transformation of master bath! Very successful update!


This historic farm house was modernized in a fashion to preserve that historic farm house charm. It was not only modernized on the inside, but on the outside as well. With being brought up to today’s standards, this farm house can now be enjoyed for years to come. The judges said: Very nice blend between new and old! Beautiful house! A huge success!



The goal for this project was to take a pristine piece of wilderness riverfront property and create a unique smaller home with all the amenities of a larger high-end home for our empty nest clients. The result was a remarkable blend of high-end amenities and functional use of space in a smaller home design that allowed our clients to enjoy their time together, and with extended family, to the fullest while reducing cost and upkeep significantly. The judges said: Construction details well above average! Nice finishes inside! Nice use of outdoor spaces!


The approach with this project was a bit different in that the builder was challenged with staying within a very strict budget and still producing an upscale home. The professional clients, who work from home, wanted to achieve elegance with modern conveniences. This custom residence met and exceeded all expectations of not only the owners, but the entire team who made their dreams come true. The judges said: Attractive mantel! Nice bar and kitchen island!



This outdoor project was for a unique and comprehensively updated home that now embodies the latest in resort-style lake living. The interior is updated and the new exterior now includes board and batten accents, custom Bahama shutters, and a new outdoor living destination that comprehensively takes this home to a new level of finishing and appointment. This new outdoor living space offers an expanded outdoor travertine terrace area that is complimented with features including a unique water feature integrated with the spa, a seating pit for lounges, an outdoor cooking and dining space, and new multi-level travertine terraces with cable railing that all showcase an unobstructed view of Lake Norman. The judges said: New outdoor living adds so much to this home! Lovely outdoor transformation!

Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

This project was an entire condo renovation including, complete master bathroom, kitchen and guest bathroom remodels. It included all new cabinets, appliances, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures. The project came with an array of unique challenges and limitations, and the client wanted something completely different without having the look of a “retro-fit”, but we were able to overcome each of them and make it a complete success! The judges said: Very nice upgrades! I’m speechless at this transformation!

Sponsored by the Lake Norman Home Buillders Association



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Inspired by English-style houses and cottages, the coalescence of refined rustic architecture and lakeside living, this family home offers a blend of tradition and modernism to the woodsy lakeside environment in which it resides. Soft and dramatic interiors create a tranquil and exciting environment filled with personal collections. The judges said: Well done, extremely well put together! Great view of the back pool. Great melding of materials throughout! Each room of this home is beautiful and interesting all by itself and as a whole. Excellent use of materials! Creative architectural design and detail!



This project started as a vacant, waterfront lot and homeowners with big plans for creating a luxurious, comfortable, age-in-place home that would also accommodate the frequent guests they plannned to entertain. A traditional, Charleston feel was a priority, as well as incorporating as many areas to view the lake as possible. This was achieved by using high-quality materials and a variety of products both inside and out. The landscape and hardscape choices created numerous areas to enjoy lake living and entertain guests. In the end, the homeowners’ dreams became a reality, and they couldn’t wait to show it off to their family. The judges said: Very nice exterior approach! Beautiful front entry! Great curb appeal!


This home embraces a “casual resort feel”, offering a lake view from every room in the house. The kitchen features a massive island, Thermador Appliances and a hidden pantry. The master suite offers a luxurious bath with custom cabinetry and a large shower with natural stone and feature tiles, his-and-her closets, all with large moldings. The open floor plan offers plenty of room for entertaining and is adjacent to a large covered porch with phantom screening that is accessed by a large 16-foot-wide glass slider door unit that maintains views from all vantage points. A unique waterside outdoor living concept introduces a “terrace level” outdoor living design that integrates interior living space with an outdoor entertaining space that is packed with features such as a heated pool and spa partially positioned under the home, an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, an outdoor shower, and more. The judges said: Very nice exterior, coastal feel. Great use of limited space to capture view! Coastal resort! A tricky blend of modern elements and traditional approachable style, and is executed very well!



The builder found it a pleasure to build this vacation home for a couple from Boston. The goal was to build an efficient, cost-effective, yet spacious and functional home while still meeting all the needs of their family. The objective was to design and capture the elements of a true lake cottage with rooms that flowed from one to the other in the main living area to allow ease for the family and capture the tranquility and peace of the water from every room. The judges said: The X-ceiling in the foyer is clever and beautiful! Great use of space in kitchen!

Best of the Lake Design Competition Winners

The objective for this project was to create a new house with an older house feel. The 10-acre lot was half fully wooded and the half featuring old pasture land had no trees. The house was built on the open field and needed to appear grand and large so as to not be overshadowed and look understated in such a large open space. A large front porch wraps around to the breezeway that, in addition to the garage, created many interesting roof lines — adding to the grandeur of the house. On the inside of the house, the client wanted a warm and inviting feeling. She was inspired by the look of older farm houses. The judges said: An elegant farm house! Goal achieved! Looks as if it’s been here 100 years, but is very today! Oiled floors are beautiful! Quaint farm house feel! Creative use of space!

Sponsored by the Lake Norman Home Buillders Association


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Congratulations to the 2017 BEST OF THE LAKE WINNERS!

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lake Spaces How we live at the lake



Photography by Metropolis Iconic Shots


Sean and Angela Higbea worked together to build their dream home on the lake, p. 48



IDYLLIC Ken Noblezada.


Inset photography by



Sean and Angela Higbea collaborated to build a dream home for their family Sean and Angela Higbea worked well together while creating their lakeside home in Mooresville.




by Lori K. Tate |

The pool area of the Higbeas’ home is located on the first floor, as the basement opens to the lake.

photography by Metropolis Iconic Shots and Ken Noblezada

ean and Angela Higbea work well together, and one of the best examples of that, aside from their three children, is their lakeside home in Mooresville. The couple took their time working with Designer Jim Phelps and Custom Residential Contractor Andrew Roby to make certain that their dream home was exactly the way they wanted it to be. The result is a warm and inviting space filled with functional surprises at every turn.




A brick backsplash coupled with a black walnut island give the kitchen the comfortable quality the Higbeas wanted.

Putting it together

Over the years, the Higbeas researched and collected ideas that they wanted to incorporate into a custom home. They took note of cool features they saw on vacations and in magazines. So when the time came to build on the lot they purchased in 2012, they were ready. “There’s pretty much a story behind everything,” says Sean, as he points to the tumbled

brick wall with squeezed mortar behind the billiard table in the basement. “We saw a wall like that in a bar that we liked, and we thought, ‘We’ve got to incorporate that into the house.’ ” The same can be said for the reclaimed wood that makes up the basement’s bar. The couple spotted that idea at a place in Charleston. “The homeowners knew what they wanted this house to be down to the smallest

detail. It was helpful to work with clients who were decisive and determined to bring their dream house to life,” says Bryant Rogers, project manager for Andrew Roby. “They were always working hard to get selections to us on time and help keep the project moving in any way they could.” The Higbeas wanted their basement and the rest of the home to be a place where their kids (Hailey - 15, Hannah - 14

and Hudson - 9) could hang out with their friends. In addition to the pool table, there’s an open home theatre area, as well as a gaming area in the basement. The doors of the basement open to a path that leads to the pier, as the pool is miraculously located off of the first floor. “When we were shopping builders, we saw a house that had a pool on the main level but still had the full basement,

Best of the Lake award-winner 2013

Best of the Lake


Best of the Lake


Best of the Lake


Best Of The Lake

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dwellings and we were absolutely blown away by that style of design,” recalls Sean. “We didn’t want the two separate living areas. I feel like when you have the pool at the basement level, you tend to have a separate living area at the basement level and you have a separate kitchen,” explains Angela. “We liked the idea of it being at the main level.” As you walk out from the living room on the main level to the terrace, complete with bench seating and a modern fire pit, you’ll find a pool beckoning for fun. To make this work, the builders had to build a large retaining wall to create an area for the pool and pool deck. “Because of the force of the pool and compacted soil on the wall, it had to be heavily engineered,” explains Rogers. “The footings for the wall are nearly two feet thick and 10 feet wide. Once the footings

The living room opens to a terrace that leads to the pool area.



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their respective owners. Equal Housing Opportunity. Photos depict designer features, optional items and other upgrades that may be available from Seller at additional cost. Furniture not included or available for purchase (even upon the payment of an additional charge). Models are not an indication of racial preference.

dwellings and wall were completed, we had to backfill for the pool and pool deck area in one-foot lifts, compacting the soil as it was layered in place.” The pool features a sunken hot tub and bench seating overlooking the lake. Combined with an outdoor bar and seating area, the space adds to the resort feeling of the property and certainly played a part in the home winning Best New Home Construction from the Lake Norman Home Builders Association in its recent Best of the Lake Design Competition.

The Higbeas opted not to have a dining room and had this custom table made for the living room area.

A home for sharing


The Higbeas’ special touches continue throughout the house, as there are five hidden doors, including one in the open kitchen that mirrors the concealed refrigerator. This door leads to the heart of the home (think mudroom, laundry room and home


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Photography by Ken Noblezada

Photography by Ken Noblezada

dwellings Hannah and Hudson hang out in Hannah’s bedroom loft. Right, Hudson plays a video game in the basement’s billiard room.



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office). “We’re a very, very active family, so we’re always on the go,” explains Sean. “We wanted to have a space where we could just throw everything and no one would know.” The kitchen is extra cozy with a brick backsplash and recessed cabinets painted in Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail Gray. The twosome used quartz for their countertops but opted for black walnut for the island. “I thought it [the black walnut] looked less formal,” says Angela. “We really tried to make it [the home] where it’s very livable and very practical for us,” adds Sean. That said, the Higbeas decided not to include a dining room and instead had a table and bench custom built for the living area. An upholstered bench against the wall also offers ample seating for their family, as well as guests. Kari Molnar of Kari & Co. Interior Design Services in Davidson helped the family with the interior. Upstairs, an alcove featuring scripted wallpaper from Magnolia Home houses a keyboard, as Sean is a big fan of the show Fixer Upper. Nearby, a nook with builtin seating serves as an inviting spot for reading. The children’s rooms each have personal touches. For instance, Hudson has a ladder and knotted rope leading to a loft in his room, while his sister Hannah also has a loft. Hailey enjoys spectacular lake views from her room, as well as a floor filled with pillows, where she can often be found doing her homework. Everywhere you look, form meets function in an easy and accessible way. “We really were trying to make this house comfortable,” says Sean. “When people walk in, we wanted them to feel really comfortable. We didn’t want them to feel like they were walking into a house where they couldn’t put their feet up and enjoy themselves.” Adds Angela, “We wanted to be able to share the house with friends and family.”


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Dine + Wine Eating, drinking, cooking and fun

Dressler’s offers the best of Yadkin Valley wines, p. 62 Make your own beer, p. 63 Body Lovin’ Lasagna, p. 64 Hello, Sailor offers retro fun, p. 66



Photography by Brant Waldeck


Fresh oysters are one of the many seafood treats you’ll find at Hello, Sailor.

Dine + Wine

Wine Time

Something Close to Home

by Trevor Burton Photography courtesy of Trevor Burton

Yadkin Valley wines are truly excellent, and Dressler’s Restaurant is a great place to see just how good they are.



’m a sucker for a good wine list. When my wife, Mary Ellen, and I go out to lunch or dinner, I invariably check the wine list to see what jumps out and, only secondarily, does the food menu come into play. It’s the wine that defines what our meal is going to be. Sometimes my wife has to rein me in — our tastes in wine are not totally the same. But, in most cases, the approach works. So, color me happy as I opened the list at Dressler’s Restaurant in Birkdale. It’s a gem, as it’s put together by John Glenn, general manager and a certified sommelier. A couple of items jumped out for me. One of them shaped our meal for the evening. The first thing I spotted was a wine-by-the-glass, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Knights Valley in California. Knights Valley is a tiny region, close to Napa Valley. Sightings of Knights Valley wines are few and far between. In my book, this wine by Beringer is one of the best values going. And Dressler’s has it by the glass. A glass to start our evening was just the ticket. But it was something more close to home that resulted in us ordering a bottle for our meal. It was a wine from Jones von Drehle Vineyards & Winery in Thurmond, a few miles up Interstate 77 and then a few more to the west. This vineyard is a great example of why Yadkin Valley wines are so good. These wines are an expression of where they’re from, not wines that are trying to be look-alike wines from more famous

regions. Jones Von Drehle wines are the result of great site selection, meticulous vineyard execution and great winemaking philosophy — which all translates into, “start with good fruit, maintain excellent wine-making practices and don’t mess up.” That mantra has driven co-owner, Chuck Jones, and winemaker, Dan Tallman, for the last 10 years or so. The wine that made it into our glasses was a blend of grapes, blended in a Bordeaux style — a style, not an attempt to create a Bordeaux look-alike. It’s a wine made from Yadkin Valley grapes blended together. This is not an in-your-face wine. It’s relatively low in alcohol and more nuanced than powerful; those are the characteristics that determined what came on our plates from the kitchen. Dressler’s menu has many choices of steaks, all of them tempting. What seemed right for me, though, was a more delicate dish, rack of lamb. Just like the wine, the lamb was sourced locally. That’s what food and wine pairing is about, staying local. Wait, there’s more! Dressler’s wine list provides many more opportunities to play, as there are several other Jones Von Drehle wines on it. Several more wines to drive what ends up on a plate — a really neat and tasty experience. Dressler’s Restaurant Birkdale Village 8630-1A Lindholm Drive Huntersville

A Bordeaux-style blend of grapes that complements a rack of lamb dish.

Dine + Wine

On Tap

by Mike Savicki

Homebrewing continues to grow in popularity.

IT’S AS EASY (SORT OF) AS 1, 2, 3, 4 bitterness. Brewer’s yeast is the living organism that ferments the sugars in the malt. And water constitutes more than 90 percent of the remainder of the beer. To give a batch a unique flavor and taste, brewers often add fruits, spices, coffee and chocolate, as well as other specialty ingredients to give a beer its unique final flavor. Malting, mashing, boiling and fermenting are the four basic steps to brewing. Converting barley to barley malt through soaking and kilning in a maltster begins the process (although many homebrew kits simplify this step by already including finished malt). Crushing and soaking the barley malt, then draining the sweet wort liquid produces malt extract, which is then used for boiling. Adding hops during the boil (early for bitter beer and late for floral) converts the wort, which will then be ready for yeast to be added. The hopped wort will then ferment into beer ready to bottle and cap.

A successful, drinkable homebrew requires not only the correct ingredients but also proper temperature control, aeration, timing, then finally bottling techniques. The most common batch size for homebrewers is five gallons, which will make approximately 48 standard 12-ounce bottles. As far as a timetable from start to finish, for most normal strength ales, malting, mashing and boiling may happen in succession while fermentation may last up to six days before the beer is ready to bottle and cap. Let your beer sit for a week after bottling, then chill it overnight before serving. Timing throughout the process is important because the longer the beer is exposed to air, the more likely it will be to become stale faster.

Practice makes perfect they say, and the results, whether you use a homebrew kit or find your own ingredients and follow a recipe on your own, are usually worth it. So give homebrewing a try this winter, then share your experiences (and results) on a stool in a local taproom or bottle shop. You’ll be among friends.


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Craft beer comes in more styles and variations than ever before, and if you need local proof, look no further than the area’s six brewing companies (D9, Primal, Ass Clown, Bayne, Ghostface and Eleven Lakes) who are pushing the industry with their constantly evolving and changing styles and variations. Nearly each and every brewer got started with small batch homebrewing, and many still experiment with the perfect small batch runs before increasing production. So why not join in and give homebrewing a try? With just a few basic ingredients and steps, you’ll soon be on your way to your own British ale, German lager or American IPA. Beer is comprised of four basic ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. Malt is a cereal grain (the most commonly malted types are barley and wheat) that provides sugars for the yeast to ferment. Hops, needed in only small portions per batch, contain compounds that give beer its


In the Kitchen with Jill Dahan Ingredients


BODY LOVIN’ LASAGNA January is body lovin’ month. Cold, frosty evenings invite us to draw the fire and wrap our insides in cozy dishes that nourish us after the excesses of the holidays. There have been points in my life where many a pan of this lasagna has passed through my kitchen on its way to comfort friends and family. The secret to the simplicity of a sublime lasagna versus the frozen box variety lies in the thoughtfully made cheese sauce, coupled with a long simmered rich ragu. A warm, creamy center with a crispy, crusted top will be enough to convince anyone that recipes like this are well worth the extra effort. JANUARY 2018

ill Dahan lives in Cornelius and is the author of J Starting Fresh! Recipes for Life. You can learn more about her at

Photography by Glenn Roberson

Dine + Wine

2 (18-ounce) jars of crushed tomatoes (Jovial is my favorite.) 1 (7-ounce) jar of tomato paste (Bionaturae is the best.) 7 medium cloves of garlic, crushed 1 heaping tablespoon of dried oregano, plus extra for sprinkling Jill Dahan 1 teaspoon of red chili flakes, optional 1 (8-ounce) package of crimini mushrooms, sliced thinly 1 very large or two medium onions, diced 1 green pepper, diced Cheese sauce 3 tablespoons of good balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons of organic flour 1 1/2 cups of grated Parmesan 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 1/2 cups of grated cow or goat cheddar cheese 2 cups of whole cow or goat milk 1 package of no-boil, non-GMO lasagna noodles 1 cup of grated cow or goat cheddar cheese

Instructions In a medium Dutch Oven pan, cook onions on low covered for about five minutes until softened. Add in mushrooms and peppers, and sauté another three to five minutes. Add in tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, oregano and chili, and heat until boiling. Cover and bake at 350 F for one hour. Remove and blend mixture on low until just blended but slightly chunky texture like it contains ground beef. Place back in Dutch Oven, cover and bake at 350 F for another hour. Set aside. For the cheese sauce, melt butter at medium heat in a saucepan. While continually stirring, add in the flour and cook for three minutes. Whisk in milk gradually and continue whisking while heating until thickened and steaming. Stir in cheese until melted and thick, and set aside. For assembly, spread a thin layer of cheese sauce on the bottom of the baking dish and top with a single layer of noodles. Spread cheese sauce thinly over noodles, top with a thick layer of tomato sauce, and sprinkle with a generous handful of both cheeses. Top this with another single layer of noodles, a thin layer of the cheese sauce, thick layer of tomato sauce and then a sprinkling of cheeses. Arrange single layer of noodles over this, spread with the rest of the cheese sauce, and sprinkle with cheeses and oregano. Can be frozen for up to three months if desired. To serve, bake from room temperature at 375 F (convection if available) for 25 to 30 minutes in the bottom third of the oven until bubbling and crispy on top. Serve warm. Makes two 7x7-inch or one 7x13-inch pans.







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Dine + Wine

Nibbles & Bites

Setting Sail by Holly Becker


Lake Norman says “Hi!” to Hello, Sailor

Photography by Brant Waldeck

Hello, Sailor

STATS Cuisine

Seafood, ribs, chicken wings, burgers and sandwiches.

Price JANUARY 2018



Attire Casual


Mid-century California vibe.

Group Friendly Clockwise from top: Hello, Sailor’s bar features a Palm Springs meets 1950’s LA vibe. James Beard-nominated Chef Craig Deihl is chef de cuisine. Joe and Katy Kindred sit in the result of their avid imaginations.

Family Friendly Going Solo

or Joe and Katy Kindred, 2017 was consumed with construction and renovations. With the opening of their highly anticipated restaurant, Hello, Sailor, the husband-and-wife restaurant duo will see the fruits of their labor pay off in 2018. “We wanted, in a certain way, to honor the building. It’s been part of the Cornelius and Lake Norman area for a long time,”

says Joe, who grew up not far from his new lakeside restaurant. He felt it was important do something special with the restaurant space at Holiday Marina, which was home to Rusty Rudder for 15 years. He remembers the space pre-Rusty Rudder days when it housed Jack’s, a restaurant he fondly remembers dining at with his family when he was a child. The Kindreds have radically

transformed the interiors. Katy describes Hello, Sailor as a “Palm Springs meets 1950’s LA vibe.” “The design was fun to exercise my creative muscle and do something different,” she says. The retro interiors give a definite wow factor upon entrance. Floating steps, slate flooring and the vintage pink countertop on the bar and an old-fashioned photo booth create a 1950s nostalgic atmosphere. The Kindreds added

Date Night Wi-Fi

PRICE KEY 15 and under


25 and under


50 and under


75 and under


This includes an entree and a non-alcoholic beverage.

Dine + Wine

many windows and vaulted the ceiling, which showcases the lake. “It opens up the view of the water, almost a panoramic view, and really draws your eyes to the water,” explains Katy. The mirror-lined wall behind the banquet seating gives patrons a lake view no matter where they’re seated inside the restaurant.

Sea-to-land menu options

Diverse dining experiences

67 Hello-Sailor features fun touches throughout.

Hello, Sailor is open for dinner only right now. The Kindreds plan to add lunch hours in the future. Dinner and lunch will feature the same menu. Multiple decks with seating and an outdoor tiki bar will open

in the warm weather months. The covered deck is open yearlong, with heat lamps in the cooler months. “We are excited to share Hello, Sailor with people,” says Katy. “It’s been a long time coming.”


The variety of fare and price points allows Hello, Sailor to cater to diverse groups at Lake Norman. With 20 boat slips at the restaurant, the Kindreds anticipate many customers stopping in for a bite to eat while enjoying a day of fun on the lake. However, the Kindreds also want Hello, Sailor to be a place to celebrate special occasions or to showcase to out-of-town guests. “We wanted the menu to accommodate the boat and flip-flops crowd who want a quick sandwich, but we also want it to be a place where people can entertain friends and family,” says Katy.


James Beard-nominated Chef Craig Deihl joins Hello, Sailor as chef de cuisine. “It’s huge to have him [Diehl] on our team,” says Joe. Deihl formerly worked at Charleston’s acclaimed Artisan Meat Share and Cypress. Together, the experienced chefs created a scrumptious menu. A lakeside restaurant commands a heavy seafood menu, and Hello, Sailor delivers. Salted oysters, poke-style Hamachi, salt and pepper North Carolina catfish, and Carolina shrimp calabash are just some of the offerings. Joe says the team worked tirelessly to perfect the breading for the calabash shrimp. But, don’t pigeonhole Hello, Sailor as just a seafood

restaurant. Smoked baby back pork ribs, chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches and salads round out the menu. Joe says the bologna sandwich will be a delightful surprise, as it’s a new take on a southern favorite. Hello, Sailor is more kidfriendly than the Kindreds’ flagship restaurant in downtown Davidson. The kids’ menu ranges from chicken fingers to burgers, and the hush puppies and softserve ice cream are sure to be a hit with all ages.

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at the Lake

a month of things to do at the Lake Date Night

Girls’ Night Out

Family Fun

Me Time




The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (January 27-February 5) Click your heels together and join Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Dorothy and her little dog, Toto, on their journey through the magical land of Oz to meet the Wizard and obtain their hearts’ desires. Follow this band of misfits down the yellow brick road as they encounter all the famous characters from the pen of L. Frank Baum: the Munchkins, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the West, and the great and powerful Oz himself! Rediscover the classic story of Oz in this fantastic play for the whole family. Times and tickets TBD. Davidson Community Players, Armour Street Theatre, 307 Armour Street, Davidson,



Drew Dansby, Cello and Keona Rose, Piano (January 21) Charlotte’s very own, and only 16 years of age, Drew and Keona are two of the most gifted and talented rising young stars in the Southeast and each has received national acclaim for their musical ability. Drew was chosen as one of 12 cellists in the country to participate in the National Youth Orchestra in New York, and Keona is currently attending the prestigious Juilliard School pre-college division. They perform Rachmaninoff’s Cello Sonata and more. 3 p.m. $20. Tyler-Tallman Hall, Davidson College, Music at St. Albans (January 15) The Wingate University Singers under the direction of Kenney Potter perform an “a capella” program of classics as well as spiritual and traditional music. $20, students and young adults under 25 $10, seniors (62+)$15, children under 12 free. Music at St. Alban’s, St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, 301 Caldwell Lane, Davidson, Harry Pickens Solo Piano Concert (January 25) As part of his three-day residency, Davidson College alumnus Harry Pickens

Huntersville’s Carolina Raptor Center is a great place to visit year-round. performs an evening of solo works for piano. 7:30 p.m. $10. Tyler-Tallman Hall, Davidson College, Jazz Ensemble Residency Concert, Featuring Harry Pickens, Piano (January 26) Davidson College alumnus Harry Pickens returns for an intense three-day residency with the Jazz Ensemble. In addition to the concert, he will hold numerous workshops with the students and give a solo performance. $10. Duke Family Performance Hall, Davidson College, Josh Thompson (January 27) This Nashville singer/ songwriter performs. 8 p.m. Tickets start at $15. The Charles Mack Citizen Center, Downtown Mooresville, Alexander Community Concert Series (January 28) Harpist Andrea Mumm performs with vocalist Melinda Whittington. Presented by the Alexander Community Concert Series. 3 p.m. Adults $15, seniors (65 and above) and students $10, children under 12 free. The Episcopal Church of St. Peter By-theLake, 8433 Fairfield Forest Road, Denver, 704.489.6249,

Paul Brown and Terri McMurray (February 1) Paul Brown has combined his love of traditional music and broadcasting through most of his life. A longtime voice of Morning Edition, he returned to Winston-Salem several years ago to produce the highly successful traditional music broadcast and podcast, Across the Blue Ridge. He is a musician of the highest level, as a prize-winning banjo picker, fiddle player, singer, and storyteller. His wife, Terri McMurray, is a virtuoso clawhammer banjoist most noted for her membership in the Old Hollow String Band and her frequent duo performances with Paul. 7:30 p.m. $20. Tyler-Tallman Hall, Davidson College,


First Footin’ at Rural Hill (January 1) Come out to Rural Hill and start 2018 off right with First Footin’, Rural Hill’s annual walk and celebration of Hogmanay, or Scottish New Years. 11 a.m. step off for the First Footin’ Walk around the farm grounds; noon stone soup blessing and gathering. Free, bring an item (fresh or canned vegetables for the soup, bread, dessert, soft drinks, tea or favorite beverage (non-alcoholic), bowls, plates, napkins, and eating utensils) for the luncheon.

Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville, The 20th Annual Polar Bear Ride (January 13) Ride 50k or 100k during this annual Rocky River Road Club tradition. 10 a.m. Metric Century $30, $35 day off; Half Metric $30, $35 day of. Ingersoll Rand Campus, Davidson, www.


Cornelius Arts Center Various exhibitions. Mon-Thu 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri-Sat 9 a.m.-noon. 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, Foster’s Frame and Art Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10a.m.-4p.m. 403 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, 704.948.1750. Four Corners Framing and Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Fri 10 a.m.6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 148 N. Main Street, Mooresville, 704.662.7154, Lake Country Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Exit 36 – Mooresville, between Belk and Kohl’s, 704.664.5022,

Mooresville Arts Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Fri noon-4 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 103 W. Center Avenue, Mooresville, Tropical Connections Various exhibitions. Tue- Fri 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. or by appointment. 230 N. Main Street, Mooresville, The Van Every/Smith Galleries Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat-Sun noon-4 p.m. Davidson College, The Van Every/Smith Galleries, 315 N. Main Street, Davidson, www.


Carolina Raptor Center Live bird presentations, flight shows, behind-the-scenes tours and more take place at Carolina Raptor Center throughout the month. Visit carolinaraptorcenter. org for more details. 2nd Friday Street Festival (Every second Friday) This event features many of the area’s most talented and innovative artists and craftsmen while showcasing a fabulous lineup of entertainment including local bands, performance groups, live art demonstrations

Photography courtesy of Davidson College.

and much more. Area businesses will be out to impress, offering special sales and incentives to event guests, who can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks from local breweries and food. 6-10 p.m. Free. 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, Davidson Farmer’s Market (January 6, 20) Find fresh local produce and flowers and this event. 9 a.m.-noon. Next to Town Hall between Main and Jackson streets in downtown Davidson, www.


Davidson College Men’s Basketball Fingers cross for a trip to the big dance this year. Saint Louis (January 3, 7 p.m.), George Washington (January 10, 7 p.m.), St. Bonaventure (January 19, 7 p.m.), Richmond (January 28, 2 p.m.), La Salle (January 31, 7 p.m.). Davidson College, Davidson College Women’s Basketball The Wildcats hit the court for a great season. Duquesne (January 4, 7 p.m.), Rhode Island (January 7, 2 p.m.), George Washington (January 17, 7 p.m.), Massachusetts (January 24, 7 p.m.), Dayton (January 27, 2 p.m.), Davidson College,

Ice Bucket Regatta (January 1) The Lake Norman Yacht holds this regatta without fail to welcome the new year. The Ice Bucket Regatta is sailed using a pursuit format, with a “civilized” break for lunch in the clubhouse. Time TBA. Entry fee $35. Lake Norman Yacht Club, 297 Yacht Road, Mooresville, www.


Harry Pickens performs a solo piano concert on January 25 at Davidson College.

40th Annual Lake Norman New Year’s Day Barefoot Tournament (January 1) Hosted by the Carolina Show Ski Team, this is one of the

longest-running barefoot skiing tournaments in the world. It combines barefoot starts, tricks and endurance skills in one single ride. Contestants receive points for the degree of difficulty of their starting method (flying dock start, backward dock start, etc.), degree of difficulty of any tricks they perform (one foot, tumble-turns, 180 degree turns, etc.), and one point for every second they remain on their bare feet. “Footers” (barefoot water skiers) are expected to come from as far as Florida and New Jersey to participate. This year former World Barefoot Champion and 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee Rachel George Normand will be coming out of retirement to compete. Normand retired from competitive barefooting in 2007, married, has two children and lives in Tega Cay, South Carolina. Normand judged the tournament last year, and was co-announcer for the event the previous year. 11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Lake Norman Marina, 6965 NC Highway 150 East, Sherrills Ford,


Lori's Larks by Lori K. Tate Photography courtesy of Lori K. Tate

Taking Steps for


Editor Lori K. Tate looks for enlightenment at St. Patrick’s labyrinth



Lori K. Tate finds a quiet calm as she walks the labyrinth at St. Patrick’s Episcopal in Mooresville. Inset, Tate with Reverend Sally Brower of St. Patrick’s.


nyone who knows me knows that my brain is a pretty congested place. My thoughts dart around my head in a similar pattern of a dog chasing a butterfly. I’ve tried a host of things to calm my thought process down, but I’ve never walked a labyrinth — that is until now. For the uninitiated, a labyrinth is a winding circuitous path that has been used as a spiritual tool for thousands of years. Labyrinths are unicursal, meaning that there is only one path that leads to the center and out again. They are intended to symbolize a pilgrim’s walk to God, and throughout history, they have been found in all major religious traditions. In this particular case, the labyrinth I walked was at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Mooresville. The church constructed a labyrinth out of rocks years ago

and many people used it and enjoyed it, including Mathew Colvin. The young man walked the labyrinth quite a bit when his grandmother was in her final phase of life. While walking, he thought about how much he’d like to bring her out to the labyrinth in her wheelchair, but the rocks made that impossible. After she passed away, Colvin saved the money to buy a paver kit to make the labyrinth more accessible, and he proceeded to upgrade the labyrinth for his Eagle Scout project and in honor of his Nana’s memory. The labyrinth sits behind the church at the edge of the woods, where a nature trail, constructed by Jacob R. Walker for his Eagle Scout project, runs past. When I heard that the labyrinth was complete and being dedicated, I headed up there the first chance I got. Before giving it a try, I spoke

with Reverend Sally Brower of St. Patrick’s. She told me to pause and set my intention before walking it. The idea is to clear your mind so you can receive enlightenment. The three phases involved include: release, illumination and return. Because I was visiting during the hectic holiday season, I asked for peace and began walking. As I made the switchback turns, I could feel a transition in my brain. Reverend Brower told me that this exercise helps people move from their right brain to their left brain. This must have been what I was feeling. I darted down the straightaways in the same fashion we tend to dart through the easy patches of our lives. Then a turn would come up, and I’d have to figure out a course of action — just like life. After completing the labyrinth once, I paused to see if I felt differently.

Nope, my mind was still racing. That said, I gave it another go. During my second time, I felt more peaceful, and I began to see how the labyrinth worked. A couple walked past on the nature trail, and I hardly noticed them. Sitting across from Lake Norman Regional Hospital and nestled in Mooresville’s medical practice community, St. Patrick’s welcomes visitors. The labyrinth and nature trail are open daily to the public during daylight hours. It is the church’s hope that people will benefit from having an outdoor labyrinth for meditation, prayer and stress release. “People can walk it for different reasons,” says Reverend Brower. “All are welcome.” St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 164 Fairview Road Mooresville

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