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by Aaron Garcia |

photography by Jamie Cowles

Getting a Taste for Mooresville TASTY TOWN USA PAIRS CURRENT CUISINE WITH TOWN’S HISTORY Check out the offerings at Big Tiny’s BBQ.

Tasty Town USA

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Price SEPTEMBER 2019

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arah Tuvia didn’t set out to create Mooresville’s most innovative culinary experience. In fact, her motivations were quite the opposite; instead, the Tasty Town USA founder wanted to draw on the time-tested technique of food tasting more commonly found in cities with dense culinary communities, and she wanted to do it while offering a glimpse of the town’s past, which has been painted over almost as often as its murals. The result is an experience that you literally cannot find anywhere else.

An International experience… It’s fair to say that the idea really began back in the Middle East. Tuvia, a Monroe native and graduate of the University

of Maryland at College Park, matriculated to Tel Aviv University for her graduate degree. While there she became a fan of food tours, which offered guests samplings from several local vendors. Typically held the day before Sabbath, the event ran through urban marketplaces in a somewhat hurried pace. It was an easy and exciting way to show her visiting friends and loved ones the city and culture. “(During those tours), you can feel the energy,” Tuvia says. Tuvia stayed in the city for 10 years before moving to Charlotte. She said she never lost her affinity for small-town Americana, especially the smaller mill towns common in the south. When she began visiting her now-husband, Ori, who lived in Mooresville, she fell in love. She moved to Mooresville in 2017. Tuvia says after learning some

of the town’s history—as well as eating at the local restaurants— she had an idea.

…with a hometown feel In May of this year, Sarah and Ori launched Tasty Town USA, and the vision, at least to them, was simple. “I wanted to recreate that excitement and energy (from Tel Aviv) in a place that was home,” Tuvia says. Despite the international impetus, Tuvia never lost her love of small-town life. After moving to the area, Tuvia began to learn about the town’s history. She was intrigued my Mooresville’s train-town beginnings and old-timey murals. The history was so rich that she decided to incorporate it into her food tour. The result is an experience

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This includes an entree and a non-alcoholic beverage.

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