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Annual Report 2012

Supporting the Preservation, Improvement and Enhancement of the Environment

Š Scott Shigley/Hoerr Schaudt

Š Craig Kuhner/Sasaki Associates

“The Landscape Architecture Foundation is about innovative solutions, integrated thinking, and context—essential aspects of creating sustainable, thriving communities. LAF provides key leadership to move the profession forward, advance young careers, and broaden landscape architecture’s audience and impact.” — Patrick Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Land Institute (ULI)

Mission The mission of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment. LAF invests in research and scholarship to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability. Founded nearly 50 years ago, the Landscape Architecture Foundation has been the nexus of inquiry and innovation for the profession. Today, our mission to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment has never been more relevant. Through its philanthropic activities, LAF advances the profession’s influence through:

Research. Facilitating the creation and dissemination of knowledge about sustainable landscape solutions. Scholarship. Supporting outstanding students to cultivate the next generation of sustainability leaders. Leadership. Strengthening the profession to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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From LAF President Lucinda R. Sanders, FASLA, PLA I wish to celebrate a wondrous year serving as the President of the Landscape Architecture Foundation. I am honored to have had the opportunity to continue a great tradition of leading the most significant organization for the future of landscape architecture and, one with global relevance. In 2012, we continued to celebrate the noteworthy strides and the maturation of the Foundation over the last five years. LAF has grown 13% since 2008. Ensuring stability of our financial underpinnings has been critical to our successes, and this firm financial foundation has enabled us to grow our programs.

Lucinda R. Sanders, FASLA, PLA President

Our Landscape Performance Series now has a five-year plan with specific goals. This will bring us closer to becoming the go-to place for conversations about landscape performance. One of the most impressive initiatives is the Case Study Investigation (CSI) program, which brings together students, researchers, and practitioners to assess the post-occupancy sustainable successes of our built landscapes. This is a win-winwin program where students and faculty receive research grants, faculty and practitioners mentor students, and practitioners and the public receive an unbiased, post-occupancy evaluation of projects. LAF committed to expand our Olmsted Scholars Program in 2013 to include a separate $15,000 award specifically for undergraduate students. This will increase the total prize dollars to $46,000 annually. We also began the search for new office space commensurate with our sustainable mission. It was important for us to provide space for our growing staff – now five strong – and to host visitors and donors in an environment where they will be able to catch up on the forward-thinking work of LAF. Thank you to the loyal supporters of LAF who believe in the work of the Foundation and whose generosity makes all of our work possible. Our gratitude also extends to the LAF staff, the volunteers, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. I am honored to be a part of LAF. Please join me in welcoming our new Board President, Bill Main, Executive Chairman of Landscape Forms. Bill’s outstanding leadership and business acumen will continue to strengthen the Foundation, building on recent successes and advancing the critical mission of the Landscape Architecture Foundation. With sincere optimism for the future of the planet,

Lucinda Reed Sanders, FASLA, PLA CEO and Partner, OLIN

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From LAF Executive Director Barbara Deutsch, FASLA The devastation of Hurricane Sandy served as a reminder of the vital need to balance human and natural systems and processes. Landscape architects are uniquely trained to do this, and the world’s health, safety, and economic prosperity will require the best and brightest of our profession to fully participate in developing sustainable solutions. The Landscape Architecture Foundation is increasing the capacity of the profession to meet this awesome challenge, and its impact continues to grow. I invite you to build on the following success and help achieve our 2013 priorities to show the value of exemplary design and cultivate the next generation of leaders.

2012 Achievements

Barbara Deutsch, FASLA Executive Director

2013 Priorities

ƒƒ Awarded a record-breaking $120,000 to students through scholarships, fellowships, and research assistantships.

ƒƒ Continue to provide much-needed financial assistance, recognition, and research opportunities for students.

ƒƒ Celebrated a growing community of 176 Olmsted Scholars in the renowned program’s fifth year.

ƒƒ Expand the Olmsted Scholars Program to include separate awards and recognition for undergraduate as well as graduate students.

ƒƒ Established Case Study Investigation (CSI) as a full LAF program offering and funded 10 facultystudent-practitioner teams. ƒƒ Developed a strategic 5-Year Plan for the Landscape Performance Series (LPS). ƒƒ Became a Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA CES) Approved Provider. ƒƒ Met with over 1,000 professionals to increase awareness about landscape performance and the resources in the LPS.

ƒƒ Analyze the 60 LPS Case Study Briefs to identify commonalities and gaps in the metrics and methods to improve future case studies. ƒƒ Offer quarterly webinars and self-study resources related to landscape performance. ƒƒ Continue to grow the Landscape Performance Series and begin measuring its impact to transform landscape architecture practice, design education, and the demand for sustainable landscape solutions.

Thank you for your good work and making a difference through LAF. It is a privilege and pleasure to work with the Foundation’s stellar Board of Directors, talented staff, and all of the generous donors and partners who allow us to achieve our mission for years to come. Sincerely,

Barbara Deutsch, FASLA 2012 Annual Report  |  5


Research Research is a key part LAF’s strategy to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability through landscape architecture. Since 1986, LAF has invested $1.8 million in research initiatives.

Landscape Performance Series The Landscape Performance Series (LPS) is an online interactive set of resources to show value and provide tools for designers, agencies and advocates to evaluate performance and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions. The LPS is not a rating system, but rather a hub that brings together information and innovations from research, professional practice and student work. The LPS is designed to grow over time with user participation.

Awareness and use of the LPS has been steadily increasing, with the number of LPS pageviews more than doubling to 155,000 and the number of unique users nearly tripling from 2011 to 2012. In order to build on this momentum, transform landscape architecture practice and education, measure impact, and bring the concept of landscape performance to new audiences, LAF developed and adopted a 5-year strategic plan for the LPS.

In 2012, LAF added to the Benefits Toolkit, Scholarly Works, and Fast Fact Library, which now contains over 100 Fast Facts on the benefits of landscape derived from published research. The number of Case Study Briefs increased to 60 through the Case Study Investigation (CSI) program [see page 8]. With this critical mass of case studies, LAF can now analyze the collection as a whole to identify trends and gaps in order to enhance future research. This analysis will begin in 2013.

LAF also continued its outreach efforts, presenting to over 1,000 professionals at 30 venues in 2012, including the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting, the EPA Office of Sustainable Communities, the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference, the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Annual Conference, several ASLA chapter conferences, and dozens of visits to design firms and universities.

The Landscape Performance Series is made possible with support from Founding Partner: JJR|Roy Fund; Annual Sponsors: AECOM, American Society of Landscape Architects, CLASS Fund/Ralph Hudson Environmental Fellowship, AILA/ Yamagami/Hope Fellowship 6  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

“Working in a multidisciplinary firm, I often defend what landscape architects do and why they are needed. I send people to the LPS and they get it.”

— Kathleen Ogden, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP, Project Manager at VHB

LPS Components Case Study Briefs Database of projects with quantified landscape benefits. Benefits Toolkit Calculators and tools to estimate landscape performance. Fast Fact Library A searchable collection of landscape benefits from published research. Scholarly Works Top student theses and dissertations related to landscape performance.

© Reed Hilderbrand

Case Study: Central Wharf Plaza —Before and After

New LPS Case Study Briefs Back to Nature—The Willow School, Gladstone, NJ Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute— Beijing Olympic Forest Park, Beijing, China Beijing Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute— Tangshan Nanhu Central Park, Tangshan, China

Design Workshop—Cherry Creek North Improvement and Fillmore Plaza, Denver, CO

Reed Hilderbrand—Central Wharf Plaza, Boston, MA

Design Workshop—Park Avenue/US 50 Phase 1 Redevelopment, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sustainable Life Designs—Brent Elementary Schoolyard Greening: Phase 1, Washington, DC

EDSA—Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino, Italy

Weiss/Manfredi & Charles Anderson | Atelier ps— Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA

The Berger Partnership PS—Magnuson Park Wetlands and Active Recreation, Seattle, WA

EPT Design—Frontier Project, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

CDF, Inc.—Charles City Permeable Streetscape Phase 1, Charles City, IA

KMS Design Group—Black Rock Sanctuary, Phoenixville, PA

Design Workshop—Blue Hole Regional Park, Wimberley, TX

Mountain Recreation & Conservation Authority— Tujunga Wash Greenway, Los Angeles, CA

Sasaki Associates—The Avenue, Washington, DC

Wells Appel—Pennswood Village Regional Storm Water Management System, Newtown, PA

2012 Annual Report  |  7

Case Study Investigation (CSI) The Case Study Investigation (CSI) program is a unique research collaboration that matches LAF-funded student-faculty research teams with leading practitioners to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects. Teams develop metrics and methods to quantify environmental, economic and social benefits and produce Case Study Briefs for LAF’s award-winning Landscape Performance Series. In 2012, CSI was developed and formalized as a regular LAF program offering, building on the successful 2011 pilot. Twelve faculty Research Fellows, 12 student Research Assistants, and over 20 design firm liaisons participated in the 2012 CSI program to evaluate and document the performance of 30 projects, from a streetscape in Iowa to a botanical garden in New York to an Olympic Park in Beijing. While CSI typically focuses on quantifying the benefits of built landscapes, one research team was selected to test and develop guidance for those at the end of the design phase. Researchers at Chatham University worked with designers at Mithun to collect baseline data and setup research protocols for Chatham’s 388-acre Eden Hall Campus, where construction on the first phase was just getting underway. Their work will set the stage to evaluate landscape performance over the long term at this model campus for sustainable learning and living.

“The CSI program gave us a unique, inspiring and interesting experience. We will never approach design the same way again.” — Yue Zhang and Pamela Blackmore, Utah State University, 2012 CSI Participants

The CSI program is highly collaborative with the goal of better integrating the innovative work being done by academia and practice to advance our knowledge of landscape performance. The program also provides participants much-needed research and professional development opportunities. LAF’s experience with CSI has also underscored the need to ensure that landscape performance is part of landscape architecture education. In 2012, LAF sent a letter to the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board to this effect and began collecting examples of exercises, syllabi, and other materials used in the classroom to create a “Resource for Educators” portal on the LAF website. By investing in this research, LAF hopes that CSI can be a key impetus in moving the landscape architecture profession toward designing every project with specific performance objectives, routinely collecting performance data, and integrating landscape performance in design education.

Research Assistant Allison Arnold and Research Fellow Dr. Mary Myers evaluate habitat value.

2012 Research Fellows Barry Lehrman, Cal Poly Pomona Molly Mehling, PhD, Chatham University Jessica Canfield, Kansas State University Claudia Goetz Phillips, PhD, Philadelphia University Mary Myers, PhD, Temple University Ming Han Li, PhD, Texas A&M University Bruce Dvorak, Texas A&M University Bo Yang, PhD, Utah State University Victoria Chanse, PhD, University of Maryland Chris Ellis, PhD, University of Maryland Byoung-Suk Kweon, PhD, University of Maryland Nancy Rottle, University of Washington

The 2012 CSI program was supported by a National Endowment for the Arts Art Works grant.

8  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Cultutal heritage

materials Economic development Reused/recycled Property values Soil creation/restoration

Educational value

Temperature & urban heat island

O&M savings

Stormwater management

Habitat creation

Air quality

Water quality Public health & safety Habitat preservation

Noise mitigation

Social & recreational value Waste reduction


Food production

Scenic quality/views

Job creation

Flood protection

Land efficiency/preservation

Water conservation

Carbon storage & sequestration

Word cloud showing the performance benefits documented in the 60 Landscape Performance Series Case Study Briefs. 2012 Annual Report  |  9


Scholarship LAF is the leading source of national scholarships for landscape architecture students. Since 1986, LAF has awarded more than $900,000 in scholarships and fellowships to over 450 students. These awards support new generations of landscape architects by recognizing leadership, rewarding superior student performance, encouraging diversity, supporting original research, and assisting students with unmet financial need.

Leadership in Landscape Scholarships & Fellowships LAF’s Leadership in Landscape Scholarship Program supports future landscape leaders through named, endowed awards ranging from $2,000-$5,000. In 2012, LAF awarded $39,500 through nine different scholarships and fellowships.

© Landscape Forms

10  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Eligible candidates are undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Additional requirements vary by scholarship/fellowship. Winners are chosen through a competitive jury process by leading academics and practitioners in landscape architecture.

2012 Leadership in Landscape

Scholarship Winners Douglas Dockery Thomas Fellowship in Garden History and Design Award: $4,000 Fiona McAnally University of Tennessee

Hawaii Chapter / David T Woolsey Scholarship Award: $2,000 John Musser Cal Poly, Pomona

ASLA Council of Fellows Scholarship Award: $4,000

Landscape Forms Design for People Scholarship Award: $3,000 Laura Durgerian Cornell University

Viviana Castro University of Florida

ASLA Council of Fellows Scholarship Award: $4,000 Lynette Osinubi University of Georgia

Courtland Paul Scholarship Award: $5,000 Richard Kane Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

EDSA Minority Scholarship Award: $5,000 Jose Alvarez Florida International University

Peridian International Inc./Rae L. Price, FASLA Scholarship Award: $5,000 Jonathan Stalvey Cal Poly, Pomona

Rain Bird Intelligent Use of Water Scholarship Award: $2,500 Julie Matthews Pennsylvania State University

Steven G. King Play Environments Scholarship Award: $5,000 Nathan Deig Ball State University

Thank you to our 2012 Jurors Douglas Dockery Thomas Fellowship in Garden History and Design Jury Joan Hirschman Woodward, FASLA, FCELA Professor Emerita of Landscape Architecture California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Stephanie Rolley, FASLA, AICP Professor and Head of Department of Landscape Architecture | Regional & Community Planning Kansas State University Michael Vergason, FASLA, FAAR Principal Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd.

Landscape Forms Design for People / Steven G. King Play Environments Scholarships Jury Susan Herrington, PLA Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Architecture University of British Columbia Jena Ponti, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP Senior Landscape Architect Bruce Boody Landscape Architect, Inc. Kerry White, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP Principal Urban Play Studio Daniel Winterbottom, FASLA, RLA Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture University of Washington

2012 Annual Report  |  11

Olmsted Scholars Program 2012 marked the fifth year of LAF’s Olmsted Scholars Program, the premier national award and recognition program for landscape architecture students. The program recognizes one outstanding student from each university in the U.S. and Canada with an accredited landscape architecture program, along with the jury-selected national award winner and finalists. Students are both honored for past achievements and recognized for their future potential to influence the landscape architecture profession. Jack Ohly, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, was selected as the 2012 National Olmsted Scholar and recipient of the $25,000 award. Jack received a Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning degree in May and is using the award to build on his previous work in agroforestry and community development in Northeastern Brazil to develop a set of regionally appropriate models for more ecologically and culturally vibrant public space. Also honored were four national finalists, who each receive a $1,000 award. An independent jury of leaders in the landscape architecture profession selected the winner and finalists from a group of 46 graduate and undergraduate students, nominated as Olmsted Scholars by their faculty. In September, 20 of the scholars attended a series of events in Phoenix, including a luncheon and LAF’s 27th Annual Benefit where they were honored during a special ceremony. To mark the program’s fifth year, LAF hosted a happy hour for all past and present Olmsted

12  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

2012 National Olmsted Scholar Jack Ohly, University of Pennsylvania

2012 Olmsted Scholar Finalists Marin Braco, State University of New York Tina Chee, University of Southern California Tera Hatfield, University of Washington Fadi Masoud, Harvard University

2012 National Olmsted Scholar Jack Ohly leads a workshop on the design of public space with students in Itapicaru, Brazil.

Scholars, along with “lightning talk” updates from four of the five national winners. LAF also announced its intent to offer a new $15,000 award for undergraduate students as part of the Olmsted Scholars Program starting in 2013. The new award will recognize the high level of talent and leadership potential present in undergraduate programs and will complement the existing $25,000 award, which will now be available only to graduate nominees. Since its inception in 2008, Olmsted Scholars Program participation has grown steadily with nominees from 61 of the 74 universities with accredited landscape architecture programs. These future leaders of the profession form a growing community of 176 past and present Olmsted Scholars.

2012 Olmsted Scholars Jury Lucinda R. Sanders, FASLA President, LAF Board of Directors CEO, OLIN Thomas Tavella, FASLA President-Elect, ASLA Director of Design, Fuss & O’Neill Joseph Lalli, FASLA President and CEO, EDSA Douglas Reed, FASLA Principal, Reed Hilderbrand Joseph Ragsdale, ASLA, FAAR Department Head and Associate Professor, Cal Poly Pomona Bradford McKee Editor-in-Chief, Landscape Architecture Magazine Kate Tooke 2011 National Olmsted Scholar Design Associate, Dodson & Flinker Associates

2012 Olmsted Scholars

First Row: Kjirsten Alexander, Ryan Ball, Marin Braco, Finalist, State University of New York, Jim Brown, Christopher Cabezas, Tina Chee, Finalist, University of Southern California, Laura Culver, Brian Curry | Second Row: Seth Denizen, Lu Ding, Jeffrey Dzikowski, Steven Eilers, Peter Ellery, Jennifer Engelke, Heather Faivre, Colby Fangman, Matthew Gonser, Walter Graeber | Third Row: Christie Green, Tera Hatfield, Finalist, University of Washington, Sean Haviland, Caitlin Jackson, Brenna Jones, Brett Kordenbrock, Elaine Kramer, Taylor Ladd, Thomas Mahone, Nhasala Manandhar | Fourth Row: Fadi Masoud, Finalist, Harvard University, Benjamin Matthews, Matt McCreary, Patsy McEntee-Shaffer, Preston Montague, Kristen Murray, Christopher Murton, Sandra Nam, Jack Ohly, Winner, University of Pennsylvania, Jana Perser | Fifth Row: Benjamin Roush, Caitlin Smith, Shawn Stankewich, Lee Streitz, Chris Torres, Lucy Wang, Wendy Wang, Kelley Woodacre This program is made possible through the support of the following Lead Sponsor: The Toro Company; Annual Sponsors: EDSA, HOK, OLIN, Edith Harrison Henderson Fund, and Harriet Barnhardt Wimmer Fund I Wimmer Yamada and Caughey; Promotion Partner: American Society of Landscape Architects

2012 Annual Report  |  13

Olmsted Scholars Program - 5 Years, 176 Scholars Andrea Gaffney, 2008 National Olmsted Scholar “In a time of economic uncertainty, the Olmsted Scholars Program provided me with an incredible sense of security, and afforded me the time to develop my research ideas while looking for a job.” Andrea is a Designer with the SWA Group and a Lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley.

David Malda, 2009 National Olmsted Scholar “The financial support made it possible for me to work on online resources and my research on urban highway landscapes. More significantly, the Olmsted award and associated LAF activities have increased my awareness of the need to link professional and academic research agendas and the potential for student initiatives to impact and influence the practice of landscape architecture.” David is a Senior Associate at Gustafson Guthrie Nichol.

Emily Vogler, 2010 National Olmsted Scholar “Being selected as the 2010 National Olmsted Scholar is one of the greatest honors I have ever received. It has encouraged me, challenged me, and committed me to become a leader in the landscape architecture profession.” Emily is developing her research on infrastructural regionalism, working toward licensure, and taking time to watch her young daughter grow.

Kate Tooke, 2011 National Olmsted Scholar “It feels like the doors to my future have been thrown open, and huge helping hands are reaching out to usher me forward. In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined such an opportunity to invest in something I am passionate about so soon after graduating.” Kate is a Design Associate at Dodson & Flinker Associates.

Jack Ohly, 2012 National Olmsted Scholar “The Olmsted Scholars Program invites us to push the boundaries of how landscape architecture is engaged and links us together in a broad community of ideas. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity it affords me to work with communities in northeastern Brazil on the social and ecological potential of design in the public realm.” Jack is a Senior Designer at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.

14  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

“T he ideas, projects, and commitments are so powerful. These young designers are opening up the dialogue on current issues that this generation and the landscape architecture profession will need to address.” — Susan S. Szenasy, Hon. ASLA, Olmsted Scholars Program Juror Editor-in-Chief, Metropolis Magazine

2012 Annual Report  |  15


Leadership Since its founding in 1966 by Ian McHarg and leading landscape architects of the day, LAF has worked to strengthen the profession and collaborate with leaders in practice, academia, and industry to provide thought leadership in designing sustainable landscape solutions. LAF also supports the development of emerging student leaders and young professionals.

Leaders Roundtable Each year, LAF and Landscape Forms co-host a Leaders Roundtable to foster dialogue among distinguished design professionals about emerging trends in design and professional practice. In June, 14 leading landscape architects met in Philadelphia to explore the impact of technology on the design of the landscape, the experience of landscape, and the way professionals conduct their practices. The meeting was moderated by landscape architect Rodrigo Abela of Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. While participants’ use of digital technology varied, all were very aware of the way cell phones, laptops, and tablets impact the design and use of outdoor spaces. Landscape Forms produced a short video summarizing the conversation and a “Roundtable Report on Technology and the Landscape.”

16  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

“People in cities are not necessarily looking for a full-blown experience of nature, but they are interested in being outside and bringing technology with them. If we embrace technology in a helpful way and make even the smallest space incredible, that will help them notice nature in those moments when they look up from the screen.” — Laura Solano, PLA, ASLA, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

2012 Leaders Roundtable Participants Rodrigo Abela, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Washington, DC

Thomas Flynn Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Scott Rykiel, FASLA, LEED AP Mahan Rykiel Associates, Baltimore, MD

Stuart Appel, FASLA Wells Appel, Philadelphia, PA

James Gilday, PLA, LEED AP Moss Gilday Group, Little Silver, NJ

Laura Solano, PLA, ASLA Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Cambridge, MA

Elizabeth Asawa Workshop: Ken Smith Landscape Architect, New York, NY

Christian Hanley, MSCE OLIN, Philadelphia, PA

Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, FASLA, LEED AP Wallace Roberts & Todd, Philadelphia, PA Terri-Lee Burger, PLA, ASLA Abel Bainnson Butz, New York, NY

Signe Nielsen, PLA, ASLA Mathews Nielsen, New York, NY Richard Roark, ASLA, LEED AP OLIN, Philadelphia, PA

Donna Walcavage, FASLA AECOM, New York, NY Lee Weintraub, FASLA Lee Weintraub Landscape Architecture, Yonkers, NY Matthew Wisniewski MKW + Associates, Rutherford, NJ

Richard Heriford, President of Landscape Forms, kicks off the Roundtable on Technology and the Landscape. 2012 Annual Report  |  17


Events Together, the 2012 Annual Benefit and Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes raised over $170,000 to support LAF research and scholarship programs. Thank you to all of the sponsors, participants, and volunteers whose financial and in-kind support made these events so successful.

27th Annual Benefit: Sonoran Celebration LAF’s 27th Annual Benefit was held on Sept 28, 2012 at the Phoenix Art Museum. With over 300 guests and 22 generous sponsors, the benefit was LAF’s most successful to date, raising over $160,000. The evening’s program included the certificate ceremony for the 2012 Olmsted Scholars, recognition of the 2012 CSI Research Fellows, and a preview of forthcoming Landscape Performance Series initiatives. To mark the fifth year of the Olmsted Scholars Program, LAF announced a new $15,000 award for undergraduates, starting in 2013. LAF was honored to have John Deere Landscapes as the Annual Benefit Lead Sponsor. Thank you to all who attended!

LAF supporters, Jose Alminana (Andropogon), Barbara Deutsch (LAF), Mark Focht (ASLA President-Elect), and Robert Bedell (OLIN) enjoy an evening with friends and colleagues, old and new.

Annual Benefit sponsors: John Deere Landscapes, IRONSMITH, Coldspring, Landscape Forms, ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, AHBE Landscape Architects, Aquatic Design & Engineering, EDSA, Ewing, HOK, Hunter Industries, Kornegay Design, Poligon, Rain Bird, Sweeney + Associates, The Toro Company, B-K Lighting & TEKA Illumination, Landscape Structures, L.M. Scofield Company, Ruppert Landscape, Sitecraft

18  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Annual Benefit guests enjoyed mingling with friends and leaders from practice, academia, and industry over cocktails, fine food, and the unique art of the Phoenix Art Museum. 2012 Annual Report  |  19

Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes LAF’s 4th Annual Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes raised nearly $12,000 to support the Foundation’s research and scholarship programs. Special thanks to Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (MVVA) for providing the unique prize package and to the more than 175 entrants who made donations. Ashley Brenden, a Site Designer at SmithGroupJJR in Phoenix and an MLA student at Arizona State University won the grand prize, a 5-day trip to New York City featuring a day of private tours led by Michael Van Valkenburgh and staff. The tour will visit five MVVA-designed sustainable landscape projects, including Jacob Javits Plaza, Teardrop Park, Hudson River Park (Segment 5), Union Square Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park and provide insider knowledge about the design and construction of each space.

“The Carneros Inn was a quintessential California experience. The buildings and public spaces take advantage of the view corridors in every direction, and in October, the fall colors under blue skies enhanced every well-designed moment with nature’s surrounding texture. It was an amazing place to vacation with both our 18-month-old and with friends — we couldn’t have asked for a better time in a majestic setting. It has continued to inspire us.” — Keith Wagner, 2011 Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes Winner

“I’m still in a bit of shock that I won this incredible trip to New York City — it is certainly one of the most amazing opportunities presented to me. I look forward to exploring the City, Central Park and the work of one of our most talented modern-day landscape architects,” said Brenden. Ashley was one of a number of SmithGroupJJR employees who helped LAF by providing onthe-ground assistance and volunteer support for the LAF Annual Benefit and other events in Phoenix. She chose to donate because of the people she met through this experience. “After meeting all these generous and kind LAF staff and board members, I knew that contributing to an organization that is doing so much to help the field was important.”

20  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Keith Wagner, pictured above with his wife Sara, won the 2011 sweepstakes trip to OLIN’s Carneros Inn, located between the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.

Cara Smith, pictured above with Brian Bolen, won the 2011 sweepstakes trip to EDSA’s Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa in Guangdong Province, China.

“At Crosswaters, we could connect the dots between people, place, and natural processes. We could see the garden from which our dinner was plucked; hike through bamboo forest knowing that this local material played a major role in sustaining the community, as well as providing us with a stunningly crafted villa for seven nights; and we could fall asleep to the chirping frogs and a churning river just feet away.” — Cara Smith, 2011 Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes Winner

© Elizabeth Felicella

Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the five MVVA-designed sustainable landscape projects that the 2012 Sustainable Destination Sweepstakes winner will tour with the designers. 2012 Annual Report  |  21


Finances & Development LAF has grown significantly over the past five years, experiencing 13% growth since 2008. This is attributable to the relevance of the LAF mission, its leadership, the many loyal donors in the profession, and LAF’s prudent investment strategies.

Net Assets Over the Last Five Years (in millions)

Clarence & Ruth Roy Bequest Other Assets

22  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Summary of Activities & Changes in Net Assets For the fiscal year ending December 31, 2012

Revenue Revenues



Contributions & Sponsorships



Investment Income



Investment Income

In-kind Contributions



Government Grants



In-kind Contributions

Other Revenue



















Total Expenses



Total Revenues Expenses

Contributions & Sponsorships

Government Grants Other Revenue

Program Services:

Research Scholarship Communications & Outreach Supporting Services:

Assets Total Change in Net Assets

$ $291,846

Net Assets, Beginning of Year


Net Assets, End of Year



Research Scholarship Communications & Outreach Management Development

The Landscape Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization as qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Codes.

2012 Annual Report  |  23


2012 Donors The Landscape Architecture Foundation is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their financial support of the Foundation’s research and scholarship programs in 2012. These donors include gifts to the Annual Fund, as well as program and event sponsorships received between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.

Thank You, Supporters! $100,000+



American Society of Landscape Architects *

AECOM HNTB HOK Planning Group IRONSMITH Landscape Architect and Specifier News * National Endowment for the Arts

Cold Spring Granite EDSA John Deere Landscapes Kornegay Design, LLC OLIN Sasaki Associates SWA Group ValleyCrest Landscape Companies Venable LLP *

Kathleen A. Garcia Debra Guenther Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Hunter Industries James Corner Field Operations Landscape Structures Bill Main Douglas Mann Jacinta McCann Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.

Poligon by Porter Corp. Rain Bird Corporation Gregg Sutton SvR Design Company Sweeney & Associates The Toro Company Urban Land Institute Wallace Roberts & Todd Lynda Wightman

$50,000—$59,999 JJR | Roy Fund

$40,000—$49,999 Landscape Forms

$5,000—$9,999 AHBE Landscape Architects Aquatic Design & Engineering Paul Bambauer Burton Landscape Architecture Studio CLASS Fund Chip Crawford Mark O. Dawson Design Workshop Ewing Irrigation Christopher Fannin

* In-kind Contributions 24  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

$2,500—$4,999 B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination Graham Landscape Architecture Hanover Architectural Pavers Kelco Landscaping and Construction

L.M. Scofield Company Virginia Murphy The Office of James Burnett

PWP Landscape Architecture Reed Hilderbrand Associates Ruppert Landscape, Inc.

Lucinda Reed Sanders Sitecraft SiteWorks Landscape Architecture

Earthscape Barbara Faga GGLO Hamilton Anderson Associates Hart Howerton Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects Landscape Technologies Landworks Studio Mahan Rykiel Associates Mia Lehrer + Associates

Michael Vergason Landscape Architects Debra Mitchell Forster Ndubisi Cornelia Hahn Oberlander O’Brien & Sons, Inc. Oehme van Sweden The Office of Cheryl Barton Dennis Otsuji Pamela Burton & Company Peridian International, Inc.

Quinlan + Quinlan robert chipman landscape architect, inc. SmithGroupJJR Thomas Succop Surfacedesign, Inc. TBG Partners Ten Eyck Landscape Architects Inc. Beth Wehrle

Estrada Land Planning Kristina Hill Peter Jacobs Bill Kuhl

Dennis McGlade Scott Sebastian Rhonnel & Christine Sotelo Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Carol Whipple Jane Wolff

Adam Greenspan Jason Hellendrung Larry Hensley Jeffery L. Bruce & Company Anita Toby Lager The Laurelrock Company Miyabara Associates

Moore Planning Group, LLC Darwina Neal Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects Jeffrey Olson Nancy Prine Glen Schmidt

Robert Smith Laura Solano Swift Company Eric & Mary Thoelke

David C. Baldwin Thomas Balsley Kinder Baumgardner Julia Beavers Andrew Beckman Behnke Associates, Inc. Claire R. Bennett

Brian Blake Bruce Boody Dennis Bryers Frank Burggraf BV Associates, LLC Henry Byma Robert Cardoza

Casendino & Company Nira Casey Arthur B. Chard Stevie Chepurny Clark & Green Associates William Clarke Kathryn Cochrane

$1,000—$2,499 AILA/Yamagami/Hope Fellowship Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture Frank Arentowicz & Sara Nichols ARTECHO Architecture and Landscape Architecture Dennis Carmichael Clark Condon Associates, Inc Barbara Deutsch F. Christopher Dimond

$500—$999 Chaparral, Inc. John Chipman Diana L. Wilson Consulting Inc. Dick & Sally Brickman Fund

$250—$499 Jerry L. Adamson Dwane Baumgardner Stephen Benz Barbara Clark David Y. Tamura Associates, Inc. Divney Tung Schwalbe Emily Gabel-Luddy

$100—$249 Patti Abrecht Jack Anderson Arnold Associates Tary Arterburn Sadik Artunc Adele Ashkar Lyle Aten William Baker

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$100—$249 (continued) Susan Cohen Kelly Comras Kurt Culbertson Jerry Cunningham Curtis+Rogers Design Studio, Inc. Dennis Day Dr. E. Thomas Deutsch, Jr. Harry Dodson Matthew Donham Thomas C. Donnelly Cale Doornbos E.P. Edinger Ann English Environmental Planning & Design, LLC Environmental Vision Robert Espeseth William Eubanks Craig D. Farnsworth Elizabeth Fischer Kimberli Flanders Florence Everts Associates Kelleann Foster Antonia Gasperoni Eric Gilbey Shauna Gillies-Smith Genevra Goodwin John Greenlee

Halvorson Design Partnership Joel Harms Heather Harwood Richard Hawks Joseph Healy Richard Heriford Randolph T. Hester Mary Pat Hogan Dan Howse Mark Inglert Melissa Ix Karen Janosky Dennis Jerke Mark Johnson Douglas Johnston Gary Kesler Randolph Koper Stephanie V. Landregan Melanie Lanier Ming-Han Li David Malda Jamie May Carol Mayer-Reed Scott A. Mehaffey Jean Mellott Allyson Mendenhall Patrick A. Miller

Keith Mitchell Jon Mitovich Tim Moshier Thomas Mroz Ed Niedzwiecki Neil G. Odenwald Susan Olmsted Emily O’Mahoney Pacific Marketing Research Nadene Parzych Carolyn Pendelton-Parker Stephen Pierpoint Andrew Pittner Planning Design Group Stephen Plunkard Daniel Rea Lisa Rienstra Jon Rodiek Ryan Associates, Inc. Bruce Sharky Sharon Singleton Alexis Slafer Cara L. Smith Robert Snieckus SSP Design, LLC Thomas Stearns Frederick Steiner

Eric Tamulonis Amy Thielen Patrisha Thomson Kate Tooke Shavaun Towers Suzanne L. Turner David Van Schaick VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture VLA, Inc. Juliet Vong Keith Wagner Phyllis Wallenmeyer Glenn Walters Lee Weintraub James Wellington William Wenk Allen Wheeler Peter White Guy Williams Jerry A. Wilson Marcel Wilson Monte Wilson Jane Winslow Brett Wylie Barbara Yaeger Bo Yang Caren Yglesias

P. Baynham Anne Beavers William A. Behnke Pamela Blough Keith Boudart Barbara Brem Ashley Brenden Christopher Brown Lori Brown Teresa Buckwalter Bryan Carlson

Daryl Carrington Clarissa Chung Roger D. Clemence Terry Clements James Coffman Bradford Collett Marc Cooper Nathaniel Cormier Justin Cotton Glen Dake Nora Daley-Peng

Sandra Davenport Cathy Deino Blake James Differding Luke Driscoll Hugh Duffy Jeron Eberwein Carla Ellern Anthony Exter Jerico Farfan Jef Fasser Liesel Fenner

Up to $99 Valerie Ahyong Matthew Alcide William & Lina Alcide Sue Ann Alleger Jose Alminana Alison Alpern Jose Alvarez Zoee Astrachan Shawn Balon Aimee Baquial Greg Bauer

26  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Up to $99 (continued) Scott Fiorovich Dan Fischer Polly Furr Andrea Gaffney Larry Gersh Lisa Gimmy William Glaner Andrea Glawe April Gonzales Good Search Margaret Graham William A. Green Heather Greenaway William Grundmann Janice Gustaferro Tiffany Halperin Robert Harris William Havens Craig Heckman Robert Hewitt Jeffrey Hodgson Greg Hoer Deborah Howe Joseph Hudak John Huennekens Charles D. Hyams John Hykes

J.A. Brennan Associates, PLLC Gil Jevne Linda Jewell John Charles Smith & Associates Mike Jones Dirk Jongejan Karen Kennedy Om Khurjekar Justin Kilbride Joy Kuebler Land Design Solutions Landscape Perceptions Michael Lentz Cristina Lewandowski Pamela Linn Audra Lofton Karen Lowe Nathan Lozier Dave Lycke Greg Maher Frank L. Maraviglia Geoffrey Martin Jean Mazabras Charles M. McCulloch Hitesh Mehta Richard Meyers Joel & Deborah Minkoff

Melanie Moser Magaret Ann Mullins Erendira Murralles David Myers Ned Nabeta Dottie O’Carroll Juanita Ochoa Nancy Q. O’Donnell Kristi Park Lisa Pearson Kenneth Peregon Paul Procopio Phil Puzick Dale Rahn Karen Reams Brian Reetz Scott Reinholt Wellington “Duke” Reiter John Roberts Emily Rogers Michael Rosenberg Natalie Ross Harvey M. Rubenstein Kyle Sasaki Sally Schauman Gary Scott Julieta Sherk

Patrick Sinnott Siska Aurand Landscape Architects, Inc. Lisa Smedira Kirk Smith Leslie H. Smith Julie Snell Ryan Sotirakis Eric Stanley Barry Starke Lee Streitz Hal Stringer Biff Sturgess David Swanson John Swintosky Cynthia Talley Austin Tao Lissa Thompson Tony Tyznik Meredith Upchurch James P. Urban Kate Walker Thaisa Way James K. Wheat Stephen White Matthew Witt J. Daniel Wojcik Mihaela Zaharescu

LAF Legacy Society

Honor Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Barbara Deutsch Clarence & Ruth Roy (in memoriam) Darwina Neal

In Honor of A.E. Bye, FASLA (Frank Burggraf) In Honor of Ellen Orchard (Justin Kilbride) In Honor of Alice Radford Mengel (Carolyn PendeltonParker) In Honor of Richard C. Webel (James Wellington)

In Memory of David Clark (Barbara Clark) In Memory of Martin L. Halperin (Tiffany Halperin) In Memory of Dr. Robert Reich (Phil Puzick) In Memory of Chris Thiel (Gil Jevne) In Memory of Amato Panetta (Lisa Smedira)

The LAF Legacy Society comprises supporters who have remembered LAF in their will or estate plans.

Donations received between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 2012 Annual Report  |  27


Board & Staff LAF’s work would not be possible without the vision, talent, and commitment of the Board of Directors and staff. The 2011-2012 Board, consisting of members from landscape architecture practice, academia, industry, agencies, and allied professions, took the reins on November 1, 2011 and served through September 28, 2012.

2011-2012 LAF Board of Directors President

Immediate Past President

President Elect

Lucinda R. Sanders, FASLA CEO and Partner OLIN Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen A. Garcia, FASLA Director of Planning City of Del Mar San Diego, CA

Bill Main, Honorary ASLA Executive Chairman Landscape Forms Kalamazoo, MI

Vice President, Finance

Vice President, Communication

Vice President, Education

Mark O. Dawson, FASLA Principal Sasaki Associates Watertown, MA

Vice President, Development Gregg Sutton, ASLA Principal EDSA Fort Lauderdale, FL

28  |  Landscape Architecture Foundation

Jacinta McCann, FAILA, LEED AP Executive Vice President AECOM San Francisco, CA

Vice President, Research Forster Ndubisi, PhD, FCELA, FASLA Professor and Department Head Texas A&M University College Station, TX

Kristina Hill, PhD, Affiliate ASLA Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA


Olmsted Scholar Representative

Kinder Baumgardner, ASLA, CSLA Managing Principal SWA Group Houston, TX

Debra Guenther, ASLA Principal Mithun Seattle, WA

Deb Mitchell, FASLA, LEED AP Senior Vice President SmithGroupJJR Chicago, IL

Emily Vogler Cambridge, MA

Uwe Brandes Senior Vice President, Initiatives Urban Land Institute Washington, DC

Jennifer Guthrie, ASLA Partner Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Seattle, WA

Ginger Murphy, ASLA Deputy Coordinator USDA Nat. Res. Conservation Service Washington, DC

Jonathan Mueller, FASLA Past President ASLA Coeur D’Alene, ID

Nate Cormier, ASLA, LEED AP Principal Landscape Architect SvR Design Company Seattle, WA

Mia Lehrer, FASLA Founding Principal Mia Lehrer + Associates Los Angeles, CA

Glenn Walters, ASLA Principal Design Workshop Asheville, NC

Chip Crawford, FASLA Senior Principal Forum Studio St. Louis, MO

Douglas L. Mann, FASLA Infrastructure Chief Sales Officer HNTB Plano, TX

Lynda Wightman Industry Relations Manager Hunter Industries Missoula, MT

ASLA Representatives

Nancy C. Somerville, Hon. ASLA Executive Vice President / CEO American Society of Landscape Architects Washington, DC

LAF Staff Matthew Alcide Development Manager

Barbara Deutsch, FASLA Executive Director

Linda Ashby, ASLA Program Manager

Emily Rogers, ASLA 2012 Scholarships Coordinator

Emily DeDad Office Manager

Heather Whitlow Director of Programs and Communications

Special thanks to AECOM and SvR for the design of this Annual Report.

LAF Staff: Matthew Alcide, Heather Whitlow, Barbara Deutsch, Emily DeDad, and Linda Ashby.

2012 Annual Report  |  29

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Landscape Architecture Foundation 2012 Annual Report  
Landscape Architecture Foundation 2012 Annual Report  

Fifth year of the Olmsted Scholars Program, Landscape Performance Series 5-year plan, Case Study Investigation (CSI) as a regular program o...