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Sounds Of The Earth Investiture created by three artists, combining three different forms of art - sculpture, primeval musical instruments from various continents and their sound. The base of this investiture consists of 12 musical instruments - drums that are used as mounts for 12 sculptures made out of peat - substantially earth, that has been formed from the remains of plants in swamps for millions of years. Every sculpture is deeply connected with the nature and utterance of every single musical instrument. Every sculpture can be seen as a totem for the particular instrument, that compliments the sound of the appropriate instrument. Every character expresses its nature, age and its rhythmic performance. These musical instruments do not only present extravagant musical imagery, but sacred semantics of various cultures. They may also be regarded as works of art from different cultures or forms which are designed in accordance with certain rules inherited from generation to generation, providing the intended sound and symbolic meaning. Installation makers have tried to show the percussion music of different cultures as an integral part of the discourse. These are typical musical instruments from Japan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Haiti, Madagascar, Tibet, India and Africa. During the exhibition, viewers will be able to hear each instrument separately and together, experiencing a polyphonic sound. Each sound will be unique and unexpected. Characters are arranged in a circle with a regular division into 12, which symbolises the cycle of space-time of 12 months, which is repeated endlessly - representing the beginning and the end of the living. The sound installation is built and played in an unending algorithm, which during the ritual does not repeat and symbolises our perception and understanding of time. A state of trance is formed with chaotic sounds in this particular time-space, along with the 12 characters, racing in the future, just like our planet Earth. Anyone can participate in the ritual “Sounds Of The Earth�, when visiting this unique exhibition-installation.

Contacts Edgars Ameriks +371 26534088

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