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Indicate where hazardous materials are stored and

handled. If possible, label the type of chemical stored in each area Indicate any bulk storage of liquids. Usually used for fuels and oils. Label the tank AST for aboveground tanks and UST for below ground tanks Indicate Emergency Shutoffs. Put the letter of the type of shutoff it is inside each triangle ( E-Electrical,W-Water,G-Gas,S-Sprinkler, etc..) Indicate all Sewer Floor Drains and Storm Drains that may be affected during a hazardous materials release Indicate the Evacuation Staging Area. This should match the area indicated in Facility Evacuation section of the businesses Consolidated Emergency Response/Contingency Plan Indicate the location of any Fire Hydrants that are in close proximity of the facility. Indicate any Fire Department Connections located on the building exterior. Fire Department Connections are usually only found on larger facilities. Indicate Access and Emergency Exits at the facility ***If one or more of these items aren’t located at your facility draw an X through it to indicate that it isn’t located at your facility. If possible provide a scale for the map. For additional resources and information visit https://www.lafd.org/fire-prevention/cupa

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Site Map - Single Building 1/2019  

Site Map - Single Building 1/2019  

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