SCI Request Inspection/Fire Clearance FORM

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Los Angeles City Fire Department SCI FIRE CLEARANCE FORM for Non-Licensed Facilities

LOS ANGELES FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Prevention Bureau 200 N. Main St., Room 1620, CHE Los Angeles, CA 90012 Hours: 07:30 – 3:30 For additional information call (213) 978-3660 FACILITY ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________ FACILITY TELEPHONE NUMBER:__________________________________________________________ FACILITY OWNER’S EMAIL:_______________________________________________________________ FACILITY ADMINISTRATOR: ______________________________________________________________ FACILITY OWNER: _______________________________________________________________________ FACILITY OWNER’S ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________ L.A.M.C. SEC. 57.202. GENERAL DEFINITIONS. Requested Inspection. An inspection that is requested by a business or building owner with the intent of receiving a Fire Clearance Letter stating that the building and business are Fire Code compliant at the time of the inspection. Normal periodic inspections and inspections covered under other sections of this Code would not be considered a requested inspection. 107.7 Requested inspections. 107.7.1 Fee charged for requested inspections. The Department shall charge and collect a fee for any Requested Inspection. A Requested Inspection shall be conducted at the specific request of a building or business owner to determine whether a building and business are Fire Code compliant. Upon receipt of payment of the requisite fee and verification that the building and business are Fire Code compliant, the Fire Department will provide a Fire Clearance Letter confirming said compliance. If the inspection reveals Fire Code violations that require curing, a Notice of Violation will be issued and an additional Requested Inspection fee collected prior to issuing a Fire Clearance Letter reflecting compliance. Q. REQUESTED INSPECTION FEE (L.A.M.C. 57.202) FEE HOURS Requested Inspection Fee $337 / hour 1 or fraction thereof thereafter


Requested Inspection/ Fire Clearance $337.00 For payments, please email this form to