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Please note the state has changed the federal hazard categories Do not simply click the “Create All HMBP Submittal Elements” button as in years Past Please follow the directions below to complete your new submittal

What’s new! The feds now require 24 new Federal Hazard Categories “If you have already updated the new Federal Hazard Categories please disregard” The old Federal Hazard Categories: Fire, Reactive. Pressure Release, Acute Health and Chronic Health are now obsolete. What this means: Annual resubmission may no longer simply check the green “Create All HMBP Submittal Elements” button.

NO, don’t press!


Facility must press the Hazardous Materials Inventory “Start� button.

3 They operator may either select “Based upon my submittal…”

Or they may choose to start :”from scratch”.

“Click the Hazardous Materials Inventory” link.


They must select each chemical by clicking the “Edit” button.


Deselect the Obsolete Federal Hazard Categories.

Uncheck the 5 obsolete

Must check at least one!

Select the appropriate new Federal Hazard Categories. The Federal Hazard Categories may be found on a Current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in Section 2. Click Save


If there is a warning symbol

Please correct the submission by addressing the Guidance Message.

7 You may click the yellow triangle icon to reveal the message which is also displayed in the

8 Submittal Guidance section of the Hazardous Materials Inventory

Need to uncheck the obsolete check box

Click save and if there are no errors and there are no additional chemicals to add click “DONE�


Click the appropriate submittal elements (Facility Information must be part of the submission)


Click any green “Submit” button to submit

Click “Submit”!


The facility may print a PDF copy of their submission by pressing the “Print Submittal� button. You are now finished!

New Federal Hazard Categories Instructions  
New Federal Hazard Categories Instructions