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Summer is upon us

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another member-driven guide!

Lady Project is about showcasing the amazing women who make up our powerful network and the gift guides are an incredible way to do that. It’s amazing what can happen when women team up to make something awesome! You’ll find some fantastic features from members who collaborated to create something special for this edition of the Summer Gift Guide. This edition you’ll see is filled with fun and creative curated gifts for your next wedding gift, baby shower, graduation, housewarming gift, and much much more– every person on your gift list this summer is covered! When we often dream of places faraway, but what about exploring our own backyards? You’ll find our members favorite tips on how to make it the best summer in your city. With summer comes endless memories. So ladies– it’s time to break out the barbeque, mix up some tasty cocktails and make this a summer to remember!

sarah ann dillonaire CREATIVE DIRECTOR at lady Project

Thank You!

Thank you to all for being a contributor of the 2015 Summer Gift Guide. We are so grateful to have amazing members apart of this creative collaboration. The Gift Guides take showcasing all of the talented women of Lady Project to another level. We would not be able to create this guide without you!

Providence Alexandra Hollenbeck of Just a Dash of Ginger

Writer, Planning ahead with fitness

Amy McCoy of Tiny Farmhouse

writer, get that garden started

Brittanny Taylor of Brittanny Taylor Photography editorial photographer

Cristen Faherty of Captivatingly Chic Celebrations writer + contributor, Entertaining Tips + Tricks

Holly Vine of Holly Likes to Cook

Writer, how to throw a lady soiree + editorial model

Jessica McGuirl of First Pancake Studios

illustrator, rhode island beach guide

Joanna E. Read

Writer, adventures in acupuncture + lady project merch ad model

Kate Huot of Kate Huot Creative

designer, Get that garden started, planning ahead with fitness + lady project merch AD

Laura Kanzler

Writer, how to throw a lady soiree

Olivia + Kelly of Wintermoon Blog

curator, lady project spotify summertime playlist

Olivia Rodrigues of Olivia Rodrigues Stylist editorial stylist

Patsy Culp of & Celebrate

Writer, How to throw a lady soiree + Set Styling for editorial photoshoot

Stacey Doyle of Stacey Doyle Photography

photographer, how to throw a lady soiree

Stephanie Resendes

Writer, rhode island beach guide + editor

Victoria Cox

Curator, may we suggest: book list + writer, the perils of bikini season

New haven Brooke Petit

Contributor, summer tips

boston Gabriella Valladares

designer, summer printables

new york cit y Carrie Winans

Writer, see something, say something: skin edition

seattle Jaime Miller

Writer, enjoying seattle + guide editor

more! Lauren Halvorson of Lauren Halvorson Photography photographer, entertaining tips + tricks

Martin Fernandez of PVD Studios

photographer, adventures in acupuncture



May we suggest: Curated book list

10 RHODE ISLAND BEACH GUIDE 13 Summertime playlist 14 adventures in acupuncture 21 Enjoying seattle 22 THE PERILS OF BIKINI SEASON 24 ENTERTAINING: TIPS + TRICKS 30 see something, say something:

skin edition

32 how to throw a Summer soiree 51 free printables 52 Summer road trip 82 get that garden started 86 planning ahead with fitness 88 business + member spotlights 93 Summer gift + tip guide

book list

May We Suggest curated book list by victoria cox If you’re heading off on vacation this summer and looking to dive headfirst into a new book, you just might want to pack one of these:

Fabulous Fiction The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt This was one of my favorite books of 2014. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and deservedly so. It’s a rich, encapsulating book detailing the life of Theo Decker, whose life is torn apart, figuratively and literally, when a bomb explodes inside an art museum. A compulsive page-turner, this masterpiece will ensure you read it with a mixture of terror and excitement as the beautifully written story leads you on an adventure from NYC to Amsterdam.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami When people ask me what my favorite book is, this is always one of the top contenders. Murakami is a master at creating his own universe, and has done so spectacularly well with this fantasy/mystery/love story novel set in Tokyo. Be warned: it’s a lengthy read, but once you pick it up, it’s unlikely you will want to put it down.

The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver I keep returning to this wonderful story again and again –it was the catalyst for my current obsession with Frida Kahlo. Kingsolver takes us on an epic ride through 1930’s Mexico and the US, intertwining history and fiction with the largerthan-life Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and communist leader Leo Trotsky. Brilliantly written with a wry humor, this will stay with you long after the tan has faded.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel I’m sure most of us have seen the “tiger on the lifeboat” film. However, the book came first and it is, in my humble opinion, far superior. The book hits subtle nuances that the film doesn’t capture in all its CGI glory, and hints at a deeper meaning in Pi’s epic adventure. This Canadian fantasy adventure novel is multi-faceted and simply irresistible.

No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy Perhaps Javier Bardem’s infamous bowl cut springs to mind, but the book is equally as good as the movie. The plot, which involves a drug deal gone wrong, a suitcase filled with money and a hit man, is set in the gloriously ravaged locale of the Texas/Mexico border.

What Is The What by Dave Eggers The autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng is classed as a novel but tells the true story of Deng, a refugee from the Sudanese Civil War who flees his village from Arab militia. The story follows Deng and a group of “lost boys” trying to make their way to Ethiopia. It’s told in alternating chapters with the equally harrowing time Deng endures years later living in the US. I could not put this down as it opened my eyes to the untold horrors of war ravaged Sudan.

book list

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay The Holocaust might not seem like the best topic for a summer read, but this story mesmerized me. Two main parallel plots are followed throughout the book–the story of a 10 year old girl in Nazi-era Paris and an American journalist living in Paris, who uncovers the untold horrors of what happened to that little girl. If you like a good beach cry, this one’s for you.

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides This breathtaking book details the story of Calliope Stephanides and three generations of their Greek-American family, who travel from a tiny village in Greece to Prohibition-era Detroit. This story won the Pulitzer and it’s a fascinating observation of immigrants chasing the American Dream.

THe Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri This moving novel is set in Calcutta, Boston and NYC, and examines the struggles involved when two very different cultures collide. It examines the hardships of a Bengali couple who immigrate to the US in order to form a life outside of everything that they know. This book constantly surprised me with its twists and turns, and the story stayed with me long after the final chapter.

Memorable Memoirs

Wild by Cheryl Strayed The fact that this amazing adventure story is true makes Cheryl Strayed’s account of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail with zero experience even more remarkable. It’s an honest account of a woman in crisis, dealing with her demons and emerging a new person. This book made me want to don my hiking boots and go on an adventure of my own making. Truly inspiring.

Just Kids by Patti Smith Patti Smith has been an idol of mine for years, and especially so after reading her heartbreakingly beautiful memoir. Just Kids captures the innocence of Smith’s early years, and her evolution as an artist when she moves to NYC alone at just 19 years old. Her subsequent relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe is narrated in beautiful detail and oftentimes moved me to tears. This woman is a living legend and as talented a writer as she is a musician.

stunning use of language is captivating and her insights into the grieving process are brutally honest.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou This heart-wrenching, coming-ofage story follows Marguerite from ages 3 to 13, and grapples with issues such as racism, trauma, rape and abandonment. However, this book has an underlying theme of optimism, and shows us the strength, The Year of Magical hope and courage in Marguerite as Thinking she rises beyond the trials and tribuby Joan Didion lations of her youth. A truly remarkThis moving memoir details an able book about a truly remarkable account of the year following the woman. death of Didion’s husband, John Gregory Dunne. The book recounts her experience dealing with grief, coupled with the hospitalization of Didion’s only daughter days before her husband’s death. A narrative on grief may sound heavy, but Didion’s

Rhode Island Beach Guide by stephanie resendes illustrations by jessica mcguirl of first pancake studio

Rhode Islanders are fiercely loyal to their favorite local spots. As Rhody residents, we are forced to choose sides: Iggy’s or Aunt Carrie’s when it comes to clam cakes. Allie’s or Dunkin’ when you’re picking up donuts, and Del’s or Mr. Lemon when you’re indulging in frozen lemonade. Ocean State rivalries are not just around culinary quirks. Each of us has a special beach to which no other compares. Whatever your reason is for loving a beach, Rhode Island’s 400 miles of coastline has something for you. This is a guide for out-of-state guests, recent transplants, AND Rhode Island natives. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new this summer. You might even find a new favorite. South County South County doesn’t actually exist, but ask any local for directions, and we’ll get you there. The area contains most of Rhode Island’s most popular beaches, as well as some hidden gems.

Our biggest and most frequented littoral, Narragansett’s Scarborough Beach, has all the amenities you could want. You definitely don’t want to come here if you’re looking to take a beach nap. However, if you need to set up camp for a large party or

family reunion, Scarborough’s your place. There’s a large pavilion with a concession stand and showers, and a grassy picnic area where you can pitch a tent and set up a grill. If you show up at Scarborough and the crowd is too much, head to nearby Roger Wheeler State Beach (a.k.a. Sand Hill Cove.) With similar amenities to Scarborough, Wheeler is smaller, less crowded and boasts a playground and little-to-no waves, making it a great place to bring small children. Narragansett Town Beach is the best beach, in my opinion. ‘Gansett is “my” beach. Despite the additional entry fee of $7 on top of parking (and that’s even if you can get into the lot), it’s still a popular spot and gets crowded early. There are practically no rocks—only soft, silky sand—and it’s minutes away from a plethora of amazing restaurants, including Crazy Burger and The Mews.

There are so many fantastic beaches in South County, it could take you all summer to explore them all. East Matunuck State Beach, also in Narragansett, is another classic, and is right up the street from the famous Matunuck Oyster Bar. Close by is South Kingstown (SK) Town Beach. A great place for groups and fami-

lies, SK has a boardwalk, volleyball courts, picnic area, and playground. One of the smallest beaches in RI is Salty Brine State Beach, but don’t let the size deter you. Salty Brine is located in Galilee and surrounded by great restaurants that often feature live music at night. If you’re into a more charming, old-fashioned vibe, check out Watch Hill Beach in Westerly. It’s a quiet beach with cute gift shops and an antique carousel.

fresh lobster roll from their snack bar. You can bring the kids during the day for $1 carousel rides, or have a girls night out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when they host live bands through July and August.

Newport County Newport County encompasses all of Aquidneck Island. (Pro tip: To avoid paying the $4 charge on the Pell Bridge when driving from points north, take the scenic drive down Route 114 through Bristol County). The beaches of Newport County are pretty no-frills, so if you’re in the area and you’re a frills type of gal, head over to Easton’s Beach, better If you want to discover some hidknown as First Beach. If you want to go all out, rent a cabana and some den gems or less inhabited beaches, beach chairs, and chow down on a Aquidneck Island has a few options.

Second Beach, First Beach’s little sister in neighboring Middletown, has concessions, changing rooms and showers, but is smaller and less crowded than First Beach. Gooseberry Beach in Newport has the basic amenities, and is quiet, small and the water is calm. Mackerel Cove is a sweet little area in Jamestown, surrounded by beautiful beach houses. Pack a lunch if you plan on staying the day, because Mackerel Cove has only the basics: lifeguards and a bathroom. If you really want to go off the beaten path, check out Reject’s Beach off Bellevue Ave, if you can find it. This is a place to truly get away from it all, but buyer beware: no restrooms, no lifeguards, and no parking.

East Bay with a trip to Bristol or Warren Town Beaches. If you’re not in beach mode, but need some fresh air, Bristol’s Colt State Park is a great place to picnic or go for a long walk.

When a weekend trip is on your agenda, hop on the ferry to Block Island. Just take a few steps off the boat and you’re at Ballard’s Beach. Ballard’s has its own full service West Bay, East Bay, and restaurant, and is the only beach Block Island in RI where you can get food and Quality beach time doesn’t have to drinks delivered right to your beach mean taking a day trip from the city. chair. For the more adventurous Grab some clam cakes at Iggy’s and among us, take a hike and grab a stroll Oakland Beach or take the dog great view from the Mohegan Bluffs for a walk at the Goddard Park wa- (swimming there is not recommendterfront in West Bay, just 20 minutes ed) or ride the waves at Mansion from Providence. Explore historical Beach.

These beaches are just the beginning of what Rhode Island has to offer. Get out there this summer and explore- whether it’s your home state, temporary residence or you’re just passing through, there is always a new nook or cranny to discover. Rhode Island has hundreds of beaches, coves, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams to enjoy. We are known as the Ocean State for a reason, after all, and we intend on keeping it that way.

Summertime Playlist Click here for the free Spotify Playlist!

This Is What Makes Us Girls One Last Time Tell Me King You Know You Like It The Night Is Still Young Heroes (We Could Be) Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) Shot Me Down Ride El Perdon Bailando (English Version) El Chico Del Apartamento 512 Prayer in C Here Elastic Heart I Could Fall In Love Summertime Sadness

Lana Del Rey Ariana Grande Dolly Spartans Years & Years DJ Snake AlunaGeorge Nicki Minaj Alesso Felix Jaehn, Jasmine Thompson David Guetta, Skylar Grey Twenty One Pilots Nicky Jam, Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias, Sean Paul Selena Lilly Wood and the Price Alessia Care Sia Selena Lana Del Rey

curated by Wintermoon Blog

Adventures in Acupuncture by joanna read PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARTIN FERNANDEZ, PVD STUDIOS featuring Hadley Clark, D.Ac. Founder of Zenkai Acupuncture

The basics. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Hadley Clark, a Doctor of Acupuncture and founder of Zenkai Acupuncture, at a Lady Project rock climbing night. Having a background in climbing, Hadley offered some pointers on how I could move more efficiently, and before I knew it we were deep in conversation between bouts of wall-scaling laughter. I learned about her passion for healing others, and discovered we shared a similar enthusiasm for nature, adventure and wellness - a gal after my own heart. I’m thrilled to share the positive experience I had at Zenkai and dispel any myths or ill-conceived notions around acupuncture as being painful or scary. I also want to highlight this talented and compassionate lady who had the courage to move her private practice from Portland, ME to the Ocean State with her husband and little girl. She’s really got the worklife balance thing figured out.

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine. It works to improve the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific points on the body through the insertion of sterile, hair-thin needles. As Hadley explained, energy called “qi” flows along specific pathways throughout the body. The balanced flow of this energy keeps our systems running smoothly. However, if the flow of energy gets blocked, like water getting stuck behind a dam, the disruption can lead to pain, lack of function or illness. Acupuncture therapy can release blocked qi in the body and restore its balance, promoting

the body’s natural healing response. By stimulating the body’s various systems, acupuncture can help to resolve pain, improve sleep, digestive function and sense of well-being. Do the needles hurt? Not at all. You might experience a little prick the moment the needle is inserted, but there is minimal pain. There is zero discomfort once the needles are in place, and as the needles are carefully set, you’ll likely experience some pretty incredible sensations occurring within the body. What was the experience like? I pedaled my way over to Zenkai in Richmond Square on the East Side, though I could have easily taken my car as there was plenty of parking. Hadley greeted me with a friendly smile. Her calming presence, coupled with beautiful artwork, fresh flowers, flickering tea lights and soft music in the office all melted away the anxieties I brought in with me. We sat on comfy chairs and she asked me questions about my health history, typical of any new patient visit. She wanted to know everything from my sleep habits to the types of food that I craved and everything in between, explaining that this thorough analysis would help her identify the exact points on my body to address to facilitate enhanced well being. She patiently answered my questions, and then had me lie down on a soft, pillowy table. She felt the pulses on my wrists and took a look at my tongue to gather diagnostic information, and then began applying the little needles to different parts of my body - in between my eyebrows,

on my fingers, ankles, feet and abdomen. Almost immediately, I felt an incredible release in my throat and neck. The sensation was quite euphoric … for a while I felt like I was floating through clouds. Later when she applied the needles to my abdomen, the right side of my torso was bathed in waves of cooling sensations. She explained with a smile that this was stimulating my liver. She then invited me to bask in the healing as she quietly left the room, and when she later returned I was in a state of deep, blissful relaxation. I went home that night and relished in an incredibly restful night’s sleep that was painted with vivid dreams. The next morning I woke up before my alarm feeling completely rested. Over the next few days, I was struck with so many creative ideas for art projects that it became a challenge to write them all down. I believe that

the acupuncture freed my creative brain to function with greater fluidity, and facilitated very deep sleep in the nights to follow. The results of acupuncture are cumulative, growing stronger over time, so I was pleasantly surprised to experience such strong effects after only one session. What if I’m still afraid? Hadley has a really calming presence about her. Trained in Reiki and with over 15 years in the medical practice, just by speaking with her you can sense that she genuinely wants to help. Unlike some other practitioners I’ve seen, Hadley really took her time to listen to my questions, and she fed my curiosity by talking me through the whole process of what she was doing in very simple terms. For all of the expertise and knowledge she carries with her, she’s also incredibly humble.

So, if acupuncture is something that’s ever crossed your mind as something that could help you or a loved one, indulge your curiosity and give it a try at Zenkai Acupuncture. I enjoyed working with Hadley so much that I’ve decided to make acupuncture a regular part of my selfcare - it feels that important to me.

Just the fact that Hadley and I were able to meet and connect on so many amazing levels pinpoints (get it?!) is one of the reasons why I love the Lady Project so much - it serves as such a powerful connector.

Joanna Read

FREquently Asked Questions. Is acupuncture safe? When administered by a licensed and well-trained practitioner, acupuncture is an extremely safe form of medicine. Sterile single-use needles are used during treatment and are safely discarded after each use.

to: migraines, PMS, carpal tunnel syndrome, irregular menstruation, digestive disorders, allergies, asthma, depression & anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, morning sickness, infertility, menopausal symptoms, neuropathy, sciatica, and back pain. It can also be used as supportive therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

What can acupuncture treat? Based on extensive medical research, the World Health Organi- How many treatments will zation & National Institute of Health I need? recognize acupuncture to be effective The number of treatments depends in the treatment of over 43 common on your underlying health and the disorders, including but not limited severity, duration & nature of your

complaint. Some patients experience significant improvement after 1-2 treatments, while others may require 6-12 sessions to achieve lasting results. Acute conditions tend to resolve more quickly, whereas chronic conditions may require a longer and more consistent series. Hadley will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan. Who can benefit from acupuncture treatment? Everyone! Acupuncture can improve wellbeing, treat disease and prevent illness for patients in all

walks of life. Hadley treats people of all ages, from newborns to elderly patients. A body at any stage in life can be brought into greater balance and harmony. Where do the needles go? Point selection depends on the condition being treated. Acupuncture points are located throughout the entire body. Many common points are located on the extremities from your elbows down to your hands, and from your knees down to your feet. Other common areas include the abdomen, back, head, and ears. The acupuncture needles may be placed in locations that are different from the location of your pain or ailment. For example, some of the most effective acupuncture points used to treat

back pain are located on the hand, and some of the most effective points for treating digestive issues are on the leg. What should I do to prepare for my first visit? It’s best to not get a treatment on an empty stomach, so be sure to have something to eat at least an hour before your session. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled to your elbows or knees. To get the most benefit from your session, refrain from overexertion, a strenuous workout, and drugs/alcohol for up to six hours after the visit. Will my insurance cover acupuncture treatments? Insurance coverage for acupunc-

ture treatments varies widely from one plan to another - even among plans offered by a single insurer. Zenkai Acupuncture is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans. If acupuncture is covered by your plan, Hadley will provide you with a specific receipt that you can submit for easy reimbursement from your insurer. If you have a health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA), Hadley can charge your account directly.

Enjoying Seattle BY JAIME MILLER

Some would say I’m not a true Seattleite as I grew up in the East side suburb of Kirkland, but I would have to disagree. I have worked in the city for 11 years and have lived in many little suburbs within a few miles of the city. It wasn’t until two years ago I stopped ignoring the weather forecast like so many people who live here. We know it’s rarely on point! I’ve never owned an umbrella and the rain stopped bothering me when I realized that it barely rains hard enough to get you wet most days. Stop paying attention to the weather people! You can do almost anything outside 365 days a

year here. We are lucky. Get outside. St. Edwards State Park is our favorite park in the neighborhood I grew up just a few miles outside of the city. It is known for its hiking trails and is ideal for family picnics, mountain biking, sunbathing or an organized game of Frisbee. Even on a rainy day there is such a huge canopy of trees on the trails it will barely faze you. You can spend hours hiking through a maze of trails. Take a dip in the lake at the bottom of any trail to cool off! Bastyr University’s campus is part of this large, beautiful park. Be sure to check their calendar as well

to see if they have any fun events going on while you are there. For my favorite activity inside the city, exploring Pike Place never gets old. I am still finding new restaurants and small food vendors in Pike Place market after 11 years of walking through it on an almost daily basis. There are so many hidden gems. Try your own walking food tour of the market. My favorite things in the market are Jack’s Dungeness Crab Cocktail, Monster Cookies from Cinnamon Works bakery, and any sandwich of the day at Rub With Love. Go hungry and try new things!

BY victoria cox

Recently there

was uproar over a controversial “Are

you beach body ready?” ad campaign which debuted in London, subsequently hit social media, and is now a viral sensation.

Talk about adding fuel to an already volcanic fire of body insecurities. And, coupled with the media’s insistence on portraying a certain physique as ‘bikini ready,’ it’s no wonder some women feel like crawling under their duvet and waiting it out until fall. But why are we even listening to this noise in the first place? Admittedly it’s hard to avoid. There’s

the coveted model-du-jour on the cover of Sports Illustrated, winking seductively as you pay for your groceries and probably raising an eyebrow at the gallon of ice cream surreptitiously hidden behind the kale. There’s the unlimited billboards hawking diet plans to get you in the best shape of your life. Not to mention the pop-up bikini ads covering your computer screen as you try to

read the latest news. It’s no wonder that “Bikini Season” can make even the most secure women a little anxious. Why do we feel like we have to jump through ridiculous hoops set by society just to feel ‘normal’ on the beach? What is ‘normal’ anyway? In a planet filled with seven billion bodies of all colors, shapes and sizes why do we feel the need to conform to one set of standards? These issues all came to a head for me personally after having emergency surgery for a ruptured appen-

dix several years ago. As I awoke from anesthesia to discover that the surgeon had left me with a 10-inch scar, from belly-button to bikini-bottom, my vanity came crashing to the fore. I’m embarrassed to say that one of my initial concerns was whether I would be able wear a bikini again. These concerns magnified as each nurse told me not to worry, that there are great one-pieces available these days. Many months later, I ventured out to the beach but didn’t muster up the courage to venture into a bikini. In my mind everyone would immediately clock the heinous scar zig-zagging down my still-swollen stomach and so I stayed in my cover-up that entire summer. As soon as I was given the green light by my doctor my thoughts turned to exercise. I bought into the subliminal message that, before I dared don a bikini again, my body somehow had to be the best it could be or else… Or else, what? Why was I holding myself hostage to this non-attainable goal of perfection? As the nurses routinely told me during my hospital stay, I was lucky to be alive. Another couple of hours and septicemia would have kicked in. Why was I viewing this scar as something that needed to be hidden under a cover-up when in reality it was my battle-wound. I had survived and here was proof. And so, I decided to create my own set of rules for dealing with the perils of the Bikini Season.

1. Self-Acceptance Is Everything. Self-acceptance is of paramount importance. The societal pressures of looking ‘perfect’ are unattainable. Even if you get within sniffing distance of body perfection, new parameters are set. Several years ago it was all about getting Madonna arms, nowadays we want Kim K’s derriere. How can we keep up? It’s a road to nowhere. But what if we were to accept ourselves the way we are (including those stretchies and that cellulite)? I’m not advocating for sitting on the couch and not giving a crap about looking after yourself. I’m talking about accepting your body shape the way it is. This is also called Confidence and it’s sexy as hell. Spend an afternoon on a beach in Latin America and you will see why. Women of all shape and sizes parade around as if they are Gisele. They love their bodies and it shows. Side note: the men really seemed to love it too.

2. No Amount Of Gym Will Ever Be Enough. It’s important to stay healthy by exercising regularly, it’s also delusional to think you can fix yourself on a purely physical level. Sure, a toned butt might elicit some admiring glances but you probably won’t even notice as you are too busy figuring out what else needs to be fixed. It’s a very slippery slope and, taken to extreme levels, can lead to body dysmorphia. Work out to your heart’s content if that makes you feel good but question your motives first. Why are you really putting in all those hours at the gym?

3. Go Deep. Spinning might be the workout of choice for your body, but what about your mind and soul? It’s important to dig a little deeper to try to figure out the root cause of bikini insecurity. What’s really going on? Are you afraid that if you aren’t perfect you aren’t loveable? What’s with the negative self-talk? Meditation is a really useful tool for going deep. When you turn down the volume of the brain’s incessant chatter a quiet voice pipes up. That’s your inner voice and it’s the one you should be listening to. It will tell you that being a size 2 has absolutely nothing to do with why you are here, right now, on this planet. Most importantly of all, if you choose to listen, it will tell you that you are worthy and that you are enough, no matter what the hell you look like in a bikini. Perhaps the immeasurably wise global spiritual advisor, Thich Nhat Hanh, says it best. “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

by Captivatingly Chic Photos by Lauren Halvorson Photography

Captivatingly Chic is a sophisticated, trendy boutique event planning company specializing in detailed planning, creative and distinctive design and eclectic dĂŠcor. based in Southern Massachusetts, but we travel all over New England and destinations beyond for weddings & events.

Tip 1 Summer is for Fourth of July parties, clambakes & cookouts. Personally, I love to wow my guests as well as my clients with styles, designs, and those few eclectic pieces that make a party stand out. As pictured above, I picked up these lovely glass fish plates from HomeGoods which were used for a Nautical Americana themed party. If you want a gorgeous floral centerpiece and don’t have a huge budget for ex-

travagant flowers, invest in bud vases and pick up bundles of flowers at your local supermarket- I love Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for that. Bud vases will give you a casual, yet elegant look and won’t break the bank either.

Tip 2 You don’t have to go overboard with décor elements to spice up your party, just find a few elements that coincide with your theme. Shop vintage stores and even Savers for awesome deals. And, don’t forget those lanterns for candlelight once the sun sets.

Tip 3 I am a HUGE fan of signature cocktails at all my parties and events. I always suggest a hosted bar of beer and wine (two types of beers/one type of each red and white wine) and one signature cocktail. Whether it is a margarita, a Moscow Mule, a pitcher of sangria or a martini, make it fun and tasty. A signature cocktail can be a small money saver instead of purchasing all kinds of liquor for a full bar, and it’ll have everyone talking.

Tip 4 It is always important to have enough seating for guests. If you’re hosting a dinner party consider putting out some nice lawn or patio furniture - that way guests aren’t tied to one table all night. If you don’t have any patio furniture there is always an option to rent especially if you are having a larger backyard soiree. While you’re creating an ambiance that is enjoyable to basking in the sun, don’t forget to provide some shade too- market umbrellas are perfect for this.

Tip 5 Get creative with your serving dishes. I love adding some styling elements to dress up any appetizer tray or platter. And, think about what you plan on serving. Remember the easiest way for you to enjoy your own party is to prepare food ahead of time and find recipes that are simple, yet delicious especially if you don’t have the budget to hire a caterer. In the summer think chilled dishes, charcuterie, salads, salsas and raw bars. And, grilling is better than cooking all day in a hot kitchen.

Tip 6 During the summer months I love incorporating mini desserts like cake pops, ice cream bars, tarts and berry pies into my menu. Often when it is time for dessert, guests can be super full from the delicious appetizers and dinner you served, so having a smaller version of a sweet treat to satisfy that sweet tooth does the trick. Purchasing a few desserts will save you time, or try making your dessert a couple days in advance. They will usually last in the refrigerator up to five days. .

See Something, Say Something:

Skin Edition

BY carrie winans

Seeing a weird freckle lacks the urgency of a deep cut or a constant cough.

While not affecting your day-to-day life, your skin is something that should not be ignored. In fact, each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.

Carrie’s Cancer Tale In February 2013, I noticed a weird, light purple marking on the back of my right thigh. Rather than wait and see, I decided to proactively make my first-ever dermatologist appointment. Concerned, my dermatologist decided to cut four samples from my skin and send them to the lab for additional testing. A week later, my dermatologist informed me that one of the tested spots was positive for cancerous cells. We went through my options and decided that the fastest option would be to cut the spot off my leg.

Forty stitches, several weeks of sitting on ice packs, and a good bit of limping later, I was declared cancer-free. As difficult as the situation was at the time, it feels good to know that I am healthy, and I am more careful with my skin in 2015.

a year, once before the summer season begins and once after the summer ends. How should I prepare for a dermatologist appointment?

A dermatologist must be able to see all of your skin. This means removHow often should I go to ing fingernail polish, toenail polish, the dermatologist? and all makeup. You should go with This depends on your skin and a your hair loose and your scalp ready doctor’s recommendation. If you to be examined. have never been to a dermatologist before, schedule an appointment to- Who else should I talk to beday. Request a full cancer screening. sides a dermatologist? I now go to the dermatologist twice A lot of people can help you catch

skin irregularities. When you get a hair cut, ask your hair stylist if they notice any spots on your scalp that seem different. Gynecologists can properly check your breasts and vagina for odd markings. Your dentist can look at your gums, and your eye doctor can look at your eyes. Yes, eyes get sunburned too. Who can get skin cancer?

Everyone! People assume skin cancer is something that only very fair-skinned people get. However, skin cancer does not discriminate. Melanomas in African Americans, Asians, Filipinos, Indonesians, and native Hawaiians most often occur on non-exposed skin with less pigment, with up to 60-75 percent of tumors arising on the palms, soles, mucous membranes and nail regions. What are some signs and

and exists for longer than a few days, you should assume that is something beyond normal irritation or allergies. Preventative Measures

It’s possible to ward off skin cancer with a few simple daily measures. This isn’t about creating paranoia, but it should serve as a suggestion list for keeping skin safe. Wear sunscreen as often as possible. Today many brands of makeup, moisturizer, and even some clothing comes with UV protection. Buying products with the extra SPF protection is well worth it. Invest in a wide-brimmed hat. The scalp is one of the most forgotten about areas when it comes to sun protection. Investing in a great hat will protect your head from sun damage all summer long.


• An open sore that won’t heal. A small wound that refuses to disappear may be an early sign of skin cancer. • A red patch - sometimes the patch may itch or hurt, other times the patch will exist without irritation. • A shiny bump. Not to be confused with a mole, this nodule comes in a variety of colors. • A pink growth. A little spot, sometimes similar looking to a red patch, that appears on the skin. • A scar-like area. This can appear either waxy or matte. Important to note: These areas are often without defined borders and rarely look natural. Anytime something “new” appears on your skin

Move into the shade when UV rays are strongest. While it may be tempting to lie in the sun all day, try enjoying the beach from the comfort of an umbrella between 11am and 1pm. Bronzing yourself is not worth a life of scars. Conclusion

A skin screening should be part of your yearly check up routine. Much like a dentist, these specialists work to keep you safe and healthy. Wear sunscreen, keep track of the changes on your skin, and have a great summer.

how to throw a


It’s summer time! Time to throw open the doors, sweep

it didn’t cause you to break a sweat down the deck, and dine al fresco. What better way to spend making it, doesn’t mean your prean evening or weekend afternoon than enjoying friends, sentation is going to look lackluster. food, drinks and the warm weather.

Family style Have your guests serve themselves from large, shared dishes. The largeno less impressive for your guests and their taste buds. scale presentation will create visual Choose dishes you impressive menu, and means you effect; a whole side of salmon looks can prepare in advance won’t be worried about keeping ev- so much more impressive than six Being stuck in the kitchen while erything warm or serving up at a individual portions, and you won’t have to spend any time primping inyour party is happening without you specific time. dividual plates away from the party. is no fun. By choosing recipes where almost everything can be done in Go for visual drama advance, you can keep party time but simple methods prep to a minimum. Wow your guests with colorful food served on large platters and boards. Serve a cold menu Use contrasting colored ingredients Serving a cold menu doesn’t mean to create drama in a simple dishfor these recipes! chips and dip. Cold meats, fish, herbs, fruit and edible flowers are cheeses and salads make for an a great way to do this. Just because Hosting a dinner party can seem daunting. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make hosting a whole lot easier, but


Spinach & Garlic Flatbreads Ingredients 4 cloves of garlic 8 ¾ oz fresh spinach 2 cups all purpose flour 1 packet fast action yeast ¾ cup olive oil ½ cup warm water Salt & pepper

Method • Preheat oven to 350°. Finely chop over in the oil, then pop a lid on the the garlic and fry with a dash of pan to allow the spinach to steam. olive oil, on medium heat for about two minutes, use a deep-sided pan. • When the spinach is completely wilted, transfer to a blender or • Add the spinach leaves to the garlic food processor along with any of the pan, using tongs to turn the spinach liquid from the pan. • Add the flour, yeast, oil, salt and pepper to the blender and whizz until combined. If the dough is too dry, add in warm water to loosen it. • Generously flour the worktop and scoop the dough onto it. The dough should be very soft so don’t be afraid to use a lot of flour to keep it from sticking. • Divide the dough in two and pat out into two flatbreads, about the size of dinner plates. • Transfer to a greased pan and bake in the oven at 350° for 25 minutes. NOTE If you’re not serving them immediately, store in an airtight container until you’re ready to reheat on a griddle pan or dry frying pan until toasted.

Red Potato & Scallion Salad Ingredients 1lb red potatoes 3 cloves garlic Small bunch of scallions (about 8) 3 heaped tablespoons mayonnaise 3 tablespoons olive oil + plus another glug or two for roasting 3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar Salt and pepper Method • Leaving the skin on, chop the potatoes into about 1-inch cubed chunks. Grate the garlic and sprinkle over a baking tray, glug over some oil, season with salt and pepper and mix well. • Tumble the cut potatoes onto the baking tray and toss in the seasoned garlic oil. • Roast in the oven at 350° for 45 minutes to 1 hour, until the potatoes are crispy and golden on the outside, and tender on the inside. Allow to cool on the tray completely. • Finely slice the scallions. Slice 2 to 3 inches up the green section, slicing finer as the scallion leaf gets darker. Set aside a pinch of scallion slices to garnish the potatoes.

• Add the scallions to mayonnaise, three tablespoons of both olive oil and vinegar. The oil and vinegar loosen the mayonnaise to make it more of a light dressing for the potatoes.

• Once the potatoes are completely cooled, scoop them into the mayo dressing along with any of the garlic oil from the pan. Toss the potatoes in the dressing and garnish with scallion slices.

Signature Drinks by Laura kanzler

A Red, White, and Pink offering adorned with citrus to match the menu’s colors and flavors. Each cocktail begins with wine or fortified wine, rather than higher-octane spirits. This means it’s easier on your waistline and you can enjoy more than a sip throughout the party without getting too tipsy. They also require very few ingredients. When it comes to parties, no one wants to get stuck blending behind the bar full time - in fact, these are so simple you can even have guests make their own for a casual affair.

lambrusco me darling Ingredients 5 oz Lambrusco, chilled (a drier style such as La Collina Lambrusco dell Emilia “Quaresimo” for $20 or less) 2-3 dashes of Orange Bitters (on 1 sugar cube if you’re feeling sweet) • Garnish with a tangerine slice or an orange peel • Serve in a champagne flute or tall cocktail glass

the classic from douro Ingredients 2 oz White Port 4 oz Club Soda • Garnish with a slice of Lime

Sparkling citrosÉ Ingredients 3 oz Lillet Rosé 1.5 oz Sparkling Lemonade (or for lower calories lemon club soda) • Garnish with 2 Mint Leaves and a slice of Lemon • Serve over ice in a highball or wine glass

grilled halloumi with pomegranate vinaigrette Ingredients 8 ¾ oz Halloumi Cheese 1 pomegranate 8 tablespoons olive oil 4 tablespoons of honey vinegar (or 3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey) Pepper Method • Cut the halloumi into ½ cm thick slices. Heat a dry frying pan or flat top griddle and fry the halloumi cheese for 4 to 5 minutes on each side until it’s golden brown. The consistency will become very soft, then firm up so wait for it to cook for a few minutes before turning or it will fall apart. • To make the dressing, cut the pomegranate in half then squeeze each side over a large bowl to catch the juice and seeds. Use a teaspoon to scoop out the seeds that are deep in the fruit. Pick out any pieces of pit that fall into the juice and seeds. • Add the oil, vinegar (or vinegar and honey), and pepper to the seeds and juice and mix well. • Lay the cooked cheese slices on a large platter and pour over half of the dressing, scooping out some of the seeds from the dressing to sprinkle over the halloumi. Serve the remainder of the dressing in a small

whole side of salmon with cucumber & radish scales jug on the table. Ingredients 1.5lb Side of Salmon, skin on ¼ cup vermouth ¼ cup water A few sprigs each of dill and parsley Salt and pepper 1 small cucumber 6-8 radishes Method • Lay the salmon, skin side down, on a baking dish with sides that are at least about an inch/3 cm deep. Leave the skin on the salmon, as it will help hold the large fillet together once it’s cooked. • Pour over the vermouth, water, and arrange the herbs over the fish. Season with salt and pepper, then cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 325°. After half an hour, remove from the oven and keep covered for ten minutes to finish steaming in the residual heat. • To check if the fish is cooked, slide a sharp knife into the thickest part of the fillet and use the blade to push the flesh aside to check that it is an opaque, coral color all the way through. • Slice the vegetables as thin as you • To garnish, lay the radish and • Allow to cool completely while can. Once the fish is cold, remove cucumber in lines across the fish, you prepare the cucumber and rad- the wilted herbs and transfer the overlapping in a scale pattern. ish garnish. fish to the serving platter.

6 Tips for Hosting by patsy culp of & celebrate

Once you have an idea of how many guests you plan to invite, ask yourself the number one question when it comes to creating event magic: How do I want my guests to feel? Let the answer to this question drive your design choices for the event.

centerpieces taller than 14", as you'll want your guests to be able to see each other.

special memento to commemorate the evening.

6) Prepare as much as you 3) Incorporate decor ac- can in advance, so you'll cents on the bar, buffet, be able to fully enjoy the moment. and side tables. Set up different areas for drinks, Set your table the night before. A apps, and dessert to encourage relaxed, hospitable host, equals reguests to roam. And, tie everything laxed, comfortable guests. You don't together by including accents from want to miss the conversation and the table decor throughout the en- communion that happens around the table while you're rushing tire space. around looking for more silverware. 4) Don't forget the music! Soak it up, have some fun and celHave a playlist prepped in advance ebrate the togetherness you've culthat mirrors the theme you've creat- tivated. ed and sets the tone for the evening.

1) Build your table decor around a theme, or color palette that will evoke the feelings you want your guests to feel. For example, if you want your guests to feel vibrant and happy, choose a fresh color palette with cheerful yellows and bright oranges. If you want your guests to feel peace and tranquility, follow an ocean theme with serene blues and accents of sea 5) Make it personal. foam green. Set place cards at each seat. It will make your guests feel welcome 2) Add drama by creating and eliminate that dreaded "where height on the table. should I sit" awkwardness. Hostess Height creates interest and dimen- tip: Strategically position your chatsion, plus it leaves some room on ty friends evenly around the table to the table for family style serving. keep conversation going, or include You can get creative with this. Think fun conversation starters on the about using items you may already place cards and prompt your guests have - like cake plates or wine glass- to share their answers with each es - to use as a base for your cen- other in between courses. Send your terpiece. Be mindful not to choose guests home with a goody bag, or

“The way the table is set contributes as much to the ambiance of the event as the food and drink.� -Martha Stewart

charred corn with sriracha butter Ingredients 6 whole sweetcorn cobs 230g/2 sticks of butter 2 tablespoons of Sriracha Method • Place the butter and Sriracha into a blender. This works best if the butter is not too soft, as it’ll separate from the hot sauce instead of mixing evenly. • Scoop out all but 2 tablespoons of the butter and place onto a sheet of greaseproof paper. Roll the butter into a fat sausage, twisting the ends of the paper to condense the spicy butter. Place into the fridge to harden, so you can slice the butter log to serve. • Pop the two reserved tablespoons of butter into a small dish and microwave until melted. • Cook the corn on a dry griddle pan for 15 to 20 minutes until the kernels are bright yellow all over and charred black in places. Turn the cobs and brush with the melted Sriracha butter every 5 or so minutes until cooked through. • Serve with the sliced log of cooled butter.

watermelon granita Ingredients ½ watermelon ½ cup vodka Mint leaves to garnish Method • Slice the watermelon and scoop out the flesh. • Tumble the watermelon chunks in the blender, pour over the vodka and whizz until smooth. • Pour into a deep, frost-proof baking dish and place in the freezer over night until frozen solid. • When you are ready to serve, use a fork to scrape the surface of the granita to create a crushed ice consistency. Scoop the granita into a dish and garnish with mint leaves to serve.

Skilled Massage.

Soothing Sanctuary.

Harmony on Hope Therapeutic Massage

It’s summer and everything is just right. And It’s summer and everything is just right. And by that, we mean totally fabulous. We are

it’s summer time let’s celebrate! it’s summer time let’s celebrate!

by that, we totally fabulous. are so ready formean summer soirees, beachWe days, so summerbucket soirees, beach days, andready warmfor weather lists. To get you and warm weatherBOS bucket lists. To get you ready for summer, Lady Project’s very ready for summer, BOS Gabi, Lady Project’s very own creative manager, has shared two own creative manager, has shared fun printables. Click on Gabi, the photos below two fun printables. Click on the photos below to access the files, download, and start to access your the files, download, and start planning summer! planning your summer!

Planning a summer shindig? Print off these ice invites and write the invite information on the Planning a summer shindig? Print off these ice invites and write the invite information on the

cream back! cream back!

What are your plans this summer? Jot down your summer bucket list and get to exploring! What are your plans this summer? Jot down your summer bucket list and get to exploring!

r e m m u S ip Tr d a o R

set styling by Patsy Culp wardrobe styling by olivia rodrigues photography by brittanny taylor photography

How stunning was that photoshoot? but can we get serious, it’s absolutely amazing! The women who came together on this project knocked it out of the park. Brittanny taylor is our resident pvd lady project photographer + olivia rodrigues is the go-to lady on all things fashion related in providence. both did another fantastic job on this photoshoot– we are so lucky to have such talented women apart of lady project!

left to right: Eliza Adams, Patsy Culp, Brittanny Taylor, Michaela Antunes, Holly Vine, Melanie Patterson & Olivia Rodrigues

Editorial Photoshoot Team

olivia rodrigues stylist Olivia is a personal stylist and style blogger at who enjoys making her clients fall in love with their wardrobe, embrace their authentic style, and nurture their personal brand effortlessly. She is also a style consultant, and enjoys bringing photo shoot visions to life for fashion editorials, magazines and lookbooks.

brittanny taylor photographer Brittanny Taylor is a fashion and lifestyle photographer working in New England and New York. She is also the creative director of 1am Beauty and communications director for the Lady Project Blog. She’s born and raised in Providence but spends a lot of her time in New York. She graduated from Rhode Island College with a BA in Film Studies. She has dreams of being a sports documentary video editor someday but right now her passion lies in fashion. When she tears herself away from her computer, you can usually find her at Hot Club.


hair & makeup

Eliza Adams Michaela Antunes Melanie Patterson Holly Vine

vis-a-vis hair design

Wardrobe & Set Credits The Lady Project Photoshoot Team would like to thank judith palmer for letting us use her property to shoot some of the scenes.

Thank you to sean & sarah donovan for letting us us the vintage car.

car scene • pg 50-61

picnic scene • pg 62-69

Jolie black maxi with slits, J Marcel $34 • Just USA denim jacket, Shoppe Pioneer $54 • Sea objects scarf, J Marcel $18 • Earrings, Shoppe Pioneer $55 h o l ly: Ocean Drive black side slit tank, Calico PVD $38 •For Sienna pink festival skirt, J Marcel $46 • Cowboy hat, J Marcel $24 • Earrings, Shoppe Pioneer $38 • Ring, Shoppe Pioneer $16 E l i z a : BB Dakota heather grey shirt, Queen of Hearts & Modern Love $72 • Level 99 denim pants, Shoppe Pioneer $128 • Aztec gecko scarf, J Marcel $22 • Earrings, Shoppe Pioneer $68 • Ring, Shoppe Pioneer $8 picnic Set styling m e l a n i e : Rolling Stone Vintage tee, Calico PVD $65 • Just USA scisby Patsy Culp, &celebrate sor cut light denim shorts, Queen of P r o p s : Multicolor Saltillo blanket, Hearts & Modern Love $48 • SunQueen of Hearts & Modern Love, glasses, Queen of Hearts & Modern $39.95 • Vintage bike, MINT • Vin- Love $16.95 • Layered necklace, J Marcel $18 • Gold bracelet, J Marcel tage suitcases, MINT $16

(pg 62) Left to right: Melanie Patterson, Michaela Antunes, Eliza Adams and Holly Vine m e l a n i e : Hem & Thread off the

(pg 70) Left to right: Michaela Antunes, Holly Vine, Eliza Adams and Melanie Patterson

(PG 50) Left to right: Melanie Patterson, Michaela Antunes, Eliza Adams and Holly Vine m e l a n i e : High low floral dress, Shoppe Pioneer $128 • Earrings & ring, Jessica Ricci Jewelry Mic h a e l a : Cream shag west, Calico PVD $60 • Tribal print maxi dress, Shoppe Pioneer $98 • Earrings & ring, Jessica Ricci Jewelry E l i z a : Cool breeze white dress, Queen of Hearts & Modern Love, $49.50 • Tie dye draped kimono, Shoppe Pioneer $118 • Camel wide brim hat, Calico PVD $35 • Sunglasses, Queen of Hears & Modern Love $16.95 h o l ly: Blue strapless jumper with embroidery, J Marcel $72 • Amulet emerald necklace, Jessica Ricci Jewelry

shoulder flare dress, Shoppe Pioneer $42 • Long beaded necklace, J Marcel $18 • Earrings, J Marcel • Blue lace edged scarf, J Marcel $22 Mic h a e l a : Sugar & L!ps navy plaid dress, $85 • Earrings, J Marcel $12 Eliza: Mink pink floral maxi dress, Queen of Hearts & Modern Love $99 • Long beaded necklace, J Marcel $18 h o l ly: Dee Elle linen striped dress, J Marcel $44 • Stretch bracelets, J Marcel $10 each • Earrings, J Marcel $12 • Madison West fringe bucket bag, J Marcel $59

barn scene • pg 70-74

m ic h a e l a :

Editorial Supporters Thank you to our supporters who provided the fabulous wardrobe & set styling for our photoshoot. We couldn’t have done it without you!




queen f hearts

modern love


n e d r a G t

a h t t e G

! d e t r ta




In a few short months – as you’re reading this, even - that time will be here, we’ll be in full pesto swing. Heck, we may even be in full Insalata Caprese swing (tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil salad) - the best salad of the summer in my humble opinion. In these early days of the growing season, planting is a frequent topic of conversation with friends. This may sound foreign-slash-boring to you if you aren’t yet a gardener, but trust me – once you start growing a garden you have, plants will suddenly become one of the most fascinating topics you discuss with others. Seriously. The return of these tiny green things signifies the end of the bleak winter. It signifies the start of more fresh, raw produce on our plates. It conjures up that sense of accomplishment and excitement that we had in grade school when our seedlings sprouted from the egg crates- “Hey, wow! It worked!” Even if you have a small space to work with or are limited to just a windowsill, or have no experience with gardening beyond that grade school growing lesson, you, too, can have gardening success. START SMALL Gardening is like any other skill, it takes time to learn the lessons that will help you be ready to plant a bigger plot. Accepting that there might be setbacks on the way to your ultimate goal of garden confidence is all part of the process.

Build up confidence by starting with just one or two plants. Herbs are a great starting point. First, fresh herbs can be expensive if you purchase them at the grocery store on a weekly basis, so growing your own will help to save a bit of money. Second, herbs can be grown in small spaces, even a windowsill. Assess what herb(s) you use most frequently. Is it thyme? Mint? Basil? Invest in your most used herbs, transplant them to the largest pots that will fit on your windowsill, and set them in a south-facing window. If you’re able to move them outside to a deck or a sunny spot in your yard with southern exposure, even the overnight temperatures start to dip below 40°F, bring your herbs back indoors and enjoy them all winter long. When overwintering herbs, some growing. Thyme, lavender, and rosemary are all good herbs for wintertime growing, while fragile basil doesn’t fare as well. Last winter, a good friend placed her basil plant on a windowsill, only to have it become frostbit indoors because of the extreme cold of the window glass. Gah, winter! CONSIDER CONTAINERS sill, consider a container garden that includes your favorite herb (or two kale, collards or Swiss chard, and perhaps an edible flower like nasturtium (its leaves and flowers add a peppery kick to salads).

Select a container with good drainage. As the container has holes in

a week-long vacation and your plants are brown and dry, they’re past the point of being saved) will

through, there’s no need to add to improve drainage. Your plants need all the space they can get for their roots to grow.. Remember, when gardening in containers, your plants will most likely require daily watering, as they have a finite amount of soil from which to draw moisture. Watering, of course, tends to be the bane of many a beginning gardener’s existence: water too much, and the plants start to die. Good news: Wilted plants (those that have only been wilted for

a generous watering. If your plants are overwatered, check to be sure them from any standing water to allow the soil to dry nearly completely before watering again, and you should be able to salvage them. USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM Because you do want to take vacation in the summer, right? Yet you also want to grow some of your own food. This is where all that springabout what you’re planting, how your plants are doing, and what containers you’re using comes in

handy. Ask one or two friends if they’ll cover watering and harvesting duties while you’re out of town, and let them know that you’ll gladly return the favor. If you’re lucky, those friends may even have vegetables that you aren’t growing and you can sample their bounty. PLAN AHEAD Once you’ve had success with your smaller garden, start thinking about what you’d like to plant next year. What produce do you tend to eat a lot of during the summer that would be nice to have growing at your home? Perhaps that’s the time to add a tomato plant to the mix, zucchini (prepare to be overrun) or summer squash. If you have a spot in the yard picked out to establish

the garden, keep an eye on it to be sure it gets enough sunshine each day, and perhaps stake out the space you’ll need to till next spring in order to establish that garden.

successfully in larger containers using purchased organic soil. There may be a community garden nearby where you can sign up for your own plot that has already been deemed suitable for growing your own food.

If this is the first time you’re gardening in the soil in your yard, you may BREAK IT DOWN INTO want to have your soil tested to MANAGEABLE PIECES determine what nutrients it requires two, you can expect to spend no and its pH. more than a couple of minutes per If you live in a city and will be digging day watering and harvesting. a new garden, start speaking with your neighbors and looking into the Once you’ve expanded your garden history of your property as it relates to a container with greens and to industry to be sure of the safety of herbs, you may spend 3 to 5 minutes your soil for gardening. Not to worry, per day maintaining your plants. If if the soil in your yard isn’t suitable you decide to garden in a larger for vegetable gardening, tomatoes space, your initial preparation will and other plants that require more require a bit of work, but even that soil for growth may be grown can be broken down into smaller

blocks so that you don’t burn out. No garden needs to be planted in one day either – that is exhausting. Perhaps break it down so that tomatoes go in one day, herbs another, and so on. In a larger plot, plan to spend 15 minutes to a half hour per day to maintain it, depending upon the size (and how healthy the weed population is). RELAX AND ENJOY Above all, enjoy the process and the you have, there is always something to learn and opportunities to improve your plot. And there is always next year.

Some helpful links: Helpful Resources: SOIL TESTING UMass Amherst URI Master Gardeners Cornell University

Rutgers CT Agricultural Experiment


PLANTERS Tomato Grow Bag Hanging Tomato Planter Raised Garden

Planning Ahead with



MANY A WISE PERSON HAS SAID, IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, THEN YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL. Planning is a part of our everyday lives (whether we want it to be or not) and we need to embrace it, in all facets of life. The first area to go by fitness. We are so quick to cling to our all-time favorite excuse- “I’m just too busy.” Take a step back and ask yourself: How busy am I? I’ll let you in on a secret: if you plan a daily workout, you will have more energy,

One week breaks down into 168 hours, and if you’re a diva like me, you need eight to nine hours of sleep each night. If you can get away with seven or less, I salute you Take away about 60 hours of sound

sleeping (a few extra for the occa-

morning requires more than a few

with 108 hours. As the average American, you are probably working 40-50 hours per week, so let’s call it even and use 45 hours as our mean. Let’s also be generous and reserve 10 hours a week for a work commute.

zero hours, and the struggle is real. Your fridge is empty, and your sneaks are starting to collect dust. If only you just had more time, you would totally go for a run and you wouldn’t be on a first name basis with the Chinese food deliveryman. Well let’s go for a scheduling ride, and see if we can make those hours appear. It’s not magic, it’s planning.

hours each week. You might use this for an assortment of tasks and activhardworking and determined ladies hours could quickly dwindle- spent on nonprofit work, a second job, social outings and dates, and for

Start small. Set aside five hours per week to dedicate entirely to fitness – a nice blend of cardio and strength training. Here’s a quick breakdown of what five hours of fitness per week could look like:







(Mondays are hard enough!)

45 minutes of walking or running, paired with 15 minutes of stretches

1-hour yoga or Pilates class to build some core strength

45 minutes of walking or running, paired with 15 minutes of stretches

Get up early for a 1-hour fitness class or 1 hour on your favorite gym machine, so you can enjoy your Friday night

1-hour workout of your choice! Maybe it’s a bike ride with the family, a long run, or a spirited game of flag football with your best buds

SOME KILLER TIPS TO MAKE YOUR WEEKLY WORKOUTS HAPPEN: If you ing, then plan in your workouts anytime BUT the morning! Fit in a run or walk at lunch, or hustle home a few nights a week to get to the gym before dinner. WORKOUT WHEN YOU ENJOY WORKING OUT.

You’re probably already starting to feel more motivated. P.S. If you are dedicating five hours of time to workouts per week, you still have 48 fabulous hours remaining! Best. News. Ever. And what will five hours of weekly workouts get you? You could be improving your endurance and cardiovascular health, potentially adding more years to your life. You could be increasing the super power of your immune system, meaning fewer hours spent sick, and more hours spent lounging on the beach. You could be burning up to 3,000 calories per week, while building and toning muscle at the same time. Exercise, paired with a healthy, well-balanced diet is the key to ultimate health and happiness.

There is a 99.9% greater chance that you will workout if you are doing it with someone else. Get your coworkers or friends to sign up for a race with you, or take the family on a group bike ride or run around the neighborhood. GET OTHERS INVOLVED.

If it takes you over 20 minutes to get to your daily workout location, and it’s not on the way to work, it’s going to be a struggle. Also, if you have a family, you are presented with an addi-


and scour YouTube for some free fitness routines. Add a stationary bike or elliptical, an inexpensive option that gets the job done. PLAN AHEAD. On Sundays, jot down when, where, and what your workouts will be. Stick this plan everywhere you need it and set a reminder on your phone to alert you each morning. Set out or pack your workout clothes the night before, especially if you are working out in the morning. Plan your meals to work around your fitness; try to schedule meals at least two to three hours before your workout, and super small snacks at least 30-60 minutes before, because full belly workouts are the worst ever.

If you plan, you will succeed.

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Enjoy a 90 minute consultation & customized acupuncture treatment designed to rebalance and revitalize the body for optimal health.

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Please enjoy our wines resPonsibly. Š 2013 Ruffino Import Company, Rutherford, CA

gifts & tips

Summer gift guide check out the following gifts created, made or sold by lady project members for all your summertime gifting needs!

1. The Noonday Collection Funky Paper Bead Bracelet $12 / 2. G-Form Women’s Pro-B Bike Shorts $110 / 3. Cinder + Salt Beachcruiser Tank $24 / 4. Giraffes and Robots Art Prints $30 / 5. Design by Keri Tea Time Print $25 / 6. DaVine Jewelry Sage Leaf & Amethyst Earrings $85 / 7. Curious Nature Apothecary Beach Day Foot Duo $30 / 8. Trend Tribe Sea Flower Statement Necklace $30 / 9. Zenaki Acupuncture Acupuncture Treatment $75 / 10. 1am Beauty Baby Foot Lavender Exfoliant Peel $30 / 11. 1am Beauty Omni Potent Duosity Conditioning Treatment $25

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2500 Lawerence Street Denver, CO

2018 10th Street Boulder, CO

I just love a good summer flea! The Big Wonderful is great because they feature some of the best local indie entrepreneurs in Denver and there are fun activities that reflect the city’s love of the outdoors. There’s great food, music, shopping and casual sports all in the heart of Mile High!

I love getting a glass of wine and fresh burrata and at PMG. It’s a small enough restaurant and wine bar to feel neighborly even though it is downtown. Plus, it has a great patio you can see the mountains from.

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the lawn on d 462 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA Head to the Lawn on D for a concert, a drink at the bar or just to lounge! Such a fun spot near the Seaport, definitely a place to check out this summer!


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restaurants 1

Heir loom restaurant and lounge


The Study at Yale 1157 Chapel Street New Haven, CT Heirloom is an essential stop after a long day of work. Located within The Study at Yale, Heirloom Restaurant and Lounge has a sophisticated menu of cocktails and an elegant atmosphere. Escape the heat and stress of the office this summer and stop at Heirloom on your way home. Heirloom is a great place to relax and unwind, with a calm atmosphere early in the afternoon that becomes more alive as the night unfolds. Make sure to let your server know you’re a local, and you just might get a touch of special service!


maison mathis

1227 chapel street new haven, ct Rudy’s is the perfect place for a sweet stop after work. From 2:30-6:30 all of the draft week is $2 off! Grab an angry orchard cider and sit at the bar or in the bar room if you’re just hanging out for drinks. Rudy’s has a great floor plan, allowing for excellent air flow from the front of the restaurant. Along with a summer breeze and draft, make sure to order the belgian frites! You can get a grande order and choose three dipping sauces. You must try the pesto mayo sauce, it’s amazing!!

outdoor & day activities


304 Elm street new haven, Ct Maison Mathis is a delicious and necessary stop this summer when in New Haven. Perfect european food with a contemporary twist! The caprese sandwich is to die for, with fresh whole milk mozzarella that is amazing! The star of the show in this sandwich is the sunflower seed pesto, and you can also have it served on a sunflower flax seed baguette! Every single menu item seems a must, but grabbing the morrocan green mint iced tea with your sandwich is a great place to start!

rudy’s restaurant and bar

east rock & west rock park 977 state street new haven, ct Hiking East Rock and West Rock Park in New Haven. Pack a lunch and take a hike - there are great views of the city from the top of both rocks!


mystic, connecticut 56 W Main Street Groton, CT Mystic is a hidden gem of New England. Though you may be familiar with the town from the movie Mystic Pizza, the area does not disappoint with its nautical charm. Stop by for a day trip, grab a slice of pizza and a scoop of ice cream while enjoying wandering through streets full of fun-sized shops. This tip is rated fun for all ages. Perfect for a romantic one on one or bring the whole family!

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hollis country kitchen

new hampshire

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3 proctor hill road hollis, nh Just a short drive into Hollis, through the open fields, and you can find yourself at Hollis Country Kitchen. Hollis is a lovely town neighboring Nashua, with some great gems for New Hampshire enthusiasts to check out. Hollis Country Kitchen is a small restaurant but quaint and comfortable too. There is outside seating in the summer, set in a beautiful garden to the side of the building. Definitely try their Skillet breakfasts, which are the pride and joy of the menu. These dishes are served in cream, porcelain skillets and are to die for! The Florentine Benedict is perfect and an absolute treat for an easy and mindful weekend morning.


the nashua garden 121 main street nashua, nh Craving a satisfying sandwich and a cold beer? Head to The Nashua Garden for an awesome variety of sandwiches. Try “The Garden” if you’re looking for a healthy vegetarian sandwich that does not skimp on the taste. With sprouts, cucumbers, peppers, and more it’s the perfect lunch for a beautiful summer day.

mine falls park nashua, nh Mine Falls Park is the place to be this summer! Located right in the heart of the city, this 325acre park includes many different trails ranging from under 1/2 mile to 3 miles, and when combined can be upwards of 5 miles! There are 8 different entrances to the park accessible from different areas of Nashua. Conway Ice Arena is one of the parking lots/park entrances and places you at the beginning of the green trail! Some parts of the trails are covered providing shade for especially sunny days. Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, or exploring the park make sure to stop by Mine Falls Park this summer and put mindfulness into practice!


nashua river rail trail nashua trailhead gilson road at countryside drive If you’re looking for a trail that truly glides along the forest’s edge, then you’ve found it. The Nashua River Rail Trail begins in Massachusetts and runs through Ayer, Groton, Pepperell, Dunstable, and finishes in Nashua, New Hampshire. This trail is secluded and private, perfect for a quiet bike ride or run. The entirety of the trail is 12.3 miles and the surface is asphalt.

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grand banks

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the jane hotel

pier 25 new york, ny

113 jane street new york, ny

Head over to Pier 25 overlooking the Hudson River and grab some nautical inspired cocktails and oysters aboard Grand Banks.

This is the city’s best spot for a summer sunset! The drinks are fantastic and the view of the Hudson is unbeatable. Make sure you email ahead of time - space is limited.

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new york

museum of the moving image 30-01 35th ave (at 37th) astoria, ny Visit the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens near the Kaufman Studios (where several of our favorite shows are filmed). Awesome movie/media related exhibits & don’t forget to check out the movie screenings too!

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penn’s landing 101 columbus boulevard philadelphia, pa Penn’s Landing is my oasis in the summertime. From Movies Under the Stars, kayaking, art fairs, and beer gardens - they have everything I like to do!


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rhode island


hot club

The 48 Hour Film Project will return to Providence the weekend of July 17 - 19, 2015. Filmmakers from all over the Providence area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world for the title “Best 48 Hour Film of 2015”

575 South Water street providence, ri My favorite thing to do in PVD In the summer is head to Hot Club for after work drinks!


rosalina’s 50 aborn street providence, ri


outdoor activity


blackstone blvd free 5k fun run

rhode island beaches Take a mental health day off completely based on a kick-ass weather forecast. Pack a novel, beach blanket, small cooler and sunscreen and hit the beach SOLO. You won’t regret it.

I enjoy having dinner outside at this great spot and then take a walk around the city.


pvd 48 hour film project


run with ro

lippett memorial park providence, ri

lippett memorial park providence, ri

Have you been meaning to try a 5k but can’t commit? Have you run the 5k but looking to improve your time? On the last Wednesday of every month this summer, Rhode Runner puts on a FREE 5k on the Blackstone Blvd, and it is open to absolutely all levels of ability. Races start at 6:30 pm at Lippett Memorial Park on Hope Street. Happy Racing!

Soak up the summer evenings with a run or walk down the Blackstone Blvd walking path with Ro McGettigan, former olympian, and other awesome ladies! Get in shape, learn about goal-setting, and meet some great people! Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, open to all levels!

ladd observatory 210 doyle avenue providence, ri Are you a star-gazer, or even a local history buff? Every Tuesday, the Ladd Observatory opens it’s doors to the public for a viewing from it’s huge telescope. Look through the same lens as H.P. Lovecraft, and hear from experts while viewing our moon and planets. This is a great date-night activity.

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