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La Donna Lanier Events Gorgeous Contemporary Weddings 2014 Edition

Special Thanks To: Carmen Hoffman, Marketing Director Davis Addison, Administrative Assistant Danielle Green, Danielle Green Beauty and Style Alisha Davis King, Real Natural Solutions Stephanie Parsley, Stephanie Parsley Photography Khaliah Coleman Chandler Wise All of our awesome clients For believing in me, for cheering me on, for giving me reason after reason for why I can do this, for showing me love, for your excitement, for your patience, for your continuous support, for allowing me to do what I love, for inspiring me to be more and to give more, for sharing your events. I am forever grateful.

Welcome to our premiere issue!

We are so very excited to share our first online magazine with you. This has been the biggest project we’ve produced and it’s been a long time dream of ours. We hope to share with you fresh ideas that will set your event apart from others and spark the inner artist in you. This online magazine is our interpretation of what is beautiful, timeless, and a break from cookie cutter events. Every issue we’re going to focus on a theme. This issue is about “Spring Awakening”, cherishing new beginnings and giving them life in a life modern setting. Feel free to contact us about your upcoming wedding at Thank you for your support and don’t forget to check in every issue for more ideas. xoxo, La Donna Lanier Events Team

Table of Contents:

On The Cover: Concept/Styling: La Donna Lanier Events Photography: Stephanie Parsley Photography Makeup/Wardrobe: Danielle Green Beauty and Style

Features: Simply Opulent Stylized Shoot A beautiful celebration of the connection of a couple

Columns: Banish Cookie Cutter Wedding Ideas How to Personally Say “I Do” The Truth about Weddings Etc.

Editor’s Note Promotion Cocktail Hour

Simply Opulent Stylized Shoot

Ever thought about your wedding day? You’ll be surrounded by beautiful things and all of your friends and family. Sometimes the fact that you’re marrying your partner in life and soul mate can get lost in the shuffle. For this shoot, we decided to scale back the décor and the fuss and focus on the connection of the couple.

This stylized shoot was for couples and the love they share. A gorgeous venue was the backdrop to our “love story�.

We set one simple table to give you an idea of what your reception tables can look like. We’re total fans of long tables and family style serving for weddings. Family style makes a lot of brides curious, so we wanted to give you an awesome visual.

Here is a close up of the table! This table is our favorite! It’s got all the fancies, but it still has a very clean look.

The color scheme was kept really simple and within the colors found in nature…blues and greens.

Our 2014 look books are now available. For your very own copy, contact us at La Donna Lanier Events Gorgeous Contemporary Weddings (501) 246-1147

LaDonna Lanier Events  

Gorgeous Contemporary Weddings 2014 Edition

LaDonna Lanier Events  

Gorgeous Contemporary Weddings 2014 Edition