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2015 Annual Report

We are THANKFUL as 2015 Ends … • We find ourselves full of thanks for life, provision, and for God’s love that endures forever. • We are grateful for partnerships with friends that span time and distance, those relationships that keep us focused, humble, and very grateful. • Because of your faithfulness and generosity toward Lackey Ministries and Love Botswana Outreach Mission, we have been allowed many opportunities to see God’s hand through our work.

Listed here are just a few of the places that call us to give


required for the ministry that takes us across miles of roadways to serve the people of Botswana. We are thankful for NEW VANS that will get us where we need to be when we need to be there!

for children placed in our Rescue Centre until permanent homes can be located for them. We are thankful for FAITHFUL SPONSORS who provide a significant portion of the funding for staff and maintenance of these facilities

where over 100 leaders from around Botswana committed to serve God and their families and mentor other men to do

the same. We are thankful for the generous gifts of TIME, TALENT AND FUNDS that made this possible.

NEW tables, NEW chairs, NEW benches, NEW awnings and NEW, FABULOUS artwork for Village Church’s CHILDREN’S WORLD. We are thankful for these additions made possible through memorial gifts honoring

“Ms. Pat” Lackey.

to serve in our children's ministries, Lorato House, OIS and Village Church and its 8 branches. DILO MAKWATI, LBOM’s cultural exchange programs including long term missions, short term volunteers/teams, and mission

interns depends on the support of friends so that friends can come and invest in the vision of Love Botswana. Thank YOU!

furnishings and landscaping for the Life Centre; salaries to staff the expanding scope of Love Botswana’s services; speakers, signage, food, festivities to celebrate 10 years of Reach 4 Life, and on and on and on.

Board of Directors Jerry Lackey, Chairman Jana Lackey, Vice Chairman Linda Madeksho, Treasurer Dawn Stallings, Secretary

Reinhold Preik, Member Morris Ruddick, Member Doug Stringer, Member Lori Wortz, Member

Financial Impact

A full copy of our 2015 financial statement is available from our Houston office.

2015 annual report financials edited to correct financials corrected size  
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