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2012 Annual Report

Bringing sustainable transformation through the power of the Gospel

A WORD FROM the Founders It is with great joy that we share the news of 2012 with you through this Annual Report. This year we celebrate 25 years of ministry. As missionary statesman Wayne Myers says, “If I had a thousand lives to live, I would give them all to world missions.” We join in that declaration! We have been so blessed to see the fullness of the dream come to pass. Not in the buildings or programs themselves, but in the people who fill the buildings and make up the programs, we see God’s great love plan for the nations unfolding. 2012 was a significant year of transitional growth at Lackey Ministries. We handed over the day-to-day operations of Love Botswana Outreach Mission to our local staff. The leadership team have embraced their new roles with excellence and passion, and the ministry continues to flourish under their care.

The greatest dream we have is that this mission would outlive ourselves, and we are watching that dream become a reality. Even with the challenges that come with growing pains, and the difficulties that accompany even the smoothest of transitions, it is so evident that God has raised up capable and passionate people to continue our mandate to demonstrate and spread the Good News. Along with our incredible team, we have worked hard to build a solid and deep foundation which allows LMI to continue to grow wide and tall with great strength.

As you read through this annual report, it is our hope and prayer that you will see not the fingerprints of man, but of God. He has done great things in our midst, and we are humbled and honored to be part of the story He is writing in Southern Africa.

Jerry & Jana Lackey

Passing on the day-to-day leadership of the ministry has freed us up to focus on board governance and pastoral oversight to the church and mission. We love our new roles and are excited about this season God has us in! On the horizon, we see our stories being written and increased ministry around the globe as the Lord opens doors.

2012 Overview 2012 was a year of tremendous foundational growth at Lackey Ministries. Since our inception in 1987, we have remained committed to our vision of bringing sustainable transformation through the power of the Gospel. With our exponential growth over the past decade, it became increasingly more challenging to clearly define our various moving parts and the way they all work together to accomplish the vision. 2012 became a crucial hinge-point year in which we more fully clarified, embraced, and developed into the original vision God gave us. Through Lackey Ministries, and the initiatives we’ve pioneered, Love Botswana Outreach Mission and our newest endeavor, Lackey World Reach, we continue to impact the world with the Gospel in innovative ways.

Significant 2012 HIGHLIGHTS Establishing a Full LMI Office and Local Presence in Houston

Expanding and Strengthening Love Botswana Outreach Mission

We’ve moved from a small mom-and-pop setup to having a significant, professional base from which we operate. This has brought a new level of excellence to everything we do. The new office space is located at 5005 W. 34th Street in Houston. The space is donated to LMI through the generosity of Board Member Doug Stringer of Turning Point Ministries, whose ministries share the space. In addition to providing administrative space to work, LMI can now host mission committees and other parties interested in the global reach of the ministry.

As our first and largest initiative, LBOM remains our primary focus of funding and support. The Lackeys moved out of their role of daily direct leadership at LBOM and stepped more fully into a larger global role that is consistent with the original plan and vision they had when they founded Lackey Ministries. They provide crucial oversight, direction, visioneering, and Board governance that enables LMI to broaden its reach and deepen its impact. As the Lackeys transitioned into their Founders role, the Chief Programs Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Finance Officer embraced and began their new roles at the helm of leadership at LBOM. The executive team, with support from LMI, is navigating this transition well and leading LBOM into this exciting new season of growth and development.

Board meeting in our new office

We finalized the opening of the Lorato House, LBOM’s care and rescue centre for orphaned and abandoned infants operated in cooperation with the Republic of Botswana’s Department of Social Services. We also completed construction of the new Life Centre which will hold its grand opening early 2013. This world-class facility, built through sacrificial generosity, prayers, and partnership, serves as a youth and community resource center to all of Northwest Botswana. It will also house the ministry offices, program outreaches, and Village Church services. Visit for more news and updates.

Organizing Our Most Significant Year-End Campaign Utilizing direct mail, email, and social media, we ran the largest and most effective year-end campaign in our 25-year history. The generosity of so many provided for some crucial needs as we ended the ministry year.

The Life Centre stands as a beacon of hope in Maun

SigniďŹ cant 2012 HIGHLIGHTS Pioneering Lackey World Reach Over the last 25 years, Lackey Ministries has grown exponentially. With growth came the necessity to evaluate LMI’s organizational structure. In 2011, a major review was completed and restructuring initiated that included some changes in the Lackeys’ roles on the ground in Botswana as well as some additions and changes to the structure of Lackey Ministries USA. One of the results of this reexamining process was the decision to move out in the pursuit of global focus that was at the heart of the ministry when it was founded in 1987. Lackey Ministries launched Love Botswana Outreach Trust in Botswana in 1995 as a program initiative in Botswana. In 2012, a sister initiative to Love Botswana was actualized. The documents were filed to incorporate Lackey World Reach as an additional nonprofit in the US to serve as a faith-based initiative. Lackey World Reach will allow the ministry to expand its humanitarian work around the globe, including, but no longer exclusive to, the work in Botswana. The documents were filed with the State of Texas and with the IRS, and a new Board was named. In November 2012, amidst much celebration, the tax-exempt approval was received from the IRS. With that, the logo was designed, letterhead ordered, and the website was launched at In the United States, in order to qualify for funding from secular or government organizations, a faith-based nonprofit must be registered as a 501(c)3 with a formal mission statement indicating its secular purposes. The secular programs or services must be offered to eligible participants without regard to faith or willingness to participate in religious activities. Such nonprofit organizations must maintain a separate budget for secular programs and the funds received from a secular entity are restricted from supporting religious activities such as worship and proselytizing. While it is a known fact that religious organizations including churches provide much of the social service work around the world, many of their activities qualify as basic humanitarian service. It was with this understanding of the funding arena that the ministry made the decision to launch Lackey World Reach. Lackey World Reach is now poised to provide development services to strategic organizations throughout the world. As pioneers in missions with vast experience and passion for developing leaders, the Lackeys trust this new phase will allow new mentoring opportunities to local organizations in developing countries. The primary goal of this ministry arm is to aid in transformation and sustainability for long-term effectiveness by those persons and organizations serving the disadvantaged, particularly children and youth, in all parts of the world. This is an exciting step as the ministry prepares for the next 25 years.

More at

Significant 2012 HIGHLIGHTS Hosting the Ambassador at Our New Houston Office Harold Kramer, the Houston Consul to Botswana, contacted the Houston office asking if the ministry would like to be included in an upcoming tour to Houston to be conducted by The Honorable Excellency, Tebelelo Seretse, the Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana to the United States. We were, of course, excited to be included, and invited the Ambassador and her group to lunch and a visit to our office to hear firsthand about LMI’s work in Botswana through LBOM. Those in attendance included the LMI Board residing in Houston, the Ambassador’s entourage, and Ed Petit who formerly served in Botswana at the Baylor Hospital/Botswana Ministry of Health partnership in Gaborone, Botswana. The whole day was a wonderful success, as can be seen in the Ambassador’s own words to the Lackeys:

Board member Ken Yowell and his wife with the Ambassador



2012 Contributions

2012 Expenditures

OUR Board of Directors

Jerry Lackey - President / Founder Lackey Ministries, Love Botswana Outreach Mission Jana Lackey - Vice President / Founder Lackey Ministries, Love Botswana Outreach Mission Linda Madeksho - Treasurer Former COO & Missionary with LBOM Currently serving LMI on Stateside assignment Dawn Stallings - Secretary Original Founding Board Member Founder, Golden Rule Broadcasting

Lori Wortz Founding Partner, WWP Strategies Chair, Michigan Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Board

Ken Yowell Owner, Hollywood Builder’s Hardware, Houston

Reinhold Preik President, Preik Family Foundation

Dr. Todd Price President, International Medical Outreach

Morris Ruddick President, Ruddick International Group and Global Initiatives Foundation

Dr. J. Douglas Stringer Founder / President, Turning Point Ministries International, Somebody Cares America

A NOTE FROM the Treasurer of the Board by Linda Madeksho

Even as a young girl, I always dreamed of going to Africa someday. I, however, never dreamed I would go there to live for an extended period during my more mature years. For several years before I met the Lackeys, the Lord had been stirring my desires for Africa. I listened to African music, I had an African dog (a Rhodesian Ridgeback), and always bought calendars with African scenes. One of my grandchildren asked me one time, “Nana, do you ever listen to music that has English words?” Sometime in 1999, I had a dream where I was dancing in African costume along with many African women. Shortly after that, I met the Lackeys and began my African adventure with the Lord. I have served with them on and off the field for 13 years, transitioning back to a US field assignment in 2011 to support the many developments reported here. In addition, I continue to serve on the boards of both Lackey Ministries and Love Botswana Outreach Mission. I was 55 when I moved to Botswana to begin life as a foreign missionary. I considered myself fairly mature in both spiritual and business leadership matters. My mother had taught me a great appreciation of the differences between people groups and cultures so I felt prepared for service. However, I found that my perspectives in the arena of global and spiritual leadership were both changed and deepened as I served in the ministry. I studied the Book of Isaiah for most of my personal devotions while I lived in Botswana. This study spoke eloquently to both my struggles as an older single woman on the mission field and the growth the Lord was causing within my spirit man. In Isaiah where he describes the Kingdom of God (Isaiah 35), he refers to a banquet, a blooming desert, and a lion. After living in Africa, my sense of these metaphors makes the words of the Lord’s Prayer “thy kingdom come” meaningful in a way that would be impossible without my experience in Botswana. I SAW ravenous lions; I was INDEED joyful as the leaves on the trees sprang into bloom after a 9 month drought; I understood DEPTH of the gestures of a banquet as a point of hospitality after attending weddings and funerals. My life has changed. My skills are sharper. My spiritual heart is fuller. “Developing Leaders…” is the vision of this ministry. That vision is carried out in many ways: rescuing an orphan, providing education to a child, feeding the poor, preaching the good news to the lost. It is also carried out through the change in the lives of those of us who are called to serve. This is the strength of Lackey Ministries and its initiatives. There are life-changing, leadership developing opportunities afforded to all who are involved in the ministry, be it the served or the servant. The organization is a change agent to those who are open to the new that God wants to deliver. This annual report paints a picture of the depth and width of the ministry and those opportunities. It is an exciting time to be involved, whether you are in America or in Africa. I hope that as you read this report that your interest will be peaked to join in these many adventures.


Because of your partnership with us, together we’ve put Bibles and resources into the hands of young people; provided food and clothing for widows, orphans, and families in need; equipped pastors and leaders; and so much more. We could not have accomplished this without your investment. We are so honored that you would partner with us, believe in us, and entrust us with your funds which represent your life, your work, and your sacrifice. May God richly bless you and your families for the seeds that you have sown. May your families continue to be a part of the global harvest of souls for generations to come. Together for the Harvest,

Jerry & Jana Lackey

Lackey Ministries PO Box 925869 Houston TX 77292 713-681-0354


INCOME Unrestricted Contributions Church, Foundation Contributions Individual Contributions UNRESTRICTED CONTRIBUTIONS TOTAL Temp. Restricted Contributions Love Botswana Outreach Ministries Village Church Sponsorship Mission Staff Support TEMP. RESTRICTED CONTRIBUTIONS TOTAL Event & Program Income Note: Programs are administered by Botswana Non profit INTEREST INCOME

EXPENSE 239,184 39,061 278,245

359,395 252,000 29,326 18,350 659,071

0 163































LMI 2012 Annual Report  
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