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Blog or Website? 

Blog? Blogger? Blogging?

Ram is a  blogger and he  is currently  blogging about  Taj Mahal on his  new travel blog.  The  blogosphere will enjoy his  new blog post. Flickr

How Popular is Blogging


Who is blogging

Why Blog? Contacts




Where to Blog Blogger


Create a Blog

Blog Address


For Serious Bloggers y .in or .com or .org ? y – India  specific y ‐ .com not  available y Google Apps 

( or  GoDaddy

Writing a Blog

Like Minded People

Related Sites

Finding Images


Win Readers


Let People Find You y Accurate Titles y Stay organized around a topic y Use Headings – H1, H2.. y Describe Images y Spell Check y Be original y Credit Sources

Track Visitors

Grow Business y Search Friendly y Feedback y Conversation y Respond to Criticism y Highlight Customers y Don’t Push

Making Money y Indirect y Freelance opportunities y Blogging Jobs y Grow Business

y Direct y Advertising y Affiliates

Google AdSense

Earnings & Payment

Ready to Jump y Requires patience y Be consistent y Write what you love y Don’t write when angry y No Flames y Respect their work y Personal or Professional y Show your mom

Quick Recap y Register  a Blog y Write good and useful content y Connect with other bloggers y Keep writing – don’t feel disheartened y Research topics that your competition is neglecting y When traffic builds up, include advertising y Promote your popular content on the front page y Focus on improving design, etc. y Put your blog on the visiting card, email, etc.

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Blogging for Beginners  

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