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Eeeekkk!! It’s here!! The very first issue of Labelled Magazine!! I couldn’t be happier!! Yet this is my eighth attempt at writing an ‘Editors Letter’!!! Hopefully this will be the attempt that makes it to print, but that’s the third time I’ve wrote that sentence now, so who knows! Deciding what to actually write here is more difficult than I imagined it would be, maybe its nerves…? I’ve toyed with sharing the story of how the concept for Labelled was born, but to be honest, the less said about that the better!! It’s a tale that involves a lot of screaming and the death of a friendship. I suppose in some cognitive way this issue would symbolise that funeral? Then I thought about thanking all the incredible people that have made this issue possible but trust me, if their heads got any bigger they will not fit in the office for the next issue!! Either that or they’d want a pay rise and neither of those is good for me! I suppose I should try and explain that I have a burning passion to create something so far away from ‘celebrity’ it’s almost unreal, that I’m driven completely by originality, and if I had it my way I’d probably embark on every crusade there was rebelling against todays glorified celebrity mentality… But crusades can cause war, so luckily for me I’m surrounded by a wicked team that remind me I’m an Editor not an Activist!

Cally Stewart….

Claire Percival (30) - she’s a receptionist by day working her arse off to give her and her daughter a good life. She loves tattoos, cake and... did we mention tattoos?

George Keast (21) - he’s an aspiring journalist by day, works at club “Republic” by night. He loves his family, gin & tonic and fake tan.

Jonny Wright (19) - he’s an ambitious sales manager by day, works his arse off for tattoo money. He loves snapbacks, high-tops and being #EPIC.

Working with real people and delivering quality, relevant material is everything Labelled wants to achieve. In the pursuit of maintaining this, all of our models in the “Fashion” section are real people with day jobs, opinions and personalities. Photography by Rococo Imaging

Emma Simpson (20) - she’s a fulltime student by day, bartender by night working her arse off to get into TV. She loves football, dancing and a good night out.

Jessica Evans (21) - she’s a media production student by day, works at Marz bar by night. She loves not returning messages :-]

Penny Spurling (24) - she’s a medical lab assistant by day, worked her arse off for a degree in biomedical science. “She ain’t no breaking bad but she does work in a meth lab”. noun • a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour: the latest Parisian fashions • [mass noun] the production and marketing of new styles of clothing and cosmetics: [as modifier]: a fashion magazine

verb [with object] • make into a particular form: the bottles were fashioned from green glass • (fashion something into) use materials to produce (something): the skins were fashioned into boots and shoes




Nikki Introducing the new fashion writer for Labelled….

Nikki Anderson

Labelled Magazine came across Nikki whilst snooping through the fashion tweets of the social network known as Twitter. Her tweets were sharp and catchy and soon we began stalking her blog: The Magpie In Her… After a week or two of all out, full on stalking of her Twitter, Facebook and blog, we ventured over to her page to actually say ‘Hello’ A few email conversations later and Labelled was in love! Nikki will be joining us in every issue, so, to get to know her better we picked her fashion brains….


Anderson I’m a 24 year old Scottish lass obsessed with all things fashion and beauty. I studied Marketing at university, and my ‘day job’ makes good use of the BA degree I gained in the subject. I have training and a good bit of experience in make-up artistry too and it’s become a real passion of mine. I’m a total social media geek (not surprising given my degree subject) and so it seemed like a natural progression to become a blogger. I’ve always been a glass half full kinda gal and am very family oriented. I love reading and writing, suck at maths, can play a few musical instruments and love spending lots of time with my favourite people. Oh and I plan to take part in Race For Life this year :) Describe the mood you’re in right now…

Great - I’m happy, healthy and lucky enough to have a lot of exciting opportunities coming my way right now. What can you see if you look around? (If meant literally)... A little sun shining through my window, my tailors dummy with a few scarves flung over it, lots of photos of special people in my life, and makeup galore!

So… Why blogging?

I’ve followed other bloggers for years, and it’s something I’ve become even more interested in since learning a little more on it through my degree. After completing my makeup artistry course, I decided to start a Facebook page to document my work. This was quite well received, and so I then decided to create a blog as I saw this as a way of being able to share my tips, advice and product recommendations in more depth. I had originally began with my own name as the title, and then changed this to ‘Smoke and Mirrors’... the thought process behind that was that makeup is the ultimate smoke and mirrors trickery of the beauty industry. I have a real passion for fashion too though and it felt a little silly adding that sort of content onto a blog so obviously beauty oriented. I’ve therefore renamed it ‘The Magpie In Her’. I often say I’m a complete magpie when it comes to colours and textures etc both with makeup and clothing. I therefore thought it was quite a fun name that applied to all of the content I planned on adding. I think the key to choosing a name for a new blog is first of all for it to be relevant to whatever you’re going to talk about on there, but also for it to be original and memorable. Only time will tell whether I’ve achieved that or not with mine.

What’s your style? And why?

I don’t stick to a particular style really. I just dress how I feel that day/night and in what I think suits my figure. Sometimes I’ll be quite girly with figure hugging dresses in bright colours, and other times I prefer something a little edgier like leather look trousers and a blazer with statement jewellery. . I do like to keep up with current trends, but if it’s something I just don’t like or think won’t suit me, I won’t wear it. When I’m relaxing at home though, you’re more likely to find me in sweatpants and one of my boyfriend’s t-shirt’s than something trendy.

When it comes to shopping and Fashion, do you have any rules?

Rather than trying to keep up with every single trend that appears, I think it’s far better to concentrate more on what suits you and your body shape, and more importantly... what you feel comfortable in. Style doesn’t need to be expensive either. So many high street brands are super-fast at copying runway looks that it’s never been easier to recreate them at home without breaking the bank.

What’s your worst ever fashion faux pas?

This has to be when I was in my early teens and rebelling against anything remotely girly. Ironically, it was around this time that I started playing around with makeup, but the thought of putting a dress on made my skin crawl. My wardrobe was full of unflattering tracksuit trousers (you know the shiny shell suit variety) and baggy jumpers, and you’d never catch me in anything pink. I’m still traumatised by the photos!

What are you totally ‘in to’ right now?

I’m loving leather look trousers and skirts, and am literally obsessed with blazer jackets... all so versatile and easy to style. I’m coming round to the idea of disco pants too after seeing so many girls rocking them recently.

What do you predict to be the next ‘big trend’?

I think fluorescents and acid bright colours are going to be big this summer. I do think prints and metallics will still be around too though. If you could play dress up for a day, whose style would you steal? I’d have to say Beyonce, or any of the gorgeous Saturday’s ladies. All of them dress impeccably (with the help of a stylist I’m sure) and I rarely see any photos of them in outfits I wouldn’t wear.

And as a silly question… Narnia or Hogwarts??

Hogwarts all the way. Why would you not want to be able to have photos that spoke to you, all kinds of crazy sweeties and the ability to apparate! (Yip...I’m a Harry Potter geek). Read full version of an interview with Nikki in our print edition of Labelled Magazine… Check out Nikki’s blog or follow her on Twitter. Blog: Twitter: noun [mass noun] 1. • vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion: couples were dancing to the music baroque music • the art or science of composing or performing music: he devoted his life to music • a sound perceived as pleasingly harmonious: the background music of softly lapping water 2. • the written or printed signs representing vocal or instrumental sound: Tony learned to read music • the score or scores of a musical composition or compositions the music was open on a stand

Web: | Facebook/mohawkradio | Twitter: Mohawk_radio | Reverbnation /Mohawkradio

Mia Page Chambray: Lead Vocal | James Gregory: Lead Guitar | Sean Frankland: Bass /Backing vocal | David Quinn: Drums

Mohawk Radio began in Bermuda with lead singer Mia Chambray. In July 2011 Mia moved to Manchester bringing the name Mohawk Radio with her. Wet behind the ears, in a hope of launching a new band Mia responded to an online advert and was later introduced to Sean Frankland and James Gregory (bass and lead guitar) and, like a phoenix from the ashes, Mohawk Radio was alive again. Since Mia’s arrival, they have been on countless radio programmes, interviews and recordings. Although, it may seem as though they are running before they can walk, when they are doing it so elegantly, why should they slow down? Playing a Punk/Rock/Soul style of music, it’s hard to choose just one band that has a similar sound to compare. Mixing strong instrumentals with physically powerful female vocals, keeps Mohawk Radio poles apart from the majority of up and coming bands. Mohawk Radio is a name that you should definitely look out for. Mia Page Chambray : Lead singer Growing up in a house full of music, with a practical microphone in hand it seemed destined that I would follow in the footsteps of my family. But it wasn’t really like that, it seemed that the immurement and later epic fall out of my family unit, made me want to do anything but become a musician… in the end though the music finds you; I could only run for so long. After years of hiding my vocal abilities, I decided to take guitar lessons. It was then, that I was ‘discovered’ during one lesson my teacher (Bob Lansing rip) asked me to sing along. After I began singing, I was able to form my own band called Mohawk Radio. Meeting several different local musicians who were all young and hungry, we were able to perform at some large local events throughout 2009-2011 The Future /Mohawk Radio From inception to location change Mohawk Radio has always been my baby and my passion. After receiving all Bermuda had to offer within the entertainment scene I decided to uproot my life and follow my dream. Arriving in Manchester on June 16th, 2011 I haven’t looked back since. In late July 2011 I responded to the boys posting on a Manchester Musicians website. We met at the Koffee Pot in downtown Manchester and hit it off right away. After our first rehearsal .. I knew I’d found my musical soul mates. I’d traveled across an ocean and come so far, I knew these guys were who I was looking for. I cannot wait to see what the future hold for us in the UK and global. James Gregory (“Gregsy”) : Lead guitar

It was 1991 and in the house I grew up in, as I entered the front room my uncle drew my attention to a music video on the TV. It was You Could Be Mine by Guns N Roses. Slash began his guitar solo – holding a Red BC Rich guitar, my uncle put his arm round my shoulder as I watched in awe. Since that moment I knew what I was going to pursue in life. During the early years of secondary school I met Sean Frankland. We soon established that our taste in music was very similar and our want to play the guitar was identical. Hour and hours were spent trying to outdo each other’s findings on the guitar – a friendly competition which made progress much quicker. A musical partnership was born and we have been playing together for 15 years now. I turned up at rehearsal expecting it to be just like any other, and I was greeted by a recording of a female vocalist from Bermuda. The following rehearsal we met with Mia Chambray – our minds were easily made up, this was definitely the way forward.. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. Sean Frankland : Bass I started working with James Gregory in the 2nd year of secondary school and we quickly began to develop our skills as guitarists. We then started college at 16 where we formed various hard metal and rock bands that were learning curves rather than serious bands. After college we formed a band with my cousin Anthony called “Reefer Frankland”. We had many gigs and started to get a following around the Stockport area. I played bass and Gregsy played drums. We had started to hone our skills as musicians rather than just mere guitarists.

Various elements of my family have been musical or artistic in some way or if not talented have been music lovers, so I have been exposed to various forms of music from an early age. I was completely disinterested in music until the age of 12 where I had a strange compulsion to play guitar and began listening to all my older sisters and Dads music collection which included pretty much everything that is or has ever been good in music including Classical, psychedelic rock, blues, Motown/soul, prog rock, techno, grunge and many more. I am very hopeful for the future as this is easily the best musical project that I have been involved in and things are moving forward at a great pace which makes me think that this band has a chance. I am not afraid of hard work and I have no real commitments keeping me here so I will be able to fulfil anything required of me in any country at any time. I realise the difficult nature of the music industry and will have no problems in playing my part. Sean Frankland. Dave Quinn : Drums My first introduction into playing music was actually on piano at age 6. I did guildhall grade 1, i began getting a little bored with the stuff i was being taught so decided to move onto keyboard. My influences and interests in music was constantly changing and so was my choice of instrument, so after years of lessons etc on guitar, bass and even saxophone, i found myself sat behind a drum kit in my first year of high school, waiting for my first lesson, and the rest my friends is history.

My father and I started our own drum company ‘EcHo Custom Drums’. Today we supply custom made drums to the likes of Rick Jupp (Elbow), Lee Mullen (George Michael) and drummers all over the world! In the time I had been making drums, I found myself playing a hell of allot more, with outstanding musicians playing lots of different genres of music. Then in 2012 I received an invitation to try out for Mohawk Radio. I gave my electric kit a good bashing for 48hours, showed up, gave them what I had and what I had they must have liked because i was invited to join the band, and could not be happier. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!


Whats the story behind your band name? Mohawk Radio originates from a satirical comedy sketch in Bermuda called ‘ Not the Um Um Show’ : In Bermuda there is are some Native Americans that are known as ‘Mohawks’ locally although they originate from different tribes. Anyway lol.. Mohawk Radio .. or Radio Mohawk from the sketch is that is broadcast from ‘St.David’s’ in Bermuda which in its own right has a lot of character!! Do you write your own lyrics? Yes we do. They are based on real life scenarios, living in a different country love heartache you know the usual! Whats your favourite song to perform? Favorite to perform live : Hocus Pocus And the best song you’ve written? This is a really tough question .. To date it’s the lead song for our EP : Michelle Who inspires you to do what you do? Our fans, our friends, our passion for music , our life experiences Bands Inspired by: Led Zep/Hendrix/Pink Floyd/Elbow/sound garden/smashing pumpkins/artic monkeys/red hot chilli peppers/no doubt/Janis Joplin / Queen/Radio Head/Guns N Roses/Metallica /Tina Turner/ The eurhythmics/Fleetwood Mac Where do you hopefully see yourself being? On Jools Holland !! And Mia’s dream.. the Alan Carr show .. drinking Lambrini LOL. Headlining major festivals, globally touring, world wide albums, in a happy relationship with our record label, having artistic and financial freedom, on the cover of magazines, able to give back to the community and not forget where we come from On a personal note, if you weren’t in a band what would you be doing? Dead. Or wishing we were in a band. When was the last time you were really scared and why? Driving in Sean’s car after an Academy gig on the wrong side of the road in downtown Manchester What was the last thing to make you laugh? Dave . Just looking at him makes us all laugh. During a recent photo shoot he says ‘Bermuda sounds like Hollingworth but with sun’ WTF Dave. Classic Davism. Do you have any tattoos? We all do, except for Sean… So not Rock N Roll !!! LOL What do you think of tattoos and piercings? Sexy. Unless they’re something stupid or an exs name NOT SEXY! Cover up on Isle 4! (laughs) If you could pick any 5 people (dead or alive) to attend an after gig party with you, who would they be and why? 1. Dime Bag darrel 2. Bob Marley 3. Jim Morrison 4. Slash 5. Freddy Mercury We apparently have a thing for dead people?? (laughs)


The Crew Rock Bar, Nuneaton

The Crew is a Rock Bar with genuine slices of rock history including a signed Oasis guitar amongst the seemingly endless signed memorabilia plastered across its walls. Rest assured, there is always something going on including karaoke, jam nights, live music and of course music from our rock djs. We are proud to serve our customers with top quality beverages ranging from soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits with a smile.

Opening Hours Monday - Thursday: Friday & Saturday: Sunday:

09:00 - 00:00 09:00 - 02:00 09:00 - 23:00

The Crew/Queens Hall | 75-77 Queens Road | Nuneaton | Warwickshire | CV11 5LA | +44 2476 347402 | |


- Club Nights - Gigs - Events - Classic rock fIX Always 3 rooms of music Upcoming Gig:

Eva Plays Dead

THURSDAY 28TH MARCH 2013 - 7 pm


‘Guilt Trips & Sins’

With support from: The Cruz | Evanstar | Occoeur. Tickets: £5 advance | £6 on the door

www. EDDIE’S ROCK CLUB Gough Street Birmingham B1 1HN

General : Manager :

Band Members: A guy who plays guitar and sings A guy who plays trumpet and sings A guy who raps A guy who drums A guy who Plays trumpet and trombone A guy who plays bass Band bio: Tell us about your band. How long you’ve been together, how and why you formed… etc Nobby: Formed in 2005 as Fulibulbus, after line up changes and changes in styles etc we became China Shop Bull in 2008. We all met each other seperately and by accident. I fell down the stairs at a party one night and the guy who picked me up at the bottom was the guy who plays trumpet and trombone. Fuck knows what happened next but this guy stayed in my house for 4 days and I didn't even know his name. I mentioned I had a trumpet and we arranged a jam. He introduced me to the guy who plays guitar and sings who knew the guy who plays drums and had been jamming with for a few months. I don't remember how we met the guy who plays bass......Or the guy who raps..... Whats the story behind your band name? John: We had a load of names and then came up with China Shop Bull. Nobby: No big story on that one I'm afraid. It seems to resemble the atmosphere at some of the gigs we have done. What genre would you say you fall into and why? Nobby: If you listen to our music you will hear several different genres. We don't seem to fall into one genre. John: All of us have different playing backgrounds ranging from punk to classical, drum n bass, techno etc...It is all mashed into one aural soup Do you write your own lyrics? Whats your inspiration behind the lyrics… Nobby: Yes, all lyrics are our own. It is different for each song. Sandblaster is about a type of weed that was being sold around Leeds where growers/dealers would spray their plants with fibreglass filings to either way it down or make it look like there were lots of crystals, and it was called sandblaster, its obvious what that's about. John: A lot of the lyrics are social commentary on society as we see it. A lot of the lyrics are metaphorical, can be read into however people want, some is pretty obvious, some is in joke nonsense that we keep ourselves entertained with on tour. Voyeurvision is obviously about CCTV, 9 Lives is more of a metaphor about being positive and getting on with stuff. Dirty Weekend is about the dark side of society and the dangers of living for a weekend that you can't even remember. Whats your favourite song to perform? Nobby: Hard to say really. "Sandblaster" definitely gets the crowd going but "9 lives" and "Brain in a jar" are always crowd pleasers too. John: New songs are always good to play live as it's fresh. And the best song you’ve written? Nobby: Its actually a new one that hasn't been recorded. We've played it live quite a bit but still never named it. If anyone has any ideas for a song name, approach us and let us know! Apart from that one, I like "Bite the hand" and "9 lives". "Proxy 449" is a good one to play as well, it has a real nice blend of genres, starts of slow and builds up more and

Sensi Shed - Guitar/ Vocals Dave Le Rave - Bass Guitar/computer Revlord - Drums

more, I like the way it worked out. I wasn't sure at first when we started writing it but once it was finished I liked it a lot. Who inspires you to do what you do? Nobby: No one. John: Everyone Where do you hopefully see yourself being? John: Travelling and playing music in as many different places as possible. Nobby: I don't know. I don't really care. We just enjoy doing what we do. We had the best summer last year touring Europe and I remember all the band agreeing that regardless of whatever happens, we know we had a good time. That's what its about for us. Making music, performing it and enjoying it. On a personal note, if you weren’t in a band what would you be doing? Nobby: I have no idea. John: Producing, DJing, playing on my own. Or I'd be an international sausage smuggler. Do you have a favourite quote? John: "My father always told me that life is like a cellophane quiche." Nobby: "How about us three have a foursome" When was the last time you were really scared and why? Nobby: I went through my living room window and sliced my neck open, missing my jugular by milimetres. I got shoved on an ambulance and had stitches in my neck. A photographer who was out of his brains got on the ambulance before me and started playing with all the equipment and chatting up the female paramedic. That shook me up a bit. Only done it once since then. John: I went on a 4 seater plane. My brother was the pilot and someone had told me previously that we were going to do a barrel roll, I was worried that I was going to cover everyone in sick and cause a plane crash.

Nobby - Trumpet/Vocals G Merc - Trumpet/ Trombone PCP - Raps

What was the last thing to make you laugh? Nobby: The guy who plays trumpet and trombone decided to stay up for a very long time and intoxicate himself. He spent hours on the bus after a gig asking us what our names were and if we lived around here. He then snogged the window. John: Cellophane quiche. Do you have any tattoos? Nobby: A pirate ship on my shoulder. The guy who plays trumpet and trombone has a cow on his shoulder, with little pink udders. A friend did both of ours. Tattoos aren't really anything I've ever been into. Can't afford them. John: No What do you think of tattoos and piercings? Nobby: Not really bothered. John: Get them if you want them. They can look good sometimes, especially full body tattoos. If you could pick any 5 people (dead or alive) to attend an after gig party with you, who would they be and why? Nobby: The whole of One Direction. Then they would die. John: Super Mario (Pre-N64), Jeremy Kyle (Pre-rehab), The Queen(Post-rehab), Jimi Hendrix(Pre-death), Mr Soft(Anytime). I think that this would be good dynamic

You may have noticed on the Labelled Magazine website that we steal some fantastic reviews from Alex Hill! Don’t worry, he knows! Better still he openly invites us to raid his reviews and cherry pick… We steal from him because we respect him! We love his views on how and why he reviews artists and we think you will too… Here’s Alex… I have been in the music industry for a while now. I have floated around from DJing, producing, song writing and now into reviewing music events, shows, albums and singles!!! In 2007 I released two mixtapes under my DJ name DJ Hillthez , ‘The Takeover’ in the summer and ‘New Diamonds Volume 1′ in the autumn with success and gaining positive feedback from UK and US artists. I gained lots of links within the UK to the US with big artists, including artists from G-Unit and Dipset. In 2008 A US record label has requested for me to be their UK DJ and also completed hosting a mixtape for a new record label in New York City. I was also been asked to host a couple other projects from UK and US artists. After a couple of promising years, I went into producing and song-writing where I gained a lot of knowledge about the music industry and how it ran behind the scenes, in what is needed to create a hit before the music artist comes into the studio and sings! With what seems to be an entirety that I have been around, I have now turned to reviewing tracks, shows and events with my experience in the various fields displayed above I have got good knowledge of what should be recommended and what not to miss. Also check out the latest interviews I do with the hottest upcoming stars.

Alex Hil Hi Alex, So, you’ve been ‘floating around’ in the music industry for a while now… How did it all begin? What gave you the initial push? My love for music is where it began and how I could work in the industry was my next goal. Your stage name is DJ Hillthez right? What’s the story behind the name? My friend nicknamed me it after Fabien Barthez the Manchester United goalkeeper and changed the ‘Bar’ with ‘Hill’ to create Hillthez and it has stuck ever since. What is your favourite all time tune? I don’t know if I have an ultimate favourite as there are so many tracks out there now but it is always nice when you are out and haven’t heard a track for a while and you can say that is still a great track! I think that is also the ultimate for a music artist. What do you do with your time outside the music scene? Play football or cricket. I like to watch a whole lot of sports, go to the cinema, hang out with friends. Just like anyone else! Any advice to aspiring DJ’s? Don’t use computer. Try and do something slightly different if possible. It’s all about trying to be unique, similarly to music artists.

What do you look for in an artist when you’re assessing their potential? Some standout feature, whether it be their voice, the way they come across, various different things that make you say this person is going to be a star! It is easy to spot when they’re in front of you but the problem is, it’s hard to find them! Are there key attributes artists need to survive in music? You need to have the talent and you need to try and stand out from the saturated market. Everyone wants to make it. The hungrier the artist the more likely they will succeed. It is a long process but does reap rewards eventually. Do you have a set rule/guidelines when reviewing? Not really, I review what I want to review which is one of the main aims of the blog. To blog the music I like and if I see a track that I don’t like I won’t blog it. I don’t want to criticise anyone’s tracks as people work hard to put them out. Are there any now famous artists who were on your radar before fame? FloRida was probably the biggest and most know. I got him to do me a shoutout, that was back in the day when you messaged people on myspace!!! Name us some #Epic artists you’ve met/worked with? Diddy was very humble when I met him, most of the UK artists are all level headed and always welcoming and approachable. Finally, where do you believe your life would be right now without the music industry? Alot quieter and not as manic...

Massive thanks to Alex for his reviews this month… Be sure to check out his amazing blog at


By Alex Hil

No Mannerz featuring Scorcher – Knights Party 2

Allen Stone –Celebrate Tonight

No Mannerz teams up with Scorcher to create smash hit ‘Knights Party 2’ a grime track that allows both artists to demonstrate their big talents. The beat is deep and has sounds of an underground track that will definitely be heard and be popular in the streets. Releasing his mixtape next week this is the perfect warm up to get a buzz growing rapidly. This 18 year old has a big future ahead.

This hot pop/rock track from Allen Stone is a upbeat and happy track that will have you feeling positive by the end of it. Allen Stone is a great talent and shows what he is capable of throughout ‘Celebrate Tonight.’ Stone has got a strong voice that is demonstrated to its fullest. ‘Celebrate Tonight’ will have you rapping your feet along to due to the beat and the flow it has especially on the chorus which will also get you singing along to.

Rating 7.5/10

Rating 7.5/10

Victizzle featuring Lola Godheld – Time To Shine

Parker Ighile – So Beautiful

If you wanted to hear an in your face track this is the one for you. With a ferocious beat that will get the speakers jumping prepare for Victizzle!!! This fast paced track goes from rap to rock throughout blending the two genres together and is a great track that deserves to recognised. Featuring Lola Godheld who holds her own smashing the high notes that try to get in the way. A track will definitely change the mood of the crowd wherever you are this one will get the party started and jumping due to the high energy of the beat.

Having original made a name through songwriting and producing, Nicki Minaj snapped up London born Parker Ighile to her label and he releases his debut track, ‘So Beautiful.’ This talented star has already gone so far is ready to be a global worldwide star with his own material he will release. Having penned to release his mixtape soon this UK star is sure to be in demand to be worked with as an artist as well as an songwriter and producer.

Rating 8/10

Rating 8.5/10

Floodliners – Freeze‫‏‬

Marvell – Greatness‫‏‬

Having instantly recognised the track from Floodliners set in December I think that tells you a lot about this bouncy and upbeat tune. This group of teenagers are so talented and having already won an award from PRS for The Next Brit Thing, that shows an indication that they are going in the right direction. This rock/pop/dance track will definitely get you moving about and in a good mood with the various sounds that are produced throughout the beat.

This jumping to attention track that will have you tapping your feet within the first ten seconds is called ‘Greatness’ and is performed by North London music group Marvell. With the beat banging in the back Marvell lay it down on the track with witty lines like ‘no periodic table I’m in my element’ and many others littered in the track. ‘Greatness’ shows off all three of the group members, Vertex, Shocka and Double S music ability to rap and perform at a high level.

Rating 7.5/1 0

Rating 7.5/10

HELLION RISING Matt Adamson – Vocals | David Reay - Guitar | Giovanni Camillo – Guitar | Chris Mcleod – Drums | Shaun Dixon - Bass

We formed back in 2012, over a joint love of metal and live music. Original members David and Giovanni met over a music website in November 2011 and began jamming and sharing potential song material. In February 2012 Hellion Rising gained its full line up, when Matt, followed by Chris and Shaun joined the band. Once the line-up was complete, we wasted no time writing songs and fixing a set. We played our first gig on July 7th 2012 in a packed out bar in Newcastle called the Dog and Parrot. Since our first show, we have constantly tried to push to achieve bigger and better things. Whats the story behind your band name? “Well It’s a bit of a rock tradition, Judas priest took their name from the bob Dylan song “the ballad of Frankie lee and Judas priest” so it’s a combination of priests songs “The Hellion” and “Judas Rising”. We don’t particularly sound like Priest, but fits with dual guitars an that… and ‘Rising’ hopefully is symbolic of bringing back metal with a groove.” – David What genre would you say you fall into and why? “I definitely would say were a hard rock/metal band, but we do have a lot of different influences which we always try to incorporate in our music. Which is great, as most people can find something they like about us, even if they aren’t a massive metal fan.” – Giovanni Do you write your own lyrics? “Yes I do. They stem from anything really, some things are on a personal level and some aren’t. I write on the basis that, people can make their own interpretations of the lyrics. My main inspiration is, just life I guess. You see, you feel, you learn.” – Matt Whats your favourite song to have performed and what is the best song you’ve written? “Very hard question, as it’s hard enough to pick a set list, never mind a single song. If I was able to rephrase that question and ask “What song means the most to you?” I’d have to say it would be Heavy with a Groove, simply because it’s the first song we ever wrote together and it pretty much sums up who we are and what we do.” –Giovanni Who inspires you to do what you do? We have so many different heroes and influences, but if we had to name a few: Henry Rollins, Phil Anselmo, Jimmy page, Joey Ramone, Cliff Burton, Lars Ulrich, Aleister Crowley, Dimebag, Michale Graves and Patrick Wolf. Where do you hopefully see yourself being? “I think we would all agree, in the long run as long as we were still together, churning out new songs and playing live shows we would be more than happy” – GiovanniOn a personal note, if you weren’t in a band what would you be doing? “I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but I would hate to think where I would be and what I would be doing without music. Being in a band and music in general has always been an escape for myself and has helped me through a lot in life. Before I met these guys I was having a bit of a rough time and was in a bit of a creative rut, now I couldn’t imagine life without these crazy bastards. Were more than band mates, were brothers” – Giovanni Do you have a favourite quote? “There’s two ways to look at it – you can live in the problem or you can live through the problem. For me, I just lived through it.” - Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – Matt When was the last time you were really scared and why? “Our last gig! I’ve got terrible nerves and I’m a wreck before each gig! …That’s nothing that drink can’t solve though.” - Giovanni What was the last thing to make you laugh? “Gio pulling some radge faces at practice” – Matt Do you have any tattoos and if so, what do you think of tattoos and piercings? “Yeh a few of us have got tattoos. I personally love tattoos and piercings, but I do think it’s daft when you see all these young kids covered in them, including their hands and neck and half of these kids are clearly underage.” – Giovanni – If you could pick any 5 people (dead or alive) to attend an after gig party with you, who would they be and why? If we all picked one each: Jimmy Page, Elvis, Aleister Crowley, Dimebag and Zakk Wylde Please feel free to add anything here that you would like us to know, any gig dates, where we can hear your music, website address…. Facebook: Reverbnation: Website: Make sure you “Like” our facebook page for regular updates and visit our reverb nation for music and full gig listings. We are supporting Falling Red on the Newcastle date of their UK tour at Newcastle o2 academy and the Dumfries date at the Venue. Tickets can be purchased from our big cartel site. We a due to start recording our next EP in May, but you can find our last EP online. You can also find us on itunes and spotify.


23a New Park Street Braunstone gate Leicester LE3 5NH Contact Yasin for info and bookings on 07835243805 or 01163196063

July 2012 saw an opening of HQ, a multi functioning creative hub in Leicester City centre. Home to recording studios, gallery space, artist studio and graffiti supplies shop HQ is fast becoming very important to underground culture in the Midlands. Sofa space means artists and musicians can drop in, chill out and plan creative projects together. You can check them out at 38 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FB. noun 1 [mass noun] • the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power • works produced by human creative skill and imagination: his collection of modern art[as modifier]:an art critic • creative activity resulting in the production of paintings, drawings, or sculpture: she’s good at art

What is ART? Or even culture? A definition can be given but a belief of what art is can cause as big an argument as religion can... Instead of defining what we believe ART to be, each issue we’ll bring you a collection of artistic expressions and we’ll let passion dictate...

BRIAN ZABLOCKI Here’s what you should know about me… I grew up in Brooklyn until I was about 9 years old. After that, my family relocated to the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York. I spent my teenage years there, but always felt an itch to come back to New York City. After high school I enrolled in a community college and took every art class I could. Drawing, painting, graphic design… Literally every class. Then I dropped out without taking any of the requirements I needed to graduate like math and science. By this time I knew I needed to come back to NYC anyway. So, one day I packed a single small suitcase, put my guitar on my back, kissed my mom goodbye and got on a bus to New York. That was 6 years ago. Today I run a popular blog of my photography, I have a great job in the apparel industry and I live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Now onto the most interesting part... After a few years of being a freelance photographer, whilst I worked a 9 to 5 job for a small clothing company, I decided it was time to do something for myself. I combined my day job and my freelance job. From that, my much talked about new clothing brand was launched! nowyourecool (an acronym for New York City) is all about the New York Streets. From its gritty graffiti scene, to its picturesque architecture, New York itself is a living, breathing work of art. Stop wearing brand logos. Start wearing art. That is nowyourecool.

Theese streets belong to you (c)


Voice of the streets... Which way out?

new yor

Williamsburg Bridge at night...

rk city

Love U. Do U love me?

new yor


Everyone’s a comedian...

rk city

North East Urban Art showcases original artwork, prints, clothing and photography from established and new artists in the North East of England. From wall art to fashion, prints to T-shirts, our artists, photographers and designers challenge you with new twists on the familiar and hidden secrets in the midst of our daily lives.


WWW.NEUA.CO.UK D/originalrococoimaging f/1rococoimaging

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